Nashville Recap: Me Against the Music Company

Nashville Season 2 RecapScarlett O’Connor, you are a lovely girl. You’re talented. You’re smart. You have some heavy Nashville hitters pulling for you. You’ve shown you have more than a passing interest in a career in the music business. So please accept this advice in the spirit in which it is given: Toughen the heck up, buttercup – and stay that way.

Because your constant switching between flummoxed wallflower and sultry onstage vixen is mystifying. One night you’re swallowing tears as you’re bombarded with boos (and the occasional popcorn bucket), the next night you’re crawling around on stage and making come-get-me eyes at the stadium crowd… then calling your mom and musing that you’re not cut out for the biz.

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Honey, I fully support any decision you make – whether it’s to follow in Uncle Deacon’s footsteps or spend the rest of your life at home, crocheting those beanies you seem to like so much – but please, pick a path and commit to it.

Maybe you can draw inspiration from your mentor Rayna, who this week gets exactly what she wants from smirky turtle Jeff. Or from Juliette, who makes a swift and sound decision concerning Olivia Wentworth’s proposition. Or even from Deacon, who sounds more sure of himself than we’ve heard in weeks. Hey, even Peggy makes up her mind and goes through with her plan, demented as it may be. While you’re mulling the options, Scar, everyone else is going to read on as we review the major developments in “Hanky Panky Woman.”

MS. JAYMES IF YOU’RE NASTY | Rayna is packing to join Luke’s tour in Tampa (and Tandy is teasing her about how much lingerie she’s packing) when the cops show up. “You’re not my driver,” Ray says, sounding as diva-like as I’ve ever heard her. No, Rayna, the nice men with the guns are there because Jeff has a court order commanding you to turn over the masters for your new album. Rather than go to jail, Rayna complies, but she doesn’t like it.

She also doesn’t enjoy when Jeff rattles Scarlett right before she goes onstage for what will go down in history as one of the absolute most terrible performances in recorded history. Scarlett’s onstage freakout is so epic – she freezes, she can’t hear the vocals, she actually utters “I’m lost. Where are we?” into the mic – it makes Ashlee Simpson’s Saturday Night Live lipsync/hoedown seem elegant in comparison. As a stadium full of people boo and throw things, and as Deacon watches from the front row, Scarlett runs off the stage, sobbing.

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THE TOUGH GET GOING | Rayna saves the day by marching her protégé right back out in front of the hostile crowd, smoothing the situation and handing Scarlett a mulligan. The young artist gets through her set but lashes out at Gunnar (along on tour for some songwriting with Luke) and, to a milder degree, Deacon.

Deke decides that the road may not be the kindest place for his thin-skinned niece, and tells Rayna that she’s pushing Scarlett too hard. Ms. Jaymes begs to differ; she later recalls to Scarlett how touring helped her toughen up. “I had people yell ‘Show me your boobs!’ so much,” Rayna remembers, “you woulda thought it was a hit damn song.” (Ha!)

After a little poolside songwriting with Gunnar – a tune so good, it lures Rayna out of bed with her barechested hook-up Luke (I mean, you could go curling on that thing, it’s so smooth) – Scarlett is apparently a new woman. The next night, she passes on Rayna’s offer to introduce her to the crowd and then vamps her way through her entire set. At one point, she even playfully gyrates on the ground. But afterwards, in another swing back to shrinking violethood, the sniffy voicemail she leaves for her mom makes it clear she’s not sure she’s cut out for what’s ahead.

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Nashville Season 2 RecapTHIS WEEK IN RAYNA’S MEN | When, you might ask, was the moment in this week’s outing that I finally decided that Luke Wheeler is a cheesetastic ball of cheese? Was it when he wouldn’t get off the elliptical trainer while Gunnar was trying out songs with him? Was it when he finally did dismount the piece of gym equipment but had zero beads of sweat on his shirt? Was it when, somewhere along the line, he OK’d “The Moon or Shine” as the name of his tour? (What the heck does that mean, anyway?) Was it when he patronized Deacon backstage just before the show? Nope – it was when the stage was filled with a huge illustration of him in a silly pose… and then the lights came up with him in that exact same tip-o-the-hat position. Blech.

