Castle Recap: Live Together, Diamond Alone

Castle RecapThis week on ABC’s Castle, Rick and Kate investigated the death of a relationship guru — while navigating a relationship issue of their own.

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THE CASE | I was digging this mystery until the final act, and then the wheels just fell off of it. In “short”: Alice Clark, a relationship guru to the rich and famous, is found dead, both her car and office ransacked by a professional fixer named Hawke. Clues also reveal that Alice was planning a getaway, and in the meantime was anonymously holing up in a hotel — along with a big ol’ diamond.

Ryan and Esposito bring the gem to an expert, who observes that it is flawless and worth a good $60 million. Then, after RySpo nearly get killed for the bauble by an SUV full of gun-toting clowns, the expert further reports that the diamond is man-made, which is quite impossible for its size, and thus renders it priceless.

Here I must pause before I type, because the case fell apart into a blurry mess. OK, so Alice’s boyfriend Matt is really named Leo (a nod to this Matt who is a Leo???), and they met in South Africa amid much blood-diamond bloodshed. Or something. Leo grew determined to neuter the violent cartels, and to that end gleaned that Alice’s client Steve Warner had the technology to manufacture flawless diamonds. So, Leo mugged the Warners to grab the gem as proof, and when Steve’s wife Janet went to retrieve it from Alice, a waved-around gun went off, leaving Alice dead….?

Yeah, anytime you introduce fictional technology as the crux of a storyline, and somewhat randomly so, my eyes glaze over. Moving on….

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THE CASKETT | As glimpsed first at TVLine, the hour more or less opened with Kate awake in Rick’s bed, being stared down (or so she felt) by “Linus,” the lion print hanging on his bedroom wall. Since she likes to feel relaxed when staying over, maybe he could… move it? Rick notes that Linus was bought with his first royalty check, and stands as his “totem” in his “lair.” But, Kate posits, isn’t it our lair now? Rick later, but quite unsuccessfully, tries to turn the tables by “wanting” to rid Kate’s desk of some  figurines — to which she shrugs, “If you don’t like the elephants, I don’t like the elephants.” At episode’s end (Wait, no Pi? No Alexis??), Rick surprises Kate with a switcheroo, having replaced Linus with a sculpture made of the seashells they collected during her first visit to his Hamptons home. Amid so much memorabilia of his stories throughout the loft, “That’s our story,” he notes. And Kate likes. (As Andrew Marlowe told us, this was a small first step in the larger discussion of living arrangements, though it was at least made clear that Kate still has her place.)

THE QUOTABLES | Pretty much just this one: “…and if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.” Rethink, man! Though it was also fun to hear Espo ruminate about him and Ryan possibly making a run for the border. Also, must be said: Tory sightings! She’s got skillz. (And I think Beckett enjoys her, too; I saw looks.) I also want to make this critique, and this comes from [see headline above] the king of groan-worthy wordplay: They need to dial down Castle’s puns by one-per-episode. Because when you need to drive it home in a scene that Rick was actually embarrassed by a quip (“the fixer is in a fix”), you’re treading into Horatio Caine territory.

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Gotta say, though, looking forward to next episode. It looks quite dark, and a bit freaky with the “doppelgangers.” And I know there’s at least one good twist involved that I haven’t really seen spoiled out there… yet.

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  1. K says:

    Linus poster is Castle’s. Elephants are Kate’s. The seashells belong to both of them. Piece of both of them in their bedroom. Can look at the seashells and be reminded of how much fun they had collecting them. I imagine Rick to be a total kid when collecting the shells with
    Kate. I bet Rick never went seashell collecting with Meredith or Gina. The shells were probably just sitting somewhere in a box ricks loft. He was probably waiting to put them to good use.
    Best part of the episode was no Molly. So unbelievably happy we didn’t see Alexis in this one. Any Alexis free episode is already a great episode. We all needed a break from Alexis. No one wants to watch Alexis being a brat to her father.

  2. skrable2 says:

    Are they still engaged? No ring to be seen, no moment of romantic bliss. She tries to kiss him and he turns away from her. Reminds me of the Castle line about Beckett in “Tick Tick Tick”: “This is my my sexless relationship since my second marriage”

    • Just one thing says:

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that near-kiss at the end. Honestly thought it was just my imagination. Moments like that always make me wonder if/why there wasn’t another cut to use.
      Good episode, though, even if there were a few holes, as Matt mentioned. I think it’s good that they tackled Castle and Beckett’s innate “alpha”-ness, which is likely why they’ve dragged their feet on a number of issues. They are a power couple in every sense of the word, so bringing it into one “territory” will understandably take some time. Of course, things might speed up a bit in that department if they actually talked things out… :P Saving that for later in the season, I guess.
      I love the darker episodes, so 6×09 looks great. Following it up with 6×10 will be a nice cap to the mid-season for the holidays.

      • Kim says:

        JOT – I didn’t think she tried to kiss him when I watched the episode last night, and after re-watching that scene again, I still don’t think she was going to kiss him. It might be hard to tell, but she pushes him toward the bed. For me, it looked like Beckett leaned in with that smirk/smile when she said “deal” and then using her right arm, pushed him toward the bed with the same look. On a wider shot, it would be easier to see. But to me, it definitely looked like her arm was moving in a pushing him toward the bed moment. Something a little saucy that might have fallen short with the camera angle. But again, this is just what I saw.

