Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Mentalist, NCIS, Nikita, OITNB, Banshee, Maids, POI and More

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Question: Mike, Mike, Mike… What can you tell me about NCIS‘s 250th episode? —Marsha
Ausiello: Marha, Marsha, Marsha… I can tell you that someone from Gibbs’ past will resurface around the time of the CBS phenom’s landmark episode. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Susanna Thompson is set to reprise her role as Jethro’s ex, Hollis Mann, this January. And, show boss Gary Glasberg, teases: “She is coming back in an unexpected way.”

Question: Any info on Grimm? Specifically, on Juliette and Nick? —Veronica
Ausiello: Not so much on the reunited lovebirds, but I can tell you about one of the vet’s past infatuations: Capt. Renard is planning an extended trip overseas. Maybe that’s when he’ll first see Adalind’s baby bump with his own eyes?

Question: When is Nashville‘s Scarlett going to get over her stage fright? –Anne
Ausiello: Looks like that’s going to be a two steps forward/one step back process – and star Charles Esten tells TVLine that this Wednesday’s episode will find Deacon and Rayna arguing over what’s best for the new Highway 65 artist. (Deacon thinks the tour is too much, too soon for Scarlett.) “She’s my niece, she’s [Rayna’s] protégé, so we’re fighting over her almost as a proxy of how it might be to battle [over Maddie],” he says. “And in a real sense, we’re both right.”

ncislaQuestion: Any scoop on what Deeks will be up to (and with whom) while Kensi is off on her mission to Afghanistan? —Jan
Ausiello: First off, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Kensi is, in fact, hopping a plane to the Middle East. Let’s see what exec poducer Shane Brennan has to say on the subject. “Kensi and Deeks face their biggest challenge, both professionally and personally in coming episodes,” teases the boss. “The emotional ripple that started with their unexpected kiss at the end of last season is about to turn into a tsunami that doesn’t just impact them, but the whole team. As a result, one of them will be reassigned.” OK, now it’s officially confirmed. (I think.) Now here’s a Bonus Scoop to make up for the fact that I totally side-stepped your original query: I have uncovered fresh intel about the new tech officer being played by Bones’ Andrew Leeds. Per sources, his character, Booker, is a member of a special task force hunting down an elusive terrorist.

Question: Got any Mad Men scoop for me? –Derek
Ausiello: Yes, just for you — but don’t tell anyone. Elisabeth Moss says that even though the cast is currently shooting the series’ final season, life behind the scenes at Sterling Cooper & Partners is pretty normal. “It’s hard to get too sad about it when you’re just at the beginning,” she tells TVLine. However, “The whole thing has more significance than it usually does. It can’t not. You treat everything with a little more significance. We were doing this thing like, ‘It’s the last second day!’ and ‘It’s the last first read through!’ That will go on for a little bit, and then we’ll probably forget about it.”

Question: Any scoop on Season 2 of Devious Maids? —Fernando
Ausiello: With the “Who killed Flora?” mystery all wrapped up and Marisol’s true identity as a college professor revealed, Lifetime’s guilty-pleasure sudser is restocking its pantry, so to speak, by casting three new domestic workers and one wealthy head of a Beverly Hills household — all of them series regulars, and all but one of ’em sexy males. Nicholas is described as “a handsome, charming Latino” businessman/philanthropist in his 40s and (brace for a possible hint at Season 2’s central mystery in 5, 4, 3, 2…) a man whose first wife “died under mysterious circumstances.” Opal, his Caucasian, 40something maid, has been in his employ since his previous marriage, and she’s a secretive, conniving woman “reminiscent of Mrs. Danvers from Hitchcock’s Rebecca.” Wait, did Mrs. Danvers have a hot, naughty, dark-haired son who just turned 18 and works as a pool boy? Because Opal does, his name is Ethan, and he’s the third of the Season 2 cast additions. Finally, there’s Tony, a dark, swarthy, European hunk in his mid-30s with a Special Forces past and the athletic physique that goes with it. The macho man will find work as a bodyguard/chauffeur.

