NCIS: Your First Impression of Ellie Bishop?

NCIS Ziva's Replacement Ellie BishopCBS’ NCIS, being TV’s most watched drama, embarked on a bold move this Tuesday night by laying the groundwork for a new addition to Gibbs’ team: NSA analyst Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham). Did the newcomer make a solid first impression?

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Though the Oklahoma-bred, food-associating, married info-sponge with three older brothers and not-quite-“Kate-good” drawing skills merely consulted for NCIS in her intro episode, by the end of the hour Gibbs had invited her to work alongside DiNozzo, McGee et all on a full-time basis.

Originally booked for a three-episode look-see, Wickersham was promoted to series regular ahead of her on-screen debut because, as show boss Gary Glasberg explained to us, he and the network brass saw in her early episodes “moments and scenes and a connection with our characters that we all really responded  — emotional moments, fun moments, funny moments that were all there.

“Once we started to see it all come together,” he continued, “the enthusiasm just skyrocketed [and] everyone agreed that we needed to act on it.”

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But now you get to have your say. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts on the new gal in Comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. phuong says:

    I love her! She is a refreshing character. I cannot wait see future episodes.

  2. Aly says:

    I like her!! and as Ron said – adds a bit more humor

  3. Jon says:

    They tried a little too hard to foist her on us. Her “quirks” should’ve come out naturally through the course of several episodes. It came off a little too “You WILL like her, look at how quirky she is, she WILL fit in!” Yes, I probably will like her, in my own time.

    • Gina says:

      right on the mark!

    • Ann says:

      I agree. The quirks did not feel organic to the character but rather as though someone said “there will be quirkiness.” Jury’s out for me. She’s o.k. but the person I thought had some really interesting chemistry was the older woman who was about to retire–the one who was Mark Franks’ former partner. Also, I am really tired of the lack of diversity in this cast. Vance is pretty much it now that Ziva’s gone. Would it have killed them to have someone not blonde and white as the quirky married person on the show?

    • mboy says:

      Glasberg, et al forced her into the series for a reason, why do you think?

  4. Jonathon says:

    People who are saying it was to much bishop, that was kind of the point. I’m pretty sure they showed her doing so much because that’s who the character is at NSA. Then at the end she says she was wrong for not being a team player. So therefore it was a episode introducing her with Gibbs teaching and evaluating if she could realize her mistake, and that was her test for her invitation to the team. So for that lesson to work they had to make it a bishop filled one. It was a great story line/intro episode of showing how a person who strongly works to do the work them self, learns how to work as a teammate so she can grow and push herself like she referenced her father taught her to do.

    • ^^This x1000^^ Like you said…isn’t it kind of the point to have this episode revolve around Bishop so they can introduce her & give a little bit of background & character development. They aren’t just gonna throw her into the lions den & be like “oh hey, here’s Ziva’s replacement” & not give us any back story or development of some sort.

      • John 1138 says:

        Agreed. I thought of it somewhat like a pilot: necessarily a bit heavy on exposition because they’ve got to fill in all those blanks.

  5. sladewilson says:

    I liked her and loved the fact that she wasn’t a Ziva nor Kate clone. I liked how she played off of the team and owned her mistakes at the end. Yeah, TPTB “pushed” her on us, a lighter touch would’ve been more appreciated. She has secrets and I loved at the end that she had applied for NCIS and Gibbs recognized her from her name. Give her a chance and lets see if she really does mesh well… I miss Ziva though. I’m still holding out hope that Cote returns some day…

  6. Jimpy says:

    My big problem with this weeks show wasn’t Bishop, I think she’ll be fine, it was that Alan Ruck’s character was a ripoff of his character on NCIS LA a couple of years back.

  7. prish says:

    It was interesting to have a character similar in thinking to Gibb’s wife. I was touched at the “Rule Number One…” line. The writers won my heart over by having her previously applying to NCIS, first. They are good.

    • John 1138 says:

      They did reach real far back in the show’s history didn’t they?

