NCIS: Your First Impression of Ellie Bishop?

NCIS Ziva's Replacement Ellie BishopCBS’ NCIS, being TV’s most watched drama, embarked on a bold move this Tuesday night by laying the groundwork for a new addition to Gibbs’ team: NSA analyst Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham). Did the newcomer make a solid first impression?

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Though the Oklahoma-bred, food-associating, married info-sponge with three older brothers and not-quite-“Kate-good” drawing skills merely consulted for NCIS in her intro episode, by the end of the hour Gibbs had invited her to work alongside DiNozzo, McGee et all on a full-time basis.

Originally booked for a three-episode look-see, Wickersham was promoted to series regular ahead of her on-screen debut because, as show boss Gary Glasberg explained to us, he and the network brass saw in her early episodes “moments and scenes and a connection with our characters that we all really responded  — emotional moments, fun moments, funny moments that were all there.

“Once we started to see it all come together,” he continued, “the enthusiasm just skyrocketed [and] everyone agreed that we needed to act on it.”

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But now you get to have your say. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts on the new gal in Comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ELH says:


  2. vickie goble says:

    she is bad, last night her suggestion made Gibbs look like he has not been around. So now Gibbs is taking advice from a blond with dark eyebrows. Do not like her at all. If it keeps going like this may have to give up on NCIS They are changing the life blood of the show to fit in this new person. NOT GOOD

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      They ALL like the girl. They were so impressed with her that they put her on full-time. Maybe the problem is YOU and not getting out more often.

    • John 1138 says:

      Given they highlighted both Tony and McGee’s reaction tin that scene I expect the groundwork is being laid for something around that.

      “Eyebrows”? Really?

      No wonder Pauley feels she has to keep pleading.

  3. cherry says:

    I am in agreement, she not only made Gibbs look bad but it also made Tony & McGee look bad to,.especially since they have been doing the job a lot longer than her. They might have been impressed with her, but it should have been up to the fans to decide if she should stay. I am not that impressed with the character. She brings nothing to the show, absolutely nothing. Unless she improves, hopefully she won’t be back next season. She got away with talking to Gibbs the way she did, because Gibbs is going to treat her the way he treats Abby. Where is ziva?

    • John 1138 says:

      The fans? Show me the vote that got Cote on? Or Michael? Or even Gibbs? The fans didn’t vote Cote off, she walked as had Sasha (also not voted ion board).

      Ziva? The writers have her off finding herself. Oh and Bishop talks to Gibbs precisely as the writers have her talk to Gibbs.

    • BJ says:

      In what universe should the fans decide if she stays or not?

      • caroljcarp says:

        You are correct, BJ. Though I’m sure the NCIS folks want to make their viewers happy, and they’d like to see how we react to her. I did, read, however, that she’s been signed for only 3 episodes, so at that point it wasn’t/isn’t a done deal yet. Maybe they’ll soften her up. Maybe they’ll take into consideration some of the comments here. Who knows. But I’ll never leave NCIS. My loyalty is with them and the team. :o)

        • BJ says:

          Both the ratings and the court of popular opinion (the polls) on the various sites have her as strongly favored by the majority of the audience, She was originally signed for several episodes, but has been brought on as a full cast member. I guess she must have tested out really well in the focus groups, etc. NCIS traditionally takes a bit (a half dozen or more episodes) for characters to reach their stride, but thus far, I like Emily and Bishop.

  4. caroljcarp says:

    I concur. Interesting that the ones with complaints are often more outspoken than those who are happy!

  5. CarolG says:

    Don’t like her character. I want Ziva back NOW !!

  6. I would like to wish Cote de Pablo the very best! I loved her as Ziva and enjoyed her talents, however, she has descided to move on and I respect her wishes. She is missed and always will be. Though I like Wickersham I am not a fan yet. I think they are pushing her on us. I don’t plan to watch NCIS New Orleans as, one NCIS is all I can handle. I don’t even watch NCIS LA. All of these spin offs just show that we don’t have people with imagination or creative skills any more. CSI and Law and Order have done the same. I don’t care for those shows either. I only watched CSI when David James Elliott was a guest star. I still think NCIS would be smart to ask David James Elliott and some of the other JAG stars to make guest appearances once in awhile. After all JAG was the start for NCIS!

