Post Mortem: Is The Mentalist's Red John Saga Truly Over? And 7 More Burning Qs Answered

The Mentalist Red John Sheriff McAllisterWarning: The following contains red-hot spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of The Mentalist.

The hunt is — at long last — over.

This Sunday on CBS’ The Mentalist, Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) got his man, and then some. Meaning: Red is dead.

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Heading into the pivotal hour, with Reede Smith having turned himself in and snitched on The Blake Association, there was only one living suspect left from Jane’s list: CBI boss Gale Bertram. But with his bureau involuntarily disbanded and the FBI watching the agent’s every move, Jane laid low — until Bertram reached out to set up a meet.

With some doing, Jane gave the Feds the slip and confronted Bertram (with his lackey Cordero) in the chapel at the cemetery where his wife and daughter, both victims of Red John, were buried. Thing is, Bertram isn’t actually the serial killer Jane has hunted all these years. After after being put down by Cordero, the real Red menace reared his head, approaching from the back of the sanctuary.

Sheriff Tom McAllister, whose death had been presumed-slash-faked in the explosion at Jane’s house.

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Jane seemed not surprised, nor was he — as he would explain, he knew that whatever “truth” was presented in the wake of the explosion had to be a misdirect. In fact, Jane was wholly prepared for McAllister, deftly depositing some bread crumbs in the sheriff’s palm before producing a pigeon from his coat pocket, siccing it on his ornithophobic adversary. Jane then whipped out a gun he had proactively strapped beneath the front pew and winged Red John, only to see him slip away when a femme follower (clumsily) charged at him from the back with a knife.

Jane would catch up to his wounded archenemy, pinning him down on the grass in broad daylight and asking if he was afraid to die (answer: yes), before proceeding to choke the life out of him, their decade-long dance ended. And as the hour closed, we saw Jane leave a message for Lisbon that he’s OK and will miss her, before fleeing the scene, running off to…?


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  1. MB says:

    Should have wrapped Red John up in S3 and stuck to their guns. This was terrible … as a former fan who checked back in for this arc the type casting of Xander Berkley told me the answer. Which is sad because Bret Stiles is the only person I could picture pulling it off after they changed tack.

  2. “As we laid out in the episode, and as Jane himself says, ‘The rest is details’” — the stuff of “great Internet fodder, but not very entertaining for a weekly TV audience. So as much as some people would love to delve into that, it’s not what this show does.” – No that is EXACTLY what the show has done for 6 seasons, and that’s why this episode was rubbish, seriously Jane catches Rj by running after him? On a par with lost which was also a total waste of life! I wont be watching anything by CBS or anything involving Heller in the future as he obviously doesn’t give 2 flying f+@ks about his audience

  3. Tali says:

    I gave up on Mentalist long time ago so haven’t watched the episode but judging by the comments van Pelt being Red John would have been a much better episode, no?

  4. jovas says:

    When Brad Whitford was sitting on that coffee table and started talking I was thrilled!

    The whole speech was amazing! I saw it four times! Then Jane killed him and very justly got away with it. And that SHOULD have been the end of Red John.

    A fitting way, like when he described the smell on Jane’s wife and child. An actual red head.

    Then I saw them saying he wasn’t Red John and I thought – someone even better!

    Then Brett Styles came along, and they threw that brilliant character to the gutter with that whole Ritual crap.

    And then I thought – it has to be someone on the team! Not Lisbon, but maybe Cho! Wouldn’t that be great? A two hour special on how and why!

    No! A cop-out like never before, a “hey! I’m not dead!” crap! For a person who watches Poirot and Sherlock, this is the biggest insult ever! A misdirection show with a lousy trick in the end and falible – to say the least! -storyline to tell it.

    From Brad’s amazing John to Xander’s *muaah*. Stupid! And not to Xander’s fault – he was an amazing villain in Nikita!

    Shame on you mr Heller! Shame on you!

  5. Rebecca Jaspers says:

    But Cordero had to discover that Jane was hiding a pigeon!!! I don’t understand… If Cordero has found the gun, why not the pigeon? This is surrealist…

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      Being the “magician”- like psychic that he was, hiding a pigeon on himself was easy…one of those best kept secrets in the business.

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        or he could have placed the bird in the chapel beforehand. One thing for certain…the bread crumbs spoke highly of the “crummy” ending!

