NCIS: Your First Impression of Ellie Bishop?

NCIS Ziva's Replacement Ellie BishopCBS’ NCIS, being TV’s most watched drama, embarked on a bold move this Tuesday night by laying the groundwork for a new addition to Gibbs’ team: NSA analyst Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham). Did the newcomer make a solid first impression?

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Though the Oklahoma-bred, food-associating, married info-sponge with three older brothers and not-quite-“Kate-good” drawing skills merely consulted for NCIS in her intro episode, by the end of the hour Gibbs had invited her to work alongside DiNozzo, McGee et all on a full-time basis.

Originally booked for a three-episode look-see, Wickersham was promoted to series regular ahead of her on-screen debut because, as show boss Gary Glasberg explained to us, he and the network brass saw in her early episodes “moments and scenes and a connection with our characters that we all really responded  — emotional moments, fun moments, funny moments that were all there.

“Once we started to see it all come together,” he continued, “the enthusiasm just skyrocketed [and] everyone agreed that we needed to act on it.”

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But now you get to have your say. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts on the new gal in Comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I haven’t watched since Ziva left, but I’m holed up on the couch and had to watch with my company. She’s okay, but I don’t know. She’s going to be a hard sell. Anyone will be, really. I know that #ZivaComeHome is trending on Twitter in the United States for basically the whole hour.

    • No, it hasn’t. Only for those using tailored trends.

      • Lillian says:

        Funny how only the Tiva fans see the trending.

        • There’s a reason for that.

          • Lia says:

            I’m a Ziva fan, and one who wants Cote to come back at that, but I am always open to new characters, and was excited to meet this one. I think it’s too early to tell yet, but I liked the interaction between her and Tony. HOWEVER, I feel as if the episode was too Bishop-heavy and as if they were trying to push Bishop on us instead of presenting her as part of the team.
            Aside from that: You have hated Ziva from day one, and now, because her fans are taking a stand, you are hating them too. I am NOT a Tiva diehard, but I do believe in taking a stand. And I, and many others, would appreciate that you either (respectfully) take a stand with us, calmly move on, or STAND DOWN. You accomplish nothing by insulting others. Please be mindful of that.

          • Nancy says:

            Ziva is a hard act to follow. Emily is nothing like her. Everyone love Ziva on there and not sure will feel the same way about it. Kate and Ziva worked well in that part and miss them both on there.

        • Nerys says:

          We fight for Cote to come back. Me as an idividual would love for Ziva to be on the team as well and Bishop. And it’s isn’t ‘only Tiva fans’ that see the trending because we have screenshots, care to exolain that?

          • BJ says:

            Why fight so hard for a woman whom her coworkers have said left for all the right reasons and is happier apart from the show to come back? It seems so disrespectful to the actress to exert pressure (not to mention threats/verbal abuse to the other cast members some Cote fans have engaged in) when she was clearly ready to make a break from the show.

          • dwayne says:

            I want ziva back on the dam show it don’t matter how many they add it’s not the same with out ziva so bring her back if u want me 2 start watching the show again it’s just not the same any more 2 me so give me ziva back and I will get back 2 watching it again

          • BJ says:

            Yep, let’s force an actress who quit the show to come back just to appease the fans. awesome idea there.

          • Celestrial Moon says:

            I do not have tailored trending and I say the Ziva trending on both the US and World wide web..

      • Anita says:

        I am out of USA..and for your information – I can’t see tailored trends. Only WW ones. I screen cap that trend. from my computer.
        So…try to come up with some other explanation.

        • as524 says:

          here you go – of course ziva come home will trend world wide….most of the ziva/tiva fans are international after all….and considering that NCIS was show in the US and not internationally during that time frame it also makes sense that NCIS would be a US trend only.

          and considering that most of those who tweet to trend the insipid cdp/ziva phrases each week only fill their tweet space with the phrase and tweet or retweet it constantly with no substance in the tweets, it’s easy to see how the mindless gibberish trends for them

          still doesn’t mean a thing though

          • Rina says:

            Hi Anna.Are you saying people from outside shouldn’t watch during US airing time? Gibberish is your specialty, not mine at least.Remember – All NCIS nonsense? Yea..gibberish.If you don’t agree I can organize public know. Your friend Rina..LOL

          • Marissa says:

            Streaming live for foreign does nothing to impact ratings. It is noted the same way as bootleggers who download, as it isn’t a legal way to access the show.

          • Lillian says:

            They can’t seem to understand that the Nielsen ratings are what CBS cares about. It sets prices for ads. International ratings are miniscule by comparison and don’t add to ad revenue. It’s always been known that Cote has a strong international following, but that doesn’t matter that much. The ratings are strong and steady in the US. That’s what counts.

          • Lia says:

            Actually, those who trend the Ziva tweets have mostly kept up with what’s going on in the show, and what’s the latest news of the show. I don’t know if you’ve actually seen these tweets, but they’re not gibberish, and not negative. So, here’s one for you #ZivaComeHome :)

          • Rina says:

            Oh..Forgot to say..SAM says hello — and while you may not care about what happens overseas, CBS hates how the loss of viewers over there is hurting their bottom line. Big time.
            We almost miss you…:)))

      • Lori says:

        I didn’t see ZivaComeHome trending, and I have my trends set to worldwide. I don’t really pay much attention to trends usually, but I checked a few times to see if #NCIS was trending, and it was at one point.

      • Patricia says:

        Plus I read that 40 percent of the 3000 tweets came from the same 6 addresses.

    • Dennis says:

      I love her she’s refreshing and wonderfully not a ziva clone, that would have been a huge mistake. She’s someone that could have been added with Ziva still there and she would still be great if Ziva ever came back. I was starting to lose interest but now I can’t wait to watch the next one

      • Angie says:

        I agree with you Dennis, after watching Bishop last night , IMO she fits in perfectly. It seems like Tony, McGee & Abby get along very well with her, not because it was written like that but because they have the chemistry to “sail along smoothly”, I believe as episodes continue we all will come to appreciate her as a “team” player. Well done Bishop, well done!

      • Davej says:

        Ditto – love, love, love her! Plus, it is about time the characters evolved just a little. I grew weary of Tony treating Ziva and Mcgee like fraternity pledges. Bishop seems immune to Tony’s hazing.

        I want to call her Bishop because it fits her better than Ellie with all the chess references last night.

        One thing I noticed – Kate, Ziva, and Bishop all bring an innocence to their characters. Kate was this nice optimist, Ziva was a foreigner trying to fit into American culture, and Ellie is brilliant but mostly book smart and not street smart. I think that creates a nice contrast with the street smarts of Gibbs.

        • cheddarveil says:

          I never missed an episode of NCIS and enjoyed the episodes on CBS and USA. But something has happened along the way, especially the last 2 seasons. The story lines became predictable and the ever-increasing immaturity of Michael Weatherly’s character have pretty much made this show no longer enjoyable. I,too, was hoping for more of a solid development of the Tony character, and hoped the writers would make that character a bit more mature. Oh well….it was a great run for me all these years and I will enjoy the many seasons I have on DVD.

