The Walking Dead Recap: Eye, Caramba!

<The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapAfter last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we knew that the Governor was back. And after this week’s, you’ll also know how he got back. (Spoiler alert: It ain’t pretty.) Who’s turned into the “Live Bait” that the title promises? And just how grody is it when it happens? Read on.

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PUTTING THE ‘LOW’ IN ‘LOWLIFE’ | The hour begins, as far as I can tell, with a flashback to shortly after the Governor and his flunkies, Martinez and Schumpert, have been driven out of Woodbury. Ol’ One-Eye is already deep in meltdown mode — so much so that he wakes up one morning to discover that he’s been deserted by his minions. But by the time he’s torched the town that he tried to turn into a demented Norman Rockwell painting and stumbled across a vulnerable family holed up in their apartment, he’s so bummed out that he’s displaying less personality (and interest in grooming) than even a walker!

FRESH ‘MEET’ | The family of survivors is comprised of a cancer-stricken dad; daughter Tara, a lesbian cop; daughter Lily, a nurse; and Lily’s daughter, Megan, who at first mistakes the Governor for the father who abandoned her. As will happen in apocalyptic times, the welcome that the newcomer receives isn’t a warm one. “I have enough artillery in here,” Tara warns, “to kill you every day for the next 10 years.” Not that it matters to the Governor — by then, he’s practically feral. Plus, he’s so determined to never again get attached to (or lose) anyone that he throws out the SpaghettiOs that Lily offers him. (Clearly, he thinks he’s to blame for the deaths of his wife and daughter — he can’t even look at himself in the picture of the three of ’em that he still carries.)

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FAMILY GUY | Despite his best efforts to keep his (emotional) distance, the Governor still begins to get attached. How could he — or anyone — not? First, he carries Dad to bed and grants his request that he fetch the backgammon game from his neighbor’s apartment — a yucksome affair, given that the neighbor is a double amputee who’s undead and rotting in his tub! Then, he grants Lily’s request that he run down to the old folks’ home to fetch Dad an oxygen tank — yet another yucksome affair (think The Moldin’ Girls). But the real tipping point (one of them, anyway) comes after Lily tends to his wounds — and gladly, since a) she seems kinda into him, and b) “Nobody ever mentioned just how boring the end of the world was gonna be.” Left alone with Megan, the Governor is bewildered by her offer of a pinky swear — “What’s that?” — never to reveal how he lost his eye. “I’m a pirate,” he says before explaining that it actually happened when he was trying to protect someone. Later, she sweetly gives the king in their chess game a makeover so that, like her new friend, he has a patch.

STARTING OVER | When Dad finally does die, the girls — who’ve only just been taught by the Governor that walkers don’t stop getting up unless you shoot/stab/demolish their heads — refuse to leave his side until it’s too late and he’s turned. So the erstwhile Philip Blake has to leap into action and bash in the dearly departed’s brains with an oxygen tank. Afterward, Megan is too freaked out to go near her would-be father figure. But Lily knows a good thing when she sees it. (Ha — so she thinks!) “I know we’re not [the family you lost],” she tells her hero, bringing us to tipping point No. 2, “but for now, you’re stuck with us.” (Get it now? Lily and her family are the “live bait” — luring the Governor out of his stupor and back into life! Clever, misleading title!) Everyone’s immediate future decided, when the Governor sets off, the girls go with him. Tara confesses that she isn’t really a cop (though she was in the police academy). Lily gets busy with the Governor the first chance she gets. (Thank God he shaved!) And Megan gets over her Governorphobia when, fleeing from a mass of walkers, they fall into an open grave, and he savagely neutralizes the threat to protect her. “I’m never gonna let anything happen to you,” he vows. “Promise.” And, right on cue, someone peeks into the hole: Well, hello, Martinez!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you empathize with the Governor after seeing him in this light? Can you ever really empathize with him after the things he’s done? Why did he call himself Brian Herriott? (Is there some significance to that name that I’m not aware of?) Were you annoyed that we still didn’t get to find out how Daryl reacts to Carol’s banishment? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Evan says:

    I didn’t like last season’s Governor-centric episode and that didn’t really change tonight. I was initially worried for the family he joined, but once I figured out that wouldn’t be happening, it kind of took the thrill out of the episode. Also not too thrilled with next week’s previews which look to continue with the Governor story. Would they really do two weeks without checking in with the original gang? I’m not invested in the Governor enough to have two episodes dedicated to just him. But tonight’s episode was okay, I just don’t really like the Governor enough to be interested in an episode all about him.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      At least next week’s episode will show the Gov. building up his troops towards leading an attack on the prison (no spoilers but I feel pretty secure in this prediction). I am not sure how this episode progressed the storyline any – sure, the Governor is less crazy now but he should be back to crazy evil by next week’s episode.

      • Ky says:

        I don’t feel like Martinez would let that bit of history Repeat itself without a damn good reason

        • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

          Oh yeah i think Martinez is going to keep a real close ”eye” on him….and if i heard it right in next weeks ep. that he said he’s now calling the shots w/ his new group?