But hey, the guy’s got Rayna in between the sheets and Gunnar’s new song, “Ball and Chain” – which Ray performs with Luke at his show that night – so what does he care what I think? And Rayna’s just happy to have something to offer Jeff: He can make boatloads of cash by releasing the new duet, so why doesn’t he just give her back her masters and quit showing people that terrible album art of her with wings of flame? Way to go, girl on fire! I’m still betting on you.

Meanwhile, I take great heart in what Deacon says to Scarlett while watching Rayna and Luke perform together: “I ain’t dead, and I ain’t done.” Might Deacon take up the life of a solo artist?

THREE-WAY? NO WAY | After Olivia makes it clear that she and Charlie are interested in some kinky business – “sometimes, he likes to watch,” Mrs. Wentworth purrs – Juliette is disgusted. She blows them off (“In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no one I can’t say ‘Screw you’ to,” she reminds Glen), then confides in Avery about the whole mess. “You’ve gotta stop giving these people all your power,” he counsels, and by “power,” I’m going to assume he means “front-row tickets with a tour of the orchestra pit.” (What? You try coming up with musical euphemisms for sex week in and week out. Girl gets around.)

So Juliette confronts the Wentworths at dinner (her “Oh, I have a private jet, too” was great) and tells them that she’s completely uninterested in their vapid selves. Thing is, Charlie’s bothered that she thinks he’s empty. So he later arrives at her door, professing his love. Just say no, Juju!

BLOODY AWFUL | Teddy wakes his new bride with a newspaper chronicling their wedding the night before and the news that the city “universally approves” of her as the new first lady. Go home, Nashville, you’re drunk. He also wants to go with her to her next OB-GYN appointment, so Peggy soberly turns to her husband and confesses that she’s no longer pregnant. Just kidding! That would be what a sane person would do. Instead, Pegs fakes some cramps and then uses pigs’ blood to stage a miscarriage. (Way gross, Peggy. I mean, was Teddy really going to demand proof? Most men would rather take a nail to the eyeball than even utter the word “tampon,” so I really don’t think he’d be all, “Show me what you’re talking about.”)

In bed later, she cries as she says she knows he only married her because she was pregnant. “Hey, don’t even go there, OK?” he says. Not exactly a denial, is it?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Shanag says:

    That was a fanatastic episode. and finally Connie Britton AKA Rayna Jaymes owned the episode.

  2. Michele says:

    Wish this show would turn back into All About Eve meets ‘music city’ Scandal instead of this vapid predictable soap opera. It’s losing me.

    • Shanag says:

      If it’s losing you after this specific episode than you probably shouldn’t have started to watch the show, because that was a great episode and it embodied all the key elements of this show is such a great way.

      Also, hate “All about Eve” -it’s not exactly the most empowering story for women and Nashville is all about sisterhood

      • Josh says:

        It had plenty of strong elements but also had the Peggy storyline and the Juliet storyline(with that whimper of an ending…). Honestly, just try to respect someone’s opinion instead of telling them not to watch a show they probably enjoy, save for the soap elements.

        • Shanag says:

          Sorry if I was misunderstood. As a fan of the show I would never tell anyone not to watch Nashville (especially if they have the Nielsen box in their home :)). I think it’s a terrific show with some weaknesses like the Peggy storyline or the character of Zoe that I still haven’t figured out its contribution to the show besides making Gunner act dumb.

          I also think the show is actually improving in terms of storytelling and characters development. They are digging much deeper this season and all the stories about the hardship of being an artist and the realty of the music world became much rawer and even dark.

          What I do mind, and for that I aimed my criticism, is the concept that Nashville should be something it never was. For example – All about Eve. That story of all about eve is a story of rising star versus a falling star and young versus old. Its female struggle that turns into a brutal fight between two generations of women where the moral is that there can be only one woman on top…and it’s the young one. In Nashville, form the very beginning, that rivalry was not like that. Yes, there are very few spots on top because it’s a very competitive business but it’s not saved for the young one, but the ones who manage to find their place in the market (and there can be some many ways to do so). Nashville basically took what we are so used to watch when it comes to women who are professional rivals, and turned it upside down when it avoided turning it into a personal cat fight about the attention of men. So when I read someone saying, let’s turn it to All about eve, all I can think of is -Seriously?? That’s what you are thought this show is about and that is what you STILL think and hope for after 1 and half seasons? So yes, if that is the aspirations of the viewer than sadly that’s not the show for him/her.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah the soap opera elements or the weakest. Whenever it concentrates on the music and the struggles in making it/have made it/still trying to be “it”…It’s such a terrific show. But than it does the soap opera elements and it plummets to the ground.