        I’m with you, I thought it was a good episode with a few holes. I kept going back to the assistant. Something about a man wearing a bow tie in everyday life cannot be trusted. ;) I also thought the territory issue was pretty well done as a jumping off point. I’m sure it will be revisited at some point, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they address that particular issue again.

        Since I don’t want to join the Farscape conversation (never watched it), I’ll just say up here that I’m ok with the Castle/Beckett relationship and how it’s played out. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I think it’s realistic. Or as realistic as a 42 minute TV show can be these days. I’ve always enjoyed the more relationship-py moments between the characters. Would I complain about there being more spice between them? No. If the writers want to go there, that’s ok with me. It’s possible that the writers/creators/producers want to show the depth of this relationship versus all of their other relationships we’ve seen. There’s more love, more feeling involved in a scene like last night than there was in the Meredith/Castle sex scene in season one. At least that’s how I feel. Maybe that emotional depth is what the show is going for. I get that people are frustrated by the lack of passion. I wouldn’t say no to seeing more passion between Castle and Beckett. But I’m more than ok with what we’re currently getting. If fans are looking for a Meredith/Castle-esque scene between Castle and Beckett, I think they’re going to be disappointed. But that’s not to say the show won’t offer other little nuggets for the audience.

        • Just one thing says:

          I thought it was the assistant, too! But I thought he was cute with his bowtie. :D
          I’m with you on the passion front. Would I complain if there was more? No, I guess not. Depends on how they pulled it off. :P But I’m fine with what we’ve got.

      • tam says:

        You guys do realise that it’s a tv show in which kisses are scripted. Actors don’t just randomly start kissing each other. If it’s in the script, they kiss, if it’s not, they don’t.

        • Just one thing says:

          Sure. You could argue that. It’d help to see the script, of course. Or to know if the kiss was blocked, and then was merely forgotten in an otherwise solid take. But fair point.

          • tam says:

            Blocked by actors? Why would they? Also if they had to kiss according to the script then they could have re done the take. They do several for kisses. I think it was just Stana leaning towards him giving him a cute look & then walking off, she had a smirk on her face, no shock or surprise on her face. I think we are just reading too much into a mili second of movement on screen which could be anything lol

          • Just one thing says:

            “Blocking” means positioning the actors in a scene. When a scene is blocked, that’s where they put the actors’ marks. But it also involves movements to accommodate camera angles, etc.
            Like I said, you may be right. We can ignore the fact that different people saw it during their separate viewings if you’d like. It’s not “reading too much” into something if movement is interpreted or questioned. And it’s really not important enough to me to continue justifying what I thought I saw, to be quite honest. It certainly didn’t ruin the scene. It’s just weird.

    • KJ says:

      Have you ever been engaged? It isn’t the case that you always think about sex if you answer with yes. The more fascinating point is how to live together, how to be a family and to understand that everything you do affects your partner. Engagement is the process where two persons become one without loosing themselves. This is exactly what Marlowe shows.
      (When this process is finish the marriage can take place and a baby could come.)

      These are the experiences I made. And I like it that Marlowe shows that it needs a lot effort to make a relationship successfull.

    • Alan says:

      she cant wear the ring while on the job, which this episode was almost entirely built around, due to nypd rules.
      the ending was romantic as hell, castle keeping those seashells and getting that made for beckett is one of the most romantic things ive seen on tv in ages. kate hugged him, rick didnt move out of the way because she was going in for a hug.
      and in case you didnt notice they woke up in bed together and were moving towards the same bed when the episode ended.
      really starting to reach for these “criticisms” now.

  3. Emily says:

    No Alexis or Pi, automatically goes to the great episode pile!

    But for serious, it was a good episode. Kudos to the first out of the Creasy’s.

  4. Ria says:

    Sorry but the Caskett moments we got tonight (and the past the episodes as well) absolutely suck. There’s no spark, no fire… I hate to say it but they’re — boring. This isn’t what I imagined when Caskett got together; they had more sparks when they weren’t together. Oy, so disappointing :(

    • RBA says:

      Welcome to Marlowe’s idea of what a newly engaged couple acts like…

      • Leigh says:

        You know, I see so many posts like this and it bothers me because Caskett is anything but boring. I know people want to see romance and all that but there are some factors to consider – the most important being this is a 45 minute show. There are subtle Caskett moments in these episodes that are just as pivotal as the physical ones. And not every newly engaged couple is all over each other every moment of the day. Most of this episode was spent on the case. As they are all. I remember Gates saying that they have to remain professional at work. This usually means no groping, desk sex and holding hands in the coffee room. At least at every workplace I have ever been in it does. And as someone who has worked with her spouse, I know first hand that it is possible to maintain that level of professionalism. These are two very successful adults.They can manage that. And Castle has always (see the word play) been about subtext. Many of the gestures we see are wrapped in this. They are not always (again :)) obvious and we sometimes have to watch carefully for them. This is only my opinion and is not meant to attack yours I just wish there wasn’t so much negativity out there about this. Marlowe has given fans almost everything we have asked for and the payoff was worth it. See where it leads.

        • RBA says:

          Even Booth and Brennan are showing more affection than the once hot Caskett..