    • Lena120 says:

      I feel the exact same way. I hated last season’s Woodbury-centric episode and I hated this one too. I feel like it messes up the pacing. It looks like they’re trying to hold off on that inevitable Daryl/Rick confrontation that will happen regarding Carol. I’m not sure why The Governor is getting so much screentime. Once he turned into a Looney Tunes villain I stopped caring about him. It looks like he’s going to cover much of next week as well. WTF? Is he gonna be the focus of the spinoff too?!

      • Lilly says:

        You hit a nail on the head. I really was frustrated last season with SO much of it dedicated to Woodbury (and Andrea bore the brunt of our frustration because she was duped). But when the season draws to a climax with the Gov losing his mind. WE lost important characters we cared about like Andrea and Milton, but the Governor doesn’t get his due? And then we’re supposed to accept TWO episodes this season dedicated to exploring his complex character? As much as I like David Morrisey, be DONE with the Governor already!!
        I agree with someone else here who said the time to drum up sympathy and backstory for the governor was BEFORE he turned into a maniac.

        • Aimee says:

          Yes! This! Throughout the entire episode every time he did something nice I thought to myself “Nope, still hate him.”

          • Lilly says:

            I know! What is it about the Gov character? I don’t even love to hate him (like I did Merle). I just want him GONE. Dead. With something through his other eye. So he can’t come back. Ever.

    • Ari says:

      I think they should have just cut the governor loose and that should have been that. He has been kind of a bust of a character.

    • Kobe says:

      I agree – I also didn’t care for last season focusing so much on the Governor and Woodbury. And this last episode was so boring. Bring back Rick and the gang please!!

  2. Alison says:

    Freakin boring!

    • Rook says:

      Right! I watched the first 15 mins and then ended up fast fowarding through the rest. Hopefully next week will be better.

    • collegefund says:

      That felt like the longest, most unenjoyable hour of TWD I’ve ever seen.
      So now we’re supposed to love the new and rejuvenated Governor? Not me.

      • I McHunt says:

        I can’t believe there’s going to be a second episode dedicated to this storyline. So boring, they should have got rid of the Governor last season. I wonder if the mid-season finale will involve a battle at the prison?

      • DJ says:

        You hit the nail right on the head. My feelings exactly. I would’t have bothered had I known it was going to be this bad.

      • Phil Holmes says:

        Not supposed to love him, just have a better understanding or estimation of the character and his motivations. That type of character devolepment is a staple of the show. The Goveror is a darker mirror image of everything Rick stands for and his storyline is central to the dynamic of the show. What makes a man like him tick? We’ve had time to get to know Rick as one leader, why not get to know the other a little?

      • Kevin Little says:

        No, episode 7 is the WORST episode so far. Hate the Governor episodes.

      • BSD says:

        Ha ha… Just caught up on the series and couldn’t resist searching online for comments on this one. Couldn’t agree more. Saw some threads that loved this episode (WTF???). I think it was the most boring episode in any tv series I can remember.

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yep! and we have another one next week! Stop this already!

    • Eurisko says:

      I loovvvveeeddd it. One o the best episodes TWd has ever done. F

  3. Steven says:

    This felt like a pilot to a spin off more than an actual episode of the Walking Dead. I found myself totally bored.

  4. mac says:

    I knew the Governor would be a villain when he was brought in in season 3 so him turning out to be a bad guy didn’t come as a surprise.

    But THAT came as a surprise, I’m not sure I’m liking that approach to his character tough. Don’t get me wrong, I want that character to stick around for many years to come but as a recurring villain that symbolises the way humans become if they don’t hold onto their humanity in this apocalypse.

    Then again I did start empathizing with him, he seems to care for these people and not seeing them as assets and cattle like he saw the people of Woodbury.

    Yet again I’m fearing for the family going with him, he might be fond of them but he is still you know….the Governor

    • Lyn says:

      Yeah — with a zombie show you have to give ’em a pass on a LOT of things, but I’m just not buying the idea of the super-sadistic mass-murdering Governor suddenly playing hero to the nurse (former weak link on “The Unit,” BTW), her annoying daughter and her annoying fist-bumping sister. The time to drum up sympathy for the Gov was before he demonstrated that he was a maniac!

  5. Jessa says:

    This was so incredibly boring. We have a weekly TWD viewing party at my house. By the 30 minute mark of tonight’s ep everyone was begging to change the channel. Nobody cares about the Governor and 2 weeks in a row of nothing but him? Count us out for next week. We will watch again when we get back to our prison group.

    • Jason says:

      I am sick of all the people on here saying its boring , its boring , uh two weeks of the governor ; it’s because of the governor you were hooked last season. People , it can’t be death every second. Everything has a rhyme or reason. For those of you who say you won’t watch , you will. Wtf are you a fan in the first place? All the stupid comments on here. Enjoy the show , let the story build and the rewards will pay off. And if you don’t watch , no problem. Go watch downtown abby or some other weak show.

