Sons of Anarchy's Maggie Siff: Tara Is 'Out of Options' - But There May Still Be 'Hope' With Jax

Maggie Siff Sons Of AnarchyUnder the watchful eye of Jax’s various henchman, Tara spends most of this week’s Sons of Anarchy dealing with the continued fallout from her meticulous (but ill-advised) exit plan, all while still attempting to somehow secure a future for both herself and her sons.

Be it clashing with Gemma, attacking Wendy (or that madame Colette!) or finally coming to blows with Jax, Tara is most definitely put through her paces — and she doesn’t come out the other end better for it.

Here, Tara’s portrayer Maggie Siff details her character’s descent into desperation and possible defeat, but offers up some hope for those believing that she and Jax still stand a fighting chance. The actress also touches on what we’re calling “The Skyler White Effect” — aka the ‘visceral’ reaction some fans have had this season to her character.

TVLINE | “Hands” aside, this episode showcased some of your most moving work to date on this show. Was this a strenuous hour for you?
It was a strenuous one. I so often on this show come in and out; I’ll have one or two intense scenes in an episode. But this one was set up to be exhausting for the character because everywhere she turns she’s knocked down, so it was a rare shooting experience for me. I was there all the time with one difficult scene after another, and all with psychological consequences. And shooting things out of order was more complicated, but I enjoyed it.

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TVLINE | I posed this same question to Kurt Sutter last week, but I’m curious how you’d respond… Some fans are demonizing Tara for her actions this season, and almost holding her to a different standard than Gemma and Jax. Would you agree with that? And to what do you attribute that?
Yes, I think she is held to a different standard. The role that the character plays in the show and as she’s been written by Kurt is that she is a stand-by-your-man kind of gal, so her taking her fate into her own hands and doing what she has to do to protect herself and her children violates that principle. People have a really strong reaction to that because the man she’s supposed to be standing by is Jax. You’ve seen that a lot culturally; actually, you know, the whole conversation that was happening about Skyler on Breaking Bad and how many Skyler haters there were. So, this lives in the same world as that. We have this anti-hero who does terrible, terrible things week-in and week-out, and yet there’s this carte blanche for him, and why that is I’m not really sure. I don’t want to make a big political statement about it, but I think there are gender politics involved.

TVLINE | That was actually my next question: Did you read Anna Gunn’s New York Times op-ed about having “a character issue”?
I did read it. I think Gemma avoids that whole thing because she’s kind of like a man, in a way. [Laughs] The way that she’s written, she defies all gender stereotypes, where Tara does not. It’s fundamentally a romantic story, and so it taps into a lot of our expectations about what women and men should be and how women should be alongside their men. In that sense, it does reverberate a little bit with the Skyler/Walter White conversation because, again, that’s a more conventional relationship and a marriage and everything else.

In our show there is a fantasy of this male — I don’t know what Jax is. He’s some kind of male superhero/anti-hero, and anything that works at cross-purposes with that is despised. It’s not about what actually makes sense or what actually is fair; it’s a very emotional, visceral reaction people are having based on their own adolescent fantasies. [Laughs] Tara’s behavior is no different than Gemma’s is most of the time, in terms of how manipulative she’s being. Betraying Jax is really hard, but it’s actually really hard for her. She has better intentions than just about anybody else in terms of what her ultimate goal is, which is about protecting her kids and wanting them to really avoid this terrible and terribly violent, dangerous life that all of these other people are swallowed whole by.

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TVLINE | One of the episode’s most powerful moments came opposite Wendy, when Tara declares, “Everything I did is right.” Is she genuine in her resolve to stand by the choices she’s made?
Standing firm with Wendy and standing firm within herself are two different things. When she says, ‘Everything I did is right,’ I think she’s talking about her intent to protect her children and to do whatever she felt that she had to do. The plan has backfired and she wishes she could go back and recalibrate, but fundamentally she believes that desperate times call for desperate measures.

TVLINE | This week’s showdown between Tara and Gemma was just as intense as the physical fight two weeks ago, only in quieter fashion. What was going through her head when Gemma threatened her? Does she believe there’s some truth there?
She thinks it’s possible that what Gemma is saying is true. One of the things I like about the episode is that… she doesn’t really see Jax or make contact with him the entire episode; she doesn’t entirely know where she stands with him so there’s this quivering uncertainty. In a way, her fate is in his hands and now in the hands of the club, so there’s the X factor of Jax, the X factor of Gemma — who’s very dangerous in Tara’s mind — and then there’s the X factor of the club. She feels like she’s in danger, but she doesn’t know from which corner it’s going to come and until she really has a chance to assess where things stand between her and Jax, she really doesn’t know.

In that scene with Gemma, I remember playing a lot with the tension of the gun in Tara’s bag, the feeling that these two women could draw on each other at any moment and it being this stand-off quality… But she needed to sit with it and try to make a more rational decision.

TVLINE | Talk about Tara’s “What happened to me?” revelation. It was haunting to see her brandishing a gun while blaming Jax for what’s become of her.
One of the reasons I liked the presence of that scene in the middle of this episode is because Jax and Tara have been holding each other at bay all season long; she hasn’t wanted to know what he’s doing. She hasn’t wanted to get close to the reality that he might be being unfaithful because all of that means that she gets into really personal territory, that heartspace, and they’ve both been avoiding that vulnerable and emotional place. This just rips off the band-aid, so in the middle of all of this you see this purely visceral, possessive reaction to seeing your person with somebody else. And the fact that that is still alive and potent reveals something about the truth of where they actually sit with each other. They’re exposed to each other for the first time all season.

Again, Tara doesn’t know what Jax is filled with. She’s just raced into this room and hit him and in addition to feeling all of this jealous rage, she’s like a scared animal. The question of ‘what has happened here?’ is a question to herself, it’s a question to him, it’s a question to the cosmos. In a way, that moment was very hard because it can go in a million different directions, and the thing that made the most sense is that in that moment, when she’s feeling everything fall apart and all these different parts of herself flying off in different directions, is that she just recognizes the absurdity of where she’s ended up: ‘How has this come to pass? How am I both terrified of you and jealous that you’re with some other woman? I’m stripped of everything that’s every been meaningful to me, scared for my life, scared for my kids, wielding a gun…’ It’s so the bottom and so many things at once that all of the sudden there’s this existential realization that lands on her.

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TVLINE | Is there any semblance of hope remaining for Jax and Tara? Their relationship for so long was the one truly stable thing on the show, and now…
There’s hope in the sense that they love each other. They’ve been deeply avoiding each other, but in a way I found that scene in particular hopeful. Her jealous rage with him and his confusion and hopelessness in the face of what’s happening reveals that there’s a space with each other that’s not dead; they’re still vulnerable to each other. In a way I think that was the first hope I had for them all season… I’ll say that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What were you trying to convey in the final scene, with that devastating, “No one can help me…”?
It’s the only way forward. The episode sets up very nicely that Tara is out of friends, out of allies, out of options; she’s scared and desperate and she’s still convinced that she’s going to jail and convinced that she’s going away and the people left inside of this disaster zone are her children. There’s one small light at the end of that tunnel and it’s the thing she never thought she would do, but the thing she feels she has to do. If she has regret for what she did, it’s that there’s no coming back from it. If you cross the line within the code of that world, in her mind there’s no hope for forgiveness, there’s no hope for redemption, there’s no going back. So, she’s already crossed over and she just can’t see any way out.

The other thing I would say is that it’s deeply painful for her to do this. I don’t think she’s doing it out of spite or vengeance at all. In working on it and in playing the arc of the whole season, it really is just for her children. She feels pretty fundamentally betrayed by everybody, and I think that includes Jax. His fundamental promise to her all along was that she and their kids would be safe and protected, and I don’t think she thinks that he’s capable of keeping that promise.

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  1. Pat D. says:

    I dunno…I think this is the end for Tara..I came really close to thinking she was going to eat her gun tonight.

