Vampire Diaries Recap: Addicted to Blood

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersSo much for Caroline’s rebound.

On Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, newbie bloodsucker Jesse escapes Dr. Wes’ lab and calls upon Caroline for help after he attacks his own roomie, Aaron. She and Elena give him the 411 on being a vamp, to which Jesse adjusts remarkably well, and before you know it, he’s partying and dancing with Caroline like he didn’t just turn into an undead creature.

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Things start to heat up between Jesse and Caroline, but he hesitates to kiss her because the last time he did, she got all weird. So she takes it upon herself to plant one on him, which turns into necking and then biting Caroline’s lip — and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg.

Turns out Dr. Wes was feeding Augustine blood to Jesse so that vampires would no longer be a threat to humans. If he changes their food source to vamp blood, then the enemy turns on its own kind. So feeling rather bloodthirsty, Jesse leaves Caroline and goes to confront Dr. Wes, who’s being held captive by Damon. Jesse and the elder Salvatore brother get into a tussle, and though Damon’s got years on Jesse, the newbie is stronger because of the Augustine blood. Elena is forced to kill Jesse to save Damon.

“The Elena that I used to know would have given Jesse a chance,” a sad Caroline says over Jesse’s lifeless body.

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Later, the two exchange apologies, but Caroline still finds a way to turn it back to her dislike of Damon. “The outside world is not nearly as dangerous as the person you’re inviting into your own bedroom,” she tells Elena.

Meanwhile, Damon discovers a numbered blood bag in Wes’ lab and recalls that he was once part of the Augustine program. What?! How did he not bring that up earlier?

Elsewhere in the episode:

— Bonnie and Jeremy can’t stop “registering for classes,” but their make-out sessions keep getting interrupted by supernatural beings crossing over to the other side. Awkward!

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— Katherine decides to help Matt out with his passenger problem and enlists Stefan and Nadia, who “wakes up” her boyfriend. Turns out the mysterious knife is the only thing that will kill a passenger, so she stabs Matt with it – he will survive, Katherine assures, but how?! – and gets rid of Gregor. That leads to the best note ever when Katherine writes to Nadia, “Sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do.”

— Katherine also manages to help Stefan through his PTSD and he, in turn, saves her when she tries to kill herself. She tells him about how the Travelers want her dead and how she’s dying of old age. His response? “You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.” Kind of perfect. And let’s not forget the cheek cupping and the way Katherine practically sparked back to life afterward.

— Aaron shares with Elena the story of how his mother was killed during a camping trip. She had neck bites, so they deemed it a bear attack. Elena, however, does not tell him about all the “animal” attacks in Mystic Falls.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Was Jesse’s stay too brief? Who was on the right side of the debate: Caroline or Elena? And do Jeremy and Bonnie need to take a cold shower?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Josh says:

    So is Dr. Wes a bad guy because isn’t someone who is trying to stop vampires from killing human a umm..good guy?

    • Maryann says:

      He is a monster, no matter how you look at it. Turning someone into a vampire against their will to make them into a vampire-killing vampire? That’s not monstrous?

      • No…….humans looking out for humans, in this supernatural chaos, planet is in need of people like Wes…….lol jk he’s a dick))) but Ricky acts so good, I think they should keep him around)

      • Sara says:

        Let me guess…you don’t think Damon is a ‘monster’ or any of the rest of them.

      • Josh says:

        Well that’s definitely bad but say he stops doing that and just uses his experiments to protect humans? And of course there is the debate of “sacrificing one life to save millions”, but that’s a slippery slope! But again, the TVD characters sacrifice dozens of lives to save one of their own(multiple times)…So doesn’t that make them monsters?

        Honestly, the show does this…They bring in vampire hunters and than people who want to help humanity and they’re supposed the bad guys…When these people murder innocent people all the time.

      • Chantall says:

        Well said

    • Cate says:

      His idea is “good”, but his means are no better than the “bad” guys he’s supposedly against.

    • mainecane says:

      ok dr wes is bad for multiple reasons. One he is turnign humans into vamps to kill other vamps . Thats not a good thing to do. He also is experimenting on humans , he kidnaps vampires and humans. Also damon is not a good guy at all even stefan and elana and caroline aren’t good as theya re vampires who feed on humans and then wipe there memories. That doesn’t make what dr wes is doing good.

    • sls says:

      No world should be black and white. Not all humans are worth saving; not all vampires deserve to be killed. When people or groups of people are against another group so universally and completely that they lack the ability to comprehend that not *every* member of said group may be conducting themselves in a destructive/offensive/dangerous/lethal/etc. manner, then that person or group of people are considered villainous.

      In other words, if you lack the ability to see individuals for who and what they really, you are potentially a villain. In both tv reality and in real life.

  2. nateddog says:

    You’re forgetting that Kat’s dad was a traveler

    • Pati D says:

      We can’t be sure about that. Kat said Nadia grandfather, which could be Kat’s father or Nadia’s father’s father.

  3. Lo says:

    I pretty much fast forwarded to all the Katherine/Stefan moments.

  4. S says:

    Caroline’s hate for Damon is way over the top and she needs to STFU already! DE is none of her business. I love how Caroline can see the good in Klaus (Way worse than any Damon) and even team up with Katherine (she killed her) but yet she continues every chance she gets to hate on Damon. I still loved the episode though and I am very happy that Damon will be getting a story that isn’t all about Elena. I can’t wait for the next ep! :)

    • Josh says:

      Damon always gets stories that aren’t about Elena. It’s Elena who couldn’t get a story that isn’t about Damon or Stefan :-/.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree. Caroline’s comments about Damon and Elena are uncalled for. I was so annoyed for her making those remarks. They’ve been together what all summer….she should get over it already. Also Stefan has done worse things in recent eps and seasons but she should watch out for Damon? Come on now. The writers def don’t want Elena and Damon to be together they’ve made that clear with all their dopplegangers soulmates and these comments by Caroline. They should just let them be!

