The Voice Live Playoffs Results Recap: Did the Right Singers Make the Top 12?

The Voice - Season 5 Team AdamIn the spirit of total honesty, I have to make a confession: Whenever Cee Lo Green serves up his usual blend of word salad on The Voice, my brain goes all fuzzy like an old black-and-white TV set with faulty bunny ears. (Cut to all of the show’s teenage contestants: “What do you mean by black-and-white TV set? And what does a TV have to do with bunnies?”)

But on tonight’s Live Playoffs results telecast — which whittled the Season 5 field from 20 vocalists down to a lean, mean 12 — the henna-headed, eccentric coach delivered a message that not only made sense, but was poignant enough that it bears repeating.

“This is my most uncomfortable moment. I don’t enjoy this at all,” said Cee Lo, as he was asked to choose one artist from among the three lowest vote-getters on his team. After making the confession, however, he added a entreaty to the audience: “Please continue to support these aspiring artists.”

I know I’m a cynical bastard who spends a lot of time snarking about the highs and lows of the country’s various reality singing extravaganzas, but Cee Lo’s appeal resonated with me. When you lose eight legitimately talented vocalists from a competition in the course of an hour, there’s no way to do it without some real pain. Dreams get crushed. Potential gets stifled. Our own votes and hopes get upended.

But the beauty of a show like The Voice is that even the fallen gladiators live on — in dive bars and arenas and clubs across the country, with singles and albums and EPs on iTunes. Me? I’m gonna download that Matt Cermanski CD I’ve been meaning to buy for three weeks now. Which ousted Voice contestant will you vote for with your wallet tonight or in the future? It’s worth thinking about…

Anyway, with that small slice of sentimentality in the books — don’t get used to it, people! — let’s jump to the night’s results:

Voted through by America: Cole Vosbury, Austin Jenckes
Saved by Blake: Ray Boudreaux
Eliminated: Shelbie Z, Nic Hawk

Voted through by America: Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray
Saved by Cee Lo: Kat Robichaud
Eliminated: Amber Nicole, Tamara Chauniece

Voted through by America: Jacquie Lee, Matthew Schuler
Saved by Xtina: Josh Logan
Eliminated: Stephanie Anne Johnson, Olivia Henken

Voted through by America: James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin
Saved by Adam: Will Champlin
Eliminated: Grey, Preston Pohl

No jaw-dropping surprises, I suppose, though I’d say that Ray’s failure to land in the Top 2 on Team Blake was unexpected. As for the coaches’ decisions, I really wish that Xtina had rescued Stephanie Anne over Josh, and that Cee Lo would’ve rescued either Amber or Tamara, seeing how his heinous song choices doomed them before they’d sung a single note.

What did you think of tonight’s Voice results? Were you shocked by any of the voting tallies? Did you disagree with any of the coaches’ Saves? Sound off below! And for all my reality TV recaps, news, commentary and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HTGR says:

    Mostly happy. I’m 100% with how Team Blake and Team CeeLo ended up.
    I’m beyond happy with how the first two on Team XTina turned out (and as I expected, of course you never know). But I would have saved Stephanie over Josh myself. I kind of somehow knew she was going to go with Josh, I would’ve gone with Stephanie. I don’t mind Josh though. Just I would have gone with Stephanie.
    With Team Adam man he shocked me, I was really afraid of losing Will and then when he said this may surprise people, I was like whoa he actually is gonna do it, I knew Preston was the shocking goner and I was like wow Will actually looks to make it (or perhaps Grey, although much less likely). So glad Will is moving on! That said, I’m really sad to see Preston going, that amazing tone, man and I really dug Grey, although she had a tough week this one week. Overall I liked both of them more then James although this one week James was better than either.
    If I could really re-arrange things I’d have had Stephanie, Preston and Grey saved and Austin, Josh and either Ray or James going, I think.
    But I’m just basically so glad Jacquie made it (not that I was really scared) and Matthew not that I was really scared) but they were two that just HAD to make it. Then of the ones you were not certain of I’m just so glad that Kat and Will made it.

