Sons of Anarchy Post Mortem: Kurt Sutter Breaks Down Tara's 'Desperate' Plan and Jax's Next Move

Tara Faking PregnancyLife in Charming became anything but in Tuesday’s action-packed Sons of Anarchy.

After meticulously plotting out an exit strategy for both herself and her sons, Tara’s plan unravels — and is revealed in full to Jax — thanks to her relentless mommie dearest-in-law, Gemma. With the ill-conceived scheme finally out in the open, the hour leaves viewers with a haunting image: Tara, awaiting the arrival of her scorned husband, is rocking her son to sleep, all the while balancing a loaded gun in her lap.

Elsewhere in the standout installment, Clay takes a bite out of crime (literally and gruesomely) in order to put into motion his gun-running plans with the Irish, while a sweet B-story leads to the return of a mysterious fan fave.

Here, Sons creator Kurt Sutter breaks down the demise of Tara’s plan and reveals Jax’s emotional state when we next see him. The EP also discusses Gemma’s next move, Clay’s mental state and why fans should go easy on the SAMCRO king’s old lady.

TVLINE | I was shocked that Gemma was able to get through to Jax so quickly. I figured Tara’s plan would linger until the end of the season. What made you map it out this way?
The plan that Tara had come up with, like so many other moves within this world, was really put together quickly — although she painstakingly executed it over the course of what would probably be a couple of weeks in real time. And when I thought about how long we continued to play it, it felt like there were a lot of holes in her plan. She rested responsibility on very flawed allies, from Wendy to Margaret; I really wanted to get a sense that it was a plan made in a short period of time out of desperation. And like many things in this world, it unravels quickly… The elements of this were really desperate; it was a desperate, extreme plan, and that’s the point I wanted to get across. There’s a scene in [next week’s episode] where it all hits Tara. She’s like, ‘What the f–k has happened to me?!’ It’s the realization of where she’s at and essentially what love has done to her.

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TVLINE | Talk about plotting out that final scene with Tara and the gun. Would she actually use it on Jax? To the same point, why would she stay and wait for him?
She has this information from Lowen and she has the boys, but I don’t think she necessarily knows what her next move is. She’s smart enough to know that if she runs that’s a bad thing. It’s about waiting and finding out where it lands with Jax. The gun was somewhat symbolic in terms of what she may need to do to protect her family — not that Jax would walk in the door and she’d point the gun at him. But it’s a sense that she’s probably sleeping with that under her pillow… We thought about what Tara would do once she got that information: Would she really uproot the boys, throw them into a car in the middle of the night? The truth is, where the f–k would she go?! Her plan and how it unspools plays out in the next episode.

TVLINE | The way Charlie Hunnam played Jax in those final moments — at first angry and outraged but then pretty defeated. Where do we find him emotionally next week?
Tara’s betrayal was deep, but it’s a different kind of betrayal. It’s not the betrayal of an enemy or of a brother, it’s the betrayal of someone he loves and has loved his whole life — the mother of his child. I didn’t want it to be straight-up outward rage. A lot of what happens with Jax — and what will continue to happen this season — is the awareness of his part in all of this. The rage and anger that he feels, and not to go too Dr. Phil on it, is really about himself. The level of self-hate is probably greater than the sense of betrayal. So, that’s emotionally where I wanted to leave him, more crushed by it all than enraged… A guy like Jax really has to shut down and process this.

TVLINE | Some fans are demonizing Tara for her actions this season, and almost holding her to a different standard that Gemma and Jax. Would you agree with that? And what do you attribute that to?
In terms of the fans, obviously Jax and Gemma are favorites and anything that rubs against them people are quick to demonize. I don’t know if it’s a different standard, but there’s a level of expectation from Tara that she understands and reacts differently. The thing that I love about her plan, and I think we address this in a future episode as well, is that Gemma’s been her teacher. That was a plan right out of Gemma’s handbook! The extreme and the nefarious nature of it, that plan has Gemma written all over it. It’s continuing that education of Gemma and, essentially, the Frankenstein she’s created is coming back to haunt her somewhat. But as this all settles in with Jax and his awareness and upstanding of it, my hope is that same awareness also settles in on the audience and they come to understand what’s driven Tara and why she did this. Yes, it was extreme and f—ed up, but Tara is a somewhat rational and compassionate person, so what had to happen to someone like that where they’re actually driven to do something that heinous? And at the end of the day, who is really responsible for that?

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TVLINE | Now that the truth is out about Tara’s plan, what role will Wendy play in the remainder of the season?
We’ll continue to play out the Wendy storyline. For me, I loved bringing back that character. We don’t do flashbacks on our show, but I have an opportunity this season to, in an organic way, reveal history of some relationships. At one point, Gemma and Wendy were very close and Gemma saw Wendy as a good fit for Jax… In typical Gemma fashion, now that Tara has clearly betrayed her, where does she go and what’s the next logical choice for her? I don’t know if she believes that Wendy will replace Tara, because she knows there’s too much damage there with Jax. But Gemma’s a person who needs to have something in play — even if it’s about cleaning up Wendy. Is helping Wendy all a way to undermine Tara somehow?