  3. Saabgirlatx says:

    Cute episode but predictable. I was really hoping what Olivia said was a lie to get trapped in-it would have made him coming to her house a bit more believable. I think Scarlett’s storyline shows that to be on those big stadium tours it can definitely be an “act.” Unfortunately, Scarlett’s more comfortable at the Bluebird. Agree there is something douchey about Luke Wheeler, let’s hope RayRay is keeping her heart in check with this one.

    • Matt says:

      I sort of see what you are saying about Luke, but for the most part I think he has been nothing but supportive for Rayna, Scarlett, Gunnar, etc.

    • AdamJ says:

      Lets call a spade a spade. In 13 months Rayna has gone from happily married mother of two to divorced after having two affairs while still married and onto third now shes divorced!!! Where I come from that’s a Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Xmas everyone.

      • Hanna says:

        I guess you should call Juliette and Deacon a ho too, since you think that someone who is sexually active is a ho.

      • Brandy says:

        I am Dissapointed to that Rayna didn’t wait for the divorce to be final to sleep with Deacon and then the second the divorce is final,she jumps into bed with Liam and now Luke.The ink on the divorce papers wasn’t even dry when she slept with Liam or Luke.Shes had no time to deal with the end of her marriage emotionally before moving on and that’s not good.It seems to me she didn’t know Liam or Luke that well or forlng before jumping them.

        • Josh says:

          How very Puritan of you.

          • Shanag says:

            They were in love for half their lives, so one piece of paper won’t make a difference. And also, Rayna is a gorgeous beautiful, successful, free women. Why shouldn’t she enjoy her sexuality? Rayna is doing it and it’s wonderful to watch how a women who knows who she is, enjoy being a sexual being. It’s beautiful and liberating. certianly not cheap.

  4. Rose says:

    What a fantastic episode! Connie Britton owned this one…but everyone was great. Even Peggy was kinda OK in all her craziness.Props to Eric Stoltz who once again saved the day /show. ” “I had people yell ‘Show me your boobs!’ so much,” Rayna remembers, “you woulda thought it was a hit damn song.” (Ha!)” – favourite line this season. I thought it was hilarious… this episode was exactly the show I want to see.

  5. Ian says:

    Yeah, for this show to be pretty much pure soap, for some reason this episode was Nashville at its charmy best.
    The one thing that annoys the hell out of me though is that Scarlett gets no other love interests other than Gunnar and Avery, both of whom have slept around and done her wrong. I wish they’d throw another guy into the mix for her.

  6. JJ says:

    I think this show should stick to the business stuff, because it’s having such a hard time creating authentic romantic relationships. None of these people this season seem to have real attachments to their romantic interests. More than cheesy Kimberly I thought Luke seemed like a jerk with the Deacon comment and trying to say he co-wrote Gunnar’s song. Rayna has fallen for this guy why? Even the Deacon/Rayna relationship seemed odd tonight, I’d love to get over my exes as quickly as Rayna seems to have completely forgotten than Deacon ever existed. She didn’t even seem remotely affected by him being there, and this was the driving emotional relationship of the show up until a few episodes ago. What?

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I think this episode we saw Rayna and Deke the day after they had a good night with Maddie so I can see where they would be a bit more relaxed together-and also putting it all aside in support of Scarlett.
      I’m not 100% sure what Luke said to Deacon was a put down but a lament that Deacon didn’t become a star performer. My interpretation had it that the two of them came up together and Deacon faded off to the side with his guitar and could have been more. Was it said in a douchey way, yup.

      • JJ says:

        The oddness for me I think was less about Deacon and Rayna not having an emotional conversation, and more that she’s just casually jumping into a new relationship with Luke while Deacon is staying in the same hotel. For two decades she’s been in love with Deacon and now it’s like he never existed and it’s all about Luke, just doesn’t seem realistic. No one moves on that fast, especially when their ex is around.

        • 3dhouseofmagic says:

          True-some people cure a broken heart by hooking up, too. Most likely just drama from the writers so we can all shout at the TV that she really should be with Deacon!

  7. Sidney.B says:

    What is happening with Will and Gunnar, I only care about them.I want to catch up if they’re back of wheel with their storyline

  8. Steve Parker says:

    I want to see Scarlett choked out with a microphone. Her character is beyond stupid and she acts like a three year old. Wah Wah I can’t sing Wah Wah I can’t decide who to doo sex with. Wah Wah I’m too dumb to stay away from guys who are no good for me. Just die already.

