The Voice Recap: Louder Than a Lion [Updated]

Jacquie Lee The VoiceDid you ever get so excited by a primetime network broadcast that you wanted to pick up your TV set and hurl it against a wall* — the way a heavy-metal guitarist in the throes of an arena encore might destroy his instrument to the cheers and whistles of the crowd?  (*If your answer is “no,” just ride this recap out till the end of the next paragraph, OK?)

That insane urge swelled up inside me during tonight’s installment of The Voice‘s Season 5 Live Playoffs, prompted by the perfect storm of a fine but somewhat sleepy opening 100 minutes, followed by back-to-back performances that featured all the fire and beauty and excitement of flying a helicopter over a live volcano.

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Yeah, I know, I’m neck-deep in hyperbole, but I’m willing to stick said neck out into the internets and say Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler absolutely earned such high praise. Their displays of vocal horsepower not only made the second set of Live Playoffs — focused on Team Cee Lo and Team Xtina — worth remembering, but also guaranteed that Season 5 remains must-see TV (even without the presence of Matt Cermanski).

Oh sure, there were the usual moments of subtle (and overt) sabotage: Like weighing down R&B hopeful Amber Nicole with a country tune — then arranging it about a half-step too high for her vocal range — or locking Tamara Chaunice in karaoke prison by way of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” And don’t even get me started on the tragedy of Stephanie Anne Johnson’s ill-tailored belt.

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But thanks to Matthew and Jacquie, those moments of pure peevery are the secondary stories, not the headline. With that in mind, let me assign letter grades for tonight’s performances:

Caroline Pennell: The White Stripes’ “We’re Going to Be Friends” — Grade: A- | Caroline definitely solidified her front-runner status this week with another vocal that was as refreshing and clear as mountain springwater — as well as her ability to add lovely little flourishes to the melody line. Cee Lo, however, needs to be very cautious about limiting his star pupil’s musical color palette to 50 shades of pastel. I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy hearing Caroline let her precious flag fly again, but Blake’s “cotton candy” critique may have been precient: Man (and reality competition contestants) cannot live on spun sugar alone.

Amber Nicole: Cassadee Pope’s “Wasting All These Tears” — Grade: D | Poor Amber didn’t just get thown under the bus, she actually wound up under a layer of pavement and then under the bus thanks to Cee Lo’s oddball pop-country song choice and total lack of help in reconfiguring it to fit her R&B diva style. Oddly, the kid didn’t sound too bad in the intermittent moments where the equally terrible arrangement wasn’t forcing her to strain past the upper limits of her register, but maybe it’s best she heads home now. I mean, if Amber somehow advances to next week, I’m worried Cee Lo will assign her Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” or some other sabotage-minded selection.

Tamara Chauniece: Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” — Grade: B+ (vocals)/C+ (listening experience) | Is Cee Lo not aware that iTunes sales count toward contestants’ overall success or failure? I mean, seriously, his choice of a threadbare karaoke classic like “I Will Survive” for Tamara was akin to sending a kid out to play in the snow dressed in board shorts and a tank top. That said, Tamara managed to deliver a solid vocal and deliver a few tasty ad-libs — even with the tempo sped up to almost sadistic speed. The question now is whether she’ll somehow get phone and facebook votes from viewers who take a “love the singer/hate the song” approach to fandom. My guess is probably not.

Jonny Gray: The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” — Grade: B | Jonny’s got a warm, lovely tone, but listening to him strictly abide by the Verve’s melody for the opening half of his number exposed a major potential weakness: The inability to find fresh ways to breathe life into well-known ditties. Xtina was right that the performance came to life when Jonny got down the stairs, waded into the crowd and let his vocals rip, but even then, he offered more of a rock-solid cover than an intriguing interpretation, if that makes any sense. Still, it’s hard to imagine he won’t eke out a spot in Cee Lo’s Top 3 come Thursday.

Kat Robichaud: Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps You Keep Me Warm” — Grade: C- | I found it a little peculiar, possibly even unnerving, that Cee Lo would choose this anthem for same-sex unions, and that Kat would gladly take it on, only to drop the “she” from the chorus and turn it into a gender-neutral “you.” Was that her reason for randomly hugging a gal in the audience to end the performance? Why not just tell us about your happy marriage to a dude but then go into storyteller mode for 90 seconds? Lyrical switcheroos aside, though, the far more serious problem was Kat’s struggle to play it “vulnerable” through the opening half of the tune — a move that led to an unpleasant mix of excessive vibrato and almost nonexistent lower register. Kat’s one of those vocalists whose sense of pitch increases whenever she starts belting, but in this case of this performance, said redemption felt like a case of too little, too late.

Jacquie Lee: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell On You” — Grade: A+ | We knew from last week’s “Stompa” that Jacquie had range and brute strength in her arsenal, but “I Put a Spell On You” was some next-level business! That insane high note on the line “things you do”? The rockstar grab of the mic-stand? The haunting, almost possessed delivery of “I don’t care that you don’t want me”? Every moment from the sultry intro to the audience adulation was absolutely awesome. Either that or she actually put me under a spell — which, given how her cover almost made me destroy my TV set — is a definite possibility. Either way, next Monday — and Jacquie’s next number — can’t get here soon enough.

Matthew Schuler: Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” — Grade: A | A ditty, if you’ll indulge, to the tune of “Wrecking Ball”…
He sang, he grooved, each note in tune
He jumped, never asked Xtina why
The song’s played out, but he did not pout
His vocals no one could deny

First I voted, then downloaded
A Miley Cyrus ditty
Cannot tell a lie, when it’s by this guy
The song’s actually quite pretty

He sang it like a wrecking ball
Matt Schuler hit so hard each note
But he never hit the vocal wall
He’s got to make the Top 3

Stephanie Anne Johnson: Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind” — Grade: B+ | This was one of those strange performances I thoroughly enjoyed, while nevertheless wishing I could change everything about it (starting, but hardly limited to, that unfortunate seafoam green skirt). Which isn’t to say Stephanie’s vocal choices weren’t surprising or successful — because with a few little exceptions, her dips and yelps and trills and mmm-mmms were on-point. It’s just that, of all the members of Team Xtina, Stephanie was the one from whom I’d expected a big surprise. “Georgia on My Mind” is a timeles classic, sure, but so are hundreds of other numbers that haven’t been flogged to death on reality singing competitions. Still, if Xtina can somehow find the right vehicle for Stephanie Anne’s supple voice, there’s no telling how far she can drive into Season 5. And that’s why I’m hoping she’ll be the one to join Jacquie and Matthew in Team Xtina’s Top 3.

Olivia Henken: Katy Perry’s “Roar” — Grade: B | I liked Xtina’s idea to twang up the ubiquitous lion-themed hit, and aside from a handful of jank notes, Olivia executed the plan solidly. Stacked against Jacquie and Matthew’s jaw-dropping work, however, the Reese Witherspoon lookalike played the part of plain baked potato to her rivals’ flawless surf & turf combo. Also hurting Olivia’s momentum: Restless Road’s own countrified “Roar” from last week’s X Factor. Yeah, the boy band’s rendition was unquestionably inferior, but it also came first. (Waah waah waah.)

Josh Logan: Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” — Grade: C- | How-ow-OW-ow-ow-OW-ow-ow mu-uh-uh-uh-uch viiiiiiiibraaaaaato iiiiisss too-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh mu-uh-uh-uh-uch viiiiiiiibraaaaaato? Listen to Josh’s smooth-jazz reinterpretation of Cee Lo’s finest musical moment and you’ll have the answer, times ten.

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s Live Playoffs? What did you think of the coaches’ somewhat more criticial feedback? Who were your faves? Who are you worried about? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mo Saïd says:

    It was Xtinamas!!

    Her performance as well as her team’s were PHENOMS!!!!!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      LOL. I love Xtinamas! :) :) :) Slayed it! Love her. Love her team as a whole.

      • HTGR says:

        She seems getting the most out of the top contestants compared to what others are getting out of the top contestants (although CeeLo did pretty well with two of his, although not sure the Johhny thing quite worked).

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I am really, really impressed with her. She seems really invested in making great singers even better. And it’s working.

          • Jon says:

            If anyone told me two months ago that Xtina would be hands down the best coach this season, I’d have laughed in their face. But it’s true! She has by far the most useful and specific advice in the studio, and her song choices were miles better than Cee Lo’s tonight. I would NEVER have thought to give a 16-year-old a song from 1956, but Xtina did — and Jacquie Lee SLAYED it. When I read that “Wrecking Ball” was on the list tonight, I assumed that Jacquie would sing it, but Matthew was incredible (and his iTunes single is even better). And Stephanie did a great job with “Georgia On My Mind.”

