Scandal Recap: (Love) Made in Vermont

KERRY WASHINGTON, TONY GOLDWYNThis week’s Scandal was, in part, How We Met Liv’s Mother, as Rowan/Eli spent some time with “dead” Maya. Elsewhere, Fitz took Olivia for a ride, Cy put James in a… position… and Quinn labored to cover her tracks.

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MOTHER, MAYA? | Picking up right where we left off, Rowan tells Maya that because Liv has been asking about her, he needs to move B613’s captive of 20-plus years to a facility farther away. Maya’s one request: to see her daughter first. But Rowan refuses. “I’ve been hiding in the bowels of the judicial system,” she growls. “You have to give me something.” Rowan again balks, so Maya later chews into her own wrists, into her own veins, and begins gushing blood. (This is why Shonda warned y’all to eat dinner before.)

Maya is discovered before she dies, and Rowan visits her with press clippings about their daughter. (“You just wanna eat her!” No,pe too soon after the wrist thing.) When Maya notes there are no warm, fuzzy family photos, she 1) mentions in passing that it was she who got Olivia hooked on popcorn-as-comfort food (aww) and 2) accuses him of not taking care of their child as promised. He counters, “The Olivia of today, you know nothing about — and don’t forget for a second whose fault that is.” Which gets me thinking that Maya was involved in planting the bomb, but Rowan saved her hide, even at his own peril.

At episode’s end, Maya is about to be sedated in prep for transit, but when Rowan passes by the procedure room, he instead finds the doctor KO’d, and her missing. As Olivia returns home to her apartment that night, she hears a familiar, “Hi, Livvie” — and turns to see her “dead” mother. :-O

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MAKIN’ IT IN VERMONT | After Liv shoots down (no pun intended) Fitz’s latest bid to smooth things over, she shatters the Fitz Phone — but Jake can only scoff, “You really think that will stop him?” Indeed, it does not, as POTUS sends a chopper to bring Liv to a house in Vermont. She explains why she never talked about her dad — “What would I have said?” — but that doesn’t fly with the former fly boy. “You know who I am, everything that I could legally tell you,” he says, “and you’re this bundle of dirty little secrets.” When Liv suggests Fitz would have “run the other way,” he corrects: “No, I would have protected you.” He then reveals that they’re not standing in just any house. “It’s yours… ours. I had it built for us…. I wanted you to see the dream.” Annnnd cue the kissing, the sexing, the writhing. Before Liv leaves, Fitz asserts his love — seeing as he’s gonna try to take her dad down. Her response: “Do what you have to do.” (Also: “Don’t sell the house. Not yet.”) Later, Mellie, wise to Fitz’s “lost time” in New Hampshire, suggests that with Josie Marcus out of the race*, they could court Olivia again. “Maybe we should,” he concurs.

HUSBANDS AND LIES | Cyrus scores James a puff piece on Daniel Douglas Langston, with the hope that the Second Husband will make a pass. To grease the works, Mellie whispers to Daniel that Cyrus has an “open marriage” — a “fact” Daniel relays to a shocked James when his aggressive attempt at an overture is rebuffed. James returns home to Cy much later, confirming that his hubby’s advice to do the Q&A on Daniel’s turf, over bourbon, indeed got the subject to “open right up.” And as James hops in the shower, Cy receives the blackmail pics, showing that James proved quite receptive to Daniel’s charms.

THIS AND THAT | *Resten’s peeps broke into Josie Marcus’ house to steal a laptop full of campaign strategy — except that he didn’t (I called it!). Rather, the congresswoman’s sister-daughter-whatever faked it to score them points with Iowa just a week out. Along the way, Harrison got a taste of some Candy (and here he was kvetching that she made things needlessly harder!), and in the end, Josie took credit for the fraud and bowed out of the race…. Huck tried to ID the Flight 522 witness’ killer from a grainy security cam, but couldn’t — except that he could (I called it!), as revealed when Quinn came home to find Huck waiting for her, wanting answers and brandishing all his “tools”…. David snores, but is trying hypnotism to fix it — a rather random factoid that makes my Scandalized noodle thinking he’s being “programmed” by someone for a later storyline.

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “Other than arranging for Daniel to bump into James in a locker room, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” “Yeah, I thought of the locker room, too”…. “My husband’s not your husband.” (Ouch. And: wrong!)

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Maybe now Quinn will find out what it’s like to be on the wrong end of an electric drill…

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you, this comment sums up how naive I think Quinn is.

    • Liam says:

      Haha, hope so!
      Worst episode by far this season btw! The way they have sent Fitz the same character-assasination road they sent Daniel on Revenge. He’s just so damn unlikable, and he’s rubbing it off on Liv. It’s not romantic anymore, it’s just annoying.

      • Jennifer says:

        I totally agree!!! Super disappointed with this episode. Liv is supposed to be a GLADIATOR, yet the minute Fitz shows her the house he built for her, she goes all mushy and forgets that he was the one who was supposedly responsible for taking down the plane her mother was on (yes, we all know he was following orders, but who cares he killed her mother in her eyes). I’m losing respect for Liv. So over Quinn. And so over Cyrus using and abusing James. Also, super surprised that they are having Liv and her mother cross paths this quickly. And I’m not sure why they kept Jake around this year since they are not giving him any storyline, he could make things so much more interesting with Liv and they are totally not taking advantage of him.

        • Anthony Rock says:

          Liked, liked, this episode.

        • Lorna says:

          I totally disagree. Totally in love with this episode. She went all mushy because she realized once again that here is a man who loves her. She went all mushy because she realized once again that here is a man who adores her. She went all mushy because once again she realized that here is a man who absolutely do not want to live without her. Any sane woman who know who recognizes what love is would also go mushy.
          Jake and Liv have no chemistry and thus no future. That is as plain as day. I don’t understand why some people are still trying to create something out of nothing. Last time I checked, only one man has ever been claimed to raise the dead.
          I’m losing respect for SR’s writing; either keep Liv and Fitz together from now on or break them up once and for all.

      • ELIZA says:

        best episode of the season . are you sure we are watching the same show. please it is time for you to watch another show.

      • echinachea says:

        Totally respect your opinion, but being the sappy old romantic fool that I am, I just drooled over the Vermontification of the POTUS-Liv storyline. Call me sentimental, and I know Liv is way too intelligent for this nonsense, but they must be made for each other, or one of them would really call it quits. Know I will get some hateful replies on this, but decided to show my true feelings. It’s just TV, after all. In real life, I would be pretty disapproving of an adulterous spouse as well as someone who would get it on with a married guy, president or not.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Remember what Verna said about Olivia and Fitz? “You breathe in sync.”

        • ARock says:

          You won’t get a hateful reply from me. I like seeing Potus and Liv together.

        • Lorna says:

          True that. In real life we often object to adultery and I’m no different in this respect. We however have the benefit of TV to show us both sides. This sweet love story of Fitz and Liv is scintillating. I would no longer continue to watch Scandal if they stop being a couple.

      • Lorna says:

        I find it wonderfully romantic. Fitz buying a house for his lady love?! Wow!! Fitz and Liv making out in Vermont. Wow!!!! Now more of that is what SR needs to show instead of the inane on again off again tiresome nonsense.

    • charlid6179 says:

      Don’t count her out. Quinn the character is a good actress. Remember last season when Huck had his breakdown and she killed that guy for him, she was all over it and wanted to kill more people. So I am not buying the whole panic because she killed someone. She has bloodlust…

    • Marvin says:

      Perhaps she is into pain. I do see her begging Huck not to… I would have thought she would be squealing like a pig and telling all the secrets instead.

