Exclusive Banshee Video: Explosive Season 2 Trailer Will Blow. You. Away.

Banshee Season 2 TrailerIs Banshee delivering another season or a $300 million summer blockbuster?

It’s a question you’ll be asking yourself after viewing the breathtaking, heart-stopping trailer for the Cinemax hit’s anticipated second season, which premieres Friday, Jan. 10 at 10/9c.

VIDEO | Banshee Season 2 Scoop: Fake Lucas’ Real Name Revealed?

“It’s not just a movie, it’s ten movies,” declares exec producer Greg Yaitanes of the following 100-second preview. “It really shows off what the season’s going to promise, and yet it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how incredible it is.”

Borrowing a quote from Banshee co-creator Jonathan Tropper, Yaitanes adds, “Every episode this season is 50 percent better than the best episode from last year.”

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you now for S2?

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  1. Lo says:

    Never thought I’d like this show but I absolutely loved Season 1 and Season 2 looks even crazier :)

  2. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I can’t wait. This is by far one fo the best shows on TV!!

  3. Try Harder says:

    Dear Ausiello, if you want to peddle a show of your friends that almost no one watches, please try to sound a little bit more realistic. Because lulz.

    • Heisenberg says:

      lol agree. Banshee is rubbish. And what´s that horse doing in the picture?

    • Laura Aliaga says:

      Speak for yourself, and I will remind you that Breaking Bad had less than strong viewership at first also.

    • gia says:

      Looking at the rest of the comments here, I’m guessing you’re feeling pretty stupid now after posting that.

      #so wrong

    • St says:

      Seriously. LOL. I watched that video only because TITLE SCREAMED AT ME. And then it screamed EVEN MORE with: “Is Banshee delivering another season or a $300 MILLION SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER?”. And so I opened, expecting something to blow me away like some Almost Human or Game of Thrones trailers. And I waited and waited… for those 300 millions special effects or something… And nothing happened. Some trailer to something that looks like some low budget indie movie set in small town….

      Come on TV Line. You can’t lie like that to your readers. It’s disrespectful. On a scale of 1-10 I excited for S2 with 0 points. First time I hear about it and this boring trailer did not make me want to start watching. Boring people, played by ordinary looking actors do some criminal stuff or run from somebody and pretend to be super cool. No thanks. Not interested.

    • BHM1304 says:

      Amost no one watches? Wrong. Almost renewed immediately after premiering. Best numbers BY FAR of any of the other good Cinemax originals (Hunted and Strike Back). Fantastic production right here in the USA (Charlotte and New York City). Fantastic international cast. One of the best casting directors in television – remember ‘Oz’? One of the best female performances of the entire year from Ivana Milicivec. Breakthrough female performance of the year from Lili Simmons. There is a reason when Alan Ball is interviewed you really get the feeling he loves this show more than he did ‘True Blood’ – this show is all different sorts of awesome. Its complete pulp fiction with well written characters perfectly cast. Not a weak performance in the entire cast – even a great teenage character written realistically in Deva Hopewell. No show on television is filming better fights. Hood v. Sanchez, Hood v. The Albino, Hood v. Proctor, and the best of the bunch Carrie/Olek. Four of the best filmed fight sequences on television in one show. More people should check out ‘Banshee’ this and ‘Orphan Black’ are the two of the best new shows to premier in 2013.

      Don’t just throw out a statement like ‘almost no one watches’ when you are just so absolutely incorrect in that assumption. The actual facts must be a little hard for you to interpret. This show is probably a little too much for the slow witted. Now its clear why you dislike it so much.

  4. Mimsy says:

    I give the trailer a 10! I purchased Cinemax for Banshee. I love the diverse cast, the excellent writing, the superb acting and the crazy plots. I’m surprised and entertained every episode.

  5. xander says:

    Can’t wait!

  6. Amanda says:

    LOVED season 1 and can’t wait for season 2!!! Got to love a great Kiwi actor such as Anthony Star!!

  7. Ron says:

    Looooved season 1, looks like season 2 will be even better! Definitely a 10 here. Super excited!

  8. Shaun says:

    Looks great.Excited to see it back.

  9. sandra says:

    Please tell me who the male and female are in both sex scenes and who rebecca is threatening?

    • BHM1304 says:

      I can’t tell but – Tatanka Means looks bad ass in that trailer and we haven’t even met his character. Doing dad proud getting cast in his father’s last show RIP to the late great Russell Means. Actual Native Americans portraying a Native American on television (along with a Hawaiian and a Cuban but at least they’re trying…)

  10. christina says:

    10!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  11. Michelle says:

    Sooooo lookin’ forward to s2 premiere!

  12. amanda says:

    I began watching Cinemax for Strike Back, and stayed for Banshee…now that the boys are retiring next summer, the bastion of awesome is left to the amazing cast of Banshee…can’t wait for January!