    My guess is Tara will either try to kill Jax or Gemma, fail, and be killed herself in the attempt. At least Sutter backed off of painting his wife as a victim here and Gemma definitely bared her teeth at Tara in this episode.

    Tig, once again stole the show when he burst in in his funky boxers, half naked, to try and save his President from a rampaging Tara.

    • Carmen S says:

      I think he will let her leave,with kids.He is home with bag waiting for her.He will leave as well later or he will die.Everything is not good around him and she has been his ”true North”.

      • james says:

        No, i think realistically tara has burnt all her bridges, not just with jax, but the club. When she trie to run over one of the biker sent to watch her then threaten jax with a gun,and try another deal with the cops? in real life, unfortunately she would be dead.

        • james says:

          Although i love the complexity of her character and would love to see her stay,maybe the biker she pulled a bullet out of could mediate between jax and her?

      • Tamra says:

        That bag is his bag – which he packed at the beginning of the episode. The significance of showing him at the end of the episode with the bag on his martial bed is to say that whatever Tara said to him actually landed. He sees how much he has ruined her. And more than anything, how he’s failed her on every level. So instead of staying at the old whore’s house, he has come back home. Classy guy.

  2. C says:

    Tara is such a hypocrite so it’s hard to root for her. I do feel bad for her, though, but it’s not like she is a “victim.” She willingly put herself in this lifestyle. It also bothers me that she claims it’s all about her children but now that Jax personally hurt her she is finally willing to rat? If it was about those children, she should’ve either left in season 4 when Jax told her to or ratted as soon as Patterson offered her a deal. She’s frustrating to watch because she’s had so many options before and now she’s stuck and she blames all her woes on Gemma (which she IS definitely partly to blame) but she should be doing some self-reflection instead. I also never believed in the romance Jax and Tara have so I can’t even see her “love” for Jax as a strong enough reason as to why she stuck around all these years. She’s just a mess.

    • Chester says:

      Even the end today was weak because she could have easily got help from the da. I don not think her actions are believable, not for an educated woman. Also I hate Gemma.

      • C says:

        I hate everyone on this show, I’m just intrigued by certain characters and I’m a huge Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal fan so I keep watching, sigh.

      • Faster says:

        To be fair I’m not sure how much the DA could really help her in this situation. She refused to get her into witness protection, plus she’s now made a deal with Jax and the club. Anything she could do to help her would have been too public to make any difference and would likely only incite the club more.

    • alliekat says:

      The DA is a nasty bitch…she saw Tara was desperate, she could have given her a little hope, even if she couldn’t divulge the details of the deal with Jax, she could’ve said “talk to your husband, there’s a plan in play that could be helpful to you,” If Tara can avoid jail, she can still take the job up in Oregon and relocate with the kids, like it was originally planned. Jax can commute back and forth between business and family, like many fathers do. Maybe Jax and Tara will be able to heal; she and the kids will be away from the madness…it’s doable, if Kurt Sutter decides to be merciful to the tortured fans!!!

    • tej says:

      My thoughts exactly. I hope Tara dies. She has made herself a hate-ful character through her recent actions. And i dont really see any hope left for her relationship with Jax. More than anything else, like you said, she wasnt a ‘victim’.. she chose this lifestyle herself.

  3. Mia says:

    Jax needs to kill her! She blames Jax for what she’s become b**** please! He told you to go and she said no.

    • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

      Yeah, he does but i think she’s going to kill herself NOBODY can help her at this point.

      • Pat D. says:

        One reason I dont think she will is because it doesnt help her kids at all. If she was able to somehow offer her life in saving theirs, I think she’d pull the trigger. But, if Tara eats the gun now, it would pretty much admit that this situation was all about her, because it sure wont help get her kids away from the club.

        • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

          I get your point but WHO will get those boys if it comes down to that?…. Wendy is a hot mess, and her boss (tara’s) is scared to death because of gemma.

          • Pat D. says:

            Exactly, thats why, although I thought she might actually end it all at one point during the ep, I think she realized it would accomplish nothing beneficial for Thomas and Abel.

            I still think she will die soon, but probably in the act of trying to get the kids away, maybe by attempting to kill Jax or Gemma.

        • alliekat says:

          If Tara kills herself, she’s taking the kids with her.

      • the has already signed on for season 7 so she is not going to die

        • SouthernBelle says:

          Oh, thank you for that info. Tara is my favorite character and if she were to die…..I don’t know that I would continue with the show. Also, I think that if Jax spared Wendy and all her betrayal, he absolutely will spare Tara, no matter what she does.

        • Pat D. says:

          You never know—Tara could die and be used as a flashback device, or not used at all. I mean, Kurt loves to keep the plot twists close to the chest, so I wouldnt put it past him to sign an actor/actress knowing full well they will be dead beforehand.

          Othewise, it might be like the situation with Sasha Alexander and NCIS with season 2/3, and I dont think Kurt would want that.

        • Faster says:

          I don’t think this necessarily means for sure that she won’t die simply because she signed on for another season. Shows often do this to lock in the actor for the season so they can use the actor however they want – plus, showrunners are onto the fact that fans look at these things as signs of a particular character’s fate. But I certainly hope we haven’t seen the last of Tara.

    • Chester says:

      @Mia: So you are on the side of mass murdered Jax? Do you think he should beat her because she’s not obedient enough or because she does not want her kids raised by psychopath Gemma?

    • abz says:

      you are disgusting!

  4. angelwings says:

    My disgust with Tara is all about Tara and her holier than thou attitude. It has nothing to do with Jax and I am far from being adolescent. RME

    • C says:

      Same here! She’s always been SO arrogant. I root for her sentiment of getting those kids away, but I do not root for her as an individual. She’s very confusing to watch. As manipulative as Gemma is, she’s at least consistent and pretty self-aware about how ruthless she is. When other characters call her out on her own BS, she sits quietly because she knows they’re right, but when Tara gets called out on how dumb or morally incorrect she is, she fights back as if she had the upper hand? And just because I don’t like Tara doesn’t mean I’m rooting for Jax and Gemma, but at least they’re far more interesting characters to watch. I hope Tara dies soon because hell, even Colette is more intriguing at this point.

      • Pat D. says:

        Completely disagree. Gemma may be consistent..but she’s also only concerned with herself being in those kids’ lives, no matter how detrimental it will be for them to grow up with the club. She also got high and drove the kids into a tree, remember?

        Remember one thing—Gemma values the club above just about anything, and the only reason she even gives a second thought to Abel and Thomas is because it props up her image of a strong family head of SAMCRO.

        Tara may be a very flawed person, and not the best scammer in the world, but at least she genuinely is trying to get the kids away from the dangerous life of SAMCRO. Remember—she was perfectly willing to give the kids to Wendy should Tara not been able to escape the wrath of the law, counting on Wendy to get the kids out of Charming. Gemma only cares about how her ‘strong family’ image—never for a second thinks about the life she would be forcing her grandsons into. Its all about her.

        • C says:

          LOL I never denied any of that…. but ok.

        • amd says:

          All true. I think Jax finally got a realisation of how much Tara’s love for him has destroyed her life. He looked shocked when she asked what he had done to her.

          Let’s not forget she stayed around because he PROMISED to get them out of that life. He has lied to her and betrayed her over and over. Until this, she had never betrayed him. And she only did so to try to get her children away from these dangerous ferals. And she was never capable of this sort of thing before she hung around with the club. She was quite right about Gemma, Gemma taught her how to be deceitful, hard, cruel and selfish.

          Yes, she made a messed up choice in loving Jax, but she knows that now and shouldn’t be punished forever for that choice. Jax needs to grow up and stop only thinking of himself. He knows for sure that Tara is a great mother and that letting her go with the boys would be the safest thing for them. They’re not his property they are all people and they have a right to a safe and happy life. He can’t provide that for them.

