NCIS Video: Watch New Girl Ellie's First Scene and Decide -- Is She Cuckoo For Cocoa Pebbles?

She’s crazy good at her job. She’s also, um… a little crazy.

Emily Wickersham makes her debut as NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop on Tuesday’s NCIS (8/7c, CBS), and we’ve got a sneak peek at her awkward first encounter with future colleagues Gibbs and DiNozzo.

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  1. Shane Vendrell says:

    Wow I actually like her. She looks like she would make a great gal pal for Abby.

    • Shazay says:

      Michael, it’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs……you’re confusing your cereals.

    • Brandon Benz says:

      She also just looks great. ;)

      • Dovie says:

        Hate her black eye brows with blonde hair. The contrast is so bad, it makes it hard to ignore it and get into her character. Can’t believe the hair dresser hasn’t made the contrast more believable.
        I’m sure she is a fantastic actress and wish her well. But please, the eyebrows???

    • Rita says:

      I was surprised and happy. I very much enjoyed Ziva and wondered how they were going to do an interesting replacement. She passed with flying colors. All the characters on the show are disfunctional in their own ways, but are good agents. She fits right in and good eye candy too!!I

    • I really liked her!!!! She will be a great addition to the series. I was so upset when Kate took the bullet to the forehead, and I really, really liked Ziva~~~~she will be fine!!

    • Jon says:

      After watching both Kate & Ziva as strong assets, this blonde bimbo just doesn’t cut it in this capacity. Love NCIS, my fav. show on tv but this just didin’t come together for me.. Her lack of strong personality will not add anything to the strength of the entire case. They should have looked further for a better replacement.

    • steve says:

      what show are you watching ,or is it that you are not from our world ,in which case I would suggest that you go home,

  2. ajintexas says:

    Anything is better than Ziva and the silly mannerisms of her character. I thought for a minute I might miss her, but NOPE. Hopefully the whole Mossad thing is done for a while.

  3. mantua says:

    OT : Allison Janney delivered another ‘Performer of the Week’ worthy performance, this time on ‘Mom’. The catch ? Although it IS a sitcom, it was a heartbreaking dramatic scene. What a wonderful actress !

    • lauren says:

      TVline, why do I see this more and more? Random unrelated comments and questions under posts. Is that something we can do now? But it just seems so random.

      • mantua says:

        OT = off topic

        • Ashley says:

          I’m sure she knows what ‘ot’ means. Even if she doesn’t, her comment was in regards to the fact that they are getting more and more prevalent. Which they are. Your comment was completely unrelated to anything in this article, event tangentially.

  4. John 1138 says:

    She has numbered rules.

    Gibbs and she might have a conflict there. Perhaps a decimal system?

  5. lily says:

    She is great!

  6. justsaying says:

    I prefer smart/funny/crazy over sexually exploited blond bimbo every time.

  7. Kim R says:

    Looking forward. :D

    • Irishelf says:

      People who are looking forward to this character are in the minority. Enjoy GG continuation in ruining NCIS!

      • ncisfan says:

        Kindly stop speaking for the rest of the fandom. It seems a lot of fans are keeping an open mind. All this hate and negativity is becoming tiresome. Some of us just want to enjoy the show. Moving on….

  8. She just totally rocks. If that’s just a sample I’m glad she’s here to stay

  9. Irishelf says:

    She’ll suck, just like every character GG has created. We don’t want her-we want Ziva. And the increasing signatures on the petition to bring Cote back shows many people agree with me. I think some people were still watching only because there appeared to be a chance for Ziva to come back. Now that GG went back on his word and replaced her, I think many more people will stop watching. NCIS has officially jumped the shark! For those interested in signing the petition, it can be found at!

    • Pinky says:

      Seriously???? Give it a rest already.

    • Shane Vendrell says:

      Cote Wanted to leave you just need a reason to justify your hate.

      • Irishelf says:

        If you read Cote’s last interview, you would have realized she did NOT want to leave. The only people who believe that either didn’t read that interview, were naive enought to believe the false rumors (like she left because of salary), or never liked her in the first place! Anyone with any brains have realized we didn’t get the whole story (and probably never will) and that Cote really didn’t want to go!

    • Paloma says:

      Speak for yourself. Some of us are very happy that Ziva is gone. And we don’t want her to come back. Ellie Bishop seems like a great character. Looking forward to seeing more.

      • Irishelf says:

        Judging by the large increase in the number of signers to the petition to bring Cote back immediately following this episode, I believe more folks agree with me than you!

  10. Rae says:

    I love her already! Can’t wait for tonight! Sidenote…I love Cocoa Pebbles! I have since I was a kid and now at 32 I still eat them every Saturday/Sunday morning.

