Taraji P. Henson Opens Up About Big Person of Interest Twist, the Race Issue and That OMG Kiss

Taraji P Henson Leaving Person of InterestCBS’ Person of Interest this week shocked, and in some cases devastated, viewers by killing off a main character, played by original cast member Taraji P. Henson. But make no mistake, the onetime Academy Award nominee (for her turn in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) was not blindsided by the twist. (As the POI EPs told TVLine earlier this week, the entire cast was told on Day 1, “Nothing lasts forever.”)

Here, Henson tries to tender comfort to her fans, offers her POV from the other end of That Kiss and shares her hope that Joss Carter’s legacy is for other shows to “shake it up a bit” with diverse casting.

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TVLINE | People are understandably having a hard time digesting Carter’s death. What can you say to appease some of the disappointment they’re feeling?
I just want them to know that this was always going to be Carter’s story. She was never meant to last forever. And art imitates life, and sometimes the good guys don’t make it. Sometimes they’re the ones that lose in the end. I think what we did for TV [on Tuesday] night was great. I mean, TV needed that. So many times when you watch these procedurals, by the end of the show they found that one little piece of hair in the big old carpet that solves the whole mystery. Life is not that sewed up in the end. No, it’s messy and it’s ugly. Just when you got your life together is when you walk outside and catch a bullet. That’s life.

TVLINE | Tell me how the conversation went with [POI creator] Jonah Nolan, when he flew out and told you it was happening?
Well, we always knew it was going to happen, so it wasn’t a surprise. It was just about when. But, yeah, I found out on Valentine’s Day. I was like, “Jonah, you do realize we’re breaking up on Valentine’s Day?” He was like, “Oh, no… But don’t worry, it’s going to be incredible.” But I wasn’t worried, because the writing has always been superb. I totally trust the writers to handle Carter with grace and class, and they did. I’m the type of actress who loves to leave people wanting more. That’s just me. I don’t think I’m there in my career yet, where I ride out a show until the wheels fall off. I’m still getting calls by big-time movie directors and I still have a lot of movies I want to do. So that was always the plan. I don’t want people to think that we had some kind of argument, or there was a falling out. No, no, no. We’re all on the same page and it’s all good.

TVLINE | But diving deeper, as you can appreciate, some people are like, “Oh, man, they had to go and kill off the black character.”
I know…. That’s why we’re talking, so that everybody knows it’s not like that at all.

TVLINE | Instead, people should perhaps celebrate what a strong character they created, on one of TV’s most watched shows…
…and all the good that she did, yes. And we upped the ante for all the other shows. Like, “Come on, get on board! It’s too safe, it’s too safe, so shake it up a bit.”

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TVLINE | What was No. 1 most important to you about how Carter went out?
I think [being killed in a shootout] is how Carter would Taraji P Henson Leaving Person of Interestwant to go out, as would any person who serves and protects for their country or for their city or state. When you put that shield on… you’d rather go out taking a bullet while serving and protecting than, like, being sick in a deathbed. That’s not a way you want to go out.

TVLINE | I understand that you and Jim [Caviezel] kind of took a flyer with that kiss, that it wasn’t in the script?
It wasn’t in the script at all. And I’m really a very spontaneous actress, so if somebody is going to try something new, I like them to just do it. Then you get the honest reaction. So, that’s what Jim did. He came over to me and was like, “I want to do something…,” and I said, “Don’t tell me, just do it.” And that’s where the kiss came from and that whole look on my face, because I really was like, “What the hell did we just do?”

TVLINE | I could see your eyes well up.
Yeah…. That was the night it was coming to a head. Like, I knew I only had a couple more [days on the show], so it was very emotional — for everybody, even the crew. You had big ol’ hairy-backed men coming up to me crying, “Oh, my God, we’re going to miss you.”

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TVLINE | So if Carter hadn’t died, what do you think might have been next for her and Reese?
I don’t know. Since I’ve been on the show, I never tried to guess where the writers were going to go. Because every time I would guess, I guess wrong.

TVLINE | They could very well have just never spoken of it again.
You know what, probably not. Because you saw how when she got him out of jail they never talked about it. They never said, “Hey, that kiss….” And that’s what happens. When you’re in a vulnerable place in life, humans do the most honest things. [Joss and John] needed each other, the walls were closing in, they were about to die. “What if I never get to see this person again” So it just kind of happened. It was like, “Oh, my God, I just kissed my friend, my best friend.” But I think Jim really always wanted to kiss me. [Laughs] I think he always had a secret desire to lay a wet one on me.