Question: I am really loving The Tomorrow People. Scoop?! —Vanessa
Ausiello: This Wednesday’s episode is the show’s best yet, according to leading man Robbie Amell. “It shows this lighter side of Stephen even though things really kind of go to hell at the beginning of the episode,” explains the actor, before adding that the hour will offer fans a glimpse of “what the show is going to be about for the next 14, 15 episodes… We introduce Jedikiah’s boss (played by Spartacus‘ Simon Merrells). You get a lot more backstory about my dad and John and Jedikiah. We further the storyline about trying to find my dad in present day.”

emily_elizabeth_graceQuestion: April won’t really marry Matthew on Grey’s Anatomy, right? —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Would she drag all three of her sisters to Seattle if she was going to leave him at the altar?! ‘Cause sources confirm to me exclusively that the Dec. 5 episode of Grey’s will feature wall-to-wall Kepners — specifically April’s sibs Libby (played by Days of Our Lives‘ Emily Happe), Kimmie (Drop Dead Diva‘s Elizabeth Bond) and Alice (The Middle‘s Grace Bannon). The trio are in town for their sis’ nuptials, which may or may not go off without a hitch. (Prediction: There’s a hitch or two, but the wedding will happen.)

Question: Nikita‘s final season starts in just a few days and I need some reassurance that we’ll get some decent Nikita/Owen interaction in these last six episodes. Reassure me, Aus! —Caroline
Ausiello: I would. If I could. But, alas, I can’t. “There are only six episodes [left] and there’s so much that Nikita has to run from, wrap up, come to terms with, triumph over — and none of those things really have to do with Owen,” star Maggie Q shares with a laugh. “I don’t think there was any room for [their friendship].”

Question: Orange Is the New Black is amazing. Scoop on what Season 2 holds for us addicts of the show? —Kathy
Ausiello: More Poussey — including her very own origin episode. “We’ll get a whole episode about her backstory,” shares the inmate’s alter ego, Samira Wiley. “Lots of things about [that installment] are surprising, but in a good way.” Season 2 as a whole will place additional emphasis on Poussey, shedding light on “her morals, her alliances and what her loyalty is like. [She’ll] also have scenes with people she hasn’t had scenes with before.”

Question: I was wondering if anything new is known about Season 3 of Girls? —Erin
Ausiello: This just in, Erin: It’s going to be polarizing! But perhaps you were looking for something a little less obvious? We caught up with fan favorite Zosia Mamet at this week’s 29th annual Artios Awards in NYC to find out whether there’s any hope for Shoshanna and boyfriend Ray, who ended Season 2 with an ugly breakup that found her ambitious college student telling her older boyfriend she loved him in the same way she might feel sorry for a caged monkey. (Ouch!) “It gets a little bit worse before it gets better – that’s what I’ll say,” Mamet teased, before revealing that Shosh’s doorman dalliance was “just a onetime thing” and will not be revisited in Season 3. Instead, the actress adds, she wound up mostly working with the show’s core cast for Girls‘ upcoming crop of episodes (returning Sunday, Jan. 12 on HBO), including some regulars with whom Shosh hadn’t interacted previously.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Lisbon from The Mentalist? –Laura
Ausiello: Only that the end of the Red John storyline may — I said, may — be the best thing to ever happen to her love life. When asked if Jane and his No. 1 gal will retain have a strong bond once the dust has settled after this Sunday’s big showdown, Simon Baker says, “Absolutely — and I think even stronger.” As show boss Bruno Heller explains, Jane and Lisbon over these five-and-a-half seasons “have been so engrossed in this massive task ahead of them that they haven’t really looked at the people alongside them and… thought about what they mean to them. But now, they [will] have a chance to take a breath and think about each other in a way they haven’t before.”

