Nashville Recap: This Kiss, This Kiss?

Nashville Season 2 RecapWhat you should remember about this week’s Nashville: Juliette strikes a blow for female artists’ rights, Deacon makes significant progress in redefining both his career and his relationship with his daughter, Teddy officially makes the worst decision of his life, and Luke and Rayna get a little aw-yeah going on all over his sprawling estate.

What you will remember about this week’s Nashville: The hot, rich wife of the hot, rich guy Juliette’s been sleeping with… wants to sleep with Juliette, as well.

You know you want details, so read on for what goes down in “She’s Got You.”

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DUET (AND DADDY) DRAMA | After Rayna flirts it up on the phone with Luke, Tandy teases her about like-liking the country megastar. “Men are my last priority right now, God bless ’em,” Rayna says, which makes sense: Why make something a priority when it keeps falling into your bed with stunning regularity? That would be like me making Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Kremes a priority; they’re gonna end up in my paws no matter what, so why devote any time to wondering how that’ll happen?

Plus, the First Lady of Country Music has other stuff to worry about – namely, the fact that Maddie is having a little bit of a crisis about her dad’s upcoming wedding to Crazy Eyes McPegs. The upshot: She wants to get to know Deacon better, a development that makes both Deke and Rayna nervous.

See, Ms. Jaymes is rapidly realizing that the distance she and Deacon are trying to maintain must necessarily shrink the minute Maddie comes into the picture. “I wish I could just put him in a box somewhere,” Rayna muses to Tandy. (Side note: Take that box and FedEx it to me c/o TVLine, Ray; I’ll even pay COD.) In her keyed-up state, she visits Luke, who gives her a tour of his immense home that ends in the bedroom. Rayna Jaymes! Save some for the rest of us!

But back to Maddie: I give her credit that she doesn’t go all annoying-teen-angst on us. Instead, she quietly refuses to play at Teddy’s reception and worries that, as the only non-bloodlined kid in the bunch, she’ll be cast off once Peggy starts popping out little Mayors. (And she doesn’t even know about Pegs’ alleged pregnancy, a recap Rayna and Tandy deliver in a very funny string of whispers and hand gestures.)

Eventually, even though I am muttering “Don’t do it” at the TV the whole time, Teddy marries Peggy. And Maddie decides to be a big girl and perform a duet with Daphne at the bash. But she still wants to know Deacon better, so Rayna makes a call. (More on that later.)

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YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU BETTER NOT CRY | Juliette’s tour has stopped in Houston, where she’s not looking forward to sucking up to a powerful local DJ in order to garner more airplay. Fortunately, Charlie shows up – sans Olivia — to take her mind off things. During a hot interlude in her dressing room, he points out that she’s the “new queen of country music” and that she shouldn’t have to kowtow to anyone; she likes the idea so much, she sinks to her knees and takes him down an octave.

Later that day, Juliette joins Layla and Will at a media event where the DJ, named Bobby Delmont, is holding court. Glenn sees the look in his artist’s eye and resignedly says, “I’m not gonna like what happens next, am I?” moments before Juliette marches up to Delmont and announces that she’s no longer going to giggle and allow him to put his meaty hands all over her just to ensure he spins her discs on the air. The DJ, who’s nickname is Santa Claus because “young girls have to sit on his lap to get airplay,” repays Ju’s diss with some mean tweets, a whisper campaign among local media and an increased infatuation with Layla – who eats it all up.

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RETRIBUTION | After Juliette complains to Charlie, who owns the subsidiary that owns the DJ’s station, Santa Claus gets sent to the North Pole permanently. But that incenses the blonde, who argues that being a girl in the music biz really blows and demands that Charlie give Delmont his job back.

It all works out when Juliette summons Santa to her dressing room and informs him that she’s the reason he was fired and rehired, and if he values his job, he’ll stop being such a letch… oh, and he’ll cut back on the Layla tunes in favor of some Juliette jams. He agrees, and when Ju sees her labelmate later that night, she kindly offers to help if Layla’s ever in a sketchy situation with someone like Delmont. “Guess what? I’m not you,” the younger woman sasses back as she exits the elevator she and Juliette share. “Go save someone else.” Line of the night just may have to go to a stymied Juliette’s response: “I guess nice just ain’t my color.”