      • Marybeth says:

        Actually, I do expect more in a walking dead episode than that. There doesn’t need to be death around every corner but for gods sake, it’s an apocalyptic show have SOMETHING happen other than a bunch of pointless conversations and scenes of the governor walking around like he’s drunk. You can preach all you want that those conversations were deep and profound and built character but seriously, if that’s the best script they could come up with I might have to stop watching. It’s not like they’re running out of storyline, there’s plenty going on. This episode felt like a filler, it was BORING and dragged out. And I’ll say it as many times as I want.

      • Marybeth says:

        Actually, I do expect more in a walking dead episode than that. There doesn’t need to be death around every corner but for gods sake, it’s an apocalyptic show have SOMETHING happen other than a bunch of pointless conversations and scenes of the governor walking around like he’s drunk. You can preach all you want that those conversations were deep and profound and built character but seriously, if that’s the best script they could come up with I might have to stop watching. It’s not like they’re running out of storyline, there’s plenty going on. This episode felt like a filler, it was BORING and dragged out. And I’ll say it as many times as I want…

      • thajarin says:

        I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but the reason I watch The Walking Dead is because I realize this is the best we are going to get. There aren’t any other zombie apocalypses happening on television. In short, this is the only game in town. That being said, I want to watch and I want it to be good.

        Now, George Romero likened The Walking Dead to a soap opera where occasionally you get to see a Zombie and refused to direct even single episode. I think that is a very astute observation, We didn’t even get through this little character building episode without finding out who is now sleeping with who. I never have cared for The Governor character, I find him to be Cartoonish, shallow, and have week motivations for his actions. So, they have an episode which doesn’t even feature a main character to build character onto a two dimensional character and that character building is not only obvious it’s ridiculous. The reason he joined this new group was because he saw a kid and this reminded him of his daughter. It’s obvious. but also kind of ridiculous because he mass murdered two dozen people at the end of last season. Also I do not believe the pace of the show can sustain an obvious, two dimensional, maniac, madman who has weak, impulsive motivations. it really doesn’t make any sense.

        I also wanted to say that the idea of, people who will not just lie down and take whatever spoon fed nonsense they want to give us without respecting us, somehow are not fans enough that they should be able to watch and express disappointment is kind of odd to me. I mean, that’s kind of the point of discussion to talk about the things you like and don’t like about the show. For me the fact that the show was kind of slow this week was not an issue. My issue is I just don’t care about The Governor. Yeah some character development is a great idea. I’d love to see more non soap opera development of the main group. I mean, they got rid of Carol just as she was getting interesting. It is beyond me why the writers didn’t kill this character off last season.

      • Sophia B. says:

        It was not because of the governor that I was hooked last season, not at all. And please refrain from jumping on people that are only saying what they like or don’t. Why can’t you just give your own opinion and not harass others that are doing that. Healthy debate is a good thing, but your comment is no such thing. And by the way it is Downton Abbey not Downtown Abby, and I happen to be a fan (even if the third season was kind of a let down).

      • justsaying says:

        The reason I was hooked last season had more to do with the entire cast not some one eyed bozo who can’t carry the show on his own. It was a BORE!!!!!

      • Gail Hoskins says:

        I agree 100% I thought the show was great btw people will be dying we need more good characters.

      • Bailey says:

        The show is boring and because we have stated such doesn’t mean we just don’t want to or shouldn’t continue watching. Fans of the show are becoming very disappointed with Season 4 and the direction the show has taken. The writing is poor , the pace is too slow and the acting isn’t that great . I LOVE the walking dead so trust me it hurts to admit such but week after week I am being disappointed. I think this new writer needs to be given her ” walking ” papers before the show really goes ” dead” lol .

  6. Danniel says:

    Sorry but this was boring, I like character centric episodes… but that’s for main characters of the good side of the story. It was too obvious that Philip became fond of that family, and when I realised that I wasn’t even motivated to watch the rest of the episode yet I did. Still, boring… after an amazing episode last week, this was disapointing.

  7. Mike R. says:

    As someone who has loved the rest of the season, that was really boring until the last 15 minutes, hopefully next weeks is more exciting.

    • Lilly says:

      Totally agree. I think the reason last season was so frustrating is the percentage of time they spent on the Governor. I hated him last season. Resented all the time we wasted watching him and Andrea and Woodbury – because our prison friends story line was just put on hold. Now he’s back, and they dedicate what appears to be TWO weeks in a row to rehabilitating the Governor by trying to make him sympathetic?!
      Please tell me people aren’t going to try to convince me we are supposed to forgive the Gov for the evil man he was because he now wants to protect these three women who (puh-lease!!) have somehow survived the apocalypse for three years without even knowing you have to kill a walker through the head??
      I’m just really disappointed because this season was so terrific again. Now we divert to the Governor for two weeks. I’m experiencing flash-backs to a very frustrating season last year.
      Okay … sorry for the rant….

      • What?! says:

        Sympathetic? Forgiveness? I don’t know. But maybe it was more of the idea: can someone find redemption after committing such evil actions. It seems like one the themes this season is ‘letting go’.