          • KAY says:


      • Fran says:

        Did you watch the same episode that I did? She doesn’t fit.

    • Kristine says:

      I loved Kate from the first scene. Same for Ziva. Bishop feels like a not-as-interesting Goren wannabe from Law & Order:CI. There were too many scenes of pretty backlight for Bishop with everyone smiling at her. It was like they were all trying too hard. Also, her “idiosyncrasy” is too internal. She does all of the figuring out in her head and everyone just watches her bewildered and amazed. The quips with Tony and McGee aren’t nearly as clever as they were with Ziva. And Ziva’s language thing never got old. Bishop doesn’t feel natural. I definitely want to see them add an interesting female actor to the team but Bishop isn’t it for me. I don’t see the chemistry with the rest of them like Kate and Ziva had. The internal intelligence/newbie/smart kid learning how to do it right persona feels familiar and not nearly as compelling as Kate and Ziva. Keep trying NCIS, you are the best show ever.

      • davej13 says:

        I totally get her “idiosyncrasy”, probably because I am a lot like that myself. I think part of the fun in future episodes will come as she learns to think out loud and emerge from her shell.

      • Sharron says:

        I totally agree. Just don’t like her.

        • Lynne says:

          I don’t like her. I see no chemistry with the team and I don’t have any interest in watching. I’ve been tivo-ing the reruns and enjoying them so much more that any episodes this season.

        • NoNo says:

          Sorry, but NCIS just lost 2 more viewers. We have tried and tried to get beyond bishop but the whole show seems to be off lately. Even Gibbs does not seem like Gibbs anymore. He always had that “don’t mess with me” and “don’t piss me off” attitude and it just does not seem to be there anymore. It seems that everybody is tip-toeing around bishops character. Everything is about her, every crime is solved because of her, etc. Even Gibbs character seems to baby her and Gibbs does not even seem to have that same character play that he used to have with DiNozo and McGee. Every since bishop came in, we have totally lost interest in the show. Even if they did not have Ziva, they would have been better of having NOBODY than bringing in Bishop. Maybe NCIS: NOLA might be better.

      • Myrna Wells says:

        And she talks too much…all the time.

      • Wyrus says:

        I totally agree man… I was never a huge Kate fan, but Ziva i loved, she was a great counter for Tony, and was very interesting in any and all stories. This girl is being forced, from Gibs remembering her, Tony and McGee staring at her like shes the second coming, Ducky and Abby amazed at her skills, the Director and SecNav all trusting her and encouraging her… COME! Srsly? With Ziva and Kate it didn’t feel like it was being showed down our throats, this does…

        • Lillian says:

          I liked Ziva at first, a lot, but thinking back, she *was* shoved down our throats. I remember defending her to her initial haters. Her very first full episode, she helped in a crucial point of the case with her photographic memory and ability to draw the map in perfect detail. Then her very perfect knife throw, from a practically kneeling position, past an innocent person, to the middle of the chest of the bad girl. There were plenty of other examples coming after that, but she was shown to be extraordinary her first episode. Kate never was, from what I recall.

        • Celestrial Moon says:

          TVLINE said it was on the top ten wish list for 2014 to have Ziva Come Back!

      • nicole says:

        I agree. Bishop is okay, but she was in way too many scenes. Usually they don’t shove a new character in your face like that, especially if they just got rid of a long-time character and you’re trying to accept a new one. I just don’t feel that team chemistry between the others and Bishop. I’ll keep hoping…

      • Helen says:

        Agree, absolutely. Too much emphasis on Bishop with the rest of the characters just going through the motions and standing around as part of a set with nothing to do but be there as backboards for the forced, frenetic, overacting of the actress in the new role. Never thought I’d see such vapid roles written for the team. All had flat, dull, empty roles and Abby’s effervescence was even missing. If the writers had to work so hard to showcase the new actress it seems to indicate an awareness of a problem. The new character might work if there were a more competent actress portraying her. Really missed the natural dynamics of the show.

      • sheri searles says:

        i agree with your statement, even Gibbs changed toward her, what was with her telling him the plan was wrong and should go another way and everyone just smiles and pats her on the head! Have enough of the brainy ones on the show with McGee and Abby we need another Kick-Ass girl!

      • Kss says:

        I agree. I don’t like her. Sorry.

      • Pauline Anne says:

        Ditto, this is best comments, that fits my own opinion.

      • Carolyn C says:

        I most certainly agree with Kristine. Kate and Ziva had very strong personalities (as written in the scripts), but I don’t think Bishop can pull off that personality. She looks and acts like a total wimp with no sense of humor. Her internal thought processes don’t go along with her looks or actions. If Ziva won’t come back, I think a hunt for a stronger character would be a good idea. I love NCIS, but am disappointed in the recent episodes that highlight Bishop.

        • Fran says:


        • s. cohen says:

          I totally agree with the fans who fell the new member is a huge miscasting mistake! The role has always been one for a strong female personality with depth and nuance–none of which she has. Her back story is lame– three brothers therefore she can get physcial–give me a break. This show had the opportunity to showcase a mature, capable woman–what about the one who was the show a number of times who I think played the DA in L&O SVU and what happened to Jamie Lee Curtis as a continuing character. How about highlighting the other cast members l–Abby, Ducky and the newly married Palmer should be able to be featured in some interesting plotlines,. Bottom line, get rid of this new one and get someone who can give the show the wonderful dynamic it had before. All the men on the show have lost their edge babysitting her.sohen

          • Frank says:

            totally agree that she should go….

          • Fran says:

            I agree she should go or a lesser role. I know we all miss Ziva. Still can’ figure out why she would leave a #one running show. WHY ALL THE RERUNS ON TUESDAY? ANOTHER RERUN TONIGHT AT 8:00. IF I WANTED RERUNS I CAN WATCH MY CDs.

      • Scanlen says:

        Agreed. Tony, Gibbs and Tim to an extent, have changed to accommodate Bishop. I miss Ziva. Also just like Lynne said, I can’t see any chemistry with the team.

        I know how people liked the idea of Tony and Ziva getting together when Côte left, but I preferred it when the two of them flirted instead.

      • michael leo says:

        Hey Kristine, think you are right on point as regards Bishop. She does not fit in, serious lack of interaction with other characters, all internal in her head stuff. Not attractive at all like Kate or Ziva
        who I thought played their roles much better. Bsides her acting skills are very limited, no range at all. Looks like she is always hiding her figure in these big baggy coats and pants as well.Just a typical teenager, caught up in self.

    • John 1138 says:

      You’ve missed some good episodes.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      This beautiful brown-eyed blonde made me watch the show for the first, AND CERTAINLY NOT the LAST TIME!!! Talk about eye candy!!! Pass me some more!!!

    • She is trying to be to much like Abby. Love Abby, keep her. Need someone different, she doesn’t fit.

    • katie says:

      Agree. She was okay…. sometimes really immature in the worst way, had some stale moments where the acting was obvious — but also saw potential. I plan to keep watching. Character has potential, let’s hope she continues to develop. There were great moments too.

