Grey's Anatomy Recap: Couples, Retreat!

Grey's Anatomy Season 10On Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona, Miranda and Ben, and Jackson and Stephanie all hit snags in their relationships. In fact, things become so heated between one of the couples that furniture is knocked over. Which pair appears to be beyond re-pairing? Read on and find out.

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MAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Though Arizona admits to her wife that she was with someone during their separation – more than 10 times, even – Callie lets it slide since she gets an answer of yes to the one question that may really matter: “Is it over?” But, when Leah drills through not only a patient’s leg (which she was supposed to) but also the operating table (which she wasn’t) during a surgery in which they’re all participating, Callie hits the roof. “Ten-plus times… that was her?!” she yells/asks (rhetorically). Nonetheless, by the end of the episode, Arizona has gotten Callie to agree to let her stop sleeping on the couch and start sleeping in their bed. (Damn, she’s good!)

MARRIED… WITH PROBLEMS | After Miranda balks at Ben’s suggestion that she speak to a psychiatrist – “I’m not having behaviors,” she insists, “I’m having a life!” – he confides in Derek. Which would be all well and good except that Derek is now a board member and, as such, is required to take action. So, before you can say “Scrub out!” Miranda is benched and so ticked at her husband for gossiping that she tips over a chair in their living room. And then, because of her OCD, is forced to put it back exactly the way it was.

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“OVER” RATED | As April begins dithering about wedding invitations, she tells Jackson that he isn’t on the guest list, because, his name being Avery, he would’ve been at the top of the alphabetical list, and that wouldn’t have sat well with Matthew. But “I can’t go through with this,” she says, “if I don’t have your blessing.” You’ve got it, he assures her as he disinvites himself. All of which raises a red flag with Stephanie. In her estimation, people who are over each other don’t act so damn weird around one another.

STAND-UP GUY | When Cristina complains that her work suffers when she isn’t getting laid – therefore, she adds, “It’s bad for humanity” – Alex suggests she get a plaything. Shane volunteers, but “it’d be like having sex with a baby seal,” in his mentor’s estimation. That is, in her initial estimation. After he defends her to Meredith in another printer showdown, she thanks him with a kiss.

IN OTHER NEWS | Emma goes from agreeing to cook Thanksgiving dinner at MerDer’s for them and Owen to preparing a feast for 16 (and counting). Richard fails his stress test so spectacularly that he falls off the treadmill. And Derek keeps himself from moving into the doghouse next to Ben’s by keeping his lips zipped when the subject of his wife’s feud with Cristina arises.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Could you believe Arizona managed to a) get Callie to write off her fling as a bygone and b) get herself moved back into the bedroom to boot? Was Ben wrong to discuss Miranda’s condition with Derek? Are April and Jackson still into each other, or is she just still into him? Do you think Cristina and Shane will hit the sheets? Do you want them to? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. mile says:

    Can I just say that Cristina kissing Shane is the worst idea since Izzie´s hallucination sex?

    • nikki says:

      THIS!!! A million times over!!!

    • JJM says:

      In all fairness, Izzie was ill with a tumour. There is no excuse as to why Sandra Oh’s last season is just becoming character assassinate unless she herself has something medically wrong with her.

    • Holly says:

      YES! I almost threw things at my TV.

    • Sarah says:

      EXACTLY….seriously Shondha, are you so angry she’s leaving that you reduce her to this!?!

    • Nella says:

      You could not have put it any better! Izzie’s hallucination sex was the worst idea ever!!! and why is Shonda messing with Christina? if she really wanted to give Christina a plaything, a sexy strong and confident visiting Doctor from another kick ass hospital would have been a beta idea. But Shane?? really?? am i the only one who sees something wrong with that picture?? Shonda be trippin!!!
      and the whole Meridith/Christina is soooooo 3 seasons ago… do you really want their last season together to be about them not talking to each other really?? there are more original storylines she can do with those two than the usual fued thing…its gotten old, real quick….
      and my poor Bailey!! can you tell us already if its a tumor?? i have a feeling we’re about to go the Izzie route with her…. leave her alone!!
      Can the chief recover already?

      • JL says:

        Ditto ditto ditto and ditto!!! Get it together Shonda!

      • Rie says:

        People constantly complain about how Shonda just kills characters instead of giving them an exit. With Cristina she is pushing her out. Owen has the wifey girlfriend that he needs. Cristina and Meredith are done as friends. This isn’t going to get better. She’s purposely pushing her out.

        Although, I do feel the same way Derek does. *eye roll* They are being drama for drama’s sake.

    • Babygate says:

      Yes, yes, and yes! I literally gagged. It was a reflex. I didn’t even mean to. I find Shane to be so arrogant, egotistical and unredeemable that I can’t fathom the idea of Cristina giving any part of herself to him.

    • Cheli says:

      Yes! I think Shane is so bloody weird anyway, I don’t understand the character at all.

    • Annie says:

      I love you forever for not calling it “ghost sex.” <3

    • RC says:

      AGREED! PLEASE do NOT go there!!!!

    • Francesca says:

      Preach! Cristina Yang doesn’t go around kissing interns/residents/intern-residents that are beneath her.

    • soulfooder says:

      bad idea indeed and i really started to feel that Shane was the next in line for stephanie whenver Jackson and April are ready to stop screwing people’s live

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree with Cristina and Shane kissing is the worst idea and I DON’T want them to end up together. Even with all the back and fourth with Owen and Cristina they are the loves of each others lives. Owen has said it in previous seasons and even if it isn’t said all the time you can just tell they belong together. They better end up together before she leaves the show. I also want Meredith and Cristina to repair their friendship, please let Cristina leave the show on a good note.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    This show jumped the shark five years ago.

  3. madhatter360 says:

    I really felt like this episode was a return to classic Grey’s. We had lots of sexytimes between the doctors. We had patients who had fun personal situations. Leah and Stephanie’s friendship is starting to remind me of Meredith and Christina from earlier times.

    • Alex says:

      I can’t even remember Leah and Stephanie’s names. Meredith and Cristina (the correct spelling of her name, BTW) redux, they are most certainly not!

    • Babygate says:

      Good for you for seeing the silver lining, but there was nothing ‘classic’ about this. We.don’t have confident doctors who rock the medical cases anymore. Bailey has OCD, Webber is being a big baby instead of going to a rehab facility, Callie allowed Leah to over-drill, MerDer barely talk to each other and Mer and Cristina are at war. The hype for a sexy episode was an empty promise. Only Jacskon and Stephanie made out and they have zero, ZERO, chemistry. Jo and Alex were cute but brief. Shonda is trying to force the fans to love the residents by pairing them with established characters and all that’s happening is that we are beginning to dislike the originals.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Wow! I think we saw 2 different shows….I thought this was one of the worst Grey’s episodes ever! Every single plot line stinks!

  4. mime says:

    I don’t think Avery and April are over one another but April has made conscious choice to move on while Avery is in denial, which is why he can’t be at the wedding. And I don’t mind Stephanie but I think her connection to Avery is stunting her character growth. Who would Meredith be if Addison hadn’t existed in the universe for season 2. While we are talking about Meredith, her character is completely unlikable.

    • JJM says:

      Can you please summarise as to why the character of Meredith is “completely unlikeable”?