        • Rebecca Jaspers says:

          According to Mr Heller, the pigeon was with Jane before Lisbon arrived to the park, so… It is an animal, a bird, you know? I think it’s difficult to hide it in your vest or your blazer or whatever for so long without the animal becomes uncomfortable and begins to move a lot… I don’t know what to think about this scene.

          (Sorry for my bad English)

  6. Bonnie Maynes says:

    I thought the ending was awesome. Very satisfying to see Jane kill Red John. It was a very well done episode. The emotions on Simon Baker’s face were so well done. I enjoyed the episode.

  7. I think everyone is only looking at this episode individually and not the past few episodes as a whole, I personally quite liked the ending, the dialogue between Jane and red John could have been better in the church, giving more answers or clues to more answers and I think Red John could have been played as more of a clever, cunning and psychotic man but to be honest, the secret of red John has been playing on our minds for years now… When he was actually revealed it was bound to be disappointing, as soon as you put a face on him it’s going to be disappointing.

    Jane actually says in the episode “You’re red John. I have to say I’m a little disappointed”
    This sums it up, once he actually met red John and saw his face, he is just a human like everyone else, that’s why red John hid behind the title “Red John” and nobody (even in the Blake association) knew who he was

    Honestly this ending was the only and best way they could have done it, I love Hellers writing :)

    • I wasn’t disappointed at all with who Red John was. In my mind everything made logical sense for him to be Red John through the physical clues. I didn’t expect him to be superhuman. But like any other “normal” person they have a history and just like Jane who is a normal person there is a logical answer to all his tricks he’s done in the seasons so far. The way the Mentalist answers these types of tricks in the most logical way for any episode with a criminal is what makes the show so satisfying and the actors so compelling because it is so believable. This is one of the only episodes that “doesn’t” do this. It is almost like Heller did this on purpose and contradicted everything that people liked about the mentalist for this one episode. Again I would like the reemphasise it is not the fact that Red John seemed too ordinary that people are disappointed about. It’s that for this ordinary person we didn’t know who he is or how he did those tricks throughout the seasons to make him a believable normal human being. By not answering all the questions it makes Red John seem even less human to me. This contrast can be made to Patrick’s way of deducing crimes and Kristina Frye’s. You never knew how Kristina knew everything so you get the impression that she is a psychic or superhuman. Whereas Patrick offers you logical explanations and makes you believe that he is not superhuman just observant.

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        excellent analysis…I hope we find out about Ms. Frye-so many unanswered questions-if left to my own imagination, why watch!

  8. Kim R says:

    Thinking back over the past seasons and how things were written in such a suspenseful way, some episodes with incredible twists etc. I’m surprised that this big reveal was not up to the same standards as some of their crimes of the week were. It is like the show runners realized the audience was thinning out and getting tired of this never ending hunt so they threw together a handful of episodes to wrap it up. I don’t think it was up to the writing we have enjoyed in the past. I have to say it was very disappointed to me. That said, Simon Baker’s performance was stellar.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      Did Cho say anything the entire episode? Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt all sitting handcuffed in a car…how creative, how assinine! RJ and PJ running a marathon all over the neighborhood! Good thing Jane’s Citroen was not smashed…I’d REALLY be pissed!(I once drove one…the most amazing machines on the planet.)

  9. Ok I liked the episode and all but what gets me is HOW in earth that guy that was searching Jane and found Lisbon’s gun on him DID NOT found a pigeon in his pocket .I mean HOW ???

  10. Bob Smith says:

    Enjoyed it immensely, although I wish the Red John story had ended after season 2. Lasted way too long. I enjoy a much lighter Mentalist than the past couple seasons.

    • prish says:

      The husband says the same thing. He misses the light bantering way Jane played with the guilty, then nailing them.

      • Morisot says:

        I stopped watching it then too, although my husband has hung in there the whole time. I liked the Psych-type vibe of the old Mentalist. When all the CBI got stupid (or dead!), Jane became psychotic rather than psychic. And Red John was making everyone dance. Ugh.

  11. Guy says:

    Two things I didn’t get was the Sheriff did not
    seem to fit the profile of this great Red John.
    Also I think it would have been good for Jayne to
    examine the psychology and motive behind the
    actions of Red John which they did a little bit just
    not enough. Finally I wish after Jane killed Red John
    he would have dragged his body over to the tombstone of his dead wife and daughter and said I got him or it’s over. Overall it was a pretty exciting conclusion. Just my thoughts.