        • Lilly says:

          You’re right, of course. I found myself (after yawning at the first of the episode) fighting the desire to be sympathetic toward the Gov. because that family was so vulnerable. I had to remind myself of all the evil things he did: slaughtering those soldiers, what he did to Andrea and Milton, not to mention all the citizens from Woodbury on the road – to name a few biggies.
          As a spiritual person, I believe there is always redemption for anyone who seeks it. But for someone who has committed the kinds of evil deeds he has, redemption would take a miracle. Those types of men don’t usually change on their own – just magically stumble on some innocents who soften his evil heart to the extent we witnessed tonight.
          But that question IS what makes TWD dead such a great show. I just am OVER the Gov. and want him dead. Gone.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        Damn Lily calm down! Get you point of hating on the one eye creep it won’t be long until he’s back into his evildoer ways and NO, nobody will forgive him for what he did last season.

        • Sophia B. says:

          Sympathetic? Forgiveness? No such words for me when it comes to the him. I’m just wondering why people are not using these same words when it comes to Carol. Just wondering.

          • Lilly says:

            Sophia B, there are so many differences between Carol and the Governor, I can’t count them. The Governor deserves to DIE for all that he did (and the fact that I don’t believe a person who has done what he did comes back from that – especially not simply by wandering alone for a few months and finding a little girl who reminds him of his daughter).
            I do believe there is redemption for Carol. But as long as she continued to defend what she did, apparently without remorse, because she justified extreme EVIL (killing a defenseless friend) in the name of the greater good, then she is no longer to be trusted – which is one reason why I defend what Rick did. (Plus there was that little detail of the havoc that would happen in the group when Tyrese would want to kill Carol for killing Karen!)
            But I believe there is room to resuscitate Carol’s character and bring her back to the group. In fact, I hope the writers do so. I would MUCH rather have seen that for an hour last night than the touchy-feely scenes with that vile Governor, who would need several lifetimes of Mother Theresa-like acts to redeem himself. IMO.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I gotta say Lilly that your hatred and wishing death for a fictional television character seems a little scary. Not that I necessarily disagree with some of your argument but I think you need to calm down a bit. It’s really not worth your blood pressure going up. The fact that you feel this passionate about the Gov just proves how awesome a character he is. Regarding Carol, she was showing her dark side back in season 3 when she told Andrea to sex up the Gov and then kill him. That was pretty ruthless. She may end up with the Gov and Martinez, when Morrissey was asked that question on TB last night he refused to answer.

          • Lilly says:

            Yea, I picked up on that on TD last night, too. David Morrisey was very coy about Carol and the Governor! (Truthfully, I really hope Carol doesn’t “go over to the dark side”!)
            I admit I’m over the top about wanting the Governor gone. But I assure you it isn’t passion; it’s frustration. I’m just sick of the character. I think we should have been satisfied last season with his cruel death (preferably at the hands of someone he had tried to kill or rape).
            But now, I’d settle for him going away and we never know what happens to him – except TWD would never leave that hanging out there because we’d always assume he’s coming back, so dead is better!
            Last night’s episode was well-written and I got into it (after 20 minutes when I realized we weren’t going to see the prison). But I’m just not interested in Philip or Brian, or the Governor’s rehabilitation. I would rather have watched Carol and what’s happening to her. But that’s just my opinion.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I understand, really I do :-) I really wanted Andrea gone last season. But I’m not so against the Gov as others are. I think he adds some dimension to the show, we can’t just be with Rick and company at the prison all the time. That would get boring. Yes, he was pure evil last season but we’ll see what happens.

          • Sophia B. says:

            I also would have rather watched a hour of Carol’s road back. I also know that there hughe differences between the two. I was wondering why other people didn’t see it that way. Why they are more willing to see redemption in the gov. and not Carol, that’s all, LILLY.

  8. Stacyc says:

    I actually really liked this episode. I’m glad they are adding some real depth to the Governor.

    The name he chose was one of the names he saw written on the side of the barn. There was a message to “Brian Herriott” from his family.

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    The moment they showed The Gov. looking like sh*t i couldn’t stop laughing.
    He reminded me of 2 people…. Walter White when he went back to see his old house and a DRUNK Ron Burgundy. The ep. was alright but i still HATE that bastard!

  10. Guest says:

    I was so sure he was going to kill them all Andrea and Milton style, the tension didn’t break until he saved Penn…er Megan. Good to see Matinez made it. Still mad at Rick for leaving Carol, still looking forward to see what happens when Daryl finds out.

    • Sophia B. says:

      It is killing (not literally) me that we (the ones that care) will have to wait another episode before we get to see Darryl reaction to finding out what happened to Carol. I can see it going two ways, the Maggie and Hershel way or the Merle way. I do hope that it is the Merle way and Darryl goes after her, but the way the show is going now I think it might just be the former. And for me that will be sad.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        It’s called suspense. They know that their audience is waiting for this and they saved it for the mid-season finale’. TV shows do this all the time. Yes, you have to wait so why not just enjoy the ride until you get there. The anticipation is building, it’s kinda like waiting 4 weeks for Christmas morning dying to see what’s inside that beautifully wrapped package.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          And to add to this… may not really see his reaction until next February when the show comes back from hiatus. Rick will tell Daryl and then all hell breaks loose and they will all be to busy trying to survive and it will linger on in the cliffhanger. I don’t know that this is what will happen but it will NOT surprise me if it goes that way. Be prepared.