            Compare Xtina’s choices to Cee Lo’s, who sabotaged Tamara with “I Will Survive,” a song that even karaoke bars are sick of. After two live nights, Xtina’s team is clearly the one to beat. AND her song “Say Something” is currently #3 on the iTunes chart. Good night for Ms. Aguilera…

          • Terry says:

            She needs to lose the notebook tho. I mean seriously, they only sing for around two minutes, you can’t remember what you wanna say for two bleeping minutes?! C’mon!

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            @Terry. LOL. I love that she couldn’t really explain what she was actually writing :) It was so funny. Still lovin’ her….

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah I think I’m feeling her team the most, although CeeLo too since he may have my second pick and he is in there with another as well.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      No bleeping kidding! Unless Caroline continues to wow, this competition is Christina’s to lose. Even Olivia and Josh (who I assume are going home) were both reasonably good.

  2. Juju says:

    Thought Matthew has a bad song choice but he redeemed that song, I’m astonished by Jacquie’s growth since her blind auditions, just whoa… and yes Caroline, oh sweet caroline…

  3. Kevin says:

    Jacquie Lee. That’s all I have to say. CHILLS can’t even explain

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I have been waiting for someone to blow me away! It was worth the wait.

    • Mark says:

      I’ve liked Jacquie since her first appearance, but until last night I never gave her a chance to make the finals, let alone win the whole damn thing. I cringed when the song choice was announced–I thought Christina set her up for failure. But then she freaking blew my mind. Every second was rockstar awesome. Ladies, and gentleman, we have a new leader in the clubhouse.

      • rio says:

        Regardless of how well she sang it, there’s something off-putting about a 16-year old singing something as bluesy as “I Put a Spell on You.” She can’t have the life experience to fully understand the song, and I thought that was clear, especially in the beginning. It was like listening to Justin Bieber sing “Trouble in Mind.”

        • Mark says:

          Normally I would agree with you 100%. But last night Jacquie reminded me of Joss Stone at 16. She brought it, and still brings it. Most young singers should stay away from that kind of material. But Jacquie handled it.

          • Tom22 says:

            I’m in the same spot with you mark. Rio while I’m normally 100% in your camp about the life experience I felt that Jacquie didn’t mimic a sultriness that she had no experience with .. I didn’t find it sexual.. and too many young singers with no experience thrown into a song that usually demands that fake that… in a way I find all wrong too. Jaqui made it more about control through a different sort of pursuit, or more of force of will , than allure.. it worked for me without once thinking she was trying to be steamy. It didn’t come off as dark witchcraft either. I’m not sure how that was possible looking at the song on paper I thought it was doomed for failure.. but it all worked.

            I think she turned it into a song about believing in yourself to acheive your well placed desires with an almost wreck-less abandon against long odds.

        • Kaba says:

          If man years and an eon ago, teenagers could tackle songs like that with emotion..
          I don’t see why it’s so unbelievable now.

          • HTGR says:

            Some of it may be the, at times, hysterical over-protection and infantilization of anyone under 18 (or even older) these days. Who knows. I know some people were going insane in some forums again and again over how ‘creepy’ it was to have Jennifer Lawrence cast to star in Silver Linings, yeah so creepy and so way too young to work on the film or to be able to connect with her co-star that she only got the Oscar for it.

        • Lee says:

          Forget about “life experiences.” I just didn’t think Jacquie sang it all that well. It sounded rushed, screechy and out-of-control. I didn’t like it at all.

        • Terry says:

          The fact that she’s as good an actress as she is a singer bodes well for her future, performers need to be both and I thought she did well, I wasn’t uncomfortable like some 16 yr old contestants have made me in the past.

        • HTGR says:

          I don’t see it that way at all. And if you can’t past the lyrics, forget the lyrics, personally I rate the notes, tone, emotion, energy, etc. way ahead of lyrics when it comes to music, lots of great music doesn’t even have lyrics.
          Connecting to lyrics in music is mostly acting no matter the singer’s age anyway.
          All I know is that when she sang last night she had that little extra something that the other 19 didn’t quite hit, most of them not at all, although a few were close. If she had that and it was with this song, then by definition I don’t think the song was too old or wrong for her. Some people are precocious singers/actors too.
          It’s not the lyrics are really all THAT old anyway. It’s hardly completely beyond a 16 year old, certainly not all. Remember 16 is not 11. Even if they had been, sometimes someone can interpret something in a new way or give emotion of some other sort anyway. In that case I could understand than in some cases for some songs some just won’t like that and won’t be able to get past it no matter how good it is, but if you don’t fall into that category for a particular song, than that can be fine too.

    • MariMari says:

      I must be in the minority (however, another reality-singing show blogger agreed with me) but I thought Jacquie was SO sharp! Though I do think sharp > flat/off-key. To my ears it wasn’t very pleasant. Kudos for her chops at such a young age. I’ll weigh my decision to see how she sounds next week. I guess I’m never a fan of shrieking.

      • I didn’t think Jacquie’s voice was sharp, as in off-key, but her tone is a little shrill in her upper register. Compare her tone, for example, to Stephanie Anne’s rich tone. Having said that, Jacquie delivered an AMAZING performance. And so did Matthew. I think Tamara Chauniece managed some good moments with a bizarre song choice. I actually love that song (it’s my age, I can’t help it), but I agree that it’s a silly choice for a competition — and the tempo!! I told my husband the tempo was not only unattractive, it made me feel almost anxious, as though Tamara had to finish it before the building fell down. Cee Lo did not do right by any of his team members in song choice last night.

      • debi says:

        Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks she was sharp!

        • lovinthavoice says:

          I guess I’m not a clone, cause I’m a part of the minority too. I feel the same way about the sharpness. I watched it a bunch of times because everyone talked about how amazing it was, but no matter how many times I saw it, I just couldn’t agree. Her upper register with that song is screechy, the original version and Nina Simone’s were way more rich in tone and carried that level of bewitchment that’s more believable with the lyrics. I didn’t feel that she had that much of a connection, but I commend the robustness and spirit of her effort. The worse part is I’m a fan of hers, liked her since the blinds. Glad everyone else liked it so she can make it through, great kid, lots of potential, but let’s not declare this the best performance ever…it’s not.

          • HTGR says:

            By sharp are you meaning you find it harsh or are you meaning off pitch? Because you talk about sharpness and agreeing with that and then nothing else you write about it sounds like it has to do with sharpness.

  4. B. says:

    JACQUIE KILLED IT. Amazed. So much stage presence too. She looked like a little mini Xtina!

  5. rowan says:

    This left me thinking “Tessanne who?” All of the charisma and POW I was looking for last night? Happened during this show. You get sweet, pleasing to the ear, Caroline. Powerhouse holy s%@t Jacquie, and SUPER versatile Matthew. It’s incredible. Good move saving Jacquie and Matthew for last because they’re incredible. There were some people who I think absolutely FLOPPED. Olivia? Mess. Absolute mess. Kat Robichaud? Boring. Too low. Proves that she’s a niche singer. Jonny Gray? I’ve loved him ever since he sang one of my favorite Killers songs, but MAN. He was off tonight. I feel like that song isn’t meant to be listened to for the ~great vocal~ or strength, it’s got an awesome backing track and that’s why people love it. Overall, MUCH better than last night. Blake and Adam should feel nervous.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I’ll have to listen to Caroline again. I didn’t hear her magic tonight and I adore her…. Totally interesting point about Kat though – that was a bizarre performance.

      • AlyB says:

        I think it boils down to Ceelo’s song choices for them. He didn’t give them a chance to soar while Christina did with her team.

      • Kathy says:

        I totally agree. I also did not hear the magic from Caroline. Kat was so terrible that I turn down the volume. I like Matthew, but not the song choice. Jacque Lee is the one to watch. She is amazing. Christina has an amazing team, and in my opinion, the one to beat.

      • Jewel says:

        While both Jacquie and Matthew were amazing tonight…Caroline is the one whose album I can’t wait to buy. Her voice is crystal clear and has such a beautiful quality to it. Love her! Ceelo needs to give her a Tori Amos song…she would kill it!