Back in her hotel room, JuJu answers a knock at the door to find Olivia Wentworth there with this announcement: “I know you’re sleeping with my husband, but what I don’t understand… is why you’re not sleeping with me.” June Carter Cash almighty, I did not see that coming at all. Before Juliette can get one word out, Olivia is sucking her face like a Roomba gone rogue. It’s probably pretty skeezy of me to hope that the natural outcome of this is a Barnes sandwich on Wentworth bread, but yeah, I’m going there anyway.

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DEKE’S NEW PATH | Deacon’s not overjoyed when he runs into Avery in the kitchen in the morning (and therefore realizes that Scarlett and her ex are a thing again), but the greasy-haired one’s presence facilitates a favor: Deacon asks Avery to play guitar for him at an open-mic night in nearby Murfreesboro. After some funny rehearsal — Deke + a microphone – a guitar in his hand = arm-flapping awkwardness – and an unforeseen setback, they perform “You’re the Kind of Trouble” at The Bluebird. And, thanks to the call Rayna makes earlier, Maddie and Ray are on hand to see his comeback. Everything goes well, and afterward, daddy and daughter have sweetly stilted conversation while Rayna looks on, pleased.

THE UP-AND-COMERS | Jeff still wants Edgehill to have Gunnar’s song, so he sets up a meeting that Gunny hopes will lead to his big break. Long story short: Jeff offers a mentorship with an Edgehill artist on the road as well as a slot at the upcoming music festival, and Gunnar signs over his song. But as Scarlett’s doing her usual “aw-shucks” thing on the tour bus just as it’s about to leave, she’s thrown for a country-fried loop when Gunnar boards the vehicle. Guess who’s going on tour together, y’all?

Speaking of uncomfortable encounters, Will runs into Brent, who has brought his boyfriend Craig along for the Houston tour date. When Will goads him, Brent snarks, “Unlike someone, I like my romantic relationships to actually mean something.” Ooh, beard burn! Though Will makes a big show of holding Layla’s hand, and despite his choice not to interfere when some Neanderthals at a bar harass Brent and Craig, he’s still super conflicted. That’s why he picks a fight with some of the jackasses as they leave, then beelines it to Layla’s room to prove exactly how straight he is.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? How much longer can Peggy keep up her faux fertile state? What’s Layla’s endgame? And was Deacon’s song good, or what? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Marcie says:

    “Before Juliette can get one word out, Olivia is sucking her face like a Roomba gone rogue. It’s probably pretty skeezy of me to hope that the natural outcome of this is a Barnes sandwich on Wentworth bread, but yeah, I’m going there anyway.”
    What a hoot this recap is! Thanks

  2. Riana says:

    You forgot to include Juliette’s line to Santa “The Wentworths love me.” She didn’t know how right she was.

  3. Josh says:

    What the heck was that ending? Ergh…This show needs to figure it out. That sort of Soap Opera drama is both this talented cast. That was embarrassing.

    • Jessica says:

      Thought the exact same thing/ Don’t think I could have rolled my eyes any further into my head! I love this show but I hate that they are going this route.

    • Olive says:

      The jealous wife routine is old. I like that they went this route.

      • Ann says:

        Completely agree. They need some drama in Nashville, and if they are going there I prefer it to be done like this. It’s a feminist soap moment…and correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a first. Nice!

  4. Forwarddad says:

    I loved your recap. I loved this episode. And I love Deacon.

  5. Cassandra says:

    Absolutely with you on the line of the night. I guess it’s be another 6 episodes before we see Juliette being pleasant. I really wish the Peggy and her faux pregnancy where just gone from the show. I’m ok with no explanation for it’s disappearance as well, all they get from me is utter happiness that any screen time being wasted on that drivel is gone. I don’t know who is fighting to keep it around, I’ve yet to hear one person talk about enjoying it. In the spare time they get from it, they can add more Deacon/Maddie scenes or Maddie/Daphne duets.