  2. Emily says:

    That house. That scene. Fitz and Olivia. Perfection.

  3. stevie says:

    i love scandal, but..
    the “house” in vermont has a ridiculously huge swimming pool..
    with a shark in it.

  4. DramaMomma says:

    Wow! The end of Act 1 almost made me throw up. One of the most disgusting things I have seen on TV ever. Can Eli just eliminate Quinn now and make many viewers happy? James and Daniel Douglas are totally playing Cyrus. Good for them!

    • Linda F says:

      Agreed, on all three points. I honestly don’t think Mama chewing into her wrists needed to be quite that graphic. And I totally thought when I saw those photos that James was playing Cyrus for pimping him as he did. Last, if there has ever, EVER been a character on TV as stupid as Quinn, I can’t think of one. And since I’m in my 50s, we’re talking a lotta years of stupid characters. Ugh. Please, Huck, just go ahead and get rid of her. I will love him forever if he does.

  5. Morgan says:

    My husband’s not your husband. Oh, Cyrus. Manipulated one person too many.

    • ARock says:

      cyrus deserves everything he gets.

      • Cheyenne says:

        It took me several viewings before I was able to read the text on Cyrus’s cell phone (It said: “I think I have what you are looking for”) and then came those telephoto shots of James getting it on with Sally’s husband. Cyrus’s reaction was epic. He look so destroyed, and all I could think to tell him was you got what you deserved for pimping out your loving husband who you are supposed to love and respect and now he will never respect or trust you again. I have ZERO sympathy for the guy. I hope James kicks him to the curb. Cyrus is selfish and deceitful and all about himself and nobody else. He would kill James if James got in his way. James isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s a kind, decent guy and he deserves much better than that demonic POS he married. He needs to kick Cyrus to the curb and get a guy who deserves him.

  6. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on TAL CONFIDENTIAL and commented:
    What can we say?! Scandal 308 – “Vermont is for Lovers, Too” blew us away. We’re flatlining now…

  7. Monica says:

    Exactly why is it okay for the supposed moral compass of this show to have an affair with a married man, who just also happens to be the POTUS? I can’t understand why fans root for this couple. Fitz is disgusting. Oh and hey you killed my mom but bought me a house so let’s jump in the sack and Christen it. The mom thing is water under the bridge!

    • K says:

      My thoughts exactly. I do not understand that relationship at all. Fitz builds her a house so she automatically forgives him for murdering her mother? Makes no damn sense.

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        Everyone in the show is a terrible person. Except David Rosen, he’s cool.

      • except mama pope is actually alive and about to cause more havoc.

        • K says:

          Yeah, but Liv didn’t know that at the time. As far as she was concerned, her mother was still dead at Fitz’s hands. But apparently having a house built for her makes that a-ok!

          • Seth says:

            I think they are say that Olivia is smart enough to know that he was a soldier obeying orders, so the person to punish is the one who gave the orders.
            She didn’t relent to him because he bought her a house, it was because he believed in their future, to the point of building a dream house, even when she wavered.

            But more importantly it’s the writers introducing the point where Olivia becomes pregnant with the President’s baby, it was a way to introduce it in a romantic way “dream house”, and before her pregnancy begins to really show. – That is why there was no slow buildup to the Vermont reunion.

          • ARock says:

            What sort of comment is this? I now understand why American tv is so dumb down.

      • Robert says:

        You do not understand that relationship because in real relationship this things happened. and you have to undertand how can you accused him to kill her mon , you do not know all the make sense because this human being are in love in real life

        • jains says:

          Could we have a major grammar check on this statement please?

          • echinachea says:

            Grammar checks would shut down the internet:). Not that I disagree. Pretty sad what has happened to language skills. I blame texting and impatience, but I am sounding old and crabby.

      • Robert says:

        He was in army he followed orders , it make sense . he did not kill her mother . I am so tired of that. Olivia and fitz are in love and we know they can not be together . this is their story. stop critize them. In real lilife all these things happened .

      • ARock says:

        Fitz did not murder her mother. You obviously did not watch the episode. If you did not watch why then are you commenting?

        • echinachea says:

          Excellent point, Arock. Some folks just gotta bitch. And as anybody with heart can figure out, it was not the building of the house that melted her defenses, it was what that house represented re their relationship:) Life’s way too short to be so negative.

    • Renae says:

      I can’t stand Fitz, he is the most selfish and heartless character on the show, partly because he thinks he’s a great guy hopelessly in love, while simultaneously playing with the emotions of both women in his life , never mind the children that we never see that he has with his wife.

      I don’t want Olivia or Mellie with him. Olivia looks very weak, actually pitiful and silly, when dealing with him as does Mellie but that’s her husband so I get attempting to make her marriage work.It drives me crazy. I want the pope magic, where she pulled off the impossible by saving and ruining reputations. Instead I get this messed up “love story”. I want to continue to love this show but if we have to keep returning to The Fitz and Olivia affair I don’t know what I’ll do with this show.

      I really enjoy every aspect of the show but that storyline. I feel it’s played out.

      • Stephanie C says:

        THis is ridiculous, the women don´t have to be with him but it´s their choice to. This whole trying to save the marriage is stupid, her husband couldn´t care wether ir works or not.

      • clearhaven says:

        Awesome comment. There’s really nothing awesome about Fitz and Liv’s relationship. it’s gross. Noone would like to be in Mellie’s shoes. Absolutely noone. so I dont know why they see this as okay :/

        • ARock says:

          Mellie needs to get out of her shoes. What fool stays in a marriage when the husband has told her time and time and time again that he cannot stand her? What woman stays in a marriage when the husband time and time and time again tells her and shows her that he wants to have nothing to do with her? What woman stays in a marriage when she knows full well and goes to the other woman and tells her that her husband cannot breathe without her?
          What woman stays in a marriage when the husband asks her for a divorce?

          There are strange people walking this earth is all I can say…

        • Lorna says:

          Gross for you perhaps. I find it mesmerizing, off the charts hot. I can’t get enough of it.

      • Angel says:

        I agree with Renae. It’s sick how Fitz is manipulating these two women. He’s like a child who wants what he wants, when he wants it. Just think back on how many times he sent secret service to pick up Olivia without her consent and forced her into meeting with him. Not to mention how he treated her after he found out about her role in Defiance, especially the scene after the christening. Then just when Mellie has given up all hope of getting her husband back, he says or does something to give her false hope. I understand Mellie’s feelings for her husband, we’ve seen how they were together before Olivia.
        If Fitz truly did love Olivia, he would have walked away rom the presidency. Instead he talks about giving it all up just to keep Olivia on the line while carefully giving Mellie hope to keep her on the line.
        And Olivia doesn’t see any of this? She still loves him? After all he’s done, including killing her mother as far as she knew, she still wants him. That’s sick.

        • mrenee says:

          You guys talk like Fitz got up, took out a weapon and went on a shooting spree. What do you think happens when a soldier is sent to war? So you honestly think they get to pick and choose the shots they make or do they get to decide exactly who they feel needs killing? So, Fitz is at fault for being a soldier? Okay to hate Fitz, but at least hate him for good reason.
          Mellie gets what she deserve. She said so herself, in the Bunker, that she watched this thing happen with Fitz and Olivia on he campaign trail, but she let it go because it suited her purpose at the time. Well, okay, she’s the First Lady. She should have thrown down the hammer, instead she choose to go so far as to invite Olivia to a State Dinner to keep him happy? Come on, Ladies. Mellie is a full grown woman, who has made dumb choices and now has to reap the result of this marriage in name only. I’d make him pay something awful and she is supposed to be so smart. Love thing is over and she had better think about herself first.

