Person of Interest EPs Defend Shocking Twist, Talk Unscripted Kiss, Tease 'Messy' Aftermath

Person of Interest Carter KilledPerson of Interest creator Jonah Nolan says that when he rounded up his cast almost three years ago, the message was clear: “Nothing lasts forever.” That in unspooling this tale of two men, a Machine and the others in their orbit, the mandate was to keep the stakes real.

That much was confirmed this Tuesday night, when the CBS drama killed off, in the episode’s final moments, the character of newly re-minted Detective Joss Carter, played by Taraji P. Henson. Here, Nolan and EP Greg Plageman reveal all that went into that difficult but preordained decision, share a secret behind Carter’s kiss before dying and succinctly tease Reese’s reaction to the loss.

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TVLINE | For starters, there’s some confusion out there, some debate about who knew what and when. Did Taraji sign onto the show knowing it’d be just a two- or three- year run? Did she find out after? At some point down the road…?
JONAH NOLAN | We didn’t have any explicit plans when we began the show in terms of, “Oh it’s going to happen at this moment,” but the promise we made to Taraji and all of our actors is we weren’t signing them up for a show where, even if everyone was wildly successful and the ratings were great, we’d have them spin wheels for 200 episodes. Greg and I talked a lot about shows like The X-Files – a show that I loved because you often got a satisfying self-contained story of the week, but there was always this this larger tectonic rumbling of “Anything can happen.” Same thing with 24 – in fact, I kept waiting for the episode where Kiefer Sutherland’s character bought it, in part because at the end of that run where Tony Almeida died, I read an interview where Kiefer said, “Someday they’ll write me out of the show,” and he was excited to see that.

TVLINE | Right, I even remember speculating that they were grooming Rick Schroder to be the “new Jack,” that they were ramping up to killing off Kiefer. But they never did.
NOLAN | I’ve worked in film for most of my career — this is my first experience with TV — and the tension in film [spans] two hours, especially in one of my films where everyone is dead at the end, story’s over. [Laughs] It’s a totally different format. On television, the emphasis is more like comics. In 70 years of Batman, no one has ever died, except for the second Robin — and he only, and tellingly, died because the readers voted for him to die. On some level, your viewers, even though they say they don’t, they want s–t to happen. They want drama, they want real stakes.
GREG PLAGEMAN | It’s funny you mention Rick Schroder because I came onto NYPD Blue when he came on to replace Jimmy Smits, and if you recall, [Bobby Simone’s] death on that show absolutely crushed half our audience — and they still watched the show, because they knew that anything could happen. And then [Danny] died! On that show there was a Case of the Week, but there was also the larger serialized story. The relationships between the characters mattered because you knew that they could die. It made it a richer show.

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TVLINE | All of that said, when it came time to pull the trigger, were there any second thoughts? Possibly a concern about preserving the diversity of the show’s cast?
NOLAN | There are a million concerns that go into this — from us, the network, everybody else. The primary concern is to tell a compelling and entertaining story. Everything else is secondary. I flew out early in the year to sit down with Taraji and say, “OK, here’s where we’re going,” and she knew [it’d been a possibility]. It was a wonderful but bittersweet conversation. These shows are hard to make, so when you find a great collaborator like Taraji, the last thing you want to do is shake it up — but the thing driving us from the beginning is that mandate of “Keep it f–king entertaining.” You’ve got to keep things moving. We have a bloodthirsty group of writers — you’ll walk into the room one day and they’ve devised a way in which Reese and Finch are killed in a fire. [Laughs] But what’s great is you’re sitting there confronting the possibilities of what the show could be. When they have the capacity to surprise us, we know that that will surprise the audience. That’s also why it’s great fun talking to you – because you, like us, watch a lot of TV, and the idea that we kept you on the edge of your seat for an episode, that’s the whole thing. That’s where broadcast has some lessons to learn from cable, in terms of stakes.

TVLINE | The kiss John gave Joss — what all was that about? Merely emotions in the moment, or romance, too?
PLAGEMAN | I think it was both. Carter and Reese had a very special relationship from the very beginning, from the moment he was fished out of the subway. You really felt that this was a deep relationship — that Carter cared about him on a different level, and that he came to care about her on a different level. The interesting part about the kiss is that it actually wasn’t scripted. It was just a swapping scars moment. So when the actors went there, it was all of their own volition, because in that moment they both felt it. And when you removed that element, the scene didn’t feel quite the same.