      • Vale says:

        because is a bitch

      • Tee says:

        why are they making meredith out to be this spiteful person? at first i thought it was screwed up for cristina to mess with her study, after all the whole reason the hospital got the printer was for HER research, but that last outburst was over the top. And then for Meredith to turn around and call christina the mean girl….. i was rooting for meredith and now i’m not so sure …

        does anyone have any insight? because it’ll be really lame if Shonda is making Meredith this monster to make her one of the reasons Cristina goes.

        • Greg says:

          i don’t think you are watching the same show as the rest of us.

        • Sara says:

          Totally agree with you. I am completely over this whole rift between them, as it really doesn’t make any sense. I wish Derek would have just spoken up with whatever he was going to say tonight. Yes, Cristina was harsh with what she said however many weeks ago, but she wasn’t all that wrong. Meredith has other priorities, and she had been very clear that she wanted to put her kids first. Now she is going all Ellis Grey and it just isn’t cute.

        • Ashley says:

          I actually think that they are causing a rift between Meredith and Cristina so it makes more sense that she would leave the hospital, unless Shonda decides to kill her off, and have Meredith be better friends with other people on the show like Callie. For Cristina, it makes no sense to leave the hospital you own unless there is so many circumstances against you, an ex-husband and ex-best friend, etc.

        • brenda says:

          I love meredith. It’s Cristina I don’t like. She thinks she is so much better than anybody else. And don’t even get me started on shane. He should have been fired for yelling at meredith, who is also a board member and could have fired home on the spot.

  5. Ed says:

    If I was Mer I would’ve floored Ross. He was completely out of line and for Cristina to allow him to talk to her like that is BS. If Cristina does ride off into the sunset. Let’s hope that her “toy” goes with her. Cannot stomach Ross

  6. Babygate says:

    Ok. I’m about to give up on this. Its like all the characters we have gotten to know over the last 9 seasons have turned into pod-people. Bailey’s OCD has turned her into the antithesis of what she has always been. And honestly, there’s too much going on in the show for this. This approach to storytelling where you have 7 things going on at once is counter-productive because none of the stories are being properly developed. It’s ridiculous that Webber has been in the hospital this long. MerDer don’t talk anymore, they are like ships in the night. Where is April? I rather watch her than the residents. Specifically Shane who is the absolute worst. Screaming at Mer? How did she let him get away with it? And Cristina kissing him literally gag. Loving Owen and Emma, they are well suited for each other. I was disappointed we didn’t get a Thanksgiving scene. I was so looking forward to it. And Callie, what the heck? She just gives Arizona a pass? The worst part is that Arizona is acting like she’s doing Callie a favor. “If you want me back I want to sleep in the bed”. What?? She makes it sound like they’re even. Like Callie did something comparable to Arizona’s cheating, offering to cut off her wife’s leg and then find a sex toy before her marital bed is even cold. Through everything that has happened this is the first time I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Arizona. Callie just found out that she was carrying on with Leah for weeks and she has the nerve to make demands? You don’t get to demand anything. You should be grateful Callie has taken you back. And it is absolutely despicable what she has done to Leah. I say, give Leah a hot lady love that she can have smoking chemistry with and they can become the show’s token gay couple, because Calzona has officially become a joke. Arizona is just despicable and Callie just became a doormat. I can’t root for them anymore.

    • Diandra says:


    • Ninna says:

      ” Loving Owen and Emma, they are well suited for each other.”

      Except for the bit where he forgot to mention that Cristina was/is the great love of his life and that not so long ago he stated he would never love another woman. And that he started dating only a few days after his wife has sent him dating a new girl but he struggled a lot about it. Maybe if he wasn’t the coward he is he already had come clean with her allowing her to make a conscious choice. But he only seems to see her womb and her maternal/culinary feats right now. When he awakes from this initial little crush and have his fatherhood needs satisfyed, I’d like to see what he has to offer to her. Besides of longing for Cristina but stay with his family out of duty.
      Lets see what the future holds for that poor chick.

      • Babygate says:

        Crowen fan? In all of your commentary you seem to forget that Sandra Oh is leaving the show. There is no putting them back together. And Owen’s desire for children is not irrelevant just because he’s a man.

        • Ninna says:

          No, ex-Crowen, long time ago.
          You never heard me saying his desire to be a father is irrelevant. I’m saying he shouldn’t be a father at the expense of those women’s professional life or feelings. Emma is not a doll and this all situation transpires lack of truth and impulsiveness that is precisely one of his most pronounced characteristics and coincidently confirmed by McKidd not long ago just before this SL started. Dating days or few weeks after saying to Cristina he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and tried hard to seduce her to comeback to him!! Hummm. Sorry very suspicious. Would you like to be the girl to whom he goes because he has no other alternative? Does Emma knows all the story? Because she has that right, you know. Is he being completely transparent? That was my question. I doubt he is. Emma already showed to have fiber. I’ve a difficult time to believe she would accept this so easily.
          Sandra is in fact leaving but that doesn’t make dating the first chick that comes by in a matter of days after leaving any hope of a life with the’ love of his life’, be the right decision or make it consistent writing. It has to have continuity. And making Owen fall out of love for Cristina and fall in love for the first ramdom chick he saws is very out of character for him. Unless the writers are trying to lay ground for huge problems in the future seasons for this couple, they invented a new Owen. He still should be mourning his loss. Just after that mourning he would be able to start dating in my opinion.

          And the truth is, the message Shonda’s trying to send is: ‘careful with what you wish’. See what’s happening to Cristina? Why should Owen be spared of the same line of thought in a drama series?
          Don’t you think Emma is too perfect? Emma has insintently been shown as the antithesis of Cristina just to underscore what a good match she is. Just to remind that apart of that thing of Cristina not wanting to be a mother he was portrayed as loving his ex obssessively! So for me, is very strange that he already has moved on from Cristina. I will see this SL with my critic eye open and a grain of salt.

          • Babygate says:

            First, we have to remember that this is Grey’s. Very few things here ring true. As an ex-Calzona fan I can say that everything that is going on with them is just as unrealistic and as sloppily done as what they are trying to do with Owen moviing on too fast. Last night we watched Callie just stand there and allow her cheating wife tell her, ‘you want me back, I’m back’ and make demands that she has no right to make. But I think that the overall theme last night was how people have a tendency to ignore things and brush them under the rug. Like Bailey downplaying her OCD, Webber pushing himself when he wasn’t ready, Jackson pretending that he’s over April and April pretending that she’s over Jackson. Mer pretending that this feud with Cristina is just a hiccup, and Callie and Arizona doing all kinds of pretending when Callie should have sent her back to that hotel room the moment she found out about Leah. Owen is pretending he’s getting over Cristina because they both realized that after 3 years of push and pull they have reached an impasse. Neither one has a right to impose their dreams on the other. It was never going to work out because Cristina will forever be focused on medicine only while Owen wants a balanced life and doesn’t want to miss out on having a family. Owen and Emma don’t have the fire that Crowen had. But maybe that’s a good thing. He and Cristina were intense from the get go. With that kind of intensity you can burn out really quickly. They went from zero to sixty and never stopped to consider the middle ground. It wasn’t until after Owen talked Cristina into marriage that he thought of asking her about kids. MerDer had the talk before they got married. So did Callie and Arizona. It gave them time to work out the kinks before getting hitched. But Crowen skipped that step. Emma and Owen are just dating right now. They are getting a feel for each other. Maybe it’s not going to work out. Maybe it will. Maybe they will never be that passionate pair that Crowen was, but it’s too soon to tell. Emma is not better than Cristina. She just has different priorities which align better with Owen. They are more compatible and sometimes as you get older you transcend the blind passion and appreciate the stability of a better suited companion. That’s what happened with Richard and Adele. He was passionately in love with Ellis but realized that they were really not good together and that he had wronged his wife. So he settled. Ultimately, although he missed Ellis, he was happier for it. Maybe Owen will be too.