      • Emery says:

        Caroline has got reason for not being a big Damon fan. Damon used her as a human blood bad and I believe he tried to kill her at least once in the first season. Stefan on the other hand hasn’t ever done anything like that to her and was the person who actually helped her adjust to life as a vampire. Plus, Elena has had no problems in the past getting on Caroline’s case about Klaus while at the same time asking Caroline to lead Klaus on so that Elena could get what she wanted. Neither guy is perfect thankfully because they would be super boring if they were and just like in real life, friends aren’t always going to like who you’re with.
        I personally am excited to see where things are heading because it seems like Stefan is going to have something other to do than pine over Elena. He and Kat still have some sparks. So with that said let Damon and Elena have their turn and then let both brothers have some time to play the field and Elena not be bouncing back and forth between the two brothers. Sorry for the long comment.

    • Olivia says:

      Caroline’s hatred of her rapist and abuser is completely fine, thanks. Damon has never shown even the slightest remorse for what he did to her, so if anything she doesn’t give him enough crap for it. The only time she’s ever expressed herself over his abuse of her was when she was first turned where she flung him down the hallway and said, “You suck”. Thank god she’s finally voicing her opinion of him, it’s not a moment too soon.

      Caroline was playing Klaus when she said she said that stuff to him, it was those words that got him to give her his blood to heal her from his bite. It was a calculated move set up by Tyler putting her in the same room as Klaus to start with.

      • Liz says:

        I understand Caroline not liking Damon because of the bloodbag stuff from season 1. But Katherine actually smothered her in her hospital bed and killed her and Caroline is okay with teaming up with her? Klaus killed Aunt Jenna and Tyler’s mom and countless others yet she’s still intrigued by the good side of him. Damon gotten bitten by a werewolf for Caroline and has stepped up over the years looking out for all of them. If she’s going to hate on Damon she should be hating on Katherine and Klaus too. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be mad at Damon. Just saying she shouldn’t be a hypocrite and just hate on him alone.

        • Olivia says:

          Caroline said that crap about seeing the good in Klaus so he’d heal her, or do you not remember she was on the verge of death when saying that? She was appealing to Klaus’ ego so he’d save her life, not because she thinks it’s true. Tyler put her in the same room with Klaus so she could manipulate him into giving her his blood, otherwise she would have died.

          Katherine did kill Caroline but she likes being a vampire. When the Cure was a storyline she admitted she didn’t want it, so Katherine’s wrongs against her are pretty minor.

    • Inewto TVD says:

      I think it’s because Caroline is jealous of Elena. Period. She liked and tried for Stefan. That didn’t work. So she went after Damon. Of course that worked for all of about 30 min. lol and then he used her for feeding purposes only. She went with Matt, but he was still hung up on, who else? Elena. So then she’s able to help Tyler through his ordeal and hooks up with him. Caroline is now ok and understanding about things. Then Klaus comes in and runs Tyler off. Caroline starts her same stuff again. i.e. Started back criticizing everything Damon just to hurt Elena and couldn’t wait to tell Stefan about Elena sleeping with Damon. Then Klaus comes back strokes her ego and says Tyler can come back. All is good with the once again understanding Caroline. Then Tyler comes back for several hours and then dumps her. Bam! Caroline is right back to her same back stabbing self. I think Caroline needs to die! lol…. This was an episode of greatness! I’m really liking far it’s the best TVD yet ;)

      • TeamJeremy!! says:

        C’mon. Looking at the characters’ experiences with one another, Caroline’s feelings aren’t unfounded. Agree or not, she has plenty of reasons to feel negatively towards Damon.

    • rarefied says:

      I agree, these silly women who have a problem with men who rape and abuse them need to get over themselves already! Sheesh!

    • Peach says:

      Actually i think her statements are 100% accurate for the experiences she has had with Damon. I love both their characters but he did glamour her, use her as a blood bag, and there is dubious consent on their couplings. He got under her skin and she had no control over it. Caroline is ac control freak so of course the experience lingers with her. So her damon hate? 110% get that. Damon has proved himself reliable for Elena, and a better person for her… but for Caroline? Nope.

    • Rook says:

      Did you ever think that maybe she is hating who Elena is when she is with Damon instead of Damon. Elena has changed for him, while Caroline never changed for Klaus.

      • Sara says:

        That is the dumbest explanation I’ve ever heard. LOL!

        • Francine says:

          Are you kidding, that’s the smartest explanation I’ve seen! That’s the whole point. Caroline doesn’t like Damon but she tolerates him. She’s more upset with the fact that the old Elena would have tried to help Jesse first before killing him. The way Elena did when Caroline was turned. Everyone was ready to write Caroline off as a vampire but Elena stuck up for her. New Elena doesn’t have that same mentality. I’m not blaming Damon for how Elena is now, but I think in Caroline’s mind (since she already dislikes him) she is.

    • Daniel T. says:

      Are you serious? he raped her! And not only her but also andy. He deserves far wirse than these remarks.

      • Baileigh says:

        Caroline willingly went after Damon in the first season because she was pissed that Stefan rejected her in favor of Elena. I do not understand how when she achieved this goal and got Damon in her bed that some started screaming rape.

        • Inewto TVD says:

          You are 100% right in your statement. Caroline went after him and bedded him. He never raped her. You can’t rape the willing! The only thing he did was compelled her not to tell of his feeding, and not be afraid of him being a vampire (like Kat did to Stefan, she didn’t rape him either) and of making her help Elena in the kitchen, etc…. Which compelling Caroline to help Elena clean up the kitchen is probably what all the hate is actually about ;) Yes he was going to kill her, once when his humanity was off and the second time he didn’t want to chance another deal like what happened with Matt’s sister,(Stefan felt he had to kill her to save Elena. Just like Elena felt she had to kill Jess to save Damon) because Caroline had just killed an innocent person.

