Glee Recap: Shake, Rattle and…Joel! [Updated]

Chord Overstreet Shirtless Naked“Oh no, no, no — don’t you dare. Over my dead body will you inexplicably shoehorn in another Billy Joel song just to punctuate one of your weekly lessons that inevitably veers off into an acrid barrage of angst and affirmation.”

Thus spoke Glee‘s Sue Sylvester, attempting to put a halt to the lively musical vibe that percolated throughout “Movin’ Out,” a tribute to pop music’s Piano Man that brought with it the return of the Jake-Marley-Ryder triangle, a possible series endgame for Becky and the introduction of unexpected, possibly unwelcome sexual chemistry between Rachel and Sam. (I know, I know…too soon. But my guess is the attraction is more one-sided, Sam-to-Rachel, than the other way around. Time, of course, will tell.)

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While you ponder the possibilities of Samchel — ¡¡¡OR NOT!!! — let’s quickly recap this week’s key plot points:

* A McKinley career fair allowed Sue to mock the idea of a career in the arts, but it didn’t stop Blaine and Sam from visiting NYC to pursue what even Mr. Schue admitted was a dream with “zero job security and impossible odds.” Blaine nearly backed out of his NYADA audition, but Kurt sweetly identified his boyfriend’s reluctance (and sudden discussion of a pre-med track) as simple fear. Off screen, Blaine apparently nailed the audition, but I say if there’s something within the kid that craves a broader liberal arts-based future, maybe his fiancé should roll with it. (One of ’em could probably use a steady income in the future, no?)

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* Sam did not fare as well in his interview with a Hunter College admissions dean, to put it politely, and later admitted to Rachel he really wanted to be a male model. Rachel arranged for Funny Girl’s staff photographer to take some sample (shirtless) shots, which was enough to get him on the radar of a hilarious Tyra Banks as the head of the Bichette (bee-shay?) Agency. In the end, though, the toned himbo (with some help from Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Rachel) decided the aforementioned she-devil’s edict to lose 10 lbs wasn’t worth it. But an end-of-episode dance with Rachel during “Just the Way You Are” raised Santana’s psychic Mexican third eye(brow). Mine too, for that matter.

* Artie, much to Sue’s chagrin, stoked Becky’s dreams of college, eventually taking her to the University of Cincinnati to check out their programs for handicapable students. Sue’s “Beckretary,” despite her insecurities, loved the place, and decided she’d outgrown the “high school bitches” of McKinley.

* Marley rejected Jake’s peace offerings, which made the cheating Puckerman get all huffy and self-righteous. Ryder, meanwhile, siezed the opportunity to take Marley out on a date — but she cut him short when he misinterpreted their good time as a signal that she was ready to go steady. (I know, the kids probably don’t call it “going steady” anymore, but deal with it anyway!)

Sam & Blaine, “Movin’ Out” — Grade: B (their emergence from that Subway station was no match for Santana’s “Girl on Fire,” alas)

Blaine, “Piano Man” — Grade: B+

Jake, “My Life” — Grade: C+ (not sure why dude thinks he gets to be indignant!)

Artie, “Honesty” — Grade: A- (one of Artie’s best vocals in recent memory, yes?)

Ryder, “An Innocent Man” — Grade: A- (wow, that kid has nice teeth — and a nice voice!)

Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Rachel and Sam, “Just the Way You Are” — Grade: B (I love the NYC characters’ dynamic and voices, but I just can’t get with Samchel)

“So, you’re black. That must be interesting.” –Sam, whiffing his Hunter College admission interview

“Carmen Tibideaux is a classicist, so for your audition let’s try to avoid shocking patterns and anything that says ‘Look at me, I’m the center of attention — and this primary color proves it!'” –Kurt, advising Blaine on his NYADA audition

“If you cheated on me again, I will not accept sex addiction as an excuse.” –Kurt, pondering worse case scenarios as Blaine prepares to confess something

“Your midwestern eyes have the vacant stare of a cow’s. I don’t have any of those on my roster.” –Modeling agency head Bichette (Tyra Banks), sizing up Sam

“I’m not gonna be able to survive if you and your Hagberry are gonna be tickling those ivories, belting out gay hits from Rent and Showboat all day.” –Santana, reacting to Blaine’s purchase of a piano for Santana, Kurt and Rachel’s apartment

“I don’t have any feelings, Becky.” –Sue, reacting to Becky’s concern about hurting her coach’s feelings

“Well, that is just the ‘Screw you!’ spirit employers love.” –Sue, responding to Sam’s announcement that he refuses to lose 10 pounds to please the head of a modeling agency

And with that, I turn things over to you…

What did you think of “Movin’ Out”? What was your fave musical number? Were you intrigued or alarmed by the Rachel-Sam chemistry? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. K. says:

    It’s a little too soon for Rachel to be hooking up with someone for me but I do think she needs to have a love life, she can’t be alone forever! I was kind of hoping that her and Puck would eventually get together and be the end game since Finn is gone!!

