Glee Exclusive: Darren Criss and Chris Colfer Get Goofy, Talk NY vs. LA, Puppies vs. Kittens

Everybody knows Darren Criss and Chris Colfer have perfected the incredibly-musical-adventure-of-two-boys-in-love vibe as Blaine and Kurt on Glee, but what kind of chemistry does the duo have off screen?

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In the following pair of exclusive videos shot in the Fox Lounge, the dapper co-stars play a game of rapid-fire questions, dish Colfer’s least-favorite word and uncover what inspires Criss to save his money. Plus, one of ’em fails a Simpsons impersonation exam.

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  1. Jae says:

    Aaaw they’re both such funny dorks :D

  2. ana says:

    Crisscolfer mental insanity in 3, 2, 1…

  3. Me says:

    Whatever. Although I’d rather watch Darren all day long instead of seeing Kurt whining while he breaths. He’s annoying!

  4. maria says:

    This video TOTALLY proves they are dating. (sarcasm)

  5. chris says:

    they’re both so gooooooooofy

  6. Kevin says:

    they are both so cute.

  7. Lotte says:

    Considering Chris has chemsitry with everyone including a pillow, this is one awkward interview. And those two are nominated for best chemistry,,, sure.

    Also Darren, stop looking in the damn camera. Really. Stop it.

    • dude says:

      Chris has chemistry with almost no one. The only person I ever see him have chemistry with is Rachel. His “chemistry” with Finn was so painful to watch. I never bought that they were “brothers” or had any kind of bond what-so-ever.

      • Ashley says:

        yeah i never seen the big deal with Furt.

      • Lotte says:

        What, seriously?! You can dislike Chris and prefer Darren, but please at least try to remain perspective, Every dude who acts opposite of Chris is immediately turned into a ‘ship’. Blaine, Puck, Sam. Sebastian, Finn, Dave, Adam, even Elliott who hasn’t appeared yet – many, many people ship Kurt with all those characters. I don’t see that happening with Darren. Except Sam and a bit Sebastian, Blaine has zero ships within the fandom.

        • Ashley says:

          i don’t dislike Chris and i think he had chemistry with Sebastian but i just never seen it with Finn

          • Lotte says:

            I replied to dude :). Finn and Kurt got never enough screentime, but the two of them acted well along each other with limited opportunities. It is a shame as a lot of potential was missed.

        • Lotte says:

          And I have to add in terms of friendsips: Hummelberry, Kurtana, Kurtcedes…. What have we got with Blaine? Blam. Wow. Thats it. Two bad actors both trying to be successful and popular in Hollywood.

        • emma says:

          people who ship kurtofsky worry me. i’m not saying this as a klaine shipper because i liked kadam and i can why people would like kurtbastian i like seblaine myself but no no kurtofsky.

          • Lotte says:

            I also do not like all the ships mentioned, I just wanted to make a point that the character of Kurt is basically paired up by the fandom with almost every single male he encounters ;).

          • Mike R. says:

            I think I might use your post when complaining how awful ship names are.

          • Stone says:

            People who uses cutesy portmanteau names worry me.

        • collectcall says:

          The fact that viewers are already shipping Kurt with people who haven’t even appeared on screen yet kind of counteracts your point. Ever think people ship him with all of those people because he’s kind of a “gay stand in.” That is, to say, the main gay character and so any other gay character on screen he will automatically be partnered with because he’s kind of an audience insert.

        • tbh says:

          I think that might say more about Kurt fans than the characters themselves.

        • Kat says:

          The basis of chemistry isnt how the fandom turns the character/actor into a ship bicycle. Its how resilient and long standing and widely appreciated those ships are and whether a large number of people are able to SEE it. To measure chemistry of a character with “he has so many ships” is kind of stupid…

          And the fact that one of them “hasnt even appeared yet.” What a juvenile statement to make.

          It just goes to show the “fandom” you’re talking about doesnt really look into the quality of the two people being shipped~ or give a damn how they actually do work together. And are instead just using Kurt/Chris as some sort of sexual prop. Thats genuinely sad. I’d hate to have a truly amazing character like Kurt be reduced to nothing more than some sort of prop to pair with the male of the day, because they think it’d be hot. Most of those you mention above dont even make sense, a few of them Kurt actually hates/rejected. I think you are misconstruing how “chemistry” works.

  8. James says:

    both so goofy. i do hope this interview was worth it to all the people who send Mia hate

  9. dillon says:

    should have been a Oliver and Chris interview

  10. msb says:

    am I the only one who can’t see the videos.?? It just says the content is currently unavailable

  11. Linda says:

    These videos are always a lot of fun! Love Chris and Darren. Awwww at Darren not wanting Chris to have to choose between kittens and puppies!

