Once Upon a Time Recap: Follow the Laddie

Once Upon a Time Henry DiesThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, a young Rumplestiltskin’s dark daddy issues were brought to light, while in Neverland our heroes stormed Skull Rock in a brave bid to #SaveHenry.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | We meet wee Rumplestiltskin’s father Malcolm, a three-card monty-dealing cheat and scalawag. When Malcolm leaves his son with a pair of spinners while he “looks for work,” the ladies urge the lad to run from his father’s rep using a magic bean. Rumple though convinces his father to use the bean to take them both to the magical place he used to visit in his childhood dreams: Neverland. Alas, once transported there, Malcolm is angry to learn that he cannot fly as always envisioned — because as long as his son is with him, he will always be seen as an adult, and Neverland has no use for those. So, Malcolm trades Rumple to the Shadow (voiced by/played by? Marilyn Manson) in exchange for youth, then transforms into the person/eyebrows we now know as Peter Pan.

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IN NEVERLAND…. | Having retrieved Pandora’s Box, Rumple and Regina reunite with Emma, the Charmings, Neal, Hook and Tinker Bell. They promptly KO the Lost Boys at their base camp, but Pan and Henry are already en route to Skull Rock, to “save magic.” Upon freeing Wendy from her cage, the group learns Pan’s true agenda: He’s dying, but with the heart of the truest believer, he can achieve immortality… while Henry, you know, croaks. While the Charmings exit stage left to fetch water from Dead Man’s Peak (Rumple has agreed to fashion a curative elixir for David upon their return to Storybrooke), and with Hook and Tink guarding the Lost Boys, Regina, Rumple, Emma and Neal embark for Skull Rock.

Arriving at the eerie isle, only shadowless Rumple can pass a protection spell cast by Pan, forcing a reunion between son and father (while Henry is conveniently cooling his heels in some soundproof Skull Rock closet, or something). Pan aka Malcolm invites his son to start over with him, but Rumple scoffs at the suggestion. Pan argues that what he did in the past was the same deal Rumple made years ago, trading Neal for a dagger. Rumple points out the difference, in that he kept looking for Bae, that he never forgot his son. (To which Pan offers up a lame, “I took the name of your doll!” excuse.) But when Rumple goes to trap Pan inside Pandora’s Box, he realizes that he’s been the victim of a bit of “Follow the Lady,” that his father swapped in a fake. Pan then uses the real cube to capture Rumple. Oops.

Henry then emerges from the soundproof Skull Rock arcade, or whatever, to save magic, though he comes to suspect Pan is keeping something from him. Pan lies that yes, there is a “price to pay” — upon proferring his pumper, Henry can never leave Neverland. Henry seems OK with that — heroes must make sacrifices and all. Emma & Co. (having “shed their shadows”) then burst onto the scene and urge Henry not to believe Pan, avowing their belief and love and what not in the boy. But Henry, y’know, he just really wants to save magic, so he transplants his ticker into Pan… and then collapses, dead, while a smug Pan rises in the air, ever powerful.

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What did you think of “Think Lovely Thoughts”? Was Rumple’s backstory simply sad, or slightly dull? Pretty great casting with the dad, though — he favors Robert Carlyle and employed some of Rumple’s mannerisms.

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  1. WayneInNYC says:

    PLEASE learn to spell Rumpelstiltskin correctly. It’s driving me nuts.

  2. rachelle says:

    I didn’t see it coming that Pan was Rumple’s father! I was caught so off guard. And Rumple! God, I hope he’s okay. Pan is a serious bastard.

    • Guest says:

      I can’t be the only one who thinks this plot is stupid, can I?

      • Mark says:

        I’m going to wait to see how the writers pick up the pieces from this twisted cliffhanger, because up until now they’ve done a pretty good job.

        But I must say that this episode really makes you suspend disbelief!

        The only thing that makes sense at this point is that Peter Pan is a total psychopath, and a very hypocritical one at that. Over the last few episodes, we saw him torture Rumple for abandoning Bae. He even abducted Bae at one point and tried to prove to Bae that Rumple would never trust him. And all this time, Pan has been the very father who abandoned Rumple in the first place.

        The transformation from Rumple’s father to Peter Pan was portrayed in a way that was only semi-believable. Of course, they threw this all in one episode, and I think it’s going to take a while to sink in. I had figured that Pan’s modus operandi was not wanting to grow up, and it makes sense he was an adult at one point that shucked responsibility and wanted to return to childhood, because no true child could be that twisted. But the way it was portrayed with the older father of Rumple, the character just didn’t seem that twisted and psychopath like at first.

        So something is missing here. Also, who dreams up a place like Skull Island? This Peter Pan character gets more and more disturbing.

        • Stormy says:

          If he’s a psychopath, I wouldn’t sweat the hypocrisy. LOL

        • “I must say that this episode really makes you suspend disbelief!”

          Because a show called “Once Upon a Time” featuring a dirty Dozen style plot featuring Captain Hook, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen and Tinkerbell has been so realistic up until this moment.

          • Mark says:

            I meant more than normal. And the show’s premise is about fairytale characters living in the real world, so they should adhere to some of the rules they’ve already established,

        • abz says:

          ” the character just didn’t seem that twisted and psychopath like at first” –> I’m thinking the interaction with the shadow up in the tree might have had something to do with it.
          And I echo @J Bernard, this entire show requires you to suspend belief.

      • woodyinho says:

        THIS x1000

      • meresger says:

        More stupid than the love triangle? It’s not a surprise and the dad-to-bad was kind of rushed, but we know nothing about The Shadow or pre-Pan Neverland. There HAS to be an interesting backstory there; for all we know The Shadow was brainwashing Kid!Malcolm in his dreams and wanted him to break the rules one day so The Shadow could steal children. I’m wondering if those spinners had a magic bean thanks to the Blue Fairy who has an ultimate goal of destroying The Shadow and maybe she exiled Tinkerbell to Neverland specifically to help out with foreseen events involving that twisted “family wreath” as MRJ called it on Twitter.