  12. Badpenny says:

    All I want to know is how did a torso-shot old man out run Jane for what seemed like 2 miles? :)

  13. barbara says:

    waited all these seasons for the rj saga to end and personaly didn’t like it a big letdown. then in preview takes place two years later. i think this show is running out of ideas i have lost interest

  14. AnnieM says:

    I want to know HOW and WHY a man like that got so much power and seemed to get all these people to do whatever he wants/Demands/ How he got the name RJ/ How he became RJ …………..I have waited six years I DESERVE to know !!!!!!
    I mean, Kirkland /Stiles has something about them i.e a certain kind of charm/Charisma so i could sort of understand if one of them two turned out to be Red John !!!!!
    Oh come on ,VERY disapointing for it to be this guy and to be honest it does NOT make a lot of sense :( !

    • prish says:

      Now, you have a point. Why did he call himself Red John? Hopefully, they will answer that in a 2014 episode. He could have ranted a little on that in the church.

  15. kala says:

    I liked the episode very much. I saw a lot of pain and relief in jane’s eyes. first when he confronted red john, when he had red john pinned down and when he took out red john and was able to finally live his life after 10 years of living in hell…

  16. Kim says:

    Agree…. this episode was an insult to the fans. Acting was good…writing was terrible. It seems they had no answers, so gave the audience no answers.

  17. ScorpionGlow says:

    This Red John “end” was a huge disappointment. I sort of figured that we wouldn’t get any real answers though, not in an hour episode. I have no idea how the show progresses in a lighter tone.

    I agree with many of the people who’ve posted and said that they end of season 3 in the mall was so much more satisfying. I was blown away by that, so truly, there wasn’t going to be much to “top” that. This episode just plain did nothing for me.

  18. buckeyefan says:

    This week marked the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and the ending of “Red John”. One series got it right (Doctor Who) and one series failed miserably (The Mentalist). Doctor Who had me wanting more, and The Mentalist had me thinking I will never watch this stupid show again. From a time standpoint, I have just as much time invested in each show – have seen all the episodes (from reboot of Doctor Who series). The Mentalist had me thinking that Abby from NCIS (another “procedural” fave) could solve this case in 2 seconds, or certainly figure out that RJ did not commit suicide or shoot himself by the pond. Much like many of my other former “favorites”, The Mentalist is probably going off of my to-watch list.

  19. momsasaynt says:

    Once again I was sucked into a program that left me hanging at the end. To have McAllister as RJ comeon he was in like what 5 episodes there wasnt any connection to the audience it was like why is he on the list? In the end the writer cares nothing for our opinion I won’t get sucked in again to a program he heads. I agree the BW episode was 100 times more satisfying we didn’t see it coming. It would have been second best if Lisbon all along was RJ of course JMHO.

  20. jorge says:

    Hi, I think that Red John is still alive (and he is Virgill Minelli)… take note of that..

    • Michelle says:

      I wish. But Heller has been very clear: Red John IS dead. And the series is entering new territory. He calls it ‘post-Red John’ or as some people have dubbed it ‘The Mentalist 2.0’. But I would have liked Minelli for it for sure! At least we the audience had a connection with him, and would have been shocked and maybe a little hurt to find out it was him. That would have been appropriate, as the team would have been very hurt too and we the fans have been sucked into being as invested in the CBI family as they have. But, alas…

    • Badpenny says:

      We saw the knife-wielding woman made her escape, so the organization will go on in some form.

  21. Jussi Nieminen says:

    What a huge waisted potential. For 6 seasons Red John has left clues and done murders and kept us interested. And now he is presented to us as a old man who brings a women with a knife to gun fight? He says hes a real psychic but dosent know that jane has gun under the bench and a pigeon in hes pocket? All those many episodes where we have recived clues and now this? There is still so many questions unanswered. Like the blood on the wall in the first episodes? The text written with blood?
    This felt so rushed and lazy. So lazy. How did this ever get through? Red John used to be this villain we never see, but was very scary. Always 10 steps ahead and always prepared.

    All in all, this episode is the biggest disappointment i have had in a television series.