    • Rachel says:

      Caroline is completely justified in hating Damon. He sexually abused her for days and made her forget about it only to have to remember it again. She can hate Damon all she wants. I agree with what she said. It’s not that she doesn’t support Damon and Elena because she supports Elena’s happiness. But it’s the fact that Elena tries to pass off Damon as a good guy and make excuses for his bad behavior and expect him to be a saint when he’s not. He’s the opposite. Caroline just wants her to acknowledge that.

    • Baileigh says:

      For someone who actively went after Damon in season one until she got him in HER bed Caroline should really shut her mouth about Elena’s relationship with him. Combined that with her relationship with Klaus and her behavior is just hypocritical. I am really surprised that Elena has not thrown that back in her face.

  5. arianeb says:

    Not quite as epic as last weeks, but a pretty good new jumping off point for the next story arc. Season 5 is a HUGE improvement over season 4. Last season TVD should have been mostly about Elena turning Vampire, and Jeremy turning Hunter. Instead, they had to juggle 14 characters, and had this convoluted Silas summoning plot that was just plain boring and so big that it ruined the Elena and Jeremy stories.

    Season 5 only has to juggle 8 characters, and can take its time doing it. The show is much more interesting this way. Meanwhile, the missing characters are on The Originals, which has already become my favorite new show of the season.

  6. Maryann says:

    You have to admit, back in season 1, Damon was pretty terrible in general, and even worse to Caroline in particular. In the beginning of the show, I felt that Stefan was definitely a better person than Damon–he had put killing behind him. Then the writers had to make him “interesting” by coming up with The Ripper. And they introduced Klaus, who was supposed to be pure evil. But then of course he was turned into a character at least some people would root for. Even Elena put her human point of view behind her, and had no problem with a huge group of new vampires being made just so Jeremy could kill them to make his hunter’s marks come out. How much less humane was it to murder to become human again rather than to stay a vampire and not kill? At any rate, my point is that NONE of the main characters are good people any more, from a human point of view. They live their “lives” by a completely different set of standards in terms of life and death from ordinary humans. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the show. It just means that we — and our vampire protagonists — should remember that you can ‘t commit mass murder (or condone it ) and still be a good person. And thus back to Caroline accepting Stefan (and Klaus!) but not Damon.

    • AC says:

      It is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of Caroline’s attitude that bothers me, not the fact that she is so judgmental. What I find strange is that she can reserve this special kind of resentment for Damon and yet be good friends with Stefan (who has done arguably worse things more recently) and have feelings for Klaus (who has definitely done worse than Damon). I just find it hard to take her seriously when she seems to have such a selective memory.

      I’m not saying that it isn’t understandable, subjectively speaking, when you think she has been on the receiving end of Damon’s crazy more than she has the other’s but still, a little perspective would be welcome.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        And that is the issue I have with Caroline.

        Her complaints against Damon are legitimate- anyone who says they aren’t is crazy – but there are no innocents in this scooby gang and pretending otherwise is naive.

        The other issue is practical. Jesse would have likely killed Damon. Was Elena supposed to let Jesse kill Damon so Jesse could have a chance? I feel like there was a logic gap there.

        I also think Caroline just doesn’t like that Elena thinks like a vampire. She needed Elena as her moral compass and Elena isn’t filling that role any more.

      • Bridget says:

        Yes, because everyone knows there aren’t hypocrites in real life or people who just have a dislike for someone that never goes away no matter what…how completely unrealistic!

  7. Maryann says:

    I am really sorry that they killed Jesse. Why on earth would they introduce such an interesting new character just to kill him off? And I was getting really into the potential new story line of Damon and Caroline and Elena help him cope, and cure his addiction to vampire blood. I think the writers really did miss a golden opportunity for what would have been a really interesting way to go.

  8. Sarah says:

    So…Stefan and Katherine could be fated, that would work out rather well. And really, we all want Caroline to end up with Klaus.

    • Olivia says:

      No, “we” most definitely don’t want Caroline with the guy who tried to kill her twice, killed her boyfriend’s mother, and whom she has stated she hates. You do remember she’s plotted to kill Klaus more than once, right? And was celebrating when she thought he was dead at the end of S3. And never stopped trying to get Klaus to let Tyler come back because she wanted to be with him. If she ever did want to be with Klaus that would’ve been the time, but it didn’t happen because Caroline hates Klaus.

      • Rachel says:

        When she says “we” she obviously means a majority of the vampire diaries audience which like it or not is true. And if you use the argument that he’s done all these bad things to her well then you must not want any couple at all on the show to be together because they’ve all done bad things to each other. Even the seemingly stable couples like Stefan and Elena and Bonnie and Jeremy. Nobody on this show is perfect. Damon killed Elena’s brother, raped her best friend, almost killed her other best friend, almost killed her, and yet she’s still dating him. We’re always constantly reminded of everything Klaus has done but never get reminded about every bad thing Damon has done or even Elena. Point is this show is full of monsters. There is no black and white good and bad. It’s a large gray area. If you apply that argument to one couple you have to apply it to them all.