          • Ninna says:

            I really aprecciate your ability to link all the dots. You’ve got an excellent critical sense and I always agree with you on almost everything you say. You nicely tied all the behaviors we saw under a theme. It’s really true.
            On Calzona I’ve to say that was unrealistic, sloppy writing to the point of offending viewers. The bloodcurdling monstruosity they did to the couple was only reitered for their idiocy of trying to insert fashbacks with new justifications for the cheating. But on Hunt’s case I’m not sure if it is sloppy or not yet, once I’m seeing two old patterns of him rear their ugly head. Avoidance and impulsiveness. On O/C case, they were together almost a year before getting married. That wasn’t rushed in terms of time (I know peoplewho met and got married in 3 months), It might be out of place, because she was not in her right state of mind to make that decision.
            Now,with O/E I’m seeing rush, lots of rush. Rush to start fresh. Rush to get easy and a lot of head bury in the sand. And Emma isn’t clearly getting the big picture, yet. Will she find soon and leave him or will she find after get married and have kids?
            The truth is that if he’s pretending to be over Cristina, then he and Emma aren’t suited at all, are they? But do they still expect me to root for them?

            I understand your point that sometimes as you get older you can transcend the blind passion and appreciate the stability of a better suited companion. But I can’t close the eyes to the reality, that many times, and this is reality, it happens they live together for almost an entire life and after raising the kids they divorce their partners with whom they couldn’t be fulfilled(because their own wrong choices) and get together with the old ‘love of their lifes’. I think this is utterly sad and tragic. I wouldn’t like to see Emma being sacked after a life together and after giving him what he needs and see him go for his ‘true love’. I prefer for once in life, to see him man up and do the right thing in the present. Of course we don’t know what Shonda has in mind for these two, but good thing it isn’t for sure. They’re one of the new promisses of fresh drama on GA. And god knows how good KMK can deliver drama. I think the dichotomy Shonda’s presenting us with is : a)be unfulfilled with the person you love because you don’t have what you most yearn or b) be unfulfilled with the thing you yearn most because you can’t have the person you love. Beautiful, isn’t it.

            On them being more compatible I’m not sold on that being a good thing. He might think it is, now, but time will tell. Afterall he called love of his life to the women that was less compatible with him. And if there’s doubts, he already had a compatible female and he recognized she wasn’t the right one.
            About Calzona I’m speechless since I felt Arizona was acting as if she hadn’t done such a big thing and after Callie covert apologize to that person in court, I’m out. This episode was one more shoot to the heart.

          • Babygate says:

            Great commentary. I think we are both mourning the loss of our OTPs. :-(

      • Ava says:

        I completely disagree. Far too many times in real life, plenty of people have said that a particular person is the “love of their life” or their “soulmate”. So many times people have broken up with people and felt like they would never love any one else again and then someone else comes along.

        Emma and Owen are completely believable. She seems sweet, serious about her profession, yet not so overbearing about it that you know that it will get in the way of any relationship she has. Christina always puts surgery first. She is not serious or ready to be in a major relationship where she is NOT going to bring up surgery first and her career. Her and Owen are in a different space when it comes to relationships.

        • Ninna says:

          “So many times people have broken up with people and felt like they would never love any one else again and then someone else comes along.”

          True, but that would turn Owen and his big, undying love for Cristina for the past 5 years into a big joke. I don’t think Shonda wants to invalidate Crowen because that will give material to the writers to go on with their religious crusade of making their characters absolutely miserably .

          Cristina is ready for a relationship with the right man for her. The one that respects her choice of put her career first and don’t resent that. But we won’t see that, will us?
          Emma and Owen are starting to not be believable at this early point. Are you expecting Shonda let them be happy for free right away? I doubt.

    • Katie says:

      Well, aside from the comment about “token gay couple,” I agree with everything you said. Arizona’s demands from Callie last night were disgusting and unreasonable. Hell, the only reason I tuned back in this season was to watch the fallout when Arizona finally did something that Callie would have to stand up for herself about. Certainly Callie Torres, bamf of ortho would have the backbone to say “Okay, enough already!” But Arizona telling her to stop playing the victim was going too far. Arizona is completely nonredeemable to me now. When she and Callie had that moment last week about the tights I thought, I wouldn’t forgive Arizona, but if Callie wants to, I can let it slide, but Arizona has to go back to being nice and cute. But that’s not what happened last night. Just, And also, agree about April. I freaking love her (though I would prefer her to be with Jackson)

      • Babygate says:

        Perhaps I should clarify on the token gay couple comment. Shonda was committed to representing this dynamic in the show which is awesome. The problem is that they have not known how to write a same sex relationship. From the baby debacle of S7 to the lack of equality in terms of physicality and affection and culminating on Arizona’s cheating that was so, so badly written that they had to pull that baby story last week out of thin air to try to justify the cheating. And finally last night what appears to be a ‘new beginning’. A clean slate. Which most likely means they are putting everything aside. Lauren, Arizona’s resentment about the leg, the offering to cut off Callie’s leg, which in my mind is a big freaking deal because how scary is it that your spouse would even entertain such a thought? And Leah, a resident that Callie is going to have to see everyday. All these things, swept under the rug. Like it never happened. In the meantime, Owen and Cristina spent an entire episode discussing his cheating, went to therapy and ultimately Cristina left him. Derek left Addison after he found out she cheated. Izzie left Alex when he hooked up with Olivia. See the pattern? Shonda is committed to equality, but instead she has massacred the first viable, visible lesbian couple on network TV.

  7. Greg says:

    Not exactly sure why we need to be put through Christina Versus Merideth when its their last season together. I would much rather see them as a united front while we still can, since their friendship is one of the main reasons the show is still going.

  8. Michael says:

    How does Shane still have a job? If I talked to my Boss like that I would have been fired before I could get to the period. Its obvious that April and Jackson still have the hots for each other but we are gonna have to wait for the “Does anyone object” part of the wedding before someone pipes up. I have really grown to hate Arizona this season and I am waiting for Callie to deck her just once. All of the interns except Jo continue to bore the hell out of me and Christina making out with Shane after an obvious attempt to please her making her look like a not just a slut but a dumb one at that. Owen and Ms. Mighty Duck are probably my favorite couple right now.

