Homeland Recap: Putting the Hero in Heroin

Homeland Carrie Brody ReuniteThis week on Showtime’s Homeland, Carrie tried to motivate Brody to get the horse off his back, while Saul got an illuminating eyeful of his wife’s gentleman “friend.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but more happened in these 50-plus minutes than the preceding eight episodes combined. For one, Brody was transported back to the States, where he arrived disoriented, dehydrated and anemic, clamoring for his “stuff.” When traditional detox measures don’t promise him to be “functional” within Saul’s time frame (i.e. before Lockhart’s confirmation hearings begin), Dar suggests Ibogaine, an illegal treatment that is a real thing and brings with it nasty side effects, including hallucinations (in this case, of a singing Tom Walker). So spooked is Brody by that “duet” that he smashes a chair and uses a shard to stab at his arm, stirring flashbacks to his captivity under Nazir.

Awaking from sedation, Brody asks Saul why he wasn’t left in Caracas to die — is it so he can stand trial? Saul says that while Brody may feel he’s in a hole too deep to climb out of, maybe there is a way. A chance to be a Marine again. But Brody says he would prefer to die, and proves it when he makes no effort to swim after being thrown off a boat.

Saul visits Carrie in the hospital and loops her in on the next phase of the Javadi plan — which involves Brody “seeking asylum” in Tehran, then using his “celebrity” status as the Langley bomber to get close to the head of the IRG and take him out. That’d leave Javadi, a CIA asset, in charge. “It can change things just enough,” Saul tells Carrie of U.S.-Iran relations. “Now tell me that’s not worth your time” to convince Brody to sign on.

Meanwhile, seeing as Lockhart somehow got wind of Saul’s Caracas trip, Virgil and Max sweep his home, where they find the listening device that Mira’s boy toy Alain installed. When they show Saul pics of their prey, his beard sighs heavily. Virgil adds that Alain rendezvoused with Lockhart at a diner — damning information that Saul uses to blackmail the senator into pushing back his confirmation hearing.

When Carrie first approaches Brody in his holding room and shares that she’s pregnant, he is silent. But when she has him driven to a motel in the middle of the sticks, to see  Dana working as a maid, he begins roaring, anxious to see his daughter. But Carrie, that “bitch,” won’t let him. Back in his holding room, Carrie tells Brody she is pregnant fills Brody in on Dana’s life — the dropping out of school, the name change. When he expresses his need to let her know he was innocent of the bombing, Carrie says this op marks a chance at redemption. “We’ll get you ready,” she says, “but you have to be willing.”

Cue what could best be described as Homeland‘s version of the Rocky IV training montage, as Brody over the course of 16 days runs faster and stronger with his trainers, dusts off his marksmanship and brushes up on his intel-gathering skills. Ben Matheson then briefs the boys on the plan for Brody’s surrender to the IRG and where the extraction team will be based. (My prediction: There ain’t no extraction team.) But before he loads out for the op, Brody insists on seeing Dana again. After Carrie tells Brody that she’s pregnant about Dana’s suicide attempt, he has a reunion that could generously be called icy, seeing as Dana has no idea what he expects her to say. In fact, if he’ll just write it down, she’ll say it for him — provided she never has to see him again.

Back in the car with Carrie, Brody attests, “I will come back from Tehran — and not just for her,” as he offers the best version of bedroom eyes he can muster as a barely recovered smack fiend. Later, heading out to the chopper to load out, Brody stops to acknowledge Carrie. After a pause she tells him she’s pregnant says nothing, so he walks on. But then she calls out for him and says, “I’m pregnant” “See you on the other side.”

What did you think of Episode 9? Do you think Carrie will ever see Brody again? Did Dana overdo it some with the Disappointed Daughter routine? Did you think Carrie would tell Brody she’s pregnant? (Because I didn’t.)

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  1. Jake says:

    Kill Brody off

  2. flo says:

    Great episode. And yeah man. “I’m pregnant” is always hard to say.

  3. Lyn says:

    Any reason why Brody, who clearly believes he’s not coming back from Iran, has only asked to see Dana and not his son…did he do too much meth and forgot he has TWO kids???

    • Alichat says:

      I think it’s because he was always closer to Dana, and she seems to have taken this the hardest. Carrie said to that FBI agent when Dana took off a few eps back that Dana was the one person that Brody would reach out to, and she was right. Dana has always been key in waking Brody up….an anchor for him,….what she thinks of him drives him. I’m not sure why he thought that she would want to see him, knowing where she is now in her life, or why he thought she’d believe him when he told her he’s innocent.

