The Voice Top 12 Results Recap: 'Instant' Karma's Gonna Get You

The Voice - Season 5 Top 12 Results RecapMariah Carey spent her entire tenure as an American Idol judge trying to make the catchphrase “Hashtag Pow” happen. (Spoiler alert: It never happened.)

Tonight, however, The Voice introduced a new twist to its own results-show telecast that involved the omnipresent “#” symbol and a whole lot of explosive drama.

Yes indeed, the introduction of the Instant Save added a layer of urgency to the proceedings — not to mention the kind of social-media buzz poor Christina Milian (you: “Who she?”) could never generate during her interminable reign over the show’s “SkyBox.”

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How did the Instant Save work? As Carson Daly explained it: After revealing the week’s Bottom 3 vote-getters right before the final commercial break, viewers had five minutes to Tweet the first name of the contestant they wanted to save, along with the phrase “#VOICESAVE.” Beyond that, it was simple: He or she with the most social-media mentions wins.

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Shall we get to the results?

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo) — “50 points for Ravenclaw!”
Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina) — Top 10 on iTunes, so obvi… (Sorry for saying “obvi”)
Austin Jenckes (Team Blake) — proving Blake’s charm is probably a bigger factor at this point than iTunes downloads
Tessanne Chin (Team Adam)
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina) — “LOVE IS BLINDNESS! I’M TOO NUMB TO FEEL!” (sorry, got carried away there)
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake) — or as my husband refers to him, “Animal from the Muppets”
Will Champlin (Team Adam)
Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake) — whew. (I liked him this week!)
James Wolpert (Team Adam)

Bottom Three Vote-Getters
Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo)
Jonny Gray (Team Cee Lo)
Josh Logan (Team Xtina)

Full disclosure: It was at this point that I began Tweeting foolery such as:

And then Carson cut to the moment we’d all been waiting for — no, not Chicago Fire, but rather, the scoop on who’d fill the 10th and final spot in next Monday’s performance show:

Third Place in Instant Save (and Promptly Eliminated)
Jonny Gray (Team Cee Lo)

Second Place in Instant Save (and Promptly Eliminated)
Josh Logan (Team Xtina)

Instantly Saved
Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo)

So there you have it: Kat saved (huzzah!). Jonny and Josh eliminated (not entirely shocking). Austin not even in jeopardy, despite a poor iTunes showing. Cee Lo — in a black lace catastrophe — revealing he was “a little pissed” that two of his singers were in the Bottom 3.

What did you think of this week’s results? Did the Instant Save work well? Did you Tweet on behalf of anyone in particular? Did you enjoy any of the group numbers? (I dug “Roam.”) Sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice-related news, exclusives, videos and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jim says:

    yay kat!!!!

    • ajintexas says:

      All I saw on twitter was Jonny. I saw a lot of votes for Kat too, but hardly any for Josh so I am calling Shenanigans on this entire thing. No way Jonny came in 3rd with the support I was seeing.

      • HTGR says:

        I don’t use twitter so I could be wrong in how it works, but I wonder if the reason you and Blake saw most for Jonny might not be what circles you are in. Texas, Southern, Country type circles of those three it’s easily gonna be for Jonny the most of those three. Of course this those circles also tend to vote the most on these shows overall I was pretty worried for Kat to say the least. Maybe those groups tweet less on average though.

        • Kristoffer says:

          I noticed that a LOT of people were spelling Jonny with an H (Johnny). I would assume you have to have spelled the name right, right?

          • HTGR says:

            No, because they accepted a whole bunch of alternate spellings.

          • HTGR says:

            And don’t forget he was wayyyy behind on iTunes sales. It would’ve been an Austin-like shock, based on that, if he and Josh hadn’t ended up with lower votes to begin with then her.

      • Brandon says:

        When I searched twitter, I thought the same thing at first. However, re-tweets count as well. Cee-Lo tweeted (in 2 separate tweets) support for Jonny and Kat. Jonny’s was re-tweeted 1100 times in the 5 minute span, Kat’s was re-tweeted 1700 times.

        Xtina also tweeted support for her contestant, Josh. Because she frankly has more twitter followers than Cee-Lo, her tweet was re-tweeted nearly 3500 times. For the record, Xtina has over 10.5 million twitter followers to Cee-Lo’s 1.7. Even with 1800 more re-tweets from his coach than Kat got from hers, Kat still had more mentions than Josh overall, so it is in line with what you saw.

        Perhaps though, this begs the question whether certain contestants are at an unfair advantage/disadvantage due to the twitter popularity of their respective coaches. I’m guessing it’s still less tangible than the advantage Team Blake contestants have just because Blake is, well, Blake.

        • HTGR says:

          @Brandon – yeah considering that retweets count and the twitter imbalance and so on I was really worried for Kat, but somehow it didn’t go along those lines; but you wonder what happens when it’s not involving someone with super low support on a team where twitter follows are huge.
          And the whole west coast thing and all, I really thought that went way in Jonny’s favor and the xtina thing for Josh and well yet somehow thankfully Kat did win.

        • ajintexas says:

          I think you nailed it. I did not realize coaches were allowed to tweet and have their huge fanbases retweet. That seems a little unfair when they pitch it as America is saving someone when in reality it is still the coach. I didn’t even consider retweeting a coach, but I don’t follow any of them anyway. I just clicked on the #VoiceSave link and saw a lot of Jonny tweets and retweeted those on top of mine. There was a fair amount of Kat but I hardly saw any for Josh. I guess that it makes sense he came in second off the power of Christina’s followers. Crazy.

          • no one says:

            I thought the rule was that only one vote from any twitter account counted. Retweets counted but onlly in the since that you could retweet someone else’s vote, not just continuously retweeting to pad the vote. Not 100% sure but I thinks that’s the way it was set up. So just because you saw a bunch of Jonny votes it could have been just the same accounts voting over and over.

      • gailer says:

        I tweeted for Jonny. All I saw in my timeline was Josh, so who knows.
        Who counted the tweets????

    • MC says:

      I tweeted for Kat and I’m very happy she will get another week.

    • Chris G. says:

      I wonder if you tweeted “Johnny” insteady of “Jonny”, did those votes count?

      • bean99 says:

        I read somewhere that misspelling the name still counts in the rules. I did vote for Jonny. ;( Not a Kat fan so a little bummed out but not surprised.

    • rockgolf says:

      It didn’t hurt Kat that @AmandaPalmer and @NeilHimself (author Neil Gaiman) are fans and asked their combined Twitter followers (numbering 2.8 million) to tweet support.

    • Gregk says:

      The twitter save is maddening to those of us who watch the tv broadcast in the mountain and west coast time zones since it is not live and we cannot vote. This is unfair and bound to have repercussions. Social media should not be used here.

  2. Tyler says:

    Blake is going to win again this season. Yikes.

    • analythinker says:

      He will if ya let him!

    • nich says:

      Ugh, he is. Oh well, I need less shows to watch anyway. Having Blake win every year makes it easier to drop it.