  7. I have noticed the writing for NCIS is lacking skill and imagination. What is going on? Have they hired new writer’s that are not familiar with the show?

    • John 1138 says:

      If anything I’ve detected a revitalization this year after a couple of seasons of decline. It’s moved ahead of NCIS:LA for the first time in quite awhile in my viewing queue.

  8. Penny says:

    Watching NCIS since the beginning of the season has been a disappointment. The goodbye to Ziva wasn’t worth the hype. 10 to 15 minutes in 2 episodes was a let down.

    The next few episodes weren’t too bad but the addition of Bishop left me cold. The dumbing down of every male character, especially Gibbs, is mind numbing! The clueless look, sloppy clothes, sitting on the floor, eating habits, the inability to work with others as a team member exhibited by Bishop makes me wonder how quickly the writers want to write the final NCIS episode.

    Others have commented on Bishop not needing the team to solve anything because she knows it all. How true. An example was the last show where Gibbs was so impressed that Bishop suggested the suspects car should be returned to the location it was found in and watched. Gibbs would have thought of this as would Tony and Tim but they were all so “impressed” that she thought of this. Rubbish.

    My anticipation for the next NCIS is rapidly turning into dread at what absurd wonders Bishop will come up with next. Sadly my days of being a faithful NCIS follower are coming to an end.

  9. You need a “I’m not sure yet” option, because….I’m not sure yet what I think of her.

  10. max says:

    Bishop is awful. Like plastering over a hole in the wall. Too cutesy, misplaced with team, baby with the grownups. AWFUL.

  11. Dex says:

    I actually like her.

    She is not like Ziva or Kate, and that’s absolutely fine.

    I agree that it all happened a little to fast, and that she was shown too often in the first episode.

    But I think now in the seconds and third episode with her it was more “the team” again.

    As far as I understood this she is now working as kind of a NSA=>NCIS mix? Or did she actually apply again?

    Anyway, also her “smartness” and her “knowing everything and everyone just stands around and watches” is not there anymore. I think that was only because the focus of the first episode was she.

    I’ll definitely miss Ziva, as I missed Kate, but I think she deserves a chance.

    As for her being like Abby, I don’t agree. I think she is her very own type.
    And I also think the fact that the relationship with McGee and Tony is different is normal as well, since she is – like I said – her very own character (and the only one who is married btw.).

    I think she’ll grow into the role. Cote also needed time getting used to it IMO, because she got better over the first season of her being in the show.

    Give her (the actress) time.

    Still love NICS. Awesome show.

  12. Bob says:

    Bishop is a good replacement for Ziva because she is quirky and vulnerable and nothing like Ziva – which is important since no one could outziva Ziva. No one else could stand in the middle of a room arms outstretched holding guns while on the phone to Gibbs waiting for bad guys to break in thru 2 doors – and since it was Ziva the outcome was never in question. Sigh. –

  13. Leon says:

    Did not like Ellie Bishop, she doesn’t fit in well. I have stopped watching the show. I wish Ziva would return.

  14. Bruce says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a blonde Ziva?

  15. Frank says:

    Not impressed at all with Emily’s performance. They need a stronger actor. It now feels like all other police shows.

  16. Kelly Butler says:

    I’ve seen her for a couple episode now and I like her! She’s quirky and lovable!

    I loved Ziva for the first few years she was on but I had noticed the last couple of years Cote was struggling to make her character work. I miss Ziva a lot but the old Ziva, not the newer Ziva.

  17. Daniel Meraz says:

    The new addition to NCIS is bad news. She clearly is not a team player . She’s a lone wolf. A rogue that will get herself killed or one of the agents.

  18. Lisa says:

    I watched all three of what were supposed to be her “trial” episodes (till they decided to make her a regular before her debut) and I simply don’t like the character. I’m not sure if it’s the writing, the acting, or a mixture of both. I would never want Bishop handling a case where my safety was at stake or my loved one were in danger because she is simply not a good agent, slipshod in her work in the “real world” (rather than with paper trails) and insensitive in her bedside manner. And the way the episodes are now written to make her the case-solving star every time makes the entire episode difficult for me to watch. I’ve seen all the previous seasons of the show, but have cancelled recording it and will only resume if they change their mind and write her off the show. Life’s too short to watch a show I’m not enjoying any more.

