The Voice's Josh Logan Talks Supernova, Stevie Wonder and Criticism Over His 'Crazy' Cover

Josh Logan The VoiceAs a veteran of 2006’s Rock Star: Supernova, Josh Logan knows better than any of his current Voice counterparts what national TV exposure can do for the career prospects of a working musician — and how important it is to capitalize on said momentum.

“After Rock Star, I was definitely doing more high profile gigs. I was playing in Iceland. I was playing in Canada. And I was making a hell of a lot more money than before,” Logan recalls. “The problem was, I really didn’t move as quickly as I should have. I dropped the ball.”

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Logan says he won’t make that mistake now that he’s coming off an 11th-place finish on Season 5 of NBC’s ratings juggernaut. “I’m going to maximize this experience [of being on The Voice],” he insists. “Now that I’m home, I want to hit the studio and work on a single or a three-song EP. And then I want to be on the road. I want to be living out of a suitcase in a different city every day.”

TVLine caught up with Logan to talk about his favorite Voice performance, his affinity for Stevie Wonder tunes and his reasons for rejecting the coaches’ criticism of his cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

TVLINE | You’d already made a name for yourself on Rock Star: Supernova. Did that take some of the pressure off for your Blind Audition [to Alex Clare’s “Too Close”]?
I initially auditioned [for producers] in New York City, and I played “Too Close,” a James Morrison song and “Man in the Mirror.” So when I got to the Blinds, it was a toss up between a few songs, and I ended up with “Too Close” because I really am a big fan of Alex Clare and I figured the song was fresh in people’s heads from that Internet Explorer commercial. Plus, there were some things I was going through that made me connect with those words. I’ll tell you what, though: I had some nerves sitting there waiting for my turn to go on. Staring at the backs of those chairs was pretty significant. All I could do was imagine it was like a bar gig where [people] are not paying attention to me as usual. [Laughs] They just go out to drink and you’re trying to get their attention with your music. You just want to spin their heads, and that’s what I was trying to do in the Blinds — spin the coaches’ heads. And I spun three of them.

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TVLINE | In the Battle Rounds against Michael Lynch, you guys had to tackle Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” — in front of Adam Levine. Was that intimidating?
Well, me and Mike became buddies, too, so that made it even more difficult. It really wasn’t intimidating to sing it to Adam, though. I just wanted to sing the hell out of the song and have him be proud of it. And I think he was flattered by that performance. That was one of my favorites, looking back.

TVLINE | The coaches usually pair like-vs-like in the Battles and Knockouts, but for the latter round, [your coach] Christina [Aguilera] put you against 17-year-old R&B singer Amber Nicole. Were the two of you wondering, “Wait! How did this happen?”
I couldn’t believe that pairing at all! [Laughs] Plus, they had us go first, and I hadn’t even had time to warm up my voice, to do the typical regimen I do to be prepared to sing — especially sing a Stevie Wonder tune that’s up there for me range-wise. And Amber is such a powerhouse. She’s 17 years old and she can just belt. I was like, “I’m going home. That’s it for me.” [Laughs] And she really kicked ass on the stage that day. I was really worried that was going to be my last performance, but I guess Christina saw it a different way. She really believed in my voice and what I was doing. But it was a good knockout and interesting to watch back.