  22. RAGGEDT says:

    Sorry, as much of a fan of The Mentalists as I’ve been during its run, Person Of Interest over the last few weeks has upped the game on what a network procedural can do. POI is now flat-out CBS’ best crime-drama, if not one of the best on TV, cable, broadcast or otherwise.

    One last question: now that Red John is dead, will The Mentalist continue to have episode titles that refer either explicitly or obliquely to the color red?

  23. Moses says:

    I believe that the saga of Red John isn’t over, and that he/she will be back. Along with the woman from the church last seen in the background walking away, seemingly/unbelievably unnoticed and ignored by a horde of law enforcement personnel.

    I’m looking forward to a far more satisfying end to Red John than what was presented with last night’s illusionary episode which likely could have been titled “Red Herring”.

  24. Jon Adelman says:

    Completely disappointing, low-energy, “saw-it-coming” episode. What a let-down after all those seasons of build-up. Boring!

  25. Michael says:

    Red John isn’t dead. We never saw Jane actually finish him off we only saw Jane ontop of him. Plus, who was that lady that came in to allow Red John to escape?

  26. Tyger says:

    Why didn’t Red John’s woman come with a gun? What kind of nun walks so close the a man with a gun? Whats up with the small knife? Why didn’t Red John escape the same way he got to that Chapel in 30 mins? What was the point of the grave yard scene? Someone who had killed loads of people wouldnt run around showing bloodied hands.

    Great lat episode… but seemed rushed.

  27. misterv says:

    Disappointed in the Red John finale. The writers could have picked any name out of the hat to be Red John based on this ending.
    I have no feeling of Red John having the devoted following and needed charisma to have his followers follow every command and willingly give up their lives. A sheriff living in the sticks may be a good cover but is hard to buy as a powerful but sick leader.
    I would also have liked the writers to fill in some of the blanks and wonder if they even could do that.

    • prish says:

      They might have, brilliantly, written themselves into a hole, with no way out, brilliantly. It happens, sometimes. I remember watching an interview with an actor who performed Mousetrap by Agatha Christie live, in a theatre. After reading the script, he told her there was a hole in the plotting. She said she knew, but there was nothing else she could do, but not to worry the audience would never notice. I’ve cut writers some slack, ever since.

  28. Andy says:

    Simple as that for me. TOTAL FAILURE.

  29. Wakter Long says:

    A much better and realistic ending for RedJohn would have been torture with a good sharp knife,and then cutting his throat to end his soory life!

  30. Goon says:

    But the thing is …. the voice, Red John, that little voice he was doing when he talked to Patrick, that’s Simon Bakers voice….why??? the even didn’t explain why…

    • prish says:

      There is a current interview with Simon Baker in TVGuide online news, where he says he begged them to let him do the RJ voice when they were going to hire an actor to do it. I take it as Patrick Jane’s feelings of guilt, hearing RJ’s voice as his own. His interview had made his family targets, don’t forget. I assume each viewer will have their own interpretation, but that is mine.

    • amd says:

      There is no explanation. They didn’t have an actor to do the voice and they hadn’t even decided on who was going to be RJ. There was plan, and the clues meant nothing.

  31. Kim says:

    I always thought Sheriff McAllister had the right amount of creepiness to be Red John. But I do wish Jane would have listened to him when he offered up how he knew about Janes R.J list.. Also y the smiley face ? I’m sure there r other questions other people have as well.. Such as what drove him to be a killer..I’m glad it’s over and R.J. Revealed but not as satisfying as I thought it would be.

  32. Sal says:

    Does anyone want to talk about how absolutely boring the last two seasons that led up to this were? How they seemed to stop developing characters? Years ago Heller said that killing RJ was a “series ender not a season ender” (this was around the time that Jane shot a follower in a mall). Except for the last several episodes the show has become incredibly boring and a trial to watch, largely because they started out so strong. Jane was interesting and had these amazing skills and it just became another boring procedural instead of a special one. From the bottom of my heart I wanted this series to end on a strong note and I suppose if RJ and Jane’s final confrontation was the last thing that happened i the series I could still have walked away happy in a way. But frankly the teaser for next weeks episode had us rolling on the floor in laughter and not the good kind. Good luck Heller, Baker, Tunney et al.

  33. Shiloh says:

    I genuinely enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to what’s next for Jane, Lisbon (I’m so glad he called her at least before running off), Cho and the team. Maybe Rigs and VanPelt can do guest appearances from time to time.