  11. I think she will be great. Like I have said on other sites, Cote chose to leave the show on her own. I will miss her like everybody else but its fair to compare Ellie to Ziva.

  12. GildedRose says:

    I like her. She’s one of those odd people who can just see patterns and possibilities out of thin air. I’m a big fan of smart, quirky characters and I think this one will shake up the team on NCIS in a good way. As my grandmother would say, “I like her pluck!”

  13. steven says:

    Ellie Bishop? Sounds like Kristen Bell’s character Elle Bishop off of Heroes.

  14. Grace says:

    I just want to remind everyone who’s dead set against this working that Ziva was a replacement too. I never thought I’d like her as much as I liked Kate, but eventually I did. If there’s one thing I feel NCIS has proved, it’s that they know how to replace characters.

    • Angel says:

      I agree about good replacements. But this is not one of them. Terrible acting. Character was just too “something”. Smiles? Hair? Jumping all over the place?

  15. Angel says:

    Disappointed with this new character. Story line was slow and her acting was terrible. Hope this is just a small detour. Even the other characters seemed to be at a loss….

  16. Karen says:

    She doesn’t seem to fit right I did not enjoy the show

  17. Karen says:

    I say no on her it just seems to out of character for NCis sitting on floor,sitting on desk. Professionals sit on chairs
    I really don’t think she is a good match

  18. Obie 1 says:

    She sucks and the storyline is terrible, I love the show but hate the character and will probably turn away from NCIS now ….. That is sad ….. For I have really enjoyed the previous seasons

    • Royal Lifeshaman says:

      Wow I really enjoy the fact that these comments come after one show with Ellie and I see so many open minded people on these comments. The show was stale without a gal pal for all and Ellie in her 1st shot brought the whole show out. Please just open your tiny mind and yea I loved Ziva but I can and have gotten over her going, I miss Kate also but gee I got over it since I have an open mind, at least the one marble up there rolls around in all the open space.

  19. doesn’t get any better then this

  20. patty says:

    I don’t get this “doesn’t get any better”…if this is supposed to be the best I would hate to see a bad oe. I didn’t like her at all. Way to fakey, concieted and ickey…what’s was with those eyebrows????….For Goodness sakes PLEASE FIRE HER….SHE SO DOESN’T FIT—-A REAL P.O.S……Change your mind!!!!!!!!!!!.

  21. LarryL says:

    This was a horrible disappointment. The character development of both her and the new SecNav are transparent attempts at PC. Mark my words, ratings will plummet throughout the season if the story line continues the way last night’s episode unfolded. I have been a huge fan since the very first episode, but this is downright horrible. Typical Hollywood, though, take a winner and feel the need to change it because Hollywood has gotten bored.

  22. susan says:

    Sorry but don’t like her character at all….too silly acting. Don’t like the direction the show is going. Bring Ziva back and the action that came with previous seasons. Easy now to change the channel and even forget that it’s the night for NCIS. Your losing this fan…

    • Nonna says:

      Agree, too silly.. very disappointed. Kate and Ziva, were the best. The new character doesn’t fit at all. For the first time in years, I was riveted to the story. Ziva where are you!!!

  23. Linda L Hujsa says:

    She’s a great addition because she is naturally herself and compliments the original cast of characters in a good way.

  24. sagolfer says:

    Looks good so far. It looks like she will be a little Kate and Ziva.

  25. Kris Anderson says:

    As time passes so does some characters in the show. She is doing a great job so far she will add a new perspective to solving crimes.

  26. john hartz says:

    She came across very positive. She is a welcomed addition to the team and a new
    diversion for DiNozzo!!

  27. Karen Anderson says:

    I didn’t think they would be able to find anyone to fill the slot, but I really like this quirky character. I’m glad they didn’t try to make a romantic involvement with a team member. PLEASE, let her stand on her own without trying to involve sexual tensions. It really is time that Tony grows up and loses the horn dog persona.

  28. Terry Hemmer says:

    If she had dark hair, she could pass as Ziva’s sister. I think she will do very well.

  29. Suzi says:

    I have been a loyal fan of NCIS from the start. Emily is a fine actress but my problem is she speaks so fast and without moving her lips so I can’t understand her. I am not hard of hearing but the words are mostly garbled. Geniuses do this, example Dr. Reed in Criminal Minds but though he speaks very fast, he enunciates. If Emily speaks lines that are important and not understandable, the show will have to go on my not- to- watch list.

  30. kate says:

    I, being a die-hard fan of the original cast (including Ziva), found that Bishop’s character is ‘too young’ for the age group of the NCIS team. Bishop may have impressed GG, but I found it difficult to warm up to ‘Emily’.