TVLINE | Clay biting that prison guard’s face off was very Otto-esque. What was happening there? Did he have to go that far to get where he needed to be?
It was an Otto-esque move. The shrink that Clay needed to get to was in the psych ward, so to get where he was going to have access to that phone he had to go 5150 on this guy and go off the ledge. Rather than just be thrown in solitary, it had to be crazy enough that he would need to possibility be sedated and brought to the psych ward… It picks up the storyline with the Irish and where all of that is going.

TVLINE | The homeless woman returned this week. Have all of her intermittent appearances been building to this specific storyline?
I don’t know if it’s been building toward this. I’ve had a sense of: Who is she? Is she a ghost? And who sees her? This episode doesn’t really answer that; it just keeps that magic quality, that Shakespearean piece of the puzzle in play. I’ve always wanted to give a little bit of that backstory, so it doesn’t quite seem so random. She will keep representing what she represents, which is: Is she an angel? Is she a harbinger of doom? It just keeps it all in play, but gives it a little bit of humanity and gives Jax some sort of connection to it with the young girl.

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  1. Pat D. says:

    Best episode of the season…easily.

    I have to admit…I thought Tara was setting up Jax to come back and smack her around, but judging from the teasers next week, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I also again don’t like that Gemma is coming off as the sympathetic figure, and Tara being made out to be the heel in this situation. But it sure looks like the end is near for Tara.

    BTW, that Kazoo bit was hilarious.

    • Pat D. says:

      Also, WTF Kurt? Gemma the “fan favorite”? Give me a break—I know she’s your wife and all in real life, but how blind can you be…she hasn’t been a root-able character since S2.

      • the girl says:

        That’s true but somehow people still respond to her as if she can do no wrong and like Tara is wrong to want to take the boys away from her.

        • V says:

          No, Tara is not wrong for wanting to take the boys away. Her methods are, though! I love Gemma because she keeps me interested. I hate her one minute, I love her the next. Nothing is black and grey with her. Meanwhile, it’s so frustrating to root for or even understand a character like Tara, who’s has so many chances to leave the world behind, someone who has other life skills and then comes into this world pretending to be better than everyone else? When in reality, she’s sunk real low multiple times. She’s not better than Jax or Gemma.

          • the girl says:

            I don’t think Tara thinks she’s better than Jax or Gemma. I think she wants better for herself and her children.

          • riddle83 says:

            How can we ever hate any Gemma? She’s a more badass and mean version, yet with the recognizable good and sarcastic qualities that of Peg! I’ve watched her since I was a Child. A lot of childhood memories sitting with my Dad n lil Brother on Sunday Night, watching The Bundy’s!

        • Olive says:

          I second that. Why does she have to be likeable or sympathetic? Gemma is complex, layered, and keeps me interested. Jax is the one becoming too one-note.

      • Cheryl says:

        I agree with you. I understand she is his wife and everything but I am really tired of Gemma being the center of attention and getting away with practically everything, while other characters are constantly having to face their behavior/actions. It’s starting to get really unbelievable. It’s time Sutter lets Gemma face some music and all that to play out “organically” but right now, it just seems like a desperate attempt to keep her character alive.

        • Hair goddess says:

          I fully agree with many of the previous comments! Tara did exactly what Jax told her that his father JT should have done in the episode ‘Out’, which was run ‘Gemma’s ass over’ toget he and Thomas out of Charming and away from the MC life. I am also tired of seeing Gemma face any real consequences for her behaviors (helped 1st husband get killed, manipulates Jax over and over to keep the ‘gavel in this families hand’, encourages Wendy to off herself in pilot episode and now tells her she ‘was a better fit with jax’, helps send hubby #2 to prison and now she gets to have her ‘Nero’ cake and eat it too). Honestly I am getting sick of the BS. Why is she always escaping any real consequences? Yeah the show is about an MC, but the MC is made up of human beings that have lives. Let some of that realism show, let it grow ‘organically’ (as Sutter always says) …. I have been diehard fan since pilot … Bought seasons on iTunes cause I couldn’t wait for netflix, but I’m geting tired of the same old BS, especially with Gemma.

          • Pam says:

            Very good point on the episode OUT. Do you think that Nero is looking at Gemma a little differently since she told him the truth about JT. I hope that Nero runs very fast away from Gemma.

          • when that club disbands, and it probably will, I am guessing that is how it will end, Gemma will die a slow lonely penniless death. That is what she deserves. Obscurity, loneliness, and major impotence!

          • C says:

            Good point about the episode Out! This season is driving me crazy, I have no idea if I’ll be watching it all because I just have a feeling, Jax and Gemma will be standing together in the end with those poor boys. The relationship between Jax and Gemma is just messed up, it’s weird! I hope he finds out what she did to his daddy a long time ago and is finally done with her. Also, he forgave Gemma awfully fast when she almost killed his boys but Tara wants to save them and she’s bad? Yeah, she lied but she didn’t sleep with anyone else….JAX!! I’m rooting for Tara!!

        • Denise says:

          I agree, it is really annoying to see Gemma get away with any and everything. I know shes Sutter wife, but really he needs to make her pay the piper sometime with her skanky ass.

      • Well…she IS the fan favorite, Love Gemma

    • Cory says:

      As f-ked up as some of Tara’s actions were in S6, I highly doubt she would ever WANT Jax to physically harm her and more importantly, he would NEVER lay a hand on her. We saw that he would die for her.

      Gemma is a monster. After finally finishing the series, I was super bummed that all she got was a bullet to the head. She deserved to be killed in the same heinous fashion as she did to Tara. An eye for an eye – or rather, a fork to the head for a fork to the head.