      I’ve always liked the shows in this lineage for how they do that.

  8. Rick Katze says:

    Because of previous comments here, I watched the show. not with surprise but to see how she would interact. Definitely passed with flying colors.

    Liked the set-up that she is neither Kate nor Ziva. I thinks it adds to her character. Obviously she will unfold slowly but will be interestd in her backstory. Curious why her application to NCIS originally did not go thru.

    Will be curious to see how her relationship with Tony develops. Logically Tony is still getting over Ziva and will not want to form any real bonds but I trust the writers have something planned.

    Based on this first epidode i can see why they jumped the gun and added her as a regular and not just for three episodes.

  9. Sylvia Wissmann says:

    I still miss Ziva and the TIVA chemistry and I really liked Kate. I don’t have a problem with Ellie because I would love to see more women on the show. But for me it takes a lot more than one episode to really like a character!

  10. Jean-Charles Tillmann says:

    Whatever I don’t like this girl. I don’t hate her, she is only at wrong time at wrong place. This desk belongs to Cote, I will never accept another. Bring Cote back then I restart to view. Up to this point I have my old ones, thats ok for me. And stop this conversation, it was Cote idea to leave.

    • Marissa says:

      If you’re not viewing you don’t have an informed impression of Bishop, now do you?

    • Judy says:

      You don’t like Ellie Bishop. But you didn’t watch the show? How is it possible that you have any opinion at all about whether she fits in on this show or not? Really doesn’t make any sense to me, but whatever.
      And the desk is Bishop’s now because Leroy Jethro Gibbs wants her there.
      Oh, and I recognize a number of you from twitter commenting on here who have sworn not to watch the show until Ziva returns. Did you actually vote in the poll using the third option, “I tried but sorry, not my cup of tea”? If you did, well, that wouldn’t really be the truth would it? You didn’t try, you didn’t watch.
      Or are you all secretly watching?

      • John 1138 says:

        “Leroy Jethro Gibbs wants her there”

        Exactly: look where he put that old application. HER desk.

        Even within the show, Kate was taken from them so they mourned , Ziva left of her own choices so they respect her decision and move on.

    • NoChance says:

      Actually the desk belongs to the CBS props department.
      Regarding the characters. The desk was used by Vivienne Blackadder (from the ‘JAG’ episodes), then Kate, then Ziva and now it will be used by Ellie Bishop. It’s a desk, not a monument or permanent memorial.

  11. greysfan says:

    She’s a huge breath of fresh air to the NCIS team. I loved her and she will be a great addition to the team. I didn’t think i’d be able to allow someone else to fill Ziva’s shoes but she did it extremely well.

  12. jj says:

    IMO, TPTB are trying to hard to make us like her and all that makes me really dislike her. The team didn’t need her to solve the case but the episode try to makes it looks like she is vital to solving the case. Unfortunately she has been promoted to series regular, that is bad. I will watch a few more episodes and see how it is. I might have to start fast forwarding scenes with her in it.

  13. Pat says:

    A couple of things I noticed and I know that the producers of NCIS, try to stay on the mark with these Federal Agencies when they highlight them on their show, is that you never leave the premises with your identification badges dangling from your neck for all the world to see and there she was with her NSA badge in full view with her jacket wide open. Also, I do not care what her agency allows her to do, like sitting on a floor. You just do not go into another agency and plop yourself on an autopsy table, then you go back upstairs and your sitting in the corner on the floor and eventually she does move to a desk, but she is sitting on top of it. I just felt that her character with some of her quirkiness, could have been eased into NCIS just a little bit better then how they did this. As for Tim and Tony it sure looked like their characters were reduced to nothing, just to accommodate the entrance of this new character. The show did not do this when Kate nor Ziva came on board.

  14. Jack Wahl says:

    Maybe off-topic but… How about Dinozzo’s goldfish riff? Priceless!