  13. Fido says:

    I don’t think I could get any more excited for S2 than I am right now so I’m avoiding the trailer cos it’d likely make me explode :D. This is one of the few series I came to not know ANYTHING about it, apart from it being on Cinemax. An amazing season followed and I can’t wait to see how they top it.

  14. Mark says:

    On a scale of 1 – 10? definitely a 10. But really 100+.

  15. Pati says:

    I love Banshee its’ so good Cinemax did a good job with this show and Strike Back, I wish Tv line would give strike back more coverage.

  16. Jason cooper says:

    Really looking forward to season 2 of Banshee !!! Looks awesome and loving all the cast especially Lili Simmons , Icana Milicevic and Trieste Kelly Dunn … Banshee babesp

    • les says:

      Yeah dude, never seen soo many hot babes in one show, and they can all flat out act which is uncommon. Didnt even know about this show until i saw it on youtube, then after watching the entire season one, i was hooked. I got hooked! Cant wait for s2 to start.

  17. Eve says:

    100% hooked!!!

  18. michelle says:

    Breathtaking ..

  19. CBWBDK1 says:

    Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 looks epic!!

  20. sarah says:

    i wasn’t sure at first but by the end of season 1 i was hooked amazing show with incredible action. this trailer looks really good, love job

  21. W says:

    Just what we need; MORE VIOLENCE!!! NOT…

    • Amy says:

      Did you see the first season? There were a couple of episodes that I could barely watch for the violence (the prison flashback, the MMA guy), but overall, I love this show.

  22. George says:

    Banshee and Justified are both great but I need lot more quality pulp shows to watch.

    • Agatha says:

      You must be a fan of Demetrius Grosse, he’s in both Justified and Banshee. He’s a law man in Banshee and somehow a criminal in Nobles Haller. He’s pretty good in both. Looking to see if they expand the Sheriffs’ plot lines.

  23. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I’m just curious about how the season finale from one is going to be resolved. He makes an awesome sherrif. And, he’s certainly a cutie!!

  24. 32sashu says:

    so excited for season 2! can’t wait!

  25. jamie says:

    this is by far one of the best series I’ve ever seen,

  26. Julesflower says:

    One of the best, most under hyped shows I’ve ever seen! More people need to know about this show!!! please get the word out more! I want this show to win some darn awards and go for more seasons! I am not even a fan of these type of shows usually, but this one is simply amazing! great cast! Looks like January is going to be a good month!

  27. Truly honored to have been a part of Season 2 of such a quality show. My fingers are crossed that they bring me back.

  28. kadja1 says:

    Can’t wait to see Rabbit, Procter and Job go at it!

  29. Karen says:

    Addicted! Can’t wait for season 2. Antony Starr is AMAZING! Started watching this because I’ve seen him in a lot of other stuff and as always he is great.

  30. Michael says:

    This is an awesome show. The new season looks even better than the first, and that’s saying something. Every character on Banshee is interesting to watch, and the development is always solid. Greg really has something with this, and hopefully a long run as well!

  31. DavidSask says:

    A great show more need to discover keep covering it TVLine!

  32. Keith says:

    Did everyone see the coda (post-credits) scenes for each episode from Season 1? The coda for the Season 1 finale was a doozy! If that plays heavily into Season 2 (I didn’t see any hint of that storyline in the trailer), then “Lucas Hood” is in for an even rougher time.

  33. f says:

    what is the name of the song playing? thanks!

  34. ejzk411 says:

    I have my seat belt fastened for Banshee S2, bring it on!!!!

  35. Nora says:

    10!!!! Cannot wait!!! I knew this season would really outdo last season. And, last season was fanfriggin’tastic!!!

  36. leslie says:

    WHAT IS THE SONG ??????????????

  37. june says:

    I love this show, is a 10 all the way. 100% waiting for it.

  38. P says:

    I almost skipped watching this trailer because I was seeing the little trailer they air on Cinemax every time I tuned into Strike Back and thought it was the same thing. WOW WOW WOW!!!! This show was one of the biggest surprises last year, IMO. Incredible writing, characterizations, and direction. Awesome and downright draining! You really feel like you’ve gone 10 rounds after watching 50 minutes. LOL! I. Can’t. Wait! And yeah, this trailer looks like the preview for a big blockbuster movie. Obviously not skipping a single beat from the mindblowing season one finale.

  39. Lori says:

    Banshee is an AMAZING original series… CANNOT wait until Season 2 starts.

  40. Snafflepuss says:

    Gosh, people hate hard when they hate, huh? Cracking show, only heard about it last week and have already finished the first season! BRING IT ON.

  41. Brian K padveen says:

    The best show every. Just don’t watch it before bedtime, too much adrenaline.

  42. Ae Neuman says:

    whats with the goofy sound ?
    series 1 was agood watch
    series 2 looks to continue the comicbook adventures

  43. Pete 5858 says:

    Suck my tit bitch, season 2, to quote the bible, looks to be a cluster **** of truly epic proportions! Great show, original, epic fights, hot women, Spartacus of the 21st century!

  44. darryl says:

    Im on season 3