  2. Beth says:

    This is SOA and violence will ensue but I am hoping Jax looks at this from all angles. He has ownership in this as much as Tara does. My only problem with her plan is the faked pregnancy. When has he ever took Gemma’s side over Tara?!? Best episode of the season and I love that an old gangster (Nero) is now the moral c

  3. Beth says:

    This is SOA and violence will ensue but I am hoping Jax looks at this from all angles. He has ownership in this as much as Tara does. My only problem with her plan is the faked pregnancy. When has he ever took Gemma’s side over Tara?!? Best episode of the season and I love that an old gangster (Nero) is now the moral compass of the SOA world.

  4. kz says:

    If I was Tara, I would have set up shop at the police station as soon as Lowen called, and told Eli she would testify against the club in return for witness protection. granted, i know this is a television show and that wouldn’t do much for the storyline, but honestly, why would she stick around when she know what Jax is capable of, especially given the lengths she has already gone to in order to get the boys out? The whole storyline just seems out of character for Tara.

    I’m also having a difficult time viewing Gemma in a sympathetic light.

    and yes, the kazoo was fabulous.

    • the girl says:

      Yeah I’m disappointed she didn’t have an out already planned in case this happened. I was hoping beyond hope that she would be rocking the baby to sleep in her hideout apartment or something. I hate that she didn’t plan for the possibility that these chicks might rat on her.

  5. Jax & Juice's Girl says:

    Crazy ep! Gemma finally speaking the truth about JT’S death to nero……and finally tells jax tara’s plans and the whole fake baby etc. I had a feeling that when jax confronted DA patterson he was going to throw galen under the bus cuase i thought nero was going to in last weeks ep. This is GAME OVER for tara and that gun? If she thinks she’s gonna pull a ”Gemma” and kills jax……. girl good luck with that! What the hell was going on with clay going all ”otto” on that gaurd and then lookin’ like hannibal that was kinda funny.

    AHHHH can’t wait for next tuesday!!!!

  6. Jax & Juice's Girl says:

    Oh god chuckie and that damn kazoo!!!!!

  7. Sally says:

    My stomach is in a knot and I don’t know if I’ll make it to next week. If Jax feels betrayed now wtf will he do when he finds out Gemma signed off on John’s death? Please tell me he mans up and sees what he and “the club” have done to Tara. Gemma is a ruthless, conniving, bitch and I hope she is left high and dry in the end. She screws over everyone she says she loves. Ugh!

    • the girl says:

      I really and truly hope Jax finds that out about Gemma’s involvement in JT’s death, and soon. He has to see what the club has done to his family, and the club’s so-called code. Gemma constantly uses the words “club” and “family” as if they are interchangeable, and Tara realizes and understands that they are not the same thing. Those children deserve people who are going to put their needs above everything else, and the only one who is proven capable of that is Tara. I hate knowing that Tara is going to get killed simply for being the best mother she could be under the circumstances – and all of this could have been avoided had Jax kept his promise to leave Charming and take their family away from SAMCRO. Not for nothing, Gemma lost a son and a husband to the violence of SAMCRO and she STILL doesn’t think it’s right to pull her grandchildren out of that? I realize I am actually disgusted by Gemma’s warped sense of right here. Just the possibility that she would chalk up losing Jax or one of her grandsons as the consequence of sticking with the family (the club) really bothers me.

      • Faster says:

        Yes. Nicely said.

      • kelly says:

        Tara really is the fan favorite over Gemma. Kurt I think you are too involved to see the truth. I do love Gemma, dont get me wrong, she is a great mother… the club. She is a crappy mother to Jax and a very crappy grandmother. I am sorry kurt but Gemma drove into a tree with her grandkids in the car because she was high and she gave her blessing for them to kill the father of her children. What has Tara done to those kids but protect them? Jax has got to get over his weird relationship with his mom, grow some big boy nuts and save his marriage and his children. Gemma needs to be knocked down, she is no longer the Queen, Tara is and she needs to be treated like it by all, especially the old “old” lady. Its time for Gemma to step down.

        • laylaJ. says:

          Agree about Jax and Gemma enough already.. he’s been the sacrificial lamb long enough!! Without Tara Jax wouldn’t have made it… Clay offing JT with Gemma’s blessing I mean really no ones perfect but ready for Karma to hit the right mark and Tara get some respect.

        • riddle83 says:

          The thing is that we assume we know John Teller by the letters he wrote. What kind of person was he Really? Was he a crazed disturbed man writing that manuscript? Now at one point in the show, Clay probably should had been killed, but BEFORE he was changed into a sympathetic, protagonist. I started hating Jax instead of Clay! Tara wasn’t forced into anything, she knew what she was getting into. Gemma is an older lady who loves her family and the Club, which she needs to survive; and she’ll do what it takes to keep what she loves. It’s all she’s ever known, and the only things she has financially and in love. Tara should had never left the Midwest. Speak of wanting your cake and eat it too.

      • Cheryl says:

        I don’t think that Jax is going to kill Tara. I think this is going to motivate him even more to get the club out of guns and on to legit business that makes it safe for them. Tara is the love of Jax’ life and if Wendy could almost kill their unborn baby (Abel) and still be alive, then Tara will too. She is desperate and this all started the day she was thrown into a van and had her livelihood smashed out of it. Tara and Jax were on their way out… He’ll see it.