    • Davey says:

      I think when the singers are mixed up and not clumped together according to the judges — which I hope they do — it will seem the teams are more even in the weeks to come.

  6. Teeny Bikini says:

    Amber – Wrong song, not sung well. Too bad the judges mentioned that bum note 1,000,000 times. Yeesh. D+
    Jonny – He’s incredibly proficient, but I kept waiting for something to “happen” and then the song was over. B- Meh.
    Kat – First half = dreck. Second half = her sweet spot. Totally wrong song, but at least she’s interesting (for what it’s worth). C
    Caroline – this is the first time she fell flat for me. Bummer. B-
    Girl who sang “I Will Survive” – I couldn’t remember her name if you paid me. She needs to stop singing forgettable karaoke songs. Her voice is just better than that song. B

    I wanted to like CeeLo’s team more. Sigh. Maybe next week.

    Stephanie Anne – WOW! I love her entirely. She does amazing things with her voice, but it’s not contrived. A
    Olivia – whatever. B-
    Josh – A few too many runs. The tone and grit in his voice are so amazing he doesn’t have to try so hard (with a ton of runs) to sound amazing. B+
    Matthew – that is the first time I’ve liked that song and him – for that matter. Loved it!!! Sounds even better on iTunes. A
    Jacquie – Um… holy crap. I am speechless. A

    Xtina’s team outperformed all of the others by a mile. And she is coaching the heck of them.

    • B. says:

      Caroline sounds good on iTunes… she the highest at the moment. Also agree… Matthew’s iTunes cover is even better than his performance!

      • Jon says:

        So true about Matthew…I really liked “Wrecking Ball” as a song but was indifferent to Miley’s rendition. But I bought Matthew’s version immediately and have been playing it ever since. SO much better than the original!

        And speaking of iTunes…can’t believe that James Wolpert’s “A Case of You” is still #4. I really underestimated his appeal…

  7. Mo Saïd says:

    Stephanie needs more credit. I feel bad for her.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Hm.. I thought she was awesome tonight…

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Stephanie killed it tonight, but unfortunately her performance came right before the 2 best for the entire top 20. I haven’t voted for anyone yet, and Stephanie will get my max votes and download.

      • MC says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with you. I don’t plan on voting much this season, but I would vote for Stephanie tonight. She is the one who could get overlooked because of Matthew and Jacquie singing immediately after her.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Hey, it’s looking good. Stephanie Ann Johnson just hit #5 on iTunes R&B chart. Not sure how that performance was misclassified as R&B, but I’ll take it! Not sure how Josh and Olivia are doing. Not that I dislike Josh or Olivia, but for Stephanie’s sake, I hope they are faring poorly. Sucks.

        • HTGR says:

          Man, hope we don’t have a surprise elimination as everyone thinks the two are so gimme that nobody gives them votes!

    • Tedatbent says:

      Stephanie Ann reminds me so much of Phoebe Snow. If she makes it through to top 12, Xtina should have her sing Poetry Man or Teach Me Tonight.

  8. Kovan2 says:

    Honestly, what is your beef with Kat and Josh?

    • Sly says:

      Can’t speak for anyone else, but tonight they were not good — esp. Josh. That was one of the worst performances of the season.

      • Kovan2 says:

        That’s like grouping it with Amber, he wasn’t thaaaaaaaaaat bad.

      • jazz says:

        Thank you!!!!!! I couldn’t believe how bad Josh was to the point where I couldn’t even understand what words he was singing. As for Amber I felt horrible for her, such a terrible song choice not cool Cee Lo.

    • Kes says:

      Easy, he likes a generic country singer in Olivia, that he gave her awful performance a B. LOL SMDH. She was the worst of the night next to Amber, y’all!

    • will says:

      They both kinda shot circuited tonight. Josh impressed me before with his precision runs, but tonight we was just throwing notes out hoping they were right even when they were absolutely not and absolutely unnecessary. Meanwhile, Kat was far too low and rather than highlighting the good parts of her voice like her rock edge and growl, this song highlighted her goaty vibrato (which is a personal peeve of mine that she’d overcome in her audition and knockout performances and made me like her anyway) and her lack of control over her true pitch.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Kat I’ve never understood. I’d put her in the same camp as a William Huang from idol. I know some people like her, but I don’t understand it at all. She’s in no way, shape, or form comparable to even the worst from Christina’s team. Or any team for that matter.

      • HTGR says:

        OK, come on man, now you’ve lost credibility, in the same class as Hung? At least we can put the end of the world demons back in their cages again though now hah.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Dude, she’s pretty bad! Like, really bad.

        • MamaLis says:

          Really! I didn’t think Kat was so bad. And though the song choice may have not been the best, I appreciated the idea behind the choice – to show her in < crazy mode was smart! I, myself, liked it.

          • Tom22 says:

            I think she’s a singer with some talent but I was disappointed she couldn’t show she could sing a love song. A singer has got to be able to stretch songs allegorically a bit.. this song really isn’t bound that tightly to romantic love between two women.. not at all.. the themes are universal. As love songs go it does have some dark colors to the melodies that kat should have been able to find ways arround if she was trying to break into the elite level of a true professional. That’s the point we’re at in the competition, and Cee-Loo is a real believer in music as an artf orm and believes that singers also need to be artists (even if not all those topping the charts are not, almost all of the superstars that stand the test of time and are listened to 20 years plus later had more than just a link to pop culture). It wasn’t a complete glaring fumble but I wouldn’t say she rose to the challenge.

  9. HTGR says:

    Wow, I think one word sums up the last two nights and it’s:

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Absolutely. love. her.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      She was very good. It was a bit screamy for my taste, but I have to give credit where credit is due. She was good. Let’s see if she can keep it up like this.

      • sd says:

        It was also too much yelling for me. I found Jacquie’s voice very screechy.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          thought she was too shouty and not nuanced enough…OTOH Stephanie was classy and in the groove, Caroline delightful and I really liked Josh’ jazzy CRAZY…flat out hated Amber, Jonny and Kat and found Matthew’s Miley Cyrus a pedestrian song choice (though well sung) after Florence and the Machine last week…frankly I was hoping someone was going to do Emmylou Harris’ classic WRECKING BALL (and would love to hear Caroline do some quirky Iris Dement like LET THE MYSTERY BE or HOTTER THAN MOJAVE IN MY HEART)

    • Becky says:

      Came to win as did christina. The reason jacquie is doing so well is she is listening to her coach and wants to win. She is the only one I have heard say that. The others have said I am doing it for my family. They are playing their back story. And she is playing her A game.
      And jacquie is doing it for jacquie. How refreshing.
      As for christina she is taking notes to make her team even better. What did she feel during the moment. The guys are winging it.

  10. HTGR says:

    Finally completely moved this season. Although Kat and Caroline and Matthew were certainly solid. Those four for me tonight and maybe either.

  11. debi says:

    Something about Jacquie’s higher register really bothers me. I guess I’m tone deaf because it sounds sharp too me. I want to like it, and I know most people do, but it sounds off to me. I loved how Caroline’s voice sounded singing her song. I liked parts of Matthew’s song, but it sounded a little off at times, but overall it was very good. All in all after all the teams have performed, i have to say Caroline is my favorite contestant.

    • Annie says:

      I agree about Jacquie. Something about the tone of her voice is just not for me.

    • Paul says:

      Jacquie’s voice sounds off to me too. And it sounds like she’s trying too hard. It doesn’t sound natural.

    • Ted says:

      Not a Jacquie fan, here. What bothers me more than anything is that the show is ALREADY treating her like the “anointed one” same as they did Danielle last season. That is totally unfair to the other contestants, and it also sways the audience to vote for her. I will not vote for her unless I feel she deserves it. The only ones I voted for last night were Caroline and Matthew, two AWESOME performers!!!

      • Nedsdag says:

        Apparently, you have not watched the show on a regular basis; there has ALWAYS a “chosen one,” particularly a cute white girl (Danielle, Cassadee, anyone?). I would’ve said that Jacquie was the best last night until she screeched too high towards the end of her song. She was good, but I wouldn’t say A+.

        • Ted says:

          Uh, dude, I have watched the show from its inception. I do agree about Jacquie screeching and not sounding all that good; the judges gave her a pass, and that “passes” on to the television audience.

      • MC says:

        I think Caroline fills that bill more than Jacquie this season. The coaches have thrown some crazy OTT superlatives at her each and every week while Jacquie created plenty of buzz, but most of it was from last night. I do think there is such a thing as a fait accompli and there are some people (and bloggers) who endlessly promote the frontrunners (especially if their favorite singer is on the team of their favorite coach.)