Question: Is there anything you can tell us about The Mentalist and life after Red John for Jane? —Shena
Ausiello: Actually, there’s something I can tell you and there’s also something I can show you. First, I can tell you that there will be a significant time jump between the Red John finale this Sunday and the beginning of Mentalist 2.0 on Dec. 1. Now, let me show you what the the new woman in Jane’s life — the mysterious Kim Fischer (played by series regular Emily Swallow) — will look like when she first appears in the aforementioned Dec. 1 episode. Check out the exclusive image below and then hit the comments with answers to these two questions: Why have we heard so little about who this woman is? Who do you think she is?

My Blue HeavenQuestion: Is it true? Carrie Preston’s doing another episode of The Good Wife? —Joshua
Ausiello: It’s true! “I got permission from HBO to do one last [episode] before I go back to work [on True Blood],” Preston tells us. “It’s not that they don’t want to support me; it’s just a contractual thing.” Storyline-wise, the Emmy winner insists she has no idea what brings Elsbeth back into the fold. Seems like a safe bet that she’ll get caught in the middle of the war between Team LG and Team FA though. “That would be tough for her,” concedes Peston, although… “I think she can play both sides of things. Wherever she’s needed, that’s where she wants to be!”

Question: You are a person of great interest and I would like to know if your Blind Item is about Person of Interest? —Aaron
Ausiello: I see what you did there and I’m mildly amused by it. No, the actor getting killed off POI this week is not the subject of my Blind Item. But while we’re on the subject, Carrie Preston — who recurs on the CBS drama and is married to its star, Michael Emerson — warns viewers to stock up on the Puffs Plus. “It will be very sad,” she confirms of [SPOILER’S] swan song. “It’s going to be sad for everybody — not just the fans but also the cast. But I think the way [the show] is handling it is quite remarkable.”

Question: Can you give Banshee some love? The series back in less than two months! —Adam
Ausiello: I strongly encourage you to refresh the hell out of TVLine’s homepage Thursday because at some point between 9 am and 6 pm EST I’ll be posting the Cinemax hit’s first Season 2 trailer. And it will Blow. You. Away. In the meantime, I offer you two tantalizing tidbits courtesy of exec producer Greg Yaitanes: “Season 2 is going to begin about a week after Season 1 left off” and “The finale of Season 2 is the best thing I’ve ever made.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Meg Masters, Kim Roots and Michael Slezak)

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  1. Hazel says:

    Oh, that was something… Unpleasant. To be honest, this page is inapropriate and I can’t except that into any website. Please be aware I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but my mom told me this was the right thing to do. Report.

    This isn’t good for the internet. Morals, maybe? Thanks a lot.

  2. Linda says:

    Please don’t tell me they are killing off Bear on Person of Interest?

    • ben says:

      Oh – you know what, the whole over the top media build up to this impending death on person of interest, and the incredible openness of the producers about it, has always made me wonder if its all a big major in-joke. It is reminiscent of the ‘frozen donkey wheel’ thing in Lost. Bear would fit the bill perfectly. This is my new favourite theory.

    • kel says:

      It’s not Bear. He’s been seen filming new episodes in the last week or two with Michael Emerson.

      • ben says:

        Got any other spoilers on who won’t die, kel? (of course, the one thing about Bear is – the character can die… and the “actor” can come back as a new character? Seems unlikely though)

        • kel says:

          Its not Reese, Finch, Shaw, Bear or Root. Although that shouldn’t be much of a shock. I do know who it is.

          • ben says:

            you are doing well. I haven’t been able to track it down at all. Basically, though, you’ve narrowed it down to being – clearly Elias. (why must it be Carter or Fusco? *sigh*).

          • Diane says:

            I think it sucks that Carter gets killed! She is one of the original. Is there a reason for her departure from the show? I don’t think that I’ll continue to watch it without her.