          • scandalfool says:

            mrrenee – well said! Mellie pushed Liv and Fitz together and now she’s mad because he might actually choose to be happy and leave the White House. Fitz and Mellie were done way before Olivia came into the picture.

          • Dmac says:

            Yes, but Fitz wasn’t a soldier when he murdered someone in cold blood last season and no matter how disgusted Olivia was she still went back to him. Look I use to like them together like most of you but lately the President seems more obsessed with Olivia than in love with her and Olivia is starting to resemble a lovesick teenager with no brains. She is not the character I use to admire but god forbid any of this even registers with the fandom on this show. I swear to God since Twilight came out women have been trying to find their version of it that they can ship, they drool over star crossed lovers no matter how awful they are and those two are becoming awful characters.

          • kay says:

            Thank you mrenee for some well needed reason.

        • kay says:

          Fitz is manipulating two adult women making CHOICES? How sexist and insulting. Mellie is with Fitz or power and position and Olivia for love. Pretending otherwise is dishonest, patriarchal conservative nonsense. If you think telling Mellie to her face that he’s in love with someone else is keeping hope alive, the sickness here in not in the show. Honestly, I’ve stomached as much of this silliness as I can but the way some women want to pretend that adult women are constantly victims is pathetic. It’s the reason we’re second class citizens.

        • Nikki says:

          Did ya’ll forget that Millie was raped by her father so now another secret could be that Fitz son is not his son

        • ARock says:

          Fitz manipulating how? Do you know what it means to manipulate? The man is in love with his woman – and by the way I mean Liv. Just what do you expect him to do?

          Why are you people watching the show if you have no understanding of what’s going on? These silly comments are becoming even more tiresome than the back and forth of Liv and Fitz…

      • Tnit says:

        And speaking of his kids… Who is the father of Melli’s first born???

      • Seth says:

        Olivia’s scandal with the President is the mainstay of the show so if you can’t stand it then this is not the show for you….Try “Revenge” or “Once upon a time”, just don’t watch and complain.

        Olivia is supposed to be strong and fierce with everyone except the man who makes her soul ache with love.
        He completes her and she completes him, he needs her single minded strength and fighting spirit and she needs his security and selfless devotion, but politics and reality stands between them, – There are no good guys in Scandal, just totally bad guys and the not so bad guys, but everybody’s living a scandal…. I call this show a biography of Washington DC

        • R Duke says:

          Well said. I agree.

        • jains says:

          Seth, what a great summary in a nutshell!

          And I repeat to others talking about the pregnancy, Jake will be asked to pretend to be the baby daddy.

        • Aku says:

          Seth, you have said all there is to be said about this. I wish peple would see the show for what it, focus their energy elsewhere and quit complaining about the very essence of the show. It is about Fitz and Olivia, it’s always going to be about Fitz and Olivia so people, keep that in mind and enjoy the ride. Otherwise, do yourself a favour and stop watching – I know I would like that seeing that there would be less non-related comments to read.

      • Frida says:

        Change the channel , because this love story is Scandal. I am sick to listen people talk badly about fitz and Olivia .

      • echinachea says:

        Killing the central love story would kill the show. People obsessed with the made-for-TV morals of pretend characters should switch to the Disney Channel or Hallmark. This is a show for grownups who enjoy a fantasy along with murder and mayhem. It’s not a reality show–it’s fiction. If you find it disgusting, change the channel. Why be so masochistic and judgmental? What’s in it for you if you hate the show? Makes no sense.

      • Hooked says:

        Scandle would not exist without a scandle. Everyone in the show has a complex personality. Fitz’s and Millie’s marriage was an political arranged marriage. Fitz was being manipulated into politics by his father, Cyrus, and Millie. They were after power, but manipulating Fitz to get what they wanted. Olivia was the only one who was not trying to befriend Fitz for personal gain. After all, he did persue, her.

    • the girl says:

      Who said Liv is the moral compass of the show? That’s David Rosen’s job. Liv actually told him that at one point, that he is the moral compass. She knows that her world is full of grays and that she steps onto the dark side often. Soopah is right, none of the good guys are good guys, except David.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Thank you! I’m sick and tired of people whining that the show lacks a moral compass. It’s a political drama series about some very flawed people. If you want a show with a moral compass, go watch the 700 Club.

    • Sometimes people are flawed and sometimes love doesn’t make sense. I agree if you look at the premise it doesn’t work, but I still love them as a couple, I just wish they would make up their mind – in or out – president or not-president. BUT IT IS HOT.

    • Whatevah says:

      Why are you watching?

      • Dmac says:

        Because this wasn’t suppose to be fan fiction it was suppose to be about the Gladiators fixing scandals until you hormonal middle age women starting to live your fantasies through those two toxic people and than the whole premiss changed. I have noticed that tides are changing and more and more people are getting tired of their “epic ” love story being the center of this whole show.

        • HaveSomeClass says:

          Name calling and making assumptions about people posting here is unbecoming. If your expectations about the show have changed or are not being met then change the channel.

          Hope whoever monitors the comments deletes your comment.

          • echinachea says:

            I totally agree. Find an anger management class and quit watching the show–give the rest of us a break from the ugly talk. This is supposed to be fun–it is just TV! And if you have a problem with a certain age and a certain gender, you seriously need some help. Nobody stays young forever.

        • ARock says:

          People are not getting tired of their epic love. People are getting tired of the nonsensical make up/break up over and over again. I am firmly in the corner of OLITZ, but this make up breakup crap has outlived its welcome.

          Once Fitz earned Liv last season they should never have been broken up again. That was a stupid move that SR made. And she’s now trying to back herself out of that chasm.

    • clearhaven says:


    • Nidavni says:

      oh God , please stop how do you know he killed her mon ? please let the show move on . I am sure he did not kill her man and I think her mon is the head of b613 or double agent,

    • Nickolas says:

      I root for them because this real love and real life , but theses things is , he is the potus, married man . that set.the writers want to show you the realty of life , life is not simple when you are in love with a married man and I believe they are truly in love. but they will never be together .

    • scandalfool says:

      Ah, he didn’t know her mother was on the plane. He was given orders to do so or half of London would have blown up. And it is a TV show. I root for the chemistry these two actors had, not the situation.

    • echinachea says:

      Who would watch a show in which everyone consistently behaved themselves? Good grief! Get real–it’s a TV show!

    • kay says:

      Fitz is disgusting, but Huck and Jake’s mass murdering is fine, Cyrus nearly killing his husband is cool, rigging and election is no biggie, covering up the murders of 7 people is okay, killing a pregnant intern is fine. It’s the adultery you have a problem with? Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • ARock says:

      Have you ever heard of the expression, everyone loves a winner? It is something along those lines. Most people are enchanted with the concept of finding one’s soul mate. The Liv and Fitz characters provide the sweet indulgence that finding that one true person who completes you is possible. Fitz and Liv provide the idea that an all encompassing love is possible.

    • Lorna says:

      You do realize the show is called S C A N D A L, right? What do you think the premise of the show is? Think about this for a minute and you will quickly see that in light of that your comment about moral compass makes no sense.
      People root for this couple because of that little thing called – L O V E.
      Fitz is hotttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are not watching the show with any degree of understanding from what I can see.

  8. SK says:

    I love this show so much but I hated this episode. I know its teeing us up for a bonkers winter finale and spring premiere, but ugh. I hate how the Josie story line ended, I hate the fact that Liv and Fitz continue to act like idiots around each other and I hate how stupid Quinn is.
    That being said – I love Mellie, I would love it if James is throwing one over on Cyrus (he’s got to know Cy’s playbook by now, and realize there’s cameras), and I’m beginning to warm finally on the whole Remmington storyline. So I’m crossing my fingers for next week.