TVLINE | Let’s delve a little more into “Living for the City.” It’s kind of an unwritten rule on reality singing competitions not to go anywhere near the Stevie Wonder songbook — because of the degree of difficulty and the perils of matching the original. Did you have any reservations?
No. No, I’m not scared of singing Stevie tunes at all. That’s my thing, that’s what I’ve been doing in bars as a live musician for years and years — and that’s what people come to see me do. I use a lot of what Stevie does in the way that I sing. In my book, there’s no better male vocalist out there. When I got the song I felt like it was a gimme — because it gave me the freedom to show people all these different things I can do — and not a lot of people can do those things. I’m not being cocky, but I’m just saying that I spent a long time studying him and his mannerisms and the way his voice works. So, to get to do that on national TV was so exciting and I think the iTunes came out really great, too. I’m proud of it. I hope that Stevie digs it, as well. That [performance] was definitely my high point.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about your Top 20 Week cover of “Crazy.” You got some tough feedback from the coaches about infusing it with too many runs. Watching it back, was the criticism warranted?
I mean, I get what they were saying about me being so riff-y, but in my mind I’m thinking, “This is a vocal competition and we’re supposed to show those kinds of gymnastics, show what we’re capable of.” So, I figured if I was going to go out, I would go out doing some crazy stuff. I’m trying to one-up other people here. I’m trying to have that edge. [Laughs] I don’t think I really dig the fact that they tried to almost dumb down what I do — not that that’s what their intention was. I just think that they were trying to help me within the realm of the show and what works. But at the same time, I know who I am as an artist. I’ve been doing this a long time and I feel pretty comfortable about what I’m capable of and what I’m good at. I strayed away from what I was good at with that last performance, “Man in the Mirror,” by just doing those solid notes. I sing in a very different way back home. With “Crazy,” I think it was exactly what I needed to do at that time to show people what else I had. Just come at them with something wicked, y’know?

TVLINE | Tell me about “Man in the Mirror.” Was there a psychological hurdle for you going into that performance because of the less-than-enthusiastic reception for “Crazy”? Do you feel like that got in your head as you approached the song?
Yeah. Definitely. The comments from “Crazy”…They wanted me to bring it back and take it down a little bit. I was thinking about that today. They wanted me to almost dumb down my style. Maybe that’s not necessarily what they said, but it felt like the fact that I was doing too much was a problem, and it made me start thinking about how I was going to sing the song rather than going with my gut, my instinct. I probably should have just done [the latter], even though I think the end result was good with that song. There were a couple other runs that I normally do that I didn’t do — and maybe that could have made a difference [in the voting]. Who knows? Either way, I have no regrets with any of my performances. I feel confident that I did my best and my friends, family, and supporters know that too.

TVLINE | If there’s one other song you could have covered this season, what would it have been?
Just to come out of left field completely, maybe Audioslave’s “I Am the Highway” or something by James Morrison. I was thinking if I went more toward the rock realm, maybe they would have liked some of that more powerful, screamy kind of stuff. You know, more performance-based stuff. Christina gave me so many opportunities and saved me and believed in me and supported me, so it’s a bummer that I let her down. I really thought that after I did “Man in the Mirror” that I was going to at least get another one or two performances to show another side. There’s just so much other stuff that I have to offer.

What did you think of Josh’s Voice run? Were you a fan of “Crazy” or did the coaches have it right? Would you still like a chance to hear him cover Audioslave? Sound off down in the comments! And for all my reality TV recaps, news, exclusives and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Stormy says:

    Hope he shares all of his acquired wisdom and experience with Matthew because that’s who’s winning this time.

  2. monia says:

    I think his runs are amazing! but everything else he does is amazing! you really need to look up his other music on itunes, youtube, etc.. and experience his voice for yourself!

  3. Lee says:

    I think Josh’s main problem was that he used too many runs in his songs.

    I think the Final 3 will be Tessanne, James and Matthew.

    • Lumplestilskin says:

      Jacquie Lee will go further than Tessanne, who falls into the category of sophisticated, polished singers like Sasha Allen and Judith Hill that just don’t go the distance on this show.

      • Lee says:

        Jacquie Lee is not that well liked at Entertainment Weekly. Only here she is. I don’t think she’ll go that far.

      • Fae says:

        I agree. Plus there’s been no arc for Tessanne in the competition or in her performances. I like Jacquie and find her song choices and performances more interesting.

    • I am not sure what would make me more shocked, that Adam would actually have someone in the finals or that none of Blake’s singers make that finals. I would not be at all surprised if two of Adam’s singers join Kat in the bottom three next week.

      • Lee says:

        That’s what they said this week. Just because Adam’s team is not well liked here does not mean they’re not well liked elsewhere.