TVLINE | As you watched your final episode, did you cheer Taraji P Henson Leaving Person of Interestwhen Fusco (Kevin Chapman) wrested himself free and got the drop on Petersen (Lee Tergesen)?
Absolutely. And he had me in tears when he was on the phone with his son. When he thought they were going to kill his baby? In. Tears. It was a powerful thing for him.

TVLINE | What will you miss most about this cast? Any idiosyncrasies, any wacky habits on set?
I will miss Jim with the random music. During a crazy car chase we once did, in between takes Jim was playing all of New Edition’s old songs. Me, him and Kevin were in the car having a New Edition throwback moment. In the middle of a car chase. I’m also going to miss smoking cigars on random rooftops in New York with Kevin Chapman…. I’m going to miss my deep conversations with Michael Emerson…. I’m going to miss that crew…. I mean, that was my family. I saw them more than I saw my family. They haven’t stopped texting me since I left!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Absolutely stupid to kill off Det. Carter. These so called self proclaimed experts who think killing off a great character is a good idea are about as stupid as it comes. This is how shows go off the air because people stop watching.

    • Kel says:

      Seriously? I feel like you should keep an open mind and watch the show and see how it goes. It’s all about compelling story-telling. I bet the show will continue to be very good. I think the fact that the writers were bold enough to go against the norm and kill off a primary character is a good thing, even though I’m sad to see the character go. POI is not a regular procedural show where the status quo remains the same the entire series.

  2. lynn says:

    The “onetime” Academy Award nominee, no shade there huh? *rolls eyes*
    It was almost a good article.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Onetime” means “happened in the past.” She is not currently an Academy Award nominee. (Love that cynical Internet.)

  3. LH says:

    Yes its unfortunate she is gone but I think its a good move for the show to expand. She may still be featured in the show like in dreams and pictures.John loses everything he loves when he signed up for his previous job and this job. There are no winners but we can see that moves this show determines its time on TV. Yeah she was the only black female and she was a good actress. Now Fitch has build trust with Rue and know that whatever big is suppose to happen hasn’t happened yet. I wonder who the enemy will be in the next season.

  4. Valerie says:

    Taraji is my favorite character and I will not watch the show anymore.

    • Alan79 says:

      I completely agree that Carter became the best character on the show. In the first several episodes of season 1, nearly everyone focused on Reese. But as time went on, Carter became increasingly important and increasingly interesting. Now we not only have her character killed off; we also have the takedown of HR on last night’s show and throughout the season we’ve had these odd women get involved with Finch regarding the machine. The stories don’t have the same punch they had at the beginning. I’ve read many of the comments defending the show, but I pick and choose which scripted dramas I watch regularly. My main criterion is the quality of the ongoing character development. With Carter gone, I have other priorities and I don’t see any other reason to continue watching the show.

  5. Smith says:

    Instead of being entertaining Root is just annoying!

  6. Kathy Ayls says:

    My friends and I are not watching the show anymore. Taraji’s character made it so real. Now it ‘s just another show on TV . Taraji is such a good actress for that role, she made it so believable and not just a nice scenery to look at. Not that she is not beautiful just good.

  7. LaVerne Miller says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning. I fell in love with all of the characters, good and bad. I looked forward to watching my taped episodes each week. I agree that Root is a total waste of time Shaw is so screwed up, I do not even want to watch to find out about her. What else is new about an adult with a screwed up childhood with daddy issues. Been there, done that. Carter and Fosco were the only ones on the show with near normal lives with families. The others are so out there, that I am no longer going to watch the show. Kill off the wrong character and watch the ratings plummet. Why do you think Dallas(the original) , and Gunsmoke stayed on the air so long. Those folks recognized success when they saw it and did not mess it up. My DVR is being reset as I type.