  6. Fernando says:

    I liked that ending, it shocked me, I was expecting a soapy ending like Juliette getting slap or black mail.

    I’m loving Will story, I hope it starts speeding up, I want him with Brent.

    But why did Gunner and Rayna sister have new hair cuts and even Juilette looked different it made it seem like a whole new season or like time had jump.

  7. Rose says:

    Rayna & Deacon. That’s still all I’m tuning in for. Granted, the Deacon /Avery stuff was awesome.

    • Shanag says:

      Wasn’t it great??!! Finally some Deyna quality time! Loved all their scenes together (and also the “put him in a box” with Tandy. Yes, good luck with that Rayna). Also thought the scene when she came over to him was excellent. The subtleties there…how she was saying that she is worried about Maddie but also about them, but didn’t seem to even hear it. All he heard was he need to step up and got into his martyr state of mind. That was beautifully written (and of course beautifully delivered by Chip and Connie) and it showed in a delicate and yet so painful way how much they are not on the same page right now romantically, how different they are in some things and why “you shouldn’t make big decisions after rehab”.
      Right now he is recovering and EVERYTHING is related to it including his career and his romantic attachments. Rayna, on the other hand is just trying so hard to guard herself. That also helped to explain why she is falling for Luke right now.

  8. Mike R. says:

    Actually a pretty good episode, until the ending that while not inherently bad, had me asking why. Lesbian representation is great, but do I really want Olivia to stick around, not really. When she is not all angst, I actually really like Maddie, and her scenes with all her parents this week was very sweet. More Deacon/Rayna/Maddie scenes please, and I can never get enough of the sisters’ duets. Poor Will, he is clearly conflicted, but while I like his storyline, I kind of wish they’d speed it up a bit. It is obvious that he will hook up and maybe more with Brent by the end of the season. Just can we speed it up a bit Just no more cheating we get enough of that with the other characters.

  9. big cheddar says:

    June Carter Cash almighty, this recap is hilarious!

  10. Sina says:

    Erm….yeah. Nice episode, except for that ridiculous ending of course – what the hell. I think Hayden Panettiere is a great actress and she was amazing in season one. She is still delivering solid work here, but Juliette without all her background/growing up drama is just boring as F***. It makes sense that her character is growing up etc. but it’s not as magical as it used to be. Guess she has to deal with the same “no plot” dilemma that dragged down Connie Britton in season 1. What a waste of talent of thse two wonderful actresses. All that said, I enjoyed the episode. I just think there is more potential.

  11. Shanag says:

    Nashville is a feminist show in the best way possible. It doesn’t make a big deal out of it, it’s just the way it is, and it’s great. This episode was just another example of it.
    Juliette speech about girls in the industry was spot on. Then Juliette trying to break the cycle of silence and offer support to Layla was great. It mirrored beautifully Rayna/Juliette relationship in season one but also demonstrated that the key to change is awareness. Rayna has ton of it, Juliette have some and Layla has none.

    Rayna with men and this time Luke is also an example. There is something so free in her behavior. She is not trying to impress anyone, she is not desperate…hell, she is not even looking for it, but she is still very feminine. That’s sexy but never cheap.

    Last, was THAT kiss. Even it that soapy moment Nashville chose to continue their girl bonding theme and instead of bickering over a man (something that Nashville women NEVER do unless its business related) they prefer each other. Yes, soapy but not “unnashville”.

  12. GeoDiva says:

    Teddy needs to be elected to Congress so he, Peggy and their fake baby go to Washington never to be heard from again along with the rest of Congress!

  13. sladewilson says:

    Jules did have the line of the night – and most of it came from her drop dead on delivery. Hayden killed that line… Oh and her face when homegirl kissed her – hilarious!!!!! Literal deer caught in headlights!!! Deke and Maddie was sweet and tender and not over the top. Very carefully done. And Scarlett – your life just got infintely more interesting…. yessir!!