    • Audrey says:

      Cyrus getting his long overdue comeuppance (smug bastard!) made this episode a standout for me. The Vermont house storyline was ludicrous, and the Josie Marcus storyline was lazy – but Huck in Quinn’s apartment with his “tools” seemed about right. More Jake please (sexiest guy on the show – no question).

      • Hooked says:

        I think Quin was in her apartment, Hulk was waiting for her. The show is set in Washington DC. It makes sense to have storylines about politicians. I like how the writers of the show keep everyone guessing. They do a good job of manipulating everyone.

    • ARock says:

      No what you hate is the fact that Fitz cannot stand Mellie. Well you and Mellie will have to get over it. As Fitz has told you, he is in love with an incredible woman and he ain’t giving her up. You and Mels need to move on.

  9. Eric7740 says:

    OMG!!! Scandal is on fire!!! I absolutely love this show!!! Fitz and Olivia, what an amazing scene!!! I want her wardrobe!!! Way to go James! Teach Cy a much needed lesson! The show is firing on all cylinders and I’m 100% addicted!!!

  10. C. says:

    I was NOT expecting the mom reunion. Or the mom attempted suicide. Or the Quinn/Huck situation. I don’t know how to feel about Fitz and Olivia. They’re so beyond dysfunctional it’s hard to root for them. Watching their Vermont scene felt like reading sophisticated fan fiction. But on the other hand, Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington have chemistry on chemistry on chemistry.

  11. stevie says:

    “you’re a murderer, a hypocrite, a liar, a president, a childish creep, a cheater – let’s move in together!” olivia pope, setting an example for powerful women in america.

    scandal. jumping the shark.

    • Christine says:

      I’m commenting on both of your ‘jumping the shark’ posts in this one response. How is it jumping the shark that Fitz built a house for him and Olivia to live in? It’s not like it came out of left field. Fitz has wanted to be with Olivia since season 1. He’s repeatedly said that he wants to move her into the White House, or at the very least be in an open relationship with her once his presidency is over. I could understand people’s annoyance with this, if it was solely being used as a plot device, but that’s just not the case. It’s been clear from the beginning that Fitz was planning a future with Olivia.
      In regards to Fitz shooting down that plane, people are acting like he went rogue and started assassinating innocent people on his own. He was a member of the military and he received orders, from a man who is apparently more powerful than the president, to shoot down the plane. He was under the impression that it was a matter of public safety. I know that people don’t understand it, and certainly the family of the victims wouldn’t understand it, but sometimes the lives of some have to be sacrificed for the lives of many.

      • Lolita says:

        As long as this show is on there is gonna be Olivia and Fitz. Calling people names is not gonna stop Shonda from writing she wants to write. This show is one of the best shows on the tube. I for one am for Fitz and Liv because I know it is entertainment and is not real. Fitz and Liv are a huge part of the show. Every body on this show plays the hell out of their part. They are awesome.

        • ARock says:

          There better darn well be a Fitz and Liv, coz if there isn’t I am done with this!
          If there is no Liv and Fitz, what actual purpose do the characters in the White House serve? If there is no Liv and Fitz who cares if Fitz is not paying any attention to Mellie?
          If there is no Liv and Fitz who cares if Mellie tries to manipulate him? Who cares? I know I wouldn’t.

      • the girl says:

        Right. He wasn’t even the president when it happened. Not even the governor. He was a soldier following orders. Fitz wasn’t the one who was wrong in that scenario. And again, we know Liv’s hands aren’t all that clean either.

      • ARock says:

        True that. I frankly do not understand why so many people watch the show when they demonstrate little to no understanding of the characters or human dynamic

    • mrenee says:

      Murderer? Okay, let’s let Verna live and send Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia to Federal prison for the unforeseeable future. Let’s thank them all for putting him in this position to begin with.
      Hypocrite? He’s in good company, Let’s have Olivia stop calling him every time she needs something and decide not to answer the phone if he reciprocates
      Childish and a cheater? Absolutely. Great company for Olivia who wants him and doesn’t every other episode. Fitz is written as the weakest President ever. No powerful man in the world would put up with all of this foolishness and no woman with common sense would not have realized what an impossible relationship this would be from the beginning. See?? They are just perfect together.

    • scandalfool says:

      Liv did her thing with the POTUS in Vermont in a house he bought for her and then went back to work in the company she owns, what is wrong with that? Sounds powerful to me! Love it!

  12. Cheyenne says:

    So now the manhunt is on for Mama Pope… and Fitz wants to take down Daddy Pope with Olivia’s blessing… sh*t got real.

  13. Sarah says:

    Well…based on next weeks previews, I am officially terrified the “Blind Item” is going to be Jake/Scott Foley.
    And that would be HORRIBLE.

    • Ladyvader says:

      Don’t be. Im 99% sure that the blind item is Damian Lewis from Homeland. Althought Im not so sure that Jake don’t end up being a bad guy. I know that would be repetitive, but after all, Scandal is tuning into a repetitive show.

    • Peach says:

      I’m 80% sure its Norman Reedus. If it were Jake he’d have more to do with the storylines this season. He hasn’t had great character moments the last few episodes.He’ll live.

      • Annie says:

        Not Jake. Ausiello ruled out the big three networks, along with a number of smaller ones. Reedus and Lewis are still in the running though.

    • ABC got ruled out for the blind item i thought. So breathe i doubt it’s Jake.

      • Aeol says:

        Jake may not be the Blind Item, but it wouldn’t surprise me if his days are numbered in some way. Shonda has turned Jake into the most pitiful third wheel ever. So now he’s hanging around Pope & Co, is he supposed to be a gladiator now? I just do not understand why he’s hanging around for Liv, she plays the poor guy at every turn!

    • echinachea says:

      Sorry to be so dense, but what is meant by this “blind item” reference. Does anybody have the patience or inclination to clue me in? Thanks!

      • jains says:

        Clue me in too about the “blind item”. Sure hope it is not about Quinn and those drills of Huck’s. ewwww-www. Awful thought!

    • Lorna says:

      What blind item?

  14. leelee says:

    I love all the love/hate for scandal……it makes for good discussions!! I love the show!!! I loved tonight’s episode!!! I LOVE OLTIZ!!! I can go to sleep happy!!! Sweat dreams to all my Scandal fans!!! :)

  15. David4 says:

    When the show first started I felt Olivia Pope was this strong woman who had a crush on the president.

    The president was in a horrible marriage with the first lady who was a bitch.

    Now the best character on the show is the first lady! Fiz and Olivia make me sick! the first lady does things to make her happy, but at the same time does it because she knows what is best. I find that amazing.

    The episode was horrible, except for the last few minutes where all the fun started.

    • Monica says:

      Could not agree more!!!

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree!

    • Jains says:

      To David4, Monica, Mary: AGREED.!!! Except for the opening and ending scenes, this was the most LAME Scandal show to date. The opening was so gruesome, who could watch? and Olivia’s parents are having this conversation about Olivia 20 years later? And this is her mom’s first attempt to escape? It doesn’t add up and the Vermont jam really doesn’t make sense, as someone said, with Olivia being the strongest woman one can see in a TV show.

    • ARock says:

      What show have you watched?. From the first episode, none of us knew that there was something going on between Liv and Fitz. But it soon became very apparent and we have been blessed with the sweet indulgence that is OLITZ since then. Gosh man. Watch the episode called the Trial.

