Ratings: ABC Dramas Eye Lows, Fox 'Toons Drop as Sunday Night Football Surges


These are characters from ABC’s Betrayal.

On a Sunday when most every piece of original programming was down week-to-week, ABC’s bubble drama Betrayal took one of the biggest hits, plunging 20 percent to a 0.8 demo rating, tying its series low.

In total viewers, Betrayal mustered 3.3 mil.

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Opening ABC’s night, Once Upon a Time did 6.6 mil and a 2.1, down 13 percent and two tenths (tying its season low). Revenge led out of that with 5.5 mil/1.4, down 13 and 18 percent (matching its series low).

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Fox’s animated line-up was down across the board with demo declines ranging from 16 percent (for American Dad) to 21 percent (The Simpsons).

Dominating Sunday night TV was NBC Sunday Night Football’s coverage of the Cowboys-Saints game, which with 19.3 mil and a 7.0 was up more than 20 percent from last week’s fast nationals.

CBS’ numbers are scrambled due to staggered starts, but as of right now, Amazing Race (~9.3 mil/1.9) and Good Wife (~9.7 mil/1.5) look down a smidgen, while The Mentalist (~7.7 mil/1.3) quite possibly held steady.

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  1. Sarah says:

    People watch Revenge, it’s thrilling again

    • et al says:

      Tvbtn just posted some fascinating data on L+7. Revenge goes up 79% with DVR viewing factored in. People are still watching Revenge, they just don’t watch it live anymore. Of course this doesn’t help it much, but it may encourage ABC to find it a better timeslot if it gets another season. Of course ABC is notorious for bad scheduling choices… So who knows.

      • trainwreck says:

        Revenge did awesome in its original Wednesday timeslot! it should be sent back to Wednesdays!

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I love Revenge on Sunday night. Wednesday is already loaded with to many great shows. If Revenge were to move to Wednesday it would probably have to be dropped and that would make me very unhappy :-(

          • dax says:

            still, Sunday is even more crowded with blockbuster cable shows!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            True but those are always repeated over and over again so I can catch those at a later time when everything else is done. I don’t have to watch everything live.

      • Rook says:

        I don’t watch Revenge live anymore, cause of the walking dead. But I always DVR it, the season has been killing it.


        I thought networks factored in DVR viewings? Shows like Revenge and OUAT will always struggle during football season. Revenge has been so amazing this year so far, it has gone back the suspense and anticipation I would get during season one. I really do hope that ABC renews because it does have loyal fan base. if the DVR viewing is anything to go by.

  2. wonderwall says:

    I will never. EVER. get over how horribly CBS treats The Good Wife (a.k.a its best drama). Shame on them indeed. Last night’s episode was amazing!

    • DL says:

      Truly one of the best shows on TV right now.
      And I don’t like how they treat The Mentalist, either. It was a show that did well for them for many years and then they just shuffled it off to Buffalo (and TGW isn’t a great lead-in for it). Wish more people were watching, the show is the best it’s been in ages.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I gave up on The Mentalist a couple years ago when they refused to end the Red John thing and kept viewers hanging. And they are still doing it. I really liked the show but finally got burnt out on the whole thing.

    • tp says:

      TGW was awesome last night. Zach is the best brother ever. I wonder who is RATting them now tho’? I knew that guy was trouble for Florrick Agos since he started tripping about not getting his bonus.

  3. WayneInNYC says:

    I’m guessing the debut of Nat Geo’s “Killing Kennedy” pulled away a lot of viewers.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    And last night’s ep of Betrayal was the big reveal. It was actually quite good. Revenge was good also but maybe people are getting tired of Emily’s big plan to take down the Grayson’s. I mean this has been going on how long now?

    • TLO says:

      I completely agree with you! I was quite bored with the first ep, and have given it a few more weeks, and it suddenly started getting QUITE good about 2 weeks ago, and last night’s was great. A little TOO realistic to watch for many people (had some ugly crying in it which is refreshing).

      I hope it is given another chance.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s toast but hopefully they will air all the episodes, especially after the twist last night. Even Betrayal is better then that ridiculous Wonderland. If they have to choose dump that one :-)

    • Jacqi says:

      Betrayel had its best episode yet! Cant wait to see how everything goes down next week.

    • tp says:

      I have 3 episodes on my dvr. I’ve been scared to watch it because I feel like it will be canceled before we get to see who was shot in the first episode.

  5. Patrick Jane suffers from multiple personalities. He’s Red John :P

  6. Ginger Snap says:

    Football continues to outperform dramas.

  7. I think Red John is whomever is in charge of scheduling at CBS.
    Absolute shambles.

  8. revenger says:

    Revenge has bEen getting better this season and why aren’t people watching…….. I’m so dissapointed it hurts

  9. Chris says:

    Fox’s animated line-up is so NOT for kids, maybe The Simpson but wow the other shows (which I will still watch) are not for kids and their little inquisitive minds. When watching Bobs, my nephew was like, what is that, what does that mean; we had to change to Once Upon a Time which he liked and only asked questions about the evil Peter Pan.

  10. Rachel says:

    I get that a lot of people are upset with the Neverland arc, but I wish more people would tune in to OUAT. It’s so much better than season 2, and the pace is finally picking up, with the characters coming up with actual ways to defeat Pan. Next week looks promising; I just hope more people will see that.