          As for Gemma, would love to see Tara shoot her in the head. She’s all about what suits her, not what’s safest for the kids. A selfish love at best. And Wendy’s a piss poor weak piece of crap. She can just OD now, her story line is over.

          Of course, it’s just a show, but I sure hope Tara and her boys escape and Gemma gets her just desserts. Hope Nero runs like hell too, before she ruins his life as well.

          • the girl says:

            Honestly, I kept wishing Tara would just shoot Gemma when they had their face-off at the house. Gemma deserved it. She had no right to speak on Jax’s behalf. That’s the kind of stuff that makes me hate Jax. The sense of entitlement that he allows his mother to walk around carrying, as if she gets to speak for him, decide with him, get a vote in his marriage and his club. Gemma needs to be put in her place and I have waited a long time hoping that Jax would finally stand on his own and force his mother to back down. Gemma has caused part of this rift between Jax and Tara simply by being so overwhelmingly involved in their union.

          • Pat D. says:

            @the girl—-Yeah, her shooting Gemma would definitely had made my day, but honestly, I would expect Gemma to get the better of Tara if she had gone for the gun on the chair. Gemma is always wary of violence, and definitely has more experience in fights than Tara.

            I’d bet on Tara being the one who got shot, or maybe Gemma getting the gun away from her and just taunting her further (to avoid possibly turning Jax against her if she killed Tara).

          • Abc says:

            I totally agree with everything you said. Persinally I am so sick of everyone saying crap about Tara all the time. I think this interview describes perfectly why she did what she did. Everyone expects her to just sit around with her thumb up her ass and continually let Jax and Gemma run her life and her kids’ life. Yeah she knew what she was getting herself into however Jax did make promises and she loved him how did she know he wasn’t going to keep them? Plus look at what she has done for the club over the years. And for those of you saying she has a holier than thou attitude how about you give me examples? Gemma uses and abuses people more than anyone on the show. Now she is all nice with Wendy but I remember when she almost killed her in season 1 or threatened to at least. She hated her then. Gemma cares about herself and the club. Tara cares about those boys and Jax. And anyone who says Colette is a better character sucks at life because she is just another whore who hopefuly dies.

          • amd says:

            @abc – yep, precisely.

          • Alison says:

            @thegirl – yes, I really wished she would just finish her and flee. I still hope she finishes Gemma off, trying to take her kids away from her for no reason except spite. She knows Tara is a much better mother she herself ever was. A lot of jealousy there, I think. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

          • VEE says:

            Thanks for stating my position so well. I am Team Tara. The stronger the woman the more stupid her mistakes She got away once but Handsome Jax, sucked her back into the life. (Pun intended)

        • Tara fan says:

          Keep in mind also that Tara is trying to cut Gemma out of the kids lives because she knows who Gemma really is and what she did to Jaxs father. Gemma might have destroyed the letters that painted her in a bad light and to keep Jax from knowing what she did, but Tara read those letters and knows what Gemma is and just how far she will go to protect herself,

    • Danni says:

      She is a medical professional. My father is a doctor and I went into law enforcement. Let’s keep it real people. I love the Son’s but the fact remains, Jax is a poor excuse for a father and Gemma is the real B***h. Oh and that “holier than thou attitude” is valid. Saving life is much better than taking it. Really sick of people stupid enough to believe intellect has no value. I would be gald to know Tara Teller. If I did Jax would have no chance. I am fantastic with what I do. That is what validates that “holier than thou attitude”, brains. As it has been shown it these posts, rambling of the not so smart, remember if you ever needed help who is the most reliable. In the future please use spell check. Don’t make my point so easy.

      Signed married mother of two

      p.s as a mom no end to what I would not do for my babies and be hotter than s*** doing it.

      • Awesome show! says:

        People forget that Tara came back running to Jax to use him to fix the problem with the DEA agent. She entered the lifestyle voluntarily, before the children were present. I think people resent her because she tries to straddle the respectability/outlaw lifestyle, dipping in her toes but not wanting to get her feet wet. She wants it when it’s convenient for her in the beginning, and slowly becomes more and more repulsed by it the deeper in she gets. That said, I am not a Tara hater. She is the only major character I feel any pity for whatsoever. I also believe she has far more culpability in her situation than Skyler White. Skyler was in the dark the first few seasons, and had a mess thrust into her lap that she had no active role in creating. Tara played an active role, regardless of the fact that I can totally understand her reasons for splitting and protecting her children. I don’t pity Jax, and I felt Gemma should have been shot with Clay (Katey Sagal is an excellent actress). The allure of these shows is that they depict how basically good people become warped in slow degrees. The natural slant of the writing is that the main character has more of their nature portrayed and that people empathize with them the most (more so than side characters), and the dramatic tension relies upon this selective portrayal. People are so hooked into the show that they need to step back and imagine their sympathy for these characters in a real world that is not written for entertainment purposes, and judge the characters accordingly.

        • james says:

          Reason why the show works so well is the characters seem to have morality in them , at least in part, that’s lacking in reality. I met a few ‘prospects’ in real life over the years, the way they treat there family and friends is disgusting, makes these guys look like saints.One case we had last year a gang affiliate was caught making meth in his family cooking it in the kitchen, with his baby in the next room a two toddlers crawling around the floor! no bull. Also most of their ‘old Ladys’ are battered wives. And murder is a sure fire way for a promotion too. Too many cases on the news.

  5. Jax & Juice's Girl says:

    It’s time for Tara to aboard on the ‘CRAZY TRAIN!’ did anybody felt or thought she was going to shoot herself w/that gun outside w/jax? She’s really going to lose it… sad but at the sametime her plan was just wrong. I like what Gemma said to her about jax:”jax’s love is deep, his hate deeper, betrayal unforgiven.” Clay telling gemma that he’ll see her on the other side? Hell, his ass should’ve died in S4! Back to tara…….ol’ girl put a Whuppin on that bitch collette that’s what i’m talking about kick her ass! I’ve been waiting for that.

    Overall great ep. WHAT THE HELL was Tig wearing?!…LOL.

    • LC says:

      Yes, Tara is definitely buying a ticket and hears the conductor yelling “all aboard!” Everyone has been saying all along that SOA is loosely based on Hamlet…well, do you know what happened to Ophelia? Yeah, that’s right, she committed suicide. And yes, I’m with you, I thought she was going to shoot herself right there on the street. And when they showed Jax in the garage with the baby monitor, I still half expected that he would suddenly hear 3 gun shots. Now with that perspective, re-read her answer to the last question in the interview….I think it could still be coming.

  6. Midkiff says:

    I love Tara and I am beginning to loathe Jax. Gemma has it coming for sure. This is the calm before the storm. Yes, Jax does need to work out his Mommy issues and be his own man for once in his life. He is a boy. I am not counting Tara out just yet, desperation can lead one to such easy clarity, like the answer was staring you down all along. Those letters are coming out of the wood work. I am still pulling for Tara to be one of the last ones standing.

    • the girl says:

      I am with you on this one hundred percent. Jax seriously allows his mother too much latitude, always has. One of the major issues in his relationship with Tara has been that his mother has been the other woman all along. Jax can never be the man he thinks he is while he’s letting Gemma be the unofficial vice president of SAMCRO and a second wife in his marriage.

    • heath says:

      I soo want Gemma to die!!..yes, tara has lost her way in this mess..but I pray she gets it together for those boys..Tara did do a messed up thing with the faking pregnancy etc..but lets not forget Gemma actually let it be that Jax dad got killed let me see is it worst that tara killed off a fake baby or Gemma killing off her sons DAD??!!..IM rooting all the way for tara..that she gets the upper hand in this..I also am rooting Collett dies opinion of course;)I wish tara would have got deeper blows than just slapping the hoochie!!