  9. Damonisthebest says:

    So yes Caroline has got reason to not like Damon but he has made up for all he has done. He saved her by getting bitten by her boyfriend and a couple other times so I would say he has turned around. Did she forget the things Stefan did to both Damon and Elena like seriously he killed andi and if anyone saw he actually cared about her. He tried to run Elena off the bridge to make a deal with klaus. Also she seeing the good in klaus and what did he do that was actually worse than Damon killed Jenna turned Tyler into his slave monkey that made him bite Caroline killed Tyler’s mother bit Caroline himself threatened Bonnie’s mother and yet she can’t get past hating Damon like really even Bonnie has gotten past hating Damon. I would say Damon and Bonnie’s relationship had grown alittle. I think Caroline has to get over hating Damon. Damon may not be perfect but he cares about his brother and Bonnie Jeremy Elena probably even Matt and maybe also Caroline but she doesn’t see the good in him but can see the good in klaus like really that isn’t right.

    • Daniel T. says:

      Caroline isn’t in a relationship with klaus! thats the difference. caroline knows how evil klaus is and doesn’t try to hide the fact. damon snapped jeremy beck, raped caroline and andy, tried to kill bonnie, vicky (who he turned) caroline and even elena, he snapped alarics neck a couple times and ge slept with elenas mother and turned her, he killed zach salvatore who saved caroline from damon. I could go on and on. so yeah caroline not seeing the goid in her rapist and abuser is her damn right.

      • Meghan says:

        Congrats, you missed the point of the post above.

        • Olivia says:

          Yes, such a fair and balanced post excusing Damon from everything he’s ever done from someone with the username of “Damon is the best”. No bias there at all, is there? All I see is a bunch of rambling about how Caroline should get over hating her rapist because he cares about his family. Which is so besides the point it’s actually funny.

          How come people forgive Damon for his rape and murder, but find Caroline’s comments so horrific? Why don’t you just get over it and stop getting mad about it? Why is rape and murder so much more forgivable than not kissing the ass of your rapist?

          Not to mention people keep bringing up Caroline saying she could see the good in Klaus when she said that so he would save her life! I know lots of people love Klaroline so it blinds them to the truth, but she said that line when she was literally dying from his werewolf bite and after she said it he saved her life. Tyler put her in the room with Klaus again because it was their plan for Caroline to manipulate Klaus into saving her and it worked. Like, how can you not get that, I don’t understand. She stroked his ego, told him what he wanted to hear, and he saved her life. It’s pretty simple.

          • sls says:

            Stop throwing around the word Rape and Rapist. There is for sure an argument on whether or not what Damon did to Caroline was rape. But it was not undeniably rape. If it had been there would have been a disclaimer and a hotline number during the episode. There was not.

            Argue the point, as someone else has said, of dubious consent. Argue all you want about Caroline’s feelings regarding Damon, all valid arguments. But stop throwing around the word Rape with no regard to the feelings of the people with whom that word has a very real and very painful meaning.

          • Olivia says:

            I most certainly won’t stop using those words, because they’re true. He told her not to be scared of him after he attacked her and proceeded to have sex with her after this. Removing the ability to consent to sex = rape. The fact that there wasn’t a hotline number when the episode aired is by far the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard. Considering the rape culture that exists in the world today many people don’t see what is actually rape as the act itself. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people on the internet not realise that they’ve been raped in the past because of the way society defines it and have only just been educated enough to make the connection.

            Using euphemisms as you suggest contributes to the confusion that is used to propogate rape culture, so I’m not going to do that. Survivors would probably be more insulted that you want to minimise what Caroline experienced by not labelling it correctly. Being violently attacked isn’t the only way to be raped and it’s a myth that needs to be fully debunked.

          • sls says:

            This is your personal interpretation of the events surrounding how and why Caroline and Damon ended up in bed. You say she didn’t consent but she was actively pursuing Damon and whether or not she consented to the sex is actually ambiguous. Go back and re-watch the episodes. It is not clear whether the consent was there. There are other things, like Damon drinking her blood, where she clearly didn’t consent.

            There is a clear argument here on if this happened with or without consent. There is no doubt this is a controversial series of events. By calling it rape and defining something that was not clearly rape as rape is obviously to further your own political agenda. Absurd.

          • Olivia says:

            I need to get out the bingo card for all the excuses you’re hitting. Previous consent doesn’t mean future consent. Marital rape exists because being married doesn’t mean you can demand sex any time you want. Caroline initially pursuing Damon and voluntarily sleeping with him doesn’t mean he could have unfettered access to her from then on.

            The facts are these: they had sex initially. Then Damon bit Caroline and she was terrified of him, she threw a lamp at him and tried to escape from him. He then compelled her not to be afraid of him which removed her ability to consent as he took away her fear of him. They had sex after this with the compulsion still in place which = rape. She didn’t have the ability to say no because he removed that from her via mind-control. He did the same thing to Andie in S3 which was beyond disgusting to watch as it was even more drawn out than what he did to Caroline, and we were meant to think it was cute or something.

            Please stop contributing to rape culture by minimising the actions of a rapist.

          • sls says:

            Rape culture… political agenda…soapbox…etc..etc…
            Life isn’t black and white. This situation was purposely grey. You made it something to further your own agenda. Some people who have been raped don’t want or need to turn something as simple as TVD into a soapbox platform. If that’s your thing…then, whatever. But not everyone who has been raped has a victim mentality. Sometimes we just want to watch some d*mn tv and move on in life. But as long as you feel better about yourself. That’s what really matters, isn’t.

          • Olivia says:

            I’m not trying to make myself feel better, I’m trying to point out the truth. People need education on what rape is because it’s been diluted down so much people don’t realise when it’s happened to them. Ignorance on the matter is dangerous and while you can dismiss it as “entertainment”, tv and movies are a reflection of real life, and people get their cues from it as well. So for Caroline’s abuse to be minimised and dismissed is distressing. It’s the “What were you wearing” or “Why were you by yourself” , or “How much did you have to drink” victim-blaming mindset, which is why it’s so under-reported to begin with.