  31. jim says:

    there is good potential here. Basic role is quite good needs a few shows to develop. I thought it was quite good and look forward to more shows.

  32. Kay says:

    Sorry i thought she was awful and if this is the replacement i will now have more time on Tuesday nights.

  33. re says:

    I just didn’t feel that there was chemistry there. Was not crazy about her. Could barely understand half of what she was trying to prove.

  34. Autie says:

    Really, really liked her. She will never replace Ziva, but she is her own self and looks like she can handle the “boys”! She is smart, funny, and good looking to boot! Hope you keep her!


  36. maggie says:

    NO way -too cutesie trying to be the smart blond but doing some dumb things as a ‘professional’; compromised characters of Gibbs, Dinozzo who welcomed her differently from the previous guest replacements, but GREAT with Abbey; if she stays w Abby in her office. she fits in best and doesn”t hold a candle for Ziva’s spot

  37. Nathan says:

    She’s really cute! I love her! I do miss Ziva (hope she’ll come back) but right now, I’m enjoying Ellie very much! She is very much welcome on the show!

  38. Shirley says:

    I disliked Ellie Bishop. She came off as unprofessional, silly with poor acting and goofy-looking eyebrows, and definitely not in keeping with Gibb’s character – does as she pleases. Poor chemistry.

  39. Barbara Anne says:

    She is awesome and will be a great team member and NCIS you did great in chooosing her……..She rocks!!!!!!!!!

  40. Arlyn says:

    Didn’t like her at all; she’s very disappointing. She seemed to try too hard…too quirky, too flighty, too impish, too childlike, & TOO IRRITATING. She didn’t fit in with the team at all. She appeared to be trying to mimic Abby and couldn’t pull it off. Get rid of her.

    I almost stopped watching during the Jamie Lee Curtis episodes; this woman is just as bad. I don’t care if you replace Ziva, just find somebody with poise, maturity, and a believable personality. If I had to work with somebody like her I would become postal. Her character stinks!

  41. Veraike says:

    I will miss Cote playing Ziva… I will miss her making english mistakes…her accent…the diversity she brought to the show… without her the show will be less appealing to the spanish community. I will keep asking my friends to sign the petition to bring Ziva character back.

  42. Linda says:

    This girl has got to go or your viewers will!

  43. Rachel says:

    I think the new girl is annoying. I loved Kate and Ziva. They were intelligent without being irritating. We already have Abbie for cuteness. I’d rather see rotating characters rather than this one. I don’t see this one as a good fit for the team. Reminds me of the replacement for AJ Cook on Criminal Minds. Just didn’t cut it. I think it’s more about how each character’s personality works and fits into teams – at least for me.

  44. Kare says:

    Do not like anything about this chick. She is overbearing and demeaning to the guys. She is arrogant alternating with girlie. The lack of professional attire is not appealing. PLEASE find a better character who can create a team with the others. It’s irritating to watch her.

  45. Christina says:

    I don’t like Ellie one bit. I loved Kate and had a hard time adjusting to Ziva but I came to love her all the same. But there’s something about Ellie I just don’t like. She does seem nuts and I was hoping by the episode ending that Gibbs didn’t give her a position, but bam slapped me in the face! What is it with the shows like this – they kill off a great leading character and put on a blond who just doesn’t hold the weight and usually tries to overcompensate for the stereotype of ‘being dumb’. I agree with other people who feel the same as I do about Ellie – do a rotating door of other people until there’s a ‘fit’ and take the whole wacky-ness of Ellie with her and don’t give it to another character – something is really off about the woman! She doesn’t fit the team or the whole NCIS franchise. In all truthfulness after watching the episode introducing Ellie – I haven’t watched it since… I just watch the reruns on TNT because I like the team better that way! If they do find a place for Ellie don’t let her be a lead character. I think I have seen almost all the NCIS episodes and I love the main characters (esp. Gibbs) but I guess if I want to watch NCIS I will have to watch NCIS : LA. Hopefully this dumb move by having Ellie Bishop will not cause the show to go the way of CSI: New York!

  46. desertmom3 says:

    I’m so sad that Ziva’s gone! I keep watching usa re-runs :-) what is up with ellie’s eyebrows? I can’t get past them they are so annoying! Hate it!!

  47. deedee says:

    It’s NCIS night and I’m not watching. Does that tell you how annoying the new girl is?

  48. Annie says:

    Get lost Ziva-brigade THE REST OF US LOVE NCIS NOT STUPID COTE DE PABLO so get a grip and GET LOST

  49. cindy says:

    New girl doesn’t fit. Bring Ziva back this girl sucks you went from #1to lowest on my list.

  50. Gayle says:

    What in the world were u guys thinking? She is WAY to young looking. Not saying she is but NO she is not a good replacement .