  12. Kovan2 says:

    Who do you guys reckon is going be the third one through in team Xtina? I say it’s Josh. He got tons of positive feedback on twitter and people seem to like him, unlike Slezak here.

    • Scamp says:

      Unlike Slezak. hehe.

    • MC says:

      Olivia might be third best on another team, but she’s the worst one on Xtina’s team. I have a slight preference for Josh over Stephanie, but Stephanie has probably delivered on more of her potential up to this point. It’s a very close call between those two for the third spot.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Stephanie. Period. Done.

      • Kaba says:

        I was thinking Josh prior to, but the amount of runs in that felt comparable to letting a glass of milk overflow like hell.
        I don’t support stuffing things into a song

      • HTGR says:

        SHe has been good all along, but she didn’t blow me away tonight, and I was reminded of being blown away by Kendra on AI doing the same song. Still she should be there with Matthew and Jacquie on the team.

    • Mike says:

      Everybody keeps acting like tonight is all about who got the most votes. Christina’s 3rd person is all about who she thinks will go further. Remember, in this round only the top 2 are voted through. The judge takes the 3rd person. So who does Christina like more from her bottom 3? Josh just may sneak through. She’s repeatedly told him he could do anything.

      • Jon says:

        Good point! I had forgotten the third singer is coaches’ choice. Josh, Olivia and Stephanie are all close on the iTunes charts (low 100’s, with Josh slightly ahead). I think Xtina’s heart is with Stephanie, but she might think Olivia is more marketable to the country voting audience (unlike Matt or Jacquie).

      • MamaLis says:

        Oh WOW. Forgot about that!!!!!

      • MC says:

        Good point. Xtina could still look at the vote totals to influence her decison, but I doubt that she will go against her personal preference (whatever that is). I might vote for Jacquie at some point, but otherwise I’m sitting out this season.

        • Kaba says:

          The season pretty much just started :/

          • MC says:

            I know that, but I also know I’m not super excited about anyone still in it. It’s just a personal preference. I might like Jacquie more if she continues along these lines, but Caroline and Matthew (who everyone loves) just don’t do it for me. Kat has been a disappointment. I admire the technical ability of a few of these singers (e.g., Stephanie), but they don’t move me emotionally. I do thank The Voice for introducing me to the artistry of one Holly Henry. Is it okay for my favorite to be someone who’s already been eliminated?

  13. Sly says:

    “Jonny Gray: The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” | Grade: B”
    Easy grader, I think. That was way off. Partly due to his normal goaty voice (does he not hear that?), and partly due to the fact that he just wasn’t on the notes.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      My bigger problem with him isn’t his voice, but rather that he looks like an extra from the crack house in Breaking Bad. Dude is aging POORLY and I don’t think he’s actually that old.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        I think he’s hot as hell…but not a great vocalist

      • JM says:

        Wow, you both are being overly harsh, IMO. I love Jonny’s looks and his voice. To me, his problem is nerves. Also, he’s so nice, he’s not in competition mode, but rather ‘I’m just happy to be here’ mode.
        Listen to his D.M.F.D. youtube video. If he could bring that sort of intensity when he performs live, he would be great. Maybe he should pull an Austin and Cole and just play his guitar at the microphone? In any case, I hope he works it out, because he has so much potential.

      • Ian says:

        To me Jonny looks like Ricardo Montelban after some really unfortunate plastic surgery. I keep waiting for him to yell “KIIIIIIRK!” and drop the mic.

        And yes, yes, a million times yes on the goat voice. Dude sounds not unlike Jacob Lusk from a few seasons back on Idol at times (albeit with much better pitch) and I’m surprised Slezak isn’t hearing it.

    • now you know says:

      Are you people five years old? Aging and sounds like a goat? What bullies you are.

      How about he’s a fine young man who served our country, talented, and sounds like Eddie Vedder. Yes, that is a much finer description.

  14. Jason says:

    Matthew and Jacquie are legit contenders. Jacquie, being a 16 year old girl with all that emotion, is like the Anti-Bradbury.

  15. Ayelet says:

    Was anyone else seriously disappointed that Kat Robichaud changed the lyrics to “She Keeps Me Warm”? Way to totally miss the point…

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I didn’t catch on to the lyric change while she sang but kept wondering why a song that totally elevates me as a gay guy seemed so generic while being so poorly sung…the original’s words ethereally sung by Mary Lambert were front and center but this version was a muddled nothing…was this Kat’s way to put distance between her and presumeably Cee-Lo’s assigned choice like speaking up about what a proud heterosexual she and her husband are and so none of her fangirls and the public might think she is bi or a lesbian? If so, how rebelliously rock’n’roll is that? Send this wimpy poseur home or at least make her apologize to Mary Lambert for marginalizing such an important and beautiful outpouring of personal and gay pride.

      • HTGR says:

        I didn’t get that at all. And look how far she took the crowd connection.
        I wasn’t familiar with the song and knew nothing about it’s background.

        • SEATTLEJOHN449 says:

          it was a grammy-award winning hit for macklemore and lewis featuring mary lambert addressing homophobia and was groundbreaking for being a rap song championing gay rights…so while you may have responded to Kat singing a pretty though generic song she stripped it of its significance socially and historically and didn’t sing it well at that…its like a guy singing I AM WOMAN (HEAR ME ROAR) and changing the word WOMAN to I’M A PERSON which negates the intent of the song

          • HTGR says:

            Well as I’ve said other times, I’m not really all that much of a lyrics person. If I like how it sounds, the way it’s sung, tone, etc. etc. I care about all that stuff the most and then well down the line about lyrics.If the melody and energy and tone are there and that is all super catchy and the lyrics are “lah lah lah blah blah blah” I might still like it. Not that lyrics can’t have power and so on too true but I’m not one who is a lyrics first person, although probably quite a few people are.
            In this case I didn’t even know it had a meaning to begin with so I didn’t miss the meaning and none of that entered into my rating. I don’t care so much in general if the intent of a song gets changed so long as like what I hear. If someone was presenting a reading of a speech and they changed up the words and intent then I’d probably care a great deal, but not so much for music.

          • HTGR says:

            But that said I can see how you could be annoyed by it.

  16. Scamp says:

    Wow. Well. The main thing I have to say about tonight’s show is that Christina is the best coach of all! I like Cee Lo’s personality, but his song choices… wow, they suck. Ugh! I hope he allows Caroline to select her own songs after this. Thankfully, Caroline found a way to play with White Stripes song a little bit. She was the first one of the night to hit the iTunes chart. Well, actually, Christina hit first, but she doesn’t count, does she? Caroline and Jacquie, two very different New Jersey girls, owned the night. Yay! Can’t go to bed without saying… Preston for the WIN! ; ) night, night.

    • lizzieB says:

      Right? I mean it’s one thing to pick a song that suits the singer’s voice and another to stereotype her!!!! Caroline is not just rainbows and puppies and sunshine yaknow Ceelo. I don’t think he realizes this girl is beyond soft and cuddly. I hope he does soon. Her voice can do sooooo much more, I know it. That said she still managed to make that cover special, as she always does. But i’d understand how people might find her over-hyped on the show.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Thank you, LizzieB. I couldn’t have said it better. She is not just rainbows and puppies. She knows her voice and picks great songs for herself. CeeLo has never picked great songs, to be honest. I just don’t want him to ruin it for her. Fingers crossed.

      • Tom22 says:

        Man, I’m not up for the dialogue tonight as I’m too far off some of these thoughts I’ve read to avoid getting in a flame war.

        I thought the entire show was terrific.

        I have a lot of compliments to give abotu why the song choices were right.. how they stretched in a coherent way that should have been within the singers wheelhouse.. they were each given a focused way to fail .. “can she/he do this to show they aren’t just creatures of habit using the same ball of tricks in the same easy to fit places” only caroline was held back by her song being too easy.. but that was her test.. .give her a narrow ranged song in a style she could sing with her eyes clothed and see if she would try to take verses up and octave try to break teh straight jacket she was given, while others were tested to show energy, other not to copy aretha or whitney, a couple given cliche songs with everywhere to fail from either being gratuitous or plain. That last was what Jaqui was given … how many contestants over the years on these competitions would have been be .. ah ok.