  3. @PortmanReview says:

    What? No Arrow, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Agents of SHIELD, Bones, Castle, Blacklist, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time or Supernatural scoop? I’m very disappointed this week!!!

    • iMember says:

      Don’t forget REVENGE!!! After that killer episode and bomb drop cliffhanger, I need something!!!

    • A says:

      right? me too!

    • tara17 says:

      It’s easy to name shows that don’t make the list. There are at least 100 prime time shows out there; not every one can make the list or be everyone’s favorite. There’s only 2 or 3 of these scoops I’m interested in each time. Not a big deal, imo.

  4. Amy says:

    If April and Matthew get married on Grey’s I’m guessing he’ll die the next episode. That’s how Grey’s rolls.

    • d says:

      LOL, THIS!!!! 1000 times this!

    • jalahyacitnh says:

      No, no. They’ll have her realize she really does love her husband and doesn’t need Jackson and THEN he dies as he heads to meet her so she can tell him that.

      • Cátia Oliveira says:

        Why would she need to tell him that she doesn’t need or love Jackson and that it’s him that she loves?! Marriage pretty much says that, no?

    • murley says:

      Nah, she’ll just have an affair.

    • cas says:

      What is so sad is that any of these comments are totally plausible. Why not just have April realize how much she loves Jackson still before marrying Matthew? You should never marry someone while still being in love with someone else, even if Jackson supposedly doesn’t love her it’s dumb to just have her marry Matthew because he is the consolation prize.

      • Cátia Oliveira says:

        Well she did her “part” concerning Jackson, she told him that she wanted him and he clearly made her understand that he wasn’t interested in that (even if he is in my opinion, but he’s just too proud). So why should she be alone for the rest of her life now? Doesn’t she have the right to look for happiness? Yes Matthew may not have been her first choice and she may not love him the way she loves Jackson, but I truly believe that she has feelings for him. She’s just trying to move one, like so many people do in life…she’s decided that she can no longer wait for someone who doesn’t love her. Except Jackson totally loves her, so he’s the one to blame in my opinion!

    • Liz says:

      Of course she will get married… and then probably cheat with Jackson on her wedding night or something… That’s what Shonda likes.

      • Cátia Oliveira says:

        I don’t really believe that they will go down the road of adultery with April. I mean after all the Jesus story that would just be lame in my opinion and non realistic for the character, but I can be wrong…who knows.

    • Will says:

      An episode centered on April??!! ugh! I’ll definitely avoid or fast forward through this episode. One more reason I’ll “discharging” from Grey’s at the end of the season.

  5. Nate says:

    I’m obsessed over this blind item Ausiello!!!!

  6. PPPG says:

    I still say the death on PoI will be Bear. He’ll die protecting his pack. :(

  7. Norma says:

    God I just want some Bates Motel spoilers already.

  8. Alisa Neely says:

    OMG, NOT HOLLIS MANN…..i could NOT stand her….i HATED how she thought, she had the right to ORDER AROUND “TEAM GIBBS”, when they worked together…..and she didn’t know the meaning of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…going behind gibbs’ back to get information about him….and such…..any chance, she’s showing up DEAD?

    • Why are you shouting random words?

      • Donna says:

        It’s what she does with every post. Quite amusing. I think she is sending secret messages out via the web bit I haven’t cracked the code yet :-)

        • Daniel says:

          No code necessary–she’s signaling the mother ship. Considering how long she has written this way–they not only aren’t answering, they don’t want her back–*SIGH* :)

    • Delirious says:

      “Sources confirm to me exclusively that Susanna Thompson is set to reprise her role as Jethro’s ex, Hollis Mann, this January.”

      ^- I thought this was announced here on TVline weeks ago? I even remember McGee being mentioned there, not sure if it was because Mann would return being involved, surprisingly, with him instead of Gibbs… Or maybe I’m getting confused with something else :?