      • no one says:

        hmm… you know you are right. Except for his most hard core fans people won’t want to see the same guy winning every season. Which makes me wonder.

        What if once it was down to the end American Idol openly asked their views to vote for one of Blake’s contestants? Since they still have the much larger audience they could probably kill The Voice. Or would them talking about The voice just be free advertising and build their own competitors audience?

        • rockgolf says:

          American Idol would be idiots to plug the competition. Just compare the quality of vocals this year on X Factor (meh) and The Voice (at worst meh+, plus at least 3 outstanding performers)

          • no one says:

            You are probably right. Would be kind of interesting to see AI try to mess with The Voice though.

          • Sharleen says:

            I respectfully disagree about the talent of AI versus The Voice. I watched AI from the beginning and gave up watching AI when they had Jlo on for a 2nd season. It clearly became the Jlo show and I think it took away from the contestants themselves. When I heard who the judges were going to be last season I gave it a try again, but didn’t take me long at all to see why AI doesn’t work for me any longer. The show got tired of what is referred to as WGWG winning and let some great talented males go just to make sure a female won. Candice Glover won and her album “Music Speaks” was suppose to be released in July 2013 in time for the summer tour. It didn’t happen and the dates keep changing. The latest date is Feb. 2014. The irony is that it went #4 on ITunes because people had pre-ordered and ITunes neglected to remove it from the system. There was no album, no music video – no nothing. I think the old AI would never have operated in this fashion. I also tried the X Factor, but even there the original winner Melanie Amaro’s album to date has never been released. It took a long time for 3 singles to come out and none were successful. Even the last winner Tate Stevens and the label has separated ways already.

            In regards to the talent I have actually enjoyed the talent of The Voice the most. The Voice was also the first show to win an Emmy – something AI has never been able to do. I agree that not everyone is going to love the same thing and it’s good that there are choices. I loved the old AI, and thought they did have great talent in the past, but I think it’s tired in a lot of ways. jmho

      • Tom22 says:

        All that matters is that someones favorites stayed around long enough for you to enjoy them and let them grow from the experience. Getting focused on who “wins” is just going to lead people to bitter feelings … if their tastes are different from the voters.

        If there are more country voters a half way decent country artist should win each and every year…. and that is all fine and good and I can be happy with that because I’m not a country fan particularly so I gauge who wins as which singer who is not a country singer comes in 2nd and 3rd.. and even those will have different bases. A win is getting to the final 3 or 4.. after that it’s just differences in what sorts of music people want to listen to.

        Stop talking about a “winner” and the shows are pretty good. I don”t think judges comments have too much sway either.

        What does have a lot of say is whether or not the singers had the oppotunity to sing decent songs and have decent arrangements an were styled to look their personal best.

        If they were given every opportunity to show their best. its been a great opportunity.. a full “win” and it’s just a popularity-of-style that determines it. Something the singers shouldn’t change.. stick to their style .. come in thrid and be happy for it.

        • Tom22 says:

          I meant First place is determined by size of fan bases.. who made the top 3 or 4 has more to do with individual merit within certain subgroups.

    • Bane says:

      I know like WTH?? He has BORING people each season and ‘Merica just votes and votes for his team. Seriously maybe its time for Blake to take a break from the Voice!

      • ajintexas says:

        So if a guy is good at something and wins, he should step aside and “let” someone else win? Welcome to the new American Way where when you aren’t good enough, you force those that are better to step aside so you can pretend you are the best at something.

        • Canadian Fan says:


        • LB says:

          ajintexas – Blake’s winning so often does not occur because he is “good” at anything (or at least anything that should matter, like coaching). He wins because his own fans vote for his contestants, regardless of the talent of those contestants. People have issue with him because his own personal fan base give him an unfair advantage. A contestant should win the voice because they are the most talented, not because their coach has dimples and sings country music.

          • Blake coaches his contests on how to perform, how to be likeable, how to be the guy everybody wants to have a beer with. Matt has an awesome voice, but we still have no idea what kind of artist he is, we know next to nothing about him or his personality. How loyal are you to a voice and not a contestant/an entertainer? If Matt has an off week what happens? Nobody buys the song, nobody calls in to vote? Judith Hill had a good voice, but you didn’t get a sense of her being someone you wanted to root for. And Adam for all his trying to manipulate the audience didn’t do a thing to make her more relatable. Blake sets his team up to have an identifiable image, genre, personality. What are most superstars anyway but an image? Would Lady Gaga be anything without the meat dresses and heels? Plus, Blake’s team usually sing songs that are fun to listen to. They might not impress you the most, but they are the ones you want to hear again the next day, the ones you want to clap along to, and end of the day that is what the music business is about. If it were only about a voice and not personality, image, then we would all listen to opera and people who can really sing. We don’t. Most of the voices on the radio aren’t that good. Adam Levine has an awful voice, but his songs are like crack and you can’t kick the habit. It is a shame he doesn’t coach his contestants on stuff like that.

        • Bane says:

          Umm if his team was GOOD then why the hell would I even say what I did? Idiot! His team is a BORING!!! Remember last year when Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill got kicked out in one night and America saved Holly Boring Tucker and The Swon Snoozefest??? The same thing is going to happen this year. Open up your eyes dumbhead. People vote for BLAKE not his TEAM. I actually like Blake! But if this is going to happen EVERY season then I’d rather see him take a break from the show.

          • ajintexas says:

            Mommy, someone on the internet called me a dumbhead! Seriously, are you an adult? Thanks for the laugh though ;) Stop crying about Blake and his fans. Christina has 10 million twitter followers that nearly kept Josh on the show when he deserved to get the boot. Now go to bed, you have to get up early for school.

          • no one says:

            First, just because you think someone is boring and someone else is great doesn’t make it “fact”. It just your opinion and everyone has one.

            That being said, I agree with you about Holly Tucker and Sarah Simmons, but even though I never voted for them I was entertained by the Swon Brothers. As far as Judith Hill went, she sounded to me just like another cookie cutter female pop singer and I was glad to see her go.

          • I don’t think that was because people liked Blake. The Swon Brothers brought their best performance ever that night with 7 Bridges Road, and Judith Hill brought her weakest performance with #thatPOWER. Holly was probably neck and neck with Sarah…honestly, if I could’ve sent home anyone that night, it would have been Judith Hill and Danielle Bradbury with her boring song about her grandpa. Sure, Judith deserved to stay considering everything she did over the competition, but she had an off week when everyone else was amazing and everyone heard it.

