Exclusive Bones First Look: Witness Booth and Brennan's First Fight as a Married Couple

The honeymoon is over!

Booth and Brennan settle into their new life as husband and wife in next Monday’s Bones, (8/7c Fox) and, at the risking of spoiling the following exclusive video, a fair amount of bickering takes place. Actually, a lot of bickering takes place.

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Among the issues they can’t seem to agree on: the viability of New Media vs. Old Media, the difference between honest criticism vs. an outright slam, Booth’s idea of tactfulness vs. Brennan’s idea of tactfulness.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Are B&B TV’s most adorable squabblers?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Let’s see how many people will get mad that they are not wearing their wedding bands. lol
    I think it would be good to state that this is the “bonus” ep from S8. :)

    • greatvonnie50 says:

      thanks for the info because I did wonder wear their rings were lol #adedicatedfan

    • Julia says:

      They filmed this episode as an “extra” it was shot before the wedding and is a stand alone episode

    • Sine Nomine says:

      My wife and I have been married almost 35 years and have hardly EVER worn our wedding bands. She works in medicine and wears latex gloves much of the time and is always washing her hands. I worked in tech and when my ring got caught on a printer rack and tore of much of that finger’s skin, I stopped wearing mine. We and others have never been confused as to whether we are married or not, and we are both conservative/traditionalist leaning. The important things are rarely found in things. So I don;t care if they have their rings on or not, even though this ep is, as you said, out of production order. [Correction: Out of SEASON production order, no less.]

      • Lisa Salfisberg says:

        My husband I also do not wear our wedding bands, He has Rhumatoid Artheritis and can’t and I work as a Massage therapist and I use a lot of lotions and oils and it was always slipping off so the fear of loosing it plus the probability of scratching someone I just don’t want to risk it so I don’t wear it we know were Married so you don’t need to wear a ring to be a happy couple

    • Dee says:

      Haha!! You know Bones fans so well! :) I was just thinking that as I was watching the clip. Good to know it’s a “bonus” episode.

    • Paige says:

      First thing I noticed.

    • Lolly Aagain says:

      well I for one am disappointed that the rings are gone ( that’s the first thing I noticed). Neither one of them have jobs that prevent them from wearing one. Besides Bones wears a ring on her right hand all the time.

    • Alli says:

      Not all married people wear their rings…. just so you know!

  2. Amanda Hansen says:

    Booth has a way of always making Brennan aware of her lack of some social mistake and it is neither attacking or mean. She listens to everything he says and after he makes his case he lets her sit on it. She will consider everything in her way and I bet you will see at the end of the episode her bringing up what she has decided to do. This show is the best show on TV by far. The writing, acting, support characters are totally awesome. I love NCIS also as it is always excellent.

  3. Julie @SBXMomX says:

    Yes – they shot this episode last year as a “bonus” episode and to why no wedding rings.

    Totally agree with your comments Amanda Hansen – Booth is great with Brennan. And she helps him too in her own way. Why we love B&B.

  4. D says:

    Definitely the cutest. They fight “well.” Someone said this is a bonus ep from last season so they aren’t wearing their wedding rings. No doubt some fan will pick up on that and go on a rant, but what the heck, I don’t always wear mine and neither does hubby, so let it go people.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you so much for the comment about wedding rings. Drives me crazy when people assume something is wrong with a marriage because you aren’t wearing your wedding rings. Mine are incredibly loose and I take them off when I’m home … and frequently forget to put them back on when I head out. It’s life people … get one!

    • cathy says:

      i agree!

  5. Trista says:

    I think you only have to worry about Bones and Booth when the STOP fighting.

  6. Groovycathers says:

    Got a version we can see outside of the US please?

  7. Jasper777 says:

    No need to point out this is a “bonus” episode. Continuity would not and hardly ever is followed within this show’s character arcs.

    I’m still trying to figure out who mudered, sliced and diced people for Pelant- but again, and along the same lines, we won’t ever have follow thru on that either. Good show for Friday night DVR fodder.