  9. A says:

    Sad day. Only one bit of news I cared about (news on April). I need to start writing in and asking about the many shows I want information on. More Once, Revenge, HIMYM, Hart of Dixie, Mindy Project, Revolution, Arrow, Reign, Agents of Shied, Pretty Little Liars, Covert Affairs, Psych, Once in Wonderland, Baby Daddy, and Suits pretty please!

    • Aeol says:

      I’m assuming you wrote in to ask specific questions about those shows. Or did you just expect others to read your mind and do it for you?

    • Cindy says:

      I’ve been writing in and writing in –at least 3 letters, asking for asurance that Fusco isn’t dead; maybe I’ll find out when I watch tonight, but I didn’t want to have to wait. I rad all the items “titled” POI and Spoiler, but no word. the anxiety is taking what few years I have left (I’m a very senior citizen. Bot fair. I post here and also send emails to the address to which we’re supposed to send them. I’m glad to read here that it isn’t Bear, but shall I get out my tissues to bemoan Fusco.
      We’ve taped the show so I guess I’ll soon find out.

  10. Luli says:

    I hope the do room for the Nalex friendship… it is long overdue… WE NEED THEM, not mikita

  11. wordsmith says:

    I may be in the minority on this one, but I’m totally looking forward to seeing what happens with four Kepners together on Grey’s. I really love April, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    • A says:

      me too! I love her!

    • heather22 says:

      me too! But I really don’t want her to marry Matthew though. :(

    • Luli says:

      Me too!!! I’m so lloking forward to this episode! It’ll be hilarious! And I hhope she doesn’t get married…

    • Emma says:

      I like April a lot! The hate she gets is kind of ridiculous, she’s no more annoying than anyone else on this show. I have a feeling one sister will probably be just like her and the other two will be the complete opposite. I’m pretty sure her and Matthew won’t make it to the altar though, she’ll either be a runaway bride, or he’ll be a runaway groom or something will happen that makes the wedding get cancelled.

    • Mai says:

      I like April too. You guys are not alone. I find April much more enjoyable and entertaining to watch than all of the interns-turned-residents. Those interns are the worst characters ever. I am hoping the Kepners are going to be fun to watch.

  12. pat says:

    What going to happen with Rizzoli,&Iles? Are they returning?

  13. Bill says:

    Well, they are sure throwing out strong hints that it is Fusco. Perhaps too much so; but the dog – if that is it – I’ll be an unhappy camper!

  14. Morgan says:

    This is the first time I have not given a flying frack about any show on the spoiler list.

  15. Donna says:

    Isn’t Robert Wagner also rumoured to be in the 250th episode. I hope Mann doesn’t return as Tony’s latest step mum.

  16. Luli says:

    More Kepners!!!!! I can’t wait for this episode!!

  17. Zorkel says:

    I am now really curious as to how Hollis Mann comes back. Hmm.

  18. Shaggy says:

    POI episode just aired in Canada. I won’t say who dies but it was shocking!! At least it was to me.

  19. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Regarding the Mentalist scoop about the new lady character – why do I get the feeling that she is Jane’s girlfriend.

  20. enri says:

    The Mentalist…so exciting! Not sure who the woman will be to Jane. Hopefully she won’t interfere between Lisbon & Jane.

    • Seuss says:

      I know. I’m so worried she will mess with the Jane/Lisbon dynamic. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Homewrecker. haha. I already hate her.

    • @enri says:

      This is what I’m hoping too. They have a good thing with those two. Jane and Lisbon, I mean.

    • zaza says:

      Perhaps she’ll be his new therapist. He’ll need one to help him work through the grief he never faced because he was intent on revenge. Maybe she’ll help him open up to Lisbon in a way he never has before and then he and Lisbon can become even closer.