    • Fae says:

      Runs and adlibs and scats…too much of everything but the song. He went farther than I expected.
      I think it will be Jacquie, James and Matthew. Although I think Tessanne is worthy of being final 3.

  4. Karen says:

    Seems like a nice guy. But enough with all those runs in songs. Just because you can do ’em, doesn’t mean you should

  5. Wow says:

    Nah…. I loved his runs! If i could do them I would do them all the time. Christina does!!!!
    He is an amazing singer…. and if you look back at the live performances of ceelo and adam that night… ugh… they were horrible. Josh is WAYYYYY better then the judges!!! In the end… I think josh should still be there and doing his thing and having fun. There are many Matthews… many Jackies…… Its sad because the voice is really a popularity contest… not a voice contest,.

    • Jeremy says:

      Actually, there are not many Matthews, not many Jacquies but a lot of Joshs.

    • metoo says:

      I would agree with Wows comments
      Josh has an Amazing voice and the runs are what he
      does so well
      I’ve seen him simg live many times and he’s a great singer and perfomer and is better than ceelo and adam
      They shouldnt have dumbed down his voice to average as they made him sing man in the mirror
      He’s got a better voice than that and was a mistake making him sing average
      His voice is so much better when he sings in his own style !
      Continued success Josh !
      Will be seeing you perform again !

    • JON says:

      You loved his runs… tee hee hee

  6. Jim says:

    Good voice, but I think for me the biggest problem with Josh was that he wasn’t memorable.

  7. Tabatha says:

    His runs were so AMAZING!!! I think the judges made the wrong decision, and I would absolutely love to hear him sing a cover by Audio save!

  8. Guest says:

    Screw his voice. Is it weird of me that I just want to jump this man’s bones? I find him so sexy and feel like he really knows how to put it down in the bedroom. He makes me have naughty thoughts…

  9. ajintexas says:

    His version of Crazy sucked. It was horrible and he deserved to get voted off.

  10. Amie says:

    He was so good on Rock Star. SO good. I have never forgotten his performance of Santeria. I don’t think he was ever as good on The Voice, but he was a bit older by then and not as current, I guess, with his musical choices. But I still love him and hope he does well.

  11. Jeanie says:

    I absolutely loved the runs in “Crazy”… They totally fit with the song and the full download song is amazing!!! I can’t stop playing this song… give the download a listen and you will be “hooked”!!! As for “Man In The Mirror”…. it was a moving and very soft version of Michael’s song… well done!!! I have also listened to Josh’s “Man In The Mirror” version from IndieFair which is on Youtube… It is fantastic!! So….all in all… Josh is one absolutely fantastic phenomenal singer who is definitely “going places”!!! Kudos, Josh!! Keep it coming!!!!

  12. JON says:

    Never even remembered him from Rock Star Supernova. Wasn’t there another Voice contestant who was from Rock Star. Female with tattoos on her hands. I think she was on Cee Lo’s team. Jordis (Jordan?) Unga?

  13. Jeremy says:

    Josh is gifted and entertaining. When you make him follow “rules” in a competition you ask him to be average. Josh is better when he is having fun and cutting loose!!

  14. Dianna says:

    I am heartbroken that the most talented and dynamic singer on The Vioice got eliminated . His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Living In The City was AMAZING!!! The judges did him a total injustice ( I’m VERY disappointed in Christina) recommending that he downplay his talent by eliminating his runs. I say they are all HATERS who WISH they were as talented. Josh, you are the winner, in my ears,!!! I wish I would’ve known about that Rockstar Supernova show when it was on so I could’ve had more opportunity to enjoy your music. I really hope I get to see you on tour someday soon!

  15. Dani says:

    After reading this article, I’m wondering why did he even audition for The Voice when he is so set in his ways of singing. Why are you insisting on the coaches dumb down your style? What style when your performance consists of more riff/runs whatever and less of actual singing with lyrics? That is just plain showing off. Soak up what they said and maybe you’ll be there longer. There are so many things he said that really irked me and I think I’m just gonna stop here.