      A crush? Are you cray cray? Lookie, you better put down those wrists… move away from those wrists now!

  16. shuayb says:

    I’ve been defending Olivia but damn that b!tch is dumb! I mean forget the fact that he is married and their affair was practically outed, he had a hand in some really covert ops that could have killed her mother (we know that wasn’t the case). Even if she realised that he wasn’t behind it and knew nothing still how could anyone bring themselves to look at that person. Olivia is thi nking with the wrong brain and its just so irritating to watch. Fitz is beyond redemption, the only thing for him to do now is get assassinated by B613 when he tries to dismantle it Kennedy style.
    Olivia was starting to resemble the powerhouse we saw in season 1 and then this. Very disappointed Shonda, very.

    • Lolita says:

      Olivia is still is powerful when it comes to her job. Her personal life is difficult as we all know. Fitz will never be assinated, and he and Liv will always be in love with each other, regardless come what may. Mama Pope has some serious issues, eating herself was totally shocking. I will be glad when we finally find out the real deal about Remington. I try to guess, but it is never what you think with Shonda Rhimes. She is brilliant.

      • jains says:

        Assassinated is the word for a president or head of state to be killed. Assinated could be something very different if it were a word at all.

        • ZuluQueen says:

          C’mon. We all understood what he/she was trying to say. Sometimes our brain types faster than our hands. Does it not happen to you? Especially if a lot of thoughts are coming into your head…your hands can’t keep up. Happens to me all the time.

    • allshewrote says:

      I totally agree with you! I disliked that Fitz didn’t think that he owed Olivia an explanation or an apology for the role that he played in her mother’s “death.” I disliked that Fitz attempted to play with Olivia’s emotions by teasing her with a life that he has not positioned himself to give her. Last I checked, he is still married and planning to run for another term. But, I HATED that Olivia refused to honor her own pain and open her eyes to see some of the uglier sides that Fitz is showing her of himself. Love isn’t self-serving.

      • clearhaven says:

        Beautiful comment <3

      • mrenee says:

        Why would a sitting president tell his girlfriend about secret military operations? Olivia’s pain is directly caused by her father—and it looks like the mother helped, the way this thing is going. For some, Fitz is always to blame. Just admit you don’t like the character–I get that. Olivia has been written foollshly this season. On that we agree.

    • abz says:

      What annoys me more than anything about this Olivia/Fitz thing is that its just ridiculous and they each know it’s ridiculous. They know it’s not gonna work. They know they can never truly be happy and together. If it did, he will always be the President who left his wife for another woman and would never likely be re-elected, and she will always be seen as the mistress who broke up a presidential marriage. It’s just not gonna work and its annoying that they keep shoving it down our throats. She was finally moving on this season and getting back to the Olivia I started watching the show for. The badass fixer!! Now she’s at Fitz’s every beck and call and one look from his always half asleep eyes and her brain shuts off completely. MOVE ON ALREADY!

    • kay says:

      She wasn’t dumb when she was yelling at Fitz to get Jake who put her in hospital made a sex tape of her and admitted he was there as a plant out of a hole but she’s dumb for sleeping with a man who spent years building a home to order for her? Okay…

    • Lorna says:

      How is Liv being dumb? You are forgetting the love equation. Is Liv any more dumb than James? Is Liv any more dumb that Mellie? Is Liv any more dumb than Sally? Is Liv anymore dumb than Fitz?

      • jains says:

        Are any of them not dumb nor not blind in love and who among us has NOT experienced this? Very few is my guess. Come on you know that back and forth stuff that goes on in a relationship, especially one as HOT and elicit as Olitz.

  17. Whitney says:

    I got the feeling that Charlie was not as keen on killing Quinn if it came down to it. So that could be interesting. Maybe he’ll step in and keep Huck from drilling into Quinn?

  18. Mika02 says:

    So many bad decisions on the parts of the characters were about to make me write off this episode but that ending and that preview. I’m going to be tapping my foot next thursday like a teen waiting for her parents to leave the room so she can go back to talking to her bff on the phone.

  19. candacecordelia says:

    Reblogged this on Ready for Our Close Up and commented:
    Ava DuVernay killed it in this episode… and it looks like Huck may do the same to Quinn in this year’s winter season finale :O

  20. shuayb says:

    When I mean he wasn’t behind it, I mean all he knew was that he shot a plane that carried a bomb that would have wiped out london. Not that he wasn’t the shooter.

  21. lolita says:

    When all is said and done,when the scenes are done, Tony goes home to his real wife and Kerry goes home to her husband. Love this show,it’s all make believe,and it is fun to watch.

  22. Bee says:

    AWESOME episode. this show is so crazy.

    and do people realize that olivia doesn’t know ANYTHING yet? all she has is that jake suggested fitz shot down a plane her mother was on. and nothing’s been confirmed. just questions upon questions and the knowledge that her father is definitely involved somehow. and since then, everything has been national security information that can’t be revealed to her. granted, it isn’t perfect. but given how DEEP we know she’s into fitz and the fact that he literally stood talking romantic in a surprise dream house he ordered and this is scandal, it’s not that surprising lol

  23. Bernadine says:

    Is it just me or does it feel like Jake is kind of pointless now… he hasn’t really done much, he’s like an honorary gladiator, but still isn’t one. He’s like Liv’s protector but he isnt protecting her. to me he’s just there. If B613 really wanted to kill him, they would have done so already, so what is his purpose? to like/love Liv ? I’m just not sure about him anymore. but that just my opnion :)

    • Louisa says:

      Jake has always been pointless. Shonda just forced him on us.

    • Lolita says:

      I am like you about Jake I am wondering why he is still here. He wll never have Liv, because she is forever in love with Fitz. They have a bond between them that I believe will never be broken. They will always find their way back to each other . I know a lot of people hate it, but it is what it is. Fitz will never love another woman the way he loves Liv. It may be wrong, but it is juicy.

      • jains says:

        I think Liv carries Fitz’s baby and Jake becomes the beard. I just don’t see him leaving the show. He also could be instrumental in uncovering the bombing of the passenger plane.

        • mrenee says:

          Let’s bow our heads and quietly ask that there is no baby in this show–at least not until they are in some committed relationship. Crazy people, in crazy relationships guarantee crazy babies. Perish the thought.

    • bebe says:

      Jake’s a plant. He’s a double agent, there to betray the lot of them He HAS to be, because the other alternative is that he’s really as incompetent and pointless as he seems.

  24. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    I know Cyrus is a manipulative bastard and completely brought that on himself, but the whole James/Mr.Sally thing broke my heart.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Are you kidding? How do you think James felt when he realized his own husband had pimped him out? Cyrus is a demon. The look on his face when he saw those photos was priceless. If he wasn’t such a nasty piece of work I would actually felt sorry for him.

  25. Dan says:

    Because of the earlier Olake hype, i’m surprised Jake didn’t become more of a factor. I mean, I knew in the end, he wouldn’t truly ever have Liv, but I thought he would be more in the mix than he is. So i’m guesing he’s going to end up being a bad guy? Or maybe a cover if they make Liv pregnant? Just sort of odd they didn’t end up not doing much with his character. I also can’t help but find it intresting how there’s all this hate for the Fitz character, but the show has trouble bringing on someone to take him on for Liv’s affections.

  26. H.Houston says:

    What is the name of the song that plays whenever Liv and Fitz have a heart to heart… it was playing when he told her it was her house

  27. iamjsm says:

    Please don’t tell me that Olivia finds out she’s pregnant so they can write in her real pregnancy. I think she’s a smart enough woman to be taking birth control. Just sayin! On another note, that was a great episode. So many twists and turns!!