      • Shiloh says:

        I like the way you think, zaza. I thought she was there to recruit him as a consultant for the FBI. But I suppose she could be a therapist. Sort of doubt it though. Why promote an FBI therapist to a series regular? A profiler? Maybe. But how to include a therapist in a weekly whodunit? She and Abbott are probably both field agents somehow. We know he is. He’s the boss, Cho is part of his team, I’m assuming, Jane is recruited to be a consultant. How Lisbon gets into this scenario is what I’m curious about. Isn’t she supposed to be in Washington with a police job there? I want to see how she gets back involved with the FBI and Jane. I’m glad to hear their bond is stronger now and interested to see where this thinking of each other in different ways leads to.

    • Phil says:

      maybe she’s his daughter… I doubt it, but I just thought I’d put that out there.

      • Mrs. M says:

        I had the crazy thought that she MIGHT be related to him in some way… maybe a sister? It sounds as if there is some kind of connection, but I’m sure it’s in no way romantic… The Jane/Lisbon dynamic is too far advanced to push anyone between them- it’s pretty clear where things will be going ;). And I think it’s time… at this point of the show and after catching Red John, Jane and Lisbon should absolutely get together.

        • I really hope you are right. I want Lisbon and Jane getting closer romanticly but I’m still quite unshure if the writers really go there…but let’s hope for the best! They deserve it :-)

  21. Judy says:

    Just saw Person of Interest, so sad!

  22. tahina says:

    I bet April won’t marry, but another couple will… ;)

  23. Erin says:

    Oh no… They’re not killing off BEAR are they?!?!?! I don’t even like POI, but I would still be sad about that!

  24. nitmar says:

    Please, not Carter who dies. (:

  25. Rjrtist says:

    Is the blind item ” Shane West? “

  26. Cristel Jones says:

    done with POI

    • tp says:

      It’s Carter isn’t it? This sucks. I don’t think I want to watch it anymore without her.

      • Laura says:

        Honestly, I’m not surprised. After the backstory they gave her last episode and how she phoned and said goodbye to her kid before going to get the warrant I expected it to happen last week.
        Definitely sad, because I was always hoping for something to happen between her and John, but hopefully the show will go on smoothly without her.

      • Heidi Huber says:

        I think it HAS to be Carter – they did that great retrospective, showed her saying “good-bye” to her son, etc.  I hate to see it, too, but it makes sense that HR takes her out.  (Good thing it’s not Bear or there would be trouble!)  hrh

        • TJ. Church says:

          It’s easy to say “It HAS to be Carter” after you know that it is/was! In truth, however, that’s the LAST person it should’ve been!!! Reese & Finch each have the other to cover for their loss (In addition now to Shaw). Meanwhile, the only person around to replace/fill the spot left by Carter is who already takes a literal ton of ability away from every scene he’s in!!

    • john says:

      It seems a bit extreme to be done with the show, Its sad but i expect the fallout from this will yeild some pretty amazing emotional stories.

      • tp says:

        It’s not extreme for me. TPH and JC were the reasons I tuned in. I don’t like Amy Acker or Root. So if Carter is gone and Root stays I am done. I will watch the next epi because they said it was a three parter after the winter hiatus I won’t come back. Whether I watch or not doesn’t matter, I don’t have a Nielson box.

        • rflairfan1 says:

          I thought it was a great episode. It sucks that someone had to die but I think they did it in way that will benefit the show in the long run. Next week’s episode should shed some light on that.

        • john says:

          I just think the amount of story they’ve built over the years is worth watching to the end regardless. You have your own opinion and thats cool, just think its worth watching after the mid season break for an episode or two and see how the story pans out. Then again its my favorite show so i’m more than a little biased.

          Aye I don’t affect the ratings either.

  27. Media Ho says:

    I hope Marisol/Ana will still be on Devious Maids…and Susan Lucci, too!

  28. as524 says:

    Hollis Mann….sigh – too bad she couldn’t just stay in Hawaii….

  29. jenferner8 says:

    The only way I want to see Susana Thompson come back to NCIS is in a body bag, that would be an unexpected way, right?