    • Kim R says:

      I know….I thought “well, he added Ziva to his bowl with Kate!”. :) And I am sensing some chemistry between Sec/Nav and Gibbs. I’ve thinking there’s a little something something there. :)

  15. John says:

    So could somebody clarify this for me? As far as I know Tony only had the one fish, which is named Kate. He said he had two goldfish mouths to feed in this episode. So did he get another fish, and will this one be named Ziva, or has he had two all along, and we don’t learn the name of that fish?

    As far as Bishop goes, while she may have seemed perfect to many people, I personally think they showed her having plenty of flaws, and many areas she still needs to improve in. I think she adds a much needed boost of youthful energy. I was actually surprised at how empty the show was feeling to me without a fourth agent. It was still good, just lacking somehow. In my opinion I think they really need that fourth agent, and it needs to be a female. It just brings something to the show that feels missing otherwise.

    • NoChance says:

      I don’t understand where people are coming up with “too perfect” – she made a bunch of mistakes and then with some prodding from Gibbs learned from them which led to him offering her a job. The man has great instincts and I’m trusting his “gut” on Bishop.

  16. Maria says:

    I hadn’t watched NCIS in quite a while (not because of anybody leaving the show…but because I thought the plots and character development were becoming stagnant)…however, I tuned in last night to check out Ellie Bishop, and I love her!! She’s adorable and bright and seems to just be making herself at home. Instead of being self-focused, she’s task-focused, and I like it.

  17. Cheryl says:

    I think she was great. Gave a different dimension to the group. I loved “Kate” and I liked “Ziva” but shows and people move on and evolve, just like life. I don’t watch the show for one character, I like the group as a whole. I think “Bishop” will perk the show up.

  18. serena says:

    I don’t really like her

  19. Steph says:

    Is she better than Ziva? Obviously not, but I do like her.

  20. Jose says:

    Bishop annoyed me. She was too much of a know-it-all. It seemed like they tried to make her Ziva-met-Kate. “I was first in my munitions class” “I have a great memory and remember everything”. I get it I get it, your the greatest TV agent ever.

    • Lori says:

      I didn’t see where she was anything at all like Ziva, so I’m not sure what you mean there. I’m wondering how many people complaining about not liking Bishop because she isn’t Ziva have actually watched the show, or if they’re just logging on to complain about a character they didn’t even see.

      • Jose says:

        Well, my wife and I are avid NCIS watchers, so please don’t falsely judge me there. To be honest, I’m not a Ziva-lover (though my wife is). I liked Kate, and thought Ziva brought a great twist to the show. But I just do not like the way Bishop was oversold (boasting about her skills and credentials).

        • GBF says:

          Yes, and she can take down a man with a gun who outweighs her, she gets his gun has him face down on the ground, “BECAUSE I HAVE 3 BROTHERS”. Exceptionally poor writing as was the entire show in my opinion, working too hard to make a sale.

          • BJG says:

            And who was it that took down a steroid crazy Marine who outweighed her by 100+ lbs, who also took down grown men (Gibbs, Tony & McGee) and only ended up with a bruised cheek? Oh yeah, that was GREAT writing!!!

          • John 1138 says:

            Lol. Look closer at the scene. The guy tripped into her and dropped his own gun in the process of bringing himself and Bishop to the ground.

            Getting on top of him was her, but the clumsiness of the guy makes that result a lot less of a feat than, say, had he been able to stay upright on his own.

    • NoChance says:

      She doesn’t remember everything but everything she reads. There are people like this in the world. Didn’t Ziva say really early on that she had a photographic memory?

  21. pooley says:

    Couldn’t she have been a minority? A black woman or a Latina? That would open up more interesting storylines in the future. Why have another Abby but with blonde hair?

  22. Susan says:

    I loved her!!!!

  23. Richard says:

    My wife and I thought she was the best person to fill the void. She did an awesome job and was amazing.

