The Voice Recap: Sleepy. Hollow. [Updated]

James Wolpert Without YouUsain Bolt is to the Olympics what The Voice‘s fifth season is to reality singing competitions: Fast, thrilling and seemingly invincible.

So it seemed most peculiar — and actually a little shocking — that the gold-medal-winning sprinter’s appearance on tonight’s Top 10 performance telecast turned out to be the most sluggish two hours the NBC ratings powerhouse has presented in recent memory.

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Carson Daly tried to convince us that Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” isn’t a threadbare reality competition staple, but rather a song that James Wolpert was introducing to today’s youth. Christina Aguilera dodged and weaved like a champion boxer — trying to avoid getting caught giving the tart criticisms that were percolating at the tip of her tongue. And I kinda, sorta found myself wishing Christina Milian might stage a sit-in in the Sprint Skybox, just to add a little excitement to the proceedings.

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OK, OK, I didn’t mean that last part. We’ve all heard enough “What’s up, Carson?”s to last us a lifetime. So let me jump to letter grades for tonight’s performances:

Austin Jenckes (Team Blake): Outfield’s “Your Love” — Grade: C- | Sorry, big fella, but if I hadn’t taken notes during the show, my memories of this performance would be limited to: A. Your interview clip about driving a forklift when you first moved to Nashville. B. A painful series of glory notes toward the end. C. The sense that Blake, realizing he’s unlikely to have three of the final eight acts, saddled you with a super-generic song about cheating on one’s girlfriend, then pretended it would give you the ability to shock voters and “make it your own.” Spoiler alert: Neither one of those things happened.

Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina): Zedd featuring Foxes’ “Clarity” — Grade: B- | I understood Christina wanting to show a softer side of Jackie, but why rip her out of the retro-soul/rock wheelhouse where she’s made her mark in the last three weeks? There are plenty of ditties, after all, that aren’t stripped-down versions of generic dance-pop hits! Jacquie herself looked — and definitely sounded — tentative for the opening half of the performance, never quite latching onto the pitch. Things improved once she slid off the piano and caught the groove of the chorus — the little upward lift into falsetto territory on “lo-ove!” was a nice touch — but for the first time since her Battle Round vs. Kaley Cuoco’s sister, Jacquie wound up looking vulnerable. (And alas, I mean vulnerable from a competitive standpoint, not in the emotional way Xtina was hoping.)

Will Champlin (Team Adam): John Newman’s “Love Me Again” — Grade: B | Will’s vocal one of the night’s most accurate, and his journey from sitting at the piano to standing behind the piano to rocking out at center stage went much more smoothly than it did during his Top 20 take on “Secrets.” Still, there are still moments where Will’s face and body language are very “4:58pm in Corporateville” — as if he’s already visualizing his commute home and what he might order for dinner. Or maybe, faced with a middling track like “Love Me Again,” Will was merely brainstorming better song choices for Top 8 week?

Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo): Peter, Paul & Mary’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” — Grade: B+ | Cee Lo, whose feedback usually amounts to the sound the adults make on The Peanuts, rolled up his zippery leather sleeves and criticized his own artist (a Voice first?) for not opening up enough and allowing the band to overpower her tonight. Normally, I’d applaud that brand of unbiased honesty — except for the fact that dude’s complaint seemed totally unfounded. Sure, “Leaving on a Jet Plane” all but has an “I’m From the ’60s!” tattoo on its hindquarters, but Caroline delivered it with a wistfulness and clarity that overcame the clunky rainbows-and-butterflies animation on the screens behind her. Yes, the kid needs to use her Google Maps app and get off the corner of Pixie Dust Lane and Earnest Avenue next week — click here for some possible song sugestions — but she should (and most likely will) sail through to the Top 8 anyhow.

Cole Vosbury (Team Blake): Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” — Grade: B- | Was it just me, or did the sound mix on Cole’s performance border on disgraceful? Granted, Bearded McSexypants made the peculiar choice to let a coven of backround singers sing the melody on the chorus — making for some awkward pauses from the man at center stage — but then again, watching Cole fiddle with his earpiece mid-song made me wonder if technical difficulties were in play. In spite of those stumbles, though, the grit and maturity in Cole’s tone made it work better than it should’ve, and better than Blake’s “so acoustic!” feedback indicated.

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Tessanne Chin (Team Adam): Gladys Knight & the Pips’ “If I Were Your Woman” — Grade: B- | All in favor of a “Free Tessanne!” movement that allows her to switch to Team Xtina or Team Blake (or heck, even Team Crazy Choreography), raise your hand. Because based on Adam’s fusty old song choice — and his instructions to “start at zero, end at crazy” — I’m convinced he has no idea what to do with this powerhouse vocalist who desperately needs to forge her own musical identity, rather than bulldozing her way through her future Vegas lounge show. That maybe sounds harsher than I meant it. Tessanne hit most of her notes, even if her “If I Were Your Woman” lacked subtlety and freshness, but there’s also a sense that her potential is going untapped. And time, alas, is running short.

Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake): Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” — Grade: C+ | Much like off-brand peanut butter, I suppose there was nothing especially wrong with Ray’s tuneful but listless “You Are the Best Thing.” Well, except for the lack of creativity and surprise. And the overarching sense of detachment. And the blanket of ennui that envelops me and threatens to send me into night-night times just for daring to think deeply about something so sleepy.

James Wolpert (Team Adam): Harry Nilsson/Badfinger’s “Without You” — Grade: B+ | The whole art-deco vibe of the set and James’ mic-stand/cane, lapel-poppy combo added an aura of coolness to his performance without threatening to overpower it. (Take notes, Cee Lo!) And while Xtina was right that his pitch “didn’t always line up” — bless her approval-craving heart for working so hard to not get labeled as “the bitchy one” this season — James’ ability to infuse the oft-heard ballad with a modern-rock sensibility was pretty nifty. Yeah, his vocal ambitions sometimes exceed his abilities by 10-15%, but at least the dude is pushing himself and performing every number like it could be his last, no?

Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo): Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” — Grade: B C+ | I was so bummed by Kat’s Bottom 3 showing after last week’s electrifying “Sail” — and so bewildered by the Paso Doble Dance Troupe that backed her — that I’ve got to cop to having initially given her a higher grade than she deserved. On second listen, it became abundantly evident that Kat was struggling mightily with the lower portions of La Benatar’s range-y pop hit, and still wobbled like a balloon full Jell-o when she transitioned to her belt-y comfort zone. So while I’d still be more intrigued to hear Kat than Austin or Ray next week, I can’t pretend she significantly outperformed them tonight, either.

Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina): Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” — Grade: A- | Matthew began his performance this week tentatively, almost inaudibly, and while perhaps the arrangement was a bit lower than it should’ve been, there was also a tenderness and vulnerability in that cragginess that fit the lyrics rather perfectly. By the time the kid unleashed his full voice to convey the romantic sweep of yet another Emeli Sande number — what’s Idol and The Voice’s obsession with this chica? — I was sold. Now let’s see if he can create the same magic in the first or second performance slot next week, shall we?

Should go home: Austin, Ray
Will go home: Austin, Kat

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 10 performance night? Who were your faves? Who surprised you? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. analythinker says:

    Cole’s leading on iTunes, really?
    Rank: Cole/Matthew/James/Caroline/Tessanne/Ray/Jacquie/Will/Kat/Austin

    I’d say we say bid adieu to Kat and Austin? Or too soon?

    • analythinker says:

      Hm, I didn’t remember typing the second “say”… ugh.

    • HTGR says:

      Wow, I did like Cole the last few weeks, but his entire performance seemed weak tonight, he seemed behind it for big chunks start to finish. Yeah Matthew and for a bit longer Jacquie were a little shaky to start but they both put it together (quickly for Matthew (mostly because his stripped down intro part was much shorter)). And man with the way Austin gets wayyyyy more votes than his itunes placing damn could it be a bottom three of: Jacquie, Will and Kat??? Ugh please The Voice don’t turn into The XFactor.
      I know Jacquie seemed to start under which gave it a bit of a rough start but I was sort of surprised that the judges seemed be more meh for her than just about anyone else (especially since for a couple others they didn’t bother to bring up any of the issues). I have a weird feeling the show might prefer a Matthew win.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        I think they all have potential for bottom 3, except for maybe Matthew – because of this week’s placement and last week’s iTunes success. Otherwise, he was pretty “meh” too.

        • HTGR says:

          The shouldn’t all have potential for bottom three though. I mean OK so Jacquie falls a bit flat to start tonight and for that everyone forgets how she just about alone saved the entire knockout round? And how well she did the following two weeks too? That’s stupidly harsh. But not on Team Blake, not country, not hipster/indie and female so I guess less margin, we’ll see. If she avoids bottom three in votes maybe does have some deep support but if it tracks iTunes…. man.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            I don’t judge the body of work. The competition is entirely too close for that. Whoever does the best in the week is who I vote for? It’s not personal. Also, I think when contestants rely on past successes, they just get lazy. It’s not a big deal, I don’t say something is great, if it’s not. What is the point of that?