          When was the last time that you actually saw them kiss or hold hands. Heck even give each other a serious (not awkward) hug…

          The proposal turn out to be nothing more than “a chastity belt” because prior to the finale arc of last season we were actually seeing real heat in Caskett.. Not so much now…

          They have become boring…

          • Apples says:

            Each to their own, I’ve loved the relationship this season, and I thought we got plenty of physicality, but more importantly, actual communication and emotional development. Season 6 Caskett is something Marlowe is doing right.
            They have become more interesting than boring, IMO.

          • Dmac says:

            Really… you are going to use Booth and Brennan as an example?? They are on their h

          • Dmac says:

            Damn iPhone. Booth and Brennan are on their honeymoon so if course they are affectionate. It has taken them 9 LONG years to get where they are and 99% if the time they are far from affectionate. This is even remotely a good example. I find it hilarious that the Castle fandom is ever happy no matter what. Their relationship is running true to firm, the are adults who for the most part have done everything on their own and they learning as a couple as they go along.

        • Dan Henderson says:

          I would agree with you regarding #TrustAWM , but to have an engaged couple in the 8 episodes this season only have 3 kisses? That wasnt the way my engagement went, and both of us were professionals. True, the pgm isnt named CASKETT, but i would think a kiss per episode isnt too much to expect from this couple who are passionate human beings…

          • Apples says:

            You do understand that we see tiny snippets of their day, not every single moment of it, right? And of that, most of it is at work. I don’t need to be shown sex or kisses between an engaged couples to know they’re shagging at night or kissing in their downtime. Some kind of quote of kisses per episode or per every so episodes feels ridiculous.

    • c-mo says:

      I don’t agree at all. I think the Caskett moments have been fantastic but I’m also one who appreciates the illusion and not the obvious. They are together and they are confident in their relationship unlike last year when they were both questioning. I think the Creasy’s did a great job for their first attempt at Caskett, I wasn’t wowed by the COTW but I really enjoyed the Caskett. Favorite line:
      Castle: Hey, listen to this: males of the species define their territory then honor the female by inviting them in. See I’m honoring you by inviting you into my territory and Linus is part of that territory.
      Beckett: And if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.
      I LOVE this show!!!

      • Apples says:

        Completely agree with you, I much prefer the subtle moments and the new security in their relationship over displays of physical affection (which we still got plenty of like in Valkyrie and Number One Fan).
        I don’t get the obsession with kissing. There’s a lot more to a relationship than kissing, and I’m vastly more interested in seeing Caskett explore that than make-out like teenagers every ep.

        • c-mo says:

          I don’t get it either, the little touches are much more endearing and much more meaningful than full-on snogging/necking/making out. The writers have created a well-rounded, grounded adult couple that is more than just lust, it’s built on a friendship, passion is just a by-product and not the main element.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think Castle and Beckett are necessarily boring as a couple, but the show/characters are much better at talking up a good sexy game, versus actually selling it.
      In many ways, one could argue that Rick and Kate have the familiarity of best friends, who’ve been together for years. (Others could argue that they have the familiarity of siblings, too.) One thing I think the show sells is how well Castle and Beckett know each other, and how much they care about each other on a level deeper than sexuality.
      Is it possible to have both layers? Maybe, maybe not. I see Castle fans comparing the show to Scandal, but I’d argue that Olivia and Fitz are about as superficially sexual as you can get, with little else going for them on any deeper level. So maybe, on a procedural and an ensemble show, respectively, it’s hard to achieve both with the time allotted. There are always so many other balls in the air.
      Could Castle and Beckett afford to turn up the heat? Sure. Will they? I just don’t think so; not to the degree fans prefer, anyway.

      • RBA says:

        May i suggest if you have time (and the Pivot Network) to watch this little show that aired about 10 years ago called Farscape…. If you do watch, you will see an actual couple (John Crichton and Aeryn Sun) actually behave like a couple in love. They had passion when kissing, when arguing, when fighting, and when making out….

        Honestly I stumbled upon Farscape over the summer and became instantly obsessed with the show and the relationship… As Ben Browder said… “blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma” in Farscape

        • Apples says:

          I quit watching Farscape much before John and Aeryn ever got together because of the poor writing, and Ben Browder was a terrible lead who couldn’t act. If that is a recommendation as an improvement over Castle, I’m OUT.

        • Just one thing says:

          Oh, yeah! I’m aware of Farscape, and have heard great things about it. But Farscape was neither a procedural nor a political soap opera on broadcast television.
          As an off-beat, sci-fi drama on cable, it had a completely different audience and standards. It also helps that both Browder and Claudia Black were on the same page from a physicality perspective. They made the physical passion work, and I’m sure they did that whether it was written or not.
          Not all acting pairs can pull that off so seamlessly as Browder/Black, Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn, etc. Hell, back in the day, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny weren’t always so great at pulling it off either, and look at ’em now. :-)
          As I’ve said countless times here before (sorry, guys), I think this is simply a case of the writers playing to their actors’ strengths, individually and as a duo. Their combined, tried-and-true strength is in conversational dialogue delivery, not in romantic physicality. If that changes over the next year or so, great. If not, we really shouldn’t expect it to be something that’s revisited on a regular basis.

          • RBA says:

            I can see that because I seen some Comic Con panels with Ben and Claudia, and even offscreen their physicality is off the charts… The only other couple I seen have the offscreen chemistry in Panels is David and Emily… DB and ED are examples of couples whose offscreen chemistry is sometimes stronger than what they actually put on screen..