    • sd says:

      Pelant did his own murder/ slicing/ dicing. What they didn’t show and really didn’t need to is how he used his tech genius to make it appear that he was home when he wasn’t

  8. Ali says:

    Nah, Michael, that’s not a B & B fight, its SOP, Brennan being condescending and insulting and Booth pushing back as usual, still the same and me likey.

  9. Lois says:

    I agree – they are TV’s most adorable squabblers! The disagreement made me smile!

  10. Groovycathers says:

    Many thanks Sme012 :)

  11. That was no fight. They also squabble like that. They’ve gotten madder at each other way before they got married. Besides, they’re funny when they go at each other!

  12. Andrea says:

    Can’t view the video- content unavailable. YouTube, anyone?

  13. Rusty says:

    As much as I enjoy Bones, her inability to be tactful after all these years is getting old. Any person would have learned some tact by now. In Mondays episode ‘Nazi Honeymoon’ I kept hoping that the other M.E. would slap the smirk off of Bones face. Of course it was all justified to the writers because she turned out to be the murderer. Also I wanted to see a big time apology from Angela for her treatment of Booth but didn’t get one. Her character was really out of line. I would like to see more about cases now. All this intimate details about their daily life is not what the show was about originally and I for one am getting tired of it. It’s time to end this show after this season if we get 35 minutes of personal stuff and 7 minutes of crime solving. At times it seems the crime solving is secondary to the daily trials and tribulations of the all characters. My pet peeve..what about Zack??? We know he is innocent and Sweets knows, when will he get out of prison?
    Ok, am stepping off my soap box now.

    • Lolly Aagain says:

      I truly agree with “it is time to bring Zack Addy back into the fold” we never seem to get an explanation as to why he was taken off and not brought back !!!!

    • Beezee says:

      The actor who played Zack asked to be written out of the show because he was suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder and his doctors had not yet found the correct combination of medications to allow him to functional successfully both at work and in life generally.

      He has since then had his symptoms brought under control by the right combinations of medications, but by now the rotating of the collection of new interns has made various story possibilities do-able for the writers.

      Meanwhile, although Zack was innocent of personally committing any murder himself, he absolutely was guilty of being an active accomplice of Gormagon and therefore could be sent to prison for life just for being an accomplice.

      Furthermore, Zack ACTIVELY TAMPERED WITH EVIDENCE, taking the canine teeth from many of the skeletons in the Jeffersonian’s “Limbo” – Modular Bone Storage area, and using them to build the dentures that Gormagon wore to eat this victims.

      How could Dr. Zack Addy EVER be permitted to work on ANYTHING RELATED TO ANY CRIME given this historical FACT of having previously tampered with the skeletons from “Limbo”?

      If Zack WERE brought back, he would have to work only with Dr. Clark Edison on Historical Finds where nothing he did or touched would ever become relevant to any criminal case.

  14. Susan says:

    Booth and Brennan’s ‘fights’ are cute! Booth loves Brennan so much he would bend over backwards for her…Having someone like Brennan in your family is challenaging, but Booth is so good with her..Can’t wait for many new episodes…

  15. I love when B&B squabble. I started watching this show after my spine injury and i fell in love with this show. But I would like to see is a little more crime,action ,blood and less romance. I miss the in your face booth. And the I will get you cause I’m the best bones attitude. Really she don’t even study the bones anymore it’s like she is losing touch with who she and it all about booth. REALLY. That’s it that’s what the writer trying to see who like the new bone from the old ones

    • Lauren says:

      I think its because Bones is coming to an end they are moving bones to Friday night at east that’s what it said on Mondays (honeymoon) episode and if you know anything about TV usually when its being moved to another night after it has been on one night for more than 4 seasons then if usually means the show is ending because usually Friday is the night where shows go to die because usually Friday is date night so I have a feeling that the reason bones and booth are becoming more soft is because the shows producers are trying to bring bones to an end thats my personal opinion but those who have heard my opinion have been agreeing on the fact that they are probably getting ready to close the shoe for good :(

      • Beezee says:

        No, the Networks are actively trying to Change That Attitude About Friday Nights.