  28. Rook says:

    Anyone else think Mama Pope might be a B613?

  29. Lin says:

    I never liked Olivia/Fitz, never rooted for them, their thing is too unhealthy for my taste…and due to K.W. pregnancy, I won´t be surprised if Olivia gets pregant too. And yes, at this point, I think she has nothing of the strong woman she used (or looked) to be; for me she is just an idiot moron, sorry.
    My favourite caracther is, and always has been, Mellie. After last week, I know that Mellie and Fitz were once in love, they had strong feelings for each other; the way she was raped and the decisions she made, imo, took a toll in her, but my question is: when did Fitz stop having feelings for her? And why? It crossed my mind that the douchebag that was Fitz’s father made some comment about Mellie being too much for him and Fitz tought Mellie cheated on him with his father.
    I don´t think Mama Pope attempted suicide, I believe it was a well thinked way of escaping; and yes, I´m sure there’s more to her, I do believe she was involved in something big and her husband somehow covered for her…and that would a surprise, I mean, Eli/Rowan not being as evil as we all think he is.

    • Louisa says:

      Last week’s episode was a total aberration. Shonda wrote it to try to garner sympathy for mellie’s character. If you have followed the show closely from season 1, there has never been a time fitz and mellie gave even a hint that their marriage was anything more than a political union. It was even stated that their marriage was dead before olivia came on to the scene.

      • Lin says:

        Yes, their marriage was over when Olivia appeared; but last week´s episode was 15 years before, when they were newlyweds and, at least for me, it was clear they loved each other. And, imo, the episode wasn´t written to earn sympathy for Mellie – actually, if you read some comments, you´ll see a lot of people liked her already!
        And, btw, who told Fitz/Mellie to have another baby, even knowing the status of their marriage, for political reasons? Yeah, Olivia did!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Olivia’s job was to help Fitz win the election and stay in office. She was constantly coaching him and Mellie not to act as if they couldn’t stand the sight of each other. At the time Mellie got pregnant with her third child Fitz was being publicly accused of knocking up Amanda Tanner and having her killed to cover it up. Drastic measures were called for.

        • Louisa says:

          15 years before that shonda just thought about. Mellie was excited to have Jerry around in the previous episode concerning fitz election. If shonda wanted to bring this rape thing up later, a strange look coming over mellie’s face when Jerry walked in would have been enough to tie the episodes together. Shonda seems to come with story lines to fix plot holes and its becoming really annoying.

        • bebe says:

          Olivia didn’t tell them to have another baby, Mellie said she was taking her husband back. Given that the marriage was dead before Olivia ever came along, she should have just faked another miscarriage.

          • Euvee says:

            Actually she did. She and Mellie came up with that idea to put to kill the sex tape story. It was the scene after Mellie yelled at Olivia for leaving Fitz & breaking his heart. It was her way of taking her husband back, well, before she pimps or attempts to pimp him out yet again for the sake of remaining in the White House.

      • Euvee says:

        Hmmm don’t get me started on the revisionist writing in 307. The ‘political arrangement/dead marriage’ (Fitz’s words) or ‘pretend’ marriage where they ‘were never… but they were always friends’ (Mellie’s words) suddenly became a marriage of giddy, Mary Poppins-like newly weds. Lets even forget the sex eyes Mellie was giving that horrid Big Jerry at the dinning table or the way she nagged, nagged & nagged Fitz to let Big Jerry join them on the campaign trail, berated Fitz for beng rude to him when he finally joined them and ran after him to make peace after one of his showdowns with Fitz. *SMH* Thank the heavens for 308. It was everything and more! *swoon*

        • mrenee says:

          So true, so true. Mellie is not sympathetic at all. In fact, I enjoyed Mellie more in Season 1 when she was a true B-word. I don’t need her to turn into someone else. She was fine as she was.

    • bebe says:

      There were never in love, they’ve said so repeatedly TO EACH OTHER. You can be pleasant to someone you don’t love, and Mellie has said that they were friends and partners in the past. Somewhere along the way, their friendship just faded, I guess. I actually likes season 1 Mellie before she was turned into a caricature of a desperate housewife. I wish they’d bring her back. Why must woman so often be victimised in ficion before they can be liked and respected?

  30. Peevesie says:

    I called it at the av club and I am calling it here. Brief expression on Charlie’s face – he actually in a typical scandal and shoda style twisted way cares for quinn. Its going to blow up. But its going to be shipped.

    ALso on Mama pope, I have the distinct feeling the twist is that after all the time spent chasing her she is as bad as papa dearest has shown. No one right in their mind could do the wrist meat thing

  31. Chelle says:

    The “strongest” people do crazy things when they’re in love. Look at Mellie she covered up a rape! I don’t get why everyone is so pissed at Live and Fitz. Fitz wants out of his marriage but Mellie intends to give him hell for it. You don’t do that if you truly love someone, you let them go and if they love you they come back, but obviously we all know who Fitz loves. Guys this show depicts real life people as they are, shares of gray! No one is perfect and all are weak, even Mellie who everyone now asked since we have her back story. Marriage is not about emotional abuse and she continues to take it for 4 years now in the name of saving her marriage because she doesn’t want to feel like she lost the guy. She lost him before Olivia came along, years before that based on what was said in first season when they were arguing. They were arranged for each other (second season) and I guess they grew to care for each other but you don’t just walk out of a happy marriage boys and girls so so blaming Olivia and Fitz. The heart wants what the heart want and sh should let him go. If he losses as a divorced president, then he loses, but so will she, so that’s why she’s staying. I’m rooting for love guys, sorry Olitz haters. Anyway on toMama Pope and Jake (there has to be a proper for him bc he was made a series regular). Can’t wait!

    • Lolita says:

      If you remember in season 2 on the way to his birthday party Mellie asked Fitz if he would ever forgive her. And the only thing I can think of is when she had an affair when he was running to be a senator. Harrison shut the guy down.Their marriage was doomed from the beginning because Big Jerry bought her for Fitz from his buddy. Because she was highly intelligent and had class , he never thought Fitz was good at anything. I love Fitz and Liv because the chemistry between them is something else. I give them credit for their acting skills.

    • allshewrote says:

      IMO, the only way to tell real love, from infatuation is action. When Fitz divorces Mellie, then I would be happy to reassess Olitz. Until then Fitz is just another married man stringing along his mistress. Selling her on a forever he seems to have no intentions of making a reality. And Olivia is just another woman underselling herself. Availability is a precondition of love. At some point, I hope the character will learn that.

  32. azu says:

    All ye olitz haters – haha haha!!!! Hilarious!! Eat your hearts out!!!£ 1. Fitzgerald has from season 1 categorically informed Olivia and mellie that he loves Olivia and wants to be with her for like 4 years now. So how is fitz selfish? Shouldn’t mellie have some self respect and move on? You should also blame Olivia for not grabbing fitz with two hands when he told her he loved her! They are both Cray Cray but its a lot of fun. I would however like to point out that if you take this show too seriously, you will only end up hurting yourself!!

  33. the girl says:

    When Cyrus and Mellie were discussing that setup, did anyone else get the impression that Mellie had purposely placed Liv in Fitz’s path and now regretted how it backfired on her? I can’t quite remember how she said it, but she was warning Cyrus to be careful about his set up and the way it came out made me think, that’s how she knew they were together, she orchestrated it. It makes me think Fitz had affairs before meeting Olivia, and Mellie wanted to lift his spirits on the campaign trail by giving him another woman to play around with, but he messed up and fell in love with this one.