        • HTGR says:

          Maybe he should depending upon who he wins with. Can you really say that his team was really so much stronger than any other team last season? A great many people and most bloggers seemed to call it the second weakest or weakest team and he dominated the final again. Where did the Jermaine win come from? He sold nothing on iTunes, not one blogger I saw anywhere had him ranked best, he was pretty much expected to be fourth in the finals. Or look at Tate Stevens on xfactor last season, a decent but kind of bland country singer, but nothing could remove him from the perch, it didn’t matter how he did that week or how anyone else did, he was automatically first or just a hair shy of first every single week. You rarely ever see such guaranteed placement power from singers from any other genre or main base of appeal. That is why the whole country thing can get annoying. Or with Scotty on AI, he had like 3x more votes than anyone but was he remotely the most interesting, strongest voiced or exciting, he sounded literally exactly the same every single week and every song sounded monotone the same start to finish, yeah he hit pitch and had a mellow tone so he wasn’t bad and never had a disaster, but even his fans seemed to be hard pressed to point out a single week where he stood out above everyone even while that could be said about others, so come on.
          A lot of it is simply the demo of who tends to watch these reality tv shows the most and he goes crazy about voting. The only reason The Voice is utterly dominated the way AI and such can be at times is they have somewhat limited voting, which might slightly help. Look at AI, despite huge population bases in CA and the Northeast, not a single contestant from those places has ever won and far and away most have been from the South. Only one person ever won from the North (and that was only because that was the one season where they let through a bunch from the top few were all from the North). 13 seasons and yet despite so much population in those regions only 1 in 13 wins and that was in the most unusual of seasons.
          Even Jimmy I said one week that some others would have a rough time surviving with what he saw from who was watching and who came out to vote most weeks. Not that everyone votes in a block, but just a 15% swing this way or that can make all the difference.
          And some may be the whole big fish small pond, small fish big pond. So when someone from LA or NYC area is doing well on the show they still don’t stand out in the local public’s mind so much considering all the established ultra high-profile local stars and yet someone well away from such areas it’s the pride of the entire region and everyone gets caught up in it all.
          I mean the numbers are small and these are not random groups so it’s hard to talk statistics really but sometimes you do wonder just a touch about how things turn out.
          He seems a cool enough nice guy but that is another matter.
          Not that I’m saying we should eliminate all three of his first this season. Cole was pretty cool the last two weeks. And it’s hard to say much yet.

          • no one says:

            Blake may not have had the best team, but I can say I thought the right person won. Pretty much from the blind auditions I was rooting for Daniel and I almost never listen to country music.

        • Annie says:

          Exactly right. Boo hoo, so unfair that a coach knows how to win and has the nerve to do so. But of course it’s only because of some fix or insurmountable fan base, right? Wrong, Blake wins because he encourages his guys to play to their strengths – not go off on some experimental journey to find out what they can do. He helps them define themselves as artists. So who is the public going to like more, an artist who knows who they are and the kind of art they offer or someone on a magical mystery tour? The other coaches are getting better and wiser to this approach but still Xtina and Adam throw that phrase around a lot about taking risks and trying new things. Sure, cool, once you have an established fanbase maybe – but not when you’re an unknown. Xtina will end up screwing over Jacqui because of advice like that. She’s advising a 15 year old girl to sing like she’s Amy Winehouse – I think in the end that turns people off. Anyway, good point you made.

          • LB2 says:

            Blake is a good coach because he knows how to pick songs and coach. I was not big on Cassadee Pope at first and really wanted Amanda Brown. But after Amanda got booted off I started liking Cassadee more and more. I downloaded a bunch of her songs cuz I Ioved the way she sang them and wanted to have them (not for xtra votes). I only downloaded 2 of Amanda’s. But I do think Amanda’s Dream On performance was the best ever in any singing show any season. She just peaked too soon. Judith Hill was great but Adam never found the right songs for her. This season I love Jacquie and Matthew but I am liking Cole too, so Blake could win me over with the right song. I have downloaded 2 of Jacquie’s and one of Cole’s. I think Blake knows how to pick songs and package his artists. He is a good coach and that is why he wins. We vote for the artist not the coach.

    • The only contestants Blake really deserved to win with were Dia Frampton and Cassadee Pope, and he didn’t even win with Dia.

      • no one says:

        Have people already forgotten that Blake was about to win the 1st season until Adam got bieber to ask his followers to vote for Javier? If Dia had won would it have been because Blake is so popular?

        And if you are going to pretend like your personal opinion is fact can I do it too? I’d say that last season was the first time the right person won. Daniel was easily the biggest star of the competitors.

        • I mean yeah, Danielle probably has the most star potential of any of the contestants last season. I don’t think she was the best of the competitors, but I liked her and clearly her songs were popular on iTunes. Based on just the finale performances, I think Michelle and the Swon Brothers both outsang her, but I wasn’t sad to see Danielle win either, she’s very talented.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      You know the other coaches need to teach their artists the value of reigning it in.

    • Elena says:

      Shouldn’t it be more important to vote for the best contestant regardless of who their coach is? Why penalize someone amazing like Cole and not vote for him just because “he’s on that guy’s team who wins every year!” None of Blake’s contestants have been dominating iTunes like the past two seasons, so I don’t see how it’s inevitable that Blake will win again. Blake’s charm can only carry a contestant so far (aka Austin) but I really don’t see that charm carrying one of his contestants to the confetti shower this year with such a deep pool of talent.I’ll just continue to vote for who I enjoy the most (Will/Cole/Matthew) and assume/hope the rest of America will do the same. I just don’t think any one should be voted for or against based on who their coach is.

      • analythinker says:


      • PB says:

        Coaches do have some influence on voting but generally very little and for the most part it’s very overblown. For the most part, folks like to pull the coach’s card when they get upset that the person they like isn’t what the rest of the viewing audience likes or they just don’t have very good taste. It’s a basic logical fallacy that people pout with. I agree, like who you like and vote who you want to regardless of team (if I voted). I wasn’t a Cassadee Pope fan, but she won. I wasn’t mad about it. It won’t affect my life….

        • LB says:

          While I respect your right to an opinion, I disagree wholeheartedly with what you are saying about coaches having little influence over voting. For example, how do you rationalize the many thousands of instant save votes re-tweeted from tweets originating from Xtina and Ceelo? To me, that is an obvious case of coaches influencing voting. In fact, I’m guessing the re-tweeters didn’t even watch the show; otherwise they would have just sent their own direct tweet.

          It’s disturbing to me how many re-tweets the two coaches were able to drum up in a span of only 5 minutes. Makes you wonder how much impact a coach could have over the course of a few hours on a regular voting night…

          • The fact that most of the coaches aren’t drumming up Twitter support for their artists is just another way Blake helps his team. He is tweeting for them. His old contestants are tweeting for them. Adam may occasionally drum up support but until this save thing, he couldn’t be bothered to tweet about anything but Laker’s games. People follow Blake and he supports his people on social media and elsewhere during and after the show.

      • The Guest says:

        Yeah, the commenters like Bane and rowan really make you wonder about the sanity of people, especially when it comes to meaningless entertainment like singing competition TV shows. It’s not about the coaches, it’s about the singers. So if Matthew, Jacquie and Will were on Team Blake, you numbskulls would vote against them? If Ray and Austin were on Team Adam, suddenly you’d like them more? That makes no sense.