  2. Jess says:

    Sorry but Rachel deserves better than a guy who treats relationships like a flavor of the week. He’s still a kid and I am finding it difficult to believe he even knows what love is. I would like to see Rachel with someone older and more mature and someone who isn’t in love with the idea of love. Sam is a very nice guy, but the nice guy isn’t always the right guy. Sam needs some time to grow up.

    Overall, I thought the episode wasn’t very good. The Lima stuff was nauseating as usual, but even the NY side fell flat and I usually enjoy it. I would have loved more development for the current NY kids. It also would have been nice to see Santana’s girlfriend or see Santana do anything.

    The Sam interviews were painfully idiotic and could barely sit through it. Rachel was very accommodating with Sam, but i didn’t feel the romantic chemistry between Chord and Lea. It seemed very robotic, maybe because the whole thing was telegraphed and inorganic, much like Brittany and Sam last year. I can see Rachel and Sam going over as well as Bram last season.

    Blaine and Kurt were okay. I don’t care much for the relationship either way. I thought the performances were spotty and the covers were pretty thin. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of them. Hopefully next week will be better.

    • Sean says:

      Totally agree. You just expressed everything I’m feeling about Glee.
      As for next weeks episode, I don’t see it getting better. Especially in terms of the Lima side. I mean, puppets? Really?
      I’ll just enjoy what I can of the NY side with Rachel, Santana and Kurt

    • Rigo says:

      I actually interested if Rachel get a new love interests with a mature guy who didn’t connected to broadway/NYADA, already has a settle job and know how to work a relationship maturely. It should bring a new layer to NY story lines and Rachel’s character development

    • Ashes says:

      Sam treats girls like “flavor of the week”??? Please direct me to the girl that Sam has treated like a flavor of the week. In fact, please direct me to the girl that Sam has broken up with instead of vice versa. Quinn? She cheated on him. Santana? She cheated on him. Mercedes? They were never even officially together after he came back because she turned him down. Brittany? She dumped him via text message. So really? What did Sam do to ANY of those girls to make him treat them like the flavor of the week? He was insanely devoted to every single one of them (except maybe Santana, but who could blame him?). He moves on because he’s a teenage boy, and he obviously likes having a girlfriend. That doesn’t make him a bad person.

      • Shar says:

        Actually Sam and Mercedes DID get back together they were dating by the time they went to her senior prom.

        • Ashes says:

          They went to prom together- that doesn’t mean they were boyfriend/girlfriend. She told him in Heart that she needed to be alone. They shared a kiss or two and went to prom together. They were good friends, and he liked her, but there was never anything that said they were dating. You can go to prom with someone and not be dating them.

          • Shar says:

            Sorry but they had gotten back together, Sam confirmed it when they were dancing. go back and take a look.

      • Jess says:

        You mis-read my post. I didn’t say that Sam treats girls like flavors of the week, although I do not think he is as much of an infallible, respectful prince as you do. I said he “treats relationships like a flavor of the week”. His compulsive need to be in a relationship speaks to that and I find it difficult to really believe that he values the actual relationship with the particular girl as much as he values just being in a relationship in general. Sam moving on to Penny less than two weeks after his “soulmate” (lol) Brittany left, is evidence of that, and now he has his sights set on Rachel mere weeks after her “soulmate” passed away. The fact that he proposes to girls within weeks of dating them. It’s obvious that he is still very clueless about what it means to really love a single woman, wholeheartedly. But it’s okay…because he’s still young. I’m more perplexed at the writers attempting to sell him as this romance novel, leading man, when he has the maturity level of an elementary school child, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

  3. Alli says:

    How about they find Lea a screen partner to match her talent? I’m not opposed to Rachel moving on but Sam is a terrible choice and Chord isn’t in Lea’s league when it comes to acting and signing. And how about they wait longer then 3 eps after Finn dies. I mean what is so wrong with Rachel being single and growing on her own w/o a man? She is only 19! As for Glee, just not really feeling it anymore. I hate the Newbies so no interest there and if NY becomes Blam Central I really have no reason to keep watching. Lea, Chris and Naya are the best thing Glee has going but I have a feeling that will end once Blaine & Sam hit NY.

    • Ony says:

      Only 7-8 more episodes I’m afraid we can see that great dynamic between Rachel Kurt and Santana along with Elliot and dani. Lima kids will graduate on episode 14 and you know what happens next.. So long NY flawless story lines, I’m really sad you can’t survive that long

  4. corey says:

    This made my list as one of the worst episodes.

  5. Chad says:

    I was just happy to see the songs of a truly talented all time great like Billy Joel featured on this week’s episode, instead of some talentless flavours of the week like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, who let’s face it will be nothing but a forgotten musical footnote 10 or 20 years from now.

  6. JVC says:

    Enjoyed the episode last night. And glad I’m not the only one noticed a small spark between Sam and Rachel. Now can this idea work? Honestly, I think it can, but not right away. I know rachel needs to move on but write now it’s too soon. On McKinely side, enjoyed artie’s story with becky, love-triangle I could live without, but Ryder needs more solos. I enjoyed him singing “Innocent Man”.