  30. kat says:

    So we know Alex and Owen have lots of scenes in the final season of Nikita, that’s been said previously. And now we know there isn’t much Owen/Nikita because there “wasn’t time”.

    So we can start complaining about the shoving of the pointless out of nowhere instant relationship between Owen and Alex down our throats now without people telling us to wait and see? I’m not talking about romance either, I don’t care if they’re platonic the entire time. Their relationship is based on 2 episodes of significant interaction, as opposed to two seasons of Nikita and Owen. That there wasn’t time for them but there’s apparently time for Owen/Alex is complete and utter crap.

    • Luli says:

      I just want Nikita and Alex scenes…. I don’t care about Mikita, for all I care Michael can die.

      • kat says:

        I gave up on getting decent Alex and Nikita scenes last season. The writers have lost site of what made this show so great and unique in the beginning. Now it’s just another generic CW show full of terribly written romance. I used to adore this show, and I need to see the end of the show so I can get closure, but I’m so happy it’s ending and that they only got 6 episodes. There’s only so much more damage they can do to these once great characters in 6 episodes.

  31. patti says:

    just watched latest NCIS do not like the bishop character boring, dull get rid of it find a way to bring Ziva back. she made the show

    • Ashley. says:

      Cote doesn’t want to come back. The show was around before her, and it’s still around now. And yeah, I’m a Ziva fan too. Cote is entitled to live her life the way she wants, just as you are. Get over it.

  32. Seuss says:

    And why is The Mentalist looking like a whole new show? Hoping alot of primary characters don’t die or something. Lisbon has to live, right? I’m nervous.

    • Maryann says:

      The Red John story line is ending this Sunday, then there will be a two year time jump with everyone in new jobs. Lisbon will still be there for Jane. In fact, I have read that they will focus on Lisbon and Jane heading in a romantic direction.

  33. leann says:

    Kim Fischer will be Jane’s no 1 girl. The picture is a thousand words. Heller was intent on denying romance for Lisbon .. . With Jane.

    She is Patrick’s friend from ex carnie life – connection to his past.

    • Bill says:

      Fischer is a FBI agent originally from Texas. She will be sent to South America to find Jane and offer him immunity from prosecution if he returns to the US and becomes a consultant for the FBI. No one involved with the show has said anything about her being a romantic interest for anyone. They only have half a season left to explore the Jane-Lisbon relationship. I don’t think they’ll go the love triangle route.

  34. Britt says:

    I have such anxiety about watching Person of Interest. I don’t want anyone I like to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am also sad that Nikita is ending, but it wasn’t quite the same after the first season. I still liked it though.
    P.S. I love Carrie Preston!

  35. nitmar says:


  36. Frankie says:

    POI – OMG!!!!

  37. Alexa says:

    The way the show has been going. I have this nagging feeling it may be Paul Wesley on Vampire Diaries. He complains enough about how boring Stefan is and now with Silas out of the picture and “brooding” predictable Stefan back, perhaps they’ve decided to go the way of the books.

  38. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    I think I may die when the answer to the blind item is finally revealed, perhaps of disappointment when its on a show I know nothing about.

  39. Fernando says:

    Thanks for the Devious Maids news, I hope everything will still be the same with the main five stars and not the writers trying to shove new people on us. I hope Susan is also still around.

  40. AnnieM says:

    Well, Sir…..was the Blind Item person Ron Perlman?

  41. DavidSask says:

    Can’t wait for Banshee return, find your way to watch it people for those who have not seen yet, it’s worth it!!!

  42. Mariana says:

    I thought it was funny how all of April’s sisters are redheads, but we all know she is not. Season 6, guys!

  43. justsaying says:

    Could care less about some loopy dopey annoying april and now you bring on 3 more annoying ub’s. Jane gets a new girl, she really doesn’t look the part. Lisbet walks like she has a hand between her thighs. POI is not on the DVR anymore and I can’t seem to find my way back to SOA.