    • Les says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I still don’t get why they’re having Shane be so openly insubordinate to TWO Board Members (his dismissal of Derek a few episodes ago was nothing less than insubordinate), and not punishing him for it… I’m starting to resent it as sexist that this schmuck gets to act however he wants without repercussion, while all the women just accept it. Would the Cristina we know keep meekly silent and then reward this hoser with a kiss after letting him bitch-out her best friend?!? When are they gonna bring in Owen to set the guy straight? Pull him off Cristina’s service indefinitely? Keep him out of the OR for a period of time? Or how ’bout stick him on Mer’s research round-the-clock so she makes her deadline? Or, if she wants to redeem herself as a friend and honorable colleague, why hasn’t Cristina offered her help??? Grr…it’s so infuriating…
      As for the Bailey storyline, I’m just not enjoying it at all. It’s awkward and kinda uninteresting… Same thing with April’s wedding – I cared at the end of last season, and I like her as a character, but I’m just not interested anymore. Her best storyline this season is, by far, her newfound friendship with Arizona!

      • the girl says:

        Right. When you’re really friends with someone, it’s fine for you and your friend to fight and talk smack about each other out of anger, but no matter how angry you get, you never let another person talk smack about your friend (or talk to your friend that way). For the record, I was completely Team Meredith on this. She was kind of harsh to Cristina, but Cristina’s refusal to give up the machine was a continuance of her dismissal over Mer’s surgical skills. “Your trial is less important than my surgery” is implicitly what Cristina is saying by taking over the machine and insisting that Meredith has to allow her to do so. On top of which, but Cristina is acting like her surgery is a definite, when it is just as experimental, perhaps more, than the work Meredith is trying to do. The problem is, Cristina has allowed her importance in this situation to be inflated by Ross, so really, this whole fight between them never would have escalated to this point without his involvement. I can’t wait for someone to find out that he’s partially responsible for Mousy’s death so he can be fired.

        • Ava says:

          This is what I am waiting for as well. And I think the reason for Shane’s constant lashing out is because of him carrying the weight of his guilty for what he did to Heather. Guilt can really change your personality. If you noticed, he really isn’t around the other residents either.

    • Babygate says:

      OMG, YES to everything. Shane needs to take a long walk off a short pier. Why, how is he still even around? Jackson and Stephanie make no sense. They have no chemistry. But whenever Jackson and April are together, the chemistry is off the charts. I will volunteer to deck Arizona. How did Callie just stand there and said nothing as Arizona is saying ‘you want me back, I’m back’. What? Like, step off! You are lucky she gave you a break. The least you can do is be the whipping boy, because you, unlike her, deserve it. Owen and Emma for the win, for sure. Love them together.

  9. Bailey is so getting on my nerves, so is Meredith and to an extent Christina, they are making everything personal and their patients are suffering.

    I like Owen and Emma – and I like that she doesn’t work at Grey+Sloan, because she’s like a breath of fresh air, from that place.

    April and Jackson are not over each other, the soft music when Jackson and April talk, Jackson’s crazy eyes when she’s talking first to April and then to Stephanie about How Much He’s Over It, and April saying “I can’t go through this if …” all say that they are not over each other.

    Meredith and Derek never talk anymore, and I thought they were supposed to be the core of the show. Not happening anymore.

    Shane and Stephanie bore me to tears. I’m growing to like Leah, she’s more human now. Jo has faded to the background completely.

  10. Rowan77 says:

    This felt like a filler episode. Nothing really happened. Callie was mad at Arizona for sleeping with someone, but let her come home last week. This week she’s angry that Arizona slept with someone, but is letting her come back to her bed (but no lovin’s). Last week Meredith and Cristina were mad at each other. They still are. Cristina still not really over Owen. He still has his new GF, but is not over Cristina. Nothing new. Bailey’s OCD from last week is now in the open. She was mad and unsupportive of Ben last week – she’s mad and unsupportive this week. Chief wanted out last week – and this week – but he’s still there. Kepner’s obviously not over Avery. Avery’s GF is wary. Nothing has changed. Nothing really pushed their individual stories forward. This was not a great episode. This was just filler, and I was annoyed.

  11. GGK says:

    Well, if Cristina would be having the time of her life, and remained strong with Meredith, she will not have a reason to leave.
    Why Shonda is focussing on the interns? Because most of the originals will be gone by the end of the next season. She wants to have a show and an income still.

    Now you know why, so quit your crying and complaining and move on. Or simply stop watching. All those people threatening to stop watching are far too curious how things will play out so they are just trying to make bold statements trying to impress. That includes the people saying the stopped watching years ago. If that were the case, you wouldn’t be posting a comment about a show!

    Just realise that it is just fiction and just a show and Shonda does things to justify an actress’ leaving and she is thinking about the long run. Whether that long run will come to pass or not.

  12. Diandra says:

    Too many character assassinations have occurred on this tv show this season. I stuck through this show for 10 years never missing an episode, but man am I struggling lately!! Shane is a terrible character, never owned up about Brooks.. the way he spoke to Meredith? Wow. I am surprised he isn’t fired.

    Meredith got that machine FOR HER RESEARCH. No, she isn’t being selfish by wanting to use it so that she can finish her research. Last time, they botched her printing half way through. In what hospital is that okay? I am pretty sure if Meredith went to the chief, Cristina would be in big trouble. WHY ARE THEY RUINING CRISTINA? Why? Jeez.. remind me never to work for Shonda.. she kills off all characters who don’t want to deal with her anymore.

    Lastly, this stuff with both Bailey and the Chief is getting old. The chief should have just died. Sorry, but his character is pointless… and Bailey.. WTF is up with her?? I am still going to watch this show because I’ve invested this many years, but it’s hard to watch it. The only reason I bothered watching it tonight is because I couldn’t sleep. Otherwise it would have waited until Sunday or Monday.

  13. Mary says:

    Was anyone else waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner at Mer’s?

    • Annemijk says:

      YES! I have always loved the scenes where they would all join in either drinks or a meal. they really missed a chance there

      • Ava says:

        Who said that it was the Thanksgiving episode? Maybe that’s why they didn’t show it.

        • mary says:

          Actually, TVline yesterday promoted it on one of their “What to Watch” that it was a Thanksgiving episode. Other than the talk of turkey and who to invite, there wasn’t that much THanksgiving. I agree @Annemijk – the party scenes at Meredith’s have always been my favorites. They did that a lot early on in the first few seasons; it would have been nice to see again.

    • abz says:

      I was. Really disappointed that it didn’t happen. I was expecting it to be like halfway with Owen inviting Cristina and a big blowup happening with her and Mer, which would have been preferable to that annoying idiot yelling at Mer.

    • Babygate says:

      I was! When the episode closed with that very depressing Bailey scene I was disappointed to say the least. That’s what I kept waiting for the whole episode. The dinner scene and everyone together…

  14. Abby says:

    Callie not only let Leah drill her patient Callie let her drill her wife. Not the same Callie I have grown to love since she first appeared in scrubs. I am a Calzona fan and want them to get back together. With that being said I need more then Arizona saying “you said I was dead so I slept with someone else” and Callie just saying OK. Give the fans more credit. Hope Callie wakes up and tries to start again with Arizona but with some dialogue this time around.

    I get that people are upset with the whole Christina and Meredith thing. To me it’s like when Mark’s character was leaving the show. Mark could not just leave town. No fan would ever beleive Mark would just leave Sofia and Callie. So you have no choice but to kill him off. If Grey’s does not cause some sort of separation between Christina and Meredith to give Christina a reason to leave then they will also have to kill her off. I don’t want that with the hope that maybe when the series is ending she will come back for a happy ending.