  34. Ed says:

    Its a dream episode. Next week he’ll awake to a new red john murder.

  35. Ed says:

    remember the explosion. He is in a coma. When he wakes – Red John 2.0.

  36. Annie says:

    I thought it was okay. Not a terrible ending, but it certainly could have had more twists and surprises. It would have been nice to have seen some kind of trap laid out by Patrick from prior to the house explosion to show he had a backup plan or backup-backup plan, rather than having him devise an alternate strategy once he got out of the hospital.

    One of the things I thought the writers could have done to throw a big twist in was make the tattoo a false clue. It was never indisputable that Red John killed Kira Tinsley (since it was not an RJ signature kill). Upon learning of the cop conspiracy some of the prior assumptions might have be shown to be false. The Blake Association represented a second group that could have independently wanted to spy on Patrick’s investigation and killed her to keep their identity/existence secret. Thus there could have been three separate shady groups in play right until the very end: Blake Association, RJ+minions, and Visualize with the latter have some connection to RJ from the farm murders and RJ having minions in the Blake Association, though perhaps not being part of it himself. Also, even by having RJ as part of the Blake Association, he still might not have done the deed himself and might have ordered someone else to hire then kill her.

  37. Ed Ratkoski says:

    This entire season has been lame and sloppy, so the weak Red John reveal was at least consistent. I expected more, but I have been burnt by so many serialized programs in the past that I was able to keep my hopes fairly grounded.
    Red John had been built up as a substantial and formidable villain, an evil genius with foresight, wit and wisdom. Alas, the writers chose to b**ch slap their audience and finally portray Red John as a chap that appeared to be incapable of being the mystery figure of the prior five seasons.
    A pigeon takes down the mighty Red John? Give me a break.
    A knife fight with a nun, but no more substantial back up for the man who outsmarted every law enforcement agency in the left coast?
    Could the FBI have been any more lame and transparent if they hired third graders to script their performance?
    And finally, what was that interminable chase through a cemetery, a sliding glass door into an occupied residence, down the street and into a park supposed to portray other than five minutes of “Oh boy, we don’t have to write any dialog”.
    Shame on all the writers for stringing me along to this lazy travesty.

  38. Centurian says:

    I still do not think that McAllister was actually Red John, hence the lack luster chase and death to such a build up of a wise and cunning foe. I still believe it is Patrick Jane’s alter ego or personality and who has been hypnotizing people in some way to get them to do his bidding which justifies everything we have seen, and that Patrick is going to find this out in a later episode.

    • amd says:

      I would like to believe this was true. Sadly, I think Heller is just fairly talentless and still doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

  39. Molly says:

    Simon Baker is so hot, I just like looking at him, but I think he is a good actor and I hope he gets more opportunities to show that.

  40. Jamie says:

    Epic fail.

    I’ve hung in there waiting for the red John payoff, and this is all I get? My wife checked out last year saying she liked Baker and the non- RJ episodes but couldn’t take the RJ storyline anymore. I should have gone with her.

    There should have been much more in the church, some explanation of the reason RJ started his killing spree, what Bradley Whitford’s character had to do with it, where the name came from, etc.

    I think the “how did I know your list” conversation could still come up. If some of the CBI team are leaving the show, perhaps we will find out that one of them was part of Blake, and gave RJ Patrick’s list.

    Stiles would have been such a better choice, more complex, a better explanation of how so many fell under RJ’s spell. Some hick sherriff makes almost no sense. I almost agree with a few speculators that Jane’s alter ego could still be the true RJ and Jane’s subconscious doesn’t even realize it.

    And how could they not get him and Lisbon together? Too predictable? Too “Monlighting”? Perhaps, but would interest more people than this episode.

    RJ was built up to be a Hannibal Lecter intelletual giant, yet turns out to be nothing of the sort. Makes no sense. Seems that Heller was so intent on being different that he forgot to be interesting. And Stiles and Reed Diamond’s characters were two of the most interesting, but got killed off. What good is left. They’ll have to bring the guy with the roaming eyeballs back just for someone kooky to be on. I won’t quit watching the show altogether, but it won’t be must see t.v. Anymore depending on who’s playing Sunday night football. And if van pelt is gone, this guy just got a lot less interested too.

    Sorry Mentalist, I think you blew it if that is truly the end of RJ!