  8. She’ll surely be missed. That’s how you keep the show interesting I suppose. Bring in new interesting characters.

  9. bubbah says:

    she was great & I hope to see her in another show…

  10. thinkingabovemypaygrade says:

    The couple of white women they’ve added are too generic

    .Not necessarily that they’re white but…”yawn”. Shaw seems to be a female ninja with an emotional range from 0-1. (tho there’s been a little character development recently. She may be a fine actor…just give her more dimension. Fusco’s comment about “only the dog likes u” is a start)

    …and the computer geek woman Root…Who is even close to that in anything approaching real life? I know its a show but there has to be a modest connection to…the real world (which the show has in its hyped up view of Surveillance…)

    Carter (and Fusco) link the others to real life.

    Hoping Carter comes back in some flashbacks.

  11. JimC says:

    I intially started watching POI because of Micheal Emerson but it didn’t take long to get into the other characters like Carter and Reese. I loved watching them work together…I’ll miss that and I’ll miss the great acting and eye candy that Taraji provided. But there’s no way in hell I’ll stop watching this show because of it….anyone who does should maybe stick to DWTS, that’s about all you’re capable of handling.

    • phdivadom says:

      You do not seem to understand the racial politics of this. Some of us are boycotting the show because we know that if that character had been played by a white actress, they never would have killed her character off. It’s not that we can’t handle this; it’s that we are offended and insulted by it.

      • Robert says:

        You people need to get a life. Look how many characters have been killed off on ncis. It doesn’t matter any way because every thing will always be racial. You no nothing but hatred. Lucky Taraji understands show business.

  12. bobbie says:

    As much as I like Carter, I am glad that the writers had the bravery to write something honest. Henson is right about reality being messy, and I want my shows to not always be happily ever after.
    Especially cop shows. Take Criminal Minds for example. They don’t have their fair share of failure. Ho-hum they’re going to save the victim in the nick of time and get the bad guy at the end. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Debbie says:

    I was shocked also to see Carter killed off. But leading up to that point there were some sloppy events/writings that took place. 1) There was the police cam that was not shot out by Reese who is usually on his game when they left with the top guy. 2) At the end when Carter was gunned down outside of the police station in the DARK ALLEY; dead giveaway that something was going to happen. But didn’t think she would be killed off. Anyway, I will miss Taraji P Henson; it won’t be the same but I will still watch the show. Just hope there are no more sloppy writing.

  14. Sheryl says:

    It was an awful ending.

  15. reenee123 says:

    Just read article from tv line interview with greg nolan about carter and reese f nolan finally admitted that carter and resse have STRONG FEELING FOR EACH OTHER he knew reese was in love with carter he couldn’t denied it went ask the question, Nolan change his tune real quick regarding there relationship. WOW the about change frim last week article .what happen did her change his my on there relationship

  16. S. mouakkassah says:

    Love, love, love the show, but thanks a lot CBS, you broke my heart on that one, was hoping for a romance. Was once said there was going to be a romance between Det. carter and someone. Was it on her short love interest that they killed, or was it the love that never really happend at the end? A little pissed off, but still will love the show, lots of great characters.

  17. Dee Brown says:

    I am very disappointed in the show cutting Carter’s character. She was strong and made a powerful contribution. There are not that many strong female leads – I watched the show for her as much as the other two two characters – she created balance. She was a strong woman of colour who didn’t have blonde hair and wasn’t a size zero. She was intelligent and had courage. A big mistake….

  18. Forrest says:

    I just watch the show because of finch he was excellent on lost and that was the best show ever up until the last season. And he does a good job on poi also. But I really dont think the show will last many more seasons. But I hope it does.

  19. Sandra77 says:

    I am done with the show. The writers and producers severely underestimated the importance of Carters character to the storyline. and I am sick to death of black female characters either being missing or mistreated on television and in the movies. I will not continue to support people who don’t support me. I am done.

  20. Sandra77 says:

    and the sickening spectacle of taraji being made to run interference on behalf of the people who screwed her over. Talk about being made to bend over backwards so as not to burn any bridges in a town that she needs to be on good terms with in order to keep working. Sickening. recognize this whole debacle for exactly what it is. Power and control, and the lack thereof for people like Taraji, in spite of all her talent and all her success she is still treated as an expendable.