  9. Chablis says:

    I hate that they made Scarlett so meek and indecisive. Are her and Avery a thing ? I bet Scarlett sleeps with G. Again On the tour.

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    All the bed hopping on this show makes my head spin. I half expected to see Avery and Juliette doing the horizontal dance by shows end. Completely agree with the flopping of Scarlett, pick a side honey. Don’t like Luke, there’s just something skeevy about him. I hate that they’ve basically pushed Will to episode filler status. The only highlight last night was Scarlett and Gunnars poolside duet.

    • Bridget says:

      I don’t think I’d mind all the bed hopping if it was just one or two characters, but it seems like everyone on this show is constantly hooking up with someone and it’s getting old. Like doesn’t anyone just casually date anymore? Nope, on Nashville you talk once and then BAM there’s sex. Again, that’s fine every now and then but it’s happening way too much.

  11. Anna says:

    As always, amazing recap! Also, why do I suddenly like Avery? I didn’t like him in Season 1, but they really turned his character around!

  12. Eran says:

    With the character’s sexual exploits to date, Juliette Barnes taking the appalled moral high ground on the subject of threeways is on par with Rayna James suddenly starting to speak with a British accent. Absolutely ludicrous.

    You’ve bedded nearly every male on the show to date who’s held eye contact with you for more than 10 seconds (unapologetically, which I applaud), let a dirty, fat old radio DJ do god knows what to you as a teenager and that’s ok, but when two insanely hot, consenting adults want to have some creative sexual fun with you, they’re suddenly “sick, empty perverts?”

    My personal stance on threeways is be safe, be consenting, be happy; but when it comes to character consistency and behaviour which is the whole point of this post, I found Juliette’s righteous, conservative moral indignation, beyond preposterous.

    And I’m not buying the “she was starting to have feelings for him” excuse either. Even bloody Nolan and Padma on ‘Revenge’ shared more screen time together before the writers decided to shove that absurd love affair down our throats.

  13. Majeta says:

    I think Rayna is mistress of denial, when it comes to her feelings for Deacon. She doesn’t think they can be together, so, she is working overtime to move forward.
    Can we say Deacon substitute in Luke? A guy that’s in her industry, in her musical genre, bears some resemblance to Deacon (though not even ballpark close, in terms of Hotness).
    We heard her say in episode 7, that she’d like to put Deacon in a box and not have to think about him, that she wants to protect herself.
    I think, consciously or not, Luke is another attempt to protect herself, by putting up Deacon barriers.
    As she and Deacon continue to have to connect, over Maddie, those barriers are going to be a whole lot harder to maintain, me thinks!
    As far as Luke goes, I think he’s an arrogant jerk, who is very self involved. Does he like Rayna, probably, but I think he also sees her as a great career enhancer. The hotest male country star, with the queen of country. All about himself. And I have to wonder, just how closely connected is he with Jeff? How much do they share?

    On a positive note, I enjoyed the episode and was again impressed with the amazing screen chemistry between Rayna and Deacon, in the simplest of scenes.

    I read a spoiler, a short time ago, that Rayna and Deacon, are going to start writing songs together, again. Just business, but, boy, I could see that leading to some very non business places.

    I also love the healing progress Deacon is making and I think it would be great to see him try a solo career

    • Sutton says:

      MAJETA – Your summary of the episode, commenting on how Deacon/Rayna acted towards each other was perfect. She is trying very hard to forget the words she said “I love you and that’s never not been true””I love you and that’s the truth” but he’s always there, because the industry brings them together. Deacon going solo will be the best thing for him. He’s older, more mature (doesn’t drink anymore) and he would have something he can bring to the table for Maddie. If they start writing songs again together she knows from their history where it can lead. Can’t wait for Deacon to have a hit song and see the reaction on Luke Wheeler face who (IMO) is somehow connected to Jeff. Jeff persuaded Luke to connect with Rayna and the info he gets from her goes straight to Jeff. Don’t trust Luke he’s a user of people just like Jeff.

  14. Chablis says:

    As an aside Chip Esten was just on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He won $500,000 (and almost $1M) for Leukemia Foundation. smart, gorgeous and talented.

