Revenge Recap: The Baby Bump

Revenge Season 3In this week’s Revenge, Victoria thinks she’s finally about to bring Emily’s house of cards tumbling down by playing her ace – the revelation that Daniel won’t be her first husband! But not only does the bride-to-be manage to trump her archenemy (as always), a wildcard emerges from the shadows that could make the villainess wish she’d folded a long time ago…

JUST DESSERTS? | Early on in “Secrecy,” we learn that Victoria has decided on a co-ed bridal shower for Emily. (No shock there, the bride-to-be tells Daniel. “Everyone knows your mother prefers the company of men.” Aaand we’re off!) In addition, the queen bee has hired Sarah to supply the temptation — herself for Daniel, petit fours for everyone else. (“It isn’t the worst idea,” she says with a smirk, “to get a taste of what’s to come.”) But, now wise to the former couple’s near-canoodling, Emily stalks her fiancé to the farmer’s market, where she spies him flirting with his ex over ingredients for their wedding cake. (Classy, Daniel. Real classy.) When he leaves, Emily approaches her rival and says “Hello, Sarah” with as much venom as Jerry used to use to greet Newman on Seinfeld. And, though Emily subsequently turns on the waterworks in hopes of guilting Sarah into keeping her baker’s mitts off Daniel, what really convinces Betty Crocker to bail is Victoria. At the shower, Emily’s future mother-in-law gleefully surprises her with the introduction of her first husband — who Emily casually explains she married to save from deportation. (Curses, foiled again!) Disgusted, Sarah calls Victoria on her “psycho obsession” with her son and swears she’s done with the parlor games. Which, of course, she’s not, because…

LADIES’ MAN CAVE | … after Conrad gives Daniel the keys to the secret pied-a-terre where generations of Grayson cads have entertained their mistresses – which Daniel vows never to use – he invites his old flame over. Emily is just like Victoria, he notes, and “I do not want to marry my mother.” So what does Richie Rich want (this week)? Sarah. And, if she’ll take him back – which her kisses certainly suggest she will – “I won’t risk losing you again,” he promises. Right on cue, Victoria informs Emily about the Grayson men’s “secret” love nest and even provides a phone number so that the ultra-discreet butler can unwittingly confirm that yes, young Master Grayson is there with his lady friend. Forced to take drastic action – not that that isn’t her favorite kind – Emily surprises Daniel with a sonogram photo. “We’re pregnant,” she announces. (Is she for reals? Doubtful… )

AND ANOTHER THING | When Charlotte’s blackmailed over a nude photo shoot (that she did to mourn the loss of Declan and their baby? Huh?), Aiden helps out… and helps himself to her laptop. All the better to frame her mother for Emily’s “murder,” he tells Nolan (who looks almost as confused about this as I feel). In his free time, Aiden continues to antagonize Jack (suggesting that what he and Emily had was “puppy love,” and that dog died a long time ago) and makes himself at home at Nolan’s. (Hilariously, Nolan’s roommate agreement is apparently even longer and more detailed than Sheldon Cooper’s!) Finally, Margaux – dumped as publisher by Conrad – decides to put out her own Grayson tell-all, that is, if the informant who’s contacted her proves reliable. And I have a hunch she will be, because, as the hour draws to a close, it’s revealed that – dun-Dun-DUN! – her informant is Lydia, alive and well and looking glamtastic as ever!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Lydia was alive? Where is your rooting value these days? Most message board posts seem very anti-Emily/Jack, so are you pulling for Emily/Aiden or Emily/Daniel? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brenda says:

    I think the show needs to end this season. It is getting a little out there and losing focus of the real plot. You can’t think of another plot Emily instead of marrying Daniel? I am hoping Daniel & Sarah end up together, Jack & Margaux, and Emily& Aiden. Of course, hoping Victoria and Conrad end up in jail.