    • Jade says:

      Agreed. I love the Tara character, and I have to say that I have rooted for her since the beginning. I read about people feeling like she betrayed Jax… Really?
      – The man who promised to keep her and the boys safe but is unable to do so.
      – The man who promised to be faithful, but betrayed her with Colette before any of this went down. And let’s not mention Ima.
      – The man who ran to Colette (again) instead of talking to her about the divorce/miscarriage and the reasons for it.
      – The man who prioritizes the club’s needs over hers ALL THE TIME
      – The man who always pits her against Gemma because he can’t stand up to his mommy: “Tara wants to put them in daycare” (never mind that he agreed too), “It’s up to Tara whether you see them again” (never mind that he too made that decision).
      – The man who ignored his ex-wife and her pregnancy leading to the child’s pre-mature birth. Abel is alive because of Tara.

      Jax’s marriage is certainly very crowded. There’s the wife. There’s THE other woman (which Gemma is for all intents and purposes). And there’s the OTHER women.

      And Gemma. Tara helped her when she was raped. Tara kept John’s letters from Jax. Tara kept mum about the missing letters incriminating Gemma. Tara forgave her the driving high business. And the countless other threats and violent run-ins with the woman.

      Tara may not be a victim, but she certainly is much more innocent than any other prominent person in Jax and Gemma’s lives.

      But we’ve been told over and over that Sons is all about the Hamlet mythology. In keeping with that, it doesn’t end well for Tara/Ophelia. But then, in Hamlet, it doesn’t end well for the mother, the step-father, nor Hamlet himself for that matter.

      • angelwings says:

        You can list 100 bad things every character had done but it still doesn’t change the fact the the only person responsible for the predicament that Tara is in is Tara herself.

        • Francine says:

          I get what you’re saying. Tara is responsible for staying with Jax and she is responsible for the choices she has made. She did put herself in this situation and she is most definitely not a victim. But I think she honestly thought things would change and (stupidly) decided to stay over and over. When she finally realized how bad things were and that things were really never going to change, she decided to do something about it. Was it a dumb plan? Yes. But I can understand the reasons behind it at least, and the parts played by Jax and Gemma in getting her to to this desperate point. It’s not black and white. Tara is ultimately responsible for what she does but there were circumstances that tied in to that.

          • Pat D. says:

            What I dont get is people blaming Tara for her loyalty to Jax. Wouldn’t we all be complaining if she bailed on him at the first sign of trouble? Seems to me that she was always willing to give him another chance as plan after plan to leave or reform the club failed horribly. It just got to the point, I guess, with her stint in prison and possibly taking the fall for Otto’s actions that convinced her if she didnt get herself and the boys out now, she wouldnt have another chance.

            And, really, she did wait too long. No argument with anybody there.

            Make no mistake—I am not under any illusion that Tara didnt like being Queen Bee when all was going well—witness her gloating at Gemma a couple seasons back when she had apparently “won”. Even then, though, she wanted a safer life for her kids, from what I saw.

      • Faster says:

        Jade, thanks for spelling this out so clearly. Insightful comments tend to get lost here amongst all the Tara shaming…

      • paula says:

        I like Tara as well and truly felt for the character when she told Jax, “What happened to me?” I guess she was traveling the old lady road too long and finally got to the totally lost stage. She was a baby doctor/surgeon, but she fell gradually by losing her professional identity little by little until it was gone. We see her with zero friends/allies and zero choices on how to get herself and the 2 kids out of the MC life. She was loyal to the MC family & forgot to be loyal to herself. I hope she stays alive! I can’t wait till the next show so to find out what she does after we see her in the car with her gun. Jax has so many things against him at once now that who knows how the showdown with the Irish/police will end.

      • Teresa says:

        I love Tara! I want her and Jax to get away clean and have a wonderful life, but not before putting Gemma in prison for LIFE!

  7. Annemarie says:

    OMG! Jax kill Tara? What is wrong with you all? Jax does horribly violent things every week and that’s okay? Tara needs to show Jax how Gemma had his father killed and knock some sense into him. The stupid club ruined her hand and her medical career. She’s proven her love for him over and over and he just keeps making promises

  8. Annemarie says:

    Gemma better not win! I don’t think Tara’s plan was to ever give Wendy the kids….I think they were going with Margaret anyway and Wendy was a decoy.

    • C says:

      I think so too. I don’t think Gemma is going to “win” because there are still 3 episodes left and things could unravel quickly. This is just the calm before the storm. Honestly, I’m Team NO ONE so I’m kinda bored with this mess.

  9. Annemarie says:

    Happy was cracking me up at that last scene! Handcuffed, eating Chinese food and watching cartoons!!

  10. Juanita says:

    I love Tara. She needs to protect those children…..
    At any cost, Jax doesn’t deserve her…

    • Mia says:

      She doesn’t care about the kids or she would have gotten them out long ago

      • shanti509 says:

        Ummmm, have you not watched the last 3 seasons where Jax has been promising her that he was going to leave the club and move their family out of Charming??

        • Mia says:

          How about when she got offered witness protection from them before?

          • Pat D. says:

            So, are you saying you would respect Tara more had she turned rat on the club when she was originally offered witness protection by the DA, ruining a bunch of lives? At that point, she still had ‘the plan’ which, while fatally flawed to us, the audience, didnt really occur to her until it all broke down in the last couple of episodes. Up until that point, she had other options. Now, she really doesnt have any choice left to get her kids away from Gemma.

    • angelwings says:

      Jax deserves better than a lying manipulative rat for a wife.

      • Pat D. says:

        Yeah, you’re right…dude who shoots up a recovering heroin addict, screws around on his wife at least twice…he’s a pinnacle of nobility.

        • angelwings says:

          Jax hadsnt manipulated Tara or made her believe their kid died and hes never rst her out to the law.

          • Pat D. says:

            Tara also has no other avenue of saving her kids at this point. Thats not really being fair. Jax has not been put in a position yet where turning in Tara for something would save his club, or his kids.

        • the girl says:

          Thank you Pat. Tara was and still is too good for Jax. She never should have stayed, but heck, all of us have done stupid things when we were in love.

          • El says:

            I agree. I keep seeing the comments saying Tara should have left. And, yes, she should have but it’s about seeing the whole picture. IIRC, back when Jax told her to leave she just had the rug pulled out from under her. Up until that point she thought they were all leaving. Jax kept promising it…and then -boom-…no, we’re not leaving. In that moment I think she wanted to keep her family intact. Along with being naive in thinking Jax becoming President was going to mean different things for the club. Jax was also naive about this. And in turn things got much worse….Hindsight is 20/20. I think Tara realizes that.

          • angelwings says:

            Oh please. The only reason Tara came back to Charming in the first place is because she knew that Jax was the only person in the world who carted enough about her to kill off her ex-boyfriend.

            And yes, Tara has been given multiple opportunities to leave with the boys.

          • El says:

            Well, it wasn’t the only reason as she also went to take care of her dad’s estate (house and belongings). As far as multiple opportunities…she does love Jax. Not long after she came back she was saving his newborn son – who she also fell in love with & didn’t want to up & leave. Not much longer after that she is pregnant with her own child. That did complicate things even more. She wanted her family…together and safe. Not broken up. She already went through Jax being in jail. I think she was so sure they would get out as Jax also seemed so sure…but then it didn’t happen. She’s left with a difficult choice in that moment. We do not always make the best choices when it comes to love -Tara is proof of that. But I agree with her in wanting to get the boys AWAY from the dysfunction, destruction and danger. I wouldn’t want my kids left with Gemma nor a part-time father who is too busy with “club business” that he puts it before his sons.