            But I don’t know about Nathan and Stana… I seen old clips of Nathan in OLTL, Firefly, and even early on in Castle and he doesn’t seem to have trouble with the physical aspects of a relationship. If you seen Stana in her independent film roles, she too has no problem with being overtly physical.

            I think mostly it has to do with MilMar and what they want the audience to see. IMO MilMar believes (as the deleted scene from Always points to) that less physicality between the actors is more enjoyable for the fans because they can then use their imaginations to fill in the blanks with what they would want to have happen..

          • Just one thing says:

            Yes, both NF and SK have proven capable of selling the physicality I described in other projects.
            I’m just not willing to put all of the “blame” (if you can call it that) on Marlowe & Miller.

          • Ana says:

            If I have to put “blame” for the lack of passion, etc I go with the writers, because they sell it in the first kiss in “Knockdown” an in always(and if it true what the lucky persons who saw the extra scene, it is really hot they said) of course after that not much but maybe that what they want

        • Jon says:

          Random mention of Farscape and one of the best ‘ships in tv history in Castle episode discussion. I approve. Gives me warm fuzzy feeling when people are discovering that show and the off the charts chemistry ten years after the show ended.

          • RBA says:

            IMO.. After watching Farscape over the summer, I think the John and Aeryn relationship is the best example of how you can do a romantic couple on television — passion, angst, romance, fights, kissing, marriage, and a baby to boot….

            Want to see what Watershed should have been… See Dog with Two Bones (Google the episode or watch the final scenes and you’ll see what I’m talking about)

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t know. As great as John and Aeryn may have been, and as well as their writers may have handled THEIR story, I feel like it’s still comparing apples to oranges. Perhaps comparing Castle to Scandal isn’t fair, either. I don’t know…

    • Alan says:

      i thought it was romantic as hell and that castle did a really lovely thing for beckett. to me they feel more like a real couple than most since we get to see them adjusting and then doing grand gestures when they screw things up just like what would happen in real life.
      i swear sometimes it feels like even if they spent the entire episode in bed that it wouldnt be enough for some people.

  5. Leigh says:

    Is it me? I have never noticed the Linus Poster before. Is this it’s first appearance?

    And for your weekly TVLine questions – The shootout was awesome, but there is more security when money is delivered to my ATM at the grocery store. Shouldn’t Ryan and Esposito at least have gotten an armored car to drive or something? I know product placement is important but the diamond was worth 60 Million or more.

    And the Caskett moments are just fine. The ring was around her neck as she wears it with her mother’s ring and keeps it close to her heart. They woke up in bed together and ended in the same place.

    Good episode and Iam thrilled about next weeks! It looks very interesting…

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yes, Linus has always been there…

    • Apples says:

      If you rewatch the start of The Human Factor, and can tear your eyes away from Beckett’s legs during that scene with ‘Field Marshal Pervert’ (it took me more than a dozen tries), there’s a really good shot of Linus the lion. So yeah. he’s always been around.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I’ll have to go back to find the first episode that shows Castle’s bedroom.. I’m guessing some where in Season 2 involving the deep fried Twinkie.. But for now, I’ll just confirm Linus was standing proudly on the wall in AFTER THE STORM.. And I am guessing it didn’t bother Kate during the three rounds of “Casketting”.. They managed to get in, before Martha showed up with the hungover Alexis.

        • Apples says:

          Well it never bothered her went it was “his” space, but now she’s starting to think about it “their” space in their home. That is a whole different kettle of fish, which is the point of the episode. I forgot it was there in ATS too. I don’t think the deep-fried twinkie scene in S1 (Always Buy Retail) had a view of Linus’s side of the room (incidentally I never found that scene all that hot).

          • DarkDefender says:

            Apples, don’t get me wrong. I am one of the few who like the show as is and think the relationship stuff is playing out fine (could always use some better communication, although we are seeing some of that this season). I get that it is becoming “their” space.. and that was the point of this episodes Caskett moments.. I was simply joking that she didn’t mind Linus when they were having all that off camera sex.

  6. Just one thing says:

    I forgot to mention that I was a bit perturbed that no one seemed to overtly care about Ryan and Esposito’s safety after they survived the shoot-out. Just business as usual.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Indeed you have a point. Yes they are big boys used to plenty of action & even torture (in the case of Lockwood) and Espo is a former sniper but still.. Most surprised to not see concerned Kate..these guys are like her brothers. Guess her priorities now lie with a certain writer named Castle now!

      • Just one thing says:

        Exactly, yeah. Though she treated Castle’s first near-death in Episode 2 with fierce stoicism, and she’s reacted that way in past seasons, so I guess that’s how they interpret her character to act in the face of danger. It’s how they all act most of the time, really. Guess “almost dying on a monthly basis” is part of their job description. :P

  7. Kate says:

    That hug at the end there was super weird, and not only that but the whole scene was soooo awkward looking. Holy batman Stana and Nathan looked off. This isn’t the first time, some of their hugs from other episodes seemed strange. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I had second hand embarrassment from tonight’s hug whatever the hell that scene was. *shutters*

    • RBA says:

      yeap… and in the forums people are now wondering if the weird hug will add fuel to the rumors about Nathan and Stana not getting along…. it makes you wonder…

      • Beate says:

        If they Don’t get along and let the audiance see it then I would call that bad acting .