    • Limmer says:

      While I don’t expect a replica of Ziva, I found W’s acting annoying. Maybe it was the character – the “perching” and the “oh my gosh” facial expressions and the “gosh, I’m intuitive and brilliant” attitude insufferable. Come on, Gibbs! You can do better than that. I have loved NCIS, but I am not looking forward to the “Ziva replacement.” sad face.

      • Carol says:

        Absolutely agree — she’s an in-your-face person with not much depth!!! Undid the whole chemistry with the team. Why is Gibbs taking a backseat?

      • Judyhoff says:

        Totally agree. Way too in your face character who is allowed to get away with what in another job would be insubordination. She chooses to ignore Gibbs’ orders when then don’t suit her and he let’s her get away with it…not very true to life there. If she stays…I may not. Sorry.

        • BJG says:

          Hate to break the news to you but she doesn’t really report to Gibbs. Bishop reports to the NSA and many things are “need to know” Just like with Ziva, her allegiance was to Mossad and there were things she kept from Gibbs. I’m glad she was made a full-time NCIS Agent so we won’t have “secrets” between the team. And now that her introductory arc is complete I’m sure the NCIS writers will move on to other characters.. DiNozzo Sr is scheduled to appear in the 250th.

    • Fran says:


      • John 1138 says:

        This year’s first episodes revealed she’d gotten very emotionally tired of killing and pulled back to her homeland to refind herself and shed her old life. Tony tried to reach her but she felt she needed to heal herself and so pushed him back to the states while she went off on her own. After Tony’s urging she did, finally reach out to Gibbs which after all the intervening months she hadn’t done, but we just saw the reception of the call not the call itself. So no details there.

        • Fran says:

          I understand the plot (storyline) Why did she leave the show? Was it money, contract, or other reasons? Thanks for your response.

          • John 1138 says:

            Oh, so you meant Cote not Ziva? Sorry. She refuses to say beyond “personal”.

          • BJ says:

            Nobody knows the details, only that she left at the 11th hour, a week before filming started. CBS execs say the decision wasn’t financial, but personal, and Cote, in a TV Guide article stressed it was personal as well.

          • Fran says:

            Thanks BJ Will see what Bishop does. Still prefer Ziva. No episode on Nov.26

    • Will says:

      Ziva was a tough, “in-your face” type operative and a beautiful woman while Ellie is a nerd who blind-sides you on every turn. I think she’ll be a real asset for the team.

    • Shannon says:

      I have been a fan of NCIS since the beginning. I did not really like Kate, but she grew on me. When Ziva replace Kate, I was not sure how that would work. As I started watching NCIS with Ziva, I can see the writers must have saw something in how they would have Ziva fit in. I became a bigger fan when Ziva joined I watch NCIS on USA Network and CLOO. I tried to watch this new agent and she will not work for me. I have not watch NCIS since they introduce her on the show. Now I will have to focus to watch all repeated shows on USA Network and CLOO. I have not watch NCIS Los Angeles, I will now focus on watching at 9pm EST and find something to watch until it would be time for NCIS Los Angeles. The NCIS current season has lost me as a fan SORRY!

      Good Luck with NCIS.


    • Pamela says:

      I’m not sure what the writers were thinking. I’m baffled. The show definitely does not need another Abby. She does an excellent job of being the eccentric. This new character is okay — she should be allowed to visit from time to time. But there is no need for another strange character. Without Ziva, there is no one with any “skills.” Fighting skills, I mean. They need to change the Coast Guard lady’s mind, or go to a Special Forces chick who has skills. There has to be someone who is capable of kickin’ behind on the show. Anyway, nothing against the new
      actress or the character, but she’s not needed every show. Get a tough one. Not a weird one.

      • Suzi Lynch says:

        Pamela, I got replies from a lot of people and no one has mentioned the problem I find with Ellie, the gibberish that is not language that falls from her mouth. I certainly loved Kate and Ziva but am open minded enough to accept a replacement if I could understand what she was saying. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me?

        • Helen says:

          Yes, I agree. Her delivery was rushed, frenetic and therefore the gibberish you mention. Also agree on accepting a new character but wish a competent actress had been hired. Overacting resulted in obvious awareness she was just acting and was a disappointing distraction. Her lack of acting ability made her stand out like a big, raw, unintelligible sore thumb.

          • Lori says:

            I don’t understand what you mean by “gibberish”. I understood everything the character said.

          • cmaglaughlin says:

            I find her refreshing. According to all reports, she impressed everyone, and they love her! Seems the nabobs of negativity are THE bore here. You people need to lighten up and get a life!

    • snazzy says:

      My husband and I just caught up with the DVR’s. Ellie is OK — she is a supporting character.

    • Mardena says:

      bishop is irritating and not a believable characterdoesnt fit with the others

    • Ron says:

      I think she is just terrible. Not a good actress at all. After years of NCIS being my favorite TV program I’ve just stopped watching.

    • bobbie says:

      This girl has no personality and does not work well with the rest of the team. Would rather see just the guys and more air time for Abbie

    • randy gross says:


    • Larry says:

      The writers of NCIS appear to be on holiday. They only have to write a script for one character (Bishop) while the rest of the characters we have grown to love have small parts. Tony’s character has been reduced to cracking poor jokes. Bishop is portrayed to be so intelligent
      that the rest of the team is really unnecessary. Gibbs appears ready for a nursing home.
      My prediction if the character of Bishop stays is that NCIS will lose ratings quickly.

    • Joyce says:

      I really like her character ! I think she resembles Ziva, blonde hair instead of black hair…..get a pic of both and compare.

    • Valerie says:

      I hope so. I too am a Ziva fan, she portrays an intelligent, witty, flirtatious , not to mention, attractive agent, that makes the crew complete. This young, mouthy, all-knowing, woman, is, and always will be, an outsider.

    • says:

      Me too. I love Ziva. This Emily is not a good fit. I think she tries too hard and her acting leaves so much to be desired. Ziva’s replacement should be someone who have the same skills as hers and not someone who is on a computer. We already have that on McGee. . .

    • michael leo says:

      Hey there NCIS fans. Big mistake my opinion to use this girl as Bishop. Never ever seen a
      character on TV with black eyebrows, blond hair, and such baggy jackets and pants. What is she hiding ? She acts like a teenager…

    • joann dai says:

      The show is just so-so? We are looking forward to seeing Ziva again!!! Please make it as soon as possible. Most people do not like change especially when NCIS is the best show on TV. I look forward to Tuesday night (with Ziva)!!!!!

  2. Bishop is WONDERFUL! Love her chemistry with the rest of the cast!

    • Anns Th. says:

      I bet you do,I don’t hate her either.But you, my dear,8 years practicing hater. You would love everything with pulse but Ziva.

      • Dmac says:

        As opposed to Ziva fanatics who decided they hated her before the episode even started. I can see it now, too blonde, too smart, too quirky, too good at her job etc etc I think she was a nice change if pace and thank God she is married or the Tiva diehards would have a heart attack if Tony spoke to her. It is time to move in Ziva is gone.