        • Yovonee says:

          LMAO thank you Pat D. It’s honestly a little scary to see people defend Jax (and quite terrifying to see ANYONE defend Gemma). He is a career criminal. He isn’t legally bound to the club. Nor is he physically chained to it. RICO is dead. He could have walked away at any point in Season 6. Tara deserves so much better than a cheating, immoral, selfish husband. Saying “I love you” and making weepy eyes at your wife is not enough to fix the problems in your marriage. This man screws some ratchet whore while his wife is in jail and then acts like HE is the victim because she’s pushing him away? He’s a petulant child who can’t actually man up and work on his marriage. So what does he do? Just gets deeper into the club and completely neglects his wife and children. No doubt Jax loves Tara more than anything – including himself – but marriage takes work and he expects problems to just resolve on their own. Asking her to “let him back in” is not enough. And screwing the ratchet whore for the second time because he doesn’t want to deal with what has become of his marriage and how much he has ruined Tara is pathetic. Tara’s life has gone down the drain thanks to her love for Jax and her blind faith that he would actually change. I always felt so bad for her. She has a fair share of blame here too but to say that Jax deserves better than Tara or that she’s the only one in the wrong is absolutely absurd.

      • Francine says:

        Jax deserves better?? How…. what… why?? Hate Tara all you want but Jax deserves everything he’s getting. Do the things that he does and you don’t deserve anything or anyone, sorry.

  11. Team Tara and Jax says:

    The truth is Tara is one bad ass chick and has been through so much since season 1 and has non stop been there for Jax and the Club and even Gemma! She wants her kids out of this life and to be safe! What mother doesn’t want to protect her kids! It just cracks me up to see how many people want Tara to die yet dont get the show or the characters! Jax threw her under the bus tonight and he has some major making up to do! If you actually compare the things Tara has done for jax, gemma, her boys and the club, then compare gemma and jax. Please let me know what you get! Im sorry both Tara is the Queeen of Samcro and is taking things in her hands to get her kids away from this generation and betraying her own heart and love to do what is right for her boys!

    Not sure if many people actuallly saw jax face, but Im pretty sure Colette was just doing her job and F*** him cuz he wasn’t enjoying it! He is lost and heartbroken and doesnt know what to do. He needed to release some stress. He was making deals after deals tonight. The one women he loves is finally done with his crap and is finally on her own and doing what she needs to do and he never thought he would lose her and now he is! His face expression and actions at the end was a reality check for Mr. Prince of Charming! He just screwed up and now he is about ready to lose his family and his club in going down!

  12. V says:

    I can’t believe she just compared her situation to the Skyler White situation! NO ONE forced Tara into this lifestyle, she willingly committed herself MULTIPLE times throughout the show’s run. Meanwhile, Skyler was forced to a life of crime, she was unaware of all the stuff her husband was doing. Tara knew what all this was about. Outside of the cheating, there was always full disclosure in her marriage to Jax. Jax never manipulated her INTENTIONALLY like Walt manipulated Skyler. Skyler is a QUEEN. Tara is NOT.

    • Tessa says:

      Not to nitpick but Tara is a fictional character and Maggie is the actress playing her. Maggie is the one who compared Tara to Skyler.

      • V says:

        That’s what I meant. I can separate the two. Maggie compared Tara’s situation and fan reaction to Skylers and I don’t see it at all. Both fictional characters are married to criminals and that’s where the similarities stop. Clear enough?

    • Pat D. says:

      Uhhh, Skylar seemed to be riding the wave of Walt’s drug lordness in the final seasons, up until Hank and Marie showed her the law was closing in in the final half of the last season. So yeah, she hopped on that bandwagon too.

      • V says:

        Yep, but only after she really had little to no choice and was constantly being manipulated by him and his cancer talk. Tara knew about Jax’s lifestyle from DAY ONE.

        • Pat D. says:

          Well, in my view, she still had the chance to keep Walt away, and yet she accepted him back, ran the front (Car Wash) and was looking forward to a future with his ill-gotten gains—up until the point when Hank confronted her in that diner, and then later when Marie got a confession out of her.

          Therein lies a rather similar situation to Tara, although one could argue that Skylar only wanted out when it became clear that Hank and the law was really closing in on her.

          • V says:

            I still don’t agree with you. I get that in an overall sense you can draw similarities but when you look deeper, Tara still was ALWAYS aware of the lifestyle and Jax’s cheating habits and constant lies AND has had MULTIPLE chances to leave it all behind. Skyler never had any of those chances because her life was being a mother and wife to Walt. Tara was a doctor, she had a life before coming back to Charming and reuniting with Jax, she had skills to survive on her own, she didn’t have kids or was married at the time, so no Skyler dealt with it the best way she could, Tara wants out when it’s already too late.

          • Pat D. says:

            @V, well, agree to disagree I suppose. At least Skylar at one point had “gotten out” by booting Walt out of the house once she realized what he was doing, and then she went back. Tara, it was not so easy for her to get out in the past—you could bet a rampaging Gemma would hunt her down until the end of her days, and maybe even Jax would join her after a while. Something had to be set up for her to leave, and up until very recently, she wasn’t willing to turn on Jax and the club.

    • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

      Yes!, Tara CHOSE to be w/Jax and she had her chance to go off to oregon w/the boys but NOPE she was willing to stand by jax’s side and be his old lady. It’s NOT like some put a gun to her head and force her to be with him and be in the MC life.

      • italia says:

        You are right but now she wants out. She has a right to change her mind. She let love rule her life now she finally knows that love will not protect her kids. Jax has never been there for her or the boys. I hate what she did too but I get her desperation.

    • Mia says:

      ITA! It’s not the same.

      Maggie acts like this is a gender fight BS it’s not. This is a you betray the club you do illegal things for knowing they’re criminals thing.

  13. A.B. says:

    So far this season has had many suicide undertones to it. The boy shooting up his school then killing himself, Juice od’ing the boys mom which could make it look like a suicide, Juice himself not caring if he lives or dies, Otto killing Toric and then killing himself with the help of the guards and last weeks episode where the father of one the the boys killed in the school shooting killed himself. I guess where I’m getting at is things don’t look good for Tara especially when you think about when she was setting up that will she always said if something happens to her we are suppose to think jail but it could be fore shadowing her own death.

    • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

      Good observastion i was noticing that connection as well …….since this is based on hamlet there will be a BLOODBATH going on from here on out can’t believe this season is ALMOST OVER!

    • R.G. says:

      The boy from the school didn’t off himself. He was killed by officers when reloading.

      • Olivia says:

        I don’t think A.B meant the child killed himself, but that he went in with the intent of killing/ hurting others, realizing he would probably be killed in the process.

  14. Eli says:

    I do laugh at people hating on Tara for taking such ‘horrible’ measures – then in the next breath say Jax should kill her. Yeah, just murder the mother of his children….take away their mom; the one parent that has been raising them & truly trying to take care of them (and not to mention they love her). Um. Okay. If Jax ever did that he would definitely be a bigger pos than he already has been. His boys would grow up and eventually hate him – just like he is going to experience with good ‘ol momma Gemma once he finds out what really happened with his dad.

    • tripoli says:

      It’s strange isn’t it? Fans of the show really do hold them to completely different standards. I can’t begin to imagine that Jax would actually kill Tara, despite all she’s done recently. It’s clear from the overly pro Jax comments that he can pretty much do wahtever he wants and his fans will still love him. I hate to chalk it up to women finding Jax/Charlie attractive but it often comes across like that. Jax has done plenty to warrant a bit of anger or disappontment but I suppose that since we’ve always known the life he’s chosen to lead and that he was born into it, we can more easily accept the awful things he does, as opposed to Tara who went in a completely different direction until she came back to Charming and reconnected with Jax. She is expected to know better. The constant chorus of she had plenty of chances to get out but didn’t fail to address the fact that loving someone, flaws and all, isn’t cut and dry. Leaving Jax isn’t so simple. She knows it makes sense and helps achieve the goal of keeping the boys safe but it also robs them of their father and her of her husband. I completely understand her struggle to get out before now. It’s really not as simple as some would like to make it out to be.