  14. Shanise says:

    I want more rayna/deacon/maddie scenes. I love the three of them together. They make me tune in evey week. WTF was the kiss all about! I like the kiss that Gunnar and Will shared in the first season but this was too soapy for me.

  15. madison says:

    As someone who lives in Nashville, the definite line of the night was Deacon’s quip ‘Murfreesboro ain’t far enough.’

    • Sina says:

      all their interactions (Avery & Deacon) were absolutely hilarious.Loved it.

      • RUCookie says:

        Glad someone else felt this way, I was cracking up with those 2 and never, did I think in Season 1 that they would be a dynamic duo. Makes sense, they have set it up with Avery being a fantastic guitar player and Deke needing some non-judgy support… but it was the judgy moments that were the best. “do something with your hand” “I didn’t mean do that” pure awesome!

  16. steven says:

    Wow, Hayden Panetierre has made out with two women on this show, and Heroes.

  17. Liz says:

    I’m hoping for an awesome poly type relationship for Juliette withe Wentworths. If they can all agree, this could be the best arrangement for Juliette in regards to her horrible relationship choices. And it would be great for drama

  18. wrstlgirl says:

    Loved Avery and Deacon working together. And the end with Deacon and Maddie. Also we need to see more of Will and his story. I really hope they give this more attention. The rest was just typical soapy bed hopping Nashville.

  19. Joel says:

    Deacan and Avery need to be in mores scenes together every week

  20. DreamRose311 says:

    What I want to know is was there anyone else out there that saw the kiss coming? There was something about the way Mr Wentworth talked about his wife a few episodes ago… the hints were totally lightly dropped

    • Ann says:

      Dust say I didn’t see that coming but when I look back think that the hint was already in the name of the episode “SHE’s got you” :)

      On a more serious note think that the reason most of us didn’t see it coming was because we are so used to soap plots that we automatically assume things. Like, that when there are 2 women there will be a cat fight. In Nashville they take these conception and turn them around time and time again . With Rayna and Juliette it (and is) more of a business rivalry and not a personal women against women fight, and even here, when you expected cold revenge served by a female to another female, you saw something else completely.

  21. Leila J says:

    Kimberly Roots, you are a hoot! :) I enjoy reading your recaps which are clever, witty, and fun. I agree that the best line of the night was definitely Juliette’s “I guess nice just ain’t my color.” When I see Layla in a scene only two words come to mind and they are really, bitch? I find her positively dreadful. She makes my lips curl. I always snarl when I see her, even in silhouette. Perhaps that is the reason she will more than likely be sticking around for a bit. Every show needs a character that someone hates. On the opposite side of that, I love and adore Will. Chris Carmack is splendid and I always smile when I see him in a scene. Staying closeted is Will’s choice and I feel for him. I am anxious to see where they take Will on his journey. I do not trust this bond forming with Deacon and his daughter. Sure it is all smiles now, but how long will that last? I fearfully watched the scene with the two of them bonding, and the only thought going through my mind was this can’t be good. This will not end well. I do hope they do not put that poor girl through the ringer again on that front, but this is a TV show so who knows what will happen. Next weeks preview has me aghast because I saw some hooligan throwing trash at Scarlett while she was onstage. Now that just ain’t right. Scarlett is the sweetest adult on that show, how dare that ruffian? All I know is that I will definitely be tuning in next week to find out. Oh and by the way, can one of the writers have Peggy take a stroll somewhere, anywhere and then have the earth just open up and swallow her whole? Please and thank you.

  22. I love the show. I adore Deacon and Avery. Funny stuff. I knew they were putting Gunnar on the Scarlett bus as soon as Jeff offered a “mentor”. While I like the Will storyline it is moving very slowly. DUMP LAYLA GRANT AND PEGGY KENTER CONRAD. Give me more Deacon.