  12. Jamie says:

    That made me smile. They seem like such nice and funny guys.

    • jane says:

      Too bad they can act like this without fans thinking they are dating.

      • A. says:

        This is also a problem with Heather and Naya and Lea and Dianna in the past. Fans are ridiculous, but at least certain Klaine fans aren’t the only ones like that. It’s a stupidity that reaches all parts of fandom. :/

  13. nope says:

    all y’all are bitter. this interview was super cute, and just because you have a bias against a character doesn’t mean you should hate the actor. darren and chris are both nominated for a reason- because people like to see them act. also why would darren be getting all of these roles if he wasn’t a good actor? the reason you can’t see their chemistry is because you don’t like the pairing. I’ve asked plenty of friends who watch glee what their opinion is and they all say that they enjoy klaine, while it might not be their favorite, because the actors work very well together. Bad writing=/=bad acting. besides, this isn’t supposed to be about their acting but about the interview which was very adorable.
    Also blaine has plenty of other ships? bike chanderson, seblaine, blaineofsky, blinn, puck/blaine, plus many het ships like blainchel, blaintana, anderose, anderwilde, quaine, blina, etc etc.
    Just because you don’t know about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
    Please stop with the fighting and the ignorance.

    • Shannon says:

      people who don’t like Blaine will make any BS up to go along with there storys

    • Doh says:

      Five people liking something doesn’t make it a ship.

      • nope says:

        considering i don’t ship any of those things and i know that they exist (i see them many times throughout the day) means that enough people ship it to “make it a ship” as you say. but, the number of people shipping something doesn’t qualify something as a ship, it just means that its not as well-known or popular. you sound incredibly ignorant right now, i hope you realize this.

        • Doh says:

          I hope you realize that none of those pairings have a fandom to support them, unlike all of the Kurt ones named. And lol no one believes you see them “many times” throughout the day, not even yourself.

          • nope says:

            Oh but you’re wrong? You don’t know what I see. These ships do have fandoms. Just like A said, they’re not as obnoxious. The fact that you don’t know about them is actually a good thing considering the things that are heard about every other fandom. You can’t say that these things don’t exist if there’s evidence to support otherwise. A+ for rudeness and stupidity.

        • jane says:

          But why are they not as popular as the ships with Kurt?

          • A. says:

            Because the ones who do ship stuff like Seblaine and Blam aren’t obnoxious and loud and annoying about it?

          • LOLOLOLOL says:

            LOL, A. That’s hilarious.

          • nope says:

            Because Kurt was there first so he automatically has a bigger fanbase. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the reason you hear about the Kurt subfandoms is because they cause enough drama to be heard about. That’s the only way that fandoms get recognition. That’s why the Klaine fandom is so well known, because we’re little bitches.

  14. Jase says:

    Cue the Klaine haters who make up most of TV Line’s audience in 3…2…1…

  15. kd83954 says:

    The editing was a bit awkward in places but despite that, it was a fun interview! It’s too bad we’re never able to get more with these two. They’re really fun guys!

  16. Dan says:

    Those Rogue action figures were hard to get, any of the female X-men. Brings back memories …

  17. KC says:

    Great interviews. They are both so fun and goofy!
    Klaine forever!

  18. Fernanda says:

    this video is the reason why I will always love KLAINE… The only Endgame of the show, RYAN MURPHY PLEASE BRING BACK KLAINE..!!!

  19. may says:

    i love them so much. i can’t breathe.

  20. A. says:

    This was cute, I love their playful dynamic. I do think they pull back most of the time because a certain group of fans think they’re dating and they’re sick of that. But the majority of Klaine fans, aka the ones who don’t think they’re dating, really enjoy little things like this too. They’re both adorable. ♥

  21. Gator says:

    This revolting duo make me wish I weren’t gay. Can we PLEASE have some gay characters on mainstream shows that aren’t just hag-bait?

  22. Todd says:

    Shippers ruin every show for me, it’s painful to read about when you just want to find out things about your favourite programs,

  23. Kat says:

    Only Glee fans… This is a perfectly adorable interview.