    • Bob says:

      I like Bishop because she is quirky and vulnerable. she is new to investigations and will certainly make mistakes. she isn’t a replacement for Ziva because no one could out Ziva Ziva. I miss Ziva but it was her choice to leave the show so we are stuck. I think they were smart not to try to replace her with another badass character but if they could find one comparable to Ziva I would love it. Meanwhile I do like Bishop.

  19. Kathy says:

    I loved Kate and was upset when she was killed off (yes, I know it was SA’s choice to leave the show). I really disliked Ziva in the beginning, but she grew on me, and I was honestly sorry to see Cote leave.

    Ellie Bishop? I’m willing to give her a chance, but so far, I’m not thrilled with what I’ve seen. She should have been eased into the show, first as recurring now and then, then added to the cast.

    And let’s face it — if the character originated in fanfic and not on the show, people would be calling her a Mary Sue, and they wouldn’t be far off the mark. Let’s get some more realistic writing for the character.

  20. Bevina says:

    I haven’t watched NCIS since Ziva’s gone. I don’t like Bishop. She’s too quirky. Btw I love both Kate and Ziva. I hope Cote will returns in the end of season 11 or next season. I still have hope for that. I love Ziva & the ship, Tiva!

    • BJG says:

      If you haven’t watched NCIS since Ziva is gone how can you comment on the Bishop character.?? I’ve noticed that with many Ziva/CdP fans, they don’t like Bishop but also state they haven’t watched the show since CdP left. Kind of cancels out your dislike of the character, doesn’t it.

      • Sara says:

        I think by her comment, she has seen through the promos, though. It is such no big deal. I also agree with Bevina, Bishop just doesn’t fit in the team, imho. I’m not Ziva/CdP or even Tiva fan.

        • BJG says:

          As with both Kate & Ziva, Bishop is a probie and has to learn how to investigate and work in a team. I think she’s great She’s caring, willing to learn and own up to her mistakes. She has much to learn, again like Kate & Ziva. I think she’s a breathe of fresh air. And I especially LOVE the fact that there will be no shipping between teammates. Why do you feel that “Bishop just doesn’t fit in the team”???

          • suzi says:

            This is my second comment because almost everyone misinterpreted my objection to Emily’s character. I think she speaks to quickly and is most of the time garbling her speech by not enunciating her words and in this case, if we can’t understand her how can we know if we love her or hate her? An actor must be understood to be in the mix or they might as well be invisible and mute!

  21. ADZD says:

    if Tony ends up with Bishop I will kill myself lol just kidding. but seriously Tony belongs to Ziva.

  22. Jean says:

    I agree that Bishop would have been better eased into the show. As for Mary Sue she is more like that. They did not do this slowly so more fool them. Cote de Pablo’s comment late September/October was “I guess I will be back when Ziva is.”

  23. J-Man says:

    I finally looked up the definition of a Mary Sue character. YES! Bishop is Mary Sue. That’s why I can’t stand the character. That and the actress playing her can’t act.

    • BJ says:

      And yet Ziva was the original Mary Sue with no consequences for her actions and none complained. I don’t see Mary Sue in Bishop at all. She readily acknowledged her shortcomings to Gibbs.

      • J-Man says:

        shortcomings? she only has the one, doesn’t work well with others. ergo, the endearing quality of a Mary Sue.

        Not saying Ziva wasn’t a Mary Sue. But last time I checked other than sniper shooting, Bishop can do everything Ziva did and WAY MORE. such as drawing like Kate an out teching McGee.So if Ziva was a Mary Sue and Bishop can do MORE, how can Bishop not be a Mary Sue?

  24. Jessica says:

    I don’t like bishop!!! I want ziva back. NCIS isn’t the same without her. I miss her sooooooo much :'( I’m a big fan of Ziva/Cote and Tiva! I don’t watch NCIS after Ziva leaving.

    Soory my english is not so good, I’m from Germany.

  25. Fran says:

    What is the reference of “Mary Sue”. I’ve no heard the term.

      • caroljcarp says:

        I got it Fran, from a page on Facebook for NCIS: Definition of a Mary Sue character — A female character who is so perfect as to be annoying.