    • Jeffrey Cook says:

      Grey hasn’t had a truly stellar week since her duet with Nick – likewise, he hadn’t been nearly as strong without someone to support on stage. I don’t think I’d buy Nick Hawk CDs – but I would /love/ to see him as a backup singer/dancer for pretty much anyone.

    • Scamp says:

      I miss Preston already. Adam should have saved him.

    • We Z says:

      I think the Adam Team rocked. All 5 of them. Their song reminded me of a great basketball team: lots of good give and takes from strong individuals each with their own gifts.

  2. HTGR says:

    I was a bit shocked at how so few on CeeLo team were able to adjust and rock out even just a little. Kat was really the only one who pulled that song off well, although Johnny sort of just managed a little and Tamara a tiny bit a couple times. I was surprised how utterly weak Caroline sounded on it. I know it’s not quite her style, but I thought she’d have plenty of power and vocal to at least get by and she didn’t. She needs to stick to her style and can’t change up to a totally different style any week ever, just stick to what she’s golden with. That song really isn’t that rock so I was surprised.

    • Jeffrey Cook says:

      Caroline doesn’t have a lot of stage presence yet. She’s improving, but she’s a much better singer than she is a performer. I think, to really stand out, she needs to adapt songs to her voice – which, fortunately for her, she’s great at. I suspect that we’ll be hearing her for a long time to come – as the voice of indie movies backing songs and the like. I don’t think she’s ready to go on tour yet though.

  3. James Wolpert, on Adam’s team, should win… because he has the most amazing, versatile, and emotion stirring voice.

    • Scamp says:

      Wow, I somehow missed all that. How nice that you have a favorite who is doing well.

    • Matt H says:

      Either you have a great gift of sarcasm, or I don’t think you were watching The Voice. He’s incredibly contrived, boring, and awful pitch-wise. Worst of the final 12 by far.

  4. kavyn says:

    All of my favourites except for Holly Henry made it, so I’m happy! Especially for Kat, hopefully she gets some killer songs and rocks them out!

  5. Alan says:

    Yes I thought Preston should have made it through after all of the accolades from the other coaches, I guess Blake will win another one since the best voice is gone now.

  6. Prestfan says:

    Preston was the wrong dude to vote off…his rendition of electric feel was unbelievable and I think Adam had made a huge mistake. I had a Tess Preston showdown set from day one! Disappointment

  7. Scamp says:

    Michael was hot and cold on Preston. I was coal fire red hot! I obsessively played Preston’s four songs over and over. I used every moldy, old, and rarely used hotmail, yahoo, and gmail address to vote 211 times for him. It hurts that I won’t be buying more of Preston’s music. Adam is a moron for not saving Preston and taking away my fun. And Adam has ugly hair.

  8. Mika02 says:

    Yeah the only person who to it right was Team Adam.

  9. Annie says:

    SO happy about the results!! I’m so happy that Adam saved Will, even though I do like Preston. I kind of wish he got through instead of Tessanne.

  10. Davey says:

    I was hoping Austin would be gone tonight. My fear is that he will stay until the final four and bore us to tears.

  11. Kelly says:

    No country artist left… maybe Blake will turn Cole or Austin into a country artist?

  12. Kelly says:

    Just from the past season iTunes rankings… so predictable that Team Blake that Cole, Austin. Team Xtina that Jacquie, Matthew. Team Adam that Tessanne, James. Team Cee Lo that Caroline, Jonny would be voted in. IMO Blake picked Ray due to his iTune ranking. Adam picked Will due to his iTunes ranking. Xtina and Cee Lo… ???

    • tealeaves says:

      Adam might have picked Will because of iTune sales, but he should have considered Preston was handicapped by a bad song selection that did nothing for him. The guy who picked Electric Feel for his audition certainly could have sung something more unexpected than what he did this week.

    • linda G says:

      Who know what makes the coached tick! Theu want a winner – – I am not a fan of the new format – too many talented people went home last night after only one live show.

  13. Emma says:

    Who is Josh Logan?

  14. Timmah says:

    I thought America got it mostly right, except I don’t get Cole at all. I would have expected Shelbie Z to get voted in.