        Stephanie was kind of in that spot… but we’ve heard people do that Abrams for one.. but plenty of others on Idol.. even some that didn’t make the show didn’t have trouble not being Ray but being their own kind of blues singer. Maybe Stephanie isn’t a blues singer.. maybe that was the test. for her. She was still very good … just didn’t spring out.

        Give a Male Rugby player, college student, that also happens to live in a family starting an evangelical church in their basement a Miley Cirus song ? No problem. he made it his seamlessly.

        Both Christina and Ceelo seemed like the Wizzard of OZ giving out trinkets that the characters already had but thought they didn’t … ok. guess that would be too big a metaphor to complete..

        I dug the show, and I dug last nights show.. and I’m glad we had 1/2 of the songs from within the last decade… and a couple not so often on tv competitions. The 6 or 7 cliche song between the two nights were over all done pretty well a few extremely so. Those seemed assigned for a reason too.

    • Lee says:

      Really? I didn’t care for more than 1/2 of Christina’s song choices: Roar, Wrecking Ball and I Put A Spell On You.

    • Ian says:

      I think Cee Lo’s problem is that he can and has sounded good singing practically everything so he lacks an understanding that not everyone is that way.

      • HTGR says:

        Some of it may also be that he has his favorites and ones he thinks are best to go forward with, but he figures hey maybe if one of the others surprises and can really pull this off then maybe I’d need to reconsider?
        For all the grief he gets some interesting points:
        He is almost always the one he turned his chair for the one chair turn wonders. Don’t forget without CeeLo’s turn, in particular, we’d never have heard any of Amanda Brown.
        Although nobody on his team has won yet, popular critical opinion is that he has basically already won two seasons. Vicci and Juliet were clear critical favorites and just missed actually winning too. Nicholas made it to the finals in pretty strong fashion. He might’ve had another with Amanda Brown had he not given her up (perhaps moved by Trevin’s story and noticing that only guys were winning the first two seasons to make the perhaps mistaken pick, although it’s true he didn’t have the foresight to have not paired them together.).
        He has supported his top finishers pretty well, dropping singles with Vicci and Juliet and such.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          I was especially disappointed with his oldie sentimental song picks for Nicolas. The guy had some great videos online that showcased a much edgier, funkier, more improvisational singer/musician and it felt like he was shackled by Cee-Lo’s safe choices.

        • JM says:

          So glad someone else notices CeeLo’s ‘one chair turn wonders’! I have been saying this for awhile now, but people keep hating on CeeLo. I never minded his pet animals, but people complained and now they’re gone. He is unique, and I love that about him.

  17. Davey says:

    Jacqui’s performance was impressive for a 16 year old but her clip saying she was out to win this thing really turned me off. She’s already a bursting ego waiting to get out of control. I thought Matthew sounded great but I didn’t like the song choice. I’ll probably vote for the underdogs tonight to help them along.

    • HTGR says:

      Oh please. Every single freaking one of them is out to win this. It’s a contest. So let’s not be all fake OK? Plus on these shows they are constantly asking stuff so like why are you here, are you here to win.

      • Tom22 says:

        amen HTGR .. maybe they want her to go “aw shucks, little ole me . I thought I’d be baking cupcakes for thanksgiving by now”

        • Tom22 says:

          After watching the clip again to look for any truth… I almost missed any thing at all. she was giggling and saying I’m hear to win it with a bubbly smile an a giggle at the end too . Just silly to begin to take issue with that..

      • Davey says:

        Sorry, for me she comes off as just another reality show contestant. I don’t feel that from some of the others competing this year.

        • Kaba says:

          God forbid someone actually wants to win this visibly more than the others.
          I’d act exactly like her if I were in her position.
          I’m there to crush my competition.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      They all want to win. That is why they are in a competition. She seems like a normal excited 16-year-old to me.

    • BrazenSongBird says:

      I think you’re looking for a way to not like her for some reason. She did say she was here to win, but then she WENT ON to say that hopefully it would happen. That’s not ego. That’s truth followed by a wish. And even if there is a little self-belief going on, what’s wrong with that? You have to have a wall of confidence to withstand the realities/rejections in this business.

  18. Kaba says:

    I started shuffling in my seat when Jacquie began singing. My roommate was looking at me like I was insane.
    Truth be told…it took every fiber of my being to NOT throw stuff at my TV.
    I knew I was right for making her my favorite after her audition.
    She’s my Michelle :)

  19. Kovan2 says:

    I love Caroline and her beautiful voice, but I hope that she at least changes things up a little bit or people may get bored of her doing the same thing. I hope that doesn’t happen.

    • Terry says:

      that song choice was terrible, not her fault, she did all she could do with it.

      • Tom22 says:

        This was the only song choice of the evening that I thought was terrible. All of the other’s challenged the singers to show us if they could do more than fall into comfortable habits of theirs. The choice for Caroline played into the most narrow stereo type of who she was — I would have loved to have Cee-loo pick a song that told us if she could sing a big note

        I’d have liked to see if Caroline could sing something as risky for her as Creep was for Holly(again, last week wasn’t the one for weed-outs …last week should have been songs in the singer’s wheelhouse)

        “Landslide” would have been a song really push Caroline do demonstrate that she is more than just a simple style .. I think Caroline wanted more challenge. To get to an elite level of professional singers, real talented singers on the panel should rightly demand more than just an image and a marketing gimmic to sell records short term. Unlike Simon who just wants to sell records, the Adam, Cee-lo, Christina, and Blake have a love and a profound respect for the purpose of the craft itself.

        I know Landslide is a bit overdone on these shows but At least the song has some movement to it(and room for a band to shine). And I’d love to see if Caroline was special enough to make it hers and not need to duck from some big sustained, but tender notes. I think she is. Landslide Cee-lo Landslide !

    • Lee says:

      I’m already bored with Caroline.

  20. JM says:

    I thought tonight’s song choices were more interesting (and not always in a good way) than last nights.

    Someone must have told the coaches that they are also judges, because they actually gave some critique tonight. While I wasn’t FF through them like last night, it still seems unfair to tonight’s singers.


    Amber – C
    Jonny – B
    Tamara C. – C
    Kat R. – B
    Caroline – A

    Josh – C-
    Olivia – C-
    Stephanie – B
    Matthew – A
    Jacquie – A

    Top three from each team got my votes.

    Random Notes: Yes, I have to agree that I think CeeLo torpodoed Amber and especially Tamara with the song choices. But I also think Christina did as well with Josh and Olivia.

    No one can sing ‘Crazy’ like CeeLo. The only good thing was that it forced Josh to do his own version of the song. Unfortunately, that amounted to a lot of growling and not much else. Similarly, Katy Perry songs are just unreal to sing. Remember the ‘Fireworks’ disaster last year?

    However, I have to give credit to Matthew. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is not easy, but he pulled it off.

  21. Amanda says:

    I’ll be shocked if Jacqui, Matthew, and Caroline aren’t in the final. They’ve proven themselves in every performance on the show, and tonight was no exception. Also, the contestants that ended up on Christina’s team are really lucky. She’s head and shoulders above the rest of the coaches this season.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agree with you on all counts. I do worry about Caroline though. I wonder if she will need to show a little (not too much, just a little) more intensity to keep people interested in her quiet nuanced styling. She has an EP of songs on iTunes that would be perfect to change things up a bit – same style but the material is just a teeny bit grittier (for lack of a better word). I hope she is in the Top 3. I have downloaded all of her stuff, but I worry if folks will get bored is all.

      • lizzieB says:

        You bought The Race? Once I found that on her Itunes page i knew I’d always be a fan. Not even bad song choices could ever change that. I just worry that if people do stop supporting her on the show, I won’t have that dose of Caroline every week. Here’s to hoping she pulls an Angie Miller and sing an original <3

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Yup, I bought the Race :) I found it by accident. And I was happy I did. She’s killing iTunes right now… She has tons of fans. So that’s a good thing!