        • Sasha says:

          Go ahead and move on…from your own hate to character who is gone..and move on from telling people what to do.Sorry, why are you to tell what we have to do? exactly – no one.

          • Dmac says:

            Sasha, it is a figure of speech you don’t have to move on if you don’t want too. LOL By all means go on mourning the fact that Ziva left NCIS and you can hate the show all you want but it is not going anywhere it is still number 1 without Ziva.

        • Marissa says:

          The latest is that there isn’t a minority on the show that represents Middle Eastern Jewish people. Cote is South American, not Middle Eastern.

        • Sasha says:

          Hi Dmac,I never said I hate show.I can’t afford to spend my time on hate like some people here Kidding? All 8 years! They need more shrink help they Tony does.Show N1 ? Good for them.It was N 13 when Ziva walked in..

          • Lillian says:

            It went up when USA started showing marathons of the show, starting with Season 1. It’s widely acknowledged that’s the cause of the rise in ratings, not the appearance of Ziva.

          • Lori says:

            Sorry, but Cote joining the cast doesn’t mean that she alone made the show rise to #1 in the ratings. There are many other factors involved, including the fact that USA Network began running NCIS marathons every week at that time, introducing millions of new viewers to the show. Saying that the ratings improved only because Cote joined the cast is like saying that, because it rained on the day I was born, I’m responsible for making it rain every time it rains in my home state. Not very scientific ;

          • DenverDean says:

            It’s true the USA marathons were huge. Most people thought NCIS was some old people’s show because it was on CBS. That changed with USA. Moreover, people forget it was opposite AI at its peak for most of those years, it wasn’t until the past few where AI faded and then moved, which also helped ratings.

        • Lia says:

          I’m a Ziva fan, and one who wants Cote to come back at that, but I am always open to new characters, and was excited to meet this one. I think it’s too early to tell yet, but I liked the interaction between her and Tony. HOWEVER, I feel as if the episode was too Bishop-heavy and as if they were trying to push Bishop on us instead of presenting her as part of the team.
          Aside from that: You have hated Ziva from day one, and now, because her fans are taking a stand, you are hating them too. I am NOT a Tiva diehard, but I do believe in taking a stand. And I, and many others, would appreciate that you either (respectfully) take a stand with us, calmly move on, or STAND DOWN. You accomplish nothing by insulting others. Please be mindful of that.

          • charlotte says:

            I total agree with you 200%. Ziva gave the show zip, character, and excitement. At times I found myself on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next shoe to drop. With Ziva, Tony, and Magee’s characters interacting with each other in a playful way at times, to give each other a boost of self confidence when a rough spot entered in their own personal lives. Gave the show meaning of the word team work for one cause; that is to investigate a crime of passion or hatred, to show what a real NCIS really does in some sense. To see these three characters working as a team to coincide with the help of the ground team Abby, ducky and jimmy headed up by Gibbs can not be beat. I for one would love to see Ziva back on the team. The writers could show the softer side of her character and bring out her views as a newly American citizen. For she just took the oath to become an citizen. No one has ask themselves, what would Ziva say or do on some issues concerning most Americans’ today. Like for instance, the immigration laws and such. I feel like the ratings would indeed go to the roof if Ziva came back, and try to discover her new life here in the States, and what it really means to be an America citizen and her out look on justice.

          • Marissa says:

            Ziva was out-right bitchy to Tony rather than playful. I don’t trust her loyalties to America, so I would have no interest in seeing her as a citizen,

          • SM says:

            I guess you missed the end of the show where Bishop & Gibbs had the heart-to-heart and Bishop acknowledged not being a team member.

          • Lia says:

            @Marrisa: Well, Tony was bitchy to Ziva. I mean, he treated her horribly after she returned from Israel after her father’s death, treating her w/o respect because she slept with Adam even though Tony had slept around and they had never made a promise to each other. And if this is a bitch fight, we each have our own evidence that we can twist it to our own extent. And for the record: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TONY!!!! He is a mobile character who has definitely changed and matured.
            HOWEVER, we cannot deny that Ziva went through hell to become an American citizen, and fought to become a better person. That’s what made her such a beloved and complex character.

        • NoChance says:

          There was list of “do-nots” for Bishop, made just days after the press release that she was going to be “the one” they included; Do not look at Tony and Do not talk to Tony. Had a pretty good laugh over that one. I have no clue who wrote it but it felt like something a really young Ziva fan would come up with so I had a bit of a laugh and put it down the girl being in middle school and excused it as Teenage-itis.

          • Lia says:

            I understand that the comments were on the ridiculous side, BUT if that girl really was in middle school, then I don’t think she would appreciate an adult insulting her.

      • You and me both..... says:

        Amen–I gave up reading anything NCIS based because tejas rancor and ugliness left me cold. All her bile is just disgusting…..

    • Lyn says:

      Chemistry??? What Chemistry? Boring boring character. And her acting! What acting? And people please remember Ziva left on her own. Yes I miss her but shows go on. However NCIS does need help if Bishop is staying!!!!

      • Gina says:

        Totally agree!

      • Mike Hammer says:

        “Whapner, Judge Wapner— time for Jeopardy. Jeopardy. Jeopardy after Wapner.” Thought Raingirl to be absolutely absurd. Dim character, no actress and NO chemistry with anyone.

        Time for CBS/NCIS/Harmon to call the Mossad Retirement Kibbutz and tell Ziva that all is forgiven!
        And we thought DePablo a lightweight! Sarah Bernhardt compared to it, the Raingirl.

        • BJG says:

          If you’re comparing Bishop to Rainman then you’re incorrect about her acting ability. Because that what she was going for but not to that extent. She’s smart & intelligent and probably does have a certain way she likes to do her job.

      • Jackson says:

        She is not a clone of ZIva, but it would help if she had brains. She is the worst female I have seen on NCIS bar none. Come on casting people, get someone who takes her job seriously and also has fun. Not the empty head on a pretty face. No talent is where this girls comes from. Go back to the other females and choose one of those. This one is not a winner. I tape the show so I can zap through the scenes where Bishop is included. What a waste.

        • Ishmael says:

          Hate pretty girls much? Just because she looks like the girl that dumped you before the prom, doesn’t mean you should transfer your baggage to her.

      • Brian says:

        I couldn’t have said it any better. Who does she know that accounts for her being forced on us?

        • cmaglaughlin says:

          Those that work with her, love her. I thought she was fantastic. Go suck a breast!

          • Elizabeth a homay says:

            Oh please. Eye candy?? She can’t act,at least not for NCIS. Adds nothing to the show. Doesn’t fit in.

          • Frank Hunt says:

            She may be a good actor in other roles but definitely out of place in this one. Totally disappointed with the way the show has focused on her character or lack of it.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I loved her, she will be a welcome addition to the team.

  4. Agsmem says:

    I liked her. Big relief, because the last few episodes have been awful…. This was back in the groove.