  44. Daniel says:

    “She is coming back in an unexpected way.”

    She is coming back as… Moira Queen! The CEO turned mass murderer makes an appearance on NCIS. That would be an interesting twist :P

  45. Linda M says:

    I love NCIS. I watched last night and was disappointed in the woman they have in Ziva’s place. She just drove me nuts. I love Diane Neal. Bring her back, she was great. She fit right in.

  46. John 1138 says:

    She’s (Kim Fischer) the therapist Jane turns to when Red John is revealed as Lisbon.

  47. Did ANYONE ask about Doctor Who? Come on. Give us spoilers for this Saturday!!!!

  48. LeeAz383 says:

    I watched NCIS with Bishop last night. I don’t understand why this season keeps having such hard turns in it. Ziva’s send-off was weak, quick, harsh without a lot of really good explaining. There could have been a much better send-off for her than what they did. Then there’s the issue with Bishop. Let’s just ram her right down everyone’s throat and make her a regular. I’m one that I need proof that she’ll make a good change to the team. One episode does not cut it for me. She might eventually win me over, as I did see some promise in her character, but I don’t know about long-term. And I don’t care that she is/was NSA with a joint assignment to NCIS. Yes, lots of new story line possibilities. But from a “life” perspective, what a slam it would be to any seasoned NCIS agent who could possibly “win” an upgrade to be on Team Gibbs, only to be out done by someone with only 4 years with NSA. And I know one thing, if they don’t call her Probie… I might just join Ziva… Somewhere else.

    • Pete says:

      Well NCIS was struggling in season 10 to come up with decent storylines that included Ziva and very nearly destroyed itself with the revenge arc at the end.
      Ziva’s send-off was weak because it had not be planned, was written in a rush and because de Pablo was only available for limited scenes. My personal opinion was that they wasted an opportunity with her having resigned at the end of season 10, they could have just had her gone in season 11 with a couple of comments explaining it between the rest of the cast.
      But they felt that they wanted to ‘please’ the long term Ziva & Tiva fans – most of whom seem to be especially ungrateful for what they got.

      As for Bishop, this episode was all about introducing a brand new character; of course it was going to be fairly heavy on her. There should be more of a balance in future episodes. What matters in her becoming a regular is how she has meshed with the rest of the cast, and the reports from the set are positive. If it had been left up to the audience to decide, then Ziva would never have become a regular character.
      Not every show can please every viewer, it seems that NCIS has a bunch of viewers who liked it’s original style, something that changed dramatically over the Ziva years. Other viewers preferred what it became. This season has gone back more to the feel of the earlier episodes. Viewers that like that are happy, some who stopped watching are delighted and watching again, more recent viewers and those who particularly liked Ziva are not happy.
      Which audience deserves to be listened too? And there is no point saying “the largest” because it is almost impossible to quantify – fans that have been claiming to speak for the entire audience have been shown up as a tiny percentage of viewers by all of this.

      I have respect for the viewers that evaluate where the show has gone, decide it is no longer for them and quietly stop watching. The ones screaming that they don’t like what is happening to the show nor do they like the new girl – and that they are going to stop watching if things don’t improve to their liking – are just telling the world that they think their view is more important than anyone else’s.

      • Sheila says:

        Your respect is not required. Site moderators allow people to voice their opinions on shows, even the negative ones or “farewell / goodbye show that I will not be watching” posts. No one needs to stop watching “quietly” –feel free to have your say, just obey the moderators and don’t call people names. We are here to discuss tv shows. No one’s opinion is more or less valid than the next. People can express displeasure with a show’s direction.

  49. kath says:

    I’m glad Susanna Thompson will be reprising Hollis Mann because she did a good job with a difficult character, but watching her knock it out of the park on Arrow as Moira Queen just emphasizes how badly women on NCIS are written, from Kate to Jenny to Ziva to Abby.

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