    • Natasha says:

      Emily and Aiden…..ughhhh. But, I do like the Margaux and Jack combo, even though I think she is way too cosmopolitan for him, and too tall :) (but then again, everybody’s’ too tall for Jack)

  2. V says:

    Get on with it already! Emily/Jack make no sense but I say, let them smash and move on… Emily is playing Aiden but never fret, this hottie always has a plan B which I’m willing to bet has already been put into motion. And as for Daniel…well who really cares, let him run away with Sarah Plain and Unattractive, or better yet just go home to mommy. Emily is a sociopath, is she even capable of finding true love? I doubt it…

  3. Nikita says:

    I happen to like Emily & Jack–can’t help it, I love the whole childhood romance things! As far as Emily & Aiden go, something is really up with these two. Last year they seemed more sincere in caring for each other. This season it seems like they are both playing each other a bit. IMHO, Emily seems to be forcing the passion with him, she seems a bit contrived. And Aiden seems like he has something up his sleeve. He also seems more angry. I don’t think these two are really “in love”. It appears like Emily may end up alone after all this. I think Aiden and Lydia would be hot though!!

  4. Diane Sankey says:

    Okay, I think I am done with this show. I stopped regularly watching a while ago. When there’s nothing to do I get online and watch an episode here and there and sadly this week was another boring blah, blah, blah of the same ole crap.

    One season of getting even is plausible and could have been very interesting but, three years of Emily’s holier than thou, no one matters attitude has become far too much and beyond cruel. The idea that a woman would literally screw a guy and become engaged then lie about a pregnancy just to screw his parents while supposedly madly in love with another is far too idiotic. Sadly, this idea of anything to get what I want Is the childish, selfish mentality of so many people in the world today. Her beef is with the parents and these people who follow her around like she can do no wrong and accept her bedding multiple guys to get what she wants, well, it is sad and she needs a good ass kicking back to reality. Okay so her childhood was ruined by these people, deal with it quickly and efficiently. Only get back at those who deserve it and then move on already. I have lost all interest in her revenge and now think it is time she get a taste of her own medicine.

    In my opinion the basic story idea of revenge would be a good one if each season they focus on different characters completing their revenge mission. Emily, Nathan and Aiden could be the Revenge gurus to help each season.

    As for this week specifically:
    Daniel and Sara, come on. If he truly felt bad how she was shafted he would have manipulated family funds some way, be it from a piece of art from his mother’s gallery or some other way to get her money and help set her up for life he wouldn’t want to just screw her and have her bake for his wedding. How totally silly.

    As for Charlotte, come on, people keep nude pics on their phone!! How stupid and what a waste of time.

    Nolan and Jackl- I really liked you and Jack at first. Now I yell, stop enabling her, grow a pair and get your own life honey.

    Anyway, I am pretty much done with the show. Enjoy everyone

  5. Gio86 says:

    Great show last night this is what Revenge is all about!

  6. anne8108 says:

    I think Charlotte is the shooter. Maybe she finds out the pregnancy is fake or something, but I really think there’s a good chance. She’s become a lot more like her mother as far as “protecting” Daniel goes.

    Jack and Emily just don’t have the right chemistry. They have good, old friend type chemistry, but not I’m in love with you chemistry. Also, Jack doesn’t even know her! As far as we know, he hasn’t made any attempt to really talk to her – where has she been, what happened to her, who is she today. He hasn’t even asked her who his wife was! We seem him visiting Amanda’s grave, he knows it isn’t the real Amanda, but he never thinks to ask Emily who Amanda really was? There is a lot of potential for a great scene there – for him to learn Emily’s real past, understand what she went through, how she met Amanda, and to see how much Emily really did love her friend – that she has real feelings and emotions. Not to mention Emily could clarify for him that Amanda brought her demise on herself by going after Conrad. That wasn’t Emily’s doing. Instead Jack just walks around all moody and bitter, constantly judging Emily (and Aidan) without getting backstory. Jack would have beat that guy up too for what he said about Charlotte.

    Aidan and Emily have the real background and chemistry. I definitely thought there was an episode where it seemed like she was just trying to keep him in line, but the last couple weeks I feel like she does love him. I don’t think she’s conflicted about a future with him so much as conflicted about the idea that Charlotte, Nolan and Jack won’t also be a part of it. I hate that the show is going to eventually force Jack and Emily down our throats – it just doesn’t make sense.

    Jack would be loving Emily because of who she was 20+ years ago and in spite of who she is today. Aidan loves Emily for who she is today and in the last few years. He actually knows her. The only other person like that is Nolan. Plus Nolan and Aidan have humorous interactions. :). At the end, I wish we could see Aidan and Emily and Nolan and his life love all go off together.