  24. Gina says:

    I am VERY disappointed in the Bishop character, totally written to draw in a younger viewer! We’re asked to believe a lot on this show. She sits on desks and floors, puts all her work on dirty floors, doesn’t change her clothes, bathes (?) throws clothes on the floor, and has a very high security job just because she’s “brilliant” according to the shows promos. Then to top it off she intrudes in a stakeout and takes down a man 2x her weight with a gun, because she has 3 brothers. COME ON! This is really a sad day for NCIS fans who have enjoyed great plots and well written shows. Send Bishop to NCIS Los Angeles.

    • Jose says:

      You are absolutely right. Her character is too cartoony. She is brilliant, a weapon’s expert, and can street fight. Forget NCIS LA, she should be on S.H.I.E.L.D.!

    • Ashley says:

      Why would she change her clothes since, unless I’m mistaken, it all happened in the same day? And I don’t work for the federal gov’t but in our office people sit on floors, etc to be more comfortable to work.

      • NoChance says:

        Gibbs, Tony, Tim and Abby didn’t change their clothes either and unless they got dirty or bloody there was no reason for Agent Bishop to change hers. Case began one morning in MTAC and ended late that night in the bullpen.

    • Lori says:

      You’re reading an awful lot into a character from one episode. Who says you can’t work differently and still be effective? And where do you get that she “never bathes”? How often do we get scenes of the team running home to shower? We have seen many times that the team often works for days without going home. And you *can* take down someone 2x your weight if you know what you’re doing. At least she didn’t have a 10 minute gunfight with Russian gangsters, only to never hit a single one of them with a bullet and to have to strangle one to death with her thighs (“Newborn King”) ;)

      • GBF says:

        I would expect professional behavior in a government agency and that doesn’t include sitting on a dirty floor with papers all around. Imagine anyones impression about the professionalism of say, a doctor who sat in his/her office on the floor with all of the patients charts around him/her so he could think better about the case he was working on. Maybe it’s the sign of a new generation, exactly what the writers of NCIS are so OBVIOUSLY telling the viewers.

  25. guest says:

    I just read through all of the comments and found most Ziva lovers to be reasonable. I don’t think saying you miss Ziva is saying you hate Bishop. Most negative comments are once again coming from the people who dislike Ziva. Move on. I have. I really liked Ellie and enjoyed her very much and I am a die hard Ziva/Tiva lover. She is different and she needed to be. The thing that bothered me most about this episode was Tony reverting back to his
    womanizing ways. Now, I don’t expect him to mourn and
    pine away for Ziva but I did want to see a more evolved
    Tony and how this new Tony would approach dating. Why
    they had to have him refer to his one night stand and how
    she left her number on a tennis ball on her pillow is beyond
    me. If the writers are going to have Tony go through self
    reflection and go to a self help group why can’t they also let
    him evolve in how he dates women? Or is Tony just
    blowing smoke and making things up so he doesn’t have to
    show the new and improved him?

    • Lori says:

      Tony *is* evolving. Tony has been changing and growing since season 1. He doesn’t need Ziva for that. Tony is his own character. They all are.

      • guest says:

        No, but the writers have made Ziva the catalyst. Just what about Tony was evolved last night when he came to talking about his date? Please fill me in on what I missed. To me it was the Tony from earlier seasons.

        • NoChance says:

          But unless I missed something Tony and Ziva never even dated. They had a kiss a bunch of years ago when they were undercover as married assassins and didn’t know if they were being watched and then again when they said goodbye. OK they may have had a one night stand when they went on the Paris mission but nothing ever came of it because the next morning he went off sightseeing without her because didn’t want to because she’d already been to Paris.
          It is time for Tony to move on – and besides Tony might have been saying all that about the tennis pro just to try to get a dressing down from Norma.

          • guest says:

            First of all, I never said they dated. However after season 10 and the first 2 episodes of this season, it has been heavily implied that Tony and Ziva have feelings for one another that run very deep. I also did not say he shouldn’t move on. I am simply pointing out that the writers have shown Tony on this quest to find Ziva (and it was
            Tony who said “we aren’t coworkers
            anymore so all bets are off”) and then he
            comes home feeling a little lost and then he
            can’t sleep because he is thinking about
            her and then we find out that he is in a
            support group. That is a lot of character
            development to dismiss to have him fall
            back into his bad dating habits. I am not
            faulting him for moving on but for resorting
            to old, tired ways. Can’t the evolution of
            Tony be shown in how he treats women too?