        • Tom22 says:

          I bought the race last week too when I bought “The Way I am”. s. One song by an artist isn’t enough for me..I like to be brought into their world and hear a series of them in a row. The Race songs are really growing on me.. sometimes the first time you hear songs by an artist they sound the same.. but as you get to know them you hear the differences more in their moods and messages of the songs… I’m getting there .. “Tell Myself” is my favorite right now. I guess she wrote all the songs with a song writing partner Jay Stolar? (it wasn’t really clear who co-wrote what)

  22. Phil says:

    What the last two nights of live shows have shown me is that this season’s winner is definitely coming from Team Adam or Team Christina. No one on Team Blake or Team Cee Lo (well, okay, there’s Caroline) really compares to the best from these two teams.
    My performance rankings for tonight:
    1. Jacquie Lee – Absolutely stunning. Seriously, she’s only 16 years old?
    2. Matthew Schuler – I haven’t been a huge fan thus far, but I can’t deny that voice. The song choice was weird, and I’m still not sure if he’s going the pop or alt rock route, but he was one of the stand-outs tonight. I do think the judges overpraised him, though, which continues to make me think he will be the producer’s choice this season.
    3. Caroline Pennell – Easily the most distinctive tone this season. She’s never going to sing something that will allow her to hit giant, over-the-top glory notes or anything, so I hope America continues to support her throughout the season even though she is a more understated kind of singer.
    4. Stephanie Anne Johnson – Vocally, this was probably Stephanie’s best display, but she’s done indie rock (blind audition), country (battle), pop/folk (knockout), and now jazz (live show #1). Granted, she didn’t have 100% control over all of these song choices, but I feel like this kind of jumping around genre-wise, while versatile, will keep her from developing a consistent fanbase, so hopefully she figures out what she wants to do, and quickly.
    5. Tamara Chauniece – Her voice? Great. The song? Not so much. I don’t know if she’ll be memorable enough to move on.
    6. Olivia Henken – So Olivia/Xtina totally stole the countrified “Roar” thing from the X-Factor, but Olivia did well with it. It wasn’t as great as “Done.” from the battle round, but she did pretty well with this.
    7. Amber Nicole – She’s clearly going home because all of the judges suddenly decide to be ridiculously critical over a single bad note (why didn’t anyone else get this treatment?), but Amber has such a great voice. Too bad we won’t be hearing it again this season.
    8. Jonny Gray – Love the guy, but his songs just don’t seem to require that much effort. His vocal range isn’t tremendous, so he is limited in what songs he is able to choose. He’ll probably get through on popularity, but I’m slowly becoming less convinced that he is a real threat to win this thing.
    9. Kat Robichaud – I liked that she sang something slower, but the song choice was a bit weird, and it seemed like the whole pre-performance package was designed to show that she is in fact heterosexual despite the fact that this whole song is about a lesbian who is comfortable with herself as she is. I’m still not crazy about her voice, and her antics at the end of the performance were kind of loony.
    10. Josh Logan – All I can remember clearly about this performance was that the arrangement was terrible. He had a killer knockout round, but I don’t think this performance will get people voting for him in droves.
    Who I Would Send Home: Jonny Gray & Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo), and Josh Loan & Olivia Henken (Team Xtina)
    Who Will Go Home: Amber Nicole and either Kat or Tamara (Team Cee Lo) . . . I’ll go with Tamara since Kat’s rocker chick persona is a bit unique this season, and Josh Logan and either Olivia or Stephanie Anne (Team Xtina) . . . if the country contingent saves Olivia, Stephanie Anne is done, but if Olivia remains at risk, she will likely go over Stephanie.

    • Sly says:

      A single bad note? No, many, many, bad notes. However you’re correct that others who sang many bad notes were let off eay.

      • Rachel says:

        They kept talking about that one high note, but nearly everyone had issues all around and weren’t called out for it. Poor Amber.

  23. Dani says:

    Christina and her team (well, Matthew and Jacquie) SLAYED everyone.
    What a season off can do to a coach’s ability to mentor. I’m impressed by what she has achieved with her artistes this season so far.

  24. Kaba says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Ceelo’s team ought to be composed of Caroline, Amber, and Kat?
    Kat’s song way much, MUCH too low
    Whereas Amber song was just too high (amazingly)
    But I still find them more enjoyable than Jonny and the irrelevant women with a fade better done than mine.
    As for Christina’s 3…
    Stephanie. JACQUIE. and MATT.
    They were the 3 that performed their bums off.
    And Stephanies opera!

  25. Andrew says:

    None of the performances stood out for me preferred last night performances and those weren’t even that great.. My Grade would be tho Matt B+, Jacquie B, Caroline B+, Tamara B-.. everyone else was ….. eh

  26. HTGR says:

    I don’t have too much beef with the grades other than you put Kat wayyyy too low again. That was easily the second best on Team CeeLo so how does it get the second lowest score?? I think you put Tamara up too high (not that it was entirely her fault, that disco stuff sinks every contestant or at least puts them right at the bottom every time, she was really good last week and really not so good this week).

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Kat way too high! :) That was an F-minus-minus-minus to the 52nd power. Hey, we agree more this season than last season. That’s something.

    • JM says:

      Agree. I gave Kat a ‘B’. I like her ‘crazy’ persona, and I’m glad that CeeLo gave her a softer song choice, but I do think she should have kept the ‘She’ in the song. Otherwise, the song is pointless.

  27. WilliamH says:

    I think Jacquie Lee’s voice is great, but I am just not buying it when I hear a 16 year old singing these songs that are way too mature for her. I don’t expect her singing nursery rhymes, but I Put A Spell on You and Back to Black are way too mature for me to believe she means what she’s singing.

    • Kaba says:

      God forbid a 16 year old genuinely has an old soul :/

      • WilliamH says:

        Heaven forbid someone disagree with you. You hear old soul, I hear a girl doing a good job faking it.

        • Annie says:

          LOL. I actually see where you’re coming from.

        • Kaba says:

          Tis what makes a good performer.
          Considering I don’t consider her an old soul but the way I see it. If you’ve got to sell an emotion you probably don’t feel, you better SELL it. And Jacquie did.
          You’re literally only capping her simply because of her age. I doubt you’d feel this way if she were in her later 20s

          • WilliamH says:

            You are absolutely right about that. It’s why I complimented her singing but criticized the song choice. I wish they would chose something more youthful for her. Unlike Danielle Bradbery, Jacquie can actually emote so I wouldn’t mind seeing her excel. I only mentioned old soul because that’s what you put first.

          • Kaba says:

            Pardon my poor choice of words.
            Though I think this song was probably one of the absolute bests for her.
            Her voice suits the song so well and then her sheer intensity makes it even better.
            Christina’s literally going to have to borrow from Amy Whinehouse, Nina Simone, and maybe a bit of Ray Charles to keep her on the top like this.
            I can’t think of many youth fitting songs she can sing as formidably

          • WilliamH says:

            I admit, it’s a struggle to come up with songs that could both challenge her and be youthful, but that’s why they pay the coaches the big bucks ;) Thinking of powerful artists who started off young, I would like maybe some old school Destiny’s Child or Pink (No, No, No or There You Go would be awesome),Natasha Beddingfield or Demi Lavato. Even Aretha and Dusty have some songs that don’t skew as overly mature but still strong.

          • HTGR says:

            Still, in the era of Amy Winehouse, Adele (Haley Reinhart) what is youthful?
            I know what you mean, but it’s a bit of old is new again these days and it’s also accepted.

          • Kaba says:

            Few people can cover Adele, and those that can are usually shooting themselves in the foot cause it’s an overused pick anyways.
            Maybe she could do “Turning Tables”
            That’d be great.
            Janelle Monae doesn’t appear to be her style..maybe “Cold War”
            If it’s more intimate and more instrumental

          • HTGR says:

            No I didn’t mean that those are singers for her to cover, just saying that some relatively younger young singers these days sing some older-styled songs in somewhat older styles so if they all can then why not Jacquie.

          • HTGR says:

            and Janelle Monae and so on, it’s mixed these days.

          • WilliamH says:

            @HTGR, I would say it has to do more with subject matter than the age of the singer. In the case of Adele, I could see Jacquie singing Hometown Glory or Turning Tables, but I have a hard time believing a 16 year old would fully understand the pain involved Someone Like You. There a lot to be said for life experience, and though it may not seem like it, I think there’s a huge difference in perspective from 16 to 21, which is how old Winehouse was when she released her first album.

          • Kaba says:

            I trust Christina’s judgment this year for once. Hopefully she’ll continue to dish out superb songs like Usher did last season.
            For a second I found myself thinking Usher was the only well spoken judge with a decent ear. Christina is redeeming herself!

    • Mary says:

      I agree it wasn’t a song I would of picked or even she would of, but considering Christina chose it for her I thought she did a fantastic job. I thought she was believable and she sang the heck out of it. I liked her since the auditions and she has not disappointed me yet. I normally do not like younger singers but my god she has the Voice.