    • Elouise says:

      ^ I agree with every word of this. I loved last season’s Nolan/Aiden/Emily team-ups, and Nolan and Aiden’s scene with the Rules was a great callback to it. Jack/Emily is cliched nonsense that the actors don’t have the spark to pull off. Don’t want to see it, never going to buy it…no matter how hard they throw Aiden under the bus to facilitate it.

      • Joy says:

        Well I DISAGREE with every word you say! Jack and Emily has DEFINITELY had chemistry–since the pilot of season 1! Are you blind??? Sparks fly between them as adults PLUS they have their sweet childhood friendship. It’s the best of both worlds, and the actors do a fantastic job! The writers can’t make bring them together too soon because otherwise the show would be over. Jack and Emily are endgame–get over it!

  7. queerbec says:

    If ABC cancels “Revenge” after this season, which at this point seems highly likely, I would hope they allow some closure to occur and resolve most of any dangling plotlines. That said, I still can’t see one shred of chemistry between Emily and Aiden–either because of the actors and because the writers constantly have both of them withholding key information from each other, especially Aiden as he gallavants around town threatening to beat up or actually beating up practically anyone. Shouldn’t Emily see the writing on the wall and have a women’s shelter lined up in each exotic location she and her ?true? love plan to visit?

  8. Terry says:

    All these people saying Jack is pining for Emily… are y’all just pretending the french chick doesn’t exist or… ?

  9. RichieS says:

    Since none of the male leads seem a good romantic match for Ems I propose a new character, a distant Grayson cousin from a nearby big city who has his own revengenda brewing and plenty of secrets as well….Emily,meet your new love interest Dick Grayson from Gotham City.

  10. Button says:

    What about Emily telling the jailed reporter that she will tell the truth about her whole plan so he can write a best seller and she will take his place in jail, since she framed him? I have faithfully watched this show since its inception and the one glaring item missing, other than the ridiculousness of Lydia still being alive, is did no one ever notice that Takeda was dead?

    • wingsstef says:

      Ah! Mason Treadwell! Yeah, they better wrap that up someway. I hope his story was not dropped during the writing direction shake up. I love him.

      • Grace says:

        Mason Treadwell is definitely back this season. Ooo-er.

        No one noticed that Takeda was dead because no one knew he existed!! He was a revenge teacher!!

        Love this season so much, can’t wait for the next episode!

  11. Bryan says:

    How anyone can stand Jack, I don’t know. He was barely tolerable in Season 1 and 2, and now that he’s become a judgemental child, he’s just annoying. Daniel I don’t even understand anymore. I hope Lydia been alive is explained somehow because it seems silly. And I’m NOT surprised at Emily pulling the pregnancy card, I’m actually just surprised she’s waited this long tbh.

  12. CJ says:

    So a logistical question – I’m assuming that Emily has been sleeping with both Daniel and Aiden, right? Daniel because he’s her finance and they’re living together, and Aiden because he’s supposed to be her “true love”? First: gross, Emily. Stop slutting it up. Second: I think the shooter is going to be either Daniel or Aiden because she really can’t commit emotionally 100% to either of them. My $$ is on Aiden being the shooter because Emily won’t take off to the Maldives with him & he flips out (much like he did on random blackmailer).

    • wingsstef says:

      Aiden being the shooter makes lots of sense. Either he is, or he is the one they want us to think is because let’s see, he killed two people last season, almost killed Daniel, and beat up that dude last night with no care of anyone seeing him. Maybe Emily kisses Jack or something? I could also seeing it being Charlotte.

  13. Marissa says:

    I feel like Daniel is so full of crap I can’t even handle it. He spent years not caring about what happened to Sara and never even checking up on her… why is she even talking to him, period? I think the only explanation is that Daniel must subconsciously feel something missing in his relationship with Emily and is looking for that spark elsewhere. I’m thinking Sara is just another flavor of the week for Daniel. But either way, if he wants to be with her, he can always go back to her after Emily fake dies in like a month.

    On a different note, I’m loving that this show is so gay friendly. Claps for Emily and Revenge!