  26. Lori says:

    Give her a chance. You might be surprised where they are going with her.

  27. Randi says:

    Ok I may be the only one in the NCIS world with this opinion but…… compared to Ziva, I think Kate was totally boring. If you go back and watch the old episodes, yes she had her good moments but not hardly enough. Ziva was great. But there is the key word- WAS. People she’s not a part of the team anymore. Yes they did leave it open for her to come back but for right now, we have Bishop so deal with it and give it a few episodes before you jump to your conclusions about her.

  28. Irishelf says:

    Phew character sucks! Get rid of her pronto, she’s making it worse than it already was.

  29. justsaying says:

    Bored to death, couldn’t finish the episode, young lady looks weird with those dark eyebrows and bottled bleached hair.

  30. Joni says:

    I thought both Emily & Ellie had a great debut.
    Her skills are a good fit for the NSA but some are going to have to be put aside (going solo) to work with the team – and I loved that she realized this. She wants to learn.

    Thrilled that Gibbs put her original NCIS application on the desk Ziva used for Bishop to pick up.
    I think it’s great that Gibbs is chosing her.
    I was touched with the conversation between her and Abby regarding Kate.
    Loved with Ducky’s smile at her – I think he knew that she was going to be “the one”.
    She wasn’t afraid of Gibbs and didn’t talk down to Tony & Tim.
    Loved the 3-way conversation with Tim & Tony and that something she said off the top of her head (extortion) gave them something to run with.

    • John 1138 says:

      Nice summary.

      Naturally she’ll be adapting, blending her abilities to synthesize pieces into a picture with the tram’s real world approach and such.

      Given, admittedly only one episode’s, evidence it’ll be a fun ride.

    • Lori says:

      I agree. I love Ducky’s smile. He knew they were getting ready to acquire a new teammate. Bishop needs some seasoning in terms of field training, but all agents do. Gibbs, Tony, and Tim will train her. The important things are that she recognizes and accepts her mistakes, is willing to learn from them, and recognizes that she has been isolated and needs to learn to work with a team and *wants* to learn. And that to me signals a good start for this character. I liked her and she’s a good fit for the team.

  31. JimP says:

    Reading some of these comments illuminates the problems in society. People are dissing on this character because she’s blonde and dyes her hair. Calling her a bimbo and such. Do you listen to yourselves? Are you parents or mentors to you girls who deal with this dismissive crap in their lives every day? You don’t get that sort of stuff in a guy who dyes his hair. Too many people in this world are focused on what this actress looks like (or the fact that she doesn’t look “ethnic” whatever that is supposed to mean). She isn’t Ziva and those who are into fantasy fulfillment and self-identification with Ziva won’t like her. They’re small numbers. Most of us thought she was a breath of fresh air. A character who gets by on smarts rather than flirting and using sex appeal is a good move for the show. I have a pre-teen daughter who loved that Bishop was smart and cute without being supergirl. Give the character a chance. You might like her.

    • John 1138 says:

      I wonder how much of that fresh air, which I’d seen in a couple of the recent episodes as well as this one, is also due to the unintended consequences of the writers forced out of their comfort zone by Cote’s and thus Ziva’s departure?

    • Jose says:

      You are wrong, she is a supergirl. Didn’t you notice that she is smarter than everyone, finished first in her weapons course at NSA, and can fight men twice her size. That was what annoyed me about her, she is Miss Super Agent.

      • John 1138 says:

        Please, the guy was a corporate spy not a special ops operator and while she may be being written as BOOK smarter than anyone (and a certain synthetic approach doesn’t necessarily cover everything “smart”), the setup appears to be that still leaves her a long ways back in realworld smarts: hence her learning from the others. She’ll add a different approach angle to be blended in with the team’s mix. Just like any other addition to the ensemble.