          • HTGR says:

            But come one voting 100% week by week is nuts, no wonder why we always get such ridiculous results off of these shows. It’s not like she was some middle of the packer how the heck do you send someone home he has been best or near best for a few weeks in a row just for a half song stumble once??? That’s insane. What happened to everyone going she saved the entire knockout rounds? She was so incredible the first live week? She was so great last week? I mean seriously miles ahead of most the last few weeks and then just because a bit more of a stumble this week, bottom three, maybe gone?? What????
            You realize that none of the greatest artists of any type would survive long by such voting methods? Uh oh uh oh Whitney Houston had a shocking off night better dump that singer off, this is the top 10 it is close competition. Oh man did you hear that latest symphony from Mozart, man that just didn’t quite work entirely this time, what a shame, kick that poser to the curb!
            What Usain Bolt only came in third in that race? What a joker. We only send the top two the champhionsips so get rid of that joker.

          • HTGR says:

            It’s not like we are in a scenario where we are down to the last week or two and the top few have all happened to have been neck and neck. We have someone here who has been miles ahead of many of them for a few weeks and it’s wayyy early in the lives.

          • Flygrrl40 says:

            And…. Game. Set. Match.

          • I actually think the show is far more interesting if you judge it week by week. People like Kellie Pickler prove you don’t have to win a competition to be a successful artist, so why don’t we give the championship to the person who earns it by giving the best performance every week? I can think of several singing show contestants who stayed longer than their welcome because of the strong performances they gained early on, who then knocked more impressive singers out because of it: Danny Gokey, Ramiele Malubay, Jacob Lusk, Jason Castro…In general, if a frontrunner turns in a terrible performance, they tend to get worse if you keep them around. I don’t think Jacquie falls into this category, but it’s still a good rule of thumb to vote for the best singers each week.

          • Amie says:

            I agree with Teeny Bikini. We should judge on this weeks performance. This is a competition. You make it to the next level, you compete at that level or go home. They had one chance to make a team, one chance to win their battle and one chance to win their knockout. Why should it be any easier as they move on. And as far as I am concerned… Adam is the only one who is giving his team challenging songs. They have all met the challenge and he has this years winner.

          • HTGR says:

            @amie – because they get tossed a random song and have one week to prepare, that’s hardly real life and again by your logic nobody would even know who Joe Montana or Mariano Rivera or to get back to artists, probably 85% of the artists out there and we’d just be stuck be McBlandsville singer and Team Uniformly Steady Mediocre. ANY one of them can have a worse week ANY week and that’s pretty random them if that is the case. Anyone who runs any team or business or anything by 100% week to week will quickly become a losing team or go out of business.

          • Tom22 says:

            I disagree that “This is a Competition” These shows are not competitions in the normal sense of the word and we really shouldn’t care who comes in “first place” because of that limitation. ..
            .. and I am Happy that it is Not a Competition. A competition would need to be organized far differently, and you would need a uniform panel of judges agreeing on a predetermined weighted mix of criteria — we’re so far from that and as soon as you have public voting it isn’t competition in that regard
            >>> The shows ARE interactive decision making with an audicence on which contestants we get to see the next week. The contestants aren’t so much ranked but those that have people who are eager to watch them and see what more they can do will vote for the few they feel that way about.
            . People Can accurately say what performers they “like” in terms of “who they want to hear more of” . Once people take it that way.. it is very hard to be bitter and it makes much more sense that results match the goal.
            Goal .. to let aspiring artists take their abilties to another level, to see if they can shine under the pressure of the bright lights and the hectic and long hours that being on a show, (or on a tour) takes… and for those that show they’re up to the task enough to get some following.. to learn more each week through vocal coaching, learning more and more about working with bands and arrangements if they haven’t done so… and to let those artists possibly attract a fan base..who might stick with them.
            … it is a meritocracy in the sense that being a private artist can be about skill but being a commercial artist is about “saying” something to people that they want to hear. People do get to hear more of what they want to hear until they’re outnumbered as the field gets smaller.
            .. if you want a talent competition, not a test of size of an audience.. there are plenty of tournaments that try to do that I believe … at least there were in high school and I believe at the college level (certainly accapela and jazz band competitions etc)

    • Better Sundays says:

      Michael is spot-on: Austin and Ray MUST go; but Austin and Kat WILL go. Talented as she is, there’s something about Kat that just rubs people the wrong way. Sorry, Slezak.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Kat will definitely be in the bottom 3. No doubt. But can the Twitter vote save her? She barely squeaked by with a stellar performance last week. Her performance this week was just sub jar – and weird – but not in a good way. Back up dancers, CeeLo? Really? It’s like CeeLo wants to lose. Love is a Battlefield would have been a more appropriate Benatar song for her… Oh we’ll…

      • ibisarr says:

        As Kat sings, even in her hardest of rock songs, she all of a sudden hits a few notes that sounds like musical theater, and then goes back to rock and it makes the whole performance just not right! Not right at all. There is hope for her yet, since it is easy enough to fix. Hopefully she realizes it soon.

        • Tom22 says:

          While I think you are right, I do think that is her style. Either you can embrace it or not. It rankled me originally but after coming to expect it, it isn’t so jarring. Where the style is inserted is also logically enough to purposefully convey a message or mood of a verse.
          I’m certainly not saying I’m 100% on board and it can be used terribly wrong.. I’m just saying that you’re both right and that the way she did it -last- night didn’t bother me.
          It reminded me of “les mis” “I dreamed a dream” at times but I felt it worked with that song in an intersting way. Rock Opera perhaps .. after all they had a musical with ABBA music.

    • zenmaster says:

      Don’t underestimate the power of ‘Duck Dynasty’ for Cole…

    • GTS says:

      As of now, no one is in iTunes Top 10, so no one gets the 5x bonus. It’s not a great sign if people didn’t buy their songs, but maybe people still voted to keep them?

    • Joy says:

      Yes, I agree, but if you listen again to James Wolpert, he was very pitchy, really bad. Maybe he should go home after last night’s performance.

      • Amie says:

        I thought James was awful last night, if I’m honest. Wolpert seemed unsure, uncomfortable and very off. Ditto Jacquie. And Matthew, who is one of my favorites. When Matthew started, I said to my husband, “Did they turn off his mike?” That was so awkward! It may not have lasted very long, but it seemed like for.ever.

    • Canadian Fan says:

      Pretty accurate prediction: Austin and Kat are going home tonight. Don’t think Kat will have another life. She has exhausted her theatrical tricks. Ceelo will be more than a little “pissed”.

  2. Jim says:

    Jacquie Lee fell flat for me today…. Clarity is a very hard song to sing and it effected her badly. Caroline was solid but a little sleepy. Mathew won the night honestly though.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      It looked like she forgot the words to me – twice. And she barely hit any of her notes. I think Xtina was right to push her outside of her “screaming” comfort zone, but she never really got comfortable with the idea and it showed.

    • K says:

      I went back and watched Michelle Chamuel’s performance of Clarity after the show and the difference was staggering. Even a B- for Jacquie is bit generous. Not only did she have serious pitch/falsetto transition issues in the first 1/3 of the song, but she lacked the emotional connection she displayed in her previous performances and looked like she didn’t want to be on stage doing that song.

      Overall, weird that everyone seemed to have an off night.

      • Ted says:

        I was glad that Jacquie was doing something a little different this week…. but her performance was nasally…. and annoying. Her last note was VERY sharp; it was ironic that Xtina criticized James for the very same thing, but not her own contestant….

        • sd says:

          Not ironic about Christina but typical which is why the public gets irritated with her. If she occasionally pointed out her own singer’s mistakes then people won’t mind as much when she points out others. But she never does that.

        • Lee says:

          Xtina also suggested to Tessanne to change it up a bit. And then had Matthew sing Hallelujah and an Emeli Sande song for 2 weeks in a row!

      • memphis says:

        I almost think that Christina was throwing Jacquie under the bus with that song choice. What the heck? It was about as far from Jacquie’s wheelhouse as a song can get. Christina should be positioning Jacquie to win not giving vague direction like “put it out there and bring it back.” Huh? Bad coaching. Hope it wasn’t intentional.

        • lynn says:

          I don’t think so, everyone has been saying Jacquie needs to show a different side of her. I think Christina wanted to go for something young and relevant with Jacquie.

          • Don Viajero says:

            Showing another side is one thing, but taking giving poor Jacquie a song that plays to her weaknesses rather than her strengths is just poor coaching. Give her a slower song by all means, but make it a more soulful ballad that she can sink her teeth into. I think this was Xtina’s biggest misstep as a coach so far this season.

            And of course Michelle did a much better job on Clarity. The song is right in her electronic pop wheelhouse (and not all that dissimilar to Michelle’s new single – which is great by the way).

  3. Sam says:

    I do not understand why people do not like Kat. I love her voice, her performance, and what she does with the song she gets. I would rate her as doing much better than others this week.

    • Rivka Simons says:

      She should have never attempted a Pat Benetar song. She loses in every comparison to Pat.

      • Sara says:

        Completely agree. Pat Benatar is sort of deceptive in that people think her songs are easy, but that just isn’t true. Her songs are some of the most difficult out there simply because of how phenomenal Pat Benatar is as a musician and vocalist. She was classically trained and her range is out of this world. Kat is nowhere NEAR good enough to even attempt a Pat Benatar song.