  14. dude says:

    Finally! I’ve got to say, I was losing hope. I was optimistic when the priest storyline began at the beginning of the season because I found it genuinely interesting but everything since then has been pretty dull and mostly just spinning wheels and stalling but stuff actually happened last night! It was soapy but Emily “pregnant” and Lydia alive actually shocked me which hasn’t happened since season one. I’m hoping this wedding climax will offer enough momentum to really turn this season around the way Amanda’s death positively changed Revenge’s course last season.

  15. WingsStef says:

    I am not Anti-Emily & Jack, I like them, but admit I kind of like Jack and Margaux too. Not a fan of Emily and Daniel. Remember when she almost broke it off the engagement the first time? Aiden is crazy. He loves her but he’s violent. So was Amanda I suppose. As for the Lydia return, Victoria survived why not Lydia? I actually liked her. Does Conrad know, does Victoria? Love that Victoria. Nolan and Emily’s friendship is awesome too, but should stay a friendship. I am sure Patrick will be back soon.

  16. says:

    Well it seems like everyone as different opinion. But what I understand after reading all the posts is that most of you based your choice according to your favorite character. Yes Aiden has a more interesting role than Jack or Daniel because he is kind of a badass but that doesn’t make him more suitable to be with Ems. Also, love triangle is always a killer in a show but in Revenge its not a love triangle but a square which makes it more complicated.

    • Marc says:

      I am not a fan of any of the pairings to be honest, but I’ve noticed that a lot of posters here are for a Aiden & Emily pairing. My problem with Aiden is this: he is someone who is perfectly content to live his life for and all about Emily. He doesn’t care much about her connections with other people and the damage that being separated from them might do to her. He has no warnings or words of wisdom to give to her, nor does seem to care, as long as Emily runs off with him. Aiden would be joyously happy in some secluded spot with Emily, while pretend as much as she wants, we know that Emily craves her family and friends, Charlotte, Nolan and Jack. What I apprecaite about Nolan and Jack is that they still care about Emily’s soul and emotional well-being, even if Emily doesn’t appear to care about herself and Aiden most definitely doesn’t. I find it alarming that Aiden who is such a willing participant to the mayhem is so focused on getting out of the Hamptons so he can have Emily all to herself that he never once stops to say to Emily, you will be leaving your sister in an unbearable situation. Nolan and even Jack may be seen as annoying or whatever at times, but that’s the reason that I think that they are good for her and Aiden isn’t. They are reminders that Emiy is not simply a machine out for revenge, but they are fighting with her (and for her) for her future peace of mind. If she continues with Aiden, she will be nothing but a pretty shell.

      • wingsstef says:

        Good point. Jack mostly came to Emily’s porch last episode because he was worried about Emily. He saw Aiden as being quite violent. Emily seemed surprised. It is true that maybe everyone in the love web doesn’t know each other too well, at all.

        • Marc says:

          Aiden reeks of desperation and insecurity. The way he came prancing into the bar, mumbling threats, gross burst of violence. Jack has every right to be upset, that BS reason that he gave Jack for trying to run him out of town makes zero sense to me since Jack has not been on Conrad’s radar all season until Aiden, in a fit of jealousy lied said it was Jack who tried to kill Conrad simply because he wants him out of Emily’s life.
          Aiden wants Emily away from the Hamptons because he is scared that she wouldn’t want him if she remained among the people she loved.

          This season to be has been the most confusing in terms of the emotions of the characters, they flip on a dime and as a viewer it’s hard to trust what you are seeing. Daniel has been shown all along to not give a crapola about this Sara person, them bam, he can’t even fathom the idea of marrying his obsession for the past two years because he still carries a torch for sara. Charlotte hates Emily to the point of plotting to ruin her relationship with Daniel over a fib or slip of the tongue, Nolan pining for Patrick after spending one night with him, etc, etc.

          • Anna says:

            Marc, have you forgotten that Ems always wins whenever she spars with Aiden? The girl’s a sociopath, bossy and stubborn. You seem to have a selective memory because in S2, he was disgusted at first by her doing both him and Daniel. Then when he told her revenge won’t lead her anyway, she dismisses him. He’s violent, is he? Would you have patted the back of a blackmailer? People need to be real. How Aiden’s outright violence is worse than the Graysons’, Emily or Nolan’s underhanded tactics? Now, the blackmailer is a victim.