  5. Dee says:

    It’s going to take some time, but I’ll give her a chance. No one can replace Ziva but Bishop may can work too. Taking a wait and see attitude.

  6. Lillian says:

    Emily WIckersham’s Bishop was fantastic. A breath of fresh air for the show, IMO. I’m excited for the rest of the season. So far it’s been fantastic, it’s just going to get better with Emily and her food associations.

  7. Stacey says:

    She’s unique. I like her. Interesting to see how her bizarre ways mesh with the 10 year partnership of DiNozzo, Gibbs and McGee who are now old hands. And have their ways. Love the nods to the past. Yet, distinctive. A great first impression… Very different from both Kate and Ziva, which is great despite my loving Ziva. Bishop needed to be very different…

    • Lyn says:

      Interesting how much she looks and acts like the Diane Kruger character in “The Bridge.” Not as good an actress as Kruger — her Asperger-ish behavior kind of came and went. But MUCH more appealing & believable. I liked the way they had her nail the bad guy — just like Ziva came in during an early episode to hurl a knife at the villain and coolly save the day.

    • Kim R says:

      I feel this way as well. As someone said above, she could have come in with Ziva still on the team and fit in with her quirkiness, to do her thing. Bishop is so different from both Kate and Ziva. NCIS has a wonderful way of introducing new characters and as far as I’m concerned, they do it great every time. Well done, writers, to take the unexpected departure of Cote and be able to give Ziva the proper send off, give us enough time to adjust and then bring in the new girl. :D I look forward very much to the next episode.

    • The writers on NCIS are great but … the show has always had strong women on and they are trying hard to make this little girl look smart and helpful. She must be Bellisarios’ granddaughter. She seems to be a decent actress but does not belong on this show. When Zeva first sat at Kate’s desk she said to Gibbs, “Kate wouldn’t care”. Kate would care for this silly little girl sitting there. The writers even had Gibbs saying she was right about something. I have never heard him say that before. “thanks, good job but never “you are right” Get a strong woman in there. Have this one run off, during “study period at high school with her boyfriend.. I saw a rerun where there was a North Korean woman, Kai, on the show. Too bad she was killed off . She would have been GREAT !!! The pressure on your writers must be horrible. You do not want to lose them. Please fix my show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    I like her a lot. I think her presence can bring new life into the show, and it will be cool to see her become a member of the team.

  9. Pat D. says:

    Good debut for the character, although it was little too much Bishop-centric as she even made Gibbs look useless, LOL. And Tony/McGee were reduced to doing absolutely nothing.

    • Ted says:

      That was my overall impression too, she just came on too strong in an introductory episode. Abby was completely shoved to the background, and the rest of the cast just seemed to not know what to make of her. It would have been more acceptable to have had Bishop worked into the cast gradually as TPTB did with McGee and Palmer. I didn’t sense the cast chemistry other comments allude to, that’s gonna take time.

      That being said, it’s time the void caused by CPB’s departure was filled, and Bishop did inject some freshness and life into the show that’s been missing so far this season. I’m not sure I care for the American ninja aspect of her character that showed up, or the fact that a NSA analyst is allowed by her agency to run around Washington trying to solve a case on her own. I’m surprised her wasn’t hauled down to Gibb’s basement and read the riot act for that behavior. Gary Glasberg has to solve the obvious dilemma of how to have two quirky female geniuses on the same show. At the moment, I think Abby fills that role more than adequately. Clearly, Bishop is gonna have to be redefined in future episodes to make her fit in better.

      • Lorraine64 says:

        I totally agree, I like her (I think) but I would have found it easier if the episode hadn’t been quite so Bishop centric, to the point that Brian Dietzen tweeted a great shot of Michael Weatherly jumping over a railing as DiNozzo chased after the suspect, but the shot was never used because the entire focus of the scene was on Bishop. Felt to me like they were trying too hard. And unless she was using kung fu the idea that Bishop could get that guy on the floor was a little unbelievable. I’d have liked her better had she not been quite so “perfect” and maybe had required a little help from either Tony or McGee.

        • Diablos says:

          I agree totally with what you said but want to cover your point on Kung Fu by pointing out that the way the scene where she took down the bad guy came across to me was that he ran at her or close to her making it very easy to take him down since you can imagine he wasn’t expecting her to do it.

          Meaning he wouldn’t have prepared in his mind in the same way if he’d be faced with Dinozzo, Gibbs or even Ziva, as in the fact she was blonde, dressed as she was and the rabbit in the headlights look on her face would make him think he could easily get past her.

          Not to mention she pointed out that she had four brothers meant that she could handle herself all allowed her to take him down like she did.

          I do like her though and am looking forward to see the rest of the season and how she finds her place, not to mention to see how long before she’s allowed to use Ziva’s desk since Ziva wasn’t allowed to use it in her first episode.

          • Darlene says:

            She was hoppin’ up on Ziva’s desk and sitting there with no problem last night. No one said ‘boo’ about it…or even looked unhappy. No protest about it at all. I don’t think there’s going to be a problem with the desk.

      • Pat D. says:

        One can only hope, or McGee and Tony will be reduced to comic relief on cases, LOL.

  10. B says:

    She’s apparently perfect at everything, which makes me dislike her immensely.

    • Lillian says:

      Did you watch the episode? She goofed plenty. She owned her mistakes, though, which is a welcome change from Ziva, who wouldn’t take responsibility for anything until the very end. Well, late is better than never, I suppose.

      • BJ says:

        Her acceptance at the end of her shortcomings was what cemented my interest.

      • Jaramukhti says:


        You hit the nail on the head.

        Bishop spent the episode showing her analytically-driven intelligence, but time and again came back to earth when it turned out Gibbs’ and his team’s practicality had its own merits. She was far from picture perfect. In fact, the episode seemed determined to show that raw intelligence is only so effective without some hard-headed practicality — something Bishop lacked as an NSA analyst, but will learn as a member of Gibbs’ team.

        • John says:

          Yes her recognition by the end of what Gibbs was referring to within herself opens some avenues for the character’s future direction.

          • Diablos says:

            I liked how she did that in just one episode which EJ Barrett took time to realise which is what did annoy me about her character and something I felt the writers also got wrong, but then again that did add tension to the show which is a good thing.

    • Kaila says:

      Oh, I know! I do not like her!

    • Dmac says:

      Which means you didn’t watch the show, she was far from perfect and she owned it when she screwed up. Time to move on…

      • barbara says:

        ziva chose to leave the show. was i a ziva fan of course also a kate fan but the show went on and has been good. of course there was alot of bishop as they needed fans to get to no her. i didn’t no how she would do so i had no expectations but i thought she did good job she’s different than ziva and kate but she’s refreshing

      • Lia says:

        Kaila literally said NOTHING about Ziva. You jumped to your own conclusion, and I don’t seem to know why that is….

    • Lori says:

      I didn’t get that impression at all. She not only recognized her mistakes but accepted them, owned them, and wanted to work to change them. She is smart but not arrogant. Unlike Ziva, who never owned up to her flaws and mistakes until the very end of her time at NCIS, after she had dragged the team into a revenge murder plot and put them all at risk, Bishop is honestly self-perceptive and willing and eager to improve on her shortcomings.