        • AlyB says:

          Agree. That song swallowed her whole. I’d actually like to see Tessanne tackle something like that. She’s got the powerful pipes that might pull it off. Pat Benetar songs are deceptively difficult. Kat didn’t come close to pulling that off. She did well last week but her overall competition showing has been hit or miss. She’s got a good deal of support on twitter & that might pull her out of the fire again this week depending on who’s in the bottom with her. I really wish they didn’t have a twitter save. It should be determined by votes and that should be the end of it.
          Kat’s an interesting singer. A true rocker at heart. She could probably support herself doing small gigs on the road with a rocker band though that’s a hard life. Still there’s something to be said for making a living doing what you love. I just don’t see her as the same caliber or potential as Matthew or Jacquie (or most of the others actually). She’s had a good run. I think the bottom 3 will/should be some combo if Ray, Austin, Kat. I won’t be too upset about losing any of them and would be more upset to lose any of the others before them.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Saying she did much better this week is not saying much. I actually adore her spirit and showmanship and her voice – when it’s on, but she has to hit the notes. And tonight was not her best night. It wasn’t even her second best night. I still voted for her though… ;)

    • Frankie says:

      I don’t understand why anyone likes Kat. She has one of the worst voices I’ve ever heard.

    • waterbug says:

      I agree! I love Kat too. She performs, not just stand in one spot and race to a glory note. I hope Kat survives, but there are too many WGWGs for her to swim upstream against.

  4. HTGR says:

    I have a feeling the show has picked Matthew as the Cassaddee for this season. He goes last or close every week and Jacquie is almost always put near the start. Not that he hasn’t been doing well though. I do like Jacquie a bit more though, she will have a tough road to ever unseat him now.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      He is definitely pulling away from the pack. He wasn’t that great this week, but placement alone will guarantee the Top 8.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I go in a different direction and say Matthew is a cooler version of Joshua Ledet. He can sign anything and adds a freshness to each performance.

    • Don Viajero says:

      While I agree that Mathew seems to be getting “favorite” treatment, I also can’t say that he hasn’t earned it. While this was far from his best performance, it still stood out on a generally underwhelming night. But I do really like Jacquie as well and hope that she also makes it to the end.

  5. Rivka Simons says:

    You were altogether too kind to Kat. That was her worst ever. She is going home.

    • sara says:

      Agree completely.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Second worse, which is still pretty awful. Every single second was contrived and off key and so outside of her wheelhouse. I just don’t understand CeeLo – last week she killed it? Why would he go in the opposite direction with this song choice?

      • Kovan2 says:

        Yeah, Cee Lo picked the wrong song. She is a rocker chick! Give her something banging! Also for Caroline, pick another song. I was pretty bored when Caroline performed, which makes me sad.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I know. Right? That made me sad too…

        • Woodmeister says:

          Caroline picked her own song and Cee Lo supported her choice. I thought she sang it well. I agree with you about Kat.

        • I don’t know… sometimes, I just feel like a potentially “big” song becomes subdued on the Voice, and it’s hard to tell who to blame. It’s tough to blame the Voice’s band because they’re stellar. I just think a girl like Kat might get a little too preoccupied with the choreographed theatrical elements of the performance and her performance suffers as a result.

          The chorus in that song should have some intensity, conviction and “oomph” to it. It sure didn’t last night.

  6. will says:

    Caroline and Cole were my favorites tonight, followed by James and Ray for solid vocal. Jacquie, Tessanne and Matthew faltered for a solid chunks of their performances, and I like Kat but this was one of her more lackluster performances. The rest were just unmemorable.

    • Davey says:

      I could barely hear Cole because the backup singers were singing the melody.

      • missvci says:

        I was thinking this the entire time. The back up singers are doing most of the work and overpowering Cole. maybe you didn’t think it to that extent, but I definitely remember the backup singers more.

      • Amie says:

        Yup. It was the strangest thing. At first I thought, uh oh, he forgot the lyrics and the backup singers had to take it. But then it became clear that was the way they arranged it. That was just… Bad. Sad. Weird. Wrong.

      • Eva Krejci says:

        that’s how the song goes

        • HTGR says:

          Weird song then, because it constantly made you feel like the lead was forgetting lines or mumbling under the background. Even if that was all planned, he still seemed to come back in late and tentatively many times. I like what he did the prior two weeks a lot more.

    • HTGR says:

      Hmm I thought Cole faltered for longer than Jacquie and lot more than Matthew. He seemed all half mumbly almost half forgotten lyrics and coming in behind again and again beginning to end. Matthew had weak start there, on the same exact think Jacquie did, and in the exact same way, but his soft intro was short and once he got past that he was good the rest of the way which was by far the larger chunk of it.

      • poison says:

        Blake is going to have another win this season and he is going to win from the steal from Celo- Yes, Cole has a tone to his voice that make me want to purchase his records, listen to him on the radio. hands down- Cole Volsbury

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      That about sums it up best. I wish I could remember what Cole sang – I do adorn him. For me, this was Caroline’s worst week. I feel like she is regressing. She’ll be back though, which is a good thing.

      • HTGR says:

        I thought Caroline came back this week after being pretty bad last week.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          @HTGR. I mean I hear you loud and clear. I think maybe I am just getting bored with her. I feel guilty even saying that, considering I’ve purchased most of her songs. I just want her to push a teeny tiny bit more. Maybe a song with more heft to it. I mean no more songs about jet planes, or sweaters, or kitty cats or rainbows… How about a song about having a broken heart or even a hang nail, just something more substantial ? ;)

    • Don Viajero says:

      I couldn’t disagree more. I thought Cole was eaten alive by the song and his back up singers, while Caroline gave a very camp-fire performance of a camp-fire song and, as CeeLo pointed out, had trouble with the high notes. Ray just plain bored me, while James was even more uneven than Jacquie, Mathew or Tessanne.

  7. Davey says:

    I’m sorry, Matthew could barely sing the beginning of his song tonight. He only became somewhat alive near the end but it just wasn’t there. And Kat seemed to be dodging somersaulting dancers left and right. I thought Caroline’s rendition of Leaving on a Jet Plane was terrible, mostly because of the arrangement. Will did a good job with a song America doesn’t know. I actually liked Tessanne tonight but Adam better pick a better song for her next week.

    • Rivka Simons says:

      Wow! You watched and listened. They were all weak tonight but for Tessanne. Kat was a train wreck.

      • HTGR says:

        She seemed a little too focused on doing things right than naturally unleashing this time but Kat was hardly a train wreck.

    • Tyler says:

      Adam is predictable–at least when it comes to Tessanne. Tessanne sang backup for Jimmy Cliff so Tessanne sang Many Rivers To Cross. Tessanne sang backup for Gladys Knight so Tessanne sang If I Were Your Woman. Tessanne sang Emeli Sande in the battle rounds so she sang My Kind of Love.

      • Shirls Harper says:

        Hi I disagree with your critique on Tessanne Chin. I do not normally tune in to The Voice as it clashes with Dancing with the stars’, but I happened to hear her sing last week and I was impressed and blown away with her rendition of Gladys Knight song this week.

        You have to bear in mind not everyone is a teenager and they all have mothers and fathers. That vintage group of singers such as Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston who have given us so much in their genre will need to continue and Tessanne Chin fits this genre very well with her own style of singing. Adam is doing a very good job with her and if by chance he reads your critique I am going to ask him to treat is as ‘noise” and continue to do what he is doing for this lady. This is my type of music and I am not the only one out there. There are many of us who may not be too techie with iTunes etc. but we are established in our professions and businesses and have credit cards that work and strength of cash to buy her CD’s when she starts recording her own music.

        BTW USAIN BOLT got sportsman of the year! To the person writing about him you should know your facts. He also has the world record in sprint- both 100 and 200 meters.

        • Tyler says:

          If you look at the songs that Tesssanne chose to sing–none of them are close to what Adam has selected so far, such as Pink’s “Try” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” This woman chose Adam so she can rock out–not to sing songs by Emeli Sande (twice), Jimmy Cliff and Gladys Knight. If she wanted to sing those type of songs, I think she would’ve chosen Cee-Lo. Last week when she sang “A Hard Day’s Night,” you can tell this is the type of music that she wants to do. She looked very connected to the Beatles song. I’m not saying she should sing heavy metal or grunge rock–but how about something by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eurythmics, Tears For Fears, U2, etc.? I’m sure there are viewers who enjoy hearing her sing songs by Emeli Sande and Gladys Knight. But I think it’s all very safe and predictable when she does that.

          • Adam didn’t pick her song for her this week…he let Tessanne choose. Or at least that’s what I heard after the performance.

          • Terry says:

            ^nope, that was Adam’s pick. Remember Tessanne saying she wasn’t sure about singing a Gladys Knight song but that she decided to trust her coach, or something like that.

        • Charlie says:

          “Adam didn’t pick her song for her this week…he let Tessanne choose. Or at least that’s what I heard after the performance.
          Comment by Matthew Richards – November 19, 2013 01:47 PM PST”

          No, Adam DID pick Tessanne’s song for her. He said that Tessanne was apprehensive about doing the song, so he had to talk her into it.

    • APP says:

      I usually agree with Michael S on his assesments, but I completely hated Caroline’s version of Leavin’ on a Jet Plane. It’s actually a rather mournful song, tinged with regret and longing and somehow she make it bouncy, perky, a bubbly – complete with sunshine, freakin’ butterflys and rainbows. It was the “my little pony” version.

    • Well. Objectivity is hard to find and I certainly found it with you. You should be a judge! I really can’t understand some of the comments. I cannot understand why anyone would think that Mathew was amazing when I could not hear the beginning of his song. I, too, could sing a mean chorus, and I’m no singer. I am not saying he can’t sing, because he obviously can, but Tessanne was really the best last night….again! I am really trying to listen to the voices because that is what the show is all about….The Voice.