        They want to reclaim Friday nights in viewers’ minds as a night on which Good Television actually DOES take place, too.

        Look at CBS and Blue Bloods. It has ALWAYS been on Fridays. And Blue Bloods is among the top 10 most watched TV shows.

        Fox knows that loyal Bones fans have followed the show to whatever day/time period that they put it. And they know that TNT reruns have brought new viewers to Bones, many of whom then
        started watching the original Fox broadcasts once TNT made them aware of Bones.

        So Fox believes that the core loyal Bones audience will watch it on Friday nights, and hopes that the new viewers that either discover Bones as a result of the reruns on TNT or who stumble upon it when they randomly flip through the dials on a Friday night, will watch it and start to change their
        attitude about Friday nights not being a night on which good original TV is broadcast.

    • Cherie Miller says:

      I think that Bones has gone from appearing socially awkward to downright stupid sometimes.. she had more of a ‘don’t take no ones crap’ attitude in early episodes.. and man.. was her voice ever different! she comes across as rude and tactless now.. which she kind of was early on.. but you’re right.. it’s getting old.. i especially hate when she says thank you.. after misinterpreting what someone just said cause she’s supposed to be so smart.. that said.. i live the show.. and have been disappointed in a few episodes.. but they can’t all be brilliant..

  16. Cheryl Keel says:

    i like how they fight if you call that a fight. Bones is funny when she is right it just dosent faze her and booth love her for who she is he is not trying to change her. they are the perfect couple

  17. Anne smith says:

    Why can I not watch this vid I live in the US!!!!!!

  18. Lauren says:

    I love bones but quick question to anyone who knows: why does this article say next Monday when bones is being moved to Friday nights? I am very upset its being moved to Fridays :( but I read this and it says on next weeks episode on Monday but bones is now on Friday the new episode is tomorrow (11/8/13)

  19. bobe bartlett says:

    I hear season 9 will be the last as david borenanz does not want to come back. Emily deschanel said she would continue but producers r saying no.

    • Katie T says:

      If that’s the case then I’d get someone to tell David Boreanaz because he’s told a fan on Twitter that he’s in for season 10 if the show gets picked up. Sorry but these rumours that David wants out have been going around for ages, way before he signed on for season9. And from what I remember reading, he and Emily signed for s10 when they signed for s9

    • Beezee says:

      It’s a lie.

      David Boreanaz refuted this lie on Twitter. He is definitely interested in continuing on Bones.

      The website that posted the lie was just trying to stir up controversy to get more “hits” on its website.

  20. Andrea says:

    Bones is airing next Monday before moving to Fridays. In this case I don’t think Fox is moving Bones because it’s the end of the show. Quite the contrary. Bones is a very stable show; it’s Fox’s highest rated longest running drama and Bones fans have followed it to every night of the week. When it first moved to Mondays from Tuesdays several years ago some fans said the same thing-Bones is going to end. Well it hasn’t obviously. Fox can’t move Sleepy Hollow to Fridays-it’s too new and Almost Human is a brand new show-Fox wants to give it a chance. So it makes more sense to move a show that has proven itself for eight years and is still going strong in season 9! It’s pretty much a sure thing that Bones will be given a season 10 as well. Love this show!

  21. barbara says:

    its on monday and friday double the fun both new episodes. i also luv when they fight.thats why they fit so well. I’m not thrilled with fri nite but fiveo and moreso bluebloods are doing good so far. if a bones fan you’ll follow it anywhere. now i read recently david would no way leave bones. wish they’d bring finn back (the intern).

  22. Sue Edward says:

    Love seeing the bickering between Booth and Brennan .. it’s quite cute and endearing in their own way. Nice way of Brennan telling Booth his tie is stained. It sounds like something I would say to my mate.