    • Dee says:

      Yeah, it was like they were using her. I didn’t like that either, especially considering how she was treated when they pushed her out. She’d already been fired, but then they realized they *needed* her for one more thing. “Hey Taraji, go do this interview and that interview and say this and that. Chop-chop!” Sickening is the right word for that…

  21. DiMi says:

    Taraji P. Henson may be fine with this, but I am not. I am extremely upset, and I will never watch the show again for both emotional and political reasons. It was really important for me to see a beautiful, kind, smart, and strong black woman on tv every week. The producers don’t realize that black women like me watch a lot of television. A LOT. And many of us won’t be watching this show anymore. Black women are not disposable, and Academy-award-nominated black women actresses are DEFINITELY not disposable. This show needs to be cancelled for doing this, and I am going to help it happen by not watching again. I hope others will join me.

    This was a wonderful interview, but it just made me even MORE upset that Ms. Henson’s character was killed off. I will always be a fan of Ms. Henson. She still hasn’t been adequately recognized for her range and depth as an actress. However, I know she will continue to have a great career, but I am boycotting this show from now on.

    I am angry, but mostly, I am very, very sad.

    • kelly says:

      I am also a Strong, Beautuful, Black Woman Honey & RACE had nothing to do with it! Stop USING THE BLACK CARD!!! Enough all ready!!!

      • Dee says:

        It’s not a card, Kelly. I think RACE had something to do with the fact that they wouldn’t do much for her in the beginning and wouldn’t include her in the advertising, to the point where the actress had to stand up for herself and say that’s not right and network president had to tell them to stop that. So YES, it had something to do with it. It’s NOT A CARD; IT’S JUST WRONG.

      • Dean Leung says:

        Yeah the other sheilas give better u know to producers.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with your comments & am also cancelling POI from my DVR taping.

    • Kel says:

      I disagree. I thought she did a great job, but she finished her character arc by taking down HR. There is no reason that exists for you to dismiss her death as “disposing of the black woman” and not a decision by the writers that was good for the direction of the story. The actress said herself that it was not a disagreement between her and the show’s creators, and that it was always intended for Carter’s character not to last forever.

  22. manney says:

    I have never spent time to look for what is next for a character killed in any drama. Now here am I asking and searching for what is next for Cater (Person of Interest). I am like the many who are wondering if they will continue watching this nerve breaking drama with the demise of Carter. I will discontinue my Person of Interest vacation if I get to know Carter is back.

  23. kelly says:

    Stop playing the “RACE” card already. EVERYONE needs to get over it & stop using “COLOR” as the reason. Many MAIN CHARACTERS OF ALL RACES GET KILLED OFF AT SOME POINT!!!

  24. Debbie Ubaldini says:

    Getting rid of Carter was terrible decision & not only a death sentence for her, but for the show as well. I don’t see the point in watching any more episodes. You lost a fan & (up until now; a dedicated) viewer.

  25. Reggie Cook says:

    I’m already done watching this show since Joss Carter stupidly passed away, this crap reminds me of Law & Order: Los Angeles shortly before it got cancelled!

  26. Blanche says:

    I was blindsided by Carter’s death, I get it. But I don’t have to like it. POI is a very good show. I will continue to watch, but I will miss Taraji

  27. Robin says:

    I will never watch POI again after the way Carter was killed of the show. So said, I really loved this show, but not anymore :(

  28. c. williams says:

    I will not be watching the show any longer! Horrible mistake getting rid of an excellent actress!

  29. Anneline says:

    Carter dying sucked big time, she was the reason many watched the show…the writers should bring a new character mm maybe played by Lisa Raye

  30. No Fan of the Actress Killers says:

    Carter died weeks ago and I am still mad about it. Just read an article that says Person of Interest is in “good shape” in spite of a the death of a beloved character. This former fan hopes the show ratings continue tanking until cancellation is considered merciful and the writers feel just like Taraji P. Henson must have felt as she endured the disappointment of the last several months. Nolan and Plageman are so smug and so confident as they spew their “damage control” comments. A pox be upon them as they inhale the rancid odor of their inevitable failure!

  31. Debbie S. says:

    I have seen a spark between Reese and Carter in the past. I was thrilled when they kissed and excited for that story line to develop. Then in the next minute, carter was dead. Devastating. I’m very disappointed and think is was terribly poor timing. I will watch to see where the story goes. As much as I’d LOVE for them to bring Carter back from the “dead” I don’t see it happening. Why was Finch looking around at the funeral? Who was he looking for? Who will be the new Carter?
    disappointed, but Still a fan…. for now.