      • anne8108 says:

        Actually last season Aidan tried pretty hard to get Emily to give up the revenge and move on, because after he got his revenge for his sister, he realized it didn’t fix anything. Emily adamantly refused and basically broke up with him over it. Now he came back to help her finish things so she CAN move on. And sure, he’s looking forward to some alone time but overall he has expressed wanting to go away to start a new life with Emily – not necessarily keeping her to himself. SHE is the one who chose her revenge plot, which she knew would separate her from Charlotte, Nolan and Jack. There’s not much Aidan can do to stop her. But I think the writers want to to believe Aidan could be her shooter (whether he is or not) that they are showcasing his violent and jealous sides. His attempt to frame Jack was jealousy – he’s admitted that. But the violence – he may have done a better job of beating the blackmailing creep up, but Jack and Daniel would have tried to beat the guy up to for talking about Charlotte that way.

        Aidan may not be showing the concern that Jack did this week for Emily, but he has shown it repeatedly in the past and also knows that trying to talk her out of it could result in her pushing him away. Plus the writers don’t want us to see that side right now, bc they are setting him up as the obvious suspect in her shooting.

      • revenge addict says:

        FINALLY, this is the most sensible comment I have read! Marc, i agree with you on this one. Emily deserves with Jack and Nolan because however boring their character may be (theyre not as badass as Aiden or Daniel), they are still the people who genuinely cares for Emily (which is what she needs really because she is a very hard and driven girl). What Emily needs is someone who will care and love her no matter what. Those people who wants a real relationship, and does not destroy other people’s lives.


  17. MP says:

    I loved the whole Emily, Jack & Sam story but I like Aiden too. I am still waiting for David Clarke to NOT be dead !! He could come back and take revenge for Emily’s (fake) death. Nolan makes the show – he is great !!!

  18. martina says:

    am i the only one thinking that the actor, who played Aiden, was drunk or on drugs during this episode? i don’t know but i felt this way about him!

  19. Rose says:

    Emily said it loud and clear, Jack doesn’t know her anymore and Aiden was right in calling it a puppy love! These two have changed so much since they were kids, a relationship that works between them now is simply ridicolous!
    With Aiden on the other hand, they know each other exactly for who they are and they really stand a chance!
    Grow a pair, writers and for once don’t go down the path with kids love that never happens!

  20. dee123 says:

    Ok. So obviously the thing with Emily getting that watch will be important down the track.

  21. Pati says:

    What is going on with Emily and Aiden she always has this look when she is with him, I don’t believe she is being sincere. Charlotte needs to die I can’t take it the actress is so bad

  22. Monte Christo says:

    I’m also bored by a possible Emily/Jack pairing. There has been some beautiful writing for the Jack character and I can understand how people would respond to that. But the actor playing Jack can’t pull any of it off.

    He also brings down the actors he plays opposite. Declan never had a chance with most of his scenes with Jack. Same with Amanda. Now Charlotte, stuck in the Stowaway with Jack, is deadly dull. Playing opposite Jack is the kiss of death for a character.

    The actor that I have growing respect for is Conrad. Is that guy ever good! He’s asked to carry off all kinds of nonsensical plot lines and character reversals, and he does it and makes it seem logical. It’s like whenever they have some ridiculous plot twist, or want to cut out a side plot, they say, well get Conrad to explain it. And he does!

    I want Emily and Nolan to survive together and be best friends forever.

  23. jerrired says:

    I will always love the idea of Jack and Emily. I also love her with Jack over Aiden and Daniel. Daniel has always been unlikable to me and fickle. Aiden I don’t know, he just comes off weird. I love the idea of Jack and Emily because it felt a little bit like he was the force keeping her not completely closed off. Keeping her heart and humanity alive. I think Nolan has become that for her now. But it’s hard to imagine Nolan and Emily as anything more than friends. They’re almost like brother and sister.

    But as much as I love Jack and Emily idea, the writers still cannot figure out what to do with Jack! His character really needs some better writing. And I too loved Roswell, so I think it’s not Nick’s acting. I think his character has gotten some poor development. But I did really enjoy the scene between Jack and Emily from this episode. Maybe Emily’s upcoming “death” will give the writers a better way to characterize Jack.