  28. Davey says:

    I’ve been listening to the iTunes versions and James Wolpert’s Case of You from last night which is currently number 4 is stellar. Equally good are Will Champlin’s Secrets and Tessanne’s Many Rivers which are still on the charts and better than the live version. Jackie’s iTunes version is not quite as good as her TV performance, though. Caroline’s iTunes recording sounds pretty similar to her performance on the show.

  29. dj says:

    It was definitely Team Xtina’s night. I loved the last two performances. The only one I really liked on Ceelo’s team was Caroline, and I didn’t think it was the greatest song choice for her, but she overcame. In fact, I thought Ceelo’s song choices pretty much sucked tonight. Nobody sounded as good as they could have with better material. I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He’s definitely off his game. I sure wouldn’t pick him as a coach unless nobody else turned around. I feel bad for his team, going first + bad song choices = not a lot of votes.

    • Lee says:

      I thought Christina’s song choices sucked. Matthew deserved a better song than Wrecking Ball. IMO I Put A Spell On You was all wrong for Jacquie. And I don’t think any serious contestant should sing a Katy Perry song.

  30. My guess: Team Blake will end up consisting of Shelbie Z, Cole Vosbury, and Ray. Team Adam will consist of James Wolpert, Tessanne, and Will. Team Christina will consist of Matthew, Jacquie, and Stephanie. And Team Cee-Lo will consist of Caroline, Jonny, and Kat.

    • HTGR says:

      sounds fine to me (although James vs. Preston is a tough call, overall I’ve liked Preston more so far although James did pop out of nowhere yesterday)

    • JM says:

      That’s the way I think it will go, too, with the possible exception of Adam picking Preston over Will.

  31. Christobel says:

    Wow, I finally got it!All this time I’ve been getting upset with Michael’s comments, taking them for gospel truth when it hit me!Just because he says something nasty about one of my favourites doesn’t mean that Its true, it’s merely his opinion!That being said I really enjoyed Josh’s performance tonight and although I’m not really a fan of breathy, little girl voices Caroline is really starting to grow on me!

  32. zenmaster says:

    If Selena Gomez and Cheryl Cole had a child, it would be…. Jacquie Lee. WOW!

  33. EAP says:

    From worst to best:
    10. Amber Nicole: It was an odd choice. The song did not go well with her voice and the band overpowered her. She tried, but she seemed uncomfortable with it. CeeLo definitely sabotaged her.
    9. Kat Robichaud: It’s sad because she was one of my favorites during the auditions, but she’s gotten worse and worse everytime she takes the stage. In the battles it wasn’t her fault because CeeLo chose the “Armageddon” song, but last week she was as predictable as she was scary, and this week it was proven that she cannot sing outside her comfort song. I ultimately find her boring.
    8. Olivia Henken: I guess she was sort of okay. I think Christina tried to do the same thing she did with Matthew but here it didn’t work as well.
    7. Tamara Chaunice: She sang the heck out of that song. I always forget about her, so that’s not good. Oh, and the song choice sucked. Bye to you.
    6. Josh Logan: I would’ve preferred less runs and a less loungey arrangement. I think Josh kind of messed up because there are so many great arrangements for this song. He should’ve gone with Jacquie Lee’s.
    5. Jonny Gray: I love this song, reminds me of my teenage years watching Ryan Phillippe being beautiful in my guilty pleasure film, but as someone said, it is boring to watch someone perform it. It doesn’t lend itself for a cool buildup.
    4. Stephanie Ann Johnson: She really can sing anything. I think she is very intriguing and she has never let me down. I hope she makes it through, but I think Josh is going to take the spot she deserves.
    3. Caroline Pennell: I think she was nervous and this was her worst performance. I also think she is amazing, the one to beat and just hearing her brings a smile to my face. She is that good.
    2. Matthew Schuler: I loved the song choice. I thought it was a bold and smart move by Christina. He obviously has more range than Miley Cyrus and the song is still topping the charts. The song has buildup and Matthew made runs when he had to and executed them flawlessly. He always delivers. Sort of like Tessanne, but more entertaining to watch.
    1. Jackie Lee: She was amazing. Christina has been a really good coach for her. She has gotten better. I’ve always liked her, but she has always been under the radar for me.

  34. MB says:

    Jacque Lee was incredible. She lives just a couple of miles from me. I am so excited to be voting for a hometown girl. Before tonight Caroline was my favorite but Jacquie just blew me away tonight. I can’t believe she is just 16.

    • HTGR says:

      Jersey Girls!

      • HTGR says:

        She is pretty far from me though. The only contest ever like right, right from my area was Elise Testone from AI, practically in my backyard as it were (although on the show they treated her as a South Carolinian).

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I LOVED Elise Testone. I stopped watching that season when she was voted out. That girl could sing like crazy.

          • HTGR says:

            Uh oh we agree again! Yeah she was far an away my favorite from that season!!!! Man she was awesome! And not just because she was from here either. I’d have rooted for her if she were from a remote Amazonian village.
            And she knew her stuff. Dare I say more than all but at least one of the judges for sure.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            She was truly amazing. I was so impressed every single time she opened her mouth. Her biggest problem was she looked old and had a mean-looking face. Neither sits well with a voting public.

            She definitely knew more than all the judges that season. This year will be a first when you have not one but TWO singers on the panel. J-Ho doesn’t count. She’s an idiot.

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah she has one of those faces that naturally has a hint of a frown in resting state and that never helps votes whether it’s on a contest like this or in politics and in general people with faces like that get given a hard time, why are you always so sad, why so grumpy and yet they may be beaming with joy inside.
            (and it probably didn’t help if it became just a hint more sour a few times as she sat there and heard some ridiculousness coming out of a judges mouth- the Idol type voter really hates that, they think the judges are gods and want little fake ever so polite ‘goodies’ who bow down to the judges regardless no matter how fake they have to be to do so, and many seem so jealous of the contestants getting to be there that they don’t want any contestant to ever show any hint of less than 100% joy in being there regardless of dirty tricks or nonsense tossed their way and if your face doesn’t naturally have a hint of a smile in normal resting phase then it hurts I’m sure with getting votes).

  35. Lucy27lucy says:

    Shut off the TV and wait for the finals announcing Caroline the winner…..wait, did Jacquie really just do that?? I have to agree with Blake’s repeated cotton candy references to Caroline, her warmth just makes you love listening to her sing. But Jacquie just slated it, phenomenal control, power, emotion, range and character. Everything Danielle was last year, plies everything she was not…she was the total package tonight. First time Ive been completely blown away on all fronts.

  36. AlyB says:

    Team Xtina may have a lock on the win with both Matthew & Jacquie Lee. Holy bleep that was mind blowing they were both so good. I still wasn’t over Matthew when Jacquie came out and blew the doors off the place. I have to say I was worried about whoever got Wrecking Ball. I figured it would be the kiss of death, never mind the fact that everyone on the planet is sick to death of the song. He slayed it. He teased emotion of the lyrics with his nuanced delivery then killed the chorus. I’d have laughed at you if you told me I’d end up buying that single before the show but I had to have it. Then sweet 16 year old Jaquie takes the stage, opens her mouth and this soulful, passionate, bloody friggin incredible voice comes out. Vocal dynamics, check. Beautiful tone, double check. Emotional connection, triple check. I believe she put a spell on everyone there. The girl is magic. I still can’t quite believe what I heard and yes I bought her single too. Then there’s everyone else. Sorry but omg Matthew and Jaquie stole the night.

    Seriously though I want Jonny, Caroline & Stephanie to move forward too. Caroline did a really cute job on that song thanks to her own creativity with the melody line and nuanced delivery. I don’t think Ceelo did any of his team any favors with his picks. That was cute & she pulled it off & I want her moving forward. Same with Jonny. It was a competent cover of a song that very simply has no range. His unique voice helped him nail it but again, I don’t think Ceelo gave him a song that opened an opportunity to really wow. He should do something by Pearl Jam. I just like Stephanie. I don’t think she’s hit on quite the right song yet. I hope she gets another week.

    Olivia, who has an amazingly powerful voice, was swallowed whole by Roar. She sounded mediocre and I know she’s capable of much more. The song was too much for her, it’s as simple as that. Kat…..ermergerd. I really like that original song with the rap part intact. It just didn’t work and the whole thing was just very weird culminating in that random hug at the end. Tamara might as well have been given a ticket home when she was given I Will Survive. She might not. I’ve already forgotten Amber & Josh. That doesn’t bode well for their survival either. I’m just not feeling that invested in any of them to care so much which. I almost wish Team Xtina could have 4 (Matthew, Jacquie Lee, Stephanie & Olivia) and then just take Jonny & Caroline from Ceelo. Oh well.. I just hope the ones I want to keep watching move forward. I did my part. Guess we’ll just see what happens. I’ll be really happy if Jacquie, Matthew, Jonny & Caroline get through.

