The Walking Dead Recap: Who's the Boss?

The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapBefore we reach the end of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead — which just happens to be the same place that the Nov. 10 episode concluded — the Governor goes from starting a new life to getting up to his old tricks. Or, as he calls it, “surviving.” Along the way, there’s murder, a coup d’SPLAT and, at last, a glimpse of one of our favorites — albeit in the madman’s crosshairs! Here’s how we get there…

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CAMP CLASSIC? | “Dead Weight” begins with Martinez rattling off the rules of his camp for the Governor, aka “Brian.” Sorry, make that the one rule, singular: “Contribute, or be cast out.” Not a problem. Lily gets busy nursing, Tara gets busy collecting bullets (she loves ammo, that one), and on a supply run with the boss, straight arrow Pete and his Merle Lite brother, Mitch, Ol’ One-Eye — or “One-Eye Bri” to Mitch — dispatch a coupla walkers with ease. Martinez senses that Woodbury’s former Big Kahuna is “different now… changed.” Unfortunately, if he is, it doesn’t stick. When Martinez suggests, “Maybe we can share the crown a little,” the Governor bludgeons him with a golf club and — mumbling “I don’t want it” every step of the way — feeds him to a pit full of walkers! (Hate to criticize, Philip, but, um, some people try saying “No thanks” before feeding their rescuers to flesh-eating zombies. Just sayin’.)

NEXT UP | When Martinez’s remains are discovered, Pete takes over as the group’s temporary leader. Very temporary, it turns out. Besides making the same mistake as his predecessor — he confesses to “Brian,” “I could use some help” — he shows weakness by not robbing another bunch of survivors for their supplies. (When the survivors are seen again soon after — no longer surviving — Mitch, of course, is all, “Dang it, I told you we shoulda robbed ’em ourselves!”) So, as soon as the Governor realizes that he can’t pack up his new family and drive away from the leaderless camp, because they’re trapped by a pack of walkers stuck in mud, he straps on his six-shooter, murders Pete and invites Mitch to be — what else? — his new Merle. “Join me,” he says, “and I promise you’ll never have to worry about whether you were doing the right thing or the wrong thing, because we will do the only thing.”

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JAIL TIME | At first, it appears that “Brian” might make a real go of it at the camp. (And, after all that bloodshed, shouldn’t he?) Pete be damned, Mitch falls in line immediately. Tara already has a girlfriend, Alicia. (They hooked up over — what else for Tara? — guns and ammo.) And, leaky as their camper may be, Lily really digs it. But, when Megan’s attacked by a walker that makes it past the perimeter, all bets are off. There’s got to be someplace better, “Brian” thinks. And he just happens to know where that someplace better is! Next we see the Governor, he’s outside the prison, eying Rick and Carl as enviously as anybody with only one eye can. And, finally, the hour winds up with the villain pointing his pistol at a distant Michonne.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that the Governor reverted to pure evil so quickly? (Or, in your estimation, was he always pure evil?) Were you sorry to see Martinez return, only to be dispatched as “dead weight”? And how aggravated are you that we’ve now gone two — TWO! — weeks without finding out how Daryl handles the news of Carol’s banishment? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danniel says:

    Didn’t watched yet…. it was boring like las week episode?

    • tripoli says:

      Yes. Don’t waste your time. Come back next week when we get back to the prison gang. Love the show but the Governor epsiodes have not interested me at all.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      How about watch it and make up your own mind. Don’t let others make your decisions.

  2. Sean says:

    These last two episodes have really put the Z in zombie

  3. Lyn says:

    The one thing that could’ve redeemed the episode would have been for the Gov’s new annoying surrogate child to meet the same fate as Sophia. Almost! Actually, everyone in the new group is annoying. Still, I can see how this sets up another and presumably cataclysmic confrontation between the Gov’s people and the prison group.

    • AshleyRae says:

      Woodbury REBOOT?………Please anyhow that little girl is annoying i hope she gets the sophia fate as well. Those pepole are going to die anyways i’m wondering who’s gonna go down on the prison side though. I don’t want to see any of them go………..oh well.