  8. I’m mad at you for giving Tessanne a B-. That was a showstopper…better than Tamyra’s version!

    And I’d give James Wolpert even less than he got, but I guess he did well with the awful song Adam stuck him with.

  9. joenky says:

    Matthew is great when he’s loud…but lower register at the beginning of tonight’s performance was pretty awful.

  10. Better Sundays says:

    Will Champlin. Will Champlin! WILL CHAMPLIN! (Seriously, the man’s covers sound better than the originals.)

    • I don’t usually like him, but I bought his song tonight and can’t get it out of my head. “I wanna know, will you love me again, will you love me again?”

      • Better Sundays says:

        I’m downloading “Love Me Again” right now as I type away, while I never had any interest in owning a copy of John Newman’s version (don’t tell). But wait, as someone who’s been a Champlin fan ever since the Blinds, without judgment and out of sheer curiosity: what is it about him that you don’t “usually” like, Matthew?

        • It’s his breath control. Last week he held out this really long note, then was off-pitch for the rest of the song because he wasn’t able to stop and take a breath. He didn’t have any of those issues tonight, though.

          • Better Sundays says:

            Gotcha. For the record, even Will himself is aware of that breath control ish. He tweeted about it when he watched his performance days after on TV. Guy’s crazy talented, though. And, holy crap, “Love Me Again” is stuck in my head, too.

    • Jenny says:

      I love this guy there’s just something about him….

    • analythinker says:

      Bought his song immediately, always like the iTunes version of his songs. And I just like him.

  11. evejill says:

    The only good thing that happened during Kats performance was CeeLos facial expressions..

  12. Teeny Bikini says:

    Michael, I know you love Matt and Jacquie – but neither one was above a C grade tonight. Jacquie missed notes like crazy and the first 1/3 of Matt’s song was waaaaaay under, and then, he seemed so excited to hit some high notes that he leapt right over them. This was was an off week for everyone… Hm…

  13. AC Milan says:

    Jacquie was alarmingly flat for the first 30-50 seconds. I’m also glad that Christina said what we have all said about Tessanne. She’s arguably the best singer on the show, yet she’s not getting the chance to shine with redundant song choices.

    I’m hoping Adam just goes crazy with song choice and does something so daft that it’s brilliant. Here’s hoping for something like Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden,

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah I wonder if it something with how they practiced or something with the live stage because both her contestants, Jacquie and Will, started out totally flat on the deeper, soft slow starts, both started their songs in the exact same style and both had the exact same issue to the T. Weird. Interesting the show heavily called out Jacquie but completely gave Matthew a free pass on it (as well as for Cole and another). I wonder if that means they think she is one of the big challengers to Matthew and Matthew would be the preferred winner?? Or maybe it was just his intro was shorter, short enough they decided to overlook it. I still prefer her overall. But Matthew looks tough to beat now and my favorites have never won other than two times, both very early in AI days so that maybe the other kiss of doom. Buy we’ll see. Hopefully not. It’s definitely still possible.
      Only lucky think for Matthew is his intro made up a much shorter portion so he had a more natural chance to break up from under. Maybe, evne though for a second it would have been even more jarring, Jacquie should have tried to jump the pitch up sooner since her intro was so long, once the initial mistake was made, whatever caused it, she was trapped for a long time and one extra jarring change early on might have been better.

  14. Elena says:

    I’m not really understanding the grades tonight. First, Jacquie was not even a B- tonight. That was a rough song for her, maybe 1/3 of it was off key, and with a stripped back performance like that, the flaws were just way prominent for the performance to be enjoyable to listen to. Also, Ray may not have had the most exciting performance, but no way was that a C+. More of a solid B in my opinion. He was consistently solid with a great tone. Also, loved Matthew’s end to his performance, but the rough start that was pitched too low for his voice knocked it out of the A range for me. For me, the best of the night were Cole (despite the creepy “coven” chorus behind him) and James. It will be interesting to see who does end up leaving tomorrow since no performance tonight really blew me away like a couple did last week. Overall, it was a sleepy night, but I predict probably Austin, Kat, and Will (though I don’t want him there) will be in the bottom.

    • Justin says:

      He is grading a little biased towards his favorites. If someone performed like that on Idol, they would not get let off the hook that easy.

  15. evejill says:

    I think i would of enjoyed Coles performance if i was able to hear him over those obnoxious back up singers…

  16. Morgan says:

    Can’t understand why you (and others) don’t like Tessanne. I think her performance this week was better than last week. Think she was phenomenal this week. Adam just needs to choose more contemporary songs. Cole was great too.

    • Davey says:

      I agree Tessanne was at her best tonight.

    • Mary says:

      She is Technically the best on there, but all of her songs, blend together for me. I usually don’t even remember what she sings. I don’t know if it is the songs or her presentation of the song.
      I hate to say it, but her performances are dull.

  17. Em says:

    Tessanne and Cole were the only two artists tonight that were vocally on point. Everyone else had their struggles. Some were more apparent than others, like Kat with her shaky voice throughout her dance routine, while others were more subtle if someone wasn’t listening very closely, like Matthew at the beginning of his song. I don’t think any of them blew me out of the water tonight and Jacquie definitely disappointed. I also think Ray did better than a “C+”. His vocals are usually strong and I agreed with the coaches in saying that he’s been the most consistent AND improved this season. I would like to see him stay around a little bit longer. After this week, I think it’s going to be tougher for me to watch people go home because all will be deserving. But I like to nitpick so I’m sure I won’t find a problem in finding flaws. ;)

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      You are a good nitpicker. :) Thanks for bringing up Ray. I do think the swamp blues (or whatever it’s called) is his wheelhouse. I just want him to dig in more. He deserves to stay though…

      • Em says:

        I really think Ray is one of the more underrated ones this year. He has a great voice and I love the swamp pop (swampop? swamppop? eh, whatever) but I don’t think most of America is along with it. I would love to see him do more with that. He does need to work on his stage presence though. His good looks can only get him so far. haha.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          @Em. He just needs a bit of time. He can do this. But you are right, there is still something a bit tentative. I think it just takes time – I certainly hope he’s given one more week :)

          • analythinker says:

            A lil off topic but iTunes plays Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity and I hear Ray’s voice instead. Anyway, I agree that he needs to stay. Over Austin, of course. Over Cole, maybe. Cole just seems to have solid supporters.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Cole’s fan base is hard core. It’s pretty impressive.

    • Sara says:

      The problem with Ray’s vocals last night were that they were much weaker than the original vocalists, and therefore I could not get behind it. I could look past it if he had been trying to do his own thing on it, but he wasn’t. It was a very vanilla cover of an awesome artist and song. And Cole actually wasn’t all that on point last night. If he wasn’t so gravelly, his off pitch moments (and he did have at least a couple of them ) would be much more apparent. I really don’t think anyone did an outstanding job last night. Kind of disappointing for a Top 10 show.

  18. Winkles says:

    I get the trajectory Christina was going for with this song choice and arrangement (she probably caught wind of all the “screamer” commentary), but she could have picked something smooth and just much, much fitting for the girl. You could see it in her face how, “meh” this was for her. Christina’s done a superb job of establishing her as this old-esque soul bluesy rocker with so, so much power and finesse. She ought to have picked something suitable. Hell, I don’t even care if it would have been too easy, should have picked “You Know I’m No Good” by Winehouse >.>
    To be frank though, I heard the studio version of this song…it’s so. damn. serene that I’d buy it regardless of her performance.

    Honestly, the intended result of the song is absolutely beautiful, the studio version sounds astounding. I just think it’s too early to have the girl tap into her falsetto.

  19. dj says:

    I felt like Kat and Ceelo focused too much on the look of the performance and not the vocal. There almost seemed to be too much going on, and the pitch seemed to suffer for it. I wasn’t especially impressed with anyone but Matthew, to be honest. I agree about Christina dancing around the truth. I think she wants to stay away from the bitch image, so she keeps a lot of her opinions to herself now. I woild rather hear her honest opinion. There are ways to deliver constructive criticism without being mean.

    • Christobel says:

      Well said!

    • JM says:

      Completely agree. I think she was trying too hard to remember the stage directions and forgot about singing.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah it looked she was concentrating and remember each move they planned out and not just rock raw unleashing freely quite as much this time (but can’t blame her/them as last time she just unleashed and sold well and still ended up bottom three).

  20. Nedsdag says:

    Jacquie was AW-FUL yet you still gave her the same grade as Tessanne who sang circles around her? And Caroline got a B+? She was a snorefest tonight.

    • Tyler says:

      Jacquie is OVERRATED. I keep saying this week after week. But Slezak never listens to me.

      • Winkles says:

        She’s about as overrated as you are sensible in claiming that she IS overrated.
        1 bad song does not equate to one being overrated considering they’ve have nothing but great performances prior to.

        • Tyler says:

          House Of The Rising Sun was great?! Love Is Blindness was great?! Clarity was great?! Yeah–right. Who’s being sensible now?

          • Winkles says:

            “Love is Blindness” is terrible? Pardon me lmao. You were keen to ignore “I Put a Spell On You” and “Stompa”.

          • Jeremy says:

            She had 3 great songs in a row (Stompa, I Put A Spell On You, Love Is Blindness) and though her other songs isn’t as amazing, they’re not disasters.