        • Stormy says:

          I’m thinking that they are much more in tune intellectually than physically. It’s kind of like the standoffishness of Bruce & Cybill [Moonlighting] or between Alexis Bledel and Scott Patterson [Gilmore Girls when the script called for Luke to hug Rory].

      • Rich Abey says:

        I know it wouldn’t be professional for them to bring their personal issue onto the set but, if they have any issues at all, they are mainly because of us fans: We have been badgering them about getting together or how perfect they would be as a couple since day 1. This is gonna hit hard especially when they have other relationships and the show runs as long as Castle is doing. Plus having off-screen chemistry strengthens the on-screen chemistry…partly a reason why the producers chose Stana for the role. In any case, what ever the situation is, us fans should have kept our bloody mouths shut about Nathan & Stana’s personal lives.

    • Apples says:

      I thought the hug was incredibly cute and natural. I love it when Beckett-in-love reverts to sort of acting like a teenage girl, all giddy and embarrassed.

    • James says:

      The hug was weird and the lack of physical interaction is getting distracting Either the leads really don’t get along and refuse to do those scenes or Marlowe is making this a 10:00 p.m. show that could air on the Christian Network.

      • Allie says:

        If you are only worried about the physical interaction you are missing the whole point of that scene. Castle took the initiative to read the relationship advice book and then apply that learning. He actively thought about putting “their story” in what is becoming their space. He recognized that and made a really sweet and very thoughtful gesture in framing those shells, which have a sentimental meaning to both of them. Him doing that for her makes me smile ear to ear, more than any kiss could do.It took planning, effort, and heart. So if you think that makes a bad/weird/awkward scene then I don’t know what to say. I thought both NF and SK played the scene perfectly and was more than likely acted just as scripted.

      • Kiki says:

        You just nailed it .Bam

    • Just one thing says:

      Normally, their quick physical interactions give me secondhand embarrassment, too. But I thought the hug was fine, and that NF seemed to try 110% more than usual to sell that contact.
      But yeah, their physical interactions are often rather… off. I don’t know if it’s a combination of where her heels put her height-wise and/or their abundance of clothes/stuffy jackets, or what, but sometimes they appear like they don’t quite “fit.” Like she has to contort herself to fit into his shoulder every time.
      That said, they gave it a good go in that last scene, in my opinion, and it only got weird in the last couple of seconds.
      I do feel badly for them that so many of us nitpick every little thing they do, but it’s really hard not to anymore. When they go from having flawless, natural chemistry in one arena to having the exact opposite of natural in another, it’s pretty jarring.

      • Apples says:

        I honestly don’t see this lack of physical chemistry. I can’t remember ever seeing a touch, kiss, hug or whatever thinking it felt unnatural.
        Maybe my own “physical chemistry” with my partners over the years have been “off”.

        • Just one thing says:

          Nah, I think it just comes down to perspective and expectations. Some people expect more from the engaged couple and aren’t seeing. Some people’s expectations are already being met, and they’re fine with what is being portrayed.
          No right or wrong answer necessarily, but the conversation is worth having — if not by us, then by the small handful of people who can actually work it out. Though I suspect that’s already happened to some degree.

          • Apples says:

            *shrugs* It isn’t like we never see it. We’ve seen several physical clinches in this season (honestly their reunion kiss in Valkyrie was the hottest since Always, and right alongside Knockdown for mine) but I don’t need to be reminded they’re an engaged couple with a kiss in every single episode. Honestly it is all the discussion I expect to see from part of the Castle fandom after every episode and it is grating.

          • Just one thing says:

            Enough people are noting it from all social media, including FB, which has the highest percentage of “regular” viewers. And it’s different kinds of viewers, too, so it’s not just some sex-crazed sub-sect of fans at this point.

          • Apples says:

            And yet the ratings have shown growth, year-upon-year. I don’t really think that social media interaction is a particularly accurate view of what the majority of the audience thinks- that conversation space tends to be dominated by the most invested shippers. Some shows like have incredible online presences and tiny, tiny ratings. CW shows, for example.

          • Francine says:

            Apples, I have to agree with you about the social media aspect not being a true indicator of what the viewing public is all about. These sites are dominated by very vocal and very passionate shippers. Since you used the CW as an example, if you look at The Vampire Diaries FB or twitter pages, you would think the show gets 10 million + viewers. There are that many comments from people, yet it only averages 2 million viewers. It’s just from a small yet VERY passionate group of people. And there’s nothing wrong with that- if people want to watch a show solely based on a couple they like, that’s fine. But I don’t think that’s true for the majority of people. You just don’t see them (myself included) using social media to promote how they feel. It’s the reason I find myself commenting more on this site because you actually find quite a few people willing to discuss the storylines and not just what characters they ship together.