  7. Ratings says:

    Glee dropped in the rating yet again, at this rate they will be @ 1.0 by the time this season ends and if they plan to use Sam as a Finn wannabe they will be lucky to hit 1.0 because whatever Finn and Finchel fans were left aren’t gonna stick around for that clusterF*** 2 happen. Poor Lea!

    • Dave says:

      Do you honestly (and I can’t believe I am going to try and explain this) think that if they fired everyone from Lima and just moved say Blaine and Artie to NYC and concentrated the show there, the ratings would tick up to above a 3.0 or even close? Nothing, absolutely nothing the show does at this point is going to bring the show back to what it once was. And nothing is going to cause a huge drop either. The show is just settled into what ITS average is these days and small one-tenth upticks up and down is what we will see. Spring will come along and every show will decline a bit and then the final season will start (if FOX is smart, they will put some cash into making the final season a big deal when it comes to advertising). That’s just how ratings for Glee are. It has been consistent slippage (on par with many other shows) as time goes by.

      • Pat says:

        It’s average is dropping each episode, at this rate it will be down to 1.0 by spring. But you are correct in that nothing will help. The damage was done in S4 with the Newbies and Blam and sidelining the show’s best talent. Those fans aren’t coming back, but don’t think Glee can’t keep falling either. Keep focusing on the Newbies and Blam and Lea and Naya’s fans will leave too.

        • Dave says:

          Did you have some kind of a poll conducted of all nielsen viewers that determined your “fact” based reply that the newbies and Blam caused the show to lose ratings in season four. So, what was the determining factor that made the show lose viewers during season three? You can’t blame the newbies or Blam for that. And in that poll you conducted, was the overwhelming result that fans who left the show left due to the newbies and/or Blam? Did that rate higher than the other options of “i found a new show to watch” or “i dvr it and watch it later” or any other possible reasoning? Nah, impossible. MUST be the newbies and Blam.

          • Rigo says:

            Season 3 ratings even though down it were more stabilize in each week than season 4 and 5. The trend was up and down, but now season 5 going into the 6th episode, the ratings had gone consistently decreasing. People just not interested in glee anymore because it simply isn’t what glee used to be. Most of the people that I know now don’t watch glee anymore because RIB got rid many fan favorite(Quinn, puck, Mercedes) and decreased screentime of original casts that are still on the show. I’m sure many people felt the same way and that reflected in the ratings

          • TJ says:

            Glee lost over 30% of it’s viewers from 401 to 501 then lost another 25% from 501 – 502. That just happens to be when Glee switched focus from it’s legit talent (Lea, Cory, Chris Naya, Amber) to the Newbies and Blam. Rachel & NY got less then 30% of screen time last season and were left out of eps entirely again for more Newbies and Blam. As for last night ratings, it was series low 1.4 and just missed an all time series low on total viewers barely getting to 4 mil viewers. Lea Michele has more twitter followers the Glee has viewers at this point. The trend right now is steady as in steady decline week to week. Last nights ratings were lower the the Fox average and about the same as the Fox shows getting canceled. So enjoy your Newbies and Blam because their legacy will be linked to the the down fall of Glee. And i am sure all the advertisers are just THRILLED people DVR Glee to FF past all the commercials they paid money to air. Yes the writing sucks, but the difference is in S1-3 Glee had a cast of actors that could sell it. This new cast takes the bad writing and makes worse.

          • karen says:

            Well said and on point.

          • smc says:

            Well, Glee lost me after mid season 4. I stopped watching the rest of that season. Then, there seemed to be hope for the start of season 5. With Santana and Dani in NY and hopefully a whole lot more NY story, I’d be back on board watching Glee. But, NO, still the long stories in Lima. Heavy feature of Blaine. And, the worst thing of all, have Klaine engaged too soon. I know, Blaine’s going to NY. But, Blaine and Sam are 2 characters I dread to see in NY. I would love to see Artie there. The writing has ruined Tina season 4 and so far 5. So, I now don’t want her there either. Glee’s got way too many characters to cover. They need to weed out a lot of them. Come on Glee, graduate them already. Stick with one location. The bi location scenario isn’t working. I still can’t stand Glee. Most of each episode. A d what they’ve done to Beck’s character is awful IMO. I can understand why fans have left the show. The writers have ruined characters and their purposes on the show. Will Schuester. Emma Pillsbury. Finn Hudson. Tina Choen Chang. Quinn Fabray. Noah Puckerman. Sue Sylvester.

            I was elated that Demi and Adam were going to guest on Glee, but, I soon forget that Glee can really drop balls using big guest stars, Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker. So far season 5 of what little I’ve cared to watch is just OK. This episode I watched over the weekend took me all weekend to watch. When there is Blaine and Sam in NY, I have to be honest. I cannot stand those two characters, so I could not enjoy the episode. Glee is not a show for me to have to watch weekly. I’ll probably, watch an episode once in a while when there will be more to it on previews. The songs will be of my choosing. The guest stars and who they are. Not the content of the shows story lines. Not the show’s characters anymore. TBH, Finn was my total favorite and the reason why I watched the show. I wanted to see his dream come true. Now, we have Blam. Now, I could not care less about that show.