      • Ashley says:

        I Am a massive of the show but the whole thing about henry saving magic is pretty silly all he’s said or done in the past two seasons is to get people to stop using it he even tried to destroy it also how can he not get fooled by his own mother (regina) but believes pan who has known for like a week or however long its been

        • harmony says:

          He’s never been the brightest kid.

        • Ian says:

          pan had got henry to believe in him by that point, you find that out when he eventually hears pans pipe and joins in the dance with the lost boys thats what got henry to start to trust in pan sparking his taste in magic and gave pan the idea of him being the trueist believer but really pan needed his heart

      • Lauren says:

        It’s pretty stupid.

    • Robin says:

      Me either! But time. To take him down and get out!

    • GreenJelloFrog says:

      Here is last nights ratings.
      Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
      7:00PM FOX Football Overrun 6.9 19 20.33
      NBC Football Night in America 2.9 8 8.56
      CBS 60 Minutes 1.7 5 11.87
      ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.4 4 6.80

      7:30PM NBC Football Night in America 4.4 12 12.27
      FOX The OT 5.4 14 15.20

      8:00 PM NBC Football Night in America/ Pre-Kick 6.9 18 20.00
      FOX Almost Human -P 3.1 8 9.10
      CBS The Amazing Race 2.0 5 9.09
      ABC Once Upon A Time 1.9 5 6.60

      8:30PM NBC Sunday Night Football (8:30-11PM) 9.1 22 25.06

      The show hit a all time low. That says something. The plot line was too predictable.
      The show is a “shadow” of the first year. The ratings seems to fall as the show’s
      edge. The acting in most is fab. but bad writers are not the actors fault.
      Thank you and think lovely thoughts!

      • If that’s the case, that the ratings are dropping because it’s “predicatable” then how is it the live +7 is always up by full on precentages? Also, you’re not taking into account the fact that most of the midwest wasn’t able to view anything due to all the severe weather and tornadoes last night.

        • GreenJelloFrog says:

          The Mid West weather could have something to do with the ratings. Thank you for mentioning that point and Good Form. But I do feel the show has lost it’s edge and the writers could use a dose of pixy dust to make the rating fly again. All magic come with a price, bad writing, predictable story lines equals low ratings. The story is centered around abandonment issues from generation to generation and not knowing enough to stop passing on the behavior. The show has a large cast of dysfunctional family members who have not learned from the parents mistakes. Dr Hopper Help!
          Thank you and have a magical day.

  3. GTS says:

    OAUT has inspired a new game-Who’s Henry’s Relatives? Well, the obvious Emma and Neal, and Mary Margaret and David. Then Regina and Gold. Also Gold’s wife, and Hook (he marry Gold’s wife, who is Henry’s grandmother). And speaking of grandmothers, Cora! Now, we can’t leave out Peter Pan. What a fun game.

  4. Jacquline says:

    I REALLY didn’t see that one coming!

  5. Fernando says:

    Didn’t expect Peter Pan to be Rumples dad..can’t wait for the next episode in 2 Weeks..some pissed of parents..


    • Memi says:

      Yeah but I think Pan is more annoying Kill Peter Pan and be done with it.

      • Dustin says:

        I agree, it was a great twist to find that Pan is Rumple’s father “Malcom”. However, you have a dead “Truest Believer” an “Immortal” Peter pan that yes… Is too annoying/boring… And not to mention so cold that he sent his son away again, this time “A fate worse than death” with Pandora’s box, and Belle who’s not looking to see him again. That better not be the end of Rumple….. That was too cold and quick. How do the Evil Queen, and Emma the Savior have to defeat Pan now… I still cannot wait to see something positive a couple weeks from now.

      • Alichat says:

        This. Tired and done with Peter Pan.

  7. Meg says:

    And once again, winner for most annoying character in modern family television is Henry Swan-Charming-Rumple.

    • nikki says:

      I could not agreed more.

    • diana says:

      couldn’t have said it better, literally when he stuck his heart in Pan all I did was groan

    • anonymousaurus says:

      I am very confused because in Season 2 all Henry wanted to do is destroy magic right? Now he wants to save it?

    • GeoDiva says:

      Henry is the dumbest person across all realms!

    • Evan says:

      Sorry, that’s still held by the kid from Parenthood. However last night’s episode put Henry in second place right behind him.

    • Cass says:

      ;Apparently none of you watched V, because Tyler will keep that role for possibly decades to come. Henry was dumb to fall for Pan just to save a pretty girl, but we have known since s2 that he wants to be a hero like the rest of the family, and we can’t claim that Emma and Regina have never lied to him “for his own good” before. If Pan’s story had somehow been that Henry was saving his family by saving magic (which considering that Regina, Emma, and Rumple are all magical wouldn’t have had to be too outlandish a lie), it would’ve been easier to buy.

    • Another Guest says:

      No, the name is Henry Mills, not the rest of the stuff. I am in favor of getting rid of the actors who play him and Pan (who never can age more then 17 years of ago). I am still shock that Pan is really Rumble’s father. Poor Rumble never had a good role model except the older ladies who teached him to spin gold.

    • Lucy says:

      THIS. Henry is terrible. Absolutely awful. I just finished last night’s episode and I am so annoyed that I can’t even form words to express how awful he was.

      • destinee says:

        I dont think that Henry is awful. I think the actor does a great job playing the part that he is given. As stupid as i thought that move was I also think that there is some reason they did it. I do think henry will come back to life and I do think there will be some crazy turn around and itll all work out.

  8. Jaymi says:

    Most definitely did not see Pan as being Rumple’s father. Props to the people who had mentioned it in previous posts on here…I just couldn’t see how they would tie it all in. Loved this episode, can’t wait for more!