    • Rusty says:

      I’d have to agree with part of your statement. A know it all flawed team member is not what the show needs. I know why she was cast, cute, semi talented actress and she would appeal to the 18 to 24 yr old viewers. If she was a semi regular about once every 4 or 5 episodes ok. But having to listen to her every episode. Ugh there’s something about the voice or tone that just bugs me. She also looks like she’s 18 or so even though I know she’s around 33. I was hoping they would still be looking for an replacement for Ziva. Notice how no-one mentions her name. I still think there was a lot more about her leaving than was ever publicized. We may never know. I’ll still watch the show because she will be a small part of it, but fast forward through her scenes. Just can’t stand to listen to her.

      • Carolyn C says:

        Rusty, I must agree with your statements. Her acting abilities to date are so-so and, to me, she brings to mind just another show business blond ingenue.

  11. Marissa says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved Bishop. She meshed so well with the team and Emily’s ease in taking the role was fantastic.

  12. BJ says:

    She reminded me a little of Abby at times. Love :)

  13. Esaul says:

    I’m several weeks behind. Hopefully over Thanksgiving break i’ll get caught up!

  14. JeffDJ says:

    I quite enjoyed Bishop and all her quirky personality traits. She gelled well with the rest of the team and I’m looking forward to see her again.

  15. Karen Rice says:

    People have to realize if they created another Ziva, people would protest. New player has to be different. People complained about Ziva when she replaced Kate. Give her time.

  16. steve says:

    Loved her but thought the episode was abit too heavy on her

  17. Loved the actress, hated the storyline. This week’s show was propaganda for the NSA. Bishop’s line that the NSA does not and can not spy on US citizens without a warrant is ludicrous and contrary to the Snowden revelations.

    • Ash says:

      I thought that part of the story was true to life. Clearly, a NSA agent would say they need a warrant and clearly Abby didn’t believe her. A good way to poke fun at an actual issue/controversy in real life.

      • John 1138 says:

        And with ABBY being the highest Q rating actor on the show, and often television, she’d be the dominant message not some newbie.

    • Tierna says:

      Yes, the Snowdon revelations, which, if you actually read past the headlines, say exactly what she was saying. Her storyline works for me.

  18. Garnet74 says:

    I thought they were a little heavy-handed with her awesomeness in this episode, but I liked her. She has some interesting talents and ways of looking at things, plus I like that she has her own set of rules. Some mystery built in with the wedding ring. NCIS isn’t my Must See TV — I watch occassionally — but I’ll be back to check this out again next week.

  19. Kaila says:

    I hope that they chose somebody else! Someone who can do a better, firm interrogation!

  20. Angel says:

    Very disappointed with the new character. We already have Abby and McGee for no it all’s. Don’t need another. Maybe Gibbs can train her as a team player. But right now I wasn’t impressed. And the story line was just to slow for NCIS. All smiles and hair does not make a character for NCIS. Acting was terrible. I will try to watch again but if this is it well I’m not sure I can continue. And I have always loved any new characters that were brought in…..

  21. ncisfan says:

    I liked the way she fit into the team and added her own distinct POV and personality, without taking anything away from the rest of the team. She made mistakes, which made her more human, and was realistic for someone who doesn’t do field work. She had a nice chemistry with Abby, as well as the rest of the team. I look forward to seeing more of this character.

  22. Larc says:

    She’s too quirky. Abby is the super quirky one on the show, and I think one is enough. Also, her always having the right answer bothered me. That happens occasionally with people, but not consistently as it did with Bishop. It strained suspension of disbelief too much, IMO. Given her personality, I can’t imagine the Gibbs we’ve come to know warming up to Bishop enough to bring her on board.

  23. BJG says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #EllieBishop. She’s smart, pretty, down-to-earth & humble. She’s got great chemistry with the team and who can forget that wonderful smile from Ducky!!! As a Kate fan I loved all the references to her… Tony’s Goldfish, the sketch (that Abby pointed out as Kate-like), her brothers comment & the vest!

  24. brian ingels says:

    Nope, didn’t like the show much, too political, too smart, show didn’t need wonder woman who looks 12, show seems adrift.

  25. Chuck says:

    She is a keeper. She’s genuine !

  26. Nate Broadus says:

    What can I say, I like the girl. It’s refreshing as hell having a female character on the show that isn’t immediately shipped, romantically, with another lead. Having Bishop be married was an inspired choice. I’m looking forward to the episodes where they explore her background.

    • Ash says:

      I actually don’t think she is really married. She never said anything when Tony asked her. I bet she wore the ring to a new town to stop guys from hitting on her and she isn’t really married.

  27. Lorie says:

    I really liked her! I think she’ll fit right in.

  28. Mary Kate says:

    I love Bishop!!

  29. Kat says:

    Really like her. I find her to be a nice change from Ziva who by the end unfortunately lost a lot of her charm.

  30. as524 says:

    Loved Bishop…think she’ll work well with the team…loved all the similarities she has with Kate as well

    Loved that Tony & McGee sent her to Gibbs at the end. That showed their approval of the choice. Gibbs picked Tony and McGee and now he’s picked Bishop – she’ll work out wonderfully. The only team member who didn’t work was the one foisted on him by a former director

  31. JP says:

    My wife summed it up nicely. She’s got a little bit
    Of all the characters we know so well rolled into one. Her memory and recollections like Duckt, the hot mess Tony can be, Geeky like McGee, deductive reasoning/quirky like Abby, awkward like Palmer, gung-ho like Ziva and finally she has rules and follows her Gut like Gibbs

    • Lia says:

      Is that a good thing? The show already has/had all these things. Shouldn’t it try for something new?

      • may m says:

        I agree. Bishop character wasn’t refreshing at all.
        And in the episode, Bishop was working alone, not as a team, BECAUSE she didn’t need anyone else…she got it all~
        Why would Bishop need Gibb’s team? Moreover, the team doen’t need her ’cause she doen’t have anything ‘new’ to add to it.
        I don’t think she’s THE ONE to replace Ziva…the show needs a new and DIFFERENT character to complement the team…I guess…

        (…and too much talking…I like Abby talking…but not Bishop…’cause she’s slowing the team down when it needs to speed up…)

  32. John says:

    Liked the addition. Good episode overall. Seemed a bit like a pilot: lots of backstory to get the issue of the character settled and out of the way, liked that choice. Had some echoes of Kate’s hire: she “messed up” in getting played by the team and at the end had impressed Gibbs enough he offered her a job. Bishop made a lot of mistakes… and she owned them so that’s a plus.

  33. andrew hass says:

    I liked Bishop but i do wish Ziva hadn’t left but the show has to move on without her.However i do think it’s too soon to say for sure if Bishop will work fully yet.Lets see how she works with the other characters on her first official case with them as a member of the team.