  15. Parker says:

    Interesting that a lot of people really seemed to like this episode because in my opinion it was so boring!
    Can they maybe have more music again (but please less Scarlett)?

  16. Love me some Deacon! says:

    What’s with Scarlett’s UGH wardrobe – why’d she have to wear the same thing at the show the second night too? Big poofy red skirt could have been cute but for the lack of complimentary blouse, and defintely the wrong boots for that getup. And two nights in a row – Wardrobe! She looks like a Scandanavian Rastafarian – and that’s not a compliment to either Scandanavian’s or Rastafarians. Droopy knit hat – so ugly.

    I agree with those that posted about her wishy-washiness. It’s getting really old. It has been old since about episode #2 in season 1. Granted, she just wanted to write poems until Gunnar made her put them to music, and then she just wanted to write. So you’re suddenly opening for the biggest concert tour around? Quit complaining and go with it! So many won’t get a chance.

    Luke’s snarky comments are piling up. Remember, he was the one that dropped that nasty one liner to Rayna about Juliette just being a flash in the pan after he needed Rayna to intro her at the whatever showcase to invite her into the Opry? And then making it sound like Deacon couldn’t cut it and that’s why Luke is a star and Deacon isn’t. Patronizing to Gunnar when songwriting. And yes, I agree that if nobody had called him on it he would have claimed the co-writing honors. Wonder how far he takes it with Rayna? I precdict there’ll be a marriage and subsequent gutwrenching hardships and divorce. Poor Rayna. (Poor Deacon!)

    • Jacque says:

      Will chase, who, I am not a fan of, is a guest star, so I doubt he’ll be around long enough to get close to a wedding. I sure hope not and I don’t think Rayna is that dumb!

      Rayna is trying to get her life back together. I agree with another poster, I think she’s scared to let herself feel anything for Deacon, right now, and she’s using a lot of band aids.

  17. staci says:

    On Luke… I thought I was crazy thinking really he is doing all this stuff… working out thing,
    name of his concert, and doing his hat like his background pic…. I know we really don’t have male star singers out there doing that stuff.. right??????

  18. Amy says:

    This was not a great episode, to me… my least favorite to date. It felt like Nashville was taking a step back in quality story/writing/concept.
    I never took to Will as a new romance for Rayna. In part, because there’s no authentic- feeling lead-up to these “romantic” hook-ups on Nashville. In part, cuz they’ve got Rayna, jumping in bed with everyone, (not a moral judgment, but because all the hook-ups seem erratic, shallow and just boring, with no real value to the story content.) The hookup with Liam, made a little more story interest because of their work on the album together, and their artistic chemistry. This bed hopping doesn’t really serve her character’s “strength”, or independent womanhood, to me. Jmho. Maybe they want it all to be superficial now to show that she’s just rebounding now too, suppressing Deke feelings.
    Will, I never found appealing, but on this wk’s show it was apparent, by all the obvious tactics the writers used, he really is an egotistical, a$$. Just yuck. And DON’T be making snide digs on Deacon, dude! Deacon as a “lower-rung Bluebird solo player” beats your poser butt all day long, to me. That emulating the cardboard cutout, obviously had the correct “yuck factor” effect the writers wanted, that I believe was meant to show his “shiny veneer” start to show cracks. Mission accomplished! I’m thinking…maybe that’s all build-up in order to make ole Deke’s real comeback, in life as well as music…that much more powerful and sweet, especially if by comparison to Will who turns into a jerk. THAT is what I hope to see happen….Deacon continues to find his way, both as a person & artist, and finally become that strong, reformed, guy. GO DEKE! …With or without Ms. Rayna as his leading lady. I mean, it’s a stretch now, and not what we might want, but who knows what the “newly reformed” Deacon may want.
    My biggest problem with the Charlotte meltdown, was the phony over-reaction from the crowd…it really seemed so silly and fake…it’s this stuff that makes this show cheesy.

    Loved Juliette’s turn-around on the Wentworths. But again…the wife come-on, the reaction at dinner, and the final scene with him at her door….the worst of soap writing…all cheesy and erratic and not very engaging or believable.

    if Nashville turned into this week after week, they might lose me. But…not yet….I’m still loving the potential of this show…

    • Amy says:

      Meant to say Luke, everywhere I said Will!

    • Sutton says:

      AMY – My prediction, Deacon wants that opportunity again to be a solo artist (Great Guitar Player) and this time he’ll take it and show Luke Wheeler. Deacon’s got all the talent, writing songs, singing solo and playing guitar…
      Thanks Amy, I finally found another person who loves Deacon Claybourne as much as me….