  9. M.d says:

    I was surprised about Peter Pan turning to be rumple”s father

  10. Calishamanka says:

    It’s getting more preposterous each week…. haven’t cared much for Pan since he arrived on the scene, and now it’s just so much more linking and connecting and bending and stretching the stories that it all seems ridiculous.

    • James says:

      I stopped watching OUAT because of this. Everyone suddenly knows everyone and the goal of the show is to find out how one character is linked to another. That’s just impossible. It worked once when Rumpel was also revealed to be the Beast, but after the Cora/Queen of Hearts, and now Pan/Rumple’s daddy is starting to feel anticlimatic. Not every character needs to be ten different characters. I feel as if they had identity crisis or something. I think what OUAT lacks is a villian that is just a villian because it’s fun, enough with the family issues on the show!

      • Khorrie says:

        I stopped watching when I finally accepted that Rumple is actually the main character and he’s going to be shoved unnecessarily into every fairytale ever. I had joked a few weeks ago to someone that Pan was probably his father and then said “No, they can’t be THAT stupid” but hey, I was right.

        • Are you forgetting that Regina shows up in a lot of people’s fairytale lives? Hansel & Gretel, Jefferson, Ariel, among others? While her character has grown on me slightly this season, she is still my least favorite character on the show. At least Rumple has some appeal. At least he’s proven that he is willing to be redeemed.

          • Khorrie says:

            Regina has popped up in other tales, but she’s not actually someone vital to their story. She’s still just the Evil Queen who’s happened to interact with other fairytale characters. I don’t have a problem with that. Rumple is Rumple, the Beast, the Crocodile, the Dark One and basically, the architect of the entire plot of the show. And I don’t care about him enough to watch a show that is more or less centred around him. So I stopped. I just come here to read recaps to see if there’s anything that might be worth tuning in for again.

  11. taran63 says:

    God, Henry really is too stupid to live.
    I’m rooting for the Storybrooke people to succeed, which means saving Henry. But I dislike Henry. I’ve long thought he’s the weak link on the show. So I’d be fine if he was off the show. I don’t want to go so far as to wish a little kid dead (even a fictional one). But I’d be fine if he was trapped in Neverland, never to be seen again. So I’m kind of torn.
    Did I mention that Henry really is to stupid to live?

    • Matt says:

      Well, look at it this way: if they manage to save him and take him back to Storybrooke it’s only going to be a matter of time until he wanders into traffic or starts playing with downed power lines. Kid’s cruising to a lifetime achievement honor from the Darwin Awards.

      • Mark says:

        The kid hasn’t always been so stupid. Season 1 he figured out the true fairy tale nature of all the characters in Storybrooke. Even last season, he didn’t trust Tamara when everyone else did. I’m sure there’s other examples where Henry was ahead of the game that I’m forgetting. He also knows the “magic always comes with a price” rule, which the other characters seem to constantly forget.

        But he is just a kid, and Peter Pan is extremely manipulative, and gotten under everyone’s skin this season. And apparently, the lore about Pan (which I’m sure Henry is familiar with given that he immediately recognized Wendy) is all false, since Pan has to be the most evil villain we’ve met on the show. Cora (2nd in line for that title) had the excuse that she tore out her own heart. Pan’s excuse? He wanted to fly.

        Pan also has to be the most intelligent foe we’ve seen so far. Apparently, omniscient too since he not only knows every character’s weakness but even that Rumple had retrieved Pandora’s Box to use against him (which by the way doesn’t work the way I think it’s supposed to, since shouldn’t the person who opens it be the one who is trapped?)

        Actually, you’d think that with the great strategic planning and insight that Pan has, he could have used those skills to actually make himself successful before he came to Neverland. But I guess that’s supposed to be the irony?

        I was kind of hoping that Pan’s goals could at least in some twisted way be considered noble, like he really was trying to save magic. It’s shocking enough that Pan is the big bad this season, but does he have no redeeming quality? Once Upon a Time is good at making the typical villains seem more human. Not so much this time with Pan. I was caught off-guard, since I still have a hard time believing that Peter Pan could be so sadistic and selfish, so in some ways I don’t blame Henry.

        Now that we know that Rumple and Pan are blood related, I really want to know why everyone keeps saying that the the only way for Rumple to kill Pan is to die himself. There must be a specific reason. Writers, please explain! This episode leaves more questions than answers.

        • Stormy says:

          They don’t say Rumpel must die. They say the boy will be his undoing. And not every villain has a redeeming quality. What was Jeffrey Dahmer’s? He was a good cook?

          • Mark says:

            This is Once Upon a Time. Up until now, every OUAT villain has fallen in the area of being more gray than pure evil. It’s like a basic premise of OUAT storytelling. But now they’ve taken a beloved children’s character and made him darker than anyone can imagine. The Peter Pan of OUAT not only has no remorse, but has a very sadistic quality about him. Torturing people emotionally, including the son he disowned to buy his youth, is a game to him. While sick people like that do exist in the real world, this is a show about fairy tales so I’d expect some silver lining.

            Rumple and Pan have both repeated a million times that the only way for Rumple to kill Pan is to die himself. That’s on top of the prophecy about Henry being Rumple’s undoing. It’s a supposed fact that gets bounced around so many times, that now that we know the actual connection between Rumple and Pan, it’s high time that the writers explain what they mean by that. Because I thought that the only way for Rumple to die was with that dagger, and I don’t see how that has anything to do will killing Pan.

    • John says:

      My thoughts, getting rid of his heart just matched his lack of a brain.