    • Dakota says:

      Cole was an easy lock to move on per iTunes. He had two in the top 100. Besides people I think were turned off from Shelbie’s too confident personality.

  15. Terry says:

    I wasn’t really mad about any of the coaches choices tonight. My biggest complaint about the show was how embarrassingly bad team CeeLo’s group performance was. Yikes!

  16. Sea L says:

    Well I guess there is something to be said for being a back up singer for someone famous or the son of a famous band member. Tess and Will. Everyone at our house cannot believe that Adam chose Will over Preston. Boo Adam. We will be rooting for Jacquie and Matthew now. Will was stolen twice and ended up back at Team Adam which seems a little bit odd considering….. perhaps those in the music industry stick together. I sincerely hope Preston scores a recording contract and does well. Maybe then Adam will see what a huge mistake he made choosing a good voice over a unique one. Preston, we will continue to support your music. Hope you have great success. Your voice is truly amazing.

    • Scamp says:

      Boo Adam. Big mistake.

    • DL says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam signed Preston to his label.
      That said, Preston’s last performance was pretty tame compared to Will’s. Though I do admit to being shocked that Adam chose Will over Preston.

    • linda G says:

      Preston’s voice is hoarse from too much singing and straining and not enough vocal training. He would lose his voice in week 3.

    • Jonny says:

      What’s funny Sea L is that you failed to recognize that Preston was in a popular band signed to a major Christian label. He is as much an industry insider as Tess or Will, and rumor has it he knows Mark Burnett, so I don’t think that’s fair of you to say. Preston is cool, but has declined since his first week. Will and maybe Tess have gotten better. Like it or not, that’s the fact, and itunes reflects it. I don’t think Secrets was a great song at all for Will. Even Adam said he had to totally rearrange it. If it was so great he would have left it alone. Think about it. This is coming from a Matthew Schuler fan, but fair is fair on that one.

      • Sea L says:

        I had read about his Christian band, but Not sure how you can compare a Christian recording label with being a back up singer for a an already very famous person or being the son of a an already famous band member. I was just pointing oiut that they have connections in the music industry and other people on the Voice do not. That is a somewhat unfair advantage.

  17. Amanda says:

    I have to say that one thing tonight’s show proved is that choosing the right coach is essential. At his blind audition, it seemed obvious that Preston should pick Cee Lo, but instead he went with Adam. That was ultimately the nail in his coffin, as he never would’ve gotten rid of him like Adam did. He’s not in my top 3 favorites, but he didn’t deserve to go home.

    I wish I could get on the Will bandwagon, but there’s just something about him I’ve never liked-both in his voice and personality.

  18. Matt H says:

    Jaw dropper that America liked James. Terrible vocalist (both pitch and performance), no charisma, and goofier than Nick. Should have been Preston, Will, and Tess. Really, really disappointed James made it and not Preston.

    • Dakota says:

      It’s WGWG plus nerd factor = Winning combo.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah, it might have been that one performance that saved him (although his type does seem to be popular on The Voice, if usually never quite enough to make it all the way). But looking at all the weeks together yeah Preson, Will and Tess would’ve been my top three and I’d rather have had Grey over James too (although he obviously did far better than her this week).

  19. Joanne Evans says:

    Cello you just lost I thought you wanted to win no more watching the voice this season

  20. The Guest says:

    Anyone think that for the group song, Josh just did the same thing again where he tries to emulate the original singer?

    I really don’t know what Christina sees in him. He’s totally gonna be gone in the next two weeks.

  21. The Guest says:

    Would anyone put it past Christina to intentionally talk for way too long to cut into Adam’s time?

    • Lisa says:

      They all babbled way too long before the eliminations and all pretty much said the same thing: “You are all good, and I love you all, and I hope people continue to support you.” Skipping over episode recaps and the majority of those horrid group performances, I watched the whole episode in twenty minutes. Thank you, DVR.

  22. Ashley H says:

    Caroline Pennell just warms my heart! I love hearing her voice and she will win it this season

    • LisaDiGi says:

      Really? I don’t care for her voice or style at all. She may go far, but, i don’t see her winning.