    • Naomi Jones says:

      I agree with you and Arizona to a point. Callie wouldn’t talk to Arizona and so Arizona didn’t know what to expect. Were they still married — Callie wasn’t wearing her ring so did that mean there marriage was over? Did you notice when Callie wore her ring at the trial? Arizona noticed and asked Callie she said I see you’re wearing your ring and Callie made up the story that they wanted her to wear it at the trial. Arizona loves Callie but how can you know where the one is if one doesn’t want to talk about their feelings — they need to be forced to be with each other so they can talk. Within the lesbian world there is a term called death bed — where women for whatever reason become frigid and i hope we see callie hot and bothered for arizona. She hasn’t had sex in awhile — and Shonda may go down that road….true she is bisexual owen and emma they have her out being a good little housewife — no chemistry at all — what christina and owen to get in a big fight and then end up together. She’ll find a hospital that will pay her the big bucks for being the cream of the crop. merdith and christina are best friends — we fight but we get over it — here’s to friendship!

  15. ewwww! says:

    I didn’t like the way Shane spoke to Mer. I really hope there is major blowback for that disrespectful ingrate. Christina kissing him is hopefully just some weird reaction to her fighting with Mer( them fighting hurts my soul) and not actual attraction. It was gross watching them kiss. Seriously- why more gross than Izzy and George or Izzy having ghost sex.

  16. Bernie says:

    Last nights episode was a disaster. Richard still sitting in a bed after 10 episodes babysitting unwanted interns/residents, hooking up every useless resident with an established character to get us to buy into them (after 34 episodes and counting, still can’t stand any of them,) character assassination of most of the cast, but the Cristina/Meredith and Cristina/Shane storylines and just over the top ridiculous and shameful. Can’t the writers be any more creative than trashing one of the best friendships in TV history, and fitting exit for Sandra? The character of Cristina is being sunk so low I cannot even watch. NEVER in a million years, would she go for a resident. Just because they need storylines for these useless characters, they are killing what took 9 years of character development. This was more nauseating to watch than watching mama Pope eat her wrist. They should have given us a warning of the last 5 minutes of Grey’s instead of Scandal. And I cannot even fathom the reasoning for the Leah/Arizona ridiculous hook up other than to give the useless resident a storyline. Yeah, there was plenty to work with for Calzona with the amputation and cheating. They did not need to go there other than to assassinate the Arizona character and give a useless character something to do. And Bailey, what the heck? They had a stellar episode last week and back to this was such a let down. Now they will need Stacey McKee to write another to continue to fix all the ridiculousness that has become Grey’s. Yeah, biggest mistake was bringing on too many people at once last year, shoving them in our faces constantly just so they have leverage over contract negotiations this year. Backfired! Alex/Jo, very little chemistry. Jackson/Stephanie-no chemistry, Shane/Cristina, I need to wash my eyes out with bleach, and Leah/Arizona was just plain nauseating and unbelievable. Really don’t mind Emma (See, I can accept new characters.) Always liked the Lucy/Alex too, those characters had chemistry-these do not.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. Well stated, but, Dang! Spoiler alert! I haven’t caught up with Scandal yet. I have avoided everything Scandal related until I catch up with last night’s episode. Why give this away on a Grey’s Anatomy post???

  17. pam says:

    You left out the biggest couple’s fight of all, Mer and Christina! It was hard to watch.

  18. Elaine says:

    I know this is Grey’s, and attendings hook up with interns. It’s just what they do. But I’m grossed out by Christina and Shane. It’s really just one more thing that makes me love this show so much less than I used to.

  19. me says:

    falling of a treadmill is a good sign that the whole show is off and about to get worst. Just ask anyone who watched Dexter .

  20. Monica4185 says:

    The Cristina/Meredith figth is so bad, that it doesn’t make sense anymore. I don’t even know what they are fighting about, it certainly not about the printer. It was obvious last night that Cristina wanted to say something to Meredith but she bit her tounge for some reason, since when does Cristina hold her tounge, especially with Meredith? She didn’t held her tounge a few weeks ago when she called Mer “just a good surgeon” and the fact that Cristina thought that wasn’t going to bother Mer, is really un-Cristina like. It is so obvious that they both (especially Meredith) are avoiding dealing with whatever is bothering them and move on. Same with Meredith back when Cristina said that she wasn’t as good of a surgeon as her, Mer just stood there and didn’t say anything, she just started giving Cristina the cold shoulder, and didn’t say exactly how she felt. Also Cristina needs to keep Shane in check, he has been way out line lately. Also Meredith yelling at Cristina is making her look like a bully, since when does Cristina let herself be bully by anyone? And why Meredith doesn’t let Cristina used the printer and when she kills the baby with the highly experimental surgery, and Mer can just stand there and say “told you so”

    The fight should’ve been resolve in like two episode but like everything in Shondaland the stretcher it to the point it makes no sense. The Mer/Cris figth is starting to no sense. Also WTF with Bailey.

    • Ash says:

      There has to be a logical reason, besides being killed off, why Cristina would leave a hospital she is part owner of. The rift with Meredith combined with an ex-husband might be enough. If everything is going great with Meredith why would she leave. Plus, Meredith needs friends when Cristina is gone. So she interacts more with Callie. I didn’t love the episode but watching with the knowledge Cristina is leaving made it make more sense.

      • Monica4185 says:

        Here is the thing, Cristina is leaving at the end of the season, this fight with Meredith doesn’t have enough susbtance to substain the storyline until the end of the season. The fight wont last pass mid-season, because it doesn’t have the content to go longer than that. The only reason I see for the storyline, is for the Cris/Mer friendship to change but not the catalyst for Cristina’s exit.

        • Ava says:

          Exactly! I think what is really going to happen is Christina is going to leave because she gets a fantastic job offer that will make her feel like she matters again. I think what people are missing is for the past few years, Christina has been starving for that mentor or those chances to really grow in her career. She is a really good surgeon and she probably could be one of the top surgeons in the country AND she knows this. But she probably feels bad because she is not as far along as she thought she should be,

          I really think that is what’s going to push Christina away from Seattle.

  21. Francecsa says:

    i don’t like AT ALL what they’re doing with Cristina and Mer! I mean it’s her last year and they’re wasting it and they’re destroying her character and the best friendship there has ever been in the series…
    and the kiss between Cristina and Shane?? I don’t even want to talk about it…disappointed

    • Ava says:

      The only people that know it’s her last year is the fans. The “characters” don’t know. So it makes since that Meredith and Christina could be fighting, and then when she is about to leave, then that’s when things could get better. This is realistic

      • Francecsa says:

        yes of course the character doesn’t know it’s the last year but Grey’s writers and Shonda know that and they’re ruining the best thing that has ever happened in Grey’s!