      • Conner says:

        Tyey never said Henry was Rumples undoing they just said the boy would be Rumples undoing and also that it would be the reuniting of father and son meaning Rumple and Pan not Rumple and Bae

    • Memi says:

      Yeah Henry he’s pretty gullible anyway. Kill Peter Pan and let’s bet back to Story brook already. This whole Neverland arch is dumb and the character of Pan is annoying. The only good thing to come out of it is the enticing possibility of Emma and Hook relationship. Much more passion there than with Neil and Emma. Also loving Refina.

      • Memi says:

        The big reveal than Pan was Rumple dad didn’t move me. I don’t like or care for the Pan character Also if any of the core characters dies like Emma, Mary M, David Regina, Rumble, Henry or Hook dies because of the annoying Peter Pan or this Shadow I will be royally pissed. KILL THAT JERK PETER PAN!

      • Joey says:

        Sorry but Regina had more romantic chemistry with that fork that Ariel stabbed her with than Hook has with Emma.

  12. Sara Arnoldi says:

    I am very disapponted that Pan is Rumple’s father,,, oh come on… he could be at least his brother! so they’d have grown up together then sepated. Being his father means that he was an adult acting like a kid and living with kids for ages, losing Peter Pan naive’s image. If he’d have been the brother at least he was a child who stopped growing.
    sorry I really didnt fancy this fact at all.

    • Sara Arnoldi says:

      what about secon half of the season? I hope seeing Camelot with Merlin and Robbie Kay (= such a great actor!) playing young King Arthur….okay… I already know it… nothing of this is going to happen :(

    • Sarah says:

      But he was never an adult – he was an aged child who had a child. So, I buy it. We all know aged children who call themselves men… Who would give anything to live free, irresponsibly, making up their own rules 24/7. Many of them are crappy dads if they stick around, or abandon their kids… But poor rumple saw his father choose youth and (the illusion of) immortality over him.
      Now it is so clear why he avoided the ogre war so as not to abandon his child, and tried in any screwy way (even by becoming The Dark One) to protect his son… But he has been weak and abandoned since a child. Sad. And how could he ever have explained himself? :-( and how awful must it have been for him to see Pan as the piper taking his son… Also, the whole pan/hook/rumple thing now becomes even more twisty.

  13. ollie says:

    Well didn’t see peter pan being his father coming.boring episode till the revel came.

  14. M says:

    The show can still surprise us. Most of the people predicted Pan was Rumple”s brother.

  15. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    I did not see Pan as Rumple’s father coming. Also, I used to give Henry the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t find him annoying as everyone says. I still don’t. I just find him INCREDIBLY STUPID NOW and will no longer defend him

  16. Tony says:

    That was a great twist and another great episode.

  17. Emgee says:

    Midway through the episode, I called it “what if Rumpel’s father becomes Pan”?

    Twenty minutes later…BAM!

    • mrsdp says:

      That’s about where I caught it. Just as Papa-Pan was trying to fly and getting the scoop from the creepy flying shadow as to why it wasn’t going to work for him, it clicked. I think it’s a terrific twist. It just goes more to the idea that there is no real good and evil – there are complex people who sometimes deal with the crap life deals them in less than ideal ways. :) Rumple is who he is because he was abandoned as a child – because his father not only abandoned him but made it clear he was the reason Daddy-dearest couldn’t be all he wanted to be.

      I’m also assuming that the prophecy isn’t really about Henry as ‘the boy’ that is Rumple’s undoing. It’s Pan.

      • Donna says:

        I agree!! Pan is the boy who is Rumple’s undoing, not Henry.
        I also agree that Henry is unbelievably stupid. Come on writers–he’s not behaving like the smart kid you got us to care about in the first place.

    • Britt says:

      I figured it out too during the scene with Malcolm and the shadow. I got that Rumple and Peter had to be related some how and it just clicked in that scene.

      By the way, Henry is working my nerves. If three people are telling you not to trust Peter, I would think he would have listened. When he wakes up, I hope his parents knock some sense into him. Plus in the next couple of episodes, Henry will be 25 lol. His voice is changing and he’s getting way to big to be this naive and stupid.

    • Jay says:

      I called it the second Rumple said “Pan destroyed my father”, because it was the Anakin Skywalker thing from Star Wars.

  18. Mike R. says:

    Ugh Henry. That is all I can say.

  19. Abby says:

    I thought Peter Pan looked cute but he’s actually the father of Rumple and that means Henry is Peter Pan’s great grand-son and would kill him wow this is getting intense that’s one big family

  20. Can I just say that Henry’s family tree is one of the most convoluted ever?

  21. Deion says:

    Henry. 3 parents telling you that you can’t trust Pan, and you trust him anyway. Leave him in the coma and put his heart in a box.

  22. James D says:

    I saw it coming with in ten minutes of the episode. is Rumple really dead? Robert Carlyle sort of makes this show for me, so I hope he’s not gone for too long. Really Henry Really? what a dunce.

  23. tjmack says:

    I am so sick of everyone berating on Henry. You guys obviously are not seeing what Adam & Eddy are doing with his storyline. It’s like you haven’t watched from the beginning or something. All Henry has ever wanted to be was a hero. Pan is using that against him, trying to make him believe that he is getting what he wants. That’s why Henry wasn’t really falling for the “Save Magic” spiel that Pan was spouting. His next chance? Use Wendy to get Henry to do his dirty work. It is so annoying how mean and rude people can be about a child (fictional or not!) and I’ve read horrible things about Jared as well, and that’s just wrong. He is just a child. No one should ever say horrible things about a child. They aren’t as equipped to handle (and by handle, I mean ignore) those kind of remarks. People should think twice about what they post. It’s okay to say that you don’t like the character, but some of the things that I’ve read in these comments are just downright mean.

    • LC says:

      “All Henry has ever wanted to be was a hero.” YES, thank you.
      And Pan said something about adults lying, which is something Henry had issues with with both mothers. When he found out Neal was his father, he was upset with Emma for lying to him and accused her of being just like Regina. Pan knows exactly how to manipulate him.
      Everyone has a right to their opinion, but there is no need for all this hate.