TVLINE | Wait, so Jim [Caviezel] and Taraji did it on the fly?
NOLAN | They just did it. What’s fun about that is I’m a bit of a control freak, so I get squirrelish when things happen on our set that aren’t scripted. And when I started hearing rumblings that the scene was “very powerful”…. I’ll be honest, Greg and I were not terribly interested in seeing that take because the moment on the page was about the enduring friendship between these characters. Yet from the beginning, I was kind of always rooting for that connection, that spark, so finally we sat down and looked at the take like, “Aww….” It’s very earned. It’s very real. And to answer your question, it’s a bit of both. It’s not a lascivious moment, it’s not a moment of seduction. We sort of crammed the edit suite with our writers and editors, like a clown car, making them watch this moment, and everyone agreed that it wasn’t unraveling three years of building a connection between them. The look on Taraji’s face, her reaction to it… a bit of surprise, a little bit of, “Oh!” She’s completely present in that moment, and the second we cut it out you could feel the power go out of it. For all the people like me who were rooting for these two people to find each other, you got a little moment of that. We didn’t want to deny them that.

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TVLINE | And moving forward, how would you sum up Reese’s reaction to losing Carter? Especially coming off him opening up to her about losing Jessica?
NOLAN | Messy.

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  1. rflairfan1 says:

    There is another interview with her on IGN. She talks about all the people who claim they will stop watching, she doesn’t believe for a second that they will.

    Also said that at the end with JohnIGN: I need you to finish Carter’s final like for me. She said to Reese “Don’t let this…”

    Henson: What she was saying is “Don’t let this change you.”

    It was a good article talks about wanting to do something else instead of a show for multiple years.

    • latanja jones says:

      I did stop watching iI will always love John and Finch in their roles. They hit the heart by killing Carter.

  2. gbc says:

    Love the show, loved the characters but can I just say what hasn’t been said yet, I think Ms Henson is one hot mama! Outrageous curves that run from here to next week!

  3. Mariah says:

    This sucks that they killed off Joss. I loved her interaction with John, Fusco and Harold. Maybe it looked like she died so they could get the rest of the bad HR people. I am hopeful. If not, she will be missed.

  4. All Done with POI says:

    Oh, Nolan and Plageman, you broke my heart and I’ve seen it coming since last season, just hoping you’d prove me wrong. Unfortunately, TV dramas are too formulaic for real surprises anymore. The original cast of POI brought a refreshing change from the, “pretty people,” casts.

    Carter was a flawed character that could have been developed into a powerful role model for women but you took the easy way out. Now, the show is about a guy with an AI computer, a couple of guys with guns, and a couple of sociopathic broads with guns.

    Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:

    Kill a core character and you’ll kill part of your audience. I’m certain many people will still watch but I’m all done. Nothing lasts forever, especially not a show with stereotypical plot lines.

  5. eileen says:

    My thoughts are that it was a great very suspensful episode but killing off Carter at the end was so predictable. Especially when they were walking so carefree when we all knew there was still danger. ight before it happened I said to my husband one of them is going to get shot and killed and seconds later…bam. It ruined the show. I would have been more surprised if she didn’t get shot at the end and they did it on another episode.

  6. rita says:

    People have a right to feel like they feel. Yes it’s just a show but it worked worked with the cast it had. Why her and not her partner. I agree with those who won’t be watching any longer.l’ll find something on ccable.T.Henson made the show as their moral compass and she was awesome in the role. Mark my word the ratings will die a slow death.

  7. gem says:

    DON’T FREAKING CARE ABOUT POI ANYMORE! I feel that it was all in their plans from the beginning anyways bc why would they hire Henson knowing she is primarily a movie actress. Way to go just a slap across my face. I’m a black woman who wants to see powerful black women being portrayed on tv is that freaking too much to ask these days? Now I’m really down to two dramas splash in with the occasional reality shows. When I was younger I watched everything but now I want to watch what I want to watch. I LOATHE CBS! I only watched POI and now I don’t need to. CBS shows are as diversified as a white panther – no spots allowed. I get it CBS so I need to keep on stepping until you find your way back.