  22. LaLa says:

    I am enjoying Grey’s this season. I understand what is happening between Mer and Cristina (where it’s leading). I don’t know exactly what’s happening between Jackson and April, but I’m still pulling for Stephanie. The fact that she has a feeling that something’s not right bodes ill for her relationship with Jackson, so I am prepared for some “A Different World” wedding episode type of stuff going down at April and Matthew’s wedding. I don’t like Callie just accepting everything Arizona has done. It is not OK, and I don’t want them back together. I really want Bailey to get some help. It’s realistic, however, that the person we normally think of as having it all together, doesn’t. I also understand why Cristina kissed Shane. The people that normally have her back aren’t there – she needed someone in her corner. It’s funny and mean to me that Mer’s been reduced to trying to chop Cristina down by insulting her skills as a surgeon. I suppose she’s saying, ‘You said I wasn’t as a great a surgeon as you, well, you’re not all that great, either.’ But we all know the truth of that. Poor Mer – when she does allow herself to step back and realize what happened, poor thing.

  23. HBH says:

    can someone get rid of stephanie. she is sooo annoying and there is no chemistry between her and jackson. a good looking man like him needs a better woman!

  24. Anne says:

    I’m sad for Cristina, really. She’s walking a lonely path. She is the only one left in the hospital that puts her career above all things, and that is understandable ( not that is wrong to put family above all, but well, some people make diferente choices, right?).

    Anyway, Cristina lost the love of her life ’cause Owen didn’t want the same things that she wanted and now she lost her bestfriend ’cause Meredith want to be good at everything and don’t understand that she will never be better surgeon than Cristina. And to be clear, Meredith has potencial, but she chose her family, Cristina chose her career, there is no way in hell that a family person can compete with a fellow professional that devote a hundred percent of their time to improve their skills.

    I think Meredith really needed the bucket of cold water that Cristina dumped on her early in the season.

    Serious, she need to get a grip, she’s just a human being, she can’t have it all.

    • Ninna says:

      Word Anne.

    • Ava says:

      As long as Christina puts her career above everything else, she will always be lonely.

      So what she “might” be a better surgeon that Meredith. At the end of the day, both Owen and Meredith have people to go home to or go home with. There was a time when Christina had both of them.

      Now who does she have? Career and success ain’t always everything.

      • Ninna says:

        “As long as Christina puts her career above everything else, she will always be lonely.”????!!!

        As she should. BITCH!!! How dare her put her dreams ahead of hubby’s??
        What a sad speech! We have seen men do it all the time and they don’t end alone. Do you know why ? Because they have people doing for them what they can’t or want to, to dedicate themselves to their craft. Because they find people willing to abdicating of their own life to support them. Easy thing isn’t it? It’s precisely the case of Mer and Owen. Both are having everything at the expense of other human being. Both are having their little wifeys at their will. In this way is very easy to not end alone, isn’t it?

        Career and success ain’t always everything?! It depends on the person we are talking about. For man is very easy to have evrything because there is always a fool who thinks she should forget of herself to fulfill the dreams of hubby. However, the other way around is not that common, because convince a man to forget about himself to serve family and wife’s career aspiratins is like climb Everest barefoot.

        Cristina won’t be lonely the day she finds the right man for her. And it isn’t Owen caveman at all. That man was an obstacle in her life. Her and any other woman who has professional aspirations and does not want to stay at home as a housewifey only.

        • WatcherInsanity says:

          Hey Ninna, the fact is Cristina is lonely, Ava is just stating a fact. There is no changing the fact that she chose a professional career only and it has nothing to do with the role of men and women balancing personal life with career life. Cristina will be lonely as long as she doesn’t find someone who share the same type of professional drive she has or she changes her mind and decides that she does want a family. That is fact, those are her options, there is no changing it. There is no need to belittle Meredith’s and Owen’s choices which are very valid as well and are just as valuable as Cristina’s choices.

          • Anne says:

            And to remind everyone, it was the drive to be a better surgeon that brought Cristina and Meredith together.

            Seriously, I miss that, I miss this part of the show, because it was really good to see other people hungry to be good at something.

            That is one of the reasons that Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same for me since Meredith got kids. I want to watch people like Cristina.

          • Ninna says:

            Sorry, but Ava was not only stating a fact, she was saying that ‘Career and success ain’t always everything’, suggesting that Cristina is making the wrong choices thus being punished by being alone in consequence of those choices.

            ” the fact is Cristina is lonely…” and that is the result of her choices, right now. She chose and she lives with the consequences doesn’t she? We can’t say the exactly same thing from Mer and we are yet to see it from Owen. It has everything to do with not wanting to balance personal life with career life. It has to do with that dinamic, yes.
            And you’re wrong, I was not belittling Meredith’s and Owen’s wants (not choices). I was belittling the fact that these people want to have it all, they don’t want to make choices and have it all but at others expenses. Mer at the expense of Der and colleagues at the hospital and her children. Owen who has his awards displayed, that is ambitous enough to not turn down a prestigious and powerful position who absorbs him completely, but want to have kids anyway, at the expense of…? His work is a type A work. That guy is never at home, if we are to be realistic. So, at the expense of whom will he have his dreams fulfilled? He tried surreptitiously to put Cristina in that role, but she was too smart and grown up to let him do it, Hence why she was severely punished by him. In this sense I think she has been the most adult of all of them. Much more aware of her and the world and not making impossible demandings from others. Mer and Owen won’t end alone because they have others to suck from. They’ll have everything but in the end Cristina is the most honest, because she won’t make anyone capitulate to realize her own dreams, including her children. Or are you expecting that< Mer at the begining of her career and Owen at the top of his, will both sacrífice their positions to raise their children? Mer has been putting her hand to everything and everyone around her to do it for her, if you've been seeing it. And Owen, when I see him abdicating in his career, then I will believe that what he really wants is to be a father and not to have children and then I'll consider his wants valid. Making babies and give them a goodnight kiss is not to be a father.

            And neither you or Ava can say that a person like Cristina will feel always lonely, because many times, and Cristina gave many hints in this direction, their nest is in the environment where they work and their 'family' is the people in there. People are different. Not all people need a hubby/wife and a bunch of kids to not feel alone. Some fulfill that need in other ways. And some have the wife/hubby and kids and in the end feel alone too. So, it's not that white-black.

        • WatcherInsanity says:

          Ninna, so you are judging Meredith because she decided to let Derek support her? You are saying that what Meredith is doing is wrong because she is using her support system to help her raise her kids? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, people aren’t islands,human beings need other people to have a fullfilling life. What is the point of having a husband if he does help you raise the kids? What is the point of having friends if you can’t have their support, once in awhile when comes to your kids? Derek should also sacrifice for his kids, they are his kids too, how is that ‘sucking’ on others? Who else should she suck on if not the father of her children? Derek is already at the top of his career, he already has a brilliant career, scaling back will not hurt him. Meredith on the other hand can’t afford to scale back and she has been doing it ever since she got Zola, according to Cristina.

          People can have it all Callie does it, Arizona does it, Bailey does it, but Meredith can’t have it all because she would be sucking on others? Like someone else said and Cristina herself said it, Meredith will still be a surgeon but not as good as Cristina, but good enough to cut open someone save their lives, she won’t have a brilliant career or Cristina’s brilliant reputation but she will have good enough career that will allow her to have a life outside the hospital, she has been doing it, ever since she got Zola, that is having it all. But hey now that she gives birth to a baby and goes on maternity leave, she can’t have it all? And when she comes back she is sucking on others? Seriously? You defend Cristina’s point of view and choices, but you don’t defends Meredith’s choice “wants” to try and have it all?