        • Faster says:

          I hope you’re right. I’m pretty bummed after the episode thinking that everyone (now including Unser, apparently, although that wasn’t a big surprise) has given primary loyalty to Jax and isn’t recognizing why Tara is doing what she is doing or that getting the boys out is clearly in their best interests. I never thought Jax would ever kill Tara, but I hope the show goes a step further and your theory that this revelation will lead to his reform is right.

          • the girl says:

            Yes. I am very disappointed that Unser did what he did to help Jax without so much as a heads up to Tara. I can accept that her methods were not all that great, but in all of this, she is the person in the right. She chose to play by their dirty rules, is all, and I honestly don’t blame her. What mother wouldn’t stoop to the lowest of the low to protect the lives of her children? Considering that this show is based (loosely) on Shakespearean drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one’s getting out of this alive (or with any real life to speak of).

      • One little correction – Gemma’s Thomas didn’t die by violence. He had a bad ticker. But yeah, I’ve felt from day one, that Gemma would be the death of Jax one way or another. And that she doesn’t care about the safety of those babies, as much as she cares about her status, being the den mother to all those gritty bikers. Even in season 3, when she smacks Jax around for his willingness to let Abel go to those adoptive parents, it wasn’t because she cared about Abel himself – it was more about ‘Nobody takes what’s MINE.’ She’s got the same attitude with Tara – and Tara better keep that gun handy, because even if Jax doesn’t want her dead, Gemma does.

        • Caramel Sherry says:

          I think very importantly people are forgetting that Tara choose to stay & live this life. Jax so many times tried to push her out & she wanted in, even helping Gemma when she was was wanted, despite Jax telling he not to get involved. If that wasn’t enough Tara then went & killed a woman & was quite proud of what she had done, to prove that she was in the ‘club’. So there is no poor Tara. She changed her views/mind when she was facing jail. Like any ‘Rat’ thought about herself. If she cared about the future of her child Thomas, she would have gotten out whilst she was pregnant. Let’s not go there with Abel!!!!

    • angelwings says:

      What he and the club have done to Tara? Tara is a grown woman with free will. She made her own choices and decisions and no one forced her to do anything.

      • V says:

        Thank you! Tara is no victim! I don’t understand these comments lol.

      • JAX&TARA FAN says:

        she had a out game if you remember but Clay ruined that when he tried to have her kidnapped and her hand was hurt. She had no job in Oregon to fall back on at that point. Then when she was offered the job again she was arrested for involvement with Otto again helping the club to get off of RICO. So lets hope that some one in the group Sutter, Jax , someone has a conscious to know she had know choice

        • Mia says:

          Umm she got back the Oregon job and Jax told her to go before he became Pres she wanted to be Old Lady instead. She made her bed!

          • Jax Tara fan says:

            But if you remember she was leaving and told jax she got the job and same night she was arrested

      • Ed Desmond says:

        Yeah everyone forgets she backed him to take the gavel and stood behind him like Gemma did JT and clay. She could of left then.

    • Mia says:

      What they did to Tara? Tara wanted to be Jax’s old lady she put herself where she is

      • Oscar says:

        So sick of anyone backing up Tara. Jax told her to leave multiple times. Jax pushed her away but Tara CHOSE to be an old lady. No one forced her to have a kid with Jax and stay in Charming. She should have left Jax and Abel, instead she has lied to Jax and is trying to take Abel away when it’s not even her kid. Obviously it’s best for the kids to be away from the violence, but Tara coulda told Jax I want to go to whatever town away from Charming until you get outta guns and square with the Irish. Instead she started this sick plan that got many people doing questionable and illegal things and lying. No sympathy for Tara.

        • A.B. says:

          Abel’s her kid. She has raised him and been there since the beginning a bond has been formed. Emotionally he is her kid, legally unless she has adopted him then no he is not her kid and should not be able to up and take him without Jaxs consent maybe even Wendy but I think she gave up rights.

        • Jax kept PROMISING that everything was going to change. He promised over and over and over. And she believed him, she gutted it out. What happened???? SHe is being sent to jail for helping Otto, her sons were nearly blown up by the IRA. Abel was kidnapped. Oh and Jax screws nasty old hookers when he is feeling the need. Whatever.

      • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

        Yes, Thank you!………….She put herself into this mess and knows what jax is about . Should’ve listen to Gemma and leave jax alone but of course she couldn’t help it her (feelings) for him and now look at her. Tara had her chance to leave charming but ending up staying that Bitch SHOULD be scared!!

    • mONA sLONE says:

      I agree she is a bitch .. Look what Tara has done for Jax and the club, he has not even give Tara a change to explain why. He took his mother side before getting all the facts. That mommy dearest killed his father…

  8. The writing for this show is superbly unbelievable…watching the evolution of each character, as a writer, is what i live for. Well played sutter…well played :) and furthermore the character of Nero fills a great hole in this show that’s existed for quite some time…compassion, heart and soul….so far… I love it…

  9. NC says:

    What was that song playing at the end???

  10. Ginger Shehan says:

    I think the homeless woman is Tara’s mother.

    • Chrystal says:

      I think that woman is Brooke’s mother. We have been seeing her here and there, and after seeing the picture of Brooke’s mother, there is some resemblance. Now, as the story unfolds jax finds out the accident JT “caused”supposedly killed Brooke’s mom. Can’t wait to find out!