        Besides being beautiful, she often has an unusual hair color or other physical characteristics. She’s exceptionally talented in an implausibly wide variety of areas, and may possess skills that are rare or nonexistent in the canon setting. She also lacks any realistic character flaws — either that or her “flaws” are obviously meant to be endearing.

        Mary Sue usually winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the show/book/series/universe. The canon protagonists are all overwhelmed with admiration for her beauty, wit, courage and other virtues, and are quick to adopt her as one of their True Companions, even characters who are usually antisocial and untrusting. Other than that, the canon characters are quickly reduced to awestruck cheerleaders, watching from the sidelines as Mary Sue outstrips them in their areas of expertise and solves problems that have stymied them for the entire series.

        • caroljcarp says:

          Ergo, I DO NOT think Bishop is a Mary Sue character.

          • J-Man says:

            She absolutely is a Mary Sue. She draws better than Kate, fights better than Ziva, knows autopsy procedure better than Jimmy, quirkier than Abby, SUPER brilliant and she has a “romantic” relationship with a lead character Gibbbs treats her like she is his daughter.

            Bishop checks almost every Mary Sue block twice.

        • BJ says:

          This really resonates: Other than that, the canon characters are quickly reduced to awestruck cheerleaders, watching from the sidelines as Mary Sue outstrips them in their areas of expertise and solves problems that have stymied them for the entire series.

          Kind of like Gibbs, who valued loyalty above all else shrugging and accepting that Ziva lied for years about her reasons for being on the team. How Tony just shrugged and accepted Ziva accusing him of murdering Rivkin out of jealousy and was just finnne with him watching her back.

          There’s also super heroine speed and strength and the ability to be smarter, more special, etc. than any other character (like how Ziva became the fighter/supershooter/superheroine and Tony lost all ability to defend himself, how Ziva spoke nearly a dozen languages, etc).

          While Bishop may turn out to have some Mary Sue qualities, Ziva Sue started the trend at NCIS.

          • Oh, yes, Ziva was a Mary Sue. If this had been a Trek series, she would have saved the Enterprise with a paperclip and had the resident non-emotional character declaring his undying love for her before the end of the third act of her first episode.

            Bishop doesn’t demonstrate any Mary Sue characteristics thus far. Here’s hoping she never does.

  26. J-Man says:

    I don’t understand how people can say Ziva Sue without saying Bishop Sue.

    Bishop can draw like Kate. Ziva couldn’t, Bishop is now an autopsy expert cause she read the manual over the weekend. Ziva never did. Bishop is all Beautiful Mind smart, Ziva wasn;t.

    If it was Ziva Sue and Bishop can do ten times more things how can she not be Bishop Sue?

    • BJ says:

      And by the same token, Ziva had finished high school, had compulsory military service, attended some college, at least (Dead Man Walking), joined Mossad, was promoted to Ari’s handler (Kill Ari, etc), and ran ops with Jenny post 9/11 (I think mentioned in Kil Ari) , spoke nearly a dozen languages, all before coming to NCIS at the age of 21 (Birthdate 12/83). While I think Bishop was idealized by some of the writers, and I hope they’ll showcase more of her good and bad traits, the warping of other characters (Gibbs’ loyalty, Tony’s fighting skills being left behind, the fact that the end of Season 6/Ziva’s loyalty to Rivin over NCIS was never addressed) was a bigger issue for me.

      • J-Man says:

        I said if you believe that it was Ziva Sue why not Bishop Sue and all you do is keep bad mouthing the ziva character which is ok, Idon’t have a problem with it but it just reinforces my Bishop Sue point. Because if you say it was Ziva Sue and she had x skills etc etc and Bishop HAS MORE, then by default Bishop has to be a Mary Sue type character as well

        • BJ says:

          All I do is badmouth Ziva. Ah, you have no idea how insignificant she is to most of us, me included :) Give me some well drawn characters–Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ducky. The show has shown they don’t write most female characters well.

  27. J-Man says:

    “Other than that, the canon characters are quickly reduced to awestruck cheerleaders, watching from the sidelines as Mary Sue outstrips them in their areas of expertise and solves problems that have stymied them for the entire series.”

    This has already happened three times. The cast stands around waiting for Bishop to make the call. Ah, sorry but she is brand new, why would you let someone so new make the call. And since when does Gibbs not make the call?