    Still I want to thank Taraji for portraying such a powerful character!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Not happy about Carter being killed off. Root is annoying and should have been killed off instead. Fusco and Shaw have their moments but the dynamic between Reese, Harold and Carter is what made the show. Will give it a few more episodes …

  9. sandra says:

    IPerson of Interest is an excellent show but I will not be watching anymore. I am 56 years old, I have been watching life from the white point of view since I started watching tv,I am really just tired of seeing soooooo many white people on tv, I am no longer interested. I have to see SOMEBODY I can relate to,because all white has gotten very old.

  10. rflairfan1 says:

    For all the people who say they will not watch, that of course is your choice. However unless you are a very very very select few that have a Nielsen box it really doesn’t matter if you watch or not. I have never seen one or even read about someone having one. I believe they are like unicorns and they don’t exist.

    There is also another interview with her on IGN that talks about people who say they will stop watching, not wanting to do a show for multiple years, and what she said to John at the end. It was a very good article.

    • Kathi says:

      We were Nielsen family for a month, so they do exist. Someone got in touch with us and asked if we wished to do it, & we agreed. We also had to keep a journal about the reasons why we viewed certain shows and why we did not view others. We are not happy about this killing, but we will continue to watch for awhile. If we were still your journaling though, this action would have received low marks from us.

  11. ChrisC says:

    There’s really no defense for this “shocking twist.” I’m usually okay with shows killing off great characters as long as there’s good story-telling involved, but this was just so sloppily done. It was all about shock value, and giving Reese angst, and now I’m pretty much done with this show.

  12. Michael Stangel says:

    This really sucks!! You writers really think you have so much job security, you can do whatever you want with a script. We will just see how your rating approvals do,

  13. Jaz says:

    Just when you added Shaw, you had the perfect crew. Then you kill off Carter…so disappointed. My 79 year old dad was livid and vowed never to watch again. Sorry, but I agree. Instead of watching POI, I’ll take the time to clear my DVR.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What you don’t seem to realize is that you killed off the character that was vital to your show. Say Good Bye to the high ratings on your show. You just killed it.

  15. Missy Kelly says:

    Well, I’m not angry that they killed the only person of color in the cast but I am angry that they killed Carter off. I liked her and the only thing I have missed this season was the interaction between Carter, Fusco, Reese & Finch. I love Sarah Shahi and her character has added much to the whole. Have been trying to figure out why they are wasting Amy Acker and I know that they had to end the whole “HR” thing. It was trying and irrelevant. I just don’t think that to move forward with the Machine and Amy Acker, that they had to end Carter. I hope that Fusco will be sticking around. It’s very important to remember where you came from even if you are only and episodic tv show.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  16. John 1138 says:

    The actor wanted out and fans can’t respect that?

    Hmmm, sound familiar? The not watching anymore sure does.

    Some good television will be missed. IMHO anyway.

    • Shawn says:

      Once again. Damage control interview. Its seems awfully quick to have all of the interviews when they found out the fans and viewers were upset about the killing.

    • darissa says:

      The actor did not asked to be taken out……we obviously would have respected that….she was told she would be killed off….do some research…..Fans are here expressing their opinions about the show…why do you feel the need to ‘attack’ them……??? Did you somehow take that PERSONALLY.

  17. DJ Doena says:

    The only problem I had with Carter’s death was the standard script clichés. I mean, really? Once Joss and John confessed their love to each other, Fusco was out of the woods. Joss bringing her son to her ex-husband? Can you paint crosshairs on her more obviously?

  18. jennifer says:

    Wonderfully written and beautifully acted episode. I have loved this show from the beginning, mostly because I think Jim Caviezel is a highly underrated but one of my favorite actors, but also because this show is so intelligent. I just love it! It was such a bittersweet, sad episode, but also makes me excited to see where will it go from here. What will it do to Reese?

