Exclusive Castle Video: Rick and Kate Encounter a Big Problem in the Bedroom

A third party is coming between Rick and Kate — and in the bedroom of all places.

In Monday’s Castle (10/9c. ABC), Rick awakens to find his better half being terrorized by a menacing creature — or as she calls it,  “a hungry lion about to pounce.”

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The fact that the puma in question is both safely contained behind a frame and a prized member of Rick’s family (he even has a name for the kitty!) fails to calm Kate’s nerves.

“Kate’s spending a lot of time over at the loft and it’s very much Castle’s place,” explains series creator Andrew Marlowe. “And when she starts to try to make subtle changes, so it’s a little bit more welcoming environment to her, how does Castle react to it? It’s a really fun, funny [storyline] runner.”

Press PLAY below to find out exactly how Castle reacts to it…

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  1. Lori says:

    Awww, so cute. Love it.

  2. Christina says:

    Love these scenes. These are the scenes I watch for!

  3. Jim says:

    I’m a little disappointed. A picture of a lion & Castle calls it lioness? What a perfect place for a Thindercats reference!

  4. Jim says:

    Make that Thundercats! Hoooo!

  5. lolita says:

    Boring! Castle was better before Caskett became a couple.

    • Apples says:

      There’s always one…

      • t.j. raines says:

        and where there’s one, there’s always more. not all castle fans are caskett fans. the sooner you all realize you don’t have monopoly on the fandom the sooner we can all coexist.

        • Just one thing says:

          Very true. Though I do find it odd when people say it was better before. Their dynamics haven’t shifted all that drastically. The show is still pretty case-heavy, and they break up eps like this with eps where outsiders might not even know Castle and Beckett are even engaged.
          But I agree, dissenting opinions shouldn’t be dismissed.

        • Apples says:

          Oh yes, I was stopping us all from coexisting by making one snarky remark. Indeed, I do wield so much power I should be more careful with it.
          I don’t know why anyone would watch a romcom masquerading as a procedural if they didn’t enjoy the romcom but hey each to their masochistic own.

          • Just one thing says:

            “…romcom masquerading as a procedural…”
            Ha! It totally is.

          • scooby says:

            Preach, Apples. And the whole fandom ‘co-exist’ thing is hilarious because the people wanting that are the ones coming on here slamming Caskett, knowing it’ll rile others up. Not liking the core relationship makes no sense. They’re partially based on the creator and his wife. The lead actress Stana was cast out of 140 actresses who read with Nathan specifically for the chemistry meaning that was considered the cornerstone of the show’s ability to be successful from day 1. If the romance isn’t just AN element but a central element, watching the show while rejecting it is nothing short of bizarre. If you’re not a fan of Caskett, and that’s so significant a piece of the show that it permeates almost everything, how is someone able to stomach “Castle”? Even being just ambivalent to Caskett, the character arcs they’ve done would eventually wear thin I’d imagine. You wouldn’t get the enjoyment the writers intended to provide. The witty banter and case solving is known to be foreplay for Caskett. People are ordering a pizza whose taste they claim to like and then saying they don’t love the cheese and sauce. Most people would order a different pizza.

  6. Astrid says:

    Haha awesome!

  7. Apples says:

    Awesome. “His” place is becoming “their” place. I hope they discuss her moving in full-time. She already calls it home, after all.

  8. John says:

    OK why is Kate now freaked out about the picture ? It has been there I think for as long as she has been. Loved the reference to coming home,though.

    • Ellie says:

      Because she was not having sex with Castle, if so she would not be paying attention on a lion hanging on the wall. Subliminal language, folks ¬¬ By the way, I DO respect the process.

    • Just one thing says:

      I think it’s easier to tolerate something that’s a bit unnerving when you know you’re only there for a night or two. They’re at the point where living arrangements are looking more permanent. She’s probably thinking long-term tolerance. :-P

      • John says:

        Really? she has more than a year having a night or tow there, at the end of last season she was practically living in the loft… this is coming out of nowhere as a lot of things in this show… I guess we will learn that castle has a bad taste for decoration and beckett has the best…

        • Just one thing says:

          This may be the one time I defend something coming out of nowhere. For all their cohabitation before and during the engagement, the loft was and is still his. Beckett had her own place in DC, they never got a chance to move into a new place together, and she kept her old place in NYC (much to the chagrin of many fans). They haven’t yet made that leap, and looking at how they both are, that makes sense.
          I don’t think it’s unreasonable that, as she starts spending more time there and seeing herself there long term (read: forevah!), she now feels emboldened enough to make requests. In the end, they are going to have to blend their stuff.
          They’re not going to move into a new place and start over, which would be more “fair.” We all know the loft is a staple of the show, which means she is the one who’ll likely need to get rid of the most stuff in the end. But when that final move-in say happens, it’ll be interesting how the two tastes are blended in the loft re-design.
          As for taste, if you saw the second sneak peek, he has his own critiques. The two clips show the funny power play that’ll develop throughout the episode, but I highly doubt either one is going to emerge as the one with better style. It’s all a compromise.

          • John says:

            “This may be the one time I defend something coming out of nowhere” It happened so many times before, I don’t know…
            And I get what you are saying… wait! again?, weird.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sometimes lightning strikes twice. :-)

  9. liz says:

    oh delightful!! I love the silly little couples-moments

  10. karkar says:

    Love those bedroom scenes!!! Bet Castle moves the picture!!!!

  11. Bill says:

    I smell a troll

  12. Bill says:

    I smell a troll.

  13. JuneB says:

    The picture probably always freaked her out a little but then she wasn’t spending as much time there as she is now and what they are planning for so it starts to bother her. Totally cute scene. Can’t wait to see more moments like this as the season progresses.

  14. Amanda says:

    Love these very sweet, simple couple moments. The show does an excellent job of putting in just enough.

  15. James D says:

    Oh Dear God its happening. Quick Castle protect the scotch, cigars, and xbox before it’s too late. Love these scenes, it always brings the best out in the characters. i would love something like this each episode even if its like a minute scene at the end.

  16. Daniela says:

    How do you guys even know that Beckett has her old apartment still? Not once since she came back to NY has she mentioned anything about her apartment.

    • Just one thing says:

      When Pi interrupted their conversation a few episodes back (after she was fired), and then Martha and Alexis joined them, Beckett said, “I think I’m going to sleep at my old apartment tonight.”

  17. lame says:

    Castle season 6 is now nearing that golden threshold of the Nick and Nora Charles sophisticated romcom mystery chronicle. Let’s see if AWM & CO can cross that line Rodger Ebert so deliciously described as this is to dialogue as Fred Astaire is to dance.

  18. karkar says:

    The best place for Linus to be hung is in Alexis bedroom, since she is off in her own place with the Fruitarian.

  19. Dusty says:

    While for those of us who love Charlie Brown – Linus rings true for Castle. I thought the scene where Kate tells that he might want to rethink his position (talk about taking sex off the table)… was clear and funny. These two married will keep me laughing all the way to Castle’s wonderful conclusion. Hopefully in season 10!

  20. barbara says:

    i liked this episode goes to show even tho he’s a man child he has his romantic side it was sweet how he traded his picture for one of seashells they picked at the hamptons

  21. lcs says:

    These are great comments of just a short part of the show but important to their relationship.If they are in the bedroom however Kate should be in a “brief/sexy” outfit to support the time frame of the relationship, ie they aren’t even married (yet).