  37. DavidSask says:

    Xtina is killing is as coach and deserves for her team to win,love her singing each show as well! Ceelo being close second. Adam is a king sized douche who can’t style himself clothes or hair to save his life and his ego and babbling overtime on show must come to an end, please let him have the break on show next year and Blake can join him for year off as well!

  38. C.A. says:

    I was a fan of Kat’s until tonight. The fact that she changed the words to that song is just plain wrong. If you’re not comfortable with the lyrics, pick a different song! What an interesting time to show she’s happily married right before she sings that song. The ending where she hugs the girl in the audience reeked of desperation. The whole thing was just disappointing and bizarre.

  39. Marissa says:

    I must not have a good ear, because I’m not that blown away by Jacquie at this point. She’s good, and I’d definitely include her in my top 3, but she’s definitely not the best, as far as I’m concerned. There’s a squeaky element to her voice when she sings some of the louder notes, and it bothers me a little bit. It’s the kind of thing that could keep me from buying her music in the future.

    Having said that, she’s got excellent stage presence, especially for someone her age. (Remember Xenia and her aptly-timed pointing in the first season? Yikes.) She is a helluva lot of fun to watch, and I hope she makes it far into the competition. She deserves to.

    (For the record, my favorites are Caroline and Matthew. Either way, I’d just be happy to see Xtina or CeeLo win for a change.)

    • Marissa says:

      Re-reading my comment, it feels kind of contradictory. By “not blown away”, I pretty much just mean I wouldn’t call her the best just yet. I hesitate to give anyone that label this early into the live rounds.

    • Annie says:

      Super squeaky

      • MB says:

        Just found out on Facebook from a friend who knows Jacquie’s family. Jacquie sang tonight as well and she did and she is fighting the flu. Pretty incredible.

    • Virginia says:

      Good high notes, great low notes, and definitely some squeaky, screechy singing in her middle range. Very strange. Could be due to the flu, but who knows. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what next week brings.

      • Annie says:

        Definitely not from the flu haha. It’s in her other performances as well

        • lynn says:

          She’s actually gotten a lot less squeaky as the show has gone on. It’s a breath control thing. When she’s powering it out, she gasps for air and the next word squeaks. It usually happens when she sort of loses herself in the song. (Which, I think the ugly sounds worked for this one.)

          Seeing as she’s already gotten much better, I’d imagine it’s something Xtina has been working with her on.

  40. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Michael Slezak: F (for mentioning the whiny-voiced Matt Cermianski. Blech!)

  41. Annie says:

    Why aren’t my comments posting….

  42. Timmah says:

    Easiest top 3 ever. Jacquie, Caroline and Matthew really distanced themselves from the pack. I believe one of them will win, with James as a possible wild card.

  43. Terry says:

    Olivia and Stephanie have really grown on me, I’d like to see them both stay but I have a feeling it’ll be one or the other. Do the coaches still get to choose? If so I doubt Christina will pick the country girl, I mean she made her sing a Katy Perry song ffs, so I guess it goodbye Olivia.

  44. Jenny says:

    Amber has a strong voice, however she was not consistent at all during her song, she needs to control her voice a bit more…too many runs. She seemed really nervous too, barely using the stage to her advantage. Would have loved to see her rock out a little more.
    Like Amber, Johnny Gray seemed out of his comfort zone. You could tell he was not feeling the song at all. It got good in the rockier parts of the song, but it was a complete bore for the most of it. He is so talented and has so much potential, just needs a better song next time.
    Tamara’s performance of “I Will Survive” was very karaoke. That is all.
    Am baffled by Kat’s song choice as well! I know Cee Lo is trying to show different sides of his artists, but the song choices are ALL WRONG. Sometimes it sounded like she was mumbling during the song. That hug was so random it made me laugh.
    I’m not a fan of Caroline’s voice, but she did better than the rest of Team Cee Lo…stayed true to what she’s about and it worked.
    FF Josh’s performance. Because.
    Olivia is usually so fierce! Why oh why did Christina give her “Roar”…..very odd to watch!
    Really enjoyed Stephanie. Good solid performance.
    Matthew omg…love love love!!! He completely made it his own and I FELT the emotion!!! Great job.
    Jaquie Lee!!! That last note… She can truly win this! Kinda looks like Selena Gomez a bit no? But with wayyy much more talent :P

    • zenmaster says:

      Yes, Jacquie Lee is the love child of Selena Gomez and Cheryl Cole…lol Jacquie is making me feel the SPIRIT. WOW. WOW. WOW. Just wow. I’m not sure what else to say. Completely amazing and fantastic by that performance.

  45. Jacquie Lee – let’s just give you the title. Haha

  46. Simon says:

    Jacquie reminds me a LOT of Khaya Cohen from the X Factor, especially now that they’ve both sung “I Put a Spell on You” in very similar ways. Jacquie is much better though, in my opinion. She and Matthew were my favorites from the beginning, and I’m so glad that tonight’s show proved me right. ;-)

    I’m also a big fan of both Josh and Stephanie, even though they weren’t as good tonight. As long as Olivia goes home, I have no complaints.

    As for Cee Lo’s team, Caroline is a lock to make it through, and my guess is that America’s 2nd save will be Kat, just because the other 3 were very karaoke. Based on tonight’s performances, I would send Amber and Jonny home, but Jonny may get a free pass since he seems to be a favorite. Tamara’s performance was not very entertaining due to the song choice, but vocally, she did a surprisingly decent job despite Cee Lo’s sabotage attempt.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      Tamara sang rings around Amber, Jonny and Kat but Cee-Lo’s super-tired song choice undermined her… just think that with Jaquie Lee being anointed the popular heiress apparent of THE VOICE tonight by this time next year Simon Cowell will be desperate to offer her a million dollar contract to be a judge on X-FACTOR with Miley Cyrus’ twerktastic tongue and Dummy(sp?) Levato

  47. Herbert Otto says:

    Jacquie Lee – Awesome !
    How can such sounds come from that young girl?
    She grabbed me on the “Back to Black” – last phrase — and has not let me go since.
    The thrill is back !

  48. Lee says:

    Sorry, guys, but I wasn’t that impressed by the performances tonight. Supposedly the three standouts were from Stephanie, Matthew and Jacquie. I liked Stephanie’s performance a lot more than what she did last week–I liked how she made it her own jazzy number. Vocally, I thought Matthew turned in an excellent performance. But, I didn’t care for the song so it left me feeling apathetic about the whole thing. And I thought Jacquie’s song was all wrong too. IMO she’s too young to sing a song like that. I just didn’t buy it.

    • MamaLis says:

      Interesting…. for me, I hadn’t been a Mathew fan (at all!) until last night. In fact, I mocked the song choice until he did it. Then, I was thoroughly impressed. Similar for Jacquie.. wasn’t a fan and then this morning watching it…. it was quite something.

  49. Angie_Overrated says:

    I downloaded Stephanie’s Georgia On My Mind and have listened to it nonstop on a loop for the last hour. Can we end the competition now and hand her the win? Tessanne who? Caroline who?

  50. spongebob says:

    A much better show compared to last night, thank God.

    Team Xtina
    1. Jacquie: Best of the night. No question. I admit I underestimated her potential. I liked how she was looking at Xtina for encouragement throughout the high notes.
    2. Stephanie: Loved the sass, jazz and class she displayed tonight. Her best by far.
    3. Matthew: Trademark Matthew. I still can’t get over Cosmic Love.
    4. Josh: Good. He should learn to dial down on the runs. It’s a shame he might be going home.
    5. Olivia: Also good. But too much competition in this team.

    Team Ceelo
    1. Caroline: She should have sung Kat’s song. Dang, I can’t get Luna out of my head when I see her. Lol.
    2. Jonny: Disappointing. Could’ve done so much more w/ the song. Will advance due to no competition.
    3. Amber
    4. Tamara
    5. Kat: Essentially ruined this song for me. Worst of the night. Song is meant to be sung by Caroline.

    Prediction: Olivia, Stephanie, Kat & Tamara will go.