      • MC says:

        I am one of the very few who is not charmed by Caroline. She has virtually no range and her voice is too breathy and affected for me. Definitely not my cup of tea.

        • Terry says:

          I don’t think she’ll ever be accused of being versatile. heh. Not my cupa tea either, and I suspect there is only a very limited number of songs she would actually sound good on, so we’ll see how long she lasts.

  23. Karen says:

    I am glad Adam picked Will. I have nothing against Preston, but Will has gotten better each week and Preston kind of stayed the same. I also wish Christina had picked Stephanie, but she had a very tough choice, all the remaining were very talented.
    Ceelo, took that X before the show? Loved the hotpants?? Oh well, he has Caroline, who I love (she has an awesome EP on iTunes). Just don’t mess her up.
    Poor Blake, I don’t see him pulling it out of the fire.
    Its interesting that the overweight women, don’t seem to do well in the live shows. I guess America has another stumbling block to get over.

  24. as says:

    Well Adam strikes again with his rotten song choice. Preston deserved a spot in the top 12.

  25. Totally agree! Preston needs to be picked up by someone. If he had the right songs I do believe he could have a successful career. I kept wishing every week that they would choose Sam Cooke or even something more current but with a sexy/smooth sound which is definitely what Preston’s voice evokes. That Bruno Mars choice was absurd. A producer out there must be hearing what some of us are hearing. I’d buy anything to hear his voice.

  26. Audrey says:

    Unlike everyone else, I think Xtina made the right choice with Josh. Ceelo should’ve picked Tamara instead of Kat. Also, I don’t think Austin should have make it on Team Blake. And for Team Adam, I’m probably the only one who think he should have went with Grey. (I never liked Will and I only like Preston’s blind audition.) Everyone saying Adam has the strongest team.. I think Xtina got this.

  27. DL says:

    Come on now, he’s a great “singer.” Not sure how that can be denied. He’s just not a great or particularly interesting “artist.”

    • LLL says:

      Who are you talking about, which post are you replying to, and what’s with the quotes around “singer” and “artist”?

  28. DeeGee says:

    So sad to see Preston go. Singing the Bruno Mars song did not do his beautiful voice justice. The song limited him rather than provided him with an opportunity to shine. How could his coach not have seen that? Would rather have seen James be on his way.

  29. Olive says:

    I actually think Xtina was smart to get rid of Stephanie. She is definitely better than Josh and Xtina probably knows that, but going forward her best choices to win are Matthew and Jacquie so she needs one contestant as cannon fodder to make sure the other two aren’t in jeopardy. May not be right, but it is strategic.

  30. TC says:

    not sure why Cee_Lo saved Kat Robichard over Amber or Tamara. She’s grating on the ears and has this over confidence that I personally find off putting. My only solace is that she won’t last long

    • HTGR says:

      In the real world 90% who make it are over confident but on the petty reality world that is the worst sin.

    • whatisreallygoingon? says:

      Like, like, like!!! I won’t be watching much longer if she stays. And if CeeLo returns, I won’t. He has horrible taste – in music choices and picks.

      • HTGR says:

        And he loves your Tessanne and he was the only turn around for all semifinalists the other season and only one to turn for Amanda Brown and others….

  31. LisaDiGi says:

    I am a little shocked that one of the country girls didn’t get America’s vote. I agree with previous comments, Shelbie did come across as a little smug. But, she could really sing. Maybe everyone is done with a country genre winner as we’ve had for the past coupld seasons? Not many can out-sing Tess, in my opinion. Jacquie can sing, but I think this may be a guy’s year to win – I’m thinking Matthew.

    • Dakota says:

      IMO Matthew will not win. It may be a guy’s year, if so, then it’s James, Will, or maybe even Cole. Look at Trevin from a few seasons back. Last year you had two black guys, both gone early. Tessanne will not win, she reminds me of Judith Hill. She’s too good early on and has no room to improve. I put my money on James, Caroline, Jacquie and Will.

