Should Glee Let Rachel Move On? Was Sons Too Brainy? A Scandal-ous Six-Pack? And More Qs!

Lady Gaga Gyspy SNLWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Sons of Anarchy and Glee!

1 | On Bones, how did Brennan not get dismissed during jury selection?

2 | After his epic breath-holding bout this week, how many Grimm episodes are we away from Nick spontaneously growing wings and taking flight?

3 | SNL mystery: Who the hell is this dude with the guitar and, more importantly, who told him he could sit next to Lady Gaga? And would you rank Gaga up there among SNL‘s all-time most gung-ho, invested singer-hosts?

4 | Did Homeland‘s Saul really say to Dar Adul, “Carrie can’t even suspect [what we’re up to]” while just outside outside the door to the room Carrie dr-oz1was in?

5 | Is the fate of Once Upon a Time‘s Henry definitive proof that hashtags simply don’t work? And did young Rumple look a bit too much like young Pinocchio?

6 Do you ever have Dr. Oz on mute, look up at the screen and wonder what that crazy dude is up to?

| What in the world is going on with The Good Wife‘s Will and his random girlfriend? Is he reborn or becoming a middle-aged cliché?

| TVLine reader Skrable2 asks: “When the FBI took control of CBI on The Mentalist,  why didn’t they sequester everyone in the building and only release them after assuring that they didn’t have the three-dot tattoo?”

| We get why Hart of Dixie‘s Joel wants to hang out with Wade, but why does Wade like Joel? And could Zoe and Joel have any less chemistry?

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ncis-la10 | Did finding out the identity of Sleepy Hollow‘s Headless Horseman make him a little less scary?

11 | NCIS: Los Angeles fans: Was your first thought at this instant: “Headless Horseman!”…? And as “pah” as the scene was where Deeks expressed his want to be at his place, now, with Densi, couldn’t he have at least run a brush through his hair, just once, before making that pitch?

12 | After a very sleepy week of performances on The Voice, is it perhaps time for producers to introduce a “Contestant’s Choice” Week?

13 | Has there been a less appetizing meal on TV this year than New Girl‘s hard-to-chew bologna sandwiches whipped up by Winston’s hamster-SOAowning possible love interest?

14 | Note to Sons of Anarchy: Did we really need to see actual brain matter?

15 | On Supernatural, did we miss the part where Dean explained how Sonny found out about the family business? And what did you think of Degrassi alum Dylan Everett as young Dean? He kind of nailed it in the reluctant crying scene, right?

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16 | Wouldn’t you just once like to witness Arrow‘s Oliver wrestle with unbuttonning/unzipping/getting the Arrow suit off that mannequin, and then squeezing into it, all in the course of “rushing off” to nab a bad guy? Also: Did Count Vertigo have that distinct an accent last time around…? And the mysterious contents of the Japanese sub are totally gonna turn Slade into Deathstroke the Terminator, right?

Crazy Ones17 | Which Modern Family running gag did you think was better executed: last season’s Godfather nod or this week’s ode to Apollo 13?

18 | Is Nashville‘s Rayna right, that lingerie is overrated? She convinced us!

19 | How is it that The Crazy Ones‘ James Wolk can make even softball look sexy?

20 | Vampire Diaries fans: Who else is on board with some Stefan/Katherine flirtation? Weren’t their scenes a refreshing change of pace for Stefan?

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21 | Given that Glee‘s farewell-to-Finn episode only aired in mid-October, how much time needs to pass before you’re ready to see Rachel pursuing any kind of romance, be it casual or serious? And given their light flirtation during “Just the Way You Are,” is there any circumstance under which you’d be OK seeing her paired with Sam?Scandal_Shirtless_Fitz copy

22 | Did that one Scandal scene ruin anyone else’s radial artery dinner? How much you wanna bet Mellie knows full well about the Vermont house? Lastly, just so everyone is aware, Tony Goldwyn is 53, mmkay

23 | Does Grey’s Anatomy really expect anyone to invest in April/Matthew when 99 percent of their relationship takes place off screen?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Rachel and Sam NEVER

  2. Caitlin says:

    #2: Okay, now I’m just depressed that Nick probably won’t ever grow wings.

  3. M. says:

    Hart of Dixie:

    I actually don’t really care about Joel. I was just flabbergasted, when Zoe told him that she LOVES him a few episodes ago – come on, how long do the two of them know each other?
    Lynly on the other hand is the most superfluous and unnervy character on TV that I’ve seen in a while. And that is said by a Castle-fan who had to endure the fruity life of Pi this season.
    Get rid of her, get rid of Joel. The cast is big enough. Let them shine without new distractions.