    • Ally says:

      I was asking the same thing.. his son seemed to adore him and always be by his side so I was surprised he would rush to Dana and not stop to see how is son is… weird.

  4. Mary says:

    Great episode! That’s the Homeland I remember! Unfortunately, what makes Homeland so great is the relationship with Carrie and Brody. If he dies, I think so does the show. For the most part, this season has been below par.
    And yes, I was hoping she was going to tell him she was pregnant as he got in the helicopter. No such luck.

  5. kate says:

    he’s the blind item….

    • Brian G. says:

      Glad to see i’m not the only person with an IQ over 100 LoL. The “blind item” LITERALLY came out within days of Damien Lewis’ interview about the writers…

  6. Hank says:

    So tired of Brody and the Carrie/Brody relationship. I’m enjoying this season so far for the lack of Brody, so I’m hoping he gets killed off.

    • Ally says:

      My thoughts exactly, I hope Brody just gets killed off the show has been MUCH better with his absence.

    • Celia says:

      I cannot believe you people, I for one will NOT WATCH IT AGAIN with Brody gone, he made the series and I have hung on in anticipation from week to week. Couldn’t wait for the new series, now, there is NOTHING LEFT… except Carrie’s hystrionics, can’t bear it. What a let down.

  7. Nathan says:

    Where the heck was Quinn? He’s the best thing about Homeland.

    • Julie says:

      Yes. Love love love Peter Quinn. And I don’t necessarily dislike the Brody/Carrie relationship but it’s waaaayyy on the toxic side.

    • Tammy says:

      My thoughts exactly. And I’m afraid TPTB are more willing to kill off Quinn than to end Brody.

    • Jules says:

      Yeah I’ve come to love Peter as well. Great addition to this show.

    • Lou says:

      I didn’t miss Quinn at all. This was the best episode of Homeland all season, although I don’t understand why they didnt show snippets of Brody in detox/rehab all along rather than go with the less believable rapid magic drug root.

  8. Julie says:

    I’m a little confused on the timeline of all of this. Wasn’t the bombing in December? I could be wrong but it seems like it’s been longer than 3 months and isn’t she only 3 months pregnant? Hasn’t she not seen Brody since the night of the bombing when she helped get him out of the country? And yeah…totally no extraction team. Doubt he’s getting out of there alive.

    • Ally says:

      Remember when she had sex with that guy on her staircase that she met at the Supermarket for .5 seconds? I was thinking maybe it was his baby.. idk!

  9. Tammy says:

    Carrie / Brody love affair is tiresome already. Gosh, he’s a real human poison. I can’t stand it and can’t stand people cheering for it.

    • Jules says:

      I agree I’ll admit I used to like Carrie/Brody but they are now super toxic, hell they were from the start but now I’m so done with these two. It’s time for the show to move on from this buzz kill of a relationship.

  10. Kirstin says:

    I think Brody is the best part of the show. This episode has been the best of the season so far. Very emotional scene between Brody and Dana. Dana is very important to Brody because she was the one who in season 1 talked Brody out of exploding his suicide vest. She called him and asked him to come home and he did, so they have a deep connection.
    Loved seeing Carrie and Brody together. Hope he comes back. If they kill of Brody I think they would kill off the show. But surprising how many people hate Brody and want him dead, but yet he gets acting awards.

  11. Sparky says:

    If it’s a choice between Brody not coming back and never seeing Dana again I’m all for the later…..absolute worst part of this season. They should have focused that part of the season on Jessica not the kids. Why they didn’t start the season off with Saul and co rebuilding the CIA is beyond me. They could have put the spotlight back on what the show was before the Brody/Carrie soap opera began and then putting the two of them back together in this episode wouldn’t have made any difference to the show at all.

    I have to agree with someone else that I think Brody is Michael Ausiellos blind item and he probably isn’t going to make it past this season. Let’s face it we can’t have Carrie all loved up playing Mom to a terrorists baby…that’s too much normal for Carrie to take. I think he’s going in there and he’s not coming back alive but when the heck will Carrie tell him that she’s preggers….just before the Iranians or will it be the Iraqis kill him!!!!

  12. Jeannine Altmeyer says:

    Yes, Dana over did the disappointed daughter . Nothing unusual there, she is really an unsympathetic character. Starting to hate the Carrie Brody relationship. Seems to be little chemistry there nowdays. The plot is getting too farfetched.