          • HTGR says:

            yeah Jeremy, but, but, but, but she was flat to start tonight so what does all of that matter? Who cares if there were flashes of brilliance in there too? Who cares if she blew everyone away the other weeks? Who cares if anyone else was flat to start too and who cares if others had far worse weeks other weeks and without any flashes of brilliance tossed in. She needs to be bottom three!
            Or so say the apparently absurdly fickle bunch reality tv viewers are. wow. beyond. wow.
            If reality tv viewers ran sports franchises, their franchises would soon be going 2-160 on the season or 1-15. Since they’d boot off players left and right, three time super bowl MVP? 8 time all-star? Why do I care? You threw four incomplete passes tonight! You walked two batters tonight! Off the team!!!!
            That’s reality tv for you. You just have to chuckle really.

      • sd says:

        I do think she’s overrated as I’ve not enjoyed any of her songs as she’s been too screechy in the past. Tonight she was off pitch which was a new problem for her.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I said after the first live shows that Jacquie had several WAY off notes in the group performance of the results show, and I thought the readers here were going to send out a lynch mob for me. I actually think Jacquie’s quite good, but she’s out of her element in this show versus several superior singers like Matthew or Tessanne. Pitch is off, she doesn’t know how to connect her breath to the higher notes, and only sounds good with her volume at a 9/10. I’d liken her to a wine that needs 3 more years of aging to enjoy properly.

        • Tyler says:

          Thank you. Please tell that to winkles.

        • HTGR says:

          And you also forget to mention that just about all the rest were also missing notes all over the place during those group numbers too. Same tonight. So why single her out?
          As for your placing Matthew miles more ready at the moment, hate to say it but he missed them too in the groups stuff, he was pretty shaky during one solo part during the opening song tonight, just as with most of the rest. Oh and in his performance tonight too. He started off the same way and he basically missed just about every single note during the low quiet part and had even weaker breathe support during that part so since he was even farther off during his similar section that makes him miles more ready? (once past that he became pretty awesome though and since his quiet part was so short he got past it all more easily). So your comment doesn’t make much sense. (I guess Tessanne hit the notes though, so point there.) Anyway I don’t think Matthew should be torpedoed for that little faltering start, but never should others who have been doing great as well.
          BTW did you know that his future wife just may be among the voting public! ;)
          They are showing hints of going full Cassaddee (although it’s far too early to say for sure). Last or second to last spot every week and now with the ladies card played to hilt and then overlooking any mistakes while being meh about his (at least formerly) closest competitors too hah. Anyway he is really good though don’t get me wrong and certain worthy of being in the final bunch.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Everything you’re saying may be entirely true, but it doesn’t change the fact that tonight’s performance clearly indicates she’s not gonna be the winner. It’s pretty hard to recover from a performance that bad. Think back to every winner: Javier, Jermaine, Cassadee, and Danielle. They all had some performances that were less good than others, but none of them bombed like Jacquie did tonight.

            If you look back at my post, I pointed out that everyone from Christina’s team with the exception of Stephanie Anne Johnson was missing notes in that ridiculous and ill-advised Maroon 5 cover (TERRIBLE song and should be stricken from the radio IMMEDIATELY!!!).

            I respect your passion here, but I’m not saying she sucks. I actually really like Jacquie and think she has a ton of potential. I just don’t think now is her time to succeed. She’s not ready, but she will be in a few years.

          • Indies says:

            I swear, every teenager on every show is just about ALWAYS cursed with the “it’s not their time yet” statement. I couldn’t give any less of a damn about the notes missed during a group performance, none of these group performances have been any sort of good anyways. So long as they’re doing what they do with their own performance, that’s what matters. Granted, Jacquie totally got screwed over with that song and arrangement, but I don’t believe that’s a result of her “not being ready”. Well actually, I do. Christina ought to have realized that falsetto+younger contestants+only the 3rd week into live shows = probably not going to go well. I’m sure had Jacquie gotten more accustomed to being on the live shows AND her voice had gotten used to this heavy amount of singing she’ll have to be doing…things would have gone much smoother.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            It’s usually not a teenager’s time to win the show for a very simple reason: the human voice doesn’t fully develop until the late 20’s and early 30’s for a woman and late 30’s and early 40’s for a guy. Not to say that you can’t amazingly talented 20-somethings, but on a comparative basis versus their older counterparts, teenagers are at a severe disadvantage. They don’t have the vocal depth or time to train their voices that these other folks have had.

          • HTGR says:

            @angie_underrated – that doesn’t make sense either in this regard considering that in the sort of industry of music these shows aim at it’s deadly tough to get started past very late 20’s or 30 or 40s. Heck, AI even bans contestants much younger than your listed ages. And there are plenty of female singers under 30 and males under 40 have done amazing work, their best work, far younger than that.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Just telling you how the voice develops. If you don’t believe me, feel free to Google it. Most of the people you’re probably referring to are using amped-up microphones and digital voice enhancements in the studio, which can give the illusion of far greater talent than they actually have.

          • memphis says:

            Judy Garland was 16 in Wizard of Oz.

          • HTGR says:

            I’m just saying that is not really relevant to the more pop music world. If the guys ait until 40 and all the women until 30 to start it’s gonna be a tough go for them and certainly Whitney Houston and some others voices were pretty darn worked out while still in their late teens (and got worse with age, of course she also smoked and abused her voice). I know many voices do strengthen later, but this isn’t the world of the opera market here.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            And Doogie Howser graduated from Princeton at 10. There are always going to be exceptions to the rule, but it doesn’t make what I’m saying any less true.

          • memphis says:

            Danielle Bradbery

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            We could play this game all day, but what I’m saying about teenagers and voices is factually correct. Few reputable voice teacher will even take on a student younger than 16. Of course there are exceptions like you rightfully point out, but Jacquie is not Judy Garland or Danielle Bradberry. Jacquie has a whole lot of technique to work on before she has a chance. The good news is that she’s young and has the advantage of time on her side and a base of enormous talent from which to work. Judy Garland and Danielle Bradberry were ready; Jacquie is unfortunately not.

          • memphis says:

            I am sure you are factually correct about voice maturity. I am actually procrastinating on a boring writing project.. . . much more fun to consider and debate aspects of The Voice! I don’t have enough expertise in voices to assess where Jacquie might be on a spectrum of 16 year olds including Judy Garland, Daniele Bradbery. No one can know how Judy Garland would have performed on The Voice in public voting. I have liked Jacquie’s performances from the beginning and didn’t think that Christina’s song choice last night was the best for Jacquie if the objective is garnering votes and iTunes purchases from the television viewing public. I do have years of marketing experience so it seems to me the first coaching step/rule would be to find songs that have big followings in themselves (Hallelujah) and then match one to the singer’s strengths. Why risk exposing weaknesses if you’re supposed to be garnering votes? Okay, back to work for me. I will be interested in your take on the results.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Memphis, I’m just politely debating with you. I respect people who like Jacquie as I too really like her despite what may seemingly look like harsh criticism. I didn’t watch last night’s episode, but I did youtube Jacquie’s and Matthew’s performances to see what Christina was doing, and she screwed up both times. With Jacquie, you have to go big because she doesn’t have the technical ability to sing softly. Singing well at a lower volume is so much harder than belting it out. And with Matthew, he sounded terrible in the beginning through no fault of his own… the song was too low for him. Even the greatest singer in the world is going to sound terrible with a song in the wrong key for his/her voice. Given that Ms Aguilera is the one vocal technician of the 4 judges, I’m a bit shocked by her choices. I trust she has good enough judgment to have learned from her mistakes last night.

    • Bane says:

      She started a little weak but was hardly “awful”…

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Against my better judgment, I decided to youtube her performance. That wasn’t a little weak, that was truly awful. Pity. She’s a good singer, but yeah, she needs to figure out how to sing softly before she can tackle a song like that. She’s got a big voice, but so did Whitney and so does Jennifer Hudson and those two knew/know how to pull it back and not sound like they’re whispering in pitch (or off pitch in this case). She’ll learn that eventually, but unfortunately I don’t think now is her time.

  21. Christobel says:

    I was happy to see Tessane sing a Gladys Knight song.It was well-suited to her style and although some people say she looks older than she is she actually has the maturity to pull off the lyrics and difficult vocals!I don’t understand the Kat hate but I wish Cee lo would quit with the dancer crap! I find it distracting and unnecessary and Kat’s vocals are strong enough without all that extra crap!!!!

    • LB says:

      I agree about Cee Lo and the dancer crap. For a minute, I thought I had stumbled onto an episode of X Factor.

    • dj says:

      The only thing I wonder about is if these older songs affect their iTune sales. I think if she sang a more current song, the younger audience might connect with her a lot more.

  22. lizzieB says:

    Wow. Snoozefest. I soooo regret that i tuned in for the recap. I dunno what i was doing watching something i’ve already spent an hour or 2 of my time last week on. But then again they put it in as a special anyway so i guess the show was in the mood to waste time tonight as well. Kat’s weird though! I mean last week she was crowd surfing and stayed on pitch!! When the song list came out i knew she was doing ‘we belong’ and i wanted it to work so bad. Dang. James could’ve been perfect this week. Why can’t adam ever work on him with his pitch issues once he starts going for the high ones?? Gaaaah. Im just frustrated ’cause Im in love with him. I was amused to discover Matthew doesn’t really have good low tones. That song is glorious though so that should do the trick. Of course with all the Matthew love he’ll sail through this unscathed. Cole’s growing on me :)—this year’s (sexy) dark horse. Haha.