  32. Arya says:

    If all you do is b**** and moan about Carter’s death in Person of Interest, quit watching it. Simple as that. I love how people actually think their opinions count for something. You didn’t write nor did you create it, so either watch and enjoy or boycott it and shut up because it makes no sense to be so negative about a TV show, you make yourselves out to be fools. A character died because someone wrote it so, just like a character in a novel. Get over yourselves. Bunch of hurt girls, I swear.

    • Grams says:

      I agree Arya. Get over it. It’s a show and a very good one. The stories are great, the characters are great and I look forward to the next season. Jim Cavesel is a superb actor and worth watching for me.

      • Rich says:

        I see no one is allowed to have an opinion but you. The fans support this show and the staff without the fans there would be no show.

  33. Cindy says:

    I just watched the episode where Carter was killed off. I can’t believe the producers eliminated that character!! Taraji Henson is a great actress and one of the main reasons I watched the show, even though I like all the other actors on it. I don’t understand why producers eliminate characters like Carter, who were integral to the stories, and Henson, who had charisma, and think it’s going to “improve” the show. I might watch another season if it’s renewed, but maybe not, now.

  34. Jean says:

    Shows do not get rid of there main characters. Why didn’t they just let Reese and Harold go too for the sake of quality? Doesn’t make sense does it? It may not mean much to the advertisers but I will not watch the show and will encourage others to turn to another channel.

  35. Kel says:

    The only other episode I have watched on TV this year that has been more harrowing and emotionally exhausting was Ozymandias from Breaking Bad. POI just went to another level with this episode. I think in the end, this will be good for the show in the long run. Carter finished her story arc and while it’s sad, I’m really excited to see this new version of Reese who might not be satisfied with leg shots anymore.

  36. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Every once in a while (maybe more often than that) I get something completely wrong. I underestimate the potential success of a new show, or don’t give an actor/actress enough credit for their prior work; and hence, I don’t envision how they will work well on a given new show.

    I made that mistake, a big one, a couple of fall’s ago with POI, and particularly with Taraji Henson. I’d seen her in a couple of feature films, and knew she was talented and did good work, but I had no idea how good she could be, and how good she’d be on a week to week basis on a television series. Now I know. She has been one of best actresses on television the past two+ season, and I’ve come to really enjoy her and her work on POI – she became the primary reason I kept tuning in. She’s fantastic.

    So, I wanted to take a moment to offer my mea culpa: Tarajii, you’ve done outstanding work, and I’ll miss you on this weekly series, but I hope to see you again soon either back on feature films, or hopefully, back on television with your own weekly series. You’ve earned it. Keep up the good work, and good things will happen!

  37. Mike says:

    Thanks, TVLine. I was glad to learn that the split was amicable.

  38. Fredrick says:

    I have stopped watching this show, and no matter how you sugarcoat it, they killed off two black characters.

  39. Kay says:

    Ugh. I was just curious as to whether or not Carter and Reese would get together and found out that they killed Carter off. I happen to love diversity on my shows, and I was happy to see Carter’s story. And yes, like many, I was hoping to see a romantic involvement between Carter and Reese. I love Sarah Sahi, but don’t understand the female Reese character (it’s really superfluous) and Root is getting on my damn nerves. I spoke of the show to many friends, and many kept on watching because, well they had Carter!
    ” Hey, it works for George Martin, let’s kill off main characters too!” No, in this case, it doesn’t. They really ruined this show for me. I’ve been too busy with school to tune in regularly, but I will watch whatever is on the PVR and dropping it. Unless I hear rumors of Carter not being dead for real, I am not coming back. Awesome move CBS.

  40. Sandra says:

    Please bring Cartsr back. The show is not the same without her!

  41. Olivia says:

    Carter and Fusco really kept the show grounded, John gave us the intrigue. What made it a good show was there were characters that we could imagine being and could have identified with. The two women characters now are just female replicas of Reese and Finch. Now you just get much of the same.I’m watching hoping that things get better. Tonights show ending showed some promise.

    • Ronald Blackburn says:

      I could not agree with you more. Said so well. Fusco, Carter brought the show together. Their characters are authentic. People we know. I live in NY, I know guys like Fusco.. on NYPD. Carter plays a veteran very well. That’s because she is a veteran. She had a life other than “Actress”. She is also like someone we would know. It was her character that held all of those “boys” together, made them better from the heart. Come to think of it, she could have been the main character, the others peripheral. But I am not a writer.