            I’m truly sorry if you’ve experienced this yourself, but dismissing rape on TVD is something that has happened since it’s been on, and I’m tired of Damon’s actions being excused just because people think he’s hot.

          • sls says:

            I’m not sure why you think rape has been “diluted-down”. Talk about it is everywhere you turn. And while there is always room to grow and improvements to be made, there are way more resources now than there ever used to be. I don’t know how old you are but I can tell you from experience that things are way better now compared to when I was young. Maybe it is as simple as the difference in our ages. I don’t know. But not everyone wants the sort of “education” you think you are doling out.

          • Olivia says:

            I’ve been in fandom for TVD since the beginning and there has always been fighting over what happened with Caroline and Damon and what it should be labelled as.

            I’m nearly 30 but I’ve been in fandom for about 14 years now, and I’ve seen a lot of excusing of male characters for their actions against female ones, so I’m beyond over women being vilified for abuse they’ve suffered from men and having it diminished because the guy is a sexy main character with ~pain. It happens in real life as well, so I feel the need to speak out about it when people defend that kind of thing. I’ve learnt a lot regarding this sort of thing while discussing tv and movies over the years.

            There’s also been a high profile rape story in the news in my country, so issues of consent and public reaction to learning more about it have been in the papers and on the news for the last two weeks, so it’s a sore spot for me at the moment.

          • sls says:

            In fairness, I’m in my 40’s, and while I’ve been on the internet from back in the day when you paid for internet access by the hour, I’m never going to get used to how horrible people are to each other online or how insensitive some people can be regarding highly personal subjects, not that you were saying anything horrible, but others do.

            I don’t completely disagree with the things you have said or the points you are trying to make. I am an avid fan of the paranormal/vampire genre, have been since I was young. There have always been dark and twisted subjects in this genre. And I am from a time when parents kicked you out of the house every day in the summer and told you not to come home until dinner. You fell down, you were told to rub some dirt on it. Not every kid on the sports teams got trophies, etc. So nothing about the way the subject of rape is dealt with today seems diluted to me. This is probably just a difference in our generations.

          • Tammy Smith says:

            Umm, Caroline WAS raped. It’s like people excuse Damon from what he did because he’s ‘hot’ and ‘troubled’. He raped her. She was scared of him, terrified, and tried to get him to leave. He compelled her not to be afraid and then had sex with her. That’s the same as drugging someone so that they’ll sleep with you. It’s not consent. I don’t care if she initially pursued him. She didn’t know he was a nutcase at the time. If she had, pretty sure she wouldn’t have pursued him.

    • Bridget says:

      I’m starting to think you are just one person posting variations of the same thing over and over.

  10. Can I just say that I am so very happy and glad that the bulk of the SIlas, Amara Tessa, The cure, the five nonsense is overs kadovers and we can now move on to this whole Augustine Vampire mystery which actually has to deal with vampires and not 2000 year old grudges…

  11. AC says:

    The doppelganger mythology is interesting… We know versions of Silas and Amara are meant to be together but could that mean Stefan and Katherine are ‘meant to be’ rather than Stefan and Elena? I hope so – their chemistry last night was adorable.

    And, if we have seen 3 versions of Amara, does that mean there is another version of Stefan out there? Am still a Delena shipper so am hoping not, for Damon’s sake.

    • Katie says:

      I’m Delena too (not really hardcore or anything, but I do prefer them over Stefan/Elena), but my sister and I were wondering about that last night, about Stefan/Katherine and if that would mean that there’s another dobbleganger out there for Elena. if Stefan and Katherine actually get together, would that end the whole dobbleganger thing? Break the spell (or whatever it is)?

  12. Liz says:

    I am so annoyed with Caroline. She needs to give it a rest about Elena and Damon! All of the vampires have done terrible things. I am very disappointed in the Matt storyline as well. I thought he was going to have a major presence this season, but after a three week absence, they seemingly end his involvement with the travelers. He is definitely underused on this show.

  13. Francine says:

    I love Damon as a character, I really do. He is wonderfully complicated and fun to watch. But I can not understand why anyone thinks Caroline should get over her hatred of Damon. What he did to her was so messed up and its not like he ever apologized to her. Now that same man is dating your best friend… Awkward and kinda gross when you think about it.. Caroline has a reason to personally hate Damon. Does she come across as judgemental and over the top sometimes? Sure but I really do think its understandable. That being said- Caroline doesn’t have to change her feelings about Damon but she’s going to have to at least respect the fact that Elena is in a relationship with him.

    • Dennis says:

      Do you hate a snake for being a snake? or a spider for being a spider? Damon was a typical vampire, an apex predator. Stefan, Elena and Caroline are the odd ones. Damon is evolving or at least trying to evolve past his nature. Damon was turned by his brother and betrayed, in his rage and anger he surrendered to his vampiric nature fully and lost himself into the predator/prey nature with humanity.

      • Francine says:

        Nah, vampire or no vampire, people make their own choices and Damon chose to relish in the bad acts of being a vampire (as did Stefan at many points of his life). That was all his choice. Comparing a made vampire to a born snake doesn’t really cut it for me. Damon is evolving for the better, which is great, but he shouldn’t get a free pass just because he gave into the nature of being a vampire. Neither should Stefan for that matter- which is actually something I hate that people forget when trying to make Damon the bad guy and Stefan the good guy. My point is that you shouldn’t use being a vampire as an excuse for why you acted the way you did. At least on this show, we’re shown that people can control their tendencies if they really wanted to. At that point in time with Caroline, Damon did not control them.

    • Tammy Smith says:

      Man, Francine, your post is one of the best I have read. You admit that you like Damon, but you don’t excuse any of his behavior or say that Caroline is in the wrong for hating him for it. Way to go! I have guilty TV pleasures, too. I like characters I probably shouldn’t, but I don’t excuse their behavior. Good to FINALLY see that someone else doesn’t, either, even if they are a fan of that character.