        • Bane says:

          No where did I say that people shouldn’t vote for Blake’s team if they are GOOD. I LOVE Cole. But is this the first season you’re watching the Voice?? For the past two seasons Blake has had two people in the finale when MORE DESERVING people were eliminated. People vote for BLAKE… for the COACH and not the talent.

          • The Dude says:

            That’s just like your opinion, man…..

            And a minority one at that. I’m sure a few folks thought that Joey Fatone was the best singer in N’Sync as well. Maybe they’ll be right one day…..

          • Lee says:

            I agree with Bane. He knows exactly what he is talking about. And the Blake fanbase is getting defensive.

          • Sorry. I voted for who I liked. And I liked Terry–I liked Cassadee too, but I really liked Terry. I still like Terry. He’s funny. He’s got a great voice. He rocks it more than almost anyone who’s ever been on the show. 8 out of 10 times, the people I like are on Team Blake. Maybe his tastes are closer to mine, what he thinks is cool I think is cool. Maybe he rubs off on them. Maybe Adam spends too much time getting his contestants in fights with Xtina and yelling about not liking America when two of his contestants are still in it. And Ceelo picks awful maudlin song choices that don’t show off his guys. But you vote for you like. It just happens that every year, the people I like, the people I feel like I got to know, the people who sang songs I liked, they all tend to be on Team Blake.

        • HTGR says:

          No I would not vote against them, but it seems they never are on his team and he never wins with them. Cassadee at least did pretty well the last few weeks though, after having a sort of chipmunks sounding start, so she wasn’t bad, certainly not at the end and Terry wasn’t too bad, but all the same I gotta say I didn’t think either were close to say Amanda Brown. And I didn’t think Jermaine was remotely close to Juliet or even some others as well. Granted it’s all judgement calls, but it does seem just a trace odd.
          And I did toss Cole a few votes.
          I might have voted for Holly a ton, if he hadn’t cut her long before we even got to vote.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Nope. Totally don’t care whose team a singer is on. I just vote for who I like. And this year it’s changing every week. Last night, I literally voted for at least one player on each team because the depth of the competition is just that good.

    • PB says:

      Nah. There is a bit of, let’s say strategic and pragmatic editing, that won’t let that happen. He’ll be in it, but Matthew, Caroline, Tessanne, and Jacquie are all very strong contestants. The two that went home were my choices and I think Amurcia’ got it right this go around. Hate to say it, b/c both Jonny and Josh exuded class and graciousness but they were behind the others. I was actually surprised that Kat was in the bottom 3, but as I’m sucker for the song she covered so I’m biased. It’s going to be a dog fight from now on. The easy eliminations are gone and it’s going to come down to song choices and performances. If I had to guess, I would think that the next two gone will come from the following: Kat, Ray, James, and Will. But that’s the fun thing, you don’t know who will give the performance of a lifetime or slip up from week to week. Good week.

      • MC says:

        I would be a little surprised if Will is up for elimination next week. He’s still building momentum and probably hasn’t delivered his best effort yet. Will also doesn’t rely on oversinging and I think that is why he is consistently interesting to watch (at least for me).

        • gravity says:

          SPOT-ON. He still hasn’t shown us his best. YET. Love me some Will Champlin. The dorky dude had me at “Not Over You.”

      • Davey says:

        Not surprised Kat was in the bottom 3. She probably was not in the bottom 2. I even threw her a few votes last night. But I don’t think she deserves to win this thing and I honestly would not miss her if she is eliminated. As a rock singer, her voice is uneven.

        • rio says:

          I always get the feeling she spends a LOT of time deciding which poses she’ll make, and at what point in her performance. She feels forced and over-rehearsed to me.

          • ajintexas says:

            Man you nailed it.

          • Amy says:

            I totally agree. If you have t repeatedly tell people you are quirky and weird… it’s forced.

          • Flygrrl40 says:

            Oh see, I don’t get that at all. She might have decided to end her song with a “floor finish – ” which by the way – didn’t I see several of the males singers hit the floor this last week, a la Kat? But other than that, I think Kat is who she is – and she just goes for it! In fact, I don’t think she CARES what she looks like, she’s just in the moment and doing HER! She’s fearless!

          • HTGR says:

            I could be wrong but I think a lot of it is just quirkiness mixed with a touch of awkwardness and it’s some cold calculated personality. And the stuff during performances is just quirkiness, rockness! and bringingitness! Maybe she thought about crowd surfing ahead, maybe it was last second, who knows, it certainly wasn’t rehearsed though.

        • lori says:

          Can’t stand her. I don’t think she has a good voice, she is all rocker wannabe with no voice to back it up.

        • no one says:

          I agree. Her voice is uneven and she rubs me the wrong way. Everything about her “rock girl” persona seems fake.

    • gailer says:

      I love Blake but his team is not good this season. So I hope he doesn’t win.

  3. analythinker says:

    That was intense! For a minute I was going back and forth to pick the one to save!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Wow! That was intense. Smart move for the show to intro the instant save. A little shocked about Kat being in the bottom 3, considering her iTunes performance over others. Totally fun stuff!

      • analythinker says:

        I suppose Kat’s minimal clothing could prevent some hands to pick up the phone or some fingers to text, and her iTunes placement being higher than Austin only goes to show that the people supporting her doing so based on her performance. Just another theory of mine :) like I said, combining iTunes, social media activities, and personality in general, some predictions will miss, and mine did!

        Btw, I couldn’t reply to you on the other recap, but I totally noticed the “stripped down” trend too! In fact, not only on this show but music industry in general seems to undergo a bit of a shift, which I love, if it’s toward better direction.

  4. Stacie says:

    Given that I live in the East Coast, I don’t have any vesting opinion, but this instant idea probably sucks for the West Coast people and any one else not watching it Live. Because either A) they CAN’T vote because they are waiting to watch the show in their time zone. Or B) they CAN vote but then they can’t watch the show in their time zone and either have to find other means to find a way to watch or just get totally spoiled by the results. Seems pretty unfair.

    • Annalise says:

      Exactly. I live on the West Coast. There’s no reason for me to watch the results show since I can’t do the Instant Save (I’m at work when show airs live and I can’t tweet from work) and I’ll likely know the results before the West Coast broadcast airs. So where is a reason for me to watch?

      It’s a dumb idea. They should have come up with something that would be fair to all viewers no matter where they leave.

      • Annalise says:

        live, not leave :)

      • HTGR says:

        Good point. I’m surprised The Voice did it since ratings are king and wouldn’t it kill a lot of West Coast ratings?

        • no one says:

          It seems like a straight out attempt to make sure The Voice is watched live and their competitors are DVRed. Not sure if that will be worth what ever loss they incur on the west coast.

      • Julie says:

        I live on the west coast too. I’m getting sick of this trend of shows ignoring those of on the west coast because there are less “major” markets and we air things later. This whole “Tweet to choose the ending” or Instant save is frustrating because we either need to be spoiled or not have a say in the outcome.

      • Alienate says:

        I live on the West coast too, and I don’t tweet. That’s two strikes against this stupid Idea. NBC has found a way to fook up the only good show in it’s line-up. WTG, NBC!!!