          • Just one thing says:

            Right, I wasn’t saying that the different forms of social media were indicative of a majority, more that it’s indicative of a VARIETY of different fans — from all walks of life, demographics, levels of interest — who have made some note in passing about how they perceive Castle and Beckett to interact as an engaged couple. Not most, not all, but certainly many.
            It’s not just a bunch of people on Twitter harassing the showrunner and actors. It’s casual viewers on FB who follow Castle, and then make a comment on a picture or status that lands on their timeline. It’s mellow fans posting here, who’ve made no indication that “SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!” is all they care about, saying, “Hey, there’s room for improvement here,” or “Why is it like this?”
            Like I said, I’m not in the camp that’s demanding more romantic interaction between the two leads. But I’m also not in the camp that things the romance has been Grade-A, either. I watch the show because I like 90% of the characters, their dynamics, and the actors portraying them. I could take or leave the COTW, to be quite honest. The ensemble and the main pairing are the strongest parts of the show to me.
            I’ve personally come to terms with some of the show’s limitations, and I’ve decided that those things aren’t going to greatly affect my enjoyment of the show. The romantic physicality that some people crave and some merely expect is one of those limitations that I don’t see changing any time soon.

      • Really says:

        If i had to define Castle and Beckett’s relationship I would call it “cute” but never “sexy”. Their banter is off the roof but are they even sexually attracted to each other?

        • Just one thing says:

          Yes, their banter probably tops nearly all other pairings on television, with the exception of an elite few. That’s their supreme strength, and is certainly what sold the show and the “will they?” aspect of their relationship for years.
          I think the show could survive on this sexual tension-free dynamic for another season or two, where they talk about how sexy they are and we never, ever see it. But that’s because I adjusted my expectations a long time ago. I don’t think the vast majority of viewers are willing to adjust theirs, nor should they necessarily have to…

          • Dmac says:

            Did I miss something??? I for one assumed that Castle was a murder mystery and their relationship is an added benefit. We as fans are getting exactly that, to constintenly whine about their lack if passion gets annoying. If you want passion with no relationship go to Scandle, their relationship has taken over the whole show and it stop being about their cases and how they fix them to an over the top soap operas. Castle, thank God hasn’t taken that route. It is what it is an enjoyable hour if cases, whitty banter, love and friendship and I for one think that us just fine. I don’t think we are owed anything than what we are given.

          • Ana says:

            To Dmac. Marlowe said: this is a sweeping Love story first and all.

    • Marchian says:

      The hug was uncomfortable, to say the least. The leads refuse to do interviews together and rarely act as if they are in the same show together. The lack of physical interaction is, as one poster said, becoming a distraction. It’s clear they don’t get along and I think Nathan is counting down the days until his contract is up and he can escape. NF and SK don’t like each other and, sadly, it’s starting to show.

  8. May says:

    Really, really bad episode. Filler to boot, stupid case, stupid personal story, people acting stupid. We have to deal with Alexis for a handful of episodes and then when she’s gone we get this? Seriously? God, what the hell happened to their chemistry? They act like they’ve been married for a chunk of decades, not engaged for a couple of months. This is, hands down, the worst Castle’s ever been. I hope they figure it out soon, it’s just not good.

    • Grace says:

      Dealing with real relationship issues is stupid? Sounds like you’re one of those people who just wants to see them in bed all the time. Forget solving murders or having actual storylines or character development, let’s just watch them “have chemistry” every week. Great idea.

  9. lame says:

    Now that Caskett is a couple and on the threshold of “The Thin Manesque” classic humor, I’m hoping AWM & CO can pull it off. So far so good, with a few minor story continuity slips, season 6 should be moving in that new direction. Hopefully we can see more of those two struggling to accommodate one another,i.e. Kate’s desk in Rick’s study. But that’s what this season is going to be all about.

  10. lauri5567 says:

    And I was thinking they were saying “lioness” not “Linus”, which makes a little more sense.
    I liked that Ryan and Esposito had a gun fight where they defended themselves rather than waiting for Beckett to come save them.

  11. Nicky says:

    I really don’t understand what some people are expecting to see with the Caskett scenes. I liked that we saw them waking up together. I liked that we saw them tackling a cohabitation issue. I liked the cute smiles and teasing during the episode and I loved the sweet moment at the end. We saw them in bed together at home and we saw him bringing her coffee at work. Quite frankly, there really wouldn’t be much time for any more Caskett to have been squeezed in there. Believe me when I say that I love Caskett more than just about anything else in my life. Seriously. No exaggeration. But I don’t need the fact that they’re a couple shoved in my face every minute of every show. It makes me appreciate the moments we do get and it’ll make the bigger moments even more special when they come. I think people have gotten too dependent on what we read about a show or the spoilers we get or the reports of so called behind the scenes dynamics/issues between the actors and it colors our perceptions of what we see on screen. I think a lot of us were a lot happier just watching the show and being pleasantly surprised each week. I know I was a lot happier without reading the constant complaints. I think I’ll go back to those simpler times and leave these forums to the people who seem to watch just to find something wrong.

    • KT says:

      Yes to all of this! Thank you. People don’t have to like everything about every episode or storyline, but to nitpick about every little thing is so annoying. I swear people just want to see Caskett in bed for 60 minutes every week.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Although… That would make an interesting episode.. Them, solving a case and spending the whole day/night in bed. Quarantined, perhaps.. Is Marlowe reading this? :P

  12. DarkDefender says:

    I didn’t think the hug at the end was awkward at all.. In fact it seemed quite natural.. (I don’t get everyone’s desire to see a full on make-out session every week) but I did think Kate was gonna kiss Rick right before they headed out of the camera shot.