  19. G Welsh says:

    Unfortunately, Carter’s death was a senseless death, just like the death of Tasha Yar on Star Trek The Next Generation. (Guinon – playted by Whoopi Goldberg called her death a “senseless death”) Of course, The Next Generation brought her back at a much later date in the series). I hate that you killed off this great character, but you could have at least killed her off in a more honorable way. She could have gone down in an actual battle and made a more conscious decision to give her life for another. This was senseless because she and Reese were not on their guard, as they should have been. (There as a scene that foreshadowed this earlier in the season, where they were overheard and caught off guard – so they should have learned from it.) So, Carter died because these two excellent crime fighters were being stupid? Makes me wonder what other ways the writers and producers will mess this up. Oh, and by the way, the audience does not watch TV to be punished. As soon as you predicted a character would die, I disconnected emotionally because I thought, I will not be watching this program after this 3 part monstrosity. I don’t watch TV in order to watch the bad guys get a win. I watch so that I can see the good guys do something amazing. Too bad. I liked this show. Oh, well, there is always Shield and Arrow. Of course, if you pull an Arthur Conan Doyle later in the series, all will be forgiven. (But, by that time, I will have to catch up with reruns.) Now CBS has no shows that I want to watch

  20. Nick says:

    Disappointing that they had to kill the only remotely human character in that wishy washy mess of a series. My prediction is that, as the ratings wither, they will kill everybody in the end. Carter you deserve a real show.

  21. xander says:

    Gutted Carter was killed off, but just watched her Letterman interview from Nov 20th, and she clearly states she knew from the beginning of her contract she knew she’d be killed off, just didn’t know when exactly?!

    She also said, she didn’t want to be stuck in a TV show for 7 years as films are her main priority!

    Guess that clears everything up.

  22. Annette Brewer says:

    I have to be honest it was and I do mean was, my favorite TV drama from the start. Simply because of team. Finch, Reese, Fasco and Carter. From the start they made we want to watch the show, dvr, tivo, what ever I had to do, never missed an episode. I was devastated to see Carter go out in such an unrealistic way, no body armor? I hope this is a ploy to get HR off of her back and keep her son safe, because I would feel slighted to think the writers felt it was okay to orphan a young boy, black or white, because they saved Fasco and his offspring, but what about Carter’s son? It will be hard to watch but i;m sure we are going to be in for a blood bath as the POI team go out for revenge, but will it bring Carter back?

  23. catherine glenn says:

    This WAS one of my favorite shows. WIth the death of Joss, I will have to find another program if I choose to watch a show at this time. I’m out.

  24. carlycane says:

    While it was planned out from the start, the timing was bad. Of course people are going to start using the race card, boycott the show and turn their anger to Root and Shaw (because they will get the blame). They came on as regulars and pushed to the moon on commericals, at NYC Paleyfest and Comic con events. It looks like Taraji was forced out so Sarah and Amy can take her spot. It’s not like that, but that’s what it looks like. It’s a shame since they were pushing girl power to the point of vomiting yet killed one of the powerful women. And with few female black leads on broadcast television (most black leads are male) she stood out more. I honestly don’t think Greg, Jonathan and Denise The (she wrote the episode) was thinking this through. As I stated before, the timing is bad. Very bad.

    • bird says:

      I do think it was planned from the start. Sarah and Amy was really pushed and that’s when I knew. They just don’t have it. What you said was right on and well put.

  25. james says:

    Seriously, is there any way to bring her back and say she’s not really dead? This really sucks. I loved this show.

    • Betty says:

      I actually had it worked out in my mind that they faked her death so she could go into the witness protection program since there may be pieces to HR still out there gunning for her (not just Simmons).

  26. Alan says:

    I enjoy watching the show, but agree it needed some shaking up, which has happened. Good to know good guys are vulnerable in some shows. Luckily for me I see actors as being good or bad performers, not as a certain race, just people. it will be interesting to see where the story leads from here. Thanks for the good entertainment.

  27. sarah says:

    still a huge mistake should have been root, shaw or both because those characters just don’t work and have screwed up the cast dynamic way to much. the main 4 characters were perfect together why screw around with that. can’t help but think this was an idea that wasn’t well thought out and will bit poi in the ass.

  28. Loretta says:

    Joss Carter was one of my favorite TV characters because she was well acted and complex. I’m very disappointed to see the character killed off. I loved how Carter moved from seeking the arrest of Reese & Finch (Season 1) to being a trusted and skilled member of their inner circle. I LOVED Carter because of her depth: loving parent, Iraq War Veteran and honorable city cop who learned to walk the edge in pursuit of justice. I hate Root because she is warped in a way I don’t find interesting or entertaining. Shaw is ok but she is like a female version of John with no unique qualities of her own. I like Fusco but it’s safe to say he succeeded on his path to redemption. I would have preferred to see Root, Shaw or Fusco exit. Taraji P. Henson’s presence on the show will be greatly missed. IF I watch, it won’t be with the same enjoyment. Very disappointing!