      • Luiz says:

        I don’t get it. For people who can’t vote, what exactly did the instant save change from last seasons? Absolutely nothing!

        It’s true, East Coast gets a bonus as people can save someone while watching, but that only means people who live on the West Coast will have to watch the exact same way they watched the first 4 seasons. Nobody lost anything with the new feature, so I don’t get the insatisfaction.

      • Tom22 says:

        I didn’t need to watch the show last night either.. but I do have it on my DVR and will get to it over the weekend as it sounds entertaining.
        I’m sure that there is an offsett in the othe 75% plus of the tv markts where more people did watch it live because of the system.. that did seem to provide for some extra excitement for all those people (comments suggest that here and elsewhere)
        But.. the Twitter thing was a mess for me. Too many false alarms and crap I dont’ want to read.. I couldn’t quite follow what post was the vote now.. too many “crying wolf” warnings and things that were.. “vote soon” vote soon. comments tweets from others etc.

        Give an option to get a text message (vote now) and let me text back within 5 minutes. Or post the bottom 3 to a website at the start of the voting and I’ll go tweet it after seeing that (text would be far better for people on their way home from work or something)

  5. Gabriel says:

    “Mariah Carey spent her entire tenure as an American Idol judge trying to make the catchphrase “Hashtag Pow” happen. (Spoiler alert: It never happened.)” What a way to start the recap HAHAHA

  6. Beth T says:

    I voted for Jonny for #10, but I’m OK with Kat staying. Would have sent Austin home instead of Jonny. I kinda liked all the group numbers, but I am not embarrassed to admit I liked “Hard Day’s Night” the best :)

  7. rowan says:

    If Blake wins again this season, I’ll be kind of put off by the show as a whole. I’m so happy that Kat was saved! She killed it last night, so I’m thrilled for her.

  8. Canadian Fan says:

    Right results for top 10! Very pleased that Ray was safe – unlike what you have predicted, and that Kat almost got eliminated. Thank God some people have better taste in music and “attitude” than the weirdo Ceelo!

  9. Tom O says:

    Did anyone else notice that everybody spelled Jonny’s name wrong on twitter? Blake was right… his name was showing up an awful lot with that hashtag. Johny, and Johnny in particular.

    In all honesty, there’s no way Kat should have gone home after that performance anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

  10. Woodmeister says:

    Based only upon last night’s show, not overly upset by tonight’s results. Would have liked for Jonny to have made through but he wasn’t that impressive last night. Done in by a poor song choice by his coach and the off beat clapping swaybots.

  11. I liked the instant save, and I’m glad we got together to save Kat. I thought she was the best last night and her crowdsurfing was awesome. I disagree with you about Roam: the whole thing was good except for the parts where Ceelo opened his mouth. Lol! I was glad to see it though, because it’s my favorite B52s song.

    I’m glad you liked Ray Boudreaux this week too…he wasn’t even on my radar going into this week, but his John Legend cover was really good. I feel the same way about Kat, except she made a bigger comeback.

  12. EAP says:

    Except for Austin not being en jeopardy this week, I was very, very pleased with the results. Christina finally got rid of her weakest team member and now she can concentrate on Jacquie and Matthew, my two frontrunners.

    Also, Blake last night mentioned that Ray is sexy, but I kinda fell in love with Cole Vosbury during his performance. I think weirdly he became sort of sexy last night.

    • The Guest says:

      I don’t understand why people are freaking out about Austin and Ray. Common sense should tell you they’re not making the final show. Maybe Cole can, but right now he’s still behind at least four other singers.

  13. passion says:

    First of all, Sara B <3 and…let's just pretend that twitter instant save is the smartest trick on reality tv right now.

  14. Scarlett says:

    Loved “Hard Day’s Night”. Great job.

  15. i miss that voting system from season 1 – the voting went on all week, so those of us who dvr or watch on hulu could vote too

  16. Kristin says:

    I don’t like the Instant Save at all. As a West Coast viewer, I do my best to try and remain spoiler free so I can enjoy the elimination drama when the show airs here. The Instant Save makes is so I have to be following along on Social Media, even when I don’t really want to be.

  17. Shaun says:

    Wow. Don’t want to sound like a cynical conspiracy theory nut, but the veteran didn’t make it after Veteran’s Day. If this was Idol or XFactor, they would have plastered Jonny as THE veteran who loyally served the USA, and he would have gone through no problem.

    • So your cynical conspiracy theory is that the Voice focuses on talent rather than backstory?

      • Shaun says:

        Well with the manipulation Idol has displayed through the years,it was easier to believe that something else happening in the background when it comes to singing shows like this. I just honestly believed that Jonny being a veteran on Veteran’s day would have had a lot of impact in terms of vote. Apparently it didn’t.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      @Shaun. I think you are dead on. American Idol would have been touting Jonny like crazy yesterday. They love stories like that. Also, they would be working overtime to sabotage Blake at this point. I think America got the top 10 right though… It’s kinda nice the producers are not really pushing a favorite this year. Just let people pick who they like – regardless of the reason.

      • analythinker says:

        Yep. Despite the flaw(s), the Instant Save is a twist I welcome the most this season. It shifts the power back to us, and even if it means the producers are trying “to get rid of Team Blake” by handing off power to those who don’t want a 4th time Blake win the most (us), it doesn’t feel forced at all. (Still shaking head about AI season 12)

        • LB says:

          Actually, by my estimation, the instant save is making it easier for Blake to win. By essentially removing the Western and Mountain regions from the voting mix, the Middle America/ Southern influence increases.

          • analythinker says:

            You have a valid point, but who’s to say the West Coast won’t be invested enough to let themselves be spoiled of the result “before their time”?
            Also, the 13+, US/P only Twitter voters, I wonder how to determine that. If those tweets from people under 13 and outside of US & PR slip through the cracks, it’s no longer a Middle/Southern America game.

  18. Mo Saïd says:

    Blake has the absolute weakest time and honestly if he wins again I’m giving up on the show. This is getting tired.

    • Canadian Fan says:

      All the top contenders were voted through by the public, not picked by the show. America seems to like Team Blake.
      Ceelo came close to lose 2/3 of his team. No wonder he is a “bit pissed”.

      • Mo Saïd says:

        That was highly enlightening and eye-opening, so thanks, but I’m not sure what point you were trying to get across?

        • Canadian Fan says:

          Good coach tends to win, repeatedly too. Bad coach tends to lose, also repeatedly. Simple as that.

          • CrazyEyes4u says:

            Your so right on. It’s like a sports team 3 peating or 4 peating…. they call it a dynasty. Great coaching wins championships! That’s the difference between the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors… LOL! Sorry Canadian Fan ;)

          • Mo Saïd says:

            Beyond retarded. They might as well call the show The Coach then and not The Voice. He can be a great coach all he wants but it becomes irrelevant when there are clearly superior voices on the show.

        • Not A Motor Mouth says:

          What point did you just TRY to make, Mo Said??