      • Kaba says:

        I’m trying to find the logic in your reasoning for why Matthew won’t win….
        Because he’s black? That’s just about what you said :/
        Notice, the different between Matthew and Trevin is:
        A) The type of artist they are
        B) I’m sorry but Trevin was never good throughout the Lives ever, pitch all over the place and his songs were just absolute piss.
        C) Matthew has much more appeal than Trevin does. To be quite frank, Matthew appears to have some of the strongest appeal on the boys end of the spectrum. Sure you could claim that James has higher…but I don’t truly believe he secured any hardcore fans just because of his 4th placing in itunes. And I’m not sure if he can maintain any kind of consistency..ESPECIALLY since he’s on Adams team.

        • LisaDiGi says:

          I think Matthew is extremely talented – doesn’t matter to me if he is black or white. He is deserving to be in the top 12 and, compared to the other guys, he is my favorite. Between him or Jacquie – could be Christina’s year!

        • Dakota says:

          You’re absolutely right. I love Matt after the ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance and I love the full studio version even better. I’m not a James fan. But the WGWG Plus nerd factor cannot be denied. HAHA. I’m cheering on Jacquie, Matthew, Tessanne. I’m afraid for Tessanne, because she’s on Adam’s team. Look at what he done to Judith Hill from last season.

          • Kaba says:

            I dunno if he’s really charmed that effect on the audience yet though.
            Usually even people that don’t like the WGWG can usually tell when they’ve commanded the votes for the rest of the season…but I honestly feel like he definitely won’t be on his guitar next week, and he’ll be all over the place pitch wise.
            I don’t think he’ll win. I’m just not seeing it, I just see one good performance and someone who’s known for inconsistency.

  32. Michelle says:

    My blood is BOILING that Preston got sent home. What a dumb move that was. Can’t wait for Adam to loose this season of the voice, its going to be soooo bittersweet.

    • linda G says:

      Preston has a hoarse voice from no vocal training. He has soul but he needed to maintain his voice with some training.

      • BrazenSongBird says:

        +1. The tone that was so cool in “Electric Feel” was becoming raspier by the minute. It was only a matter time before he lost his upper register altogether. This may sound counter intuitive, but I’m glad, for his sake, that he went home.

  33. Lanne Farrel says:

    Glad to see this morning that more people are getting behind Preston getting a music deal. Need more!! A unique voice finally instead of the endless drone of similar, uninteresting voices. Adam really did him in with last song choice. Will never support Adam on anything! How could he send him out to sing Bruno Mars (could have handled the hair if he was singing Motown!), and then cut him because it was not successful. NOT RIGHT!
    .However, I believe that the right person has seen him, heard him, and that it is the beginning, not the end…waiting to buy Preston’s music. Affirming that.

  34. rhett says:

    Preston not going on… wow! Preston, imo, could have won the whole shebang plus actually make platinum records as a mainstream artist. He was the male version of Caroline Pennell. Preston is gritty, unique, one of a kind, and god born talented. In addition, Preston is damn well consistent. Now Adam has the problem of two inconsistent singers James and Will going on. Both are great when they are hot, BUT there is simply nothing unique about them. Tessanne is now Adam’s saving grace.

    I’m not an avid watcher of American Idol or The Voice or any other. In fact I have never purchased a single song from any of the singers (during the shows). I purchased Preston Pohl’s “Electric Feel”. Uniqueness, consistency, and winning the hearts of passive casual watchers… that’s the formula for winning these shows.

  35. Dakota says:

    Yes, tweet, facebook, email, or whatever and tell Adam Levine he should sign Preston to his 222 Records label.

  36. jay says:

    Song choice is very important on this show, but if a performer has a VOICE, that singer should remain on the show. Having said that, I’m not surprised how callers vote because it is usually not based on a performer’s voice, but the coaches had the opportunity to save Shelbie Z, Amber or Tamara, Stephanie Johnson, and Preston. the coaches decided not to let those singers go through to the top 12 and in my opinion the top 12 is now a competition between 6 of the contestants – Tessanne, Matthew, Jacquie, James, Caroline and Ray.

  37. Melissa says:

    With Preston out I have no reason to watch. Most of the male vocals sound like someone standing on their nether regions. I am tired of high pitched male vocals. None of the other male vocals are that interesting. I can’t believe Ce Lo picked that Kat screeching horror over either Amber or Tamara. I’m just plain disgusted. I think there needs to be new coaches and stop the rigging of the show.
    I never understood what any of the coaches hear in James and Will and I still don’t. They are very generic whiners.