    • bebe says:

      Fitz didn’t have affairs before her. If he did, he wouldn’t have sacked her on sight. Mellie had no hand in arranging this, she just intended, initially to profit from it, until it became a threat to her public position.

  34. Lolita says:

    As you can see, Mellie is telling Fitz since Josie bowed out , they should try to get Liv back, after all the names she called Liv. She still wants Liv to run the campaign, because she wants to remain the First Lady. She has her agenda to maintain. She is just as ruthless as Cyrus.. She just plays her part to perfection. She is in it to win.

  35. Marc says:

    Come on Huck! Drill Baby Drill!!!!

    • Overthinking says:

      I hope this is truly the end of Quinn. She hasn’t been a good fit especially at OPA given everyone but her came willingly to work at OPA . And now since she betrayed OPA by working with Charlie, she doesn’t fit the description of a gladiator and took ‘over a cliff’ to another whole new cray cray level. Well she wanted the life, let see if she is able to swim with the sharks!!!!!

      • Marc says:

        If the idiot needed an example of the kind of psychological damage that B613 and Charlie could do, then all Quinn had to do was look to Huck. Heck, she rescued him from the box that Charlie had locked him in last season! She walked right into that one sand has no one to blame but herself. I hope that Huck will remember all the times she kept badgering him to recount the worst period in his life as a result of her sick curiosity and apply as much pressure as he can.

    • Lolita says:

      We heard daddy Pope tell Charlie if Quinn gets caught doing what they tell her to do, take her out. Quinn has got herself in a mess. I hope that Huch will not kill her, she was hurt because he ignored her. She had no idea that man was gonna die. She put herself in a position to get played. Eli Pope is colder than the North Pole . I can’t wait to see who he really is. He will take anybody out without blinking a eye

  36. Overthinking says:

    The premise of Scandal is – people working and living in gray area/walking a fine line. No one is all good or all bad. This means that characters (or should I say the writers of the show) will always push the envelope. Each character is designed to push their agenda to the limit. This is what drives the viewers crazy as they try to rationalize the behavior of the characters. It is called good drama that means the writers are doing an excellent job……..well almost an excellent job because wow to say some of these episodes are disturbing is an understatment!!!! Wish they would dial back on some of these scenes or put one of those disclamer about ‘viewers discretion is advised’.

  37. aku says:

    Anyone’s having an Alias moment with this new Scandal development? Remember Jack & Sydney Bristow and Irina Derevko?

    • Annie says:

      Ha – yeah, a little. But I have hope for Scandal pulling it off whereas Alias – as much as it pains me to admit this, ’cause I freakin’ LOVED that show – did not.

  38. Louise says:

    The house in Vermont bothered me; at first I thought, “How sweet!” And then I thought, “Just another way that Fitz had to be in control.” Instead of building a house together, he does it all on his own to manipulate and trap Olivia into a lifetime with him. Yuck.

    • EliZabeth says:

      It was a great scene and beautiful scene. I loved it . too bad for your stop watching the show . Because Scandal is about Fitz and Olivia . As Shonda said the love story between Olivian and Fitz can never be over. you need to watch another show . Homeland or Revenge. Scandal is not for you.

    • bebe says:

      Yuck, yeah he’s AWFUL. He built a whole house for her, what a MONSTER? I presume that you think the King who built the Taj Mahal for his wife was being manipulative as well? Or is all your unfounded hatred saved for Fitz?

    • ARock says:

      This is just silly. How could he have bought the house to manipulate Liv when Liv didn’t know anything about the house until now? Where do you people get these wild silly crap from?

  39. LaLa says:

    This show is off the rails (but in a good way). I thought this episode was tame, but, boy, the preview for the next one! Quinn begging someone (I assumed it was Huck)! That shot of Huck licking Quinn’s face! I was cheering in my family room, last night, I am so looking forward to it. Looks like the Huck we all know and fear will return.
    OK, but this episode: Did Harrison have to sleep with the dimwit that totally tanked her mother’s geniunely WINNABLE campaign? But at least he actually was shown to be involved with someone, so there’s that. Slowly but surely, Shonda. I was not impressed with Fitz’s house or his threat to sell said house. I’m sorry, but a house would not make up for the fact that you shot down the plane that my mom was on. I am SOOO #TeamJake. Last night just sealed it for me. The way he called everything last night, and the insult of that “gift” from Fitz. Too much for me. But I guess the #Olake ‘ship has sailed. Do we think that James actually slept with DD, or do we think he just wanted Cyrus to think he did? Either way is fine with me. I hate to say that Cyrus deserves whatever happens between him and James, but Cyrus deserves whatever he gets. How you gonna pimp your own husband. That ain’t right. Poor Mellie. She said she wanted Liv back,and that she could handle it. Didn’t appear so last night, but, hey, it’s what she wanted, right? And
    Lawd, Mama Pope! First time that I was convinced that Eli/Rowan might not be as eeevil as I initially thought. I mean, homegirl most definitely must have been involved in some nasty stuff – AND she is ruthless. But, I loved the way she called Eli out last night when he was showing her those press clippings of Liv. He didn’t realize Liv doesn’t like sweets? She hasn’t seen her baby for YEARS,and she still remembered that her baby didn’t like sweets. That is a MAMA who loved her child. The backstory must be insane. And the way the writers are going – there’s just no telling what it might be. Finally, Quinn, Quinn, Quinn. Like gazelle being stalked by a tiger. No doubt that Huck would uncover her secret, and NO WAY to stop him. Couldn’t be satisfied with being a hacker. Had that bloodlust and wanted to play with the big boys. Well, here’s what happens: Huck gets out his tools.
    I am giddy about watching the December finale. Like Mama Odie (The Princess and The Frog) said, “This gon’ be goood!”

  40. Leila J says:

    I am on emotion overload. Logic and reason have ducked for cover. I can’t wrap my mind around Olivia. All I can say is she reminds me of a co-worker of mine that is very intelligent professionally and is highly respected, but her personal life is in shambles. I understand what the writers are doing and that is to tell a very compelling story while keeping the fans up in arms. Congratulations, mission accomplished. James, I was so hurt for James. I often wondered if he ever gave Cy the side eye and in the back of his mind asked himself would he…could he…nah he wouldn’t dare…never…not to me…then last night’s episode happened and side eye has been opened and widely. I don’t know how he recovers from his spouse pimping him out like that, but he sure had his payback. Seeing Cy pacing the floor and then crying over those pictures I felt bad for him, but all I could say was well what did you think was gonna happen? Yeah, he pimped out his husband but he didn’t think anything would come of it. He thought James would rebuff Douglas and that would be that. Mellie did warn him, but he didn’t listen. He trusted James so he felt betrayed and crushed. Well now he knows the pain and bitterness of betrayal, just like James. When James put all the pieces together after Douglas made his I thought you had an open marriage plea, I could just see this guy’s world falling apart, just like that in that instant. Damn, Cy, clearly there is no line that man won’t cross. Then the whole I love you statement from James to Cy after the deed was done, just ugh, I can’t explain it, emotion overload. Quinn, dear misguided, Quinn. Oh the things people do when clamoring for someone’s attention and respect. If the writer’s intent was to manipulate viewers and elicit sympathy for Quinn, well it worked on me. Last week, I was like Quinn, you idiot and this week I was like Quinn, oh you poor thing. I really don’t think Huck will need to use those torture tools on her because I believe if she tells anyone the truth it will be Huck, but then again, she’s been stubborn before…Mellie, I am at a loss for words. On one hand I feel like she should just leave Fitz, but I know she won’t and on the other hand I want to pat her on the back and say good girl, ride it out until the end and then when the opportune moment strikes bury that little focker. The scene with Olivia’s mom chewing through her wrists, was that really necessary? I mean I know ABC does not have any vampire stories in their line up, but come on. Well all I can say is I don’t know if any other network has aired a TV show where a character chews through their wrists and hits an artery so points to Scandal for being the first (unless it has happened before and if so I am sure some know-it-all will correct me). Also must Harrison pull out his hockey stick at every puck? Seriously? Was there no other female for him to have a random hookup besides his client’s sister/daughter? Geez… OK, well I’m done. Too many emotions for one episode. I need to watch a show on Disney or Nickelodeon now.