          • Mo Saïd says:

            THIS point, Not A Motor Mouth!

            Beyond retarded. They might as well call the show The Coach then and not The Voice. He can be a great coach all he wants but it becomes irrelevant when there are clearly superior voices on the show.

          • Forwarddad says:

            Responding to Mo S. Stop using the word retarded. It’s derogatory and there are other words that don’t unduly mentally challenged people . Thank you,

      • Becky says:

        Cee lo isn’t presenting his people in the best way. Has anyone not learned from Adam? I think christina purposely tossed Josh, she knows she has two of the three front runners. She is saying the right things. Giving credit where credit is due. Not coming off as petty or jealous. . And if Cole comes in and wins the whole thing it will because Blake allowed him to be the best he could be. Ceelo picked Cole and picked Jonny over Cole. He really did not envision Cole as a contender. Plus he is stuck on Caroline. And she could easily take it with the right songs.

  19. Christobel says:

    Kat should NOT have been in the bottom three but I am sorry to see Josh leave!I also think James was lower than I would have liked to see but maybe now he will quit trying to be a rocker and choose songs more suited to his unique brand of vocals!

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Kat should have been eliminated last week.

      • Canadian Fan says:

        Hear hear.

      • Couldn’t agree more! I also think the votes from the night before should be the ones that count period.

        • HTGR says:

          I’m pretty sure she would have been safe anyway then. It was surprising enough that she was in bottom three despite being above so many on iTunes and I doubt she’d ever have also been below Josh and Jonny in votes after being so far ahead in iTunes especially since they were not Team Blake (where you saw Ray do better in votes than iTunes and Austin do almost unimagineably better with votes than on iTunes).

      • Flygrrl40 says:

        No way. Kat was awesome. She really delivered the other night and totally deserved to stay.

        • Christobel says:

          Yes she was! I wasn’t thrilled with last week’s performance but I’m very happy Cee lo gave her another chance!

    • lizzieB says:

      That was too close really. Adam has to step it up. James too. Seriously. He’s up there with Matt, Jacquie and Tessane vocally. They (Adam and James) have just been a bit pretentious with their song-choice approach. Though I’ll love everything he’ll do, I’ll be really really bummed to see him go when that happens.

    • Tom22 says:

      At this point in the competition.. Kat’s bottom three finish and save has probably energized Kat fans to vote for her (more)heavily next week by more than one medium (i.e. also text or call on top of using the internet option).

      As the competition goes on, logically people begin to focus their votes on their favorites too. When there are lots of contestants, it is a lot easier to cast some votes for others that you thing deserved some recognition based quality you personally saw.. even if they weren’t your favorites.

      When you get to fewer contestants.. people understand that any votes for other than their favorite can put thier favorite at risk . Kat fans will be scared to vote for others but others might take longer to be worried and still toss a few token votes Kats way if they somewhat enjoyed her performance.

  20. Mo Saïd says:

    And Matt is now #1 on iTunes.

  21. Ted says:

    I was not surprised at all by the results. I hated Cee Lo’s group number. And, I was not impressed by Sara Bareilles; if she had been a contestant on The Voice this year, she would not have made the top 12.

  22. Jake says:

    I wonder how many people misspelled Jonny as “Johnny.” And did Blake’s manipulative plea to the country fans actually work? I can’t think of any other reason why Kat would have been in the Bottom Three and not Austin…

  23. cloves says:

    Is it adam that slezak doesnt like, or his team? Funny how he has little annotations for everyone in the top 9 except members of team adam. A little hurt that tessanne wasnt in the bottom 3 like he predicted maybe…

  24. JM says:

    So sad to see Jonny go! Can’t believe he came in third! I was tweeting and also saw a lot of votes for him, hardly any for Josh, and yet, Jonny was last? Doesn’t make sense.

    • analythinker says:

      Retweets count. If someone with a lot of followers tweet to save one and it gets retweeted a lot, it counts too. You (or I) can’t possibly see every single tweet.

  25. Ginger Snap says:

    I can’t help it. During An American Band, I couldn’t keep myself from counting all the WGWGs on the stage.

    But seriously, the right 2 artists went home.

    The instant save is going to be fun when we’re down to 6 artists.

  26. Kaba says:

    Just goes to show that you’re not guaranteed safety unless you’re at least in the top 30 for itunes sales.
    Kat outsold the hell out of Austin buuuuut needed the instasave. I hope she won’t need it next week.
    But I can’t really think who’s worth sending home next week…guess we’ll wait for their performances

    • Lee says:

      Does anyone know how many copies you need to sell to be in the Top 100, Top 50, Top 25, etc.?

      • analythinker says:

        I heard somewhere that you’ll “only” need to sell 50,000 (during a period of time) to reach #1.

      • will says:

        I believe the number is determined by taking the ratio of your sales over what span of time it sold. It also seems more recent sales are also given more weight than long-term sales, as a sudden boost in sales for an album or song that’s been out for a very long time can still propel it up the charts, though this is just my guess based on how I’ve seen the charts work.

        • Flygrrl40 says:

          So do the contestants get any piece of their sales? A penny or something? Anything? Does anyone have any idea?

          • will says:

            I’m pretty sure a (probably meager) portion of their sales is included in their contracts.

          • analythinker says:

            As far as I know (from reading here and there), for every $0.99 song, iTunes gets 0.34. If there’s a label involved, they get the rest ($0.55), which is split between the producer ($.0.025, if they’re not paid separately), the artist(s), and the writer(s). The artist normally gets $0.10, which they have to split (unfortunately) if they’re a band.

            Mechanical rate for song license (I think) is $0.091 per song, but you still have to pay for License Fee in general ($15) and for Tunecore ($9.99 per year). This is cut from the label’s portion.

            For a 1000 song ($0.99 each) sold scenario: Total sales: $990, iTunes gets $340, total license cost $116, producer gets $25, the rest $509 is split between the artist and the label (AND publisher, if any).

            Sorry if I give y’all headaches :D

          • JM says:

            analythinker: Thank you for explaining that. It was very helpful.

    • Mary says:

      I think it also shows that not every one buys but votes. Unless it was a knockout, I wouldn’t buy a song from a contestants but if I like the song and didn’t know it I would from the original. Not to upset on who went home, but I don’t think the instant save if fair and I do not live on the West Coast.

  27. Betsy says:

    James is going to steal this whole thing.

    • MC says:

      Yikes. There was a brief time when I thought James might be a contender, but now I think he’s just out of his depth.

      • Maymay says:

        Yeah no, that’s not gonna happen, not with the way Adam is coaching him. I think he’s really messing it up with Tessanne and James. Will has some momentum, but at this point I think it’s just a matter of time before Adam swoops in with an oddball song choice… I actually really like Adam’s team, but he’s really not bringing out their best potential imo.

        Just overpraise and overexcitement over mediocre performances isn’t going to cut it.