  13. Alichat says:

    I was wondering if Carrie was going to reveal her pregnancy as a catalyst to get Brody to eat and train, but then when we saw Dana at the motel, I knew she’d never tell him. I really liked the exchanges between Carrie and Saul tonight. While she did lie to Saul about how Brody got out of the country, I think Saul was wrong to make promises to her and lie to her. After everything she went through going off her meds, getting committed, meeting Javadi…..after all that, he deserved to at least tell her that they would ‘try’ to bring the guy in alive, but couldn’t promise that they would. He’s playing her, and she’s right that this whole operation wouldn’t be in play if it wasn’t for her.

  14. tiffanie says:

    I’m really shocked by all the Brody hate this man yeah hes done wrongs but he also lost for the most part his life in the marines the things he did was caused by him being captured brainwashed etc. So mostly not his fault. And some need to remember that Carrie is off her meds and still don’t understand all the Dana hate still

  15. Jenny says:

    Love that Brody is back!! He needs a break though his hell is never ending! Hard to see. I expected a better reunion given all the two have been through…and Carrie should have told him she’s pregnant to give him even more incentive to come back from Tehran. Also wish she would take care of herself! When she was smoking I’m like Wtf! I’ll be sad if they kill Brody off but in a way letting him go is needed for the story to progress and advance. Don’t see how a happily ever after is possible for them.

  16. Jay says:

    Carrie’s baby is unbreakable. Smoking, drinking, getting shot, being loaded up on lithium….she’s growing a super soldier in there.

  17. Mel says:

    Thanks for the great recap. I thought the ep was great, and have to admit I kept waiting for Carrie to tell Brody she was pregnant. I fear Brody won’t be coming home.

  18. CONFUSED says:

    Don’t the Iranians also know Brody isn’t the Langley bomber? What am I missing?

    • Steph says:

      I said the same thing last night… they already know he isn’t the bomber. Saul and Javadi established that fact in their conversation, and Javadi confirmed the same to Carrie. Unless it was Javadi’s plan all along (Brody bombing the CIA) and nobody else knows he didn’t … that’s the only way the plan would work. But my guess is Javadi is never going to cooperate with the Americans and Brody is well aware its a suicide mission.

    • Xandra says:

      I thought Javadi was solely responsible for the Langley bombing. The rest of the Iranian guard does not know about it because he’s been stealing money from them for decades and he privately funded the entire operation with that bank account tied to Venezuela. If Javadi told Iran he did it, they would know he stole money from them, so if Brody shows up claiming he was the bomber, Javadi would (probably) play along.

  19. Hamza says:

    With all this smoking while pregnant, is Carrie the worst mother or what?

    • Rick says:

      Most smokers smoked while pregnant (or around pregnant women and kids) through the 20th century when people smoked a lot up to 70s and early 80s people weren’t shamed for this. Of course it’s not healthy, and it’s most harmful in the 1st trimester, but its not like she was shooting heroin, c’mon, she had half a cigarette and doesn’t normally smoke. If that is really that terrible than half the people over 30 would have been born with birth defects.

  20. Abc says:

    The only thing that disappoints me about this show is when I read comments about it. I feel there is no need to be so critical but I guess everyone has their own opinion. I enjoy Brody and I am not sure how I would feel if he was killed off. I am not a Quinn fan either as he seems untrustworthy. However, if I start to dislike the show as much as some of you seem to I will just stop watching.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I feel very much the same way. It stresses me out to read the comments and to see how much people hate the show, hate Dana, hate Brody, hate Carrie/Brody. I don’t know why I keep reading them. I’m glad I saw your comment though because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my feelings for the show. Even though it has a few flaws (as does every show on TV), it’s still my favorite thing to watch.

  21. Beth says:

    Can I just say I love in the recap how he points out every time we expected her to drop the the baby bomb! I have always thought Brody and Carrie are at their best in scenes together. I want Brody to come back because Damian Lewis is Homeland! Dana was finally relevant again, and I have moved past who the hell is Angela? To where the hell was pointless Angela :)

  22. Ella says:

    Can we kill of Dana? And I’m sad there was no mention of Jared Ward, the lovely special opps team member/medic. Found myself genuinely grateful for his gentility and kindness towards Brody in an episode that was hard to watch at times.

    • Karen says:

      I agree that he was a genuine warm character, newly a dad and forming a friendship with Brody, but then that was concerning because now he will be in danger in the op, and Brody will have to save him, thereby gaining that elusive redemption that he so wants but maybe costing Brody his life. Great episode.