  34. Julie says:

    Why can’t you miss Ziva and like bishop? Or like Bishop without hating Ziva? Loved Kate and am sad she’s gone. I missed her but still thought Ziva was a welcome addition. And I’m sure I’ll feel the same about Bishop because it’s a good show, with good writers, Rthan make likeable characters. I have never seen so much hatred of a fictional character as I see on this site. It’s unhealthy and frankly I’m a little concerned about some of your mental states and that your hatred of the fictional character might actually spillover into real life. Sad sad sad some of you are.

  35. Marissa says:

    You don’t seem to understand that international viewers don’t influence the ratings as domestic do. The ad dollars are based upon American demographic and viewership data. The international audience can cajole and threaten all they want. It has minimal, if any impact. Ratings tell the tale and CBS is thrilled with the steady ratings.

  36. TDXI says:

    I Think she’s going to be a good fit and will be a great asset to the show. Ziva although okay was highly overrated.

  37. Tory says:

    I really enjoyed the sense of fun that Bishop brought with her. The episode was,strong and the first bits of what may be really amazing cast chemistry were shown. I know that there seemed to be some pokes at the over zealous Ziva fans who have been harassing so many. (Not all of her fans are that way, just some.).

    BTW, I thought the rabid ones, mainly from Cotes Army swore not to comment. Too bad they won’t let go enough to see that Bishop really is a breath of fresh air for the cast, the show, and the majority of fans.

    • John says:

      I’d seen some of that fun, the Gibbs smile etc., in the recent episodes, especially the one with Diane Neal, so maybe the writers and such have made a decision? Good shows will recognize when a change of course (or a resumption) is warranted.

      Maybe that’s what we’re seeing here.

  38. Avid NCIS watcher says:

    Too perfect. Hmm… figured out the whole case by herself, martial arts specialist as she “has older brothers” to detain a larger man that was orginally moving to attack her, sketch artist, run sketch through database, and she is an NSA analyst that had all the numbers to Metro PD to send out bolos and update information on suspect location. What did the rest of the team do this episode? Can’t say that if she stays and doesn’t become more of a realistic character that I would keep watching.

    • John says:

      FAR from perfect. Which was Gibbs’ point eh?

    • Lia says:

      I agree. She felt perfect. And I’m not a fan of perfect. And to the people that say she was far from perfect: In which way? in the fact that she wasn’t a team player? She was even perfect in her apology. I miss the old NCIS…

      • Jaramukhti says:

        In which way? She allowed her hard line statistical way of thinking prevent her from seeing things more practically — which, sadly, ended with her fellow NSA analyst’s death. Throughout the episode she did as much right as she did wrong, which is the point. Bishop doesn’t have all the answers. She has the intelligence, but nowhere near the street smarts of Gibbs and the team. There is much for this young one to learn, so to speak; she may have the intellect, but she is very wet behind the ears when it comes to thinking outside her comfort zone and tossing out the statistics in favor of practicality.

        • John 1138 says:

          Yes her analytical, statistical, approach in synthesizing her view of challenges has met the real world of the team, something she apparently had been looking for previously as evidenced by that old application. That evolution should be interesting.

        • Lia says:

          But the writers made it see, that the NCIS team couldn’t have solved the case without Bishop. And they definitely could have. They were amazing. And Bishop seemed almost mechanic in her abilities. That statistical line of thinking is what made her seem mechanic, in contrast to the rest of the team who seem human and imperfect and don’t want to be “statistically perfect”, but they want to go with their guts.

          • Jaramukhti says:

            Apparently we just have differing perspectives on the issue. I see Bishop’s “perfection” as an inherent imperfection; she is so hard line with her statistics, she forgets that people and life don’t always work based on a statistic. Gibbs said as much on the first episode. Bishop isn’t a character that immediately trusts her instincts over stats, which is what I expect to change as she becomes integrated into the NCIS team. With time, she will learn how to function as part of a team. More importantly, I look forward to seeing that evolution take place.

      • BJG says:

        What’s the old NCIS? S1-S2 or Ziva??

        • Lia says:

          Both. Either. Does it make a difference? I call the ‘old’ NCIS seasons 1-10. So Kate and Ziva. I loved them both. It’s different now. The writers are different. That’s what different.

    • Gina says:

      They should call this BISHOP/NCIS. No one else had anything to say or do they listened and smiled at her like bobble heads. She can absolutely do it all, no need for anyone else.

      • BJG says:

        They were introducing her character. Remember the Legend episodes where they introduced the LA team? It was all the LA team.

  39. I’m not sure. I felt really bored watching tonight. I’ve been watching NCIS since the beginning, and am starting to wonder if it isn’t soon time for them to wrap the show up.

  40. barbara says:

    i was also a ziva fan and kate also but they both chose ti leave and the show was still good. of course they focused on bishoo as they needed us to start getting to bo her. i think she did a good job

  41. Lia says:

    Bishop was definitely something else. Haven’t decided if that’s good or bad yet. What I can confidently say is that this episode was very Kate-heavy. In fact, Bishop is extremely like Kate (which I’m sure is why many people like her). She was hired by Gibbs personally after losing someone close to her on her other job. She’s a good artist who immediately clicked with Abby. She directly challenged Gibbs, had a similar family background to Kate an even got Kate’s vest.
    What I think I will watch out for in the future is her very “college kid” ‘tude. I mean, Abby already act as if she were five half the time, and most of the viewers accept it. However, the show definitely does NOT need someone else who eats/drinks constantly on the job, to the point where they rely on their food to get breaks/to do their jobs. The show also does not need another music obsessed “weird recluse” which describes Abby perfectly. Of course, I know that this is what most college kids are like. But she (both Abby and Bishop) isn’t a college kid. She’s an adult. And I may be in the minority, but I expect her to act like one.
    Another thing, and maybe I’m the only one who sees inconsistencies in the plot lines, but I really didn’t like how Bishop had been denied entry to NCIS previously. It doesn’t make sense. She’s good at her job, and if they hired Abby, who also behaves in a childish manner, why didn’t they hire Bishop earlier? She could have been a stupendous addition to another team, but putting her on Gibbs’s team seems kind of like they’re trying to replace KATE (notice how I didn’t say Ziva) 8 years too late.
    Truth be told, I’m a Ziva fan. I always have been and I always will be. And I stick to the line that Ziva David is not replaceable. But the writers did something very odd here. They didn’t try to replace Ziva (in fact, they ignored her all together), they tried to give the viewers a second Kate. And maybe this sounds weird, but I’m also a Kate fan. And I know, and many other people know, that Kate Todd is not replaceable. She will always have a special place in our hearts and I really liked how Ziva was not a replacement for Kate (kind of I the same way that Bishop is not a replacement for Ziva). What I don’t understand is this: why now? Why did it take CBS 8 years to bring Kate up again, and when they do, it is in the form of a replacement?
    I’m giving her a chance. I promise I am. But my initial reaction to this character is this: What was CBS trying to accomplish?

    • Lillian says:

      Just because she sketches like Kate doesn’t make her a replacement. She’s very different.