        • Lee says:

          You know what Adam should do next week–give a Beatles song to James, Tessanne and Will. It’ll be bold and daring, but it can’t be any worse than what he tried this week. I would like to see James do In My Life or Across The Universe, Tessanne do Something or Here Comes The Sun, and Will do Got To Get You Into My Life.

        • writerchick says:

          Adam always manages to screw his contestants over and ends up going for the one he has a bromance with. Unfortunately I think that is bad news for Tess – he almost always goes with a male contestant as his final (except last year when all he had were women).

          • Paul says:

            I don’t know. I think Adam has a “bromance” with Tess than the other guys. He keeps saying how much he loves her.

  28. PB says:

    BTW, it was nice to see Sara Bareillies get a little face time. Has Katy Perry mea culpa’d over ripping off her song??? :)

  29. Davey says:

    Sorry, Austin should be gone already. Please have him leave next week.

  30. Davey says:

    The Instant Save doesn’t make sense. America already voted. One of those three was already not in the bottom two before the Instant Save. And they going to continue to do this. And what voting system is counting all the tweets. And what if people had voted Johnny instead of Jonny.

    • will says:

      There were 4 alternate spellings of each contestant’s name for people who spelled names wrong. Anyone who was any further off obviously didn’t care enough to even try spelling the name right.

    • BJH says:

      Davey, you make a really good point. That’s what bothers me too. America had already voted. Which ever two contestants received the least amount of votes should have been eliminated. The way they used the twitter vote, it’s possible and maybe even likely that the person who was safe the first time the public voted, could end up being sent home as a result of the revote. And the revote left out everyone who lives in the Pacific time zone and I’m not sure but possibly also those who live in the Central time zone. So the first vote was from the entire viewing audience in the country, but the second vote was only those who live in the Eastern time zone. Not much integrity in the voting the way they did it.

      • LB says:

        I agree the instant save isn’t fair. Just so you know, though, the Eastern and Central regions saw the show live, while the Western and Mountain regions did not. The Eastern and Central regions make up 80% of the US population. Therefore, 20% was essentially excluded from voting. While I think that 20% isn’t acceptable, at least it’s a lot lower than many people realize.

        • CK says:

          Wow, somebody skipped Geography class! California alone has 38 million people and is the most populous state in the country. Then add in about 14 other western and Mountain states , and you get more than half the U.S. population in those 2 time zones.

          • LB says:

            I disagree. I’m basing my figures on what I found from multiple sources on the Internet:

            Eastern 47%
            Central 32.9%
            Mountain 5.4%
            Pacific 14.1%
            Alaska/Hawaii 0.6%

            Many of the Mountain Region states have relatively low populations and/or are split with the Central Region so your back-of-the-envelope estimation is highly inflated.

    • Luiz says:

      What if America didn’t vote as much as they wanted to? What if they haven’t had time during the vote window? What if people thought their favorite were already a shoe in and didn’t vote?

      The Instant Save makes up for those possible scenarios, so America has a chance to repair possible mistakes. And if there are no mistakes and it doesn’t make a difference, bottom 2 goes home anyway, so I don’t think there’s any problem with the new feature.

      • HTGR says:

        Good points, although probably more relevant to AI or XF where they have unlimited voting. On The Voice is pretty easy to max out votes for as many as you want to in just a couple minutes. On XF an AI that is anything but the case though.
        It’s hard to say.

  31. Venus Hooper says:

    what I don’t get is West Coast is behind four (4) hours but yet the save is already completed before we can see it? Don’t seem to be weighing out right to me!?!!

  32. GuessWhat says:

    I voted for Kat.
    Oh and look — America agreed.

  33. Christine says:

    I believe the results were given in random order, so James was not necessarily in the bottom 4 – I think that might have been Austin or Tessane personally. I know they saved Caroline and Matthew first, but they were kind of obvious, but again doesn’t mean they were top 2. Was glad Kat was saved, but it doesn’t bode well if she can have such an awesome performance and still end up in the bottom 3 :( go Will!!

  34. Jacqi says:

    All my favorites were already saved by America (Matthew, Jacquie, Ray, Tessanne, Will) so I voted to save Jonny (my Mom’s favorite). I liked Kat at the beginning, but was not into her performance this week. She needs to find a solid footing during the lives’. She was awesome pre-live.

  35. Rick Bentley says:

    Wonder how many people misspelled Jonny? Any way to check that?

  36. sd says:

    Bad idea as the West Coast people either had to follow on twitter and get spoiled before they watch the show or not get to vote at all. You get several different ways to vote the night before but you’re only given one, a twitter acct, to vote for the person saved. Lots of viewers weren’t able to vote. And if you keep on shortchanging your west coast viewer your ratings are going to start to go down.

    • akdar says:

      It shortchanges not only west coast viewers, but also west coast artists as their local west coast fans can’t vote…

    • Tom22 says:

      At least Make it easier for people on the west coast to vote without following the damn twitter thread.. for the same reasons they don’t play the show early, people can’t follow a sloppy twitter thread of retweets, tweets from other people you follow etc. Let us know when to check. I guess I can assume 5 minutes before show end now. Let us see the 3 left without wading through a scroll of teaser posts. and then I can tweet without needting to read a mess of tweets.

      Or. better yet.. text me (if I choose) like idol texts people who choose the remaining contestants numbers. I can get the text, text back and do it quickly while doing some other work , commute or household responsibility.

  37. woodyinho says:

    woah Matthew’s #1 on iTunes

  38. HTGR says:

    Yeah man quite the scare there. I was sure this week she’d manage to pull off a clean safe, considering she had one of the best performances of the week and I believe finished maybe half way up the iTunes and safely away from the bottom few, although I did have a tiny bit of worry. But then they called Austin safe and I was like oh damn iTunes doesn’t call it all this season and remember another Blake guy Jermaine who basically never appeared on iTunes or blogs or anywhere ever and yet won and I was like oh damn Kat may be in serious danger.
    And then when they called three safe and didn’t call on from Team CeeLo I was really like oh crap, man Kat is almost surely in the bottom three and two guys and who might vote and what often happens in those cases I was like oh nooo.
    Man that was so freaking ridiculous, I know she didn’t build up the strongest votes yet but to be bottom three after having perhaps a top three performance, man and then if you get eliminated on that just come on! I can understand why CeeLo was PO at such possibilites and all.
    And then Blake is like man all I see is Jonny tweets and then even Adam said he saved Jonny over Kat (and what with that considering just this week just the night before saying that he picked Will over Preston simply because Will did better this week, Adam come on man, what, sometimes his actions don’t really match across the board quite often (not that I was upset with his save of Will) and I was sort of surprised he’d say that since of three Kat easily brought the most uniqueness and diversity to this season and was the only one where there wasn’t another better type of her also in the competition) then I was reallllly like oh nooooooooooo, can’t believe it. (You almost wonder if maybe they didn’t try let Jonny down easily? Maybe producers whispered in his ear that Jonny looked to be last and he softened the blow? probably not but)
    And then they announced Jonny in last. (and it is a shame since he is a nice guy and he hasn’t been the worst of all overall or any week, although he has seemed a bit weak to me the last few weeks all the same, so I could see him going home, head to head it is hard to see who else would have gone with the exception of maybe one or two others this week and tougher overall, maybe, maybe one other). Then I was like wow maybe Kat has a shot since Josh had seemed really reallllly week the other week and just OK this week and not close to Kat and he didn’t seem to be getting the girls going crazy for him as much as they sometimes go for that type or have an particular country-styled pull, but I was still kinda nervous, it was really hard to say what was going to happen. And then yessss Kat safe! Justice! Man the whole thing was sort of loose sense Haley flashback like hah.
    I had really feared what the tweets would result in here, but was happily surprised (especially since the southern hotbed and some of middle america were in the primetime zone and all the big west coast cities had the vote come at a very odd time).
    Or less boringly and tediously all put: yay Kat