    • carla says:

      i think the homeless woman looks like the woman in the picture from the girls home (her mom), the one who broke the window

  11. AshleyRae says:

    All i know is that the song in the end is sung by maggie siff (Tara) the name of it IDK. It should be on itunes already.

  12. AshleyRae says:

    *Meant i don’t know the name of the song

  13. Eliza says:

    Wow, this episode. A poster (Beth) in ‘Ask Ausiello’ reminded me about Jax telling Tara that his father should have taken him & his brother & gotten out. That his father should have run over Gemma’s ass to do it. Hmm. So, I think if Jax does some deep reflection (and also has self awareness of his part in this) then he’ll come around to some understanding of what (& why) Tara did what she did. Her main priority in all of this was their sons. Knowing she took this on to protect them is different than if it was all selfish gain. Gemma having a part in John Teller’s death. Now THAT is what Jax should find unforgivable. Ultimately, Tara was trying to keep her sons out of the hands of a woman who let her husband be killed by her boyfriend & didn’t give a crap about the impact on her son’s life. I am biting my nails thinking about the last few episodes.

  14. jake says:

    Can’t wait till jax finds gemma had something to do with john death.

  15. Gargaryun says:

    Excellent episode, & while I agree with the comment above about Gemma not being a real sympathetic character since S2, tonights episiode gives a fuller picture of HER WAY of perceiving the reasoning of JTs murder, & Her honesty shows just how deep Her feelings for Nero go.& I will add that I think this is the best character Jimmy Smits has EVER portrrayed.
    1 question for Kurt….How many actors (not counting extras & 1 liners) from the HBO series ~DEADWOOD~ have appeared as Regulars, or Season guests on SOA…I can think of 4, easily…Wade, Lowen, JTs Irish Love (Trixie in DW) & the Madam (Joanie Stubbs in DW)…I apoligize for not knowing names….were there any others ?

  16. DavidSask says:

    I am so fn’ sick of Gemma winning already, can we have Tara win already, its enough for me to give this show a rest already. I just can’t calm my tits on this one and the creator of the show is infuriating me with his slow process in dealing with his wife’s character!!!

    • Kip Sparrowk says:

      I’ve seen intrerviews that Kurt would not change his story for job security for Katy. She is just a tough, resilient character that will be and should be around. Could you imagine how boring it would be without her. As evil as she can be…I still wanna sit in Gemma’s kitchen, burn one and drink coffee and eat cherry pie.

    • angelwings says:

      Screw Tara. If she wanted to take the kids and leave she could have done so at any time. She did not need to fake a pregnancy and miscarriage in order to manipulate Jax, that’s a level of cruel that is unforgivable.

      • Italia says:

        I totally agree. Jax would not have stopped her. He told her many times to take the kids and get out.

        • laylaJ. says:

          I don’t care how many times Jax told her to get out, leave..if Tara had Jax would not have made it! He would start thinking where are they, is she with a new man! When she returned he was miserable like he said seeing her gave him hope that he could have a life, he never stopped loving her and she loved him so she stayed.

    • Mia says:

      If Tara wanted to win she should have taken the boys when Jax told her to, Tara betrayed Jax and then she lied about Nero, what the hell was that for? Tara doesn’t deserve to win

  17. Gargaryun says:

    I forgot to mention that it’s a toss-up for best lines between Clays’ “Pussy will set You Free”. rant/sermon & Tigs’ “Do ALL Teenage Girls Hate Me” & the whole clubs response “YES”
    I can relate. :-P

  18. Kip Sparrowk says:

    Brilliant Episode! I wonder if there will be anything come of Jax finding that dead mothers picture familiar?!? I loved the scene between Jax and window crasher girl. I don’t know how in the hell I am gonna stand it to wait till next week. Fantastic Job SAMCRO cast and crew!

  19. Mia says:

    Tara needs to die

    • Italia says:

      Why do characters always have to die . If we killed off everybody who did somethind wrong there would be no one left. I don’t know how they will redeem Tara. I hate what they did to her.

    • Cyn says:

      I think Tara needs to go. Absolutely. Jax needs a new passionate love.

  20. Kip Sparrowk says:

    Also, hope to see Venus soon.

  21. DavidSask says:


  22. Pticebaby says:

    Gemma is the solid 1000% center of ALL THIS EVIL!!!…Tara’s methods were cruel, and to many heartless, but as a mother protecting her children, she knew it would be necessary to use shock value…Sutter has broken them with each other, now he needs to make them whole as they love one another so deeply!!!

    • V says:

      So, syou’re saying she’s responsible for everything going wrong for Tara? A) She didn’t rat on Tara so Tara facing jailtime is her own stupid doing B) Jax is the one who cheated on her because he can’t deal with his manpain C) Tara has had multiple opportunities to leave with those children. Let’s stop the blame game and hold these characters responsible for their own actions.

      • Pat D. says:

        Are you sure about A? I could’ve sworn in one of the first two episodes this season that Gemma admitted to the lawyer that she WAS the one responsible.

        • Sandy says:

          Torric told Tara he was the reason she was in jail.Gemma did not rat out Tara. Jax told Tara not to go back to the prison and see Otto but she wanted to. Tara has blood on her hands she wanted to be a Old Lady Jax told her to go and take the boys but she said no she told him she would not leave him so he thought okay she is here for me but she was plotting to take the boys anyway.