    And as much as some people tend to be anti-Jack, I think the writers will always be pro-Jack and Emily. They just still can’t figure out how to get more fans on board.

    • Joy says:

      Well I’m definitely on board with Jack and Emily! If the writers didn’t want me rooting for them, they shouldn’t have set up the pilot to make them seem like “end-game.” I’ve been rooting with Jemily since day one! Of course, their relationship has hit some rocky road (which relationship doesn’t??) and I agree that the writers should have maybe written him slightly differently, so that more people would be Jack shippers. But personally, I like Jack just the way he is. He’s the moral core of the whole show–and Emily’s heart. Jack is who I’d pick if I were Emily. Aiden and his British accent is yummy. I like his character and think he’s a perfect addition to the Revenge cast. Yet I’ll never believe they are endgame. I want Aiden to be happy–just with someone else.

  24. Rose says:

    People seem to have a selective memory! Callin Aiden violent because he hit a blackmailer! Emily can be just as violent! Not to say how worse the Graysons are! I mean they don’t dirty their hands but they are capable of far worse including Daniel who shot Aiden!

    • wingsstef says:

      I don’t know who got the upside of that fight with Aiden and Daniel. They both got bloodied up. But totally, the Grayson’s are often violent, Conrad is very violent. He ordered the hit on David Clark, and even tried to kill both his wife and mistress. Or did he? I’m really curious if Conrad knows if Lydia is alive or not.

      • Rose says:

        All Daniel had was blood on his shirt, most probably Aiden’s! And Aiden has a scar on his shoulder showing where he was shot by Daniel! So we know how the fight between them went!!
        Yes, I agree Conrad is the worst but Victoria can be quite vicious too!
        I don’t think Conrad knows Lydia is still alive!

        • wingsstef says:

          I thought Aiden got that scar from his fight with Takeda? They didn’t really show too much of the fight with either though. Most of it I believe was shown off-screen? That said, I’m not a Daniel fan either. I can’t help but like Victoria, I like her spunk. Though she definitely has her violent moments. She had Frank do the dirty work for most of them.

          • Rose says:

            No, it was Daniel. He put the alarm in Emily’s house after Aiden returned cause he was afraid he was back for revenge against him! I agree about Victoria, that’s why I said that I can’t understand people calling Aiden violent, when almost all the characters act the same way!

  25. Kiwirevengefan says:

    Victoria has personally killed Helen Crowley and her step father. Also ordered her darling son to get beaten up in jail (nice mum). Conrad never dirties his own hands but orders others to kill (David Clark, the man in the bath in the pool house, Fauxmanda, and attempts on Jack) Probably others too, I forget!

    Aiden has killed the white haired man (to save Emily), Takeda (self defense), Trask (for killing his sister and Padma).

    Emily has not killed anyone. When she had the chance to kill the white haired man she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

    • Joy says:

      Speaking of Conrad’s many attempts to kill Jack…. does anyone else think it’s weird that he suddenly stopped scheming ways to “off” Montauk’s favorite man?

  26. Grace says:

    The way it seems so far – whenever the series finishes, whether it be at the end of this season or another in the future, they’ll resurrect David Clarke. It’s going to happen. He didn’t die, no one dies in this series, I guarantee neither Amanda nor Declan are truly dead… Sorry, but can you blame me? Lydia allegedly died in a fatal plane crash and yet there she is, unscathed, meeting up with Margaux (who no one has mentioned, she definitely (DEFINITELY) has a dark side. Watch out, Jack.)…! Eeeeshh. I wouldn’t say the show is predictable (entirely) or no one would watch it anymore, but we’re so used to the ways of the characters that we know when one of them will throw a spanner in the works, i.e the bridal shower scene with Emily’s ex husband. Switch it up a bit!!
    P.S… Definitely team Emily/Aiden. He’s British, I’m British, slight bias, but he’s hot and they have ridiculous chemistry! Stop bleating on about Emily ‘using Aiden’, it’s definitely not like that!

    • mc says:

      If you think about it, David Clarke just got stabbed. For all we know someone took care of him, and not “took care of him.”

      • Joy says:

        LOL I’m totally inclined to agree with you! These have been my exact thoughts, as well. Could you just imagine the look on Victoria’s face if David Clark was to “resurrect?” Priceless!