    • Jimmy says:

      Are viewers that upset about the Neverland arc? I’ve found it enjoyable to watch/ They can’t really spend all their time in Storybrooke anymore and the flaashbacks aren’t really adding much to the story anymore.

      • Tenney says:

        I’ve enjoyed the Neverland arc as well however, I do miss seeing some of my other favorite characters in Storybrook. Many of the episodes this season had both Neverland and an Enchanted Forest flashback; instead of the Enchanted Forest flashback, they could have told some stories in Storybrook so we could keep up with the other characters. I am getting tired of just seeing the Charmings all the time.

        • Rachel says:

          I agree with both of you. I for one think Neverland has been an interesting new area for the characters to explore, and I think we’ve seen some nice developments between characters (and I don’t mean romantically. I mean like Emma and Regina, and Rumple and Neal). However, some people say it’s boring and dragging. I think it’s picking up though, and by the end of these 11 episodes Neverland will be done, so I hope the pessimists come back.

          • meresger says:

            Non-shippers are annoyed with the love triangle. It is an over-done trope and has been handled terribly by OUAT. The bad writing of Season 2 led to the villain being glorified and the protagonist being vilified by the soap opera viewing audience who just want Emma to get into bed with the actor they are having wet dreams about. The bad writing of Season 3 has turned Emma into an emotionally bi-polar character who is at risk of becoming OOC from her established character without any actual character development on the show to explain why this has happened, accept for the writers thinking that a love triangle will boost ratings. And so far it has not. I’m sure all last night’s episode, with that disgustingly farcical fire fight, to say nothing of the side-story of Snow (stop calling her freak’n “Mary Margaret”! No one likes that!) and Charming once again arguing for all of two minutes and then making up with a sappy twu wuv speech, did was disenchanted a large portion of the fan base. Some CaptainSwan shippers will be hopeful that Emma’s mixed signals and Hook’s promise for Storybrooke mean the back 11 will have smoochies for Emma and Hook, but I suspect most are annoyed that Emma was not immediately won over by his hunkiness. The SwanFire shippers are annoyed that Neal continues to be everyone’s punching bag even when he contributes positively to the storyline (no one else had an idea of how to get off Neverland, but both Hook and Emma treat him like dirt), everyone is annoyed that Regina and Rumple have become a sideshow act, and I, for one, think Adam and Eddy need to spend less time with the selfies-by-proxy-love (like John and Michael weren’t their “clever” insertion of themselves into the episode), the promotion of misogynistic and shipper-war-hate-fueling “fan art” in their stupid twitter contest and get back to coeharant character development and relationships.

  11. Hithereall says:

    I wouldn’t call BETRAYAL a “bubble” show. It has had a 1.0 or below that in the demo ever since episode 2. That is a definite cancellation.

  12. Fernando says:

    I’m done with worry about Revenge ratings, I’m just going to enjoy it while it last, I think next season should be it’s last maybe have a 13 episode final season, I don’t see ratings improving unless ABC moves it to another night like wed or Thursday, maybe Tuesday.

  13. Jennifer says:

    It probably didn’t help Once that the episode recap was leaked early.

  14. jonathon says:

    Loving the Red John reveal. The Mentalist has been a great show because of Red John so anyone that left because of this person that led Patrick Jane into who he is on the show then they are missing the whole show’s point. This is going to be the best eps of this show and if Red John is caught and they move to something different it may be interesting at first but not equal this anticipation. The show will go downhill from there so I say enjoy it while it is at the pinnacle of what the show is about…RED JOHN!

  15. I dont get it. Betrayal is a great show. This episode was epic – Wendy Moniz was amazing! Loved it absolutely.

    • xoxoprgossipgirl says:

      I have loved Wendy since she was on soap years ago. Stuart Townsend is ONLY intereting because he was the “boyfriend” of Charlie Theron for 7-years. They should have kept Sara’s actresses English accent to give her a little spunk, just don’t see how mesmerizing she is without it. Like a wet dishrag. And Drew is great, hot and very simpatico to Sara. It should have been about Drew and Wendy having an affair, not the reverse.

  16. Boiler says:

    Until football is over will have no idea what shows are most popular except for DVR viewing. Especially with CBS football over runs every other week no way anything consistent can be gotten

  17. Apples says:

    lol @ the caption on the pic because no one will recognize those characters otherwise.

  18. Yanez says:

    Have the ratings held up for The Walking Dead?

  19. Brett says:

    @Chris of course fox’s animated lineup (with the exception of the Simpsons) is NOT family friendly. That’s why they are rated TV-14 and run a disclaimer at the beginning of the shows saying “viewer discretion advised.” As a matter of fact, although Family Guy and American Dad ALWAYS get those disclaimers, I believe last night’s Bob’s Burgers was the first instance of them getting one. But the warning was there!

  20. Megan says:

    I was convinced from the first time they showed Partridge that he was Red John! I refuse the accept that he isn’t RJ!!!

  21. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Was The Simpsons new last night? That was the only Fox show that didn’t record on the DVR for me last night, so I assumed that meant it was a rerun.