  23. V says:

    Ron was fantastic in this episode and Katey was so good when Gemma was confessing what she did to Nero.

    There are many reasons to hate Gemma, but I don’t know why people are hating her this season/episode? For the first time in a REALLY long time she hasn’t done anything wrong? This episode actually made me like Gemma even more than I already did. Let’s stop this Gemma vs. Tara bs. They’ve BOTH done heinous things, no one is better than the other at this point.

    • Gargaryun says:

      I agree with 1 exception……Tara is the ONLY ONE Who hasn’t screwed around on Their matennnnn& that may seem minor to some, but Dirty Old Biker Perv that I am, it means a lot to Me……in all My life, I never cheated on a Significant Other, &thru 8 years of Marriage, it was My Catholic, go to Church regularly , confess & go do it again adulterous Wife Who left…..

  24. Tracy says:

    This is a show about a MC not desperate housewives. It’s all about the club, not about Jax and Tara living happily ever after!

  25. James D says:

    After all the crap Tara’s been through it sort of surprises me that some people are so quick to judge her, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t do the same thing in her shoes although not as elegantly probably, with the cat out of the bag it should be an interesting last few episodes. I personally don’t think Jax will do anything i think in some way he gets it and is probably impressed she pulled it off. of course this is SOA so I’m most certainly wrong and all hell will break loose. the final scene was beautifully poetic.

  26. Kathy Reed says:

    what pisses me off is making Tara the bad girl Gemma the good girl and remember Jax F***ed another woman while she was in Jail………shame on Jax

  27. El says:

    Like his father, Jax is trying to get the club out of guns and go legit. Unlike Gemma, Tara is more concerned about her boys than club business. She’s not plotting Jax’s demise. She did protect him and the club. But she’s doing what Jax seemingly wished his father did. Get out and protect the kids. They should be what’s important. In this instance Jax is lucky that Tara isn’t Gemma. His sons do deserve better. They deserve better than what Gemma gave him. I do hope Jax has clarity and sees all of this down the line.

  28. fuzz says:

    first off was a good episode..but i only have had one problem with soa from the start and that is gemma would never have that kinda pull with the club wife mother or not any real club would not let there women in the way kurt has wrote for her i understand its a payday for her and him as well dbl dip much but lets get it right int he last season and take her out of club biz cause it ruins it she makes calls or tells them what they need to do and thats wrong mother wife or not she wouldnt have that pull she would have been delt with long ago if she tried other then that best show running

  29. Traci says:

    Tara went to the extreme. She has acted with disregard for all people involved in her pursuit of making sure her kids do not grow up in Charming.

    I was glad that Jax didn’t go ballistic today. And that several “family secrets” were revealed.

    Gemma and her conjugal peep show
    Nero and his loyalty; willing to take the rap on being the source of guns
    Gemma and Clay killing John Teller.

    And the grand plot of: Tara’s exit strategy

    I love this show

  30. Mincona says:

    Excellent Episode! !!! I am mad at Tara because she is hurting Jax. She knew when she stayed that it was gonna get bad. And if she truly loved Jax she would believe in him. I know he slept with that whore, but that was after Tara told Jax she was leaving him and shut him out while she was in jail. She made the choice to talk to Otto. As far as her being a good mother…I don’t buy it.
    She started to panic when the job offers were gone. I think her fear of turning in to Gemma and her need to control that situation has driven her to this. As far as Jax…I believe he will understand what Tara did and blame himself. I don’t think he will hurt Tara, but there is no way he is going to let her take his boys. And for Jax’s sanity and mental state I hope he NEVER finds out about Gemmas role in JT’s death. I think that would successfully strip him of all humanity.

  31. only one of those boys is tara’s. the other is wendys. tara really has no say on abel this is why wendy was involved. it is a messy situation and all to real life. but i think wendy od and they havent found her yet!

    • Faster says:

      Only one is Tara’s biologically, but they are both Tara’s sons. She was there from the beginning with Abel and formally adopted him. Wendy’s parental rights were terminated long ago and she has absolutely no say in what happens with his upbringing. She was involved in Tara’s scheme because Tara asked her to be guardian at one time if Tara went to jail, not because Wendy has any say in what Tara decides to do with the kids.

    • italia says:

      Tara saved that boys life. Raised him and loves him. Who went to daycare and made sure he got his medication. Certainly not Jax, he is to busy fixing strangers problems. We never see him with the boys. Unser has spent more time with them.

  32. Connie says:

    I still don’t get that no matter what happens Gemma comes out like the hero oh yeah it’s her husbands show. I’m so ready for her to be gone but we know that’s not going to happen and if Nero was smart he would get far away from her, she already had one husband killed and the other one she lied so he would go to prison. She has proved that she would do anything for the club or herself .

  33. I really like Chuckie, he should be patched in.

  34. Sandra says:

    Love the show. Can’t wait to see Gemma kick Tara’s ass. What Tara has done there is no excuses, no going back . She knew what she was getting into bed with . Now take your Gemma Medicine

  35. Sadie says:

    So many people seem to forget the scene between Tara and Jax just before she was arrested. She was telling him she and the boys were leaving Charming, she didn’t say leaving him, but leaving Charming. Jax understood. Her arrest moments latter made leaving impossible. People also complain that she should have left earlier. She loves her husband. She stayed to wait for and support him. She thought she could protect her boys while she waited. After her arrest she understands she will not survive prison (hello easy mark for anyone wanting to hurt Jax) and that no one is left to shield the boys from the violence. She is desperate! Panicked and wrong in her tactics, but her pain and fear and love (yep she still loves him or she wouldn’t be so conflicted) makes it hard not to empathize with her.