    Still I liked the episode. Still I am loving season 6, on the whole. The COTW was actually pretty good, but I agree with Matt it fell apart in the end.. For me that was the story the boyfriend (Matt, the Leo.. Ha!) gave (and that they believed it – ignoring he was on a terrorist watch list) and that the killer was revealed to be the wife.
    Even Castle could have written a better ending to that story.. ;)

  13. Apples says:

    I enjoyed the ep, though as you say Matt, the case was a mess towards the end. The Creaseys come from dramedy/soap background and you can tell they can’t really write procedurals (yet). To me the there was a lot of investigative screen-time for Ryan and Espo- I think the ep was filmed when Fillion was doing Community and Katic was NY promoting her film. I thought the Caskett moments, especially the elephant scene and the end scene were really cute.
    I thought hug at the end was extremely cute and never noticed a lack of kiss. I don’t need any couple on my screen to kiss every week or anything. I thought the moving in discussion might’ve been more explicit thought.

  14. Nicole says:

    I liked this episode and am loving them this season! Frankly just because they are engaged and now together on the show does not mean that they need to be shown doing it every episode! ;-) I agree that their relationship has progressed with being engaged and talk about moving in and I think what has always been special about their relationship is the small moments they share.

    • Apples says:

      “what has always been special about their relationship is the small moments they share.”
      Exactly. We survived more than 3 years without a kiss, based on innuendo and banter. Now people can’t go 3 weeks without one. I too prefer to see the emotional and verbal side of the relationship and am fine with the amount of physicality the show chooses to give us.

  15. James D says:

    this episode had all I require in Castle. fun and interesting case, and some cute Caskett moments, so I’m satiated. been loving this season so far.

  16. tp says:

    You might not need to see kisses every week but it should be more often than it is now. Not on the job but at the house for sure.

  17. Mary says:

    I enjoyed the episode! The COW was very good (altough I agree it felt a bit in the end, but had me guessing who the killer was untill there).
    I didn´t found the hug at the end awkward at all, for me it was very natural! And I´m loving the way the relationship is handled, every week we see a little step forward! At this point it´s not about showing passion every moment, I know the love and passion are there – it´s about moving forward to the point of actually living together and I´m loving how they are getting there. Like someone above said, “the special about their relationship are the small moments they share” and I totally agree! I like seeing the physicality we get, but I definetly prefer the banter ant the small moments:) And they are everything but boring – for me it would be boring seeing them kissing or making out all the time!
    But to each one their own:

    • Blakblank says:

      “for me it would be boring seeing them kissing or making out all the time!”
      A lack of … is not all the time. A little bit more from time to time, with passion and light would be fine and wouldnt hurt anybody.

  18. ljd213 says:

    Hey Matt,

    As per next week, my spoiler is that it’s the triple murder guy back around to torment the 12th precinct. We’ll see if that’s what you meant.

  19. Newo says:

    Not sure what technology you’re calling fictional, but man made diamonds are a very real thing.

  20. Linda says:

    I get I that this season is going to dwell more on the challenges and adjustments the newly engaged couple are going to encounter as they adjust to this new level of their relationship. But I still find it baffling that we do not see more affection within their “private” moments. I was especially disappointed that in the hospital scene in Dream World Kate did not give Rick a tender peck on the cheek when they were alone. And this has continued through Episode 8. I do not expect full out “tearing the clothes off” passion in every episode but there have been scenes where a bit more affection seemed to be in order. I do love the moments we have seen (Kate gently fingering the ring in “Number One Fan”), and I am greatly encouraged by the storylines thus far.

    It’s just the romantic in me who wished we would see a bit more “spark” in the Caskett moments we are seeing.

  21. K says:

    Engaged couples don’t have to be all over each other every minute of each day. The love the little and subtle moments between Castle and Beckett because those moments are the most meaningful. I don’t know what show some fans are watching. I thought the hug was adorable. The way Kate buried her face in ricks neck was my favorite part of the hug. When Rick and Kate hug it’s cute because they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Kate feels safe in ricks arms.

  22. Ana Rubio says:

    “…and if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.” I really loved that hahaha yeah rethink, man!
    Liked the episode =)

  23. Emma says:

    This episode brought back all that I love about Castle..with the fab foursome all getting good screen time..even Gates. It was a breath of fresh air after the last few we’ve seen. C&B banter was great and everyone really shined..however I totally understand people’s feelings about the intimacy factor. What somewhat bothers me are small intimate moments that could be but aren’t. For instance, Castle has acted less than interested that he has Kate Beckett in his bed, he is always turned away from her and very nonchalant 90% of the time. They haven’t been married 20 yrs..but they act like it. Why not have him facing her, perhaps asleep with his hand on her stomach..(just trying to give a more intimate example) I’m not asking for full blown sex, just more intimacy..oh well, those are my thoughts on the subject! :)

    • Fallon says:

      It would also be more realistic if Castle was shirtless in bed. But then like James Roday on Psych, his compression vest would show. LOL

      • Apples says:

        Plenty of people sleep with clothes on. It certainly isn’t unrealistic that Castle does so…

      • DarkDefender says:

        Not to mention the comfortability they have with each other shows in Kate wearing typical shirt/shorts to bed and not some sexy lingerie.. Like most shows have.

  24. Butch Fralia says:

    I enjoyed having a few more people involved, the captain for instance and the lady who seemed to be doing computer work. I can do without Pi but missed Alexis. Pi is more of a symbol of rebellion than romance. His time will come (I hope).