  15. Tom says:

    Day 1 she was reluctant to be with Jax. she wasn’t with him til she truly believed he was trying to push the sons in a better direction once clay was through and season 1 through 4 there was no reason to doubt that but when she came to the realization that Abel was her son and she had Thomas she made it evident things couldn’t go as they have been and jax promises to get them out and that has yet to happen. Things have gotten 20 times worse where Jax can’t look past his own selfishness not only has he broken every promise he’s ever made his alliances has cost tara her career her hand almost her life on multiple occasions, her freedom, and her sanity which you can see after tonight. A powerful heart wrenching scene when she realizes what Jax has turned her into. Standing outside a brothel with her untruthful unfaithful husband with not a bit of remorse til this point where up until this season tara has risked everything for him and given up her freedom to protect him and he repays her with that. The worst part is that it wasn’t the first people think he had an excuse this time what was his excuse for screwing the whore while tara was in prison? I want Jax and tara to be together but not if it means tara has to be the one to admit to be at fault cause that’s absurdity.

    • angelwings says:

      Jax didn’t turn Tara into anything. You speak as if she is playdough moulded by the hands of others and that is bullcrap.Tara chose to do everything that brought her this point and choices have consequences. But why accept responsibility when you can blame everyone else.

      • tripoli says:

        You speak as if Jax is some innocent little sweetheart who deserves none of the blame or responsibility. We get it, you are hard up for Jax and can’t see beyond that.

        • angelwings says:

          That’s BS and you know it, but when you can’t refute the facts of the argument you have nowhere else to go except to personal insults. And no, I am most decidedly not hard up for Jax since I’m old enough to be his grandmother.

      • abz says:

        I don’t think you’re understanding the show very well if you’re unwilling to or maybe just incapable of realizing the psychological and emotional effect her relationship and life with Jax, Gemma and the MC AS A WHOLE has had on her. Jax and Gemma absolutely have been a part of the reason that all of this has happened. They have their roles in this and they are partially to blame. How would you react to a woman entering your house unannounced and telling you that you can’t keep you’re kids and that you either leave on you’re own or in a body bag? How would you react when you don’t feel safe in your own home, in your own town, or anywhere you go? How would you feel after holding on for so long for some hope of change and in an effort to keep your family in tact and constantly being reassured that it will happen soon but then you realize too late that it won’t happen and when you make the decision to finally leave you have a psychotic woman, a dangerous husband, and a dangerous criminal organization hindering you from doing so? There are many factors here and there are many reasons for Tara ultimately choosing this route. Nothing is black and white and while of course she makes her own choices, in the end all of us are human and we are influenced and affected by the people that surround us and that we have let into our lives.
        I would tell you to grow up, but you said you’re old enough to be his grandmother so ya…..

  16. enri says:

    And everyone’s Tara bashing begins. I don’t condone her behavior…but let’s not forget Gemma & Jax’s behavior in the past as well.

  17. IMHO says:

    Gemma’s hypocrisy is beyond belief. She thinks Tara betrayed Jax and he will never forgive her,she needs to go away or die.
    Gemma killed his FATHER and almost killed his sons.

    • Pat D. says:

      Weren’t we also led to believe in the early eps this season that Gemma was the one who turned in Tara, too?

      • angelwings says:

        No. We found out early in the first episode of season 6 that the exMarshall was behind Tara’s arrest.

        • Pat D. says:

          Really? I couldve swore that in like the first episode this season, Gemma was talking to the lawyer at T/M telling her to keep her involvement in Tara’s arrest quiet.

  18. James D says:

    this was a sad episode. i feel pretty bad for Tara she’s now totally out of options so what happens next is going to be out of desperation. I also feel bad for Jax because in some ways he’s just as trapped as Tara is, he has obligation to the club and his family. i think it’s pretty clear Tara will go after Gemma, its always seemed to be the end game with those two. I have to be honest i find it very stragne people are so quick to judge Tara when Gemma is a thousand times worse, and Jax despite loving his kids and trying to do the right thing isn’t a saint.

    • italia says:

      Jax’s obligation has always been to the club. In Ireland he almost gave his son away for a better life isn’t that what Tara wants. Such a hypocrite.

  19. DavidSask says:

    This very much sounded like a goodbye interview, so sad she has to be the one to leave show rather than the mainstay villains that never get their final demise!

  20. Sally says:

    All the Tara bashers need to go back and rewatch the series. Since the get go Tara has supported them all and received nothing in return. Gemma tried to kill Wendy when Abel was born, Tara protected and supported her rehab. When Gemma was raped it was Tara who cared for her medically and emotionally. She put her job on the line by patching up bullet wounds on the Irish, the Myan, Bobby. She did surgery on and nursed back to health and raised as her own Abel. She saved Gemma’s life from the caretaker at Gemma’s dad’s and helped her at the nursing home. She patched up Chibbs and kept him in the hospital when his insurance lapsed. She patched up Juice, Unser, and Tigg. And much more? What did she get? Her husband doing whores, Gemma’s threats and lies, Clay tri g to kill her, losing her job, almost losing her hand, going to jail for them, being pregnant alone and raising Abel while Jax was in prison , and all of them turning their back on her because she just tried to save her kids even though it breaks her heart to leave the man she loves. The woman deserves so much more. But that’s who these people are. They really hold no allegiance to anyone. They have sold out brothers, ( Opie, Donna, Piney, Juice, Tigg,) wives , husbands, friends , and enemies all the same. No morality! No sense of what is truly right and wrong only what is self serving and convenient. She needs an award for not poisoning the whole damn bunch of them. And Jax, the prostitute? Really, sunk low this week.

    • italia says:

      Wendy told Tear to tell them her truth. What did she mean.

      • Antwon says:

        The truth meaning she has lost herself. Who she used to be and she needs out or she’s going to die or lose her sanity. This is what the club does to people. Tara shouldn’t be blamed for wanting out and she’d be a horrible mother if she left her boys to this life.

  21. Francine says:

    First, what a great interview by Maggie! You can tell she truly cares about her character and the show- whether you agree with what she’s saying or not. So thanks for that. As far as what’s going down, Tara did put herself in this position from the beginning but I honestly feel that she was just blinded by love. She really felt that Jax would change. Was that a stupid assumption? Yes but love makes people do stupid things. Tara was wrong for doing what she did this year. There’s no question about that. But I honestly feel that she is doing it for the boys. It was a stupid way to go about it, yes, but I understand the reasons even if I don’t agree with the method. It’s a shame that people are forgetting all the things Tara has done for Jax, Gemma and the club. She honestly tried and yet kept getting screwed over. It’s no wonder she snapped. As far as the comparison to Skylar- while the situations aren’t the same, the comparison makes sense. It’s okay for the villain/heroes of these types of shows to do terrible things, but when the woman does the same because she’s had enough? She’s flamed for it. All the proof you need is to see people saying Jax should kill Tara. Really? How is that justified? Tara did a horrible thing but she did it to horrible people.

    • Pat D. says:

      In a sense, its the same thing with Vic Mackey if you think about it—people were bashing Corinne for leaving him for months, despite criminals and fierce investigators constantly threatening her and the kids.

      • Francine says:

        Ah, The Shield. Man I miss that show! And I agree, it’s a pattern that keeps getting repeated. These guys are not heroes. They’re fun to watch and are so compelling in their quests for power, but they deserve every bad thing that may happen to them. They shouldn’t get a pass from the awful things they do, even if they’ve made no secret that that’s the type of person they are.

        • Pat D. says:

          Even I have to admit that Jax is a slightly more redeemable character than Mackey, but lets be real—even *IF* everything transitions the way Jax wants it to, he’s still going to be a glorified pimp and extorter of women for profit. So, you are 100% correct—he is definitely not a good guy.

  22. SAM says:


  23. italia says:

    I think Jax will let Tara leave with the kids and Gemma will try to stop her. They need to be apart for a while. Jax needs to decide what he really wants. If Clay is successful in escaping the prison guards….beware Nero.