  24. ashley price says:

    love these two. its totally love. hope we get more of them together, even when glee ends. wonder if darren still has the pics of chris’s butt from xmas nyc ice skating. will and mia need to be out of the pic.these two r in love. CrissColfer 4ever

  25. jj says:

    Klaine hasn’t had chemistry since season 2 because Darren Criss is incapable of having chemistry with anyone. He sucks the life out of every actor he is paired with.
    You know why we get so few Klaine scenes? Because Darren can’t keep up with Chris as an actor. Chris can only carry him so far. It is unfortunate that Chris wasn’t paired with a better actor who would have been able to properly act out a relationship storyline. Darren does not have the ability to convincingly convey emotion besides heart eyes and sloppy drunk (why do you think so many of his scenes wind up on the cutting room floor?).
    This video proves that these two actors only tolerate each other as much as they are contractually obligated to. Chris seems like he’d rather be having a root canal and colonoscopy simultaneously, and Darren is doing whatever he can to prolong the amount of time he is on screen. Watch last years versions of these interviews or the other ones from this year–the actors are enjoying themselves and playing off each other. This interview is not at all playful–it’s uncomfortable to watch. Chris deserves so much better than to be attached to Darren.
    And cue the Blarren stans calling me a hater in three, two, one because I dared to express a negative opinion about their precious overrated overexposed cupcake.

    • Kelly says:

      Love you people. Really, I do. *Sarcasm*

      You are apparently bitter about something… Let me guess… Did your precious ship sink?
      Am I correct? Is your ship Kadam? The relationship that lasted 6 minutes of screen time? Or are you one of the Kurtbastian or Kurtofsky shippers? Are you one of the people that like to pair Kurt off with his abusers?

      Maybe you don’t like Darren because, in your heart of hearts, you know he is one of the best actors on Glee and one of the best singers, but you don’t like Blaine for some reason, so you blame Darren…

      I believe that Darren is one of the best actors and singers on Glee. I don’t want to put the other cast members down, but Darren has more chemistry with the other actors in the scenes he is in. Darren has soulful eyes and facial expressions that communicate more than words ever could.

      I think that the Darren Criss/Chris Colfer interview was kind of disjointed on purpose because Darren and Chris are trying to prevent the CrissColfer shippers from having any ammunition for shipping them. Mia FakeName was there for the interview also, so that probably put a strain on the tone of the interview as well.

    • Aisu says:

      It’s a blast seeing those two sitting together do Q&A, but didn’t enjoy it as I saw them with the other cast in other fox lounge interview, there’s something amiss as they did it on-screen, Darren is full Darren meanwhile Chris is half Kurt half Chris, even the bts won’t help the awkwardness.

      Agree with both jj and Kelly.
      If we talk the actors skills then be it, I’m on it. Darren is a great singer and musician I wouldn’t say no more to object, but as an actor, we can do comparison:
      I have seen Chris as Kurt, as Chris himself and as Carson in SBL, the way they talking and body language, I can tell Chris pass as a decent actor but still we need advance in another movies and role diversity, sausage accident is a terrible movie Chris just wasting times, but he has something, I don’t know he’s seem gorgeous and charming in person, and he’s shine so bright as a writer.
      Darren, his song ‘words’ melt my heart, I love that song, makes me fall for him and broken heart all at once :D, but as an actor I can’t see his wings spread gracefully, Blaine is perfect as Blaine but Darren still attaches on the Character, and in GML he’s become mix of Blaine and Darren, and Harry freaking potter is still Darren, I don’t know he himself is overpower him become somebody else. Oh Darren you’re forever Blaine, he’s a music man.
      I’m on Klaine and CrissColfer, but knowing the reality somehow really hard. Please somebody I need real prove that their partner is just PR job.

  26. meme-pinkette says:

    Le premier qui va comprendre se que je dit gagnera tout mon respect lol ceux qui croient qu’ils n’ont aucune chimie et qu’ils non jamais été ensemble soit vous êtes complètement stupide soit vous êtes un menteur qui fait semblant de ne pas voir se qu’il a sous c’est yeux, Darren est dans la retenu il a tellement peur de faire une gaffe qui prouverait une bonne fois pour toute sont amour pour Chris qu’il ne le regarde presque jamais dans les yeux si non il rougie ou rigole directe mdr . Il y’a des moments qui ont été couper aux montage tellement Darren bégayait. Que sa soit clair non il ne sort pas avec sa prétendu petite copine Mia c’est une couverture (une barbe) comme vous dites payer pour faire croire à la bonne vieille relation hétéro j’est envie de vous dire …pour faire comme tous le monde… Darren Criss est Bisexuelle et par dessus tout sans la moindre hésitation il est amoureux de Chris Colfer surement depuis le tout début,il suffit de regarder de savoir lire entre les lignes et d’êtres sincère avec vous même et vous verrez sa deviendra beaucoup plus clair,ont voie tout et ont c’est instinctivement démêler le vrai du faux. Ne cessez jamais de croire en crissColfer parce que crissColfer is real.

  27. Jade Harley says:

    they are like so cute together omfg