            Rachel has made it to Broadway. Kurt is in NY. Rachel and Santana are friends and roommates. This is what I’ve waited for for them.

      • PezHummelBerry says:

        What this guy says…

        Brian Cantor ‏@cantorpedia 1h
        So Sam & Blaine went to NY this week, and that part of the show–normally the highlight–became just as boring as the Lima part. #GLEE

        Brian Cantor ‏@cantorpedia 1h
        Makes it clear #Glee shouldn’t “drop Lima & move key characters to NY.” It should just make the show only about Rachel, Kurt and Santana.

    • Dave says:

      BTW, if you want to talk ratings, at least wait until the ratings come out before declaring something that is false. Last night’s GLEE actually improved in the demo from last week. As I have said, 1 or 2 tenth ups and downs are expected but you clearly said the show dropped again and that isn’t true. It went up. So… yea. :)

      • Erin says:

        That’s still pretty terrible

        • Dave says:

          I never said it was amazing but people want to get all technical about this character/that character/this portion of the show/that portion causing weekly drops and such, and the numbers do not reflect that at all. Is the show weak this season in the ratings department? Sure. But it is consistent? Yes. Is it losing more and more with each passing week? NO. Next week will be very low because for some odd reason (yes, I know The X Factor result show is new), FOX has decided to air a fresh Glee on Thankgiving-EVE. Not smart. But that’s execs for ya.

          • Erin says:

            The ratings are consistent, yes…consistently horrible. I wouldn’t say that a marginal improvement on rock bottom is something we can draw any conclusions from.

          • screen time says:

            The ratings now are consistent because some people watch and really don’t care about the storylines being told. Last year they sidelined their best actors, made Rachel unrecognizable, rehashed old storylines with second rate actors, their musical numbers seemed to be more like music videos. S4 saw a steady decline, now for those that watched hoping Finchel would reconnect, that obviously can’t happen, so they were watching for Rachel, but if it is a storyline deemed out of character, they will stop watching, too. I know the Klaine fandom thinks they are the best and the largest, but ratings went down in the middle of their engagement story. A lot of people came back to watch the tribute, which was done in ‘old school’ Glee, which is not what we see on our screens today. The magic is gone. It is too late to bring back the viewers, s4 made sure of that.

          • wk 2 wk decline says:

            yes they are losing more and more week to week. new series low last night. they are worse each week. with the holiday next week will be even worse. they have declined every episode from 501 to now not counting Cory’s Tribute. even the music sales are dropping to all time lows.

      • Jayne says:

        the ratings are pending football adjustment and they are saying the because of that the numbers are inflated. Wont adjust to all time low but is still pretty bad.

      • Arne says:

        No Dave, it definitely went down this week from last weeks ratings. Don’t know where you got your 1 or 2 tenths up from, LOL

        Movin out 9.00pm ratings were 4.55 million and 9.30pm the ratings dropped to 4.32 million and these are expected to be readjusted down even further. The End Of Twerk 9.00pm ratings were 4.66 and at 9.30pm were at 4.33 million. They were adjusted down to 4.22 million in the end.

        The overnight ratings for Movin Out were lower than the last episode and will be adjusted down even more than the last episode too.

        • Dave says:

          Ohhh you are speaking of total viewers- which matters NOT at all to execs. DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. A18-49 and for Glee, even lower because of the teen audience. But since A18-49 is where the execs listen, Glee matched its 1.4 from last week So, the original commentator is still, wrong. The show didn’t drop. Flat from last week.
          Though I am sure next week’s drop will be blamed on this week’s episode even though the show is airing on Thankgiving night!

      • Ratings says:

        Ratings are out. All time series low 1.4 and just missed being an all time series low in total viewers. Glee fans are fleeing this continued version of S4 Blee & the Newbies

        • Dave says:

          LOL. Nice to try and spin it, “ratings.” The show is flat from last week in the demo and it wasn’t even the least watched episode of the season. But yes, continue trying to make “Blam/Newbies” the reason and come back here next week and claim that again even though the show is airing on a Holiday night and FOX is being dumb for not airing a repeat.

          • tim says:

            Read TJ’s post from above they explain the ratings decline starting last season. A rating of 1.4 I am sure is not going to make the advertisers happy. Why do you think the ratings are declining? Why last year in episodes that the NY crew were not in, Fox used Lea, Chris and Cory in the promos, they knew that the newbies don’t have the draw. Why is ever legitimate article about Glee, almost always puts Lea in the headline? If they put Chord Overstreet would they get the same number of hits? I don’t think so. The crew last year tried so hard to promote Chord as an incredible actor by tweeting the hell out of his name and name dropping all over the place, but legitimate critics did not see things the same way, they only notice when Chord does not have a shirt on. Ask yourself, if Glee started with the newbies as their main cast in S1, would Glee be successful? Take away Cory,Lea, Chris, Matt and Jane, would the show have been successful with Melissa being Rachel, Sam being Finn, Darren being Chris, the answer is no. They aren’t the actors that the core originals are.