      • Butters says:

        You make a very good point. I was having a problem with Henry wanting to be a hero. I think the writers should have played up the fact that they all had lied to him. Why should he believe them over Pan? I think the problem is that actor playing Henry never really conveyed that he was falling for Pan’s schemes or not. I am not saying anything bad about the actor, just that he has not mastered his craft as other actors his age, for example Keirnan Shipka. Or on the flip side, the writers have not developed the character. After everything he has witnessed he is still the same as he was in season 1.

        • Britt says:

          This. I was confused because Henry seemed not to believe Pan and all of a sudden he did. And how many times must Henry die? Is this a tv record?

        • Ro says:

          I think just a look at that family tree is explanation enough as to Henry’s motivation to prove himself the hero. On the one hand he has Prince Charming and a kick-ass grandma in Snow White, plus a mother prophesied as the Savior. And on the other, his grandfather the Dark One and the mother who raised him is called the Evil Queen. What kid wouldn’t want to prove to himself that he favors good over bad, that he can be the prince his lineage should make him? Throw in a damsel in distress only he can save, and of course he sees this moment as His. So he did what he thought was noble and true, what any prince in any fairy tale ought: pick the tough choice, risk his life, and save everyone.

    • Matt says:

      You are so very right about this! I understand that there will always be certain people who will not enjoy a particular actor’s performance or will have criticisms, but honestly is it really necessary for people to be so brutal?! I also know that not everyone has negative opinions about Jared/Henry, but if you have that much of an issue with the kid, then don’t say anything at all.

    • taran63 says:

      Yes, Henry is a child. But, and it may not be PC to say this, there are both smart children and stupid children. Henry is a stupid child. When someone tells you to rip out your heart and you listen to them, especially after they’ve kidnapped you, and you listen to them, you are stupid.

    • Rachel says:

      ^^^^THIS. Thank you for saying this!

    • Laura says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake. I agree that there’s no need to insult the actor, but I don’t think we need to worry about hurting a fictional character’s feelings. Henry is annoying and not particularly bright. I don’t get how anyone can dispute that after this episode.

  24. Ian says:

    Yeah, I find it very WTF and tiresome now the way everyone’s everyone else’s father, but the instant before Rumple’s father transformed it clicked for me and I knew who he would be and MY MIND WAS EFFING BLOWN! I was making ghoul sounds of shock for a few minutes, lol.

    Can Henry be dead now though? Please? I can’t stand this child actor. I’m really hoping that the consequence of them bringing Henry back to life is that he loses his youth and he’s made an adult. If that was ever going to happen, them SORASing Henry, now would be fitting and the perfect time.

    And I agree with the Malcolm casting. The actor they cast was very reminiscent of Robert’s mannerisms for Rumple, he had the same twitchy gesturey playful trickster energy, and his giggle!
    The last thing I have to say about this episode, as with every other, is GOD IS COLIN O’DONOGHUE DELICIOUS. I find myself getting distracted from the episode frequently by little daydreams about… well. ahem

  25. diana says:

    Pan having the real pandora’s box was a nice twist. Sad, but good twist that I had no idea was coming. Poor Rumple :(

  26. Lynne says:

    Called it halfway through the episode that Pan was Rumple’s father and it is really a detail that I am not very fond of. Nice twist, yes, but something about it just irks me the wrong way. Maybe with the knowledge of Robbie’s time on the show is coming to an end and having a fairly good idea on how it will happen, I dont want to believe that I will have to say goodbye to my second favorite character on the show, but alas, I must. I know Neverland was only going to last 11 episodes, but I was kinda hoping that with all the praise Robbie has gotten from fans on his portrayal of Pan, maybe they would decide to bring Pan to Storybrooke and keep him around for the whole season. Pan is definitely a character I do not want to see go and Robbie is definitely one actor I want to keep watching on the show.

  27. The ep was good, but not great. The whole deal with Henry. The boy hasn’t truly believe in anything since he got to Neverland and at the end, having his family, knowing the truth he still went and push his heart to Pan just because he was going to be a “hero” and saves magic? Come on, he just wanted to be consider as a hero. They have hurt that character with so much stupidity and naiveness that is not even funny.

  28. Babybop says:

    This is the first time in a long time that I was shocked by something on a TV show. Never even thought of Peter Pan as a candidate for Rumple’s father! Love that twist, keep them coming!

    But seriously though, how incredibly stupid is Henry? I just yelled at the TV “If you stick that heart in Peter Pan, you deserve to die!” Then felt sort of bad since he’s like 12, but still… I don’t even know what’s going to happen and this two week wait is going to suck!

  29. Liz says:

    Wait so Peter Pan just killed his great-grandson? Now I am definitely thinking that the boy the Sear was talking about was Pan. What a tragic childhood Rump had.

  30. Kre says:

    After watching this episode, we really need an Once Upon a Time Thanksgiving. Just imagine that family dinner.

  31. John says:

    Hoe ever did a person growing up with Regina get so suddenly gullible?

  32. sandy says:

    There are no words for Henry can’t believe he did that I was like WTF..

  33. Tori says:

    I would have never guessed the twist to Pan’s orgins; I like that this show is still able to surprise me.

  34. Alice says:

    So sadistic murderers are present both in Henry’s family tree and his home environment during his impressionable childhood?
    It’s a miracle this kid hasn’t started torturing the pets of Storybrooke yet. Between his foster mom and his great great grandfather alone- not to mention the casualties of his grandparents adventures- he ought to be the next Charles Manson.
    It really does make his parents,Emma and Neal- the bounty hunter and the thief, kind of the light-weights in the family, homicide-wise.