  25. Jenni says:

    I thought the episode was a huge improvement on what we’ve been given the last two episodes. Which considering I thought the episode was fairly weak and spotty says more about the last two episodes than this one.

    I don’t mind when the boys take point, and in this case it was to facilitate other commitments for Katic (Move PR) and Fillion (Community Guesting). But I did find it hugely appealing that there was no sight nor mention of Alexis and that moocher boyfriend. Sadly, from spoilers we know she’s (and he) is being forced into more episodes this season.

    I loved the final scene, but again, it was more because it was -something- that remotely resembled a couple, as opposed to the Old Married Couple Who Don’t Touch Each Other that we’ve been getting all season. The thing I did notice about that hug though was that, as far as I can remember, that’s the first time Stana Katic has turned her face into Nathan Fillion, as opposed to facing outward during hugs.

    It seems that Engaged Caskett are less than spicy, in fact they are cute, and sweet and lovely, but that’s about it. Sexy is long gone. The relationship is “nice”. But the fire and the passion, I have to agree, I don’t see it and I don’t feel it any more. I blame the writing for that btw, as opposed to the acting.

    Having just seen the ratings, the demo especially is down for this episode and I am hoping that’s a reaction to last weeks dire Princess Alexis episode and that tptb finally start listening to their fans.

    I will also admit, that this season in general, I am noticing in myself a distinct lack of caring and excitement over the show. The writing is unexciting and that’s showing on screen with all characters.

  26. Aspiring Englishteacher says:

    Seriously, all this talk of “awkward” hugs (of which I noticed not a one) and whatever (dirty little) fantasies y’alls want Caskett to fulfil for you, and no-one throws a flag on Ricky’s inability to pronounce the word ‘lair’ correctly? What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with Rick, making it sound like a layer that’s crumbling in on itself? How difficult can it be we wonders and asks that he repeats after us:
    Hair. Flair. Chair. Stair. Pair. Lair.

    Worst part? He’s now even infected Stana/KayBecks with his oral defecit. Incredible.

    Most other things about the ep was great-then-good-then, as Matt points out, -weird as the COTW started falling apart towards the end. Then salvaged by the seashell ‘aaaaaaw’ moment (which in my book was really sweet). Ok, Tory wasn’t as shiny as I remember from her previous appearances, but other than that, all-in-all, a good Castle episode. Season 6 way better thus far than Season 5.
    Caskett? They’re just fine, leave them be.

  27. LL624 says:

    “Alice’s boyfriend Matt is really named Leo (a nod to this Matt who is a Leo???)” Lol. Actually, per writer Chad Creasey, it was a nod to Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Blood Diamond. And man-made diamonds is not fictional technology. That’s real and the writers did their research on it. Dara Creasey’s obsessed with it.

    I thought the episode was okay. I wanted more Caskett and less Rysposito, but what we got was cute. I didn’t find the hug awkward, but I did find it awkward that he turned away from the kiss she was going in for. What’s that about? Anyway, after the shells, I’m even more convinced that their wedding should be in the Hamptons!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I wasn’t saying that man-made diamonds are fiction, but making a character into a pioneer in unheard-of new advances in technology that churns out $60 million rocks. (And I’m sticking with my Matt/Leo theory, that Stana did me a solid, LOL.)

      • DarkDefender says:

        Yeah, run with that. :P

      • terri says:

        Per LL624, ” I didn’t find the hug awkward, but I did find it awkward that he turned away from the kiss she was going in for. What’s that about?”

        Per JOT, “I thought I was the only one who noticed that near-kiss at the end. Honestly thought it was just my imagination. Moments like that always make me wonder if/why there wasn’t another cut to use.”

        Matt, I felt the same thing – Pls adress this to Mr. AMarlowe – what is that about?? is turning away part of the script? why there wasn’t another cut to use? who is the editor, don’t they screened it first before they air it?
        So much rumors going around – it’s just too bad – and felt bad for SK – she work’s hard to be were she at – & somebody want to pull her down. I watch Castle because of her!

  28. barbara says:

    castle is a cop drama mixed witb humor i think their romantic scenes are just fine like in last episode he changed the lion picture that creeped her out to seashell picture to please her which it did these are good moments for tbem. castle isnt a soapopera where the characters are always in bed

  29. T says:

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I did like how Kate gently worked Castle so that he arrived at the conclusion that his lair must become their lair. I liked that thread throughout the episode. I also liked the sugar sweet seashells ending. The show has always done a fun and good job of mixing masculine and feminine traits in all of the characters and that is one reason I have liked all of the characters throughout. I felt the hug was genuine, not awkward. I also thought that Kate was moving in for a kiss but Castle was in a hurry for more; and she did not object. So for me the end was fine. I liked the more screen time for the boys as well. They are crucial to my enjoyment of the show so I liked their involvement and importance to the case. I am still not sure what to make of season 6 overall. I did not care for the DC arc and Alexis’ growing up could have been managed better. I do like the thought of more involvement of the non-Caskett characters but so far I think Caskett is a bit off. Not bad; and I do not want to see them all over each other in the bedroom. But even some of their coffee moments or glances seem missing or less meaningful. Their moments together have been cute and appropriate, just not as far along as I would have thought by now. One thing I am grateful for; at least now they do talk – to each other.