  8. Arielle says:

    Well since everyone is talking about Sam/Rachel together, how about Becky’s storyline or Jake/Marley/Ryder part 2?
    I like that Sue wasn’t ready to let Becky go. Artie was just trying to help and we got an Artie solo out of it! Negative to this plot: Can someone fix Becky’s language a bit? I know she can be mean at times but it was too much with the “purple mushroom part”
    With the love triangle part, I liked that Marley didn’t forgive Jake so easily. And Ryder, while a good guy needs to back off some since she just got out of a relationship AND it was just one date and he posted the pics with the hearts on Instagram. I preferred An Innocent Man too.

  9. Tomguard says:

    Why do writers of shows always feel the need to make the female lead characters find love with a man? Can’t a woman be her own hero? This is frustrating to me, especially because American Horror Story is such a female-empowered driven show. Rachel has her best friends living with her in the city of her dreams, and her career is going great. The tragedy was that she lost the love of her life. Why is there a need for her to find someone else? Just allow her to be successful in her career and allow her friendships to flourish even more. And then maybe next season you can throw a boy crush around, until she realizes SHE DOESN’T NEED a man. Please just empower these women! I’m a man, and it’s just frustrating to me that women in shows are always being bombarded with the need to be in a relationship.

    • sam says:

      Because Chord Overstreet isn’t talented enough to be strong leading man and since Sam doesn’t belong in NY the only way to move his abs is have him weigh Rachel down as Finn replacement.

      • Tomguard says:

        It’s so frustrating to me! He has been trying to get with the school nurse for the past 3 or 4 episodes, and suddenly he’s into Rachel. I’m genuinely upset.

    • Berry says:

      Exactly. Mid season next year have Rachel have some interest in a mature man just to show the audience that Rachel is ready and when the time is right she can have love and career. I don;t need to know Rachel’s end game, I just need to know she is open to love again.

  10. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    Why is it back when the Original gang of Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Mike and Finn were around, Ryan said it would be “unrealistic” for all of them to wind up in NYC but now its apparently not as ridiculous for Blaine, Sam and Artie to wind up there? Sam would be far more interesting if they explored why he feels the need to fall in love every single season with every single girl that crosses his path. Not here for Samchel, ever.

  11. New York Glee says:

    Sam and Blaine sure know to suck the life out of the best part of Glee. I guess I have til Blam makes the final move to NY to be a Glee watcher then it’s so long Glee because I am not up for Blam or Samchel!

  12. It's sad says:

    It’s sad Cory had to die for Chord Overstreet to become more then background noise, which is all he is good for.

  13. Lilian says:

    Sam and Rachel? Bye bye Glee.

  14. Lydia says:

    Eek, never realized how much hate Chord and Sam get on here. I guess I never went through the comments after posting mine on a weekly basis. I think I will continue to do that and not read so much. I don’t get the hate for the actor or character. I like him. I don’t love him but he is just fine for me.

    • Sam says:

      I didn’t really care either way til last night. But making moves on Rachel is just wrong! Now I hate Sam with a passion. He is in the Brody/Dean Geyer catagory which about puts in the most hated person on Glee level.

      • LOL says:

        Well like Brody all Sam has going for him is defined abs lol! Good comparrison!

      • Ashes says:

        Where did he make a move on Rachel? You mean when he looked at her and she looked at him? You need to learn the definition of “make a move” before you post stupid stuff.

  15. Bryn says:

    I have really tried to hold on to watching Glee this season after being disgusted with the nonsense the writers gave us last season, but last night made me realize I think I’m done. The NY crew is cool but a taste of Blaine and Sam there last night soured my feelings towards the one part of the show I still enjoyed a bit. The whole Rachel/Sam “thing”, whatever it was, was just a big NO for me. Chord just isn’t talented enough to be opposite Lea and it made me miss and ache for Cory being gone (and I wasn’t a huge Finn fan) because Lea and Cory were so great opposite each other. I am not against Rachel moving on, she has to, but give it more time Glee writers and please pair Lea up with someone that is worth being opposite her.

  16. maya says:

    I think there is a lot of potential in a Sam/Rachel storyline, if it’s done with care. Their scenes were cute, sue me.

  17. Renee says:

    I’m sorry but Kurt and Santana are hilarious together. Those 2 work as well as Rachel although she’s still trying to fit in even though she was there first. Sam doesn’t fit because he lacks the talent to be there. Blaine walked right in and took over the loft. Ex. The piano. I’m gonna be hated on but I like Kurt and Elliott together. There was chemistry. There isn’t any between Santana and dani. It’s forced cuz San loves Britt the most. The N.Y. side even though it is only 3 deep is far more talented than the combined Lima side. Everyone is crying out about the ratings and Cory. Guess what? Even when he was there they were sliding but not to this point. The reason no one takes into account is Hemo/Brittany being gone. She had a huge following as did Brittana. Brittany could easily slide to the N.Y. side and bring an even fresher view to things.
    Sam is a bland character. So bland in fact do you hear anyone crying out for him to be paired with anyone? No. Nobody wants bram,samcedes,fabrevans,Samtana. Nope none of them because he’s a terrible actor,singer,dancer and character. I almost started sniffing fingernail polish to know I was alive during his and Blam scenes. Go away Sam. Just go.