  36. Italia says:

    In the next episode we see that someone has kidnapped Thomas. Who do you think took him?

    • the girl says:

      No one kidnapped those kids. Jax took them from her.

      • Teresa says:

        I don’t think Jax takes Thomas I think Gemma does.

      • Chase says:

        Yes, I agree. I believe Jax takes Thomas. I think he will do it to let Tara know that he can always get to his kids. I hope Sutter does right by Tara when she finds out while she was in jail, he was screwing the madam. (Not like Tara was gone for a long period of time. But his character has that pattern of when Jax is sad (pouting), he beds other women. Ima when he tried to puch Tara away, Wendy, and MILF madam.) Her bad girl should come out and lay into his ass!!

  37. Kathy says:

    i think the lady in the dumpster,is that little
    girl that threw the pipe thru window….mother that supposed to have died in the wreck of john teller.the father had s picture their wedding and jax said thats ur wife ? she looks familiar….. then as the girl left the candy store

    • Olivia says:

      I agree, the homeless woman is the girl’s mother, but that homeless woman has appeared many other times throughout the series. She was in a few episodes of the 1st season and then has been sprinkled in here and there. I think Sutter is insinuating she is a ghost. I am no expert in Shakespeare, by any means, but I think Hamlet talks to ghosts in the play. I’m guessing Sutter is making a nod to Hamlet, but I could be totally off.

  38. Faster says:

    Another great episode that becomes tainted when I come on here and see all of the negative comments people are slinging at Tara. Tara and Jax were high school sweethearts who rekindled their relationship when we picked up with this show in the first few seasons. We don’t know exactly what happened then, but there’s a history. She loves him, and he loves her, even if they don’t show it in the best ways. But who does? Haven’t any of you bashing Tara ever been in love? It makes you do crazy things. Then throw kids in the mix! Yes, Tara knew what she was getting into with Jax, but she was young and invincible. Then she was forced to grow up, become a mother, and get her head straight. That is when she started to plan to get out in the easiest way possible for her and the boys. As she stated in the episode, she isn’t trying to hurt Jax or “clean him out,” she is simply trying to leave this dangerous situation with the cleanest break possible. And, as one poster noted above, that is exactly what she needs to do as the only person in this situation who is willing to place the boys’ needs first. This certainly isn’t the best plan and it will obviously backfire on her, but geez, guys. Take a second to realize that Tara has grown just as all of the characters have and is realizing that she made mistakes and now has to fix them. I think that is a theme that should resonate with everyone, at least a little bit. Just consider that before you pick one side of this double standard. In other news, I was hoping to see more of Bobby/Jax interactions this week, where was Juice?, and I’m pretty intrigued by the homeless woman/guardian angel’s reappearance and how she ties in to the JT mythology and backstory. End rant.

    • You cant expect horny little Jax worshippers to see things clearly. They will ONLY see things from his perspective. And those are the kind of bloggers and tweeter that love Jax and hate Tara….little star struck girls. Certainly not adults in adult realtionships, and certainly not parents. Jax is hot and the show is fun but I stopped “loving” Jax when he dosed Wendy. That was SICK! I stopped loving Tig when he insisted on killing Opie, he wanted it way more than Clay did. And Gemma….stopped loving her when she helped send Clay to Jail.

      • Faster says:

        I agree, Jax dosing Wendy seemed to step over a line that I hadn’t thought he crossed before. The things you listed all were terrible, but I think that is what makes the show – loyalty to these people despite their bad decisions and indiscretions. And I think that’s what they’re doing with Tara – she wasn’t part of this circle, came into it, and now has to adapt in this world where almost anything goes.

        • Oh I still watch the show cuz it is fun. But I am not invested in any of them anymore. If Jax or Gemma died tomorrow I wouldnt really care that much. None of them really tug at my heart anymore. Now I just watch for the raunchiness and violence…….. :) I do still love Clay though. Probably because Perlman is such a freaking awesome actor and his presence is just amazing.

        • Loyalty says:

          Loyalty…. there is no such thing on this show… when push comes to shove there is now 100% loyalty.

  39. agnes says:

    I can’t believe there are people out there that think jax would actually kill or hurt tara. he hates himself for what it’s doing to her and their kids but come on it’s over you can’t have a happily ever after with this kind of betrayal. I think Tara will be lucky to get out of prision for the kids graduation :) And Gemma, well id like to slap her too but come on she’s stronger than and one else on this show. she’s the backbone of the club. The writing is so well done on the show and how they brought together so many actors that are so good at their jobs that i have to keep reminding myself these people arn’t leaving in a community somewhere. Such talent

  40. Jax has been promising Tara from the very very very beginning that he was going to go legit…….and what….just a couple weeks ago they were all almost blown up by the IRA. Able was nearly killed TWICE! Tara is a MOM with two children whose lives are constantly in danger and she is facing prison time. With her in jail she HAD to divorce Jax and set up Wendy as a guardian. Now it looks like they might be raised in a brothel.