      • MLO says:

        Vicious little thing aren’t you? Wishing something like that on a child, no matter how annoying you think she might be. Let’s hope you never have children.

    • How can any of these people be considered annoying? We’ve only seen them in a few scenes over the course of 2 episodes. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but “annoying” is jumping the gun a bit.

  4. Dr. Opossum says:

    It was actually a good deal better than last week’s snoozefest. There was actually some storyline movement and some nice zombie imagery.

    On another subject, no spoiler, but I strongly suspect next week will be Hershel’s last episode.

  5. Rook says:

    Can the Governor just die already.

  6. CJ says:

    Last week was the first time I was bored watching a Walking Dead episode. Having read this, I may just delete it from the DVR. Soooo not interested in the Guv – until it’s his turn to be walker food.

  7. KT says:

    Sooo….we’re basically at the same place we were at last year, but now with more kids.

    • Cheeky says:

      Exactly! It felt almost like an exact rehash of last time…

    • Guest says:

      Nope, last year the Governor wanted Michonne dead because of Penny, now he wants them out because of Meghan.

      The motivation behind it makes him unpredictable in Rick’s eyes for he’s not waiting a man willing to protect his family, he’s still waiting for the madman about to avenge his daughter.Tara & her girlfriend look up to him, not as a leader, but like Rick looks up to Hershel. Lily & Meghan are bound to Briand as Carol & Sophia never were. And Mitch is willing to go the extra mile for the Governor that Daryl may not be willing to go through without Carol.

      • LKZ says:

        Mitch is the new Merle…remember when the Gov said Penny would not have died if he was who he is now…he just keeps recycling himself…hoping maybe this time it will work. Not.

        And we learned he had daddy issues.

        The guy is a text-book sociopath. He needs a padded room and some antipsychotic meds.

        And could he please go away now…tired of him and his evil ways. There are so many more important things to deal with than this constant man vs. man nonsense. There are Zombies afoot!

  8. Lilly says:

    Just glad we’re finally back at square one: the prison. Pretty weird, though, that the only people I kinda cared about in this new group was Pete and Martinez. Oh right … they’re dead now….

  9. Pati says:

    This episode was better than last weeks but i don’t like these episodes dedicated to the governor only. It’s been very aggravating that we haven’t seen Daryl’s reaction, next week looks really good

  10. JP says:

    I’m at a loss for words for this episode. On one hand it’s good to see the good old guv’na go back to his sociopathic a ways, but at the same time we are supposed to believe in a matter of days/weeks he can convince people to go and kill other people at the prison… Sort of a crap-shoot to get to the end game… And I second that opinion above… Hershel will meet his demise along with Tyreses sister… Dream ending next week will be Carol
    Coming in to save the day with Abraham…

  11. liza180 says:

    I didnt even bother to watch it. Last week’s ep sucked and i have little interest in the guv. I like the actor but his arc should have ended.

    • Lilly says:

      I totally get it, Liza180, but i CAN’T NOT watch…. And even though I resent the two-week hiatus from our group at the prison, I cannot deny TWD writers’ gifts. If I weren’t wanting to get back to the prison, this episode on its own was suspenseful and full of surprises. This was easier to watch than last week, if only because it took me the whole hour last week to come to terms with the fact that we were going to miss the Rick-Daryl conflict for TWO weeks!!
      That said, I’m starting to feel all over again the same frustration as last season when the Gov kept getting away with everything!!! I’m gonna FREAK if they successfully use that army vehicle to take down the prison like they did last year with the van of walkers!
      WHEN, WHEN is someone going to put the Gov out of our misery?! I’m so SICK of him!

      • AshleyRae says:

        You never know they might use that tank to knock the fence down AGAIN. Besides why take the prison now? It’s not going to stay up much longer SOONER or later they gonna have to leave. (Rick and comp.) Look what happened in the other ep.the walkers broke through the fence. Now with the THREAT of the gov. returning it’s going to be bad……REALLY BAD.

        I’m right there w/you Lil. Somebody has to take that son of BITCH down!

  12. Betsy says:

    What a bunch of complainers!!! I like seeing new people, places, stories, all in a zombie apocalypse, in a well done show.