  23. Jen says:

    Loved last night’s episode and loved this recap! The “family” scenes with Deacon, Maddie, and Rayna made my Deacon/Rayna loving heart almost burst with happiness. I also loved the Deacon/Avery scenes and can’t get over how much I’m loving Avery this season after hating him and/or finding him useless last season. The kiss at the end was a genuine shock and I loved it because it’s not very often these days in television that I can be completely surprised by something. I actually screamed when that happened. I just love this show!

  24. iakovos says:

    Something will happen soon on the Teddy-Peggy front. It has to, right? But it has to be a turn that wil affect other characters strongly, or it means nothing. I read severalposts wanting stories to hurry along. Well, that’s the problem with so many of these new sopas. They do not take their time building supsense and surprise. then they seem tired or burned out quickly. I hope Ms. Khouri has a good longterm bible for this year’s and next year’s plots. I read elsewhere of some upset between the network and the creators. I like NASHVILLE’s serious drama side and of course, the music. I am not so into cheesy soapy turns for shock sake, or for only one episode’s thrill.

  25. RC says:

    This has to be the funniest recap I have EVER read! While I did like the show – the recap blew me away!!

  26. PurplePuppy says:

    I think that the kiss and whatever might happen afterward is meant to blackmail or embarrass Juliette and her career. I think Olivia is out for revenge, pure and simple.

    • JKR says:

      Possibly, but I don’t think so. Charlie dropped a big hint about it an episode or two ago when Juliette asked him about her, and he said something along the lines of Olivia not being interested in sleeping with him… but never did I think she’d make a pass at Juliette, tho! O_o

      • PurplePuppy says:

        I didn’t see that one coming either! But when I had some time to think about it, I also remembered that in the “teaser” scenes that they flashed a few weeks ago Olivia was definitely threatening Juliette with public humiliation about something. This could be what it is – or Juliette spurns her and she leaks the infidelity with her husband to the press. All possibilities!

  27. Anna says:

    For once, just this once, I did NOT see that kiss-twist coming. That’s a first. Awesome recap, as always!

    • JKR says:

      Co-sign! It was awesome in that it was so unexpected. I’m curious to see where they take it. I’m with Kimberly’s suggestion.

  28. Ann says:

    People seriously stop crying “Soap” every time something is over dramatic. They are a TV show (on the infamous ABC but that’s another matter) and they balance between serious drama, light drama, comedy, music and sentimental moments and they are not turning themselves or us into complete idiots on the way. You can’t please everyone. I was just thinking about all the different elements in this episode: from the touching Maddie and Deacon Scene to Deacon and Avery comic relief to Rayna’s emotional journey, to the behind the scenes dramas with Gunner/Juliette to soap to feminism 101 to music. And all of that in one episode..and they do it every week. Other shows are easier to figure out, this one is more ambitious and much more complex and after one hour of this I didn’t have a problem with girl on girl moment… :)

  29. Ken says:

    Thank you for the brilliant recap Kimberly. I look forward to Thursdays to read them. And I just sit at desk and laugh and laugh.

  30. Shaun says:

    Deacon and Avery weren’t at The Bluebird….recognize writers!!

    • Jen Mylo says:

      Yes, they were. After it turned out that the Murfreesboro venue was a comedy club, when Rayna called to say Maddie wanted to see him, he and Avery went to the Bluebird where he sang his song to Rayna and Maddie in the audience.

  31. Maxwill says:

    I liked this show last season, but I’m quickly losing interest this season. How can these characters love one person so desperately one moment, and then jump in bed with someone else the next? Deacon and Rayna supposedly have this “no one will ever love you like I do” deal one minute, and a few weeks later, they are rolling around nakey with someone else. The same with Scarlett and Gunnar. And no, I do not want to see a “threesome” between Juliette and the Wentworths. What the hell is romantic about that? Go watch Game of Thrones if you need that kind of titillation. Ick. BTW, I love Deacon, but his song was lame. It basically had one line.

  32. Very nice write-up. I definitely love this site. Continue the good work!