  29. Steffy says:

    I am really disappointed with the show, i didn’t expect the death of Carter coming. I don’t understand why to kill her off. In the past episodes the writers built/created such a strong, bad-ass, solid, incredible, human, determined character just to kill her??? WHY?????????? It doesn’t make any sense!!! I didn’t buy your explanations coz you just made me lose interest in what’s coming for the show.

  30. Martha Judge says:

    AND GOOD—— by- Cheap Trick- killing off Carter– I don’t rush home any more to watch
    person of Interest– it WAS one of my favorite programs.
    GOOD BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. KT says:

    I believe TPH is doing the PR rounds. I don’t she will bite the hands that fed her. What would saying “I didn’t want to leave” accomplish? She might be working with these said producers some time in the future. IMO, unless she had quite a few movies lined up she would have remained given the opportunity.

  32. namvet says:

    POI is a well scripted tv show. Taraji Henson is a fine actress and I will miss her deeply. She has 3 movies she is working on so it’s not like she is being thrown into some trash heap. Her future looks brighter to me in films rather than the grind of a tv series, but Im a farmer so what do I know. I thank her and the writers for developing a character with depth.
    The kiss was important, as was the knowledge of the story behind the single bullet John left her as he cleared the scum away. I’ve never been a racist, I learned in nam that we all bleed the same color blood, brothers in arms. I hope the writers keep up their good work and that the shows quality continues to shine.

    • Melanie says:

      Well said and thought out. I appreciate your point of view. Thanks for alleviating the rampant negativity on this particular thread. :-)

  33. Nancy Alexander says:

    I am sorry that Det Carter was shot. I think it really changes the dynamic of the group especially vis a vis law enforcement. That only leaves Fosco to hold up the police end of the show. I liked that their friendship was developing and now that I read how the kiss was unscripted I can absolutely see that… she looked surprised and he looked uncertain in approaching her. I worry about how much pain John will be in. His history shows that he hardly ever opens up to anyone and the minute he did his potential love interest died. That will have a horrible impact on him emotionally. I am sorry that the show went in that direction; he was just becoming more human.

  34. Addie says:

    Wow what a real shocker although I’m sort of glad it happened, because I was beginning to watch too much TV. Without any Black people on the show I can un TEVO it because now its just the same ole stuff like the rest. A white washed NYC. Farewell lady!

    • Kathi says:

      Oh! I never thought of that angle, but you’re right. They most definitely did kill off the only righteous person of color on the show. Ordinarily, I do not subscribe to falling back on the race card, but I think you could be onto something whether or not the writers realized it. It was kind of a stupid thing to do!

  35. Cleo says:

    This episode was very upsetting. I was not happy the way it went. Killing off one of the main characters I don’t believe was smart. I feel that you all will lose a lot of people watching Person of Interest. I am such a big fan and I hope the show does not get boring or end for good because the plot of the story has been told. I feel that is what happens with a lot of shows I loved. They got them nice and juicy and then took them off air, such as “The Medium”, “24 Hour”, and even “The Closer”, “The Fringe” and I can go on. Not a way to get people wrapped into a show and then cut it off…. I’m very upset about the loss of Carter. I hope the show with continue and still continue to be interesting as Carters friends on the show mourn her loss.

  36. Bob says:

    another bad move by cbs, killing off a main star of person of interest

  37. Ann says:

    I don’t care about color or race. I just think it’s criminal to kill off Carter.

  38. Kathi says:

    Yes, I’m peeved that they killed Joss off. Her role was pivotal – a moral connection between the Machine people & the law. I don’t want to hear “storyline dictated”. If that caused it, fire your writers, & I’ll happily send you a script that provides continuum. lol

  39. Jo james says:

    Why didn’t Carter’s number show up? No one noticed that.