  41. It’s time for Scandal to just go ahead and bring on Victor Garber and Lena Olin. Or at least Michael Vartan.

    Olivia having that phone-smashing tantrum in her office was sad and embarrassing. It was something a 14 year old would do.

    I used to love Olitz but now I just find them tedious. I actually started surfing the net during their love scene.

  42. Amie says:

    I loved the way the Josie Marcus and Fitz stories were mirror images. Josie stepped out of the race because her relationship with her sister/daughter was more important to her than being president, while Fitz has put his relationship with Olivia on hold, kept it in the dark, and turned everything that’s important to him upside-down just to stay in power. I don’t think it’s an accident that Shonda contrasted those two politicians and their choices. Josie chose her personal life and her heart over the power, while Fitz has chosen the job and his ego and his power again and again and again, even though it makes him and the woman he supposedly loves deeply unhappy. Cyrus is on that side, too, screwing over his personal life for the power.

    I’m not sure Fitz can ever make the right choice and put Olivia and happiness before the presidency — will the show be over if he does? — but we keep seeing him screw it up. Yeah, he was pushed in that direction by his father, Cyrus and Mellie, but it doesn’t make him strong or good to let all these horrible people push him around.

    Meanwhile, this episode… Mama Pope is scary, Cyrus is hoist with his own husband, Quinn is hoist with her own drill, David may be getting Manchurian Candidated, and Tony Goldwyn is looking MIGHTY fine for a man in his 50s.

  43. charlid6179 says:

    I wonder if Roman/Eli is REALLY Olivia’s father. He seems very unattached emotionally to her. I wonder if he is “taking care” of her to keep Maya in line. I wonder if they were in some type of living arrangement, pretending to be married to keep up a front. He kept referring to her as YOUR DAUGHTER when he was talking to Maya. She also referred to her as MY DAUGHTER.

  44. Larc says:

    Last week stretched and strained suspension of disbelief, but this week’s episode broke it completely for me. Super intelligent Olivia thinks Fitz is responsible for her mother’s death, yet she is suckered in and sleeps with him when she learns he had the house built for her? IOW, hate or no hate, she can be bought if the deal is right. Then Maya isn’t even restrained after what she’s done and single-handedly overcomes the doctor in spite of her weakened condition and waltzes out of that ultra-secure facility she’s in. No way would Rowan/Eli ever be lax enough for all that to happen. Then after 20+ years of being locked away and not setting foot in the outside world, Maya is able to skulk around in the doctor’s clothes find Liv so easily? Give me a break!

    • Cheyenne says:

      You can always give yourself a break and stop watching the show.

    • Seth says:

      1. There was a case sometime back where the husband tried to kill his wife and after he was release from prison early she took him back.
      Also, there were a few recent cases where the wife tried to hire Hit-men to kill their husbands and the husbands stayed with them. – These are real life “suspension of disbelief”.
      2. Regarding Maya, I’ve been thinking that maybe she’s a trained Operative like Eli Huck or Charlie, that she was the one who carried the bomb on board the plane that Fitz was ordered to shoot down.
      Also, you forget that Eli showed her a number of Press clippings, so maybe the address was in one or more of the Press clippings, or she just FOUND HERSELF A PHONEBOOK.
      OR, she took the doctor’s wallet and just had a Taxi driver look up the FAMOUS Olivia Pope address..:)

      My point is a lot of your complaints don’t hold water in your bottomless bucket.

    • echinachea says:

      Maybe I am missing some key element here, but why would people who are morally outraged and bothered by storyline inconsistencies continue to watch every single week? Then write silly posts about what these made-up storybook characters should be doing instead. Either accept what the writers envision as a tantalizing story or go watch something else! All this handwringing over various characters’ evil/immoral acts is getting really old. Go watch something of which you can approve and let the fans enjoy their show.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Thank you. I am sick and tired of these damn Debbie Downers trying to ruin the show for everybody else. Go watch some soap operas or the Disney Channel. Or better yet, read a good book.

      • Lorna says:

        It is getting old. As old as the back and forth of Olitz. The television that we have been brought up on has always been two dimensional characters with little substance, but packaged in very easily understood terms. Characters have been cookie cutter very black and white and usually very very white. With Scandal, we have a breaking of the mold and people just do not understand and cannot come to terms with it. Ah well…

  45. Lance says:

    I think they’ll have Olivia getting pregnant too, from what we saw in the episode!

    • Seth says:

      I agree with you, end of season3 and season4 will be dealing with the pregnancy and the re-election campaign of President Grant.

  46. victoria says:

    Lolzzz,olitz for life,it just keep getting I said bfor,I don’t pity mellie nor cy for a bit… And pls stop hating livvy and fitz, U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t tell your heart wat nor who †̥ choose.. Olivia is a strong professional lady but she’s got a personal life as well, if fitz loves her den let em bhave like star struck kids all they want,n a baby for olitz wil b awesoooooooome

  47. Ellenz says:

    I’m glad huck knows about Quinn
    So Quinn dosent have to live with it
    And Charlie donset have anymore control over Quinn
    Huck have upper hand
    If Quinn have to be toutrured I rather huck to do it

  48. echinachea says:

    Just want to say that your recaps are very well done. Sometimes I disagree with your viewpoint, but the summaries are always well written and humorous, and enable the reader to pick up nuances missed while viewing. The show moves very quickly, which makes it tantalizing. I also appreciate the fact that you monitor the comments section. It is so refreshing to seena space which is not full of hateful personal attacks, racist ir homophobic diatribes, or sales pitches. This is not the place to advertise “losing 5 pounds of ugly belly fat.” Great job!

  49. jane says:

    lOVE, LOVE OLITZ! Tony Goldwyn is to die for. Between Tony’s abs Scott Foley’s abs, there is no comparison – Fitz is A+ and Jake B-. I seriously hope James slept with Mr Sally because Cyrus is JUST too messy. As for Mellie, no pity whatsoever- she deserve whatever Fitz dish to her. I can never forget the way she induced her baby’s birth…no rape scene is going to change that. Olivia is still strong but love fuddles the brain and besides Fitz is FINE!!!

  50. Beloved says:

    Hello. My name is….and I am an armchair Gladiator.

    That said: I love every episode of “Scandal” and often times watch each episode several times. I seem to “miss” info the first time around because the characters tend to speak very fast in their various monologues. I am a huge Shonda Rimes fan and have followed every show she has been associated with.

    I love Fitz and Olivia even though there are times when I question what Olivia sees in him. He is often written as tortured and weak then, he does or says something and I totally get it.

    The home in Vermont: when Fitz was describing the various types of woods used and where they came from and the “dream” associated with the building of the house, I was touched. And, I don’t love this man like Olivia does. The house represents a dream. Also, I believe that when “Scandal” finally ends, this house will play a pivotal role in the series finale.

    Everything means something in any Shonda Rimes show and each week, I enjoy trying to figure out what it all really means and where we armchair Gladiators will go.

    New to this site but enjoy reading all the various comments. We armchair Gladiators are a very passionate group.