  39. NotHappeningTonight says:

    For the love of God will someone PLEASE make the producers kill the Swaybots???? They’re so freaking distracting and actually pretty disrespectful to the singers because they’re always off the beat or flailing about in inappropriate moments. Speaking of the producers which idiot thought Twitter save vote was a good idea? Way to say a big FU to the west coast people who actually don’t want be spoiled for the result. Because otherwise, west-coasters who want to vote are forced to start following twitter and see the results hours before it actually shows in their timezone. That’s just insane.

    • GregK says:

      Hate swaybots too! Don’t which is worse: them or the screamers on X-factor. Also, there was a serious voting problem on X-factor where all 13 contestants had to perform over again the next day! Wonder if all the new voting nonsense will will cause problems on the Voice too.

  40. HTGR says:

    In the end nothing too shocking about who went home, although some had mentioned Austin, who somehow avoided even being bottom three never mind home despite radical iTunes mismatch too.

  41. Heather says:

    Ugh Caroline Pennell is absolutely terrible! Why are people voting for this chick? I’m so tired of girls trying to have this hipstery/Ellen Page sounding voice…I don’t really know where I’m going with that Ellen Page reference..but whatever. She can’t sing, her performance last night was AWFUL! This show is turning into all the other bogus talent shows. Pushing artists to the top who really don’t deserve to be there. It’s all about favoritism, and I think the votes are rigged. Truth be told nobody has really even made a solid career after winning this show. I haven’t heard a single peep from any of them, but then again maybe I don’t tune into the right radio stations to hear their music? Not sure. Either way I know they’re not outselling concert arenas. Jonny Gray and Josh should NOT have gone home. Kat shouldn’t have even been in the bottom 3. RUDE! Haha!

    • MC says:

      I mostly agree with you regarding the previous winners, although I think Danielle will eventually make her mark in country music. I actually cannot watch Caroline “sing” anymore. I had a problem with her voice from day one. It was convenient to have her go first this week. I changed the channel for a few minutes.

    • HTGR says:

      I think Vicci from S1 charted a little bit early this year on some of the main billboard charts.
      Apparently that opera guy from xtina’s team has had the most total sales of anyone even if zero billboard type chart presence. I think he got some decent sales in the crowd that likes operatic versions of pop and such, not quite sure the details, if so, that’s not really my cup of tea since I don’t like mixing opera styles with pop or classic songs, the styles just don’t mesh IMO, if you are going to sing in an operatic style then sing something meant for that and then it can be great, but all that Pavarotti sings pop and rock and such always sounded like a disaster to me since that stuff just was not written to work in those ways for the most part, when he stuck to opera tunes or even more operatic Christmas music and such then it’s another story of course, but there is a certain crowd who eats that up.
      Perhaps Cassaddee has had some success? I’ve fallen totally out of her loop since she was apparently pushed to convert to 100% country so I don’t listen to any stations where she might get play, not that we really even have any such stations available here, well I guess there is one country station back on FM again here just recently, it had been ages since there had been one, or hear much talk about her now. But maybe she has been selling?
      Probably too early to say as for Danielle yet.
      And it’s also a fool’s game to match talent to sales, since it’s a tricky industry and it’s not a simple thing where amazing talent guarantees sales even some who eventually sold like mad very nearly got cut and dumped forever and never heard from.

    • Pal says:

      Cassadee Pope’s first single is already certified Gold. Her album released last month.
      Danielle’s album is coming out this month.
      If you don’t like or follow country music, that’s with you. Both girls are doing good.

  42. Jenny says:

    I was so bummed I couldn’t vote for insta save, (am on West Coast) would have voted for Johnny. I think he has sooo much potential but was killed with song was Josh. I really hoped that Austin guy would go home as he has zero appeal and only made it through cause of Blake’s popularity and apparently the country public has nothing better to do than vote on his behalf.

  43. A says:

    Well since I am on the west coast I followed the twitter feed and voted within the time limit. However, I then felt it useless to actually watch the result show and did homework instead. Thats probably a good thing for me but not such a great thing for ratings.

  44. myenise says:

    I didn’t hear anybody bitching about Jacquie sreeching tonight, hopefully they have acclimated to her style now.

    • LB says:

      Sorry, but I think you’re going to be disappointed. I was only okay with Jacquie this episode because she sang only one solo verse the whole evening and it was in her mid-range. It’s her upper range that is the problem and unfortunately Xtina likes to pick songs for her that focus there.

    • GregK says:

      My wife especially hates the screeching and not just Jacquie. Seems like everyone including the guys are doing this.

      • will says:

        Well that explains it! People actually have no idea what screeching is! No wonder I hear it tossed around about Jacquie so much when she hasn’t even come close to anything resembling a screech.

        • Paul says:

          To me a screech is when singing the lyrics becomes inaudible. That’s exactly what Jacquie did when she sang the chorus in that Gatsby song. Tessanne hits the high notes that may seem like she’s screeching too. But at least I can understand what she’s singing. And the tone of her upper register is a lot nicer to hear than Jacquie’s–IMO.

  45. Leo says:

    The instant save sounds fishy, I don’t know. And I can’t believe Austin and Ray did not got in the bottom 3, Team Blake is just so bland and uninspired this season, they should’ve gone.

  46. Kathy says:

    Was it me or was Carson belittling viewers who are not on Twitter?

  47. analythinker says:

    Just caught up. The guys on American Band really proved how pretty much even in singing abilities they are.

  48. Chris says:

    I hated seeing Jonny go so soon, but I’m equally happy to see Kat proceed. I hope this resonates with CeeLo also… I didn’t tweet for anyone because I didn’t think it was a good or fair idea. You cancel out votes from across the US and dwindle it down to a tweet – excluding the west coast?

    I can appreciate the boost to Twitter’s for its data aggregation business but….

    Congrats to The Voice contestants, and wishing the very best of luck and continued success to Josh and Jonny!

  49. Woodmeister says:

    It must be bad enough to be in the bottom three, waiting for the results of a ludicrous twitter vote, and then Carson essentially asking Adam and Blake “Who would you save?” While it may be a legitimate question, it’s insensitive to both the coaches and the singers and totally unnecessary. I felt for both Kat and Josh in this situation.