  14. Amanda says:

    Yeah! Geez, Caroline, listen to the fans. Start liking that your best friend is sleeping with your rapist. I mean really! You should just get over that! (Sarcasm, people!)

  15. Katie says:

    Okay, I wanted to address the argument specifically about Damon being a rapist, Because it looks like the fans who are irritated by Caroline’s hatred for Damon are being treated as though they are irresponsible and ignorant, and, as a fan like this myself, I wanted to at least try to defend my thoughts.

    Like a comment-er above me said, Damon had his emotions turned off while he was raping her (or, dubious consenting her, at the very least). This was back in season one, and for most of season one, he was the villain. He did reprehensible things. He raped Caroline, he stalked Elena, turned Vicki, he went out of his way to drive his brother crazy. He was the villain. Katherine didn’t come into it until the end of season one. (Katherine, who if I may remind you, is the one who killed Caroline -and Jer – and who Caroline can consort with, at the very least, civilly.) But Damon got a redemption arc. He turned his emotions back on and he’s good now. The storyline has clearly shown that the audience is expected to have forgiven him by now. To the viewers, it has been over four years. And I’m not saying that any amount of time is “supposed” to be enough time for Caroline to have moved on and forgiven Damon if she doesn’t want to. He victimized her, I understand that and if she wanted to hate him forever for what he did to her, I could understand that too. But that is not where this is coming from. What she said last night is that Damon is dangerous, and to Elena. He is not. No one (I would hope) actually thinks that Damon would rape or hurt Elena, there’s just no way. Regardless of the horrible things he has done in the past, he’s changed and he would never do anything like that again, and definitely not to Elena. When he realized she was sired to him, he ended it. He didn’t use it to control her, or hurt her in any way. He worked hard to get her the cure so that she wouldn’t be sired to him, despite fully expecting her to go back to Stefan if she became human again. The show has redeemed Damon, that’s just how it’s been written. And if Caroline was still dealing with his raping her, then the show should show that. It should show that it’s her hurt or anger over touching her without her consent that is the driving force behind this seemingly unreasonable hatred of Elena’s boyfriend. But she never says that. She never addresses any lingering feelings she may have about what happened back then. I’m not saying that if she doesn’t speak out that it’s her own fault or that she doesn’t have a right to be angry. I’m saying that if that’s where this is coming from, then the show should say that. Give the audience a hint that that is why she is so determined to hate Damon. I expect that they haven’t because it’s not. She’s befriended Stefan who has done just as terrible things, and more recently. And if the show wanted to address that, I would think that’s amazing. Show Caroline as having the depth of not just hating for shipping sake (her clear shipping of Stelena) but for the emotional scars left behind from season one. Because Damon may not have apologized, but it’s clear that he’s sorry, that he wouldn’t repeat those same behaviors. He would give his own life for Caroline now, because of his love for Elena if for no other reason. He is not dangerous to their little circle anymore, he’s just not. And if Caroline was given an arc about still feeling like a rape victim, then I’d expect Damon to show outward remorse. He’s not someone who apologizes just for apologies’ sake, but if he thought she was actually scarred because of what he did, I’m sure he would be devastated. I assume that he believes what most of the regular audience probably believes: that this is not about rape or a victimized Caroline. This is about shipping. And telling your best friend that her boyfriend is a danger to her is taking a shipping war too far.

    • Liz says:

      This right here. The comment to win all of the comments when it comes to what this show lacks. Sometimes this show is just pretty people running around. But if Damon and Caroline had an actual conversation about what happened in season 1. Imagine the power of that. Imagine the power of Elena opening her mouth and telling all of these people to back off. Imagine the power of Bonnie admitting that she is so broken and doesn’t want to be a pawn anymore. A lot is lost in this show when it comes to not having actual conversations. I know that this show isn’t talk heavy and more about mythology and fiction but actual conversations would make me feel so much more.

      • Mel says:

        So right, the originals is that way too. I’m like, why aren’t they discussing this?! They’re just letting that person go on a tirade! No discussion,

  16. MissMel says:

    I have just recently gotten into this show and I’m in the process of watching the earlier seasons on DVD. I just finished Season 2 last night and I think some of you have a selective memory when it comes to Damon and Caroline. Yes, fine. He treated her badly over the first, maybe 6 episdoes of the show? But he’s done plenty since then to redeem himself to her. He rescued her when Logan Fell kidnapped her wanted to turn her into a vampire. He gave her blood to heal her after the accident. He spared her mother’s life after she tortured and was more than willing to kill him and Stefan both. He then defended her to her mother when she said her daughter was dead. He went to rescue her from Jules. He rescued her when Klaus wanted to use her for the sacrifice and even freed Tyler at her insistence, then he fought with Tyler to protect her and Matt, resulting in a potentially fatal werewolf bite. For her to hate Damon SO much after all of that, but to be willing to develop a bond with Klaus who, in the span of a few episdoes tried to kill BOTH of her best friends seems not only hypocritical but ridiculous.

    • Mel says:

      Most of those instances Damon had something to gain by helping her, I.e. He and Stefan were both tracking Logan and they both saved her. Damon started the beef with the wolves by killing mason (more than one person got caught up in that, rose). He rescued she and Tyler to prevent the sacrifice to save Elena. Stefan saved her mom as much as he did, as far as I’m concerned the only nice thing he did was defend her to her mother when she attempted to reject vampire-Caroline. That seemed genuinely good natured.
      Plus- Caroline apologized at the end of the episode but still made her point.
      And yeah it was a running joke that Caroline was used as klaus bait by everyone, so I don’t see why she’s being raked over the coals for that and she’s not even with him.
      I agree with Caroline 100%. I don’t like new Elena. INMO TVD storyline has fallen by the wayside for the sake of appeasing the fandom. Especially considering the first 2 seasons, the story makes no sense now.