  38. shar says:

    I was surprised by Shelbie Z leaving, but so glad Blake picked Ray. He is my favorite of everyone, I also really like Will on Team Adam.

  39. jc says:

    I hated to see Preston go because he has a unique sound, however, I’m not surprised he was eliminated. His blind audition was the highlight of his time on the show, everything else was a little sub-par and a step down. The thing I sometimes don’t understand is the terrible song selection, on the part of the judges and the performers. Preston Pohl doing Bruno Mars was a real head-scratcher. All in all, I think the song selection dooms many a singer.

    • rhett says:

      I agree, bruno mars for preston pohl was a horrible choice by adam. I think adam was trying to find “pop” range in preston. However, I thought marley’s “no women no cry” that preston picked was perfect.

  40. Lanne Farrel says:

    Reply to Dakota, Your heart is in the right place, but I wouldn’t trust Adam with Preston’s career!

  41. sunshine says:

    Show Becoming Like Idol……Good People Going Home And Bad People Staying. Obvious That Certain Individuals Get Selected And Then Eliminated By The Judges To Make Sure A Favorite Can Win. The Guy From Last Season ThatWwon Is A joke

  42. HTGR says:

    I agree that Stephanie seemed to have more promise, but at least Josh doesn’t have multiple personalities all posting at the same time ;) hah.

  43. HTGR says:

    Hah I think “Don’t Want To Leave Name” means couldn’t think up any more names on the spot to post under!

  44. Without Preston left in the competition there are few unique artist left. Caroline has a pleasing voice that I love and although James does not have a voice that stands out he does have unique talent. Ray would have to be my dark horse pick. I don’t get the fascination with Cole.

  45. Sea L says:

    To whoever made the comment about vocal training and Preston Pohl….Who says you need formal traiing to become a good artist? Many artists, vocal, dance or whatever have been very succesful with out it. Preston;s raspy voice sounded great to me but I think the songs chosen by Adam were not right for his vocal range and maybe that is why you thought he was getting raspier.

    Will is Adam’s pet. Remember a few seasons back when he picked that ex Mickey Mouse club guy that Christian used to peform with on the Mickey Mouses Club show? I can’t remember his name, but I do remember Adam picking him over someone much better with the rationale was that they ‘just clicked’.Even though the guy got voted off later, Adam even went so far as to back his recording deal. Well he was on one of the following seasons (maybe last one). The guy has a nice voice, but his music and stage presence are so lack lustre. To me Will falls in the same category. Hey and don’t forget Will’s dad could most likely finance Will to record music, but the Voice will give him recognition to sell his music (even if he does not win the voice) that he will never otherwise have gotten
    Once again, Boo Adam for not keeping Preston.

    • Christobel says:

      I think you mean Tony Lucca (and I think Will has more talent in his pinkie finger than Tony had n his whole body)

      • Sea L says:

        I will agree that Will has more going for him than Tony. What I meant was that both Tony and Will clicked with Adam. And I will admit that Will has improved everytime he has performed.

  46. Sea L says:

    OOPS typo, should say Christina NOTChristian

  47. Heather says:

    What is wrong with everybody? Why aren’t we commenting more on Preston. He was amazing. He is so soulful, he can sing a reggae song then turn around and sing a pop song both with such soul and conviction. He is a true artist. So many of these contestants have this “we’ve heard this before” kind of voices. In other words not original. Preston deserves to be in the top 12. I don’t understand why Adam Levine felt that Will was more deserving considering he’s had more then his share of rough moments and had to be saved. Preston has only been amazing through this whole show. Hopefully Preston will get many calls to further his singing career. Go Preston!