  35. mrsdp says:

    Am I the only one that was hoping Emma would go off all half-cocked and toss her sword at the giant hour-glass to break it open and let the sand pour out? Granted none of the grown-ups KNEW that was what it represented, but they could see it clearly was something Pan kept glancing at with a level of urgency.

    • Susan says:

      That’s a great point. I was like, someone wake up, hourglass means something, hello! or jump inbetween them, do something! And of all the things, not to even notice that Rumple was NOT there and say, where’s Rumple or just yell out, “Wendy’s not really sick, we met her, she’s fine! Pan’s lying!” It would make sense being he doesn’t know they meet Wendy. He is 12, but he has been shown to be somewhat logical in the past.

      Did anyone else notice that older Pan, somewhat looked like young Henry. I love how all the younger characters all resemble in some real fashion, their adult selves. Great casting.

      I knew Pan was a relative from the beginning, I was so excited to see how they twisted it. Love Pan, love this show.

  36. Joey says:

    I’m less shocked about Pan being Rumple’s father and more shocked that people are actually shocked that Pan is Rumple’s father.

  37. Deliah says:

    Oh my god, I did not expect that twist!! I was literally pacing back and forth in my living room. Earlier I was out and I told my mom to drive fast because I would miss the show, luckily I didn’t, and it was worth seeing, cant wait until 2 weeks. AND BY THE WAY, made me cry when I saw the look on Pans face when he transformed. WOW, he cried, there was some love I could tell, WOW, it all makes sense now, I am re-watching the last episodes and I am wondering, what ever happened to Pan to make him so evil, all because he wanted to fly. That very small detail. And it gets me thinking, NONE of this would have happened if those 2 old women hadn’t given Rumpletsiltskin that magic bean!!! God damn

    • mrsdp says:

      Saying it was “all because he wanted to fly” is slightly oversimplifying things.That’s like saying people who get botox or other cosmetic procedures only do so because they don’t want wrinkles. No, flying was merely the symptom. The bigger issue is Malcolm is, shall we say, mourning his lost youth. He’s got the ultimate mid-life crisis going on. It’s not just that he can’t fly – it’s that his adult life is pretty crappy and he longs for this place, for Neverland. He longs for his dreams of Neverland which were pretty fantastic. He mourns the loss of his youth. He sees his key to finding contentment is to give up adulthood (and man, who hasn’t had that fleeting thought before!) Think of how many adults find themselves at this same point. They look back on their years to date with regret. They see no hope or bright spot in their future. THey want to stop the train and get off. think of how many adults remedy that with affairs or sudden life changes – a new job, moving, divorce, etc. How many break away from what they had for something new to try to recapture what they see as the best years of their life that have long since gone missing. No, Malcolm didn’t put all this in motion because he couldn’t fly. He did it because he wanted a re-do. So many adults would never give up their children for such…but there are those that do.

      • taran63 says:

        It just clicked in my head. Peter Pan’s name is Malcolm? That just sounds pathetic. Apologies to all Malcolm’s out there.

      • Popper says:

        Also, Malcolm’s father sold him to a Blacksmith. Makes sense, because he never had a childhood, so of course thats what he’s always wanted. What a lineage of A-holes. I wonder who that Daddy Dearest is and then that brings up, what happened to his (Pan’s) mother? Then we still haven’t met Rumples mother. And then I think, how old is Rumple, or Pan, or Niel? Old. Somewhere down the line, I’m sure they’ll finally tie in that someway Rumple and Regina are related.

        Thus far, it explains how Pan really is the worst of them all.

        • Amie says:

          Jiminy Cricket’s parents were pretty loathsome, too. And Charming’s dad. And Regina’s mum. When you try to pull “who’s the worst?” contests with people like the Evil Queen(s) and the Dark One and now Pan, it gets sticky.

      • Mark says:

        I get that being the writers’ likely intent, but I just didn’t see if being fleshed out in a believable way in this episode. Pan comes off like more of a psychopath than ever.

    • AaronC says:

      Just a minor input here, does anyone think that those 2 old women with the spinning wheels could actually be the Greek/Roman Goddesses of Fate/Destiny (The Moirai)? That will actually be an interesting twist since they probably gonna bring in the “Hercules” arc sooner or later? Just a wild guess here (or those 2 old women could just be randoms)

      • A says:

        I was wondering myself, but they work in threes. And I willingly suspend my disbelief for a lot on this show, but I draw the line at Rumplestiltskin, the third Fate. (Even if he is a master manipulator and can sorta see the future.)

        • AaronC says:

          Perhaps one of them is in another realm doing some business and only two of them were here? But yeah, I dont think Rumplestiltskin is the 3rd fate, that will just be lame

      • Amie says:

        Rumpel’s own story involves spinning. I just figured they were part of that whole straw into gold thing…

      • I thought exactly the same. Old ladies obsessed with threads… sounds just like the Moirai from Disney’s Hercules. But the fact that they were only 2 of them made me reconsider, though the theory of Rumple being the 3rd one is interesting… But I think with him being Rumple and the Beast already, poor guy already has a lot on his plate !

      • abz says:

        I was trying so hard to figure who they could be but I just couldn’t figure it out. Anyways, that would be awesome. I really wanna see Hercules. Bring Hades. (Side note: can you imagine bringing in Cruella and having her and Hades talk about their hair? That would be hilarious.

      • AC says:

        Yes I was thinking that to but while the fates did work in three’s they also had individual associations with people and I don’t think that Rumple is the third fate. I don’t know if they’ll bring in a Hercules arc but we could do with Hades as one of the baddies.

  38. Larry says:

    I have to be honest I’m getting tired of the Henry in jeopardy storylines. It was alright when it was originally done in the first season but the character is just not interesting enough to keep that story fresh in a 3rd season. I really hope the show moves to other narratives instead of placing Henry at the center of most of its stories.. To me, this is one reason why the show is growing stale. At this point, I find Pan so much more interesting -perhaps it’s the actor -perhaps it’s the story but I’ll actually miss his character if or once he leaves. I can’t say the same for Henry unless the writers can find another facet to the character that doesn’t continuously makes him a victim.