    Oh and she is so brilliant she is socially awkward. Can you say endearing quality?

    Agent Bishop Sue to the rescue.

  28. Harry says:

    She sucks. Done.

    • J-Man says:

      Preach, brother!

      • BJ says:

        Hrm not understanding If you’re done, why continue posting here. I’ve been nearly done before, but when I’m completely done with a show, I walk away, don’t continue to engage. Different strokes and all that, but I’m genuinely curious.

        • J-Man says:

          oh I’m sorry. Are you tired of hearing about how your new favorite character sucks? Too bad, deal with it. This isn’t forum only for those who think the new character is great so if you, don’t like the conversation that I’m having with someone else, you can leave just as easily.,

  29. Harry says:

    when everyone said the new character sucks does that mean they’re completely done with THE SHOW? no. does that mean they should walk away? no. chills. I was just saying Bishop sucks, that is my impression of her. You cant forced anyone to like her, or into her. I love the show since the beginning since Kate then, Ziva. I dont think Bishop fit into the team. Thats my honest opinion. I love the whole cast. I respect Emily. I just can not even start to like her character as Ellie Bishop. Thats it. I wish Cote de Pablo or Ziva David will come back to the show next season. I will be very glad. *Sorry for english*

  30. linda says:

    Loved the show for a few seasons. No longer watchable. Characters and story lines.tired and stale.

  31. okie-dokie says:

    she sucks!!!!!!! bring back Ziva! yeah!!!!!!

  32. Jean says:

    I can understand your comment Linda. A lot of people did not like Ziva because of her relationship with Tony. ie The male and female Tony fans and the male all guys together fans. They still go on about the season 6 finale and Tony is always the wronged one! If you had shot someone’s boyfriend, never mind another agency’s agent and you tell that person to “take a swing, take a punch.” What do you think that they are going to do.I also think that they wanted a nice little American girl agent. I listened to then down the years and that is what some of them were really saying.

    • BJG says:

      Maybe they wanted a “nice little American girl agent” because NCIS is a United States Federal Agency and only United States Citizens can be agents. Ziva should NEVER have been assigned to Gibbs Team and should NEVER have been given free access to NCIS/MTAC. After all she was a foreign agent. I know NCIS is a TV show but it is based on a REAL United States Federal Agency.

  33. Patricia says:

    That was the first thing I noticed. To bad she doesn’t have a personality !!! Ziva come back!

  34. DICK says:

    The 2 NCIS reruns over the holidays were great. Especially the one where Ziva defended Gibbs and the female marine who was giving birth. I don’t think Bishops character could have succeeded is this case. She would probable planted her body on a desk and took the bad guys on with her computer. But, tonight she was back. It was like watching Peter Sellers playing a James Bond character. It just doesn’t work. Thank god their are reruns because the NEW shows are sub par with the new character. She just does fit. In fact, her character and how she portrays the character and C+ at best. Maybe this is the last season and they just don’t want to tell us.

  35. adam podlofsky says:

    Aside from disliking Bishop, I have another complaint about the show since she joined. I always liked how NCIS was pro-military, but Bishop saying that the NSA is really a bunch of swell guys; maybe there are just a couple of bad eggs, is the worst and most transparent apologetics. And On the most recent episode, her claim that “drones save lives”, is not only preposterous, but the worst kind of jingoistic nonsense.

  36. J-Man says:

    when I heard drones save lives I puked in my mouth. And I’m former military. Blow sunshine up people’s behinds much there agent bishop/writers?

  37. Rose Marie Fries says:

    I find her cuteness and quirky behavior unbearable. So boring and entire story dynamic has been diminished. Please get rid of Bishop and return to your exciting and interesting NCIS.

  38. greetasola says:

    I haven’t talked to a single person who actually likes this new character. I don’t know where all these positive votes are coming from, but from no one I know. Bishop is insecure and one-dimensional and I find her character thoroughly annoying. Why does this network think female characters are replaceable and interchangeable? For whatever reason, there have been very few decent female characters on this show. The only two who have been worthy and well-developed were Ziva and Jenny Shepard and they were both written off. Abby’s character is inconsistently portrayed and Gibbs’ character even seems dumbed down this season. Get better writers or phone it in. I’ve gone to watching delayed and that is one short step from forgetting to watch completely.