    • Sea L says:

      Hey Heather, a lot of us have been commenting on this and other websites. Preston tweeted that he will be recording music in the near future, so maybe a recording contract is in the works. The Voice has not had any really successful winners to date. Even with Idol, some of the people who did not win have gone on to have successful careers. Preston wll be successful as he is one of the few artists whose appeal is to a wide range of people. It has been very interesting reading comments from people who have never cared enough to download music from the Voice in the past, but admitted doing so for Preston, myself being one of them. Adam has really missed the boat on this one and it is pretty obvious that although he really thought Preston’s voice was “dope’, he did not know how to coach him given the not so great song choices.
      From what I have been reading Preston now has fans in not only the US but Canada, Brazil and Germany, and I am sure a lot of other countries. Even thought his stint was short on the Voice, we now all know who he is. That should help his career. However, I feel cheated that I won’t get to here him sing until he puts out more music.

      • Lanne Farrel says:

        Agree Sea, Adam did not know how to coach him and failed miserably. But, Preston has been heard now. So happy to hear that Preston tweeted that he will be recording music in the near future! I am one of those people that has never downloaded music or ever voted for anyone. I did both for Preston. His voice just gets to you. I am done with The Voice, and left all the other talent shows a long time ago. It is too hard to see someone go that should win. Too easy to get invested. Preston was the worst to see go home. So unjustified since it was Adam that failed him. Success is the best revenge! Maybe they will run into each other when Preston comes to pick up his Grammy! Preston is beyond just talented; he is like Bob Dylan…his uniqueness and music will transcend generations.

        • Sea L says:

          Lanne, I could not have said that better myself. Preston was amazing with his Blind Audition, Electric Feel and if Adam had been a good coach he would have known how to continue to make Preston shine. It was easier for him to coach Will to improve, since Will was mediocre to start with. What a cop out from Adam since he made such a plea to have Preston join his team and then he really let him down. I think it would have been fairer if the eight people to go home, could have been from any team. That way the competition would really be about the best voice.

          Thanks for your response, it helps to know that others feel the same way about Preston’s talent.

        • Sea says:

          Lanne, (and other Preston Fans)
          I just thought you would like to know that Preston has tweeted that it looks like he is going into the recording studio soon and will be releasing a song on iTunes around Christmas time..Good news for sure!!

  48. jo says:

    im surprised but happy when adam saved will over preston and grey especially over preston. preston has a unique voice but i think will has more to offer than just the uniqueness and i think he can move the audience way better than preston. i knew ceelo would save kat and im fine with that if not tamara. tessanne is a belter but that’s it, not the voice that i would listen to. no offense but personally, i think her voice sounds old or mature woman i dont know how to describe it, i mean that quality, not my type. james was so great on his last performance. i wasnt a fan until the live shows. he still seems to be a trying hard rocker when he is singing with roar sounds i dont know, specifically when he sang more than a feeling. cant help but compare with season 3s terry mcdermott’s version. but he was so much better when he isnt shouting. jonny has a unique tone also like preston but not a fan. i dont know if his stage presence is his style but i dont think so. his movements on the stage are those of someone who doesnt know how to project on stage, i mean he really looks stupid, let’s admit it and im sorry for his fans haha.

  49. Ackee says:

    It is evident that Tessanne Chin is “The Voice” for this season. -_- So the blabbering about contestants is all in vain. The industry obviously wants someone who can influence masses, who has beauty, talent and someone from a unique cultural background. Tessanne has her accent which makes her quite unique and standout from the other contestant.

  50. whatisreallygoingon? says:

    OK, first of all, if CeeLo (and those hideous outfits) are on the show next year, I’m done. He has been making ridiculous song choices and decisions all season. Secondly, can the judges stop all that yapping and just comment!?!!? Shut up already!!! We know this is the hardest decision, blah, blah, blah, just tell us your opinion. And finally, the judges should NEVER be allowed to turn around – at all. Once they see the contestants, it is no longer The Voice, but it becomes The Looks. (They could coach from another room, via voice recordings, be creative.) Oh, one more thing – Kat???!! Really??? Again, see my first point. And that was clearly 1 Cor. 13 – not something you made up sweetie. Of course people think it was novel – have you been outside lately? LOL!!! <3

    • HTGR says:

      Well see this week and maybe you’ll admit that you were the one writing off Kat and not looking enough to see her potential. Maybe CeeLo wasn’t so wrong.