  27. Sarah says:

    I think Jack and Emily should be together. I really don’t like Aiden or Daniel. I am a little annoyed that Jack and Emily haven’t gotten together yet. I think that they need to start building a relationship again bc if they don’t then it won’t be a good for the viewers when they do end up together. No one wants to see them get together last minute.

    • Joy says:

      I agree with you, Sarah! I’m all for Jack and Emily, but it’s a little frustrating that they haven’t gotten together yet. Maybe it’s genus on the writers part, because I continue watching Revenge solely to find out when Jack and Emily will FINALLY be together. Their relationship has definitely evolved over the course of 3 seasons… SLOWLY but surely. There’s definitely sparks of chemistry between them, but like you said I hope they’re not thrown together last-minute and that there’s more of a build-up to their relationship, because right now they’re far from being lover (although I do see that fortuitous ship finally starting to turn around!).

  28. Annie says:

    Revenge’s biggest problem is getting people to like and root for Emily. The show shot itself in the foot by not making Daniel stronger, and building a love triangle between Emily, Jack and Daniel.

    • adona says:

      1- Agree… They were afraid to make Daniel strong, so they make him stupid and spineless.
      2- To much lovers so viewers are losing focus. Do you realize Emily has a true love (Jack, Puppy love), real love (Aiden, freak killer), false love (Daniel, pawn love), and fake love (Rohan, green card lover).

  29. Mike says:

    YOU DON’T SHARE YOUR WISHES, JACK, OR THEY DON’T COME TRUE. Seriously, how could anyone root for a character so dumb? Team Aiden all the way. The writers are desperately scrambling to paint him as the bad guy this season, but he’s still the best and most believable match for Emily. He’s the only one of her suitors with a brain cell to rub together.

    • Kiwirevengefan says:

      That’s what I thought too. Every kid knows that if you tell your wishes on a star to anyone else they won’t come true! Jack really is being painted as dumb, right from season one. I wanted Emily to end up with Jack in season one but as soon as Aiden arrived in season two I immediately wanted Emily to end up with him. He just made far more sense as an equal partner for Emily. Not to mention so much better looking than Jack!

      When Emily is with Jack she has taken a “mothering” role, she tries to protect him, keep him from harm. That is what friends do, but it doesn’t work in a romantic relationship. That is why the whole Emily/Jack thing will never work.

    • that girl says:

      For perfect match, you dont just need brain cells. Not only does he have to be smart, but he has to truly care and love a person. Aiden has this obsessive kind of love and he’s very shady and manipulative, so I wouldnt want him to be the one for Emily. NO WAY. Now, I’d rather see Emily with Daniel than with Aiden.

      • Mike says:

        You see shady and manipulative, I see smarts and cunning. Not sure where the obsessive thing is coming from, either. This gets trotted out repeatedly without any evidence to back it up. Aiden keeps his distance for six whole months. Emily asks him to come back and help her. He does. Wow that sure is obsessive, run Emily run.

  30. anne says:

    To the author: What ANTI-EMILY/JACK are you talking about???
    I am FOR Emily and Jack! No to Aiden definitely, geez. Half of Revenge fans are still rooting for Jack who cares and would never hate on Emily whatever bad things she does. Can you see the genuine love he has for her? Im sick and tired of hearing you hate on jack and emily, because he’s the only true and genuine man for her.

    • Joy says:

      Thank you, Anne! I feel the exact same way! I don’t understand all the Jack haters (including the review writer, apparently!) because he’s obviously the clear choice! Aiden is yummy and “Mr. Right Now” but NOT “Mr. Right!” As for Daniel, he’s not even worth mentioning. He and Emily look like a cute couple, probably because they date in real life. But story-wise, there is no substance to their relationship. Blah!

  31. Joy says:

    Actually, I’m shipping for JACK & Emily. Who writes these reviews??? There is equal division over ALL 3 men: Jack, Daniel, and Aiden. If anything, it’s really only a fight between Jack and Aiden at this point, because Daniel is just a ploy to Emily’s revengenda. What Jack and Emily have ISN’T just puppy love from way back when… they’ve had sparks as ADULTS–way before Jack knew Emily’s real identity! Sheesh. Is everyone blind?