    • the girl says:

      Exactly. Even if he got them out of the gun business they are still running an escort service and restarting their porn business. Gemma is still not a good role model. The club is still toxic in its way. Tara had faith in Jax as any wife should and then she got her mind right and realized she is a mom first, wife/old lady second. I completely respect that, even if I don’t always like the way she moves.

        • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

          I get why people are annoyed w/Tara inculding myself the girl had a chance to leave but she didn’t .But the reason ”really” i think is the way she went with her plans the FAKE BABY most defantly i don’t get why pulling something so hanus like a baby to all of a sudden kill it just to set up Gemma? Yeah she’s a loose cannon and is not a good role model. She put herself in this situation and CHOSE to get invovled w/jax….So i really don’t feel bad for her.

      • Faster says:


      • Olivia says:

        I completely agree. Had Tara tried to leave earlier, some fans would have said she was a horrible mother for taking the boys away from their father. You can’t please everyone. I’ve always liked Tara and hope she ends up with Jax. I’ll be really upset if Jax hurts Tara in any way. He has done so many awful things in general & he has to take some of the responsibility for the fact Tara may go to jail. If this were another show, my hope would be that Jax sees his part in everything Tara did & redeems himself by forgiving her. In turn, she stays with him. But this is SOA, & things rarely end happily.
        It was nice to see a little bit if the old compassionate Jax when he helped the girl and get dad.

  41. Kathy says:

    the lady turned amd watched her walk by.
    so i think that dumpster lady is the girl who broke the window………mother who did not die in the car accident that killed jt

  42. Ali says:

    Homeless woman at the end is the mother of the girl who broke the window. I believe she never died.

  43. nenee says:

    I think they should give tera a break and who taken one of the boys this time

  44. nenee says:

    Jax should forgive tera he always forgives gemma and jax said he wanted back in tera heart. Tera been threw enough she and jax is the reason I watch the show not gemma I think for once gemma should not come out l9oking like a rose

  45. Krae says:

    I don’t think any one will have taken Tomas in the next episode. Tara is frantically searching her bedroom drawers and then goes to Tomas’s room. Looks like she is worried he had what she was missing. I’m thinking she’s been carrying that gun around and left it somewhere … Like in Tomas’s room.

    • Chase says:

      Oh my! I think you are on to something with the gun missing and her looking for Thomas, and Abel. I understand from Sutter there will be an really extreme emotional scene this season and it has yet to come. So my take is one of the kids are hurt/killed and the scene will be Tara (and Jax) emotional breakdown and grieving. Oh boy…here it comes.

    • Olivia says:

      That’s a great observation and would be some profound irony, but I really hope you’re wrong. That would be just awful to watch. I don’t think I can handle one of the kids being hurt/killed.

    • A.B. says:

      The way things are going it looks to me like Tara may committ suicide. It kinda seems like the theme this season. The little boy going to his school and killing a bunch of his classmates and then committing suicide. Then Juice od’ing the boys mom into a sort of suicide. Otto basically committing suicide after killing Toric. Juice not caring if he lives or dies. If by chance something happens to those boys I don’t think Tara will be living much longer.

  46. Olivia says:

    Pardon me for being completely superficial for a second. Jax looked so awesome after his fight with Nero with his hair no longer slicked back. Can someone please take the grease/gel away from the hair stylist and let his hair look like it did in Season 1. OK, sorry. Just had to say it–let’s get back to the profound & philosophical discussions.

  47. Jax will forgive Tara, because he loves her, because he knows her only motivation is to protect her children at all costs. In the end, i beleive , Jax will let her and the kids go. This is the only way the boys van live a normal life somewhare faraway from CHarming, faraway from him and all the violance of his world. By setting them free, he will set a little part of irredeemable himself free.

  48. italia says:

    Just heard that Maggie Siff is really pregnant. They should use it in their story line Tara is really pregnant and lied about the miscarriage so when she left charming no one knew she had another child. Can you imaging raising a little girl in those surroundings.

    • Jax & Juice's Girl says:

      No, It’s already done with and gemma was right there when she slamed herself to the table so that’s too little too LATE!

  49. Pita says:

    Awesome episode! Loved how it all played out and the girl brought a softness to Jax. I was sure when Jax found out Tara’s plan he would go crazy on her but now I am second guessing that. I wonder if the girl reminded Jax to look at the bigger picture.
    It is refreshing to read how other folks are tired of the BS wrapped around Gemma. I wonder if Nero will tell Jax. Gemma needs to go she is the root to all the horrible stuff in the MC. Jax really wants to move the club to legit business he has to remove Gemma, permanently. Then deal with Tara and in dealing with recognize his part in what she is doing. I don’t know…the previews for next episode look very crazy. Can’t wait to see how this all really unfolds. I have a feeling Sutter is going to shock us all in how everything plays out.
    I do hope Tara is confronted by Jax and has to deal with her lies….I think if she would have come out with it during the kitchen scene some good things would come of it but now I just don’t know.

  50. Dave from the trailer says:

    A little late to the party but the last 2-3 episodes have been the best and smartest since season 2 maybe even season 1. I suspect that by the end of the season we will be in for a huge surprise. I don’t think Gemma makes it to season 7. Maybe it’s just wishfull thinking. I just think they have taken that character about as far as it can go and she has become harder and harder to like.