          • Ninna says:

            WatcherInsanity, do you understand what is the point of the current feud between M/C?
            Cris got in Mer’s nerves not because she said she couldn’t be a surgeon and a mother but because she said she coudn’t be a brilliant class international surgeon and struggle with the pipi and popó of her babies amidst it, all the time. And you know, it’s only a matter of good sense to understand that a person who has her attention and time divided for several subjects cannot be as good professional as a person that is 100% focused in only one subject.
            Keeping with the reasoning, if Mer would admit to be only a regular surgeon and a mother and wife and we felt she was happy with that choice then I could say she’s having all. OK. But that is not that the way she’s seeing things, she has thrown herself in competition with Cristina to prove that she can be as brilliant surgeon as Cristina no matter who she knocks down in the path and no matter who she puts her fingers on to do her job as a mother and even as a professional. She tries that everybody do her duties, her interns, Alex, Cristina, Der(which is only obliged to do his share,not hers), even Emma was put unceremoniouslyto cooking for her and her guests!! Not to talk she expects to be played favorites by her friends at the hosp, being her prepared for the procedures or not. So THIS is to have it all? Her support sistem have their own lives beyond be there at her will for prove to herself and Cristina that she can raise kids and be an internacional godess. If she wants this and she’s convinced she can do it, she must do it at her expense not others. Because what we have seen is not her using them ocasionally, but she has been using everyone, who let her, sistematically to the point they start send her to the curb. Society is not there for us to use it as it suits us, we can’t make our life goals relying on others help. That is achieve things at others expenses, all I’m saying.

            ‘scaling back will not hurt him’. I don’t know in what country you live but in mine, Derek in a couple of years would be out of the market. Surgery is not a field for cruising speed. However, yes if there’s someone who should support her in the raising their kids has to be Derek. But we are not seeing Derek supporting her, we are seeing him doing his share and doing hers If she insists she can be a brilliant doctor and a brilliant mother, Why is Derek doing her share? Good question isn’t it? But I bet with you that when she entered in this competition mode with Cristina, she didn’t care much about how this would hurt her husband’s career.

            Do you know why Callie could manage? Because they were three carers. And because her days, as well as Baily’s, have 48 h not 24h as ours common mortals. Hence why they can endure painfull and long hours in surgery, do research, raise kids, cook , clean the house, further their medical studies, and so on and on and on…

            To Mer be less than the best is not to have everything (at least at this point). She’s fighting for not to be a good surgeon and a good mother but for excellency in both things. Is she doing it at her expense? No. She’s using everything that moves to overcome Cristina. The difference between she and Cristina is that she is having it all at the expense of everyone that crosses her way, Cristina is having everything to her own expense. Do you see the difference?

    • Monica4185 says:

      Actually Meredith can have it all, she is having it all. The only thing is that she wont have the same type of career Cristina will have and has, Mer may never have the reputation of one the best surgeons in the nation, like Cristina will have. But then again, Cristina wont have the type of life Meredith has. All Cristina is going to have, is the hospital and her patients but that’s her choice, she choose the lonely road to sucess and that’s okay. I hope she doesn’t regret it, like Ellis did in the end, I hope she’ll finds someone with whom to share it with, the sure thing is she wont be sharing it with Owen or even Meredith by the looks of it.

      • Anne says:

        Yes, Meredith “got it all”, a lovely husby, childrens, a nice house, a good career, but there will be times that she will need to chose between: to be there for her kids or to do that amazing surgery, and that is the huge diference between her and Cristina. Cristina don’t want to choose, for her be a surgeon comes first, but for Meredith family is the priority and no, you can’t have two things coming first, soon or later you will need to choose.

        And yes, maybe this is “have it all”, but you will never be a hundred percent good at surgery if you need to deal with kids, house, husband like Meredith does. It’s a fact. Surgery is a competitive field, if you slack just a bit, you’re gone, someone will take your place, and thats the reason Cristina put Meredith aside early in the season. She was distracted, worried about other things. And really would you like to be operated by someone in this state of mind? Yeah, thats right.

        And I agree with WatcherInsanity, Cristina don’t need someone to support her, she needs someone with the same drive. Actually, it was this insane drive to be the best surgeon that brought Cristina and Meredith together at first.

        • WatcherInsanity says:

          Keyword here is “insane”. That same insane drive that brought Cris and Mer together is what is going to drive them apart. Cristina with her blunt and out of place honesty reignited Meredith’s drive to the point that Mer sees Cris not as friend but as a foe. When I say out of place honesty, I mean that Cristina did not need to tell someone, who just came back from maternity leave and was eager to prove herself and assert herself as surgeon that “she isnt as good as her”. Cristina has in the past said that Mer has slowed down ever since she got Zola, but Mer never took to those words to heart like, she did now and that’s because at the time she wasn’t feeling insecure about her abilities. Meredith was going through an adjustment period and that wasn’t the time or place for Cristina to be so blunt. Cristina lacked tact, and failed to see that Mer was insecure.

      • joy says:

        Cristina can have ALL, and Sandra can stay to the GA end if Shonda can change the story a little!

  25. Chloe says:

    The relationship between Owen and Emma seems too forced. Like he is really trying to fall in love with her. I think Emma is boring, she cooks, she wants children and thats it, doesnt have any interesting side or anything. And thats what Owen thinks he needs. But its really sad to see him trying to be Cristinas friend because they clearly cant be friends. They ar trying too hard. And I dont even want to talk about Cristina kissing Shane because I think theres no excuse for that. It is Cristinas last season and we should see her spending quality time with the originals.
    I cant get over the fact that Cristina and Owen are not together, they went through a lot and they love each other. Owen should not move on this fast, its so out of character for him to rub his new realtionship in Cristinas face.

  26. Chablis says:

    First get Richard out of bed and have him be a teaching surgeon.
    I like Stephanie and believe she is very pretty. They are just styling her as a working resident. Many posters used to complain how dowdy April was. ? I hope they don’t have April leave Mathew at altar.

    Bad things are going to happen with Leah I predict

  27. Terry says:

    Gross, puke, gag, vomit, barf at Cristina and Shane. No, no, no, no, no.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    Seriously.. The kid who played Harrison on DEXTER should take lessons from James Pickens, Jr. on the proper way to fall of a moving treadmill. Seriously!

  29. Alicia says:

    I have been a fan of Grey’s from the beginning and have watched faithfully through the years. This is the first time I am finding myself saying, “Why am I still watching?” Meredith & Christina fighting for so long goes against everything that this show was built on…”You’re my person”. It almost seems irreparable now and that’s incredibly sad. Oh, Bailey…this is not even close to the Bailey we know and love. I feel like all the characters are changing and not in a good way. Don’t even get me started on the interns…I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the actors themselves, but I have no connection, sympathy, anything for Stephanie & Leah. Jo, I like, and Shane I can deal with because he was Smash, but wow, if this is the “future” of Grey’s, I’m going to have a hard time finishing the show. I do hope the powers that be see that the show has run its course, especially now that Sandra Oh will be leaving. She is an essential part and I have a hard time picturing Grey’s going on without her.