        • Lilly says:

          I agree with you, Wrstlgirl, that that’s what the writers are doing. It’s just that many of us are O.V.E.R. the Governor. IMO, we “endured” last season and the agony of it taking so long for Andrea, Milton, and the rest of Woodbury to wise up (I actually started to like Andrea the last two episodes). And then we were robbed the satisfaction of the evil character NOT getting his due – you know, stabbed in the eye by Glenn or Maggie, or beheaded by Michonne! As I’ve said, I don’t even hate the Gov any more. I just want him gone. On to the next evil challenge our group faces (besides just the flu).

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I understand that, believe me. I just don’t harbor the hatred. He’s alive, he on my favorite show, and I will enjoy it. I liked that nights episode, Morrissey really did a great job. I’m happy being patient and seeing where it’s going. I want to see the Rick and Daryl talk to. But I enjoy the suspense.

        • Sophia B. says:

          Really, suspense? No that can’t be it. Enjoy the ride, nah don’t want too. I want it now just like Christmas morning, when the church would bring our presents, I knew there wouldn’t be much but I did love the present when I opened it up.

  11. What?! says:

    I did not expect this direction! David M was great! I really enjoyed this episode. If Brian can’t keep his promise, zombies and everyone beware.

    • Guest says:

      I like that he isn’t predictable. Granted, the show has never been a predictable good vs evil story either, but it was an inrtiguing way for the character to reinvent itself. Good origin story.

    • Jason says:

      Governor is a great actor. All you people are stupid for saying you hate him or its boring. If you hate him than like a true villian, he does his j

      • Sophia B. says:

        Stupid? It’s very sad that you Jason have to resort to calling people that when they don’t agree with you. Maybe if you came up with a better argument, then other people on here may see where you are coming from in the way you view the show and the governor. My son loved the show and is very interested in the next weeks show, me not at all. I feel the governor/actor has out lived his story line and the show needs to move on. But neither one of us called the other names, for feeling the way we do.

  12. BamaEd says:

    Add me to the chorus of boo birds. This was a very boring episode. I know what it is and why it’s there but I don’t have to like it, kind of like I am with salad. The family he met up with was super boring. I felt no engagement with them. Heck when the one woman twisted her ankle, I yelled at the TV “leave her” and when the girl wouldn’t come to the governor, I wanted to yell “Bite her, she’s Sophia Jr.” And next week is another governor-centric episode as well? Bless it.

  13. Ever says:

    God, that was such a horribly boring episode.

  14. Kerry says:

    Did anyone else think it looked like Rick was shot in the beginning? I was so confused.

  15. charlie says:

    Mr. Patrick, he picked the name Brian Heriot because it was all over the barn he passed on his way into town.

  16. Rachel says:

    Tonights episode was just too much of a sub character that isn’t even part of the “main” cast to me. Dont get me wrong I love David as the Gov. but did we need an hour long episode of him and it looks like another hour long one next week? Im a Dixon fan (dont judge me) and hell I wouldn’t want a hr long episode of JUST him. Its an ensemble show for a reason.

    • Sophia B. says:

      That’s right where is the other actors shows. The gov. has had way to many of them and he isn’t even a main character. Not sure where this is all going, but I do hope that the show comes back to the main characters. Could this be part of the spin off I keep hearing about?

      Spoiler Alert.
      In the comics a woman named Lilly is the one who killed the gov., just saying.

  17. Ian says:

    I thought I’d be bored, but I found myself sucked into the question of the Governor’s humanity and if he was discovering a soul again with this family or if he was playing them. I was touched by the end and relieved that it was real and all the beats of his change were so well played out.

    Enver Gjokaj next episode! I’m so aroused!
    And for the record, I’d be trying to have sex with David Morrisey all the time too.

  18. wrstlgirl says:

    I knew people were gonna hate this episode, so predictable. Every ep can’t be about Daryl or Rick. We need to have some diversity and this was awesome. There’s only two more eps until the break and I plan on enjoying every second of them :-) :-)

    • Lilly says:

      True. I just wish they wouldn’t spend WHOLE episodes away from our other characters. 15 minutes into the ep when you realize that’s what’s happening, you have to fight to get interested in this separate story line. Especially since I really DON’T like the Gov.

      • Rachel says:

        agree with Lilly. I dont want a whole episode about just Rick or Daryl. Just don’t want a whole episode about the Gov either. They could of spent half a episode with him and another half of the other main cast in the prison.

        • John DeMayo says:

          That idea just wouldn’t work. This episode picked up the Governor’s story precisely where it left off in the Season 3 finale, right? But the current prison story is happening something like 6 to 8 months after the Governor murdered all those people. If we were to cut away from the Governor in this timeframe, we’d be cutting to events that happened at the prison *prior* to the flu outbreak. That would be very detrimental to the story.