  17. audrey says:

    What is with all the suicides on TVD these pasts two weeks? Suicide shouldn’t be used as a plot point on a show that has so many young viewers, IMO. It glamourizes it as a way to get rid of your problems. Bad move writers. Wouldn’t be surprised if this has some bad feedback for the network.
    That being said, I am shocked they killed Jessie so fast. I thought he was going to be here for much longer considering his presence on twitter and all the interviews about him being the new boyfriend. I liked him.
    Caroline being mad at Elena pissed me off to no end. It was OK for her to kill 12 witches to save Bonnie, but god forbid Elena kill someone who was about to kill her boyfriend. That had nothing to do with Elena changing. That was a natural reaction to someone hurting the one you love. But Elena has changed I agree. Her being all “Vampirism is AWESOMEEEE” was a 180 from last year at this time. Which I am glad about because, really, how mopey can she be all the time. It got boring. I love happy Elena.
    Matt and the traveler inside him is done. Unpopular opinion on here I know, but IDC about Matt in the slightest. Glad his part is over and he can go back to serving drinks. Did they ever explain about why he isn’t going to school with the girls?
    Katherine continues to be awesome. But still, I don’t want her to take over the show.
    I FLOVE this Augustine vampire storyline so far. It may go the way of “the Cure” and I’ll hate it in three episodes but the premise interests me. I cant wait to see what Elena’s Dad had to do with it. I BET he was one of those crazy professors like hot Dr. Wes. And how was the roommate involved with Elenas dad too. Hope they clear that up.
    Bonnies story is OK. I don’t know where they are headed with it though. Beremy is OK. I don’t love them but I don’t dislike them either.
    Wonder what Stefan is going to be doing now. Is his story just gonna be the PTSD? Hope not. But him and Katherine are super cute together.
    Anyways, those are my thoughts of last nights episode, not that any of you care

  18. Alison says:

    I hate Caroline. Klaus was the only thing that made her tolerable

  19. Meredith says:

    Caroline is my fav character on TVD but last night she was a little too preachy for me. Writers, we all know she hates Damon. She’s been saying it since season 1 or 2 and with way more emphasis ever since Elena turned and got together with him. Point made. Elena clearly doesn’t care, maybe just let Elena make her own decisions. And also, I don’t think old Elena would have let Jesse live. Elena would do anything for her friends/family, I think she would have killed Jesse regardless as long as he was a dire threat to someone she loved. And if Caroline had been in Damon’s place I can’t really see her saying the same thing.

  20. Fabe says:

    I still need Matt and Katherine to happen! Please world, just do this for me!!!! “Matty Blue-Blue”!

  21. Amy says:

    Jesse’s death aka Julie Plec’s “kind” way of telling Caroline it is Tyler or Klaus, no one else, but we’ll throw you a hunky bone ;) lol! I was all for Tyler for a long time but then I started to love Klaus and now I see Caroline and Klaus perfectly together. Kinda compares to how with Gossip Girl everyone hated Chuck Bass with Blair but now it would be odd if it was any other way. I’m surprised Matt didn’t reacted a little more weirded out to the fact he hooked up with Katherine’s daughter. Ahhhh the wonderful reaction that Rebekah would have to knowing she did too lolol (hope that can come into play some how)!

  22. kaytee says:

    Damon didnt compel caroline b4 having sex with her,dat was wat she wanted,she was a naive,little gal.she was interested in damon even asking if he is cocky,next they were in bed.she realised she was bitten when she woke up but 4rm my own view damon attacked her by mayb biting her instead of having sex with her, which means he did nt rape her.katherine compelled stefan nt 2 b afraid afta he realised he was bitten;afta dy made out on bed,in dat case u cld av accused her of raping stefan but u can’t bcos she is a woman.she consequently wanted 2 bite stefan anoda time while compelled only 4 katherine 2 drink a vervained-blood but stefan didnt know.pls stop attacking damon,there are other wicked characters including klaus

  23. Meggie says:

    Caroline needs to get over her hatred of Damon, here’s why:

    1. Inconsistency: Caroline’s hatred of Damon flares up at convenient times to create drama. I may be more accepting of this lingering resentment if it was constant. Instead, Caroline brings up her bitter feelings towards Damon at the most inappropriate times. For example, on this week’s episode Caroline blamed Elena for saving the life of the man she loved in place of a guy Caroline had the hots for, and who they’ve known for oh say, four, five days? Really Caroline? You expected Elena to stand there begging and pleading with Jesse for fifteen minutes while Damon had his throat torn to shreds? All I can say is if my man was being attacked by some rabid vampire thirsting after his blood, I probably wouldn’t think twice about grabbing the nearest piece of wood and shoving that baby through his back, just saying. I get that Caroline was upset and disappointed about her friend being killed, but guess what, if it had been Stefan who had Jesse sucking on his neck Caroline wouldn’t have thought twice about the choice Elena made. And later, when Elena attempted to make nice, Caroline had to go and guilt trip her, and give her a lecture in Caroline morality 101. She could have just accepted the apology, but no, she basically tells Elena that she is a horrible person for saving her boyfriend over the life of an acquaintance. And then she randomly states that Elena has to realize that the outside world is not nearly as dangerous as the man she’s inviting into her bed. Where did this come from? For the past few episodes Caroline seemed to have forgotten or dropped her nagging to Elena. Then suddenly, she throws out a statement like this. Caroline knows very well that what she said was not 100% true. Klaus, the man who was courting her not too long ago, is much more dangerous than Damon, Stefan arguably has been more dangerous than Damon in the past, possessed Alaric was more dangerous than Damon, the list goes on. What in recent episodes has made Caroline come to this conclusion? Nothing. In fact, Caroline and Damon since season 3 seemed to be developing a slightly better relationship, helping each other out, planning together, joking together even. Then this season comes along, and she suddenly has a bitter hatred, stronger than ever before. This is called bad writing and forced plot points. Obviously some conflict is going to occur between Elena and Caroline at some point, or this is all part of Julie Plec’s master plan to have Stelena be end game.