  4. ChrisGa says:

    Agree with everyone regarding regarding Joel and Lynley on HOD. Zoe and Joel have no chemistry–put her back with Wade already–and the actress who plays Lynley grated my nerves from word one outta her mouth with that ripe, exaggerated faux-Southern accent. HOD usually does a better job integrating guest stars/recurrings into the show–Tanzi, Shelby, etc.–but these two are a bust.

    Nice to be reminded that Tony Goldwyn is one of the HOTTEST men on television. I’d take him in a heartbeat over any number of hairless, overly-manscaped twentysomethings running around primetime.

  5. Babybop says:

    I always took Wade wanting to be friends with Joel as a way of staying close to Zoe. This way, he seems like the good guy, like he’s fine with this pairing, but really it’s just so he can get in her head. But why she would pick Joel over Wade is beyond me… Though I may be biased by my knowledge of the wonder of a man Wilson Bethel is.

  6. NotBri says:

    #19: I’m of the opinion that James Wolk could make eating a McGriddle look sexy.

  7. dude says:

    #22: I was eating dinner during that wrist eating scene and yes, it very much did ruin my dinner.

  8. jen says:

    I don’t watch Scandal but I might start now…

  9. Angela says:

    #6: I ask myself that question anytime I see a clip from Dr. Oz’s show on “The Soup”.
    #21: Considering this show’s warped timeline, it can be tough to tell sometimes when exactly certain events are supposed to have happened in the “Glee” universe-just because the Finn tribute episode aired in October doesn’t mean that’s when his character was supposed to have died.
    That being said, however, if this is in the proper timeline in terms of months, I think it would be wise for Rachel to wait a little while before getting together with ANYONE. And she and Sam have some chemistry, but I don’t know that I could see them in a long-term relationship at this time. But everyone grieves and moves on in their own ways at their own pace, so if she’s ready and wants to try and date around a bit, fine with me.

  10. Patrick Maloney says:

    16. The likelier thing on the Sub is a Lazarus Pit, which brings Ra’s, who I’m dreading seeing, into the picture.

  11. Ashton says:

    as far as Rachel is concerned. No. Just let her pursue her career and finish Glee up without even trying to piss of any fans.

  12. Leeann... :) says:

    1 – Even in her new book that just came out, Tempe got booted from jury duty and was done with it a couple of chapters in. On a side note, can we finally get the book characters together now that the television characters are together??!!?? Sheesh!

    14 – It’s Sons. Did you expect anything less?

  13. cyclone says:

    I think to each their own on the time it takes someone to grieve so if Rachel is ready to move on, I say let her. Even though the show is playing up their “great” romance –probably as a homage to Cory and Lea– the fact is they weren’t together at the time he died. Even though Finn was her “soul mate” she had no problem being with other people while they were apart. Rachel and Sam may work or they may not –they need a reason for Sam to come to NY– but at least Sam is a familiar face and not someone new.

    I wondered also why Brennan didn’t get dismissed also.

    As for April and Matthew, I really like them together. I never liked her fling with Jackson; I thought it was just as bad as the Izzie/George idea. And if you want to talk about their relationship play out off screen the same can be said about Bailey and Ben. It took me 3 episodes to realize that Ben and Bailey had gotten back together after she broke things off with Eli. Is it better that they keep having Emma show up for no reason just so we can see her and Owen interact? If 1/2 of the couple is not a regular than it’s a given that the relationship plays out off screen. Heck, even some show couples –Calzona– play out the majority of their stuff off-screen and fans need to fill in their own gaps.

  14. applescruffs says:

    Thanks for the picture of the brain matter…I don’t watch shows like that for a reason, maybe consider leaving the gruesome screen grabs off your website.

  15. LoveIansAss says:

    Rachel should not, SHOULD NOT get together with Sam. I think her love story should be open ended. Nothing definite.

    Fitz is one hot daddy.

  16. Jess says:

    Rachel and Sam make absolutely no sense together. I would like to see Jesse St. James back in the picture. Next season they could both be cast in Spring Awakenings together. Jesse and Rachel had chemistry and made sense together. Plus, Leah would be more comfortable because Jonathan Groff is her best friend. Oh, and that VOICE! Besides, I would like to see Adam Lambert and Jonathan Groff sing together. They could start with Jesse and Rachel, and he could slowly discover that he’s more into Adam Lambert’s character.

  17. David says:

    Im just gonna put this out here, Samchel under DIFFERENT circumstances could have worked, but as it stands…. No, just no. I honestly wish they would let Rachel explore her sexuality because she has more chemistry with female characters imo, but i know it won’t happen.

    Faberry if it had been given a chance could’ve been beautiful. Hell let people who know these characters inside & out (the FANS of Glee & NOT the “creative/writing” team on the show) write a Faberry end-game starting with S6, i guarantee it would be believable.

  18. Patricia Trent says:

    Is this the man that sang You Are Woman, I Am Man with her?