    • Ram510 says:

      I agree with you 100%. However I find some of the other characters just interesting enough to keep me watching each week. But the writers need to find a new gimmick going forward

    • pilotom says:

      I’m tired of the Henry in peril stories too. I actually hope that next season they address more of Emma’s past. Either incorporate other fairy tale characters into that or bring in some modern day villains – maybe someone that she captured as a bounty hunter and who wants revenge now. The best thing would be to see Emma go dark in her use of magic.

  39. DarkDefender says:

    With all the evil magic plotting in Neverland.. Holding Wendy captive all these years.. Beeping war of the. Dark shadow and all..

    I just can’t see how Pan finds the time to. Make his yummy smooth (&cruncy) peanut butter… Dude must be working non-stop!

  40. Kit says:

    So many new questions & possible storylines from this episode (i.e. Who are those 2 old women REALLY? How did they get a bean & why would they give it to a boy? Who else is in Pandora’s box? When Rumple is inevitably rescued from it, will we meet the next big bad as he/she is released as well?) while at the same time tying up loose ends, revealing much about Rumple’s past & providing a nice way-out/wrap-up for the Neverland interlude. I am impressed. Henry continues to be lame & undeserving of all this attention & effort. I hope he actually has to face some consequences for this action.

    • Britt says:


    • abz says:

      Someone above suggested that they could be two of the Fates from Hercules. I’d be eager to see that.
      Ooh, nice theory about the Pandora’s box. I’m not an expert on it but can more that one villain or evil spirit or whatever be trapped in the box at the same time?

    • AC says:

      If anyone knows the stories of the Greek Myths. Pandora’s Box was the source of all things bad including, illness, disease, plague, war and famine which Pandora let out but at the very end of all the evils was the star of hope and she managed to close the box quickly enough to preserve the star of Hope inside of it. Could the star hope be a link back to the boxes we see with August in season 1 that his typewriter is kept in and the box on Hook’s ship that Belle finds with a few of his treasured items are kept in. It could also be link to everyone finally getting a happily ever after. Just a thought.

  41. rk535 says:

    Love the pan-is-rumples-dad twist!! So mad i have to wait 2 weeks! I don’t believe rumple will make the david elixir for free.. my guess is that it will cost Hook’s life… :(

    • Stormy says:

      Couldn’t we PLEASE sacrifice Neal instead? I’m not wild about Hook, but if someone has to go Neal would be my choice.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        “If only Neal was played by Warren Christie.” (You forgot to add that part.)

      • AC says:

        Yeah I agree it’s time for Neal to go. I have never really liked Neal from the start he always looks like he has just gotten out of bed in any of the scenes I have seen him in and I don’t think he really give much to the storyline. I find is a more likable characters even if he is pirate.

        • AC says:

          What I was trying to write down in the my other comment towards the end there was that I find Hook to be a more likable character even though he is a pirate.

  42. Ginger Snap says:

    I’m surprised that so many people didn’t see the Pan is Rumple’s father twist. Some of us guessed that weeks ago. We were even talking about it yesterday!

    Now how does Rumple get out of Pandora’s box? Guess we have to wait 2 weeks to find out. Bummer.

    • AaronC says:

      Maybe when they rescue Rumpel out of the Box, they release something even eviler, let’s say Hades? That’ll be cool lol

  43. Michele says:

    Please OUAT stop with the family connections. I love the show but this is getting more inbreed than any season ever of All My Children. Find ANY other reason to connect the characters – I beg you!

    • Stormy says:

      Actually, no blood lines have been crossed at all. All of the connections are through fostering, adoption, and next generation lines.

      • abz says:

        Exactly. I don’t have a problem with all these familial connections. I actually have more of a problem with the characters being more than one fairy tale character all the time like with Rumple being the beast and the fairy godmother and Regina being the evil queen/fake ursula and so on

  44. Shan says:

    Ever since Pan gave Rumple the doll I have been wondering who Pan really was to have any significance and to know what it was and I thought Rumple’s father was a coward or so we were to believe in Rumple’s/Dark Ones days but I guess in a way Rumple’s dad was a coward in that he gave up his son for youth instead of trying to be a good father. I had a thought Pan might be a family member, but was still shock to know he was Rumple’s dad. I still have many lingering questions:

    1. Is Ariel a good guy or a bad guy? She seems to be on the cusp between the two the way she acted in some of the episode was more than her curiosity.

    2. How is Pan keeping the Darling brothers alive in our world from Neverland?

    3. Why did Pan keep Wendy for so long and what else is her purpose for? How did she get back to Neverland?

    4. Is Pan’s shadow really his shadow?

    5. Neverland when Rumple and his father showed up it was light and beautiful and the only darkness to it was the shadow. I am assuming the shadow has some magic if it was able to cast the spell on Rumple’s father to be young again and Pan created Neverland to his own liking which is dark. Does that mean he also created the darkshade and the healing water and that no one can leave the island if they drink the water? Or was that already there and that is what he drank for the spell to work?

    6. In season 1 we were led to believe that Rumple’s dad did not fight in the ogre wars and was labeled a coward hence Rumple was labeled a coward by association which is why he was eager to fight in the wars until the seer told him what she saw. Was that true or an inconsistency?

    7. How did Pan get a drawing of Henry as the truest believer? Henry is usually good at spotting when someone is lying so how could he not tell Pan wa slying?

    8. How is Pan able to tell when someone comes and leaves Neverland is it because he is connected to the island?

    9. I am assuming Rumple did not know who Pan really was until Pan gave him the doll? In the episodes where we see Rumple and BAe in the past, Rumple did not seem to recognize who Pan was when Pan tried to take Bae from Rumple with the other lost boys.