    As an aside I also saw the movie Warm Bodies today and it was way better than I was expecting. Really enjoyable.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    Can’t you people see that they are setting up a great midseason finale’. Why so closed minded? These last two eps give a huge insight into what’s coming. Those who refused to watch are really selling yourself short. Go ahead and blast away. I’ve enjoyed watching this being set up. It’s going to make next week so much better.

    • Lilly says:

      I will admit that I see in hindsight what they were doing these last two weeks. And this week was easier to watch than last week – since I was resigned to another non-Rick/Daryl episode. (Whatever complaints I have, I can’t imagine what it would take to get me to completely quit watching this show, I admit….) But I reeeeeeally want the Governor story over. And of course, I’m not gonna get my wish in the first half of this season, evidently! Argh!

      • Fitz says:

        I turned it off after Martinez was killed. I couldn’t handle another governor-fest, should have killed him off at the end of last season. Writing has gone downhill. Are we supposed to believe that the entire group of people believed that Martinez had too much to drink and FELL into the pit of Walkers??? After surviving and leading them this long??? I’ve faithfully watched every episode but it’s getting to be so boring watching the governor do the same thing he did last season. I never cared for the character nor the actor that plays him. When they finally kill him off i may turn out back on, but the sparkle is gone for me. And they really needed to show Darryl’s reaction to Carole being gone instead of dragging it out this long. I was afraid when the ratings got to be so high the writing would slow down to a crawl.

    • Phil Holmes says:

      Couldn’t agree with u more wrstgirl! These last two eps were great setups to the midseason finale and the standoff to come. Like I said before, to me the character The Governor is a darker mirror image of everything Rick stands for as a leader. These Governor-centric storylines have only served to reinforce that dynamic. That’s a very big part of what makes these confrontations and conflicts they have so very compelling. The sense of righteousness the Gov has as he commits these heinous acts makes him an incredibly interesting character and makes him the perfect arch-nemesis for Rick.

    • Mr. Fckr says:

      Why to recap the story of the bad guy, who will day next episode or after few episodes? Nobody cares, ’cause he will die eitherway. Walking Dead going to the wrong direction, the 2 last episodes aren’t interesting, they are boring. If the next episode will be boring, that’s it for the show – canceled, ’cause nobody is watching.

      Why not to make less drama, more secrets? Nobody cares about the drama at this point. We don’t ask for X-files, secret laboratories and etc., they can simple put a guy who has imunity and make few characters to have interest in that. Or someone can see like 10 helicopters fly over and go explore to that direction.

    • Pati says:

      They were not the best episodes but it was needed. Next week looks really really good its the mid season finale its going to be epic

  14. Simon says:

    I missed the first 15 mins. Can someone explain all those bodies with their heads chopped off and signs. Please and thank you.

    • Tony says:

      Some unnamed survivalist apparently killed two soldiers and then himself for lying, rape and murder,respectively. I assume it pertained to his family because his daughter and wife were walkers and he was holding a picture of them when he shot himself.

  15. Derek Johnson says:

    All I have to say is the payoff better be good. All I feel the show is unnecessary angst to set up an action climax. I’m not giving up yet, but man, the show can really run in place. The Martinez death felt very out of nowhere.

  16. Mikaylah says:

    Where the frick is Carol? I’m so peeved.

  17. Liz says:

    Booring. I get what they are doing but boring nonetheless. I watched 10 mins then waited for a recap!

  18. The last two weeks have been a bit snoozy, but I truly believe that they’re leading up to something epic next week.

    • Lilly says:

      Exactly. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s just another “epic” cliffhanger … (and even more frustrating) with the Gov getting away with his antics! Argh!!

  19. Red John says:

    They might as well rerun last season’s finale next week since they’ve built up to the exact same thing. What a mess this show has become.

  20. Carlos Alvarez says:

    So over the governor. What a boring episode. I have no interest in these people Can we please get back to the prison.

  21. sarah says:

    2 weeks of just the governor
    i’m bored now walking dead
    get on with a story and back to the group

  22. Venkman007 says:

    If this tank assault on the prison is anything like the comic…..buh bye, Judith.