      • Lia says:

        It isn’t because she sketches like Kate. It’s because she entered the show in virtually the same way, having virtually the same relationship with all the characters (except McGee, and of course Vance, who wasn’t there when Kate was, and Ducky, who barely showed up in this episode), i.e. a little sister to Tony, a friend to Abby (which, even though Ziva and Abby got closer, they were never like Kate and Abby), and a student (not daughter, like Ziva) to Gibbs. I feel that you can replace Ellie with Kate and get the same story. All that aside, my question still stands: What was CBS trying to accomplish?

        • Diablos says:

          I get what you are saying Lia and what have to say that what CBS are trying to accomplish it to remind people that Kate was the first female field agent team member outside of the pilot episodes.

          Considering Kate was only in seasons 1 and 2 where Ziva was in from seasons 3 to the start if this one which means some people may have forgotten about her or may have never seen her as there maybe fans who never say seasons 1 and 2 or just didn’t like Kate when they did.

          I like alot of people saw the show from the start so can understand your point, especially when you said that Ziva was like a daughter to Gibbs, as she did look on him as a father figure as Tony has always been the protege of Gibbs.

          It will be interesting to see how that pans out in the rest of the season.

          • Fran says:

            Why was there no new episodes he last two weeks. Felt Ellie being pushed down our throats. A know everything while the rest of the team just WATCHED and smiled.

          • BJ says:

            Because traditionally the network runs reruns for parts of October and December. We had a run of new episodes that was huge in comparison to past years (check Season 9 air dates for a comparison). Since the show does 22-24 new episodes a season, and the season is 9 months long, reruns (and holiday pre-emptions) are perfectly normal and have not been impacted by cast changes.

        • BJG says:

          Maybe they realizes that they lost many Ziva fans (how many times & how many sites have read that those fans will not watch until they Bring Cote Back?). Maybe TPTB realize many Kate fans are still watching & are trying to make them happy, again , since many Ziva fans won’t accept anything less then Ziva’s return????

          • Lia says:

            That’s an interesting point. I, however, am a Ziva fan, and I continue watching the show, so…

          • BJG says:

            That’s why I said many. Glad you’re still watching & hopefully you’ll continue to watch & enjoy

          • Jaramukhti says:

            I kind of doubt it, since even with the “loss” of so many Ziva fans, the show is still consistently #1 in its timeslot and week.

            I liked Ziva. Didn’t love her, but I liked her. For me, the show is what I watch, not a specific actress. If NCIS is still able to pull in 20 million viewers even without Ziva, I don’t see the creators feeling like they have to appease any specific group.

          • Marissa says:

            There is no measurable ratings impact. Thats what the show is interested in.

          • Lia says:

            @Jaramukhiti: Actually NCIS is pulling 19 million, well under the 21 million they were pulling this time last and under the 22 million they pulled in “Shiva” (a Ziva-centric episode). The truth is, Ziva fans have had some pull. And NCIS has to realize it.

          • Lillian says:

            @Lia, no, last night’s episode beat last year’s 9th episode by 2 million in overall viewers and beat it in the 18-49 demo. We’re keeping track.

          • Darlene says:

            Lia, Lillian is right. For the first 9 episodes last season, NCIS averaged 18.4 million viewers. This year, through the first 9 eps, NCIS has averaged 19.3 million viewers. That’s almost a million more viewers per episode average than last year.
            NCIS (with the heavier winter viewing most shows experience) is on track to surpass the ‘Shiva’ record – much like Ignition (a McGee centric episode from a few years back) broke through to a new record ratings high.
            In fact, Lia, if you study the ratings through the years, especially since Season 6, NCIS’ January episodes tend to break their own previous records for the time period each year, and ‘Shiva’ aired in January.
            Let’s just give credit where credit is due for NCIS’ remarkable ratings and longevity – to the cast and crew who’ve given their best through the years to give us great entertainment.

    • John 1138 says:


      They were adding another character to the ensemble to regain some additional storytelling latitude.

      • Lia says:

        But why THIS character? That was my point. Why HER? I mean I get that they had to add someone, but why HER?

        • Lillian says:

          Because they like this character, and it seems most people do as well – here and elsewhere.

          • Lia says:

            Ok, yes. The writers liked her. But I’m asking for a solid way that she adds to the team. What makes her so unique? She seems like she’s a mix of all the characters, and doesn’t have any new characteristics of her own. And a lot of fans like her for that reason. Because she’s got some good characteristics of all of them. But it’s redundant. And again: What’s the point of that?

  42. Ruth says:

    Ok, I loved Ziva…but I kinda like Ellie.

  43. Cher Spar says:

    NCIS must be working for the White House with all the propoganda you are spuing! You are now torpedoing a great show. Your audience is not stupid? The constitutional things effecting our everyday life being written into your show in defense of the illegal snooping of our government is dispicable ! You have lost a longtime viewer!

    • John 1138 says:

      Because having Abby, with a Q rating through the roof, express those doubts couldn’t possibly outweigh someone who’s been on the show for about one cup of coffee?

      Yeah, totally.

  44. Paul J. Reedy says:

    Jury is still out. However nice touch with the nods to Kate. If they let her grow on us instead of being forced upon us it just might work.

  45. nobody special says:

    Definitely NOT a Tiva shipper, but this one? No. just. no. meh.

  46. Did no one notice that she looks exactly like Ziva if u give her dark hair!

  47. Wendamere says:

    I read a quote on this site from Gary Glasburg saying they are bringing back Susanna Thompson for the 250th episode. I have long noted that what the writers think is “fun” and what actors have chemistry with the cast are often two different things. I could not stand Susanna Thompson’s character. (Col. Mann-ARMY) I thought she was written/played as pushy, needy, and at complete odds with someone that Gibbs would go for. Downright bitchy in fact. Unfortunately, that’s how screenwriters seem to see strong women. Strong does not equal bitchy. I don’t think Jamie Lee Curtis’s character would have lasted with Gibb’s either. We still haven’t met one of his ex’s. How about considering Mark Harmon’s real life wife, Pam Dawber? I know they have acted together in the play “Love Letters” when NCIS was on hiatus. Now there is real life chemistry!

    • Marissa says:

      Mark and Pam don’t work together often. They did one movie where they played a married couple and a few Love Letters performances. Pam has been unnecessarily critical of CBS and the way they’ve treated NCIS. The videos from Good Morning LA are on You Tube. I’d imagine they’ve suggested an appearance in the 11 yrs the show has aired.

    • Jo Anne says:

      Does anyone remember Kate? I never believed that they could ever come close to replacing her. Enter Ziva…..Give this gal a chance. The show is still top notch!

  48. Katty says:

    I was prepared to put up with who ever replaced Ziva because, quite simply, I love NCIS – no matter what…BUT, I really liked Bishop. NCIS was smart to not make her a Ziva or Kate clone. I hope they don’t keep Tony in limbo too long…that would be tiresome.

  49. She seems fine. I have no problem with her. Not intrigued at all.

  50. She was great, refreshing change, adding more humor.