  32. lisa says:

    I loved Emily and Jack in season 1. When Aidan arrived, I was annoyed since wr already had Jack and Daniel. Now? I am alllll about Aidan. Lol. Love him, love them but totally agree she is using him and he will wind up devastated over her. Not to mention possibly try to kill her. I still love him anyway. ;) Charlotte must go. Blech.

  33. Zkrr Ruiz says:

    I kinda thought lydia didn’t die because that’s what writers do… don’t be sure someone’s dead unless they show the person dying, and they never showed anything about lydia dying, they just said stuff about it, so I kind of expected her to pop out any moment and here she is!

    aiden left last season cause emily didn’t want to stop her destruction, remember? and he never played the st. jack judgmental thing he (jack) always does with emily… he came back cause emily asked him, so he knows he is back to finish things, not to convince her to be a good girl… now everyone knows jack doesn’t know emily, and he is not judging her cause he knows her (which by the way, aiden has interacted with emily for a little longer than jack, so I think aiden knows her better…) he judges her cause he wants her to be the girl with a puppy, he planned to kill conrad (charlotte’s dad… just to remind you cause he is always crying to emily “and she is your sister!” while declan was in the hospital… and he judges emily for the exact same thing?… yeah, drown that mustache, please!) after the people he lost (all grown) and he wants emily to be good just like that? she lost everything when she was a kid, I mean, there has to be a lot of mental trauma… jack and his mustache are just boring, should have died in the amanda instead of amanda (amanda would be a little more helpful, instead of jack only being a hemorrhoid)… and charlotted should have died too along with declan

    victoria wasn’t deeply against emily in season 1 cause emily was just new to the hamptons, who what they showed was the sorry lady who got the love of her life (kinda) killed… now, after two years, she has proves not to trust emily, so it is kind of understandable the things she is doing… don’t just wait for things to be like season 1, I know, it was better, but somethings this season are actually understandable

  34. Pauli says:

    It’s hard to root for Emily with anyone because it doesn’t feel like any of the relationships are completely meshing. I enjoyed revenge most when Emily had some kind of feeling for Daniel. I thought that gave her whole revenge plan a new emotional layer. This Daniel/Sara stuff seems ridiculous. Daniel has been so devoted to Emily for the last two seasons, and now, it’s just done? I agree with the person who said he may subconsciously feel like something’s missing from their relationship, and maybe the resurfacing of a past love heightens that. I’m not nearly as anti-Jack as I used to be. I actually like him much more since he found out the truth, and while I’m still not sold on him and Emily being soulmates or whatever, I enjoy their scenes now more than I did before. I don’t like Aiden. Never have lol I felt like he was randomly introduced last season and took too much time away from Emily and Nolan scheming for my taste. He’s always seemed off to me. He’s unstable and possessive when it comes to Emily, and I’ve been thinking he was going to be the shooter for weeks. Maybe something goes wrong with Emily’s plan, they can’t run off together, and he just snaps.

  35. jj says:

    Emily and Aiden…Agreed, why is Victoria the sole target. Everyone but Charlotte should suffer.

  36. geekygirl says:

    This show has become the Evel Knievel of shark jumping! Lydia is alive too??? So next David Clarke will still be alive, it was all staged and the next season will be called “Apologies”

  37. Vela says:

    Aiden’s the only one with a perfect height for Emily. Other guys, Emily always towers over them, especially when she wears heels. So, TEAM EMILY/AIDEN ALL THE WAYYYY!!!!!
    Besides, won’t it be boring to watch “fake lovers” turn into “real lovers” like Emily and Daniel? And Emily and Jack are awkward together.

  38. Amy says:

    If you want another season, please kill off jack’s character!! He is boring as hell:)

  39. Casey says:

    Wait a sec…I thought Lydia died after a fall from her NY apartment…Frank broke in and was chasing her…she had the picture in her apartment of “Emily” waiting tables…does anyone remember what I am referring to??

    • WingsStef says:

      Lydia was in a coma for a while because of that fall, but she survived. She also had amnesia for while. She was on the same airplane that Victoria boarded during the season one finale. The two of them were going to tell the truth about what happened to David Clark, but then the so called “initiative” blew up the plane.