    • Ally says:

      Jared Ward is really cute!! I kept staring at him and pausing haha. But Anyways you’re right he was really nice and I liked that he even opened up to Brody about his family that was a nice part to add.

  23. sharona says:

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed that the timing of this pregnancy is WAY OFF and it cant be Brody’s baby???? In the first episode someone made the comment that the wreckage from the bombing of the CIA had been untouched for 240 some days. Even if Carrie and Brody had sex and she got pregnant on the last night they were together, that would make her at least 34 weeks pregnant on the OPENING DAY OF SEASON THREE (240 some days divided by 7 is 34 weeks). Come on people, anyone who has had kids or been pregnant could see this gigantic error in the writers timeline. Or, it’s the red headed one night stand’s baby. Unless she turkey basted some of Brody’s stuff and managed to inject it while she was in the looney bin, the little bean is not a little Brody.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      The line about the bombing in the premiere is actually, “It’s been 58 days since the attack on Langley in which 219 Americans lost their lives.” 58 days, not 240. I just went back and rewatched the premiere to make sure. I also felt it was a pretty big hint that it was Brody’s baby when Carrie told her OB/GYN she had to make things right with the father.

  24. Colleen says:

    So happy Brody is back. The show finally got interesting again. Brody and Carrie have incredible chemistry and you can feel it on screen. This episode was very emotional and heartfelt, especially the scene with Dana and Brody. Also, i felt so bad for what Saul made Brody go through even if Brody was not responsible for the bombing. I hope Brody gets his redemption. Can’t wait to see his reaction that Carrie is pregnant with his baby!

  25. sabrina says:

    Great episode. I’m definitely interested to see what happens next week.

  26. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Haha, I like the way you used the term “gentleman friend.” It reminded me of being a kid and all the times I was introduced to my wild great-grandmother’s many married boyfriends as her “gentlemen friends” because it would corrupt me to know the truth. Anyway…
    Oh, that bugged me about her not telling him she was pregnant! I kept waiting for it! And speaking of things that bugged me here with Carrie’s pregnancy…Carrie smokes now??? What the hell? You can’t just wait nearly three entire seasons of a show to establish your main character is a smoker! That is terrible writing! And to have her character smoke while pregnant?? What a crappy thing for the writers to do! And I realize as I say this, a few weeks ago I was sort of defending Carrie’s drinking while pregnant, but I only defended that because it was completely in character for her to do. Carrie has a bit of a drinking problem, Carrie goes into denial about being pregnant, Carrie binge drinks to forget about being pregnant. Yep, sounds like Carrie’s M.O. to me. I honestly think it would have been weird if she hadn’t been drinking. I don’t condone it though. But the smoking thing, c’mon, that came out of nowhere. Why would someone who has never smoked previously suddenly pick it up while pregnant?
    So…I’ve been processing this episode for a few days now. The show has definitely taken some unexpected turns. I don’t think I ever would have guessed this season would have made Brody a Marine again. I cannot even begin to guess where we would go from here. But I am always on edge that Brody might be killed. However, I know Damian Lewis is in a really long contract with the show, something like seven years, I think? So doesn’t that mean even if they have to kill him, they still have to pay him for the remaining four years of the show? If that’s true, that alone would make me think they’ll keep him alive just to get their money’s worth out of him. But, I don’t know. After what happened on the finale of Boardwalk Empire, I just can’t take the sad death of another favorite character of mine.

    • I think the smoke while pregnant is just another way to show that despite knowing she is pregnant, she is in denial about it. Other signs: drinking, not asking if baby was ok, not mentioning it to dr/s, not telling Brody it (may be) his. It’s just her in denial on some level, it doesn’t seem real to her. Also she is not a smoker, it’s just a few drags, one time, I doubt it would actually cause problems as millions of pregnant women smoked and had healthy babies through the 20th century. I’d be more concerned about the risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  27. Cliff says:

    I’m a fan of Saul’s, and I think his intenntions are good. But when Brody was hallucinating and he imagined Nazir where Saul was standing, probably remembering a similar circumstance in captivisity where he hurt himself and Nazir came to patch him up, I realized how equal Saul and Nazir are in the way they manipulate to achieve their goal. The goals may be different, but the means are the same, and pretty darn cruel.

  28. Melissa says:

    I was a big fam of the carrie/brody relationship, but now I am totally loving the carrie/quinn relationship. Carrie needs someone other than brody in her life, brody and carrie’s relationship is pretty toxic. Quinn’s character is changing, less aloof and more open to the emotions that he is having. Quinn and Carrie would actually be good for one another!!