  19. Connie says:

    No Rachel should not move on with Sam

  20. Katianna says:

    21. Given that in 5×05 she got a freaking TATTOO of Finn’s name, then suddenly taking interest in Sam (a guy she’s had plenty of time to notice but never did, and who she hasn’t really seen in over a year because of the age difference,) in 5×06, just seems a little unrealistic to me. I want her to move one, but not so quickly! He “died” in 5×03, she can’t be moving on by 5×06! That destroys the devotion her love was. Plus, SamxRachel might be the most uncommon and akward pairing Glee has ever attempted. Seriously, you think their personalities match at all?

  21. HL says:

    “Should Glee *let* Rachel move on?” Don’t you mean *make*?
    It’s macabre and disgusting. No matter how they try to frame it, or to what extent Lea’s been convinced to do it, it’s still going to be some simplistic ‘lesson’ about how to move on or how it’s too soon to move on — as scripted by writers and acted out by a woman who’s grieving in real life. I can’t see any take on this and not cringe for her. And for what, cheap entertainment? Drama? Buzz? For shame, Glee writers, if you do anything of the kind.

  22. Caro says:

    I’d like to see Rachel with Puck but Rachel and Sam might be okay. There is some chemistry there! Glee would need to have Sam lose the ponytail (he’s not a Cheerio, people) and get a little smarter but they might be good together!

  23. Jennifer Bracha says:

    I really think that its up to Lea if she is ready to move on as Rachel than go for it. but it does not mean that she will ever forget Finn. Its just a show, and what she does in real life is different than her show life. In real life she is still mourning her long time boyfriend.

  24. aliviaj06 says:

    As far as Vampire diaries go, I have hope that Elena and Stefan will get back together, I feel there is a lot of chemistry there between them. I don’t see Damon and Elena staying together.

  25. Ashley says:

    I could see Rachel and Sam together.

    I know everyone thinks it’s ‘to soon’ but really, no matter how much time passes it will always be to soon,

    At some point Rachel will move on. I think they were setting up the next season. I think on some level Sam is attracted to Rachel. However he did not cross the line in the episode. As you can tell when they part from their dance. They look away from each other with guilt.

    I would like to see Rachel and Sam end up together. I think he could be a great guy for her.

    Looking on his past relationships he has been devoted to each and every one. He has treated each woman with the respect she deserves. Even when some of them don’t deserve it.

    He has fought for the women he loves(at respective times) and he has supported them(starting Mercedes career) when needed.

    I do dislike how they dumbed Sam down. He used to have so many morals and now they just seem lost. But Rachel could help him with that. When people leave high school they still learn and grow as a person. Sam still has a chance to grow mentally.

    Sam and Rachel could be good for each other if done right.

    That’s not to say that the writers could totally fail at writing them, rush it and ruin them.

    Personally I don’t see Jesse or Puck with her. Puck is in the military right now, he will be devoting most of his time to it. Jesse and Rachel parted on bad terms. Of course they could get over that. However, the man who plays Jesse has a new show coming out. Lea does want to see him come back for one episode but I don’t think she wants Rachel to end up with him. I heard somewhere that Lea personally asked for Sam and Rachel (Samchel)

    Either way I will support whatever they do, I don’t watch for the couples. I watch for the enjoyment of music and to support the characters we have come to know over the years.

  26. Shootingstars says:

    Oh Geeze, all of you are bunch of pathetica who act as if Finchel is the holy grail of Glee. Finn died. Face it. Deal with it. But don’t ever say you want more screen time of Rahel so bing into her pillow mourning for Finn from evening to dawn. People- this is TV Show. Though I have to applaud the Glee writers because the way you all become so embarassingly posessive over Finchel is proof of their writing success…. Please remember again. Rachel is young girl. Her life is long ahead. You really want to see her stay a single lady for the next ten decades, all for the sake of mourning a love-interest who wasn’t er boyfriend when he died?
    Don’t mix real life with TV- so no comment on Leah, Cory, Chord.

    But Sam is the way he is because that’s how he’s written. Glee writers tend to pick the most unflattering story developments for those who are not main characters. I’d laugh my head off when they pick more quality plots for Sam and you all who resist him today start to be fond of Sam, start to see his character in better light, and maybe would start to be as possessive as you do with Finn. Grow up people. Stop mixing real life with stories- you all are possessive bitches for a relationship that’s not even real tp begin with(not the real Leah/Cory, but Finchel IS FICTIVE).
    On another note, wouldn’t it be interestig plot, a playboy who basically chased after many girls, but finally grow up and start maturing and finally earn his keep? In real life girls would swoon at the prospect of bagging that one guy, who is the Mr. Popular Hottie Sexy Beast(He is a jock just like Finn did). I can see it as a good storyline, how a boy finally grow up into a better person, and finally learn to love and be loved by one girl he never dream in his wildest dreams would be the love of his life.