          • wrstlgirl says:


          • Lilly says:

            Agreed. But that’s why they should have KILLED the Governor and moved on! Or limit the fill-in of what the Governor’s been up to the last 8 months to ONE episode. Now we have to put the prison on pause for how long while we try to get invested in the evil Governor and his 8 months? No thanks.
            I will keep watching … of course. But I’m having flash-backs to the frustrating last season that was by far the worst.

    • aggie says:

      It wasnt boring because there was no rick or daryl, it was boring because nothing was happening, until like the last 5 mins. I sooo hated this one… wtf is going with this show? Out of 6 episodes in this season only 2 were good…

  19. Salty Dog says:

    Loved it. This is how it should have been from the beginning. The Governor as a truly conflicted character rather than the one-note character we saw in season 3.

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I don’t think there’s really any significance to the name Brian Herriott, he just didn’t want to use his real name, and had seen that name written on a wall.

    • Lilly says:

      Unless he runs into the real Brian Heriott sometime soon!

      • Faster says:

        Ooh, interesting!

      • Sophia B. says:

        On the TTD show the actor answers the question where did the name come from. It was the name in the messages on the side of the barn that the gov. was reading. It also could have been a nod to the comics, the writers do that a lot.

    • Kat says:

      I also think that in the comics, and I know the show is very different from the comics, his real name was Brian. He took the name Phillip from his brother. This was kind of a nod to that I think.

  21. wasabi says:

    Enjoyed the episode, except for the horror movie cliche of someone twisting their ankle at the worst possible moment. Now that he’s bonded with a new family, will he go even more off his rocker this time if something happens to them?

  22. Bob Jones says:

    When he met the family and martinez was that back in time or current time?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      In current time with the family he just met. The gov. knows martinez it’s either they got seperated or martinez and the other guy left him behind.

    • Rachel says:

      its between just after last season time and before current prison time with the main cast. So back in time essentially.

  23. Brad says:

    I liked this episode. Granted, it wasn’t in my top ten, but it was a good, solid tale.

    I feel this episode brought a new level of realism to the character. No real person is all good or all evil. When he was in charge of Woodbury, the Governor was doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Doesn’t excuse his actions, but he wasn’t setting out to be the villain. Here we see him continuing to try to do right after having had months of solitude reflecting on how things went wrong.

    The question now is how long can he keep doing right things for the right reasons? When he slips back into his old habits, what collateral damage will there be? Or, do continuing consequences from his past cost him his new group and bring his darker side back to center stage?

    I do find myself concerned. In the comic series, new villains should be about to show up by now. I’m hoping the TV series doesn’t bog down with the Governor. Yeah, he’s bad, but I’m ready for the really bad folks to appear! (What can I say, I’ve always been a fan of the bad guys!)

    • Rachel says:

      agree. I know they have steered far away from the comics, but the Governor is one of the most villainous characters in the comics. As much as I love David. I mean I love him in Blackpool and Doctor Who, I wish they just left him as a bad ass evil #******%%%. Just saying. Him whistling going after Andrea in the warehouse/house pure genius. Now re-watching it I feel cheapen.

      • Rachel says:

        that was supposed to say disagree. sorry. :P

      • Jenn says:

        Actually, if you read the novel by Robert Kirkman, “The Rise of the Governor”, he was not just pure evil, he’s a very complex character. The book takes place before he takes over Woodbury, but last nights episode definitely took aspects from the book, like the two sisters and their father. But in the book, the little girl living with them was Penny. It’s a great read…give it a shot. You’ll learn a lot more about the governor, including why he chose the name Brian.

        • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

          I’m almost done reading the 2nd book ”The Road to Woodbury” and this one is crazy The Gov. is down right F’d up! It also tells how penny got killed try reading that as well.

  24. John DeMayo says:

    Can’t believe a lot of you guys. You get “bored” if something “exciting” doesn’t happen every few seconds? God forbid they spend some time to add some extra dimension to the show’s human antagonist. As far as I’m concerned, this episode was an excellent twist. Everyone was expecting him to exact revenge and attack the prison… but what we got was a story that will ultimately end up being much more rewarding in the long term. The Governor’s story now ties into the main theme of this season… that question of “can you come back from the things you’ve done?” Will the Governor gain any redemption by protecting his new “family”? Will he bring these people to the prison, and in doing so make peace with the prison group? I love me some zombie action, but I love these slow, brooding episodes just as much. There is more than one type of “suspense”.

    • Faster says:

      Yup, you said it. I liked it too – a lot more than I was expecting to. It went over the heads of a good fraction of the people who frequent this particular board, but that’s not incredibly surprising.

      • Sophia B. says:

        Very funny take on people that do not agree with you. You might want to visit another site since all the people here that do not agree with you are far below your intellect. So off you go.

        • Faster says:

          Disagreeing with me and not understanding the intent of the episode are two different things.