  24. Antwon says:

    I still root for and feel sorry for Tara. Yes, she knew this life before she married Jax and had a family. But remember, in season 4…Jax was ready to leave the club and move his family and then Tara was nearly kidnapped and her had was smashed. I think Jax is a piss poor father. I mean he knows what this club does to people and he is becoming Clay! Abel was nearly blown up recently and you would think that tells his dumb ass that these people mean business and EVERYONE is expendable.

    Jax should be a man and a father and let Tara and the kids move away so that they can have a better life. Sure he would miss them. But you have to choose. The club or the boys. I don’t know how many more bodies it will take for Jax to get that. Tara doesn’t want to end up like Donna and I don’t blame her at all. And Gemma can just STFU. Where was your concern for your babies when you drove high and nearly killed them?

  25. Liz says:

    My heart goes out to Tara. Yes, it was wrong to fake a pregnancy and miscarriage, but she was truly led to this desperate act. She has loved Jax wholeheartedly and it has gotten her nothing but trouble. As a mother, I understand her desire to do whatever necessary to get her sons away from that violence. Gemma is just an evil woman. She says she does things for her family too, but I think she puts the club above all else. She allowed Clay to kill John Teller. I hope Tara lets that fact be known to Jax.

  26. Elle says:

    2 things:
    Don’t count Tara out just yet.
    Perhaps Jax will stop suckling at Gemma’s teat, grow a pair, and remember when he told Tara that JT should have “run Gemma’s (behind) over” to get his kids out of that life.

    I wanted Tara and Jax to make it, but happily ever after is not included in Hamlet. Tara and Jax still love each other. Their priorities are not in sync. Kurt lets his wife’s character run unchecked. As a viewer, I wish Kurt would serve the show more than he serves his wife.

    • the girl says:

      If he doesn’t remember, I hope Tara reminds him. I hope after this they have a serious conversation. I don’t want Tara to beg for forgiveness and I don’t want Jax to be made to look like the bad guy. They just need to understand where the other is at. I think if they did that, Jax can respect WHY Tara did what she did (even if he can’t respect WHAT she did) and hopefully he can appreciate that she had the option to testify against the club and (initially) didn’t take it. I also think Tara can appreciate that Jax is trying to go legit and create a safer environment, even though in the process he’s cheated on her, been dishonest, and put the club ahead of his family.

    • Kelly says:

      You said EXACTLY what I was thinking. I think Kurt has trouble not being biased to Katey’s character.

  27. Ivan B says:

    This is a show with ruthless bikers, who kill innocent people (collateral damage according to them). And Tara is the bad one because she betrayed Jax? Somehow her deed is the worst ever committed on this show?? Really??? It’s not even the worst betrayal on this show. I think that maybe you haters would be happy if Jax put a beatdown on Tara, cus you think that she’s ‘got it coming’? Maybe if he smacked her around earlier in the series, she would’ve learned her place, and been a good, obedient old lady.

  28. Maryann says:

    I have not been able to bear watching this season because of all the problems with Jax and Tara; if her fate is not tragic I will go back and watch later. What I am hoping is that someone will answer a couple of questions for me. Does Jax know that Jemma lied and set Tara up to be arrested for murder? What does Jax know or believe about the events that got Tara arrested? It seems unbelievable to me that he would have supported Gemma if he knew she framed Tara. Someone?

    • angelwings says:

      Gemma did not lie and set Tara up to get arrested for murder. That was all the nurse’s brother, Lee Toric the retired US Marshall. All of this was revealed in the season 6 premier episode.

  29. Olivia says:

    Maggie Siff always does an amazing job, but was even more wonderful in this episode. I also want to talk about what a welcome addition Jimmy Smits is. Nero is a great character who seems to be the one showing the most integrity and humanity. And he’s hilarious. I loved him telling Unser, “Don’t try to suck up now. It’s just embarassing.”

  30. Olivia says:

    I’m so disappointed in Jax for many reasons. Yes, the cheating makes him an a$$hole and annoys the crap out of me. But more than that, he’s so weak when it comes to women. He sleeps with the porn star in season 3 to push Tara away, then beats the crap out of her in Season 4. Tara doesn’t want to see him while she is in jail for helping his club, so he sleeps with Colette. He gets his feelings hurt when he finds Colette having sex with the dirty cop. He feels betrayed by his wife and the club business goes to hell, so what does he do? Runs back to the madame so he doesn’t have to deal with the reality of his life. It’s such an unattractive desperate quality. Be a man and deal with your feelings and the crap in your life. Put your wife and kids first and stop running to a different woman every time you feel hurt. And I used to be such a fan of Jax. It wasn’t until this season that I realized just how weak he can be. It’s so disappointing. I hope the character can redeem himself and become the loyal guy with integrity and hope that he used to be.

    • italia says:


    • gwen says:

      Agree! I am so grossed out with Jax. Sleeping with prostitutes…ugh…STD’s anyone??? Tara deserves better. I hope she gets to practice medicaine again, leave charming, meet a man who will love her, be loyal to her, and appreciate what a good woman she is. Jax doesn’t deserve her.

    • Carmen S says:

      I agree with every word.He is weak.He nearly slept with his half sister in season 3 also.

  31. BrianR says:

    Cliffhanger coming. Who shot Gemma?

  32. Ella says:

    Maggie Siff is a brilliant actress. If she doesn’t get a nomination these year I’ll be so upset. The interview is also great, she is such a thoughtful person and gives intersting insight into Tara’s character. It would be so great if Katey Sagal wouldn’t be the producer’s wife. As it is Gemma will never get what’s coming to her. She will always come out on top and I will continue hating every second Gemma is on screen or singing along a freaking montage. My hope is for Tara to get the boys and bring them into safety. Gemma and Jax can stay back, comfort each other and keep their creepy codependent relationship alive.

    • Pat D. says:

      I actually dont mind Katey’s singing….the only time she actually bothered me was the gawdawful rendition of “To Sir…with Love” (last season?) in which she seemed to have a lot of trouble staying in key. Last night’s song was pretty good.

      It *is* pretty obvious that Kurt is using the show to promote his wife’s singing career though, LOL, I agree there.

      • Ella says:

        I actually agree with you. Some of her songs are good and fit the mood of the episodes but it’s just too much IMO. That and Kurt using SoA to promote Katey’s career make me roll my eyes as soon as another song of her starts.

  33. Jess says:

    I was totally shocked this whole one I’ve been telling myself along with others , this is all apart of a plan her and jax put together or even possible just Tara. Seeing last night show lets me know there’s no way her and jax had Plan BC there’s no way he would’ve cheated on her . I’m lost in words makes me wanna rewatch every show and take notes and possibly try to fig it out BC waiting till next Tuesday feels almost impossible .

  34. Faster says:

    Oy. First off, really great interview with Maggie. Second, another great heartbreaking episode. On the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. I have been pretty vocal on these boards about my position on Tara/Jax and the Tara hate, and let me just say that the reason everyone is enthusiastically debating the merits of both sides of this issue is because Sutter has infused this biker storyline with very real issues that can tear families apart. I realize that this is a fictional show and you can root for whoever you would like to, but the issues Tara are facing are very real. I have a background doing family law and have seen some very heart-wrenching dangerous and domestic violence situations, and I can attest to the fact that people who feel that they are in the most desperate of circumstances can and will do things that are not well though out, are controversial, or can end up hurting them in the long run. However, the situation cannot be fully understood unless you are standing in that desperate person’s shoes. Just think for a second about what you would do if you were in Tara’s shoes if this was a real situation, which it very well could be. I doubt people would be rooting for the conflicted biker leader to murder his wife and the mother of his children in cold blood. Just saying.

    • Olivia says:

      @Faster, Thank you very much for this post. Whenever I hear anyone saying, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” about any woman, it makes me cringe. Nobody has any idea what someone’s situation is like unless they’ve been through it themselves. Yes, this is just a tv show, but it’s always good to be reminded to not be so quick to judge.