    2. Damon’s Track Record: While on the topic of inconsistency, let’s talk about Damon’s past discrepancies. Damon spent decades tormenting Stefan, he killed Jeremy, he killed Alaric (several times), he viciously bit Bonnie and was the underlying reason for the death of Grams (as he so desperately needed Katherine out of that tomb), he turned Matt’s sister, he turned Bonnie’s mom, he killed Stefan’s bff Lexi, and so on. Damon has done some terrible things, but all of the people listed above, Stefan, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, Matt, all have managed to forgive and move on. I’m not saying that it’s right that they forgave all these actions, but it is a vampire show after all, strange things happen all the time that make no sense. The major inconsistency is that Caroline has still yet to get over what Damon did to her four seasons ago. And, Damon’s past actions didn’t seem to be an issue for her throughout season three and most of season four. Then out of nowhere, she is lecturing Elena on how horrible her bf is. Yes, maybe Caroline was afraid Damon would treat Elena horribly like he did her, but Caroline has seen proof that Damon treats Elena well, and would do anything to keep her alive and well. Elena has also made it clear to Caroline, many times that she loves Damon and is happy with him, yet Caroline still gets her little digs in. Honestly, Caroline should be minding her own business at this point. Everyone else is. The fact that she is so wrapped up in Elena’s choice of men is unhealthy. She even went as far as telling Stefan about Delena’s sexy time when it was definitely not her place. Her almost obsessive pushing for Elena to be with Stefan instead is also illogical. Caroline knows Stefan was a past serial killer, whose lust for blood was uncontrollable at times. He hurt people, many people, and used people as playthings once upon a time as Damon did more recently. Stefan even used people for longer than Damon, as soon as he turned he was compelling women and using them as blood bags. Caroline ignores all this and still says Stefan is the better choice. Why? Because Stefan has done nothing to her, and she is selfish, this was made clear in season one. Because she has a bad relationship with Damon, she wants everyone else to as well. Yes I acknowledge completely that what Damon did to Caroline was wrong. But remember, he had his humanity turned off at that point, just like Stefan did when he was mass murdering for over a century. But this show is full of people on their high horses. It often seems as though the excuses everyone else uses for the crap they do are only good for everyone but Damon. Oh Stefan you ripped off two female’s heads after you fed in a blood haze? Oh well your humanity was turned off. Oh Damon you compelled a girl to use her for a couple weeks to feed off of and do errands for you? You’re an evil, maniacal heartless devil of a man who can never be trusted, ever. See my point here? And yes, Damon was awfully mean to Caroline emotionally and verbally while he was compelling her, but he was often just being brutally honest, she was shallow, and she frankly was not a good person at the time. And for some reason there is this idea that Damon raped Caroline. This is an assumption. All I saw was Caroline inviting him in her bed, willingly, sleeping with him, then Damon biting her, her freaking out, him compelling her not to be afraid. Then we see them wake up, Caroline still dressed in her neglige. Caroline seemed to have passed out after being bitten. When did Damon supposedly full on rape her? It never happened.

    3. Caroline Ignores Damon’s Good Qualities: Since Damon’s ill treatment of Caroline he has done some good things for her. One, he fed her his blood after the car accident, saving her life. Two, he jumped in front of Caroline’s werewolf boyfriend, getting bitten in place of her, and suffered through excruciating pain, frightening and emotional hallucinations, and ended up on the very brink of death. Three, when Damon could have easily killed Sheriff Forbes for her attempt to capture he and Stefan back in season two, he reassured Caroline, after she pleaded with him that he wasn’t going to “kill anybody” after which he told the Sheriff that she was his friend. Four when Damon stands up for Caroline when Liz tells Damon to keep Caroline away from her, Damon sees Caroline listening and tells Liz that “she’s you daughter”, Liz says “not anymore” to which Damon shows Caroline sympathy. Five in Daddy Issues when Caroline is kidnapped and tortured by the wolf pack, Damon goes with Stefan to save her. Yet Caroline’s hatred of Damon seems to have only increased. The issue here is, Caroline is fine with everyone else’s faults, and people hurting others, but if a person has personally done something to her, they are the absolute worst person in the world. This is called being hypocritical, she can’t really think Damon is a worse person than Klaus can she? I mean he killed her boyfriend’s mother! Come on Caroline…

    Here’s my conclusion. One of two things needs to happen. Either this grudge that has been dragging on forever needs to end, as it seems most grudges on the show do, or it needs to be properly addressed. If the writers are going to have Caroline going on and on about Elena’s relationship with Damon, and how much she hates Damon, etc. then the issue needs to be resolved. Either Elena needs to talk to Damon about how he treated Caroline, or Caroline needs to confront Damon about it. She needs to butt out of her friend’s business and talk to Damon about her feelings once and for all. Damon has become a decent person, we all know that. I’m sure he would be fine talking about that with her. He may not give a gushy poetic apology but he would acknowledge that what he did was wrong, but that he had his humanity turned off and that he is changed now, a better person. And then everyone can move on, Caroline can move on, because Damon ain’t going nowhere and Caroline’s constant nagging is starting to get on my nerves, and the nerves of a good chunk of the fandom.

  24. Chantall says:

    Caroline shouldnt be one to judge since she had feelings for big bad klaus