    • tracyharland says:

      Yeh all of what you had to say AND the black eyebrows!!!!! Ziva want-to-be!! They keep writing off the best of the best!! Waiting for Tony to go……..then what does Gibbs do???? See ya!!!

  39. Jack says:

    In all the many years of watching and enjoying NCIS and its fine ensemble cast .. I have never ever seen one single character gets as much ” face time ” as this Bishop character .. Not Gibbs, not Tony. Not Tim, not Ziva .. . not Jenny one .. ever .. It has now gone well past being annoying .. I have sadly developed an unbridled hatred of this bishop character .. wonder what she had to do to get to be the prime focus of NCIS .. Silly I know .. but .. there it is ..

  40. Jack says:

    In all the many years of watching and enjoying NCIS and its fine ensemble cast .. I have never ever seen one single character gets as much ” face time ” as this Bishop character …… Not Gibbs … not Tony… Not Tim … not Ziva … not Kate … not Jenny …. no one … ever … It has now gone well past being annoying …… I have sadly developed an unbridled hatred of this bishop character …… wonder what she had to do to get to be the prime focus of NCIS … Or should we now call it the bishop show ? … It’s only a TV show … Silly I know ….. but ….. there it is …..

  41. Jan says:

    Don’t know if i can keep watching with this new actress. She is too young to play the part and not convincing in the least. The producers would have done better selecting the actress who plays the character in the Coast Guard – and gone a somewhat different direction; or spent more time selecting an actress to replace “Ziva”. It’s dull, dull, dull. She needs to be in a show like Pretty Little Liars or something that fits her cutie personality. Definitely not “NCIS” material.

  42. Chaviva says:

    I prefer Agent Borin lol Bishop just boring and annoying. I love NCIS so much I wish they just kick bishop character off and make agent Borin as special guest or maybe… Cote de Pablo. ZIVA COMEBACK. GIVE US THE OLD NCIS

  43. Hols says:

    Personally, I’m glad Ziva is gone, her character was “tired” to me, same stuff every show…….with this new Ellie, I like how she handles herself how she solves things, she brings more to the role than Ziva ever did…..seems like all Ziva ever did was banter with Tony, give her a whole year and we’ll love her just as much as Ziva…

  44. Steve says:

    I don’t know how anyone can like her. And it is not a Ziva thing. These episodes are flat, humorless, and boring. That is mainly due to the episodes being Bishop-centric and the producers trying to force her down our throats. She is an ill fit. They should have followed the Bones route like they said they were going to do and rotate agents with humor. The writing is so bad now. Plot holes galore, Gibbs suddenly does not act like Gibbs with blondie, Abby would never have accepted her so easily, and Tony and Tim (seasoned agents) suddenly can’t figure out how to tie their own shoelaces without Bishop. Bad writing.*

  45. pdunn says:

    I am disappointed in the new character of Bishop. I realize it is difficult to replace a character when an actor leaves a seies, but do not feel this character fits. In the episodes I have watched, it was made to look as though she could have almost solved the case herself. The other characters took a back seat. Bishop appeared a know it all. Yes, you want to develop and introduce a new character, but so far I think they went over the top.

  46. ava janson says:

    I have watched NCIS since the very first show, but i have stopped watching, they need someone with a kick ass character to take Ziva place and Bishop sucks, really sucks!

  47. John 1138 says:

    Nice show tonight.

    Each episode the casting choice gets reaffirmed.

    “Proby” Now the redlnegucation inyo how tge team foes things will begin.

  48. Cailan says:

    Why isn’t she being treated as the “Probie” she is? I don’t like this addition. The coast guard woman would have been great. I really don’t like how she is being treated like some all knowing guru of knowledge. Keep her and they could just fire the rest of the team she knows everything already!

  49. Bliss says:

    The chemistry is not there with Bishop. Kate and Ziva had instant chemistry. There are many others out there to choose from, Col. Mann, the Coast Guard officer, … Sorry, but Bishop does not work.

  50. Dian C says:

    Bishop talks too low and too fast. She’s hard to understand most of the time and if I talked to my boss the way she does to Gibbs or sit on his desk…my employment days would be over. Her attitude leaves much to be desired. I realize some of this is the script but she talks to low, fast and not clearly. I have no problems with the other memebers of the team, just Bishop.