    • dani says:

      Kurt and Elliot are amazing! Much better then Kurt and Blaine. And the ratings suck because the got ride of the S1-3 cast. All of them together they made Glee work.

    • RUCookie says:

      WOW – I don’t even know how to muddle through all this mess… but I will say that there are plenty of people that like Sam. I, for one, find him enjoyable and like his singing voice. I thought the Joel’s song book suited him nicely and he sounded stronger than ever.

      Not everyone has the time, or desire to write about our enjoyment of a character to counter all the vile vital spilled in their direction. I don’t understand the bashing… and I feel like Glee has bashed for almost every one of them… so tired of it. And frankly, you do not speak for everyone (or the majority, from where I sit). Just enjoy the cheese-tastic TV show, please!

      • Dave says:

        + ummm 2,212 LOL. Like serious. The anti-Sam/Chord sentiment in this thread is hysterical. So over the top and it seems so personal too. Odd. For goodness sakes, this is a show that had a kid in a wheelchair swinging on a vine in a staged jungle-auditorium during Roar. It’s not that serious.

        • karen says:

          Do you think Chord is the best actor on Glee?

          • Dave says:

            Nope. But I don’t think he is the worst either. And I think he fits in with the characters I care about (Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Artie, Tina)… In other words, I consider him an “original” even though he came in during season two. I don’t mind the newbies as much as everyone else does but if people have to go if this whole GLEE in NY only thing comes to pass, I could do without them.

        • Jennie says:

          They shouldn’t have done the Samchel thing 3 eps after Finn died. You think the Chord/Sam hate is bad now, if they follow through it Samchel it will be 10000x worse. Chord will become the most hated actor Glee has ever seen if they try to have Sam replace Finn. It may seen stupid to a lot people but Finchel fans are still in mourning for Cory, Finn and Finchel, the emotions are very real and very raw, not much time has passed and they are still grieving and last night was very painful reminder of what was lost.

          • Dave says:

            My goodness, some perspective though. People do realize Lea and Ryan Murphy have a very close relationship, no? If he pitched to her an idea of Rachel/Sam whether it be a flirt fest, a one-night stand, or a relationship and she said no, it would be no. So, I don’t quite get how Sam/Chord will get all this hate from something the writers think up and the main actress on the show (and real life g/f to an actor who tragically passed on). Will Lea get hate from it as well if she approves of it? I doubt it.

          • karen says:

            Lea is already getting hate from it. People think that Lea has more power than she actually does. She may have been told you are going to have a love interest, it is part of Rachel’s story, the only say she may have its that it be Chord because he was a good friend to Cory and someone she already knows. Lea always tows the company line no matter what the story, she is loyal that way.

    • Sean C. says:

      The ratings were sliding when Heather was there too. The ratings have been sliding, in fact, since Season 2. Trying to attribute the decline to the loss of one’s favourite character is a fruitless exercise.

      • Kurtsie says:

        Since midseason 2 after a long hiatus glee has been sliding. Two factors that stick out The writers losing focus on trying to make everyone a star and Blaine.

  18. DJ says:

    You seem to have forgotten You May Be right in the musical numbers section

  19. amy says:

    Can they just never have them graduate? Not because I love New Directions or Lima but because it will keep Blam out of NY. PezHummelBerry is all that is left of good quality Glee and I would like to keep it for a long as possible.

  20. Jim says:

    I think you forgot to grade the last song. I actually kind of loved this episode. I would think that every viewer would recognize at least a few of the songs. Only a few meshed particularly well with the plotlines and none were reinterpreted in any different way, but they were all well done. I actually kind of liked the Rachel – Sam stuff. It may seem too soon, sure, but I think enough time has passed in the Glee universe for Rachel to start to move on.

  21. Casey says:

    What is it about this Sam dude that the writers have to pair him up with every living, breathing female in existence. Is he not interesting enough on his own? I don’t get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly had Santana questioning her sexuality because of this kid. Give it a rest. How does anyone take him seriously anymore?

    • LOLOL says:

      You hit it, he is not interesting on his own, he even needed Blaine to get screen time lol! Ryan has a hard on for his abs so poor Lea must be next tin line to get stuck carrying him!

  22. yeah says:

    “Jake, “My Life” — Grade: C+ (not sure why dude thinks he gets to be indignant!)
    Ryder, “An Innocent Man” — Grade: A- (wow, that kid has nice teeth — and a nice voice!)”

    – uh, what exactly are you grading here again? just wondering lol

  23. Ashes says:

    I love Sam and IDGAF. All the Chord/Sam hate here is SO obviously personal. A bunch of people got their panties in a twist last year because he posted some pictures of Heather Morris and “tormented” the Brittana shippers. Then some other people got their panties in a twist because Darren openly admitted that Chord is his favorite screen partner and not the made up CrissColfer fantasy they had in their heads. Then some other people got their panties in a twist because he started singing more and getting more screentime after playing background for 2 seasons. So suddenly he was Public Enemy Number One because their fave was getting less, even though chances are their fave got way way way more in Seasons 1-3.

    So yes, this is all personal, and it’s stupid.