    10. Does Pan know of Rumple’s prophecy? If so, how did he learn it?

    11. Bae came to Neverland and did Pan know who he was at the time and let him leave Neverland on purpose?

    12. Will we get a flashback episodes of Bae’s time on Neverland and his interactions with Pan and Tinker? How long did he stay on Neverland until he escaped?

    13. Will Emma learn how to use magic by Regina or Rumple? Regina only knows of using anger to wield magic, but last season when Rumple almost died he told Emam to harness the love she bears for her family and want to protect them as the wielding power behind it so which path will she follow?

    14. I kind of like the Bae/Hook fighting over the same toy bit with Emma, i found it quite funny and it makes Bae way more interesting. her heart has not decided on which man she wants and thus saved both of them so to speak, but what does Bae think of Emma using and being able to use magic?

    15. What was in neverland before Pan and what is it that he created? Why does he need lost boys? is it to fuel his youthfulness/immortality or to extend his magic?

    16. How is having Henry’s heart make him able to absorb all of Neverland’s magic?
    17. Why weren’t Emma and Co. arguments against Pan more convincing?
    18. Rumple’s father betrayed him twice, will everyone get the box and know Rumple is in there? Will Rumple give his heart to save Henry? We know he will not die or will he? I think if he gives Henry his heart and makes the sacrifice will he die, or will his dark one side die or will he and Henry be bound for eternity?

    19. Will belle gain more information from the Darling brothers? She seems to need a confidence boost in her abilities. She is able to figure things out from books etc and she believes a lot especially in Rumple.

    I have more questions, but I think the familial twist was great. I just wish we did not have to wait two weeks for the next episode.

    • Veryinteresting says:

      Wait, you have MORE questions ??

    • AaronC says:

      Since the Forseer announced that “the boy will be your undoing”. I always thought that it meant the boy will get rid of the evil in him, not actually killing Rumple in the process. Could the shadow actually be a minion or some other evil character’s power’s manifestations? Just so much possibility in this show, really like how they came up with this show!

  45. Maya says:

    Officially stopped watching OUAT, Henry may be a child but he is an egomaniac always wanting to be a hero.

    No matter how stupid he is, the show is stupider. Then his great grand father steals his heart, this show has gotten too stupid for words.

    Just watch Jersey Shore…comparatively more intelligent, and that’s saying something.

  46. OUAT is demonstrative of the spectrum of child actors’ abilities. Henry is at the woeful end, Wendy the fantastic. How come the one with the least ability is the one we’re stuck with long term? I vote for insta-age soap opera disease to strike Henry and a new, more able, actor to take Jared Gilmore’s place. Nothing against the kid but he doesn’t have the ability to be the centre of a television show.

  47. AC says:

    This whole twisted family thing with Henry and his relatives have become nothing more the what seems to be the soap opera style of writing. Everyone is related to everyone and nothing seems to add up. Have the writers of the show lost their drive and enthusiasm that they had for the show in season 1.

    While I’m liking the whole Neverland twist making Pan Rumple’s father is going a bit far. All these emotional ties between the core characters have now started to dominate the story plots and Snow and Charming have become a little tedious to watch these days as are Rumple and Belle.

    I’m hoping that once we get back to Stroybrooke, we see people like Granny, Marco, Archie and August again just to bring some more story plots into the show and we can have a break from Snow. Charming, Rumple and Belle.

    • Cass says:

      Belle has appeared in ONE episode this entire season (the shadow disguised as her was not Belle). It is barely possible to get MORE of a break from her.

      • AC says:

        Yes that is true that it was the shadow disguised as Belle, but the voice and appearance of the shadow in those episodes was Belle and while I love the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. I find that the romance thing between her and Rumple has become a bit much.

  48. kirads09 says:

    Sorry to be negative. If Rumple/Gold is really gone for good – I’m done with OUAT. Aside from Regina, none of the characters are as extraordinary, interesting and compelling as him. Robert Carlyle is amazing. Showrunners can we PLEASE get past all the daddy issues and out of Neverland already. Feel the Pan/Save Henry storyline has dragged on way too long. Not impressed.

    • Nichole says:

      Fully agree with you on both the Robert Carlyle comment and the amount of Neverland story we are being subjected to! Really had hoped that this would be the last week of it, but looks like a few more episodes of it for the moment. Focusing sooo much on Neverland story and pretty much nothing else has really made the show feel stale, and some of the main characters very annoying. Please please please send us back to Storybrooke and give us something other then “Henry’s in danger” story’s!!

    • John 1138 says:

      Why he needs to keep recruiting lost boys?Why would he be gone for good? The box is just a magical trap.

  49. Addie says:

    And once again, the show becomes all about Rumple. Seriously, if the writers really wanted to make Pan related to someone, why not pick a different character? Or not make him related to anyone at all? Peter Pan has a creepy enough backstory without making it all about someone else. The fact that he was a 50+ year old man turned teenager does make the stuff he’s done even creepier though.

    The rest of the episode was okay, Emma having sweet moments with her parents is always a good thing. And I think people are forgetting that for days, Pan has been telling Henry how important he is and if he doesn’t save magic then Wendy will die. So of course Henry’s going to believe him- almost every episode has had a line stating that the longer Henry is with Pan, the more affected he’ll be. Plus he’s 11, I’m pretty sure not many people had the ability to see past someone manipulating them at that age (people said Snow was stupid too when she was manipulated by Cora at that age).

  50. jj says:

    For everyone complaining about how stupid Henry is for believing Pan, you might want to consider stockholm syndrome. You should take the time to consider things from a character’s perspective, the character’s personality, their motivation etc. Henry doesn’t watch OUAT, he’s not privy to all the information you have as a viewer.