  40. Tina says:

    The interviews and spin that the Nolan and Plagemen are giving to try and keep those viewers who are longer going to watch because of Carter’s death is ridiculous. Taraji was asked to leave to make room for Sarah Shai and Amy Root. If she was only about an HR storyline then why not kill Fusco he was all about HR too. Shaw and Root are to boring for me and nothing will make them likable for me. I did not see the purpose to make the main character in the first place even before Carter’s death. I will not watch after next week I only want to see Reese get his revenge and the funeral.

  41. Angela Collins says:

    I will no longer watch person of interest. I’m tired of looking at shows with all white faces.

  42. Victoria says:

    I am from a foreign country where skin color is really not an issue and I find it interesting that you identify with a character just because the color of her skin. I am italian and I do not identify with italian characters at all, but I did with Carter because she was a single mother like me, or I do identify with Olivia Pope from Scandal because of her star-crossed love life, for instance. For me, those who say they don’t watch a show because there are black people in it are just as racist as the ones who say they identify with a character because they share the same race (regardless of any other character features).
    Bottom line, you can’t make everybody happy and I understand why they would write her off – I was expecting it from two episodes ago. Interesting twist – though not the show it used to be, definitely.

  43. Drew says:

    I love the show, but too many episodes based on the characters.
    I will look elsewhere for a different show. Hopefully I don’t find a show with the two people making the calls!!!!

  44. Misty says:

    I will no longer watch Person of interest kilk of Carter is horrible. ..

  45. Fan of Jim and Taraji says:

    I do not have a Nielsen box in my house, but I wrote to the company to express my displeasure regarding Person of Interest and I told them I will never watch the show again. I also wrote to CBS. I mean what I say and I am still upset about Carter (Henson) being shot down, in the street, like a dog. I abhor Nolan and Plageman and their insensitive brashness and I hope the show fails as soon as possible. I am sorry John Reese will turn back into a sick animal……….all because of the egos of miscreants.

  46. I’m done Took it off the dvr.



  48. sharon says:

    I will miss Carter but I hope we still will have the show.
    I hope this show stays the course I love Reese and Finch even if they keep killing everyone off okey just keep Reese and Finch. I watch the first season pilot often because of how they met. I liked Carter, but to me the show is Reese, Finch and the Machine.

    • In my opinion, You are absolutely correct that the show is Reese, Finch, and the Machine. The additional roles actors fill is a necessary evil in TV shows and many end up on chopping block in the writers story telling to keep things fresh and move the show in different directions to keep the viewing public entertained. Don’t you agree? Steve H.

  49. Robin Smith says:

    I love this show! I love the premise and the twist and the surprise. I could actually see John dying at some point, if they set up another :John: in the wings to step in… didn’t you hear Root say this John wasn’t the first, or even the second??? Who says he’s the last? All this show needs is the machine, giving out the numbers and the people getting those numbers need to do the job. It was great to see the people the writers create being interesting and the actors great at the task… but not one of them makes the show, or is safe from replacement… as long as the numbers get to SOME people wo are able and WANT to do the saving… this show can go on… and I’ll be watching… those of you fed up because one character is gone, I think will miss some great shows as the remaining characters deal with the fall out, pick up the pieces and continue on….. for some, the loss of Joss was a show stopper… but not for all of us…
    When Being Human swapped the entire cast — I gave them a chance, but the new cast just wasn’t good… the acting suffered.. I quit watching. As long as POI keeps bring it at a high level… I don’t care if they swap the cast out one by one — though I’d miss those characters, I think POI is that rare show, like MASH was, that can handle the change… and even get better for it. Remains to be seem, but those of you ringing the death nell, I hope you are wrong… and I hope those running this show, acting in the show — writing in the show — SHOW you, it really is bigger than one character, one actor, or one segment of the viewing audience. (no, slow down I mean those that can;t watch without Joss, whatever the demographics).

    POI — I’m glad I gave this show a try , I was hooked and love it. Keep doing what you do, surprise us… and bring in great new characrers too, to support the current great ones.

    To thise not watching… you’re going miss this show!

  50. One commentator eloquently wrote that this was the beginning of the end for this show that has been running for a long, long time. Taraji P. Hanson’s character’s death seemed proper to eliminate her from future episodes after 7 seasons. A “make everyone feel good” closure was added when a notorious criminal used another HR to eliminate Simmons for her death. Now I wonder what is going to happen with the new crew of crime fighters? Steve H., Chicago