          • jae joong says:

            It went over the heads of a good fraction of the people who frequent this particular board, but that’s not incredibly surprising…. How else should the people who disagree with you on here take what you wrote. Intent of the show? That is also subjective. Not everyone has the same taste or opinions. What it all comes down to is that you think you are above the ones that don’t get the purpose of the Governor’s episode they way you see it. Intent of the writers for this episode are you sure you understand it yourself. This episode was boaring to those who don’t give a rat’s #$% about the plite of the Governor. So stop belittling people.

  25. Emily says:

    I actually enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see that he had some humanity left after all of the evil that he has imparted last season. My guess is that next episode he will tag team with Martinez and the new group, and the mid-season finale will fit back into the timeline with The Governor standing outside the prison.

  26. kriddle22 says:

    I loved this episode. It was probably my favorite of the season; the prison is getting SO boring and there hasn’t been a good romance in a while. I’m all for relentless zombie killing but I think episodes like this that show a character’s humanity are what makes Walking Dead so great.

  27. LOL…what was so boring about this episode? I actually enjoyed this episode. You guys don’t know what you’re missing. The Governor is such a complex character. I like how the onion is being peeled back gradually.

  28. Im gonna sound like a dummy here (cause Ill read the graphic novels after the series), but isn’t Tara… Uhh.. THE Tara?? Christ-on-a-Crutch…

    I used to like being confused… But the eye-patch (with Tara in the storyline), is throwing me off…

    PS – Im only at 25:00.

  29. If this is some “dream sequence”… I’ll be pissed. And if I’m pissed, I’ll have no reason to be pissed about cancelling my Satellite subscription, and Torrenting the hell out of “The Walking Dead”.

  30. chadurban says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, people that are complaining can go watch the Rocks latest movie if all they want is action.

    Most of this episode is actually taken from the first walking dead novel The Rise of the Governor (although the novel events took place before Woodbury was founded and their were a few changes). Great to see them connecting to the novels though and I recommend reading them.

  31. Bahhh…. I’m so stupid…

    It was a temporal-shift?? Or are Maggie and Tara, identical twins? Both with a blondie younger sibling?

    If the show is pissing me off this much, I imagine I’ll give up “reading”, as a whole…

  32. And yes, Andy… Why didnt we see Daryl’s reaction??

  33. ChadUrban…. So – We should go read a novel, even tho you admit there are differences?? What level of up-tight, are you?

  34. Bry says:

    So from what I’m reading the majority just wanted the Gov to show up guns a blazing with no backstory?? Just to be clear most would be perfectly fine with no story to build up anything? They need the break because how to they clear up the super flu?

    • Not sure which question you’re REALLY asking…

      Of course, a back-story would be great. But, if they’re gonna end up using it as a way to come back to the Prison, and say : “Well, thank God we cleared up that flu thing.”, then there’s a problem, as well.

      Which are you asking, and which side are you on?? You have two choices:

      1. Those who know the story-line via “reading” (whatever that verb is) and are arguing for the sake of saying ‘HA! WE TOLD YOU!’


      2. Shouldnt the governor have a back-story prior to eye loss??

      (I guess there is ‘3’. Guns-a-blazing… Ignore them, tho)

      • Faster says:

        I sort of felt like they were trying to tie up the flu storyline in the final minutes of the last episode. I hope I’m wrong, but we better not get something like “Thank God we cleared that up…” although I have a bad feeling about it.

      • Bry says:

        Sorry was away for a bit. I’m not looking for a Gov back-story prior to Woodbury. I know that exists. What I mean is last seasons finale he smokes his followers and leaves and most here just wanted him to reappear as a bad guy. I mean back-story in we do need an explanation on what happened from that day to now. I am happy to see what happened and take away from the prison for a while.

        As for knowing what happens in the comics or even the novel I’m not even referencing that. I know it and don’t care as I LOVE the direction of this show. Yes they have some slow patches but as we all saw after the search for Sofia it got way better.

  35. God says:

    to everyone saying this episode was boring, i can only tell you this: you know nothing about television

    • Et al says:

      They’re adding unexpected depth to a villain. It’s been done a thousand times… and far more effectively than this meandering mess.

  36. Andrew says:

    The reason he called himself Brian was because earlier in the episode before he met the family, he stumbled across a sign which had lots of different writing saying who was dead, who had be found alive, etc. and Brian Hariot (or Heriot) was one of the names written on the sign.

  37. JP says:

    I hated last season’s Governor centric episode and this one was even worse. Now we have to sit through another Governor episode next week?! No thank you. Also, if you are generalizing that people hated this episode because of the lack of action, they have done plenty of action-less episodes that were so much better than this so that is not the case at all.

  38. Et al says:

    Was this the pilot for the spinoff ‘The Snoring Dead’?

  39. Cc says:

    Those who say this episode was boring aren’t true fans. You guys might as well write your own script… Or just stop watching.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Just because people didn’t LIKE the ep. doesn’t mean they’re aren’t true fans. Like myself the ep. was whatever……when really ALL we want is to see the Gov. GO DOWN and of course the reaction of daryl when rick tells him about carol’s bannishment. And FYI this episode and the next one won’t stop me 4rm watching the show THIS season has been awesome.