        • Jaramukhti says:

          Well said.

          The writers of the show seemed intent on showing Bishop as a brilliant analyst with very little real world experience as far as application of her theories — in that way, I would say the show succeeded. Bishop may have had brilliant theories, but those theories also lacked a great deal of the street smart practicality of Gibbs and his team. Bishop needs to continue to grow — being a part of Gibbs’ team is a good way to accomplish that growth.

      • Jonathon says:

        So she can fight, use weapons, and is super smart. Sounds like Gibbs but no one says he’s an annoying super agent. So she’s good at her job, you know how many women can take down a man twice her size, shoot weapons very well, and have a high IQ. All reality it’s kinda crap, if I’m not mistaken ziva could take down men twice her size and use weapons better than most. So this girl is just as good in those fields but a lot smarter. Not hard to believe. It’s a character in a tv show. I’m sure there’s women who could take you down, shoot better than you, and are far smarter than you. It’s not some super agent it’s the possibility of all humans if they push themselves past the limit and don’t settle like others! so just watch the show or don’t.

  32. Lori says:

    I liked Bishop very much! As a fan who has been watching throughout the entire series, I have seen a lot of changes on the show. And I consider this a good change. I found the character to be very likable and she seems to mesh well with everyone on the team. I like that she is smart but not arrogant, and I hope she stays that way. I have been enjoying Season 11 more than I have enjoyed the show in several seasons.

    • Jose says:

      Don’t hate me for my opinion, but I found her character very arrogant. Boasting about having a great memory in which she remembers everything, and boasting about finising first in her weapons course at NSA for example. Again, just my opinion, but her character was oversold and very arrogant.

      • John 1138 says:

        The interrogation context for her casually mentioning she had a good memory is a long ways from “boasting” and were that courts accomplishment factual it fit with her inquiring about being armed.

        Sitting around a picnic table mentioning those things out of thin air = boasting. Filling in relevant background to a situation= logical context. She was explaining to Tony why she knew what she was mentioning and she was explaining to Gibbs why she’s be acceptable to be given a firearm. Asking for a firearm without stating your qualifications? Now that’s be foolish.

  33. I liked her alot but it made me miss Ziva even more. She’s reminds me of a blonde Ziva with a little bit of Abby and Kate mixed in.

    • John 1138 says:

      An NSA analyst isn’t remotely in the same zip code as a Mossad assassin….

      Other than gender (and surely not marital status) they are both strikingly different. Which, IMHO, is a good thing as it opens new avenues for the writers to explore rather than retreading old themes and memes.

      The writing had shown some invigoration even before this last episode but the new and different character should widen that new scope even more.

  34. Warren says:

    Never understood the Ziva fascination. Her acting was always wooden, her lines for several seasons were just cliche jokes on word play and she was a clear downgrade from Kate.

    Bishop is a loud and clear F U to the yawn that Ziva was.

  35. Ashley says:

    I liked her. I’m not completely sold on her, but that probably had more to do with how the episode was so focused on her – I prefer to get to know a new character over time than have her shoved down my throat all at once (they really could have saved some of the personal stuff, like her family being from Oklahoma and her not being able to talk about her job with them, until a later episode – leave us wondering about something, you know?). But they didn’t present her as perfect and there’s great potential for a sibling dynamic between her, Tony, and McGee so I’m hopeful for the future.

  36. Shirley says:

    i like her except for one thing…. she talks too fast and i can’t understand her… love the show no matter what.. i had to get use to Tony so i will get use to her.. Tony is too obnoxcious,, concieted ,, huge ego and annoying…i put him on mute every time he is on.. hated him when Kate was on,, wanted to choke him when he went threw her personal stuff, can’t understand how he still stays on the show… if it was up to me i’d fire him……………

  37. Patrik says:

    Wow, I never noticed that this serie had got people this… how should I say it, Heat up. So many Ziva haters and lovers. I have loved all three main females that has been on the team so far. Because I don’t compare. I acknowledge them for who they are. And it was about time they got another female onto the team cus watchin Tony and mcgee was getting boring. Now I did get a new spark for the serie again.I found it tricky from the beginning to like Ziva. Mostly because I liked Kate so much, but I got used to Ziva and liked her more and more. Now she’s out, not dead, we might see her again sometime, which we won’t with Kate. I’m totally looking forward to get to know Bishop more and damn I loved her right away. Even tho they had it very focused on her this last episode, but I’m thankful for that, because recently it has been so much focus on Tony and McGee, even felt my fav was starting to be in the background, Mr. Gibbs himself, and that’s not good. So yes, More Bishop.