  23. Stefan says:

    Unlike most, I did like the previous episode. It was an interesting stand-alone with a long awaited return and fresh faces and atmosphere. This week, however, I was a bit bored. What I liked though is that the Governor got back to his old self, because I didn’t like the idea of taking him on the road to redemption. The ending, more precisely the promo for next week, was the most disappointing part, because it made me realise that we are exactly where we were last year – the Governor is once again in front of the prison, ready to attack. Really? Maybe it will actually be a good episode that comes out of this next week, but it still feels way too repetitive. I thought they’d bring the Governor back in a whole new way. Guess no…

    • Lilly says:

      Well said, Stefan. I totally agree. Even worse, you get the feeling – in the name of a mid-season finale cliffhanger – we’re STILL not gonna see the Governor get his due…. I was loving this season so much better than last season – until they felt the need to take us full circle – with more dupes following the Gov over a cliff. You know next week isn’t going to end well for our friends at the prison. And are they then going to take the whole second half of this season to drag out the Gov’s storyline … again?

  24. Sophia B. says:

    I knew Martinez was dead as soon as Lily said this is the safest she felt since this all began to Martinez….with the look on The Bozo Gov, Philip no I mean Brian’s face. Then I knew Pete would be gone as soon as he wouldn’t attack those other campers for their supplies. These last two shows are the worse I have ever seen from TWD, and I’m very sad. I do hope that next week’s show will go back to the awesome TWD shows that have us all hooked. When they showed the preview for next weeks show I saw Darryl so that means he didn’t go after Carol…….dang it. Where is Carol? I hope she comes back and takes down the psycho B Gov Philip Brian to show just how valuable she is to the group. At least her name is still on the beginning of the show. I still have hope that she will be back for good. I still have bad feelings about Bob and Lizzy. One of them or both have something going on I think has not been revealed yet. We still have the mystery of who is feeding the zombies the rats. Remember what Bob said that he was the last standing out of the TWO groups that he was in. Also with Lizzy playing footsies in the blood and that she never was truly was sick, so there has to be something to all of that I would think.

  25. Fitz says:

    They could have done this governor catch up in one episode with minutes to spare instead of dragging it out this long. The writing has gone downhill, they are stretching things out like a soap opera. The line the governor gave those people about Martinez getting drunk and falling in the pit of Walkers was too lame for people to just moan and accept. Meanwhile, we wait over two weeks to see what Darryl’s reaction about Carole will be. I’ll turn it back on when the governor is gone if it’s still on.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, oh it will still be on, don’t worry. Honestly people are so short sided. If you thought you were gonna get the Daryl reaction this quick you are crazy. Stop watching. I’m certain the show will survive.

      • Faster says:

        Lol. Someone made a similar comment above that the show will be canceled at this rate. Um, no. It is still breaking records, so don’t worry anyone. Apparently unlike anyone else here, I really enjoyed the two standalone Governor episodes. And that scene with the walker’s leg skin falling off was disgustingly wonderful.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’m with ya Faster. How dare these writers think outside the box and show us a different groups point of view. After all Rick and his group are the only survivors left.

  26. AngieD says:

    “eying Rick and Carl as enviously as anybody with only one eye can. ”

    I believe he was eying Michonne and Hershel…..

  27. MLO says:

    I don’t get all the hate for these last two eps. I’m thankful for the respite from the prison – it gets claustrophobic sometimes. And I love to hate the Guv. I think he’s a fascinating character study. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that the momentum has been lost with regard to Daryl’s reaction to Rick kicking Carol out. It’s actually been a three-week wait now because of the Hershel-centric episode; four weeks come next Sunday. And it doesn’t look like next week is going to offer a lot of time for a heart-to-heart. I just hope they don’t gloss over it and make it so it happened off screen.