  23. BONES, in my opinion, is one of the best shows on tv today. The writing is spot on, the acting brilliant…you can tell the chemistry is right among the entire cast. Someone mentioned that he/she’s tired of Brennan’s inability to be tactful after all this time. However, people with her degree of intelligence tend to NOT improve in that department. They are NOT arrogant, they are logical as well as being literal. So, Brennan is totally believable. I love that she and Booth were allowed to come together and marry, and the show will go on. I, too, would love to see more…now…of what makes this show so brilliant: bones and crime/problem solving; and ZACK! I want to see him back, even if only now and then. He added a needed element which always made sense. While I hated Epps and Pelant, they were amazing villains…smart to a fault. I would like to see a new threat that would require more than one episode to figure out, and resolve. A story line I’d like to see them explore would be Brennan questioning her life’s work; perhaps something really tragic could occur…a child’s death/murder which would affect her more now that she and Booth have Christine. Also, another child, maybe. I think a second child must be in the works for Hodgins and Angela. I hope so…love these two. The possibilities are endless, really. I’m a disabled Navy veteran, and widow of a Navy veteran…both of us served during the Vietnam War period. BONES storylines dealing with military and veterans has always been respectful and emotional…thank you!

  24. Rita Sioros says:

    B&B bickering has always been there but they always seemed to gaze into each others eyes with that I love you look. That part I do not see as much. I would have liked to have seen them having some fun in the honeymoon episode.

  25. Carol C says:

    What’s with Fox not allowing videos to be shown in Canada. First Glee and now this ~ it’s never been a problem before.

  26. Beezee says:

    >> Are B&B TV’s most adorable squabblers?

    Well, actually, if you’re being truthful…No.

    Steve McGarrett and “Dano” Williams on Hawaii 5-0 are TV’s most adorable squabblers. :-)

  27. Chris says:

    I hate that this was the filler episode from Season 8 that they are airing before moving to Fridays. FOX should not have pushed up the episode wedding ep because of baseball. They could have had the wedding ep this week Monday and then the honeymoon ep on Friday to start the show. BD has tweeted wearing his ring so he will not take it off unless they go undercover; I think Bren might not wear the ring all the time because of the disgusting things she touches when she first exams the bones.

  28. Maureen says:

    The clip referred to above is from the Dude in the Dam, which was an episode that was filmed at the end of season 8 to be viewed in season 9. As Brennan and Booth were not a married couple at the time of filming it cannot be suggested (as it is on the Facebook link) that this is Booth and Brennan’s first fight since being a married couple. That’s why they’re not wearing wedding rings. I do agree with many of the commenters that not wearing a wedding ring does not mean a couple is not married but as the episode is one of those extra episode filmed before the beginning of Season 9 the wedding bands are not and should ot be an issue.

  29. andrea says:

    I dont think ppl r making a big deal out of them not wearing their wedding rings, its simply an observation. Myself noticed it too and also shes still being called dr brennan. Again not a big deal but thanks for the clarification that the show was filmed before tbe wedding. I do want to add the honeymoon ws a bit of a disappointment.

  30. ruth ann walker says:

    I love bones and hate all the criticism about brennan’s acting, she does a fabulous job, her different expresstions and I love booth and brennan squabbling, love when she asks booth for advise and the loving way he respond to her, all in all great acting on her part and booths also, would like to see them go out and have some fun and see more of them together, rather than last 1-2 minutes of show.

    I do have a question, when she was in bed with Scully they kissed quite a lot (I know this was a really older show), but why is she always smiling or even giggling a little when kisses booth, and doesnt even really get into the kiss, with other boyfriends she seems to get into kiss without smiles and giggles? not criticizing, just wandering.

    Again love, love, love show and like palant & ebbs eposides, makes for more exciting show, and my very two favorite shows was season 8 last show she tells booth not allowed to die, then the beef jerky proposal, and especially the last part when she runs to him and they embraced, but must say THE WEDDING WAS OUTSTANDING. Ok Im done for now and you
    Know you are the best show on tv, no matter what nite you are on.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-