  41. amd says:

    The tiny percentage who don’t understand why this was such an insult are the lucky ones. The rest of us now feel as though we were thrown some slops when we were promised a feast. Turns out the clues meant nothing, the voice – which Baker admits was him – meant nothing. There was no plan, the identity of RJ was not even decided until fairly recently. It was just a bunch of random, meaningless nonsense leading up to “Oh well this guy will do, he sort of fits”. And as if that was not bad enough, there was not an ounce of tension and nothing clever in the entire episode. Baker killing RJ was certainly well acted enough, that’s about the best I can say for this episode. Heller can take series 7 and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Jamie says:

      Amen, amd!

    • prish says:

      You are right in that there was nothing clever about the episode. I was so ecstatic the RJ arc was going to be over, I would have taken anything. I am so glad the producers and writers made choices, I stand behind them. I just want a lighthearted magician Jane solving mysteries, again. It sounds like we will have to endure one more episode of heavy head stuff.

      • amd says:

        I was really ready to embrace Jane going back to just being Jane. But after this I feel genuinely insulted by Heller. I know I shouldn’t take it so personally, but it is what it is. I can’t see me tuning in to series 7. Maybe I will watch the new series in a few years, when I am no longer so aggravated by the man’s lazy and sloppy handling of the RJ arc.

  42. Jamie says:

    Jane is Red John and is eliminating all the loose ends. Next he kills rigsby and van pelt.

  43. Diggy says:

    It’s one thing to say you can’t delve deep into the background & reasons why of a psychopath when you only see news reports of their killings & don’t find out any details until after they’re captured or dead. It’s another thing to build up a myth of this hyper-intelligent head of some far-reaching network of loyal followers & show various machinations over the years to substantiate his capabilities & then deliver a lump. I was definitely not able to make a connection between the character that walked in from the back fo the church & what they’d built him up to be over the years. Again, that building wasn’t empty media hype, it was based on actual plot points which, in the fictitious world of The Mentalist, was their reality. Anyway, these neat & tidy, simple shows aren’t long for the world anyway. Network TV is being forced by cable to be more interesting so let’s give Jane & Lisbon their valedictory run, let the audience say goodbye & invest our hope in all the other great shows out there that actually do deliver on their promises.

  44. Lauren says:

    The only part of this episode that wasn’t a complete disappointment was the fact that Jane got up close and personal when his moment of revenge finally came. Other than that, it was a total letdown. They dragged out the Red John story for six seasons, and the only thing that kept me watching that long was my whole-hearted belief that the climax and conclusion of the story would make it all worthwhile. It didn’t. McAllister was never my first pick for RJ, but it could have still worked if it weren’t for his behaviour at the end. Like everything else about these last 2 episodes in the RJ saga, his reveal was boring. The whole thing felt like they put this story together haphazardly just to wrap it all up. After six seasons the audience deserved answers, explinations, and most of all a villain who lived up to the hype. We got nothing but a sloppy mess with a bow on top. If they couldn’t handle writing a proper ending to their show’s biggest arc, what’s to make the audience believe that they can totally reinvent the show without destroying it further? I’m done with The Mentalist.

  45. gtggroupllc says:

    He was not Red John. Did anyone notice the lady in the cemetery called him by his first name then gave him up. Plus when the FBI arrived at the church a sinister looking woman looked them over as she walked away. I think this is going to follow PJ into 2.0 and make his life hell.

  46. redjohn says:

    is he red john? so funny red john revealing himself in the lists “it’s tooo easy” and how come just only country sheriff can control the FBI and the police weird…(just wondering the girl in the Chapel just only bring knife so brave yet so weird) only red john renowned of using knife just my opinion cheers

  47. gtggroupllc says:

    I believe that Red John is a woman. We saw her in this last episode. The Mentalist won’t be the same if Jane isn’t working crime scenes. His new life in Mexico and dating habits just not interesting even if Red John continues to haunt and stalk him. Just can’t believe that Red is dead. But I may be giving Heller more creative writing talent than he deserves. But he did give us The Mentalist just too bad he ruined it like they did with X Files and the alien story line taking over.

  48. Has anyone noticed that the ordinary names of the big bad sociopaths are named Tom. Thomas McAllister, Tommy (Root Beer Moby Dick guy who pretended to be a retard)… Tom Riddle… Lord Voldemort.