  19. Amy says:

    The show was so “literal”…like they don’t think the audience is smart enough to figure it out if they wrote more nuanced. Or is it that they are cramming too much into 45-50 min. (minus commercials)…not time for development. I don’t know. I just wish they’d take these terrific characters/actors and the originality of the concept of this show–behind the scenes of the Nashville music biz–and figure out how to make this show great as it could be. Period.
    …Or…I’m just wrong! Who knows?!

    • Shanag says:

      Didn’t quite understand what it is that you are saying. Did you want them to hint struggles but not show them? Because this is the show-Showing that behind the scenes of the music world.

      Also didn’t understand the lack of nuance comment. .It’s not like they are explaining what just happened after every scene, but every once in a while the do spell it out as they should. For example, who see how Rayna and Deacon approach life and feel their pain without them having a conversation about it, but one small moment behind the scene when Deacon told her she was right, was like admitting what we already know without spilling it out – Rayna pushes through and Deacon give up trying.

      Personally I really love this show and think that the problems this show has, have nothing to do with what you mentioned but maybe I just didn’t understand what you were saying

      • Amy says:

        LOL…I probably was confusing. And I have since watched it again…it wasn’t all bad. Rayna did have some good moments saving Scar on stage brilliantly, standing up to Jeff, then backstage again with Scarlett, “who told you that line a crap?” and “hit damn song!”
        By literal I guess I just felt scenes like the “angry crowd” erupting in a nano-second when Scarlett faltered, throwing things at her en masse seemed overdone and unrealistic. And some of Luke’s ego-driven cowboy star lines seemed a bit corny.

        I will say, Jeff is the one I’m “loving to hate”…he’s adorable and hot, while being the jerky corporate dude. I loved the look he gave Rayna, when he seemed bemused and impressed at her “save” of Scarlett. I think he’s enjoying their sparring….I know I am. The Edgehill vs. Highway 65 stuff… the two approaches, Rayna/Indy vs. Corp./Edgehill, the fights for rights etc….and the artists on both sides…all that could be interesting if they keep developing it and not side-tracking in a million directions in snippets.

        Darn…maybe this just needs to be a two hour show! :)

  20. Amy says:

    I meant Luke Weeler…not Will! Duh.

  21. Shanag says:

    I thought it was an excellent episode in showing how the dichotomy between off and on stage and what it does to different kind of people in different stages of their career. Scarlett who struggles and knows that she pulled it off one night but she can’t do it for long without breaking, Deacon who couldn’t handle it in the past but now, when he was forced to step out his comfort zone in one area (singing without a guitar) think that maybe he can push himself even further, Rayna whose own struggles during her artist career made her strong so for her performing is not so exhausting anymore but more of a game she is playing to share her art but also to get what she wants, and Luke who extended the act on stage to his real life and somehow believe he is big as his on stage persona.

    Most artists I know (self-included) are very shy people in real life, and most of them have to use all their energy to go on stage and basically act. That is why, they feel so drained, sad and lonely after the effect of the adrenalin wear off. Watching Scarett going through that was really touching and painful.

    I think that this element (the fact that some of the characters act like they almost bipolar) that for some odd reason Nashville get lots of critic for is actually one of its biggest strengths because everyone who had to create an on stage persona knows that bipolar is the name of the game. This season they are digging even deeper into the life of artists and get into the dark side and the absurd funny side of it. The fact that some people don’t think its believable only show how little do they know about this kind of life.

  22. TrickyGreyArea says:

    I thought Rayna was saying something about one of the girls coming home when the guy with the court order came in, so she was stating the mega-obvious “You’re not my daughter” (rather than the diva-like “not my driver”). Either way, what kind of crappy security does Rayna have at her house that Deacon can walk in in the middle of the night without warning and now some dudes with guns show up at the door out of nowhere?

    I was excited that Rayna finally got to hear Gunnar and Scarlett together – I’ve been bummed since S1 about Gunnar being a no-show when that was supposed to happen before. My enthusiasm for Scarlett and Gunnar’s off-stage relationship has cooled, but I still like their sound better than any other act on the show, and I suspect Scarlett would be way less twitchy if she had Gunnar to play off of on-stage. Honestly, that’s really the only way I can see her sticking it out in the industry.