    • yankeesrj12 says:

      Unlike most viewers, I didn’t start randomly watching when it got popular. I’ve watched live since episode one, and I HATED last nights episode. They don’t need to kill a character every week, but focusing on a character who should have been killed last season for a one (or two) episode(s) is a waste of my time.

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly. It’s not about mass zombie kills and mega action. It’s about not being invested in the character who got an entire episode to himself. I hate the Governor and have zero investment in him. The actor puts me off so perhaps that’s a bit of why I could never even get to loving to hate the Governor, but either way this episode did nothing for me. I too have watched from day one and was far less critical than most fans of season 2 and all the time spent on the farm but could understand where those viewers were coming from. It’s too bad that any comment of less than praise for this episode is being jumped on.

  40. azu says:

    Of course people will always complain. They sound as if they can do a better job than the writers when we all know that they certainly can’t!!! Overall, this season has been pretty solid and much more cohesive!! And someone up here quoted how George Romero likened twd to a soap opera! That’s to most stupid and uninformed piece of thrash I’ve ever heard which is definitely born out of an overexagerated sense of self worth and ENVY!! What has Romero achieved professionally in recent times? Nada

  41. Auntie Ralph says:

    Not a bad character piece, but it kind of falls flat with me since it’s the freaking Governor. We’ve seen him ruthlessly murder dozens of people, keep heads in fish tanks, and tease raping at least two women. Can’t really do a wandering stranger bonds with people he meets plot when you already know the stranger is a terrible, terrible person.

    • Lilly says:

      Very well said. AND those of us who are frustrated with that have to come to terms with the fact that there will be at least one more episode about this character – and extended group – when we really just want to know how Daryl reacted to Rick’s decision AND how Carol is doing on her own!

  42. clark says:

    Really disappointed that this entire episode was devoted to that frakin Gov. shythead! Totally boring storyline, boring family and bad acting, what a waste, thanks AMC.

  43. carrabus says:

    Brian Harriet was written on the side of that barn — the one with messages to loved ones

  44. Redwood says:

    It’s true he saw the name Brian H on the side of the building.
    And . . .
    In the novel “Rise of the Governor” the Governor’s name IS Brian. His brother is Philip. Also, the brothers meet a family called the Chalmers that are exactly like the family from “Live Bait,” except that the young girl in the group then is Penny. The sisters in the novel are Tara and April. April seems to have been switched out for Lily, Lily is another well known character in the written TWD.
    To me, it was a fantastic episode. As much as I love Romero, he’s wrong about TWD.

  45. MLO says:

    Wow! What’s with all the Governor hate? I loved the episode – I’d watch David Morrissey read the phone book. And I find the Gov kinda fascinating. We’re seeing now that he’s multi-dimensional and I love eps that flesh out a character. It doesn’t have to be all zombie guts all the time, although this ep gave us enough of that for balance. The one thing I was disappointed about, though, was having to wait longer for the Daryl/Rick confrontation.

  46. betsy says:

    I never liked the governor but I ended up enjoying this show. I thought it was kind of a refreshing side story, actually, instead of the same people every week doing the same things.

  47. wrstlgirl says:

    One episode shift does not ruin the entire series. If you want to jump ship, sayonara. Do I think we need two hours dedicated to the Gov. No, not really, but I did find the back story interesting and next week we add Martinez, etc. back into the fold and the mid-season finale’ will likely bring them ALL together in some way. They are building to that climax. I am among those who were not fond of the Woodbury episodes last season but I am 100% sure that the reason why I had such a difficult time with them was because of Andrea. I was curious to see if my dislike of the Gov was truly because I hated the character or was it a domino effect stemming from my Andrea hate……now I know. David Morrissey was hilarious on The Talking Dead and gave some curious insights to what’s coming. I think we’re going to find a different Governor this season and I, for one, am very excited to see it play out.

    • tripoli says:

      There actually aren’t a lot of comments this time about quitting the show so perhaps just let that go for now. Glad you liked it, wish you would lay off on those that didn’t. We all have different likes and dislikes for the show, as well as expectations for what we consider a good or enjoyable episode. At least we can all agree that the Governor is incredibly polarizing and makes for some pretty interesting conversations.

  48. Kaotik Jezta says:

    I think all of you are forgetting that he is a main character because the show is adapted from the graphic novels. Try actually reading and looking beyond your TV sets. Oh Carol Daryl, whatever will happen, that is boring.

  49. Babybop says:

    I liked the episode! But I still don’t trust him.

  50. Faster says:

    I was skeptical during the first 20 minutes of this episode, but ended up LOVING it. Such a great episode for what has been a lukewarm season for me so far. I was apprehensive about the Governor coming back because I just can’t get into a revenge-on-the-prison only storyline. I am glad that the Governor has grown a bit and will bring more to this story than remnants of the Andrea storyline. Looking forward to next week.