  35. Mia says:

    It’s not a double standard with Tara vs Gemma and Jax.

    Tara’s trying to hurt Jax. Where have we seen Jax set out to hurt Tara take her kids from her? We haven’t! Tara’s being held to the betray the club standard and that’s what she’s doing. Jax and Gemma aren’t betraying the club.

  36. Beth says:

    I thought Jax looked disgusted with himself while in the “act” with Collette. I feel he was almost relieved when Tara beat the snot out of her. His character is deep enough to see what this life has done to Tara. I believe that’s why he left the brothel and went and got the boys. Either way something big is coming.

  37. Pat D. says:

    Something I keep forgetting to mention—we are all extremely lucky to get all of these 90-minute episodes and 75 minute episodes this season. I dont think I’ve ever seen a show able to push the network into giving them so much extra airtime (and, I guess budget).

    Although, I suppose when you take out the commercial time, those 90 minute eps are actually 60 minutes of actual show, LOL.

  38. cf11395 says:

    All y’all forget this is a tv show not real people. What’s wrong if Tara did set out to save her sons AND get revenge on Jax. I think Jax turned her in and she found out about it. After all last season after he repeatedly promised to get her and the boys out of the club and the lifestyle and he failed to deliver she told him she was leaving and right after she was arrested… Coincidence- I think not.

  39. italia says:

    Unser and Nero are all about the truth except when it comes to ratting out Gemma.

    • Jax &Juice's Girl says:

      Unser?……… are you sure about that? He has strong LOYALTIES to Gemma i BET he had part of JT’s death since he was cheif of police. When that truth comes out jax will KILL both of them.

  40. Asashii says:

    If they were all screaming and on fire, i wouldn’t even piss on them to put them out, i could care less about, white trash-thug-pimps, they could all die and i wouldn’t bat an eye!!!!

  41. Nicole says:

    So much Tara hate in the comments. I absolutely love Tara.

  42. Olivia says:

    Not sure if you realize it, but you sound incredibly terrifying. So much rage towards a fictional character, I think you might need some help.

  43. Irene says:

    I’ve liked Tara and Jax but slowly Jax has strayed from the plan. two things have changed Tara. Firstly jail has changed her and secondly a bomb going off at the club with the boys inside. She is tough and I really like that she wants to protect her children, but I personally think she still loves Jax and I think Jax still loves her. I hope it will work out for them. I think if Jax was to tell her about his plan to keep her out of jail all would be forgiven.

  44. Liz says:

    I have always like the beginning of Tara and Jax….she was the smart professional loving one who took family as her priority while her husband took care of the business till eventually she was pulled into the madness. I think she knew or made the wrong decision on how to get out. So she thought that if Gemma can fight for her family so can she. I really hope that they work it out and Tara stays on and not six feet under.

  45. Johnny says:

    One thing Kurt Sutter is a GENIUS at is writing a character or characters into such a corner that you can’t see any conceivable way out for them, but then by the end of the season…they get out of it. On the other hand, main characters HAVE died on SOA, so you stay on pins and needles not wanting to hold onto the knowledge that fact and set yourself up for heartache when he drops a twist. I guess that’s the point. This show is designed to stress the viewers out.

  46. Dan says:

    I’m pretty much a male chauvinist and Tara and Nero are the only two I’m rooting for anymore. Jax first pissed me off when he condoned the murder of the junkie mom of the shooter, I don’t think Juice did that on his own. Plus his adultery was some weak sauce. How many near death experiences are those kids going to have to go through? They barely survived the clubhouse bombing. Jax is a hypocrite and while some of his intentions may be good, we’ll they are just paving his way to hell because he doesn’t have a pair of balls when it counts. I certainly hope he doesn’t end up with Tara anymore.

    Seems like this shows just turning into one big Oedipus complex, and if it wasn’t clear enough already, they went and got literal with it with the transgender guy/gal’s storyline.

  47. Jill says:

    Tara is the only glimmer of decently on this show. She and her kids should be the only survivors!

  48. Ammie Lake says:

    Anyone else think of this Jax & Tara are in this together to get out? Playing each part as in ine on each side working in ward like a rope one on each end bring that rope tighter around everyone to get rid of those they want out of their lives?
    Tara did take the Gemmas Ole Ladies handbook and tore it up all of it! Gemma will be payed in spades for the evil she has done. To me a fake pg is one thing the fake attack I don’t care about unlike Gemma Tara didn’t kill anyone! John Teller was murdered by not just Clay Gemma was the cheerleader in that murder!
    While there’s one thing I hope Tara did do yea those letters were burnt or whatever I hope Tara scanned them & put them on a sd card yes the letters John wrote that proves Gemma helped Clay murder John Teller.
    I love Tara & I’m sick of Gemma doing wrong & skating by on what she’s done! Last season that wreck with the boys I’m sure blood test were done she was stoned & booze could’ve been in her system so why wasn’t she arrested on that? Hope she is being high & children in the car that’s two counts of child endangerment charges + Ables heart had to be worked on again she almost killed that little boy whose gone threw to much already in his young life. Thomas could’ve died too! Has that been forgotten?

  49. Jade says:

    I don’t think that Tara will go anywhere. The Jax-Tara relationship is too integral to the whole show. Tara and the kids are the only decent thing in his life. For Jax, she’s the foil to SAMCRO (a foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character). From a story-telling perspective, she’s needed. She’s always been the only person that Jax has been able to truly open up to, the only one with whom Jax is able to truly see himself – which has given us viewers insight into Jax as a whole.

    If she’s goes, Jax might as well give up. She’s the one that represents the “hope” that we all want to see in Jax. (yes, the kids represent “hope” too, but as they are babies/toddlers who don’t speak, they aren’t good foils for a story-teller.)

    In looking at this through the Hamlet lens, I’ve been thinking this whole time that Tara represented Ophelia. But this season, I have started to change my mind. I think Opie might have been Ophelia – he’s the character that slowly became unhinged as everything’s been taken from him. Even Jax tells us in an episode that “Opie hasn’t been right since Donna’s death”. Since season 6, I’ve started slowly considering that Tara may actually represent Horatio – the voice of compassion and reason in Hamlet’s life. And since Jax really only has the one he trusts and listens too, she needs to stay. (Yes, Nero is a voice of reason too, but the emotional stakes for Jax aren’t as high with Nero).

    So, she stays until the very end, surviving this whole mess – as does Horatio.

    Or… she dies – but only AFTER her and Jax make up. Kurt Sutter clearly loves the big drama, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have a highly emotional reunion of the two characters, only to kill her off right after. If she dies, she has to die as the indisputable love of Jax’s life (with no betrayal hanging over their love). If not, it won’t cut deep enough for Jax – which of course, is what we want to see as viewers: DRAMA! In this way, Tara can continue to be a foil of sorts for Jax, as he truly realises what the SAMCRO life has taken from him and could take from his kids if he doesn’t start moving them in the direction Tara wanted, i.e. away from SAMCRO.

    • heila says:

      if Tara dies in the final of season 6, then that will be the last season I will see. The best character in this series for me was Tara and Jax. So that was nice but, no thank you. This series will then be no interest for me to look at. Will rather look for something more interesting. That was the best part of the series, the gungster with the Docter. Really romantic. You must have some romance in the series, not just vilance blood and all the bad that comes with SAMCRO. I liked this series so much, but now I regret ever to look at this series. Big disapointment.

  50. Lisa says:

    I may be the outlier here. I just watched season 6 finale. I cried. I relate to Tara. She is not a criminal and is a fish out of water with the club. But she truly is in love and now it’s taking it’s toll, big time. Not one of us could survive the situation. Thank you Maggie for making Tara truly relatable. You and charlie is how I connected to the show. Bravo!