  30. Ava says:

    Exactly! I think what is really going to happen is Christina is going to leave because she gets a fantastic job offer that will make her feel like she matters again. I think what people are missing is for the past few years, Christina has been starving for that mentor or those chances to really grow in her career. She is a really good surgeon and she probably could be one of the top surgeons in the country AND she knows this. But she probably feels bad because she is not as far along as she thought she should be,

    I really think that is what’s going to push Christina away from Seattle.

  31. Pat says:

    I am not to happy with how they have handled the friendship between Meridith and Cristina this season. Yes, the character of Cristina is leaving the show but when will a reconciliation take place, the season finale? It is really ashame to have to watch their friendship crumple. Cristina,has always been a little standoffish and a little harsh but that has always been her character since season 1 and Meridith who was the opposite both bonded and became good friends. Now we have Meridith becomming quite abrasive not only to Cristina but also to some of the residents. Sorry, but I really do not like this season so far and with the way it is going, I am afraid this could be the last season for it.

  32. says:

    Can anyone tell who is the babysitter in this episode ? I can’t remember her name… thx ;)

  33. Ash says:

    The whole time last night, all I could think about was how I should have watched it today on my DVR, instead of the first run, so I could fast forward the Murphy scenes. They could have at least choose a less annoying character A used to cheat on C or made the booty calls just that and leave it alone.

  34. Molly Harper says:

    So very weary of the Callie/Arizona storyline and anything to do with April or Leah. Why give so much air time to the most boring characters on the show?

    The medicine and technology plots on this show approach the ridiculous. The nonsense with the 3-D printer…geez..just buy another one.

  35. Sheila says:

    I came to this show late. I managed to catch an episode here and there. But, I got caught up through Netflix, and I am watching the series all over again. This animosity between Meredith and Cristina is not a good story line. After everything they have been through , creating this friction is just soapy to me. I was hoping Burke would come back and they would reconnect, because i feel they were soulmates-same mindset- same goals in life. Allow Cristina to find a true mentor and let her go off in that direction, become a world class heart surgeon. End the madness! She and Meredith are “Gladiators” !!

  36. Kim says:

    I used to look forward to Thursday night’s just for this show. Now, I’m asleep 15 minutes in. Terrible casting with all the new interns, forced relationships, no chemistry. Scandal is the new baby, so the writing and any new fresh ideas have certainly slipped to the new baby. Scrap Stephanie please. Jackson has never been so boring and what a waste. I wanted to get a wash cloth out and wipe my tv after that kiss of Christina’s. The show is a sorry mess!

  37. Jules says:

    Not feeling the Calzona storyline anymore, I don’t know why, but I actually feel sorry for Leah. She’s fun and I like her around AZ. Callie hasnt got a good storyline since ages, I think Calzona should call it quits or at least take a long break. Also, Mer is such a baby, grow up woman.

  38. soxfan says:

    Real tired of the Meredith/Cristina feud – this is probably the start of Sandra Oh’s exit from the show – with this type of lousy material, I’d leave too. These two have been inseparable since almost day 1 & now after 9 years of that, we are to believe that they are bitter enemies – ha-ha – let’s get real. Meredith IS being a #1 bitch to Cristina. All Cristina is trying to do is keep those babies alive. Just sad to watch what is going on with what almost appears to be the former twisted sisters. And a HUGE NO to anything more between Cristina & Shane – ick on the kiss she planted on him last night!! And will somebody PLEASE kick Richard out of the hospital? Love him but he’s making me mad too. I’m liking the storyline with Bailey/OCD. Callie/Arizona – I’ll be surprised if they make their marriage work out – don’t think so, but I could be wrong. And last, Owen/Emma – nope, all wrong, too soon, too forced. Sorry Emma, you’re nice, but Owen’s not at all ready yet. Maybe once Cristina is gone but not while she is still very much in that hospital. He wanted Cristina to be at the same Thanksgiving table with the woman she pushed him towards. And what’s up with NO Thanksgiving dinner scene? All the yammering about dinner at the McDreamy house & the show comes up one turkey short of a dinner – what’s up with that???? Happy Thanksgiving everyone ~

  39. Francesca says:

    I’d just like to know why it took Arizona ONE WEEK to tell Callie that – while they were “separated” – she was involved with someone else?! (timeline taken from the mention that Arizona’s been home/sleeping on the couch for a week…)
    Is it because this was Callie’s first day back at the hospital since the court case? Or that Leah ended up on both of your services and it finally dawned on Arizona that maybe she should be honest about this?
    I feel like this should have been one of the first things they discussed upon Arizona’s return home. I give her props for actually telling her – I thought Callie was going to find out from anyone else – and it’s nice that she’s making an effort during the “clean slate” (no such thing!) to be open and honest, but damn – you just don’t sit on information like that.

    Don’t even get me started on her “victim” comment… I’m rooting for Calzona. I really am. And I like that we got to see them talking instead of yelling at each other. But home girl was pushing it with that comment and then her demand to be back in the bed. Again, props to Arizona for vocalizing her needs, but it would be great if she could acknowledge the hurt that SHE caused Callie (notice how in their last exchange she says “I realize that you’re hurt”, instead of owning up to WHY Callie is hurt. Why is Callie hurt, Arizona? Her type-A ass is so stubborn in admitting her faults.).

    The show needs to nip this Cristina/Meredith thing in the bud because they are doing such a disservice to the essence of the show and Sandra Oh’s last season. We want to see her final moments there thriving – not at odds with everyone who’s ever meant anything to her. Cristina’s allowed to leave at the end to go and do bigger and better things, no need to push her out because she’s so unhappy there. I call bullsh*t on all of this. FIX IT, SHONDALAND!

  40. Laura says:

    OMG. Cristina kisses Shane?? Seriously?? This has to be the worst idea ever because that was gross. This is Cristina’s last season, and I really love her, so you’d better stop messing with Cristina, Shonda, and I don’t like how she and Mer are fighting against each other. Also, I think that while Owen is dating somebody new (Emma), Cristina should totally dated somebody new too, and when i say new, i say some kickass doctor from another kickass hospital. Not Shane. Don’t know where they get that idea from.

  41. Dena says:

    I am wondering the name of the babysitter of Ella, I know I gave seen her in something and it’s bugging me!,

  42. alla says:

    Babysitter’s name is Mekenna Melvin, she was in Chuck. Bugged me the whole episode, and she’s not even listed in episode’s cast. I finally remembered where I knew her from, I can sleep at night now ;)

  43. Paloma says:

    3D printer. First I am pretty sure that Meredith’s 3D printer that was bought for her research project would not be considered up for grabs so that anybody could use it. If it were my research project with deadlines and someone like Cristina or Shane came and ruined my work, I would definitely go to the board about it. And then this week, when they did it again and then Shane yelled at Meredith… And Cristina said basically that Cristina was right or you would have gone to the board. That was just hooey. Shane is a resident. A resident does not speak that way to an attending, especially if that attending is a member of the board and a part owner of the hospital. Shane would either be out or scrubbing bed pans.

    Why is Meredith such a whimp. If I were my printer, after the first instance of having my work ruined, I would run right out and buy myself a better door lock.

    Obviously they are breaking up my favorite couple — Meredith and Cristina — in order to make it seem natural for Cristina to get a job at another hospital. But I think the whole thing sucks.

    Loving the Bailey OCD storyline, though.

  44. brenda says:

    In my opinion, when shane yelled at meredith, the little Jerk should have been fired!