  23. Evan says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who found tonight’s episode lazy and a bit boring. No showstoppers here tonight. Top three performances of the night, to me, were Matthew, Caroline, and James. Matthew seems to be emerging as the frontrunner here. The beginning of the song was pitched a bit too low, which dragged down the rest of the performance, which was wonderful. Caroline had a good performance, and she’s got a fantastic voice, but her live rounds song choices have been mediocre. She needs to pick a whopper of a tune for next week to remain a serious contender. James is doing great. He earned my love and respect with “A Case of You” and he kept it up. It wasn’t perfect, but it was charismatic and showed a lot of range. Cole is definitely growing on me, and while I didn’t love “Adorn” last week like others around here, but I liked him this week. He could silently make it pretty far. This was the first week where I didn’t really feel like Tessanne left it all out there. She’s impressed me this entire season, but this was the first time I was underwhelmed by her. I liked the staging for Kat’s performance, and I thought the vocal was pretty good, but I fear for her safety after just getting by on America’s save last week. Ray is good, but he needs a big breakout moment that I don’t think he’s had yet. Same for Will, whose cover of “Demons” last week was almost great but then he went just a bit overboard in the last chorus. This week, he pulled it back in to better effect, but it wasn’t a memorable performance. Jacquie stumbled this week. I like that Xtina recognized she needed to step out of her comfort zone, and I ADORE the piano version of “Clarity,” but it didn’t work for Jacquie from the inability to flow from diaphragm to falsetto, to some unnecessary riffs. I think she’s got enough good will to glide on by, though. And, as much as I wanna like the guy, I just think Austin is good, but he’s not memorable and his song tonight (in addition to being the first of the night) probably won’t do him any favors. I think the bottom three will be Austin, Kat and Ray, with Ray getting America’s save. Let’s hope tonight’s episode lights a fire under some of these contestants and the coaches and we get a real firecracker of an episode next week!!

  24. Mary says:

    I just don’t understand why the show promotes such an old vibe this year. The arrangements are so sing-songy, and there’s nothing new or fresh about them. It feels like Lawrence Welk or Ed Sullivan could slip into the judges’ chairs and feel right at home.

  25. Winkles says:

    Another thing with Ceelo. In the past I used to love him, but this season I swear he’s so wrapped up in sending some over-embellished, pseudo-musically intellectual meaning behind all his reasoning that it’s tiresome. The audience isn’t going to fully understand, or even care, WHY you picked the song. Just pick a song that highlights your artists, not a song that “should” do the trick. It’s almost as if his contestants are simply his test experiments for different ideas rather than people he intends to strategically advance to the finale.
    Can I also add that the overall song choices of the night made me want to commit seppuku out of sheer boredom? Tessanne was great and all, she really gave her all with her AI performance and it paid off well. I see an Austin and Kat booting with Jacquie being saved by twitter. Then that’ll create a sense of urgency and remind Christina that this little girl is NOT the one to be given pop songs.

  26. Justin says:

    I know you love Jacquie, but she was VERY pitchy. At least be fair in your grading. If she wasn’t a favorite, she would certainly be graded lower.

  27. Andrew says:

    Tess was the best tonight followed by Cole.. Bad song choice for James but he still handled it well.. This competition is so good and the vote are split its really hard to decide. As it stands Top 6 prediction is Matt, Caroline, Cole, James, Tessanne, Jacquie.. Dark horse Will

  28. JM says:

    Wow. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought tonight’s performances were sleepy/boring. My grades:

    Austin: C-
    Jacquie: C
    Will: B+
    Caroline: C (could barely hear her)
    Cole: C (ditto)
    Tessane: B-
    Ray: B
    James: B+
    Kat: B-
    Michael: B+

    No real A’s for me.

  29. JM says:

    Will you be interviewing Jonny Gray?

  30. HTGR says:

    Dang according to iTunes the bottom three will be either: Jacquie, Will and Kat or Jacquie, Kat and Austin it seems (Austin is so far below the others on iTunes that I can’t even find him, but the same last week and he wasn’t even the bottom three so I think he those Blake votes going). Man I’m surprised Jacquie tumbled so far just from a single week’s half song stumble and it isn’t even on a song that should lead to charting that low. Matthew was almost immune to his stumble at the start (although he did fall below Cole, so not totally immune and considering Cole’s issues man Team Blake seems WELL positioned yet again; Cole slipped on his song but held 100% on iTunes, Matthew slipped at the intro and fell just a little on iTunes, Jacquie faltered the first chunk and fell like a rock on iTunes :( ) which means he has that deep fan support and the way the show kept going on about his looking for a girl and you never know she may be watching right now etc etc means they realllllly are pulling all cards for him.

    • MC says:

      Exactly. The back and forth about his future girlfriend was OTT ridiculous. I really think Matthew is the chosen one this season and it’s been that way since the blinds (4 turns in less than ten seconds). I’m not thrilled with this season. I’ll keep tabs on Holly Henry’s music, though.

  31. sd says:

    You’re way off with Jacquie– the song was too naked for her and exposed all her weaknesses. Michelle Chamuel from last season did that song so much better. This was a below average performance and not a b-.

    Great song choice for Matthew because I love that song but he had a very weak start and had trouble with his lower register. He did improve as it went along though.

    I liked Cole’s performance and unlike others I had no trouble hearing him. The background singers harmonized but he sang the main parts. I really didn’t hear him make mistakes on this one so I’m not surprised it’s the highest on itunes.

    Ray was good but he needed to have put a little more soul in that performance if he’s really trying to bring out that Louisiana style.

    Hated the song choice for James. That one I’m surprised is doing so well on itunes.

    Leaving on a Jet Plane is such a bland song and Caroline did not do anything special to make this anymore exciting. Definitely one just for her fans (apparently she has plenty of them)

    I’m a big Pat Benatar fan and Kat just didn’t come close. She’s a fun performer though but she’s getting a lot of backlash from the instant save vote so I expect she’ll be in the bottom.

    Will sounded a lot like the original on this one–not sure if that helps him or not since many probably aren’t familiar with the song.

    I can’t even remember what Austin sang which is not a good sign. But Blake seems to have the magic touch with his contestants.

    On the bottom should be: Austin, Jacquie, Kat, Caroline
    Going home: Austin, Kat

  32. EVPandHC says:

    What a snoozy night. Coming after last week’s show, tonight was pretty disappointing. Even the best tonight IMO (Matthew, Will and Tessanne) were not outstanding. They were just barely great IMO. I’m hoping that the bottom 3 tomorrow is Austin, Ray and, sadly, Jacquie. Because this was the Top 10 I wanted, I’m basing this off of performances tonight and Jacquie was pretty flat tonight.

    • EVPandHC says:

      Okay, after relistening to the performances, Kat should be in the bottom 3 instead of Ray. Kat was more wobbly than I expected.

    • HTGR says:

      Why would you hope Jacquie is the bottom three this week? Half a pitchy song suddenly negates the entire rest of the season before? All the recent weeks being far ahead of most of them? Being best at least once if not twice in just the last few weeks? The one who brought any magic over four hours of knockouts? So just for that boom, bottom three as a HOPE? Isn’t that being ridiculously fickle? It’s not like some middle of the packer who faltered a little, heck it’s not even like some lower top tierer faltered a little. And it’s not like Matthew did any better on the part of his song that was the same. Not that he should remotely be bottom three either. Caroline was kind of weak last week so she should have been bottom three already?

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        @HTGR. You know? I respect your passion when you like a singer. You go to bat for them. That’s cool.

      • EVPandHC says:

        I usually go by a week to week basis unless there are people who don’t deserve to be in this round. Besides, Jacquie could use a bottom 3 scare. It will help people rally to vote for her in the coming weeks.

        • HTGR says:

          I guess. I sure don’t get that method of voting, unfortunately it seems many others do though. Seems remarkably fickle and capricious, especially since we are SOOO early in and some contestants have been so far ahead of most for a few weeks.
          This seems awfully early in the game to be in what have you done for me lately mode. Again I guarantee you going by that sort of voting and public fickleness about the half the famous artists out there would’ve been tossed away and forgotten.
          Again we are talking EARLY live rounds and someone who I don’t think has polled below second here in some weeks, who pretty much everyone said saved the knockout rounds, who was miles ahead just the other week for that week was a close second just last week and now, for a bad start this week, BOOM, some not only expect but actively HOPE that person gets tossed to the bottom. I’m sorry but that is nuts. The greatest artists to ever live would not survive long with that sort of mindset controlling their fate.
          And people wonder why they also do the same old bland thing on these shows more than they like. Well maybe because the voters on these shows are SOOOOOOOOO crazy fickle so unless it’s clear you have a crazy solid fanbase nobody dares try anything. One mess and boot. Doesn’t matter if you were best or near best every week in. So early on when bases need to get built people are too scared to try to grow as artists or do anything and then at the end again and that goes for everyone. Only the few, very safe, mid-late can ever dare.
          It’s the same thing the US track federation did in 1992. Carl Lewis a touch under the weather had his one bad day during the trials and boom off the team. And so instead of US gold or something close the US team gets its ### handed to it in the 100m dash. Utterly ridiculous IMO, especially for somewhat more consistent sport like track.
          Heck Joe Montana would’ve gotten the boot before he ever got his second Super Bowl ring with this sort of logic.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I think you have a point, but unfortunately in many industries — music included — you’re only as good as your last performance. Megamillionaire Wall Street traders lose their jobs over a terrible trade, doctors lose their jobs with one egregious medical error, and musicians lose their jobs after one terrible performance. It happens all the time.