    • Cheeky says:

      “I just hope they don’t gloss over it and make it so it happened off screen” Totally like they did with Daryl’s reaction to Merle’s death too. I hate when they do that…

  28. charlid6179 says:

    Thank goodness the Govenor is back. The kinder, gentler, helpful Brian was not working for me. Now we can get back to brass tacks at the prison. The prison folks are way too comfortable there and letting their guard down. The Govenor has always been a threat. He learned from the mistakes he made at Woodbury and he is ready to try again. “Real Charming, Jim Jones type”…No truer words were spoken

  29. Jessica says:

    This show has a chance of being brilliant but instead chooses to dwell on characters and situations that don’t develop the storyline as a whole. There are so many other concepts these writers can approach and I sense it is getting quite limited. All of the season finales seem to reflect one another with uncanny similiarities.

    There is no point in staying put at a prison if the world is taken over. With that, I truly feel that the show would be interesting if they were seeking a resolution ‘while’ discovering hardship and struggle through that. Learning more about the walkers, survival skills as a group (not just a few), meeting new people, discovering new areas, half human/half zombie, coming across people who die but aren’t infected and so forth.

    I feel people have a love/hate relationship with the Governor because he stands for things that other people would be scared to do. He is literally (in his twisted mind) surviving. Its apparent that Andrea was killed so Maggie’s look a like and family could come in the picture but the character developments along with a lag in plot is lacking.

    I won’t give up on the show yet but am hoping that the writers get more creative and deliver episodes that can get this show to a better pace.

    No one wants to watch drama in a prison for the next five seasons LOL

  30. Pam WIngo says:

    Everyone is assuming the Carol / Darryl issue will be settled next week but you forget, they avoided it altogether with something as small as a discussion of peas in the last episode with Rick? Anyone think they may make he wait until they come back from mid season break?

    • Jessica says:

      Considering the storyline so far, I would not be surprised.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s what I said two weeks ago. It could very well be the cliffhanger. Or one of them anyway.

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yes, they will wait. I saw Darryl in the commercial for next episode. Like I said Darryl could react as Maggy and Hershel did or react as he did with Merel getting left behind. He did tell Ty that the person that killed them deserved a bullet in the head. So even if he goes after it my not be to bring her back to the group. And what in the world will they tell Ty? I’m sure he will notice that she is gone.

  31. Kate says:

    I can’t believe some people find the last couple of episodes boring! it would be rediculous for the Governor just to pop up again with no backstory. I found last night’s episode horrifying enough to keep me going until next week…

    • jaklinc says:

      I, personally, found them boring because they were all about the Governor. I don’t care for his character at all, and the fact that they focused on him and his “path to redemption” and then him “falling back to his evil ways” really didn’t interest me at all. I don’t mind seeing other camps of people, but to really dedicate two whole freakin episodes to this dude was ridiculous in my eyes!

  32. Phil Holmes says:

    This is a duly paced character driven show that takes hardly any short cuts in it’s storytelling. The human and social aspects of the effects of a nightmarish apocalypse are it’s primary focus. It’s not an atypical sci-fi adventure or horror story. That practically makes The Governor the show’s posterboy. He’s a prime example of the kind of person who’s damaged psyche and charismatic leadership would allow him to prey on certain people’s fears and insecurities in order to insure their allegiance. The common bond between the characters in Rick’s group is trust and compassion. This makes the conflict between The Gov and Rick’s people a classic moral struggle that simply had to play out, if not just to tie up a loose end, but advance the entire narrative of the show.

    • Lilly says:

      Thank you, Phil – for your intelligent, well-articulated argument. I am one of those frustrated by the two-week side-track from our “heroes” at the prison, but your argument is well taken. (I’ve always been annoyed by novelists who leave you hanging with one side of the story to completely shift gears to the other side, but ultimately you see the reason why the author did it.) Kinda makes us appreciate MORE the struggle between Rick’s group and the evils they face. They should have helped us bond better with characters in the Guv’s group, though. I am very tired of the Governor himself, though, and want to see him defeated, decisively, and soon!

  33. StephenR says:

    This is one of the most boring shows I’ve ever seen. I was expecting a well-written character drama, full of interesting dialogue and smart character development. Instead, the characters are boring and predictable, the plot never goes anywhere, and the acting is mediocre at best.

    Once again, we have another show from AMC that is all style and no substance. Yawn.