  49. Maxwell Rice says:

    I’m surprised by all the people that think this is the final season or that this was the final episode. It’s not, it’s just the end to the Red John storyarc. And I’m glad that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it as much as anyone, but I’m glad that they didn’t try to find contrived ways to stretch it out any further and in doing so diminish it’s quality.
    I’m also surprised by all the people who hated this conclusion, calling it “anti-climactic,” or “disappointing,” or saying that Red John wasn’t “good enough.” Personally, I absolutely LOVED the way they handled it. Red John went out like the sniveling, cowardly, broken son-of-a-bitch he was, and it shouldn’t have been any other way. It was a much more realistic portrayal than the usual Hollywood trope of evil characters being maniacal and powerful geniuses. Real evil is born from a place of weakness, not strength, and Red John was as weak as they come. I would have been disappointed if they HAD tried to make him seem “worthy.” The entire point of how Red John’s character was handled in the end was to show us that he wasn’t worthy; he was pathetic, because that’s the sort of person who does horrible things. Subtle and brilliant writing as far as I’m concerned.
    Finally, though I am sorry to hear that Rigsby will be leaving with her, I am THRILLED that Van Pelt is being written off. She is one of the worst characters in anything ever and I’ve hated her since the pilot. Her entire contribution to this series over the years has been to continually get duped by the bad guy over and over while consistently failing to wise up and learn from her past mistakes just so she can get suckered by the next charlatan that wanders into her general vicinity. On more than one occasion she was directly responsible for setting back the Red John investigation due to her inability to use basic deductive reasoning skills and/or sensible judgement, which is ironic considering those skills constitute 90% of her job description. The only question I’m left with is whether or not the preposterousness of her character was intentional or not on the part of the writers; any real cop with her abysmal track record would’ve been canned years ago, but then again, it’s not very likely a real cop would look like her. So either the writers just messed up trying to write a youthfully naive ‘rookie’ type character, or they actually intended her to be a completely unqualified moron who gets by on her looks. Either way, I’m glad to see the back of her. And also that she’s leaving the show.
    Anyway, I look forward to the changes that are on the way, I’m glad that my top 3 favorite characters (Jane, Cho, Lisbon) are sticking around, and I really hope that this “shake up” doesn’t spell the end for one of my favorite shows.

    • I agree with your analysis and calling out those who thought Red John wasn’t “good enough” because at the end of the day it is good that Red John is portrayed like a normal person with fears like anyone else. This part they didn’t get wrong. However, I disagree with you calling out those who thought it was ‘anticlimatic’ or ‘disappointing’ this is completely justified. Again, I’m a fan that falls into that category and I for one thought it was ‘anticlimatic’ and ‘disappointing’ not for the reasons you have addressed. Yes, I didn’t mind that he went out as someone who feared death and begged for mercy. What I do mind is that we don’t get to understand who Red John is and understand his story. How he did he do everything that was setup throughout the seasons. In order for us to believe that he was just an ordinary human being. We need to understand how he was like this in clear, logical, realistic way. This my friend is why fans like me are disappointed. It isn’t for the reasons such as we wanted him to be superhuman like he was portrayed. By not answering who he is and how he did everything. It makes him seem even more farfetched and out of this world. IMO, the writers chose the lazy route to portray the fact he was just a normal being. I would have rather they took more effort into explaining his story than focus on details such as the begging and emotions of when he is dieing… because I believe that it would have beena stronger convincing point to make us believe that he isn’t a cliche supervillian like other dramas. The fact that the writers chose not to do this makes Red John appear as a superhuman who did everything he did in the past seasons without explanation. As this is all we can assume as the answers will never be explained to us. People say the show is coming to an end because of this betrayal of the RJ storyline. If only the writers did this episode right… they would have kept a significant chunk of their fanbase. Yes RJ doesn’t dictate the ENTIRE show. But you have to admit it is a significant part of the series. Once something that integral to the show has been butchered you can understand how some people have lost confidence in it. Who’s to say they won’t be lied to again by the director. For example, all the ‘Jisbon’ people. Heller may hint at something and leave you betrayed just like us people who have been obsessed over RJ.

  50. Mary says:

    The mentalist was pure and utter crap. Heller got lazy, didn’t have a plan at all and the show has gone down the toilet. Rubbish and a waste of 5 years