          • HTGR says:

            @angie_underrated – but I’m not really sure in this same fashion. I don’t it happens to this extent all the time in the real world, not at all, not if anyone who knows what they are doing is running the show. And some doctor who comes in drunk and botches someone up or some trader who goes insane and makes a 0.3% chance with 10 billions dollars or something isn’t the same either.
            I mean could you imagine the Yankees if reality viewers controlled the team. Mariano Rivera blows a play off game against Cleveland very early in his career as the closer. I guess we better get rid of that goofball right? And OMG he did it again, even if it was just a few bloops and badly positioned outfielders, but he blows game 7 of the 2001 World Series man get rid of this joker! Of course the Yankees were not so rash and they merely ended up with a slew of World Series rings over his tenure and having had the greatest closer in history.
            And this is not reality here, these are mostly young contestants getting random songs tossed at them (along with tons of other stuff) every week! How is that real world? If you can’t forgive any of them a single half-stumble then I don’t even know what to say. Certainly not if the someones involved have had some of the best performances along the way so far.
            You have to look at the big picture, everything that has gone on and the how and why of it, signs of brilliance, potential, past performance and weight it all together carefully along with the last night’s.
            I for one would sure as heck place my money on the A+,A+,A,A,A,A,C-,A,A,A+,A+,A rather than the steady B,B-,B,B-,B,B-,B,B-,B,B-,B,B-,B,B who is never near the bottom but never close to the top. I’d sure as heck go, in the fourth week, for the A,A,A,B- over the B,B-,B-,B.
            Why take the contestant who has never messed up but not once ever blown you away?? Who wants steady but dull/average? Especially in this artificial and dicey scenario of reality TV where random songs that may or may not work are tossed out each week? Well I guess some of the voters do and very often steady and average does win…. at least in the fake scenario world of reality TV. But if everyone wants nothing but Jermaine 2.0s be my guest as the ratings and results slowly fade away. If it’s all been very close between some for a few weeks then OK, but that is not what people are talking about.
            What if Matthew falls on his face next week? Bottom three or gone for him next week then??? Why??? What if your favorite on the show, whoever it may be, in your case probably Stephanie (assume she is still here), had had some awesome weeks and then stumbled next week? Dump her off? Why???? I’m sure you wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. But why would a good number?
            I know you have to weight things and more recent things a bit more, but there is that and then there is plain 100% fickle and capricious. Of course things may not be so extreme here as the person in question this time is not in the bottom three of the poll here and might not be for actual votes either.

          • HTGR says:

            I suppose there is one good thing about voting 100% week by week. It does leave a large floating element who don’t attach to the cute guy or girl or particular style or the backstory and they give others without the huge native base a chance to hang on for a while, sometimes a long while if they have just enough fanbase built to survive one off week or manage to avoid one for some weeks, so it perhaps can be good in that sense, although the ones who are able to hang on because of that I’m not sure ever win and many don’t even make it to the final week or two either.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Reputations are often sticky. Same holds true in marketing. Look at Sprint. They had the worst cellular network for a very long time and now they have the best but everyone still thinks it sucks. That’s how it usually works, unless you get a game changer. With Matthew he could stumble, but he has enough goodwill behind him to (likely) weather the storm. However, if he completely bombs, it’s over. Look what happened to that super talented bigger black dude on the Voice a few seasons back (the one who did Vision of Love with Amanda Brown). He sang “Walking on Sunshine” and never recovered. Or Ashlee Simpson’s fiasco on Saturday Night Live. Her career never recovered from that disaster. Jacquie completely bombed last night unfortunately, which is sad because I really liked her. The past performances and goodwill fly out the window with a performance of that low a caliber, and I think the same would absolutely be true if Matthew fell flat on his face like Jacquie did last night.

          • Kaba says:

            The fortunate aspect about Jacquie is that even though this was just..not a good performance, she’s got 2 buffers behind her that just didn’t do it for the audience this week. Kat, and Austin. Also (just a mini assumption) she MIGHT be able to last two more weeks simply off of the instant save. Realistically, if eliminations follow the popularity of the contestants then (assuming Kat and Austin go this week) Ray and (maybe) Will are next week’s prey unless Will delivers the performance to beat his knockout (which he hasn’t…I have about as much faith in Adam’s song selection as I do with CeeLo’s). I believe Jacquie to could survive an instant save versus Ray and Will simply because “I Put a Spell on You” gave her such a heavy twitter fanbase (2nd best only to Tessanne who had 20420224892 followers prior to the show). Otherwise…idk. That was just a rough guess.
            Now, before you jump at me for my Kat assumption. I don’t expect the girl to win, hell I expected her to only make it this far. I only expected her to make it as far as her performances would take her. Unlike a LOT of the other constestants, she can’t afford even 1 flop with the audience..and that performance was a flop.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Kaba, I didn’t see Kat’s performance, but I assume like all her other ones it was a trainwreck. I categorically refuse to watch or listen to her anymore.

            I’m pulling for Jacquie. There’s a path for her to the finals but I don’t think there’s a path for her to win after last night. If she sticks to bluesy belty songs, she can go deep into the competition.

          • Kaba says:

            I still think there’s a path for her to win. She doesn’t necessarily have to have an extremely belty song (like we saw with “Back to Black” and “Stompa”), but she needs to stay far. FAR away from Pop songs. I’d like to think that just about all the songs that Haley Reinhart performed after Bennie and the Jets would be quite lovely for her. I can see her pulling off “You and I” (to give Cuoco a good smack in the face), along with a few Adele songs (personally I’d LOVE to hear her take on “Turning Tables”) some other things.
            As much as I’d hate to say it, she would probably be perfect with “It’s a Mans World”…but she’d be called a screecher again.
            I still have faith for her. Frankly I don’t see Tessanne winning because I feel like I’m watching a boring belter on AI when she performs. James is painfully inconsistent and just confusing. Will is…no. Cole, I see a winner in him…but I sincerely don’t want blake winning and that sounds terrible but…idc. Caroline….CeeLo needs to pull the stick out of his ass and give her the entire “Pure Heroine” album if he really wants her to win

          • Lee says:

            @Kaba: I think the the teenyboppers, Caroline and Jacquie, will eventually split votes and one of them will probably be eliminated before the Top 5. Just a hunch.

        • HTGR says:

          Anyway, I for one, sure hope she does not end up in the bottom three, because it sure as heck is not deserved going by the course of the season (or even for tonight if you decided to count flashes of brilliance over bland but even with some but not quite as many mistakes). And don’t be so sure she even survives bottom three if it is up against one of Blake’s team members or some guy with a rabid fanbase. Although you’d like to think she easily would. And I’m not sure that would helpful at all, such a steep fall out of nowhere you never know if that leads to picking songs out of fear and singing out of fear. I think she’d be too tough for the latter to happen but for songs you never know.
          I guess you could be correct that if she survived it and handled it well, maybe it would make sure her voting base is never complacent so perhaps it could be good.
          I still don’t get that method of voting though. I mean Matthew also utterly botched his whole intro too. So forget what he did the weeks before? Forget what he did at the end of the song? Bottom three hope for him too? It doesn’t make any sense.
          Again it’s not like we are even talking some middle of the roader who has never been best or second best any week nevermind most weeks and then stumbled.
          Think about this image if in school you had to both maintain a passing average and never get lowest quarter on any single test or you get expelled. So some brilliant mind who got A and A+ on a ton of tests and turned in some advanced research that blew away the professors mind at some point earlier in the semester but who then had one bad week and got a C+ that also happened to be just into the bottom 25th percentile that one week. Well then this genius then gets expelled! And then slowly that happens to everyone but for one steady but whatever student who ends up only one standing by the end and by default tops in the class? That makes sense?
          Anyway whatever, I’m so completely not the typical demo for these shows it’s perhaps not likely many will agree with me on much. I’ve said too much once again.

  33. Guest says:

    Kat was in the bottom three last week, so she’ll be in the bottom three again tomorrow. You don’t leapfrog on this show based on undecided votes alone when there are so many die hard unconditional fanbases whose singers can do no wrong.

    Ray will probably go home tomorrow along with Kat. Then next week the bottom three will be Austin, Will and whoever gets saved tomorrow, assuming it isn’t one of them.

    • sd says:

      I doubt that Ray is going home. He’s currently 6th on itunes. The voice save was not mentioned once on tonights show so I wonder if they’re still doing it. I know there’s been a ton of backlash from the west coast voters who’ve complained they’re driving home from work during the time of the twitter save and also some don’t want to be spoiled about the results.

  34. Timmah says:

    Caroline is divine.

  35. I don’t know. Today the show seemed a little manipulated. I doubt very much that the incredible and talented Jacquie Lee would start the song off the key, same to Matthew. And she sang great, the song didn’t had any sparkle itself, it was just a lame and basic pop song, bu my god people, her voice is just amazing, it was just one “not incredible” performance, but she is the real deal analyzed overall, since the beginning with caution. The coaches seemed pretty apathetic at her…. and wasn’t that bad, she did a great job. And her trajectory in the show is enough to be top 3… But because that manipulation, it seems she is close to going home now.
    Matthew was the worse of the night… But he receives too much hype always anyway… so he is safe.