    Chord is a great actor and a great singer. There’s a reason why he was the one consistently called out last year by critics for his acting and performing. Really, all this hate just amuses me because it’s so uncalled for, and it’s Glee logic that the more people rant and complain about something, the more attention it’s going to get.

    So go ahead and quit Glee! (Or you know, just set your DVR in secret because you’re not actually going to quit). But if you do want to quit because Chord Overstreet is personally offending you by existing, then bye!

    • Felix says:

      Sorry to disappoint but not everyone who dislikes Sam is a Brittana or Crisscolfer (lol) shipper. I’m neither and also think his increase in screen time last season has highlighted what an annoying and useless character he is.
      The only people praising him last season are those involved within the show and a few paid reviewers.
      As for the great actor and singer? That is the funniest thing I’ve read on here. He is the weakest actor/singer on the show.

      • Too True! says:

        You are so right on! I’m not a Brittana fan. Sam was great as back ground character. Chord isn’t a strong enough actor or presence to be a leading man. Glee is scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to pair with Lea. He’s as plastic as Brody.

    • Casey says:

      It anyone is taking things personally, it’s you. People are allowed to dislike Sam or be critical of Chord without being a Brittana fan or a CrissColfer shipper. Your defensiveness speaks volumes. Instead of whining about everyone not kissing Chord/Sam’s ass, say something positive about him and leave it at that. Or don’t read the comments section. Because with the way they’ve thrusted Sam into the forefront of the show, the criticism is only going to get worse.

      • Ashes says:

        People can dislike him and be critical all they want. I don’t care. But when people consistently say, “OMG He’s so basic!” etc. and have nothing actually concrete to say that makes sense… then yeah, it seems like their hate is a little personal. I don’t care what people say- they’ve been saying it for over a year now, and Sam’s just turned even more central, so keeping hating people!

    • Sandy says:

      I love Chord and Sam too. He has always been my favourite on the show. Exposure and more songs on Glee always equal hate – see Darren Criss. The angry Brittana shippers make the only difference here.

  24. Jenny T says:

    For quite some time now Sam’s been playing at least five different characters, it’s like they use him when there’s a storyline they need a male actor for only an episode or two, and then they totally forget that story, because it was one of the other “Sams” or something. He’s not even stupid in every episode, they just simply put him wherever they need a guy for a story to fill some time.

  25. Cate53 says:

    While I am also surprised and not totally into Samchel, remember, Rachel was NOT dating Finn, they were broken up. It’s hard to separate Finn from Cory when thinking of Rachel/Lea. On the other hand, I’m trying to remember and Sam and Rachel interaction in the past 4 years. They have barely had any scenes together at all.

    Loved Just the Way You Are for its vocal arrangement. Jake and Ryder’s songs were straight nod rather dull versions. Come to that. So were Honesty and Piano Man. Nothing original but quite nice versions of gret songs. Schue is such a drag! Hate pretty much every idea that comes out of his mouth.

    Ok episode, but we need more NYC and less boring Lima. Unique is the only interesting character of those kids. Anyone who saw Alex Newell on the Glee Project knows what an amazing performer he is, but they haven’t made the most of him apart from that beautiful If I Was a Boy last week. Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Jake are just dull as dishwater!

    • Don't matter says:

      It doesn’t matter if they were broken up. They spent 4 years building Finchel as the ultimate love and Lea and Cory sold it. Having a flirtation 3 eps after Finn dies is just classless and hurtful.

  26. Wow I don’t often comment but I felt like I needed to say something in this debate. First of all I loved the billy joel ep. Billy Joel is one of my favorite artists and I think that the glee kids did an awesome job with the material. Loved Just the Way You Are. Billy Joel’s catalog does suit Chord’s voice well, and he sounds really good with Chris, Lea, Naya and Darren.

    I do agree that Kevin can sing just about anything. I really enjoyed Honesty. Also Blake continues to prove why he was the winner of the Glee Project. Ryder was the best new character added last season in my opinion. I do wish they’d do something different than the jake/marley/ryder triangle 2.0 though.

    But okay back to why I wanted to post. I don’t get why people hate Chord or Sam so much. I’ve always liked the character, and I think Chord works well what the material he is given. Sam is a good guy. Someone mentioned the girls he’s dated; best I remind you that he treated every one of those girls with respect and was faithful to them too. These girls and Blaine for that matter, were all interested in Sam because he’s a good guy. Because he was there for them and it can’t be denied that if any of those girls were in trouble today tomorrow whenever, Sam would be there to have their back because that’s the kind of guy he is.

    And for this thing with Rachel, sure there was a spark, I think that’s a good thing. Rachel can’t mourn forever, Finn wouldn’t want her too. In fact i’m sure Finn would want her to be happy, and he would want her to find someone who would be good to her. Sam would be good to her. Of course what we saw was just a look, a mutual thingi think they both felt, and it could just be that. Would it be so bad for RAchel to feel special again? even if they decided to just be good friends, doesn’t she deserve to feel important. If Ryan is planning a slow building thing for Rachel and Sam I say bring it on. I doubt they would have gone there if Lea didn’t approve and its all just speculation anyway

    • not too sure about that says:

      people seem to think Lea has a lot of power over Ryan. If she did Finchel never would have been separated last season because Lea thought Finn would be in NY going by early interviews and Lea is the biggest Finchel shipper of them all. She seems to tow the line just like everyone else.