  38. ellis says:

    I think that they should forget about trying to reproduce kate and stop trying to replace ziva and start looking for a new female character that is part kate and ziva who has no problem with violence if it is needed and is capable of being seductive if that is required they do not need another analyst as they already have enough, They actually need someone can react to a threat as if they were militarily trained and has to evolve into a cop but has relapses to their old training.

  39. elana says:

    That worldwide trending has some interesting stats if you track them. Around 3000 tweets across 3 hours with approaching 40% of them coming from the same 6 accounts each time. That’s not a sign of popularity. Its a sign of raving obsession.

  40. atkenos says:

    Just saw the episode and I agree – she is a great addition to the program. Feisty. Different. Mysterious. Analytical. She will be great

  41. Ray says:

    The new character does not provide the great dynamic that Ziva’s exotic character had. I hope for her return.

  42. Waffles says:

    I was never a Ziva or Tiva fan. I never felt any real chemistry between her and Tony or anyone else. I don’t even think she had a good Israeli accent. Everything about her seemed contrived. I was happy to see her leave the show. From what I saw last night, Bishop is a huge improvement.

  43. realityxash says:

    Emily seems nice. I’ll be happy to watch as soon as Cote comes back. I thought it was cool how #ZivaComesHome trended worldwide for 40 mins last night! If you didn’t see it, there’s plenty of pictures of it on twitter and tumblr. Yes, it did trend. Saw it with my own eyes. Shame people have to be so hateful to Cote AND Emily. Why can’t we have both? Humanity is awfully disappointing. Respect everyone. Can’t wait for Cote to come back!

    • John 1138 says:

      But unless Cote returns you won’t watch at all? Which is not “both” is it, simply Cote or else.

      Which, of course, is your choice.

    • Fan says:

      See elana’s post. It’s about 3 or 4 replies above yours.
      Very interesting stats regarding the worldwide trend. By interesting, I mean ROTFLMAO interesting.

      And this “trending worldwide” obsession, has it gotten you anything? Are there prizes involved? As far as I can see, with all this “trending” since July, ziva still isn’t on the team and Bishop is.

  44. lame says:

    I’m a big Ziva fan but you have to remember, it was Cote who left, not NCIS Prod. who asked to leave or wrote off the series. Sure I’d like to see Cote back from time to time as Mrs DiNozzo, but that’s entirely up to Ms de Pablo and not the show runners.
    Now as for Ellie Bishop, this first episode did seem like a rush to get her to fill Ziva’s desk, not very organic at all. I’m sure the writers will work her in with the regulars soon enough. but this first episode did seem like TPTB were pushing the issue.

  45. I originally started watching on a regular basis because of Zeva’s character. I miss the charisma that she brings to the show. That being said, This new character reminded me a lot of Zeva. She even looks like her in the face. She’s got a lot of energy and the chemistry between her a Gibbs is really good.