    • lll says:

      + 1 about the Root/Shaw reference. Not even original.

  42. laua says:

    bring carter back….hide her in the hospital until A) she recovers & B) until all of the bad guys from HR r gone. This is the worse…..Maybe the show didn’t offer her enough money, and she left, I am not watching the show or DVR’ing the show anymore. As much as I like Reese and everyone else, that is it. What a cliff hanger

  43. Les says:

    think Carter will return….I dont think she is dead…but in hiding so that she can kill the bad cop that shot her ….she will get everyone!!!

  44. Nice Interview says:

    Agree with others. I’m glad someone did an interview to hear from Taraji. She was obviously an asset to the show. I do notice that CBS is trying to break the mold and do unexpected things on their shows. Break apart casts, completely rearrange relationships and structures. It steps outside the boundaries of what you expect based on Hollywood/Times Square formulas of today. It’s not as easy to see around the writer’s bubble and predict what they will do this way. Good examples being The Mentalist and The (formally) Good Wife.

    POI is kind of remarkable in that it succeeds while taking unpopular stands. Basically it is too much like NSA, yet they highlight the good aspects of protective computer algorithms and even highlight the damage done by Snowden types, completely contradictory to journalism or the fears of the paranoid. It’s also hard to find network programs that aren’t aimed at gays. POI is going against the grain in that way. I understand that a lot of male actors today are gay and they have a lot of influence in Hollywood and Times Square. I stayed home to raise my son and I understand why men who are paid to ’emote’ would have trouble finding acceptance in modern gender roles. Normal actors like Spencer Tracy or Jimmy Stewart probably wouldn’t survive in Hollywood today. That being said, I just get tired of all the gay shows and a lot of the time you have to go to the internet or normal shows on cable if you want to watch normal TV. POI is unique in that even though it’s a network show you can sit through a whole hour without having to go back to the computer when the TV topic goes gay again. I don’t even watch the Good Wife anymore because of the gay target audience and the gay porn.

    POI also takes a remarkably rigid concept and manages to infuse it with all kinds of dimensions. The machine grows a mind. Two machines fighting. In older movies like Citizen Kane or It’s a Wonderful Life the characters had more nuance and dimension than Hollywood products do today. POI is interesting however in that the ‘root’ character has layers of good and evil. She’s still kind of cartoonish, but definitely more interesting than many TV characters.

    I expect to see more good things from Taraji and I’ll miss her, but I also expect to see more good things from POI.

    Nice interview. Thanks!

  45. Amiralk Killick says:

    im watching this show from Haiti and i was disapointed to see Carter’s death… no more feeling to continue with PoI, im done with it

  46. Stine says:

    I was very saddened by Carter’s death. I, too, love John, Finch and now that Shaw is on the show, I love it even more. I do hope Carter is recuperating and will reappear.

  47. whitaker says:

    I feel that Ms Carter was beginning to get to much attention, as a Black woman, and good actress. I’m not buying anything this arrogant commentator says. This is another fan you have lost. Can’t seem to bring myself to get back into it. While you are commenting so arrogantly about her department, I do believe this show won’t last too much longer without her. I don’t care how exciting you try to make it, the show died when she left. God Bless!
    Comment by: Jan February 11, 2014

  48. Beau says:

    Don’t know what happened with Carter, I missed an episode now and then, but as of 2/18/14 Carter was still in the show. I’ve never seen an episode without her. When did she get killed?

    • Alan Seltzer says:

      You probably have been watching reruns. CBS, ABC, and FOX are all repeating a lot of episodes because more than 50% of USA viewers are watching the Olympics every night on NBC.

  49. croaker says:

    I like the program. I like Root. I liked Carter and her interactions with Fusco. I amnot taken with Ms Shaw. Carter was astrong interesting character. SHAW NEEDS SOME WORKAND IT IS THEWRITING AND CHARACTER IDEVELOPMENT.

  50. Artem says:

    Я парень, мне 30 лет и я из России, но я почти плакал, когда убили Картер. Я буду очень скучать.

    I’m a guy, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Russia, but I almost cried when killed Carter. I’ll be missing her.