      • tim says:

        I agree, if you listen to Lea, she thought that she and Cory would be working together last year. They had so little screen time, what a waste of chemistry. Lea is loyal to Glee, she tows the line, for all we know they told her Rachel has to have a love interest, and because she knows Chord and he was good friends with Cory, she went with it. People seem to think that Lea is writing the scripts, not true, in fact I am sure she has little to no say. One would hope that the writers would understand what Lea is going through, and write accordingly, but at the end of the day Lea is a professional.

    • Ashes says:

      You have too much logic for this website.

  27. Let her be single says:

    Rachel doesn’t need a LI. What is it with Glee that they can’t allow female characters to stay single and grow into their own w/o a man. How about they let Rachel be a 19 year old single young women who has a rising career on Broadway before saddling her into a new relationship, especially a relationship with some one as dull as Sam! Why can’t she date, think of how funny it would be to show her on date disasters later in the season when enough time as passed. She is a rising star, let her enjoy it! At her age all we really need to see is Rachel showing a willingness to move on, we don’t need to see who the guy is.

  28. Sandy says:

    I love the New York storyline. I hope Sam and Blaine end up there too. They could be finished with McKinley high scenario as far as I’m concerned

  29. Kobe Busia says:

    Hey, so you know how Glee’s constant need for musical tribute episodes have become pointless, starting with the Stevie Wonder episode? Well, I was expecting the worst from this episode, but you know what? I was proven wrong, I really enjoyed this episode from start to finish. The storylines made sense for the most part, nothing was contrived, and the songs were not just chucked in there with absolutely no purpose(which was my problem with the Wonder-ful episode). Becky’s storyline was so great, and Artie’s persistence in helping her get into the right college for her was really nice, and I’m glad the writers take opportunities to give Becky something to do beside being Sue’s personal slave/”Beck-retary”. Sam and Blaine going to NY was actually enjoyable, and Tyra Banks was quite a trip as Bichette, she was mean too. Sue not being ready to let Becky go was sentimental, and it was one of those moments that brought out the inner good in Sue that we rarely see, and Blaine is definitely gonna create wonders at NYADA. Now I am completely against the very idea of Sam and Rachel being together, I mean the way they were looking at each other made the chemistry between them obvious and undeniable, but they do not belong together by any stretch of the imagination, so that was one of my very few issues with this episode. Furthermore, Sam, he and Tina are the only 2 characters who clearly don’t belong in New York, they would be so out of place. Also, I missed Santana in the previous episode, but even when we saw her, she barely got to do anything, so she was horribly underused. Oh yeah, and I think we can all agree when I say that I’ve lost all respect for Jake, I mean I truly thought that his overall behavior and personality would be better and more mature than Noah’s, but I guess since he’s a Puckerman, it’s something he can’t really control very well. Also I get that Ryder truly cares about Marley, but he rushed into getting her to go out with him, and when she said that just because they went out once, doesn’t mean they’re a couple, it’s her way of saying that she’s not ready for a relationship, and that she’s still conflicted about her feelings for Jake. Oh yeah, the talk Marley had with her mom was funny, but also touching and genuine, and I’m so glad that the writers didn’t forget about her, I was afraid they did. All in all, this episode was fun and more down-to-earth, and for the most part, it felt like it could’ve fit in with seasons 1 and 2. 9/10!

  30. Kevin says:

    GOD NO! SAM SUCKS!!!! Chord is the worst actor ever and he hasn’t had a real plot since he started in season 2! His “impressions” were never funny…..ever. His singing is below mediocre and he brings nothing to the table. I honestly thought when the show ended and it would just be a New York spin off, I would be rid of him for good! But the minute I heard that Blaine AND Sam were going to New York I was so pissed! You can imagine the joy I had when he left the first time and the nightmare I had when he returned…Please Ryan just NO MORE SAM! Im begging you! I would even rather have one of the new guys like Jake go there before him!

    • Glee Watcher 88 says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!! I’m kinda ok with Blaine but SAM!!!! PLEASE GOD NO! And I really hope he doesn’t pursue that Rachel thing…she deserves so much better!

  31. kade says:

    People shouldn’t hate on sam. First he is a attractive guy doing what attractive guys do. Be stupid and date a lot of girls. He has been dumb in the past and has a lot of growing up to do.(just graduated). But I think it wood be awesome to see him and rachel explore a relationship. First reason. ITS REFRESHING. Rachel has one more season and id like to see her happy. If she gets with a guy we dont know from the past we will not be convinced they will be together forever because we know Sam and know Sam is not going to screw things up. He has tried to be goos to every girl we have seen him with (more so than Finn) even though I love Finchel. It will be refresrefreshing and satisfying to see her with someone else. Plus sam and rachel have a lot in common. They looked up to Finn and Sam would honor him by taking care of someone Finn loved. Just my opinion