    I love Jacquie, I thought it was a delicate and detailed performance. Just the ones that want to understand will understand the intention of Cristina and Jacquie with this song. She showed a good pop voice.

    Michael Slezak, I always watch your videos with Melinda and read your posts. Please, don’t stop supporting and love Jacquie. I really wish you start to understand simple performances, musics that not require too much and see the artist application to it. I think the music was too simple, but she did with mastery. I guess no one could top that with the same song.

  36. Jacqi says:

    I actually thought Ray and Matthew did the best this week. I like Kat but she did horrible this week.

    • Jacqi says:

      I just checked iTunes. Kat is at the bottom of the charts, and Austin is not even on the top 200. Order as of right now via iTunes Top 200: Cole, Matthew, James, Caroline, Tessanne, Ray, Will, Jacquie, Kat. I am sure it will all change by tomorrow night.

  37. Laurie says:

    In no way does James deserve a higher rating than Cole or Tessanne. That said, I agree with the overall sentiment that this was a dull night for the show. Glad Kat at least tried to spice it up a bit, though her vocals were a little wobbly.

    • Mary says:

      I do not see why everyone thought Cole’s performance was that great. In all fairness I could not even hear him, all I heard were the Back up singers. I liked him last week but can’t really grade him this week.

  38. Jay says:

    Hey-voice fans. I love this show but I’m starting to think there is a serious amount of lip synching going on. There seems such a noticeable drop in quality between certain times when people like Caroline,Jacqui even Matthew have sung. Look at the early group numbers, they seemed live and most of the singers sounded awful. Honestly, I would be pissed if I found out they use it a lot. The reason this show kills the xfactor and even idol, is quality of singing. What if that’s fake?

    • sd says:

      If they were lip synching they wouldn’t be obvious flaws like they had last night. Only Tessanne and Cole stayed on pitch and had no problems. James, Jacquie, Kat and Matthew had real problems in parts of their songs while Will had minor pitch problems.

  39. NotHappeningTonight says:

    Unlike Michael, I liked Ray’s performance, felt it was better than a C+ and thought it was one of the few bright spots tonight. Matthew, tessanne (tho sorry, Glady’s version was FAR superior), and James were also worth watching. But the rest? Yikes. Jacque pretty much proved if she can’t scream a song, her age catches up with her and that version of Clarity was anything but. (And since when does being “vulnerable” mean it’s OK to be flatter than a pancake?) Not that the rest were much better. For example, I’m completely over Caroline and her weak, passive, duckies and bunnies and rainbows voice. Overall, I was pretty shocked at just how plodding and pedantic almost all the contestants were tonight. The backup singers often outshone the performer. But anyone of them could go home and it wouldn’t be a big loss. I can’t even imagine making an effort to save anyone of them. (But since I live on the west coast, The Voice has made it very clear that they don’t care who I might want to save even if I did want to.)

  40. zenmaster says:

    iTunes rankings:

    #33 Cole Vosbury – To Be With You
    #38 Matthew Schuler – Beneath Your Beautiful
    #50 James Wolpert – Without You
    #57 Caroline Pennell – Leaving On a Jet Plane
    #71 Tessanne Chin – If I Were Your Woman
    #78 Ray Boudreaux – You Are the Best Thing
    #87 Will Champlin – Love Me Again
    #88 Jacquie Lee – Clarity
    #112 Kat Robichaud – We Belong
    #217 Austin Jenckes – Your Love

    • davey says:

      As of 11 am today, Will made some distance between himself and Jacquie and all of them are higher on the charts.

    • Jacqi says:

      I just looked at itunes. Same order of people just different numbers: 15, 18, 21, 29, 32, 38, 40, 49, 64, 103. I call foul play if austin is NOT in the bottom 3 this week, he is so far away from everyone else.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      If I were going to rank them from 1 to 10, it would match iTunes. We have two groups of singers this season – the cool group and the pure singers. Cole and Ray are cool. Matthew Tessanne and Caroline are the singers.

  41. Kaba says:

    As much as I agree that Jacquie was easily the visible bottom 3 of the night. From the looks of it, unless will significantly rises up past her in itunes sales with his song of the night, Will is going to be in the bottom 3 along with Kat and Austin (I’d honestly die of laughter if Kat got saved again). Why do I say this? Jacquie currently has two songs in the top 200 whereas Will does not, and Jacquie appears to have a larger fanbase than will does.

    • sd says:

      I thought only the song you sang the night count towards the vote and that all those votes for the other songs only count at the finale.

      • Kaba says:

        Oh whoops, pardon me.
        Nonetheless, they’re simply too close for me to think Will has a chance of not being in the bottom. Jacquie has a (from the looks of it) larger fanbase

        • sd says:

          Just saw your comment and you’re right. it’s too close to call and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Will instead of Jacquie in the bottom. It all depends on the other voting methods.

    • sd says:

      Here’s the Voice Rules: “…downloading a song that the artist performed during a prior episode does NOT count as a vote; moreover, downloading any song identified on air as ineligible for the vote or not part of the competition does NOT count as a vote. Furthermore, during voting in connection with the December 16, 2013 finale performance episode, downloading an Eligible Song that the artist also performed in a prior episode will not count as a vote if you previously downloaded the song.”

      So it doesn’t matter how well Jacquie’s other songs sold on itunes. It’s only the vote for her eligible song that counts for tomorrow’s results.

  42. Brandon says:

    Go back and listen to Clarity. I thought it was just OK at first but it sounds better and better every time you listen to it. Favorite of the night.

    Cole, Kat, and Matt were also good tonight.

  43. Terry says:

    My two faves tonight were Tessanne and Ray. Hope they’re safe. My bottom two were James and Austin. And somebody please, for goodnes sake, tell the audience not to clap during the songs. Save the clapping for the end when the singing is done. Thank you, goodnight.

  44. Angie_Overrated says:

    Just perusing the comments, and it looks like that fraud Kat will finally be gone tomorrow! WOO BLEEPIN HOO!!!!! Even her supporters sound like they’ve turned a cold shoulder to her. I can finally start watching the show again after my Kat-induced self-exile. It doesn’t sound like I’ve missed much. I guess every one of these singing competitions needs one Lazaro per season, but this one was beyond unpalatable.

  45. woodyinho says:

    What is impressive is Matthew’s song last week is still in the top 15.

  46. Jenny says:

    I LOVE Will, Tessane and Matthew. True potential stars there . Also annoyed by Christina, she’s either super bitchy or super nice. Just say what u wanna say!!!

    • Jessie says:

      No matter what Christina does she can’t win. If she says what she wants to say she’s being mean and a bitch. If she’s nice then she’s not saying what she wants to say. So it doesn’t matter what she says someone will always find something to complain about when it comes to Christina.

      • sd says:

        Maybe because everyone else are consistently nice in their critique and over compliments singers not on their team and that Christina stands out by being more critical of all the ones not on her team. It’s also the case that she never points out the flaws in her own performer –and Jacquie especially had plenty tonight—but she makes sure to point out any flaw she detects for performers not on her team. Even tonight she managed to get in digs at almost all of them from Tessanne to James while pretending to compliment them. She’s just not fooling the audience.

        • Mary says:

          I for one appreciate when she is honest. Yes, she can point out the flaws in her contestants, and I believe she probably does just not on TV. I like that she finds the positives and the negatives and I think she states them in a good light. The other judges thinks oh your great, blah,blah.

          • sd says:

            If she was honest she’d point out the flaws of her contestant on the night of the show and not in private. When she criticized Tessanne last night that wasn’t private. When she told Will about his pitch problems that wasn’t private. That was done during the show to influence votes. She totally glossed over all the problems Matt had in the beginning of his song and that Jacquie had throughout. There’s nothing honest about that but very self serving. That’s why the public gets on her.

          • HTGR says:

            Blake does the same and people love him for it.

    • Tyler says:

      I’m with you, Jenny. My faves are Tessanne, Matthew and Will. I wish the teeny-boppers would go home though. I think it’s past their bedtime.

  47. myenise says:

    Another boring boring show. Poor Jacquie going from front-runner to maybe bottom three…

    I’ll try tuning in one more time next week. If next weeks performance is as flat as this and last weeks I’ll be moving on. At this point I’m finding even XFactor and American Idol more entertaining.

  48. Jenny says:

    Oh and I wish I could forget Kats performance….just plain weird.

  49. Liked: Cole, Tessane, & Will | Should go home: Kat, Matthew, or James…yeah, I said Matthew. Deal with it.

    • Cal says:

      Agree about Matthew. Can you say OVERRATED?

    • David7118 says:

      I’m glad there are others that feel Matthew is overrated. His performance last night was terrible as he couldn’t match pitch in his low register and even later in the song too.

    • becky says:

      Thank you! I agree. Matthew is average at best. They have been pushing him since the beginning. Seriously his blind audition was up on youtube September 21st. The show premiered September 23rd. Thats a 2 day head start. I haven’t been impressed with him at all and last nights song was terrible!

  50. Catniss says:

    Everybody had very cheesy song choices except Will. Will was solid- love him!
    James should go home along with Austin.
    Jackie B-? I think not.