  46. didilew says:

    Her character is a refreshing one and I can see how it will not just contribute to the NCIS family / make-up, but also how it works. The only issue I have is that she seems to be married. Whilst I highly doubt everyone is rooting for a romance between Tony and her (primarily because she seems significantly younger and we already got accustomed to Tiva), I had hoped that McGee would have been an option (despite the fact that he seems to be dating someone else at the moment). From her first appearance, she seems to be a blend of charisma and smarts, and therefore will give balance to an already flustered and somewhat nerdy McGee. If she ever gets involved with DiNozzo, I don’t think that relationship is going to work. She’s definitely not a REPLACEMENT . . . she’s new and her character is, as I mentioned before, a refreshing addition to the NCIS cast. Also, I noticed one of my favourite series detectives (or at least the voice of) . . . Elisa Mazza! I hope Sallie Richardson is given a frequent role in the NCIS series, kinda like Palmer or Dorneget, or Lee (since you know, she’s a lawyer) in the least part. A romantic involvement between Gibbs and her would be awesome! I was rooting for Agent Borin but she’s to similar to Gibbs, we need something . . . different enough to hold the audience’s attention, yet similar enough to blend and settle in well with what NCIS is all about. The show just needs to progress, like a child that grows, but it does not need to change. Oh before I forget . . . Welcome aboard Ellie Bishop!

  47. Realsparkler says:

    Not one looking for Ziva replacement but they do need to fill her spot w/some female…just because of all the great males already in place. So what do we get…Bishop! Think she’s too immature in looks&body language (16 at best) to be spouting all her, ” I write papers and predict scenarios and solve the crime for Lady SecNav and catch the bad guy in the midst of the 3 most kick butt crime solvers ever, oh, and I’m cute and quirky and I talk really fast and sit on the floor and on top of the desk cause I’m so smart that’s how I work, but wouldn’t dare use my looks for an advantage since I’m too busy drawing and remembering everything I read and associating with my food and putting another bad guy with a gun face down on the ground and taking over the interrogation room in my Clark Kent glasses and posing as a lawyer and playing chess! OMG…what did I leave out. I’m exhausted. Talk about Bishop OD first time out. I love NCIS. I love the cast. I even love the visiters they’ve had since Ziva left. I lovef the chemistry between Gibbs and Clark. Would love to see her return. This girl doesn’t fit for me. Her character even makes Gibbs not seem like Gibbs and I can tell you if you start messing with changing Gibbs because of this gal to make her fit you might as well say last season for the show. Seriously, the whole hour seemed contrived and forced and mostly unbelievable. You can’t make her the hero and the star and the expert and have all the answers and be smarter than McGee and more movie savvy and hipper than Tony and more unconventional than Abby and be more comfortable in autopsy than Ducky and have more gut instinct and intuitive power than Gibbs…it’s all wrong for me. Everybody is certainly free to think whatever they want and it’s only a show and she’s only a character but I sure hope enough avid viewers share closer to my view and let the big shots who’ve been shoving the character already at us so hard, kind of like Jamie Lee Curtis…maybe enough will speak out soon they’ll be forced to take a look at the opinions of the folks who count…the fans…and either relegate her to a lesser role and go with somebody else for the team or just let Bishop go off into NCIS oblivion to play chess and head games with Dr Ryan! Thanks for letting me vent! Done! ps If she happens to stay I’ll be happy with my reruns.

  48. Cleo says:

    All good tv shows must come to an end, steinfield, the big bang theory, and now NCIS. Some new show will replace them, and tv life goes on.

    • BJG says:

      Is The Big Bang Theory coming to an end?? News to me! Also, with the rating doing better then last year at this time I don’t see NCIS ending anytime soon.

  49. Cleo says:

    I agree with you, Realsparkler.

  50. dottey says:

    All Bishop in one episode was too much for me. Other than that, her character is a welcome change to the NCIS team. Tim has grown up, standing up to Tony and ready to help Bishop. Tony looks more like a big brother to Bishop hence I don’t see any will they or won’t they episodes, thank goodness. And Gibbs looked like he was just holding his temper and I expect him to show his rules in the next episodes, I really hope they teach Gibb’s rules to Bishop. I also liked the way Abby and Bishop looked together, and looking forward to see Ducky lecture Bishop about proper behavior in his lab. Bishop’s character is a refreshing addition to Gibbs, Tony, Tim, Abby, Ducky and Palmer. She’s young, blonde and smart, weird, animated. I want to see how she will be able to adjust to the team and will do so in the next episode/s.