Exclusive: As Person of Interest Touts Dark Twist, EPs Warn: 'Every Journey Comes to an End'

At the close of this Tuesday’s episode, CBS’ Person of Interest will air a promo for a “three-episode event” that promises to make the rest of November sweeps unmissable, perhaps a bit devastating — and TVLine has a first look at the intense teaser.

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First, I must warn you: The 30-second promo, set to Sun Kil Moon’s haunting “Heron Blue,” strongly suggests a major plot twist to unfold over the next three weeks. So before you lunge for that PLAY button, ready yourself.

After you have previewed the promo, consider this statement issued to TVLine by POI executive producers Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman: “We promised our actors and our audience that these characters wouldn’t be static, stuck in an endless loop — that they would have a journey. And, of course, every journey comes to an end.” Yikes.

Check out the chilling new promo and share your reaction to its gut-punching promise.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I like Shaw, and I don’t want Fusco to die. Where the show is wearing on me is the crud with HR. It’s becoming like the Initiative was on Revenge. I just would like it to be resolved and done with.

    I love scenes between Carter and Elias (Yay for Enrico), and I’d love to see where that dynamic would go without being tied to HR specifically.

  2. barbara says:

    i don’t want to see fusco die whoever it is i hope its root. shaw didn’t do a bad job last nite. i agree about enrico loved him on flashpoint. these shows when showing previews have a tendancy to splice together parts to make things look worse than they are. the show needs carter so i hope not her.

  3. Bg says:

    I love Root and Shaw and do not want either fine. It will be sad if any character dies but if the story is fleshed out well, then I will be pleased.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Tone back on Shaw and for the love of God kill off Root!! So overused its painful to watch the show any more. A villain should never have been used this much and so close together in a time frame. A really foolish and amatuer move on the showrunners part using Shaw too much and having Root in the show a third time How about not neglecting the characters you have like Fusco the ones fans know and are attached to? You kill him off you sell out future great shows and a great character and for what an overused new character Shaw and an over used villain who should have stayed gone a lot longer after her first visit and never made a regular

    • Soontomorrow says:

      Yes yes yes, all of this. I don’t understand. There is still so very much to explore with Fusco’s character– really, with all of them. With Reese, with Finch, with Carter and Fusco. Why the need to add new blood to a show that was already doing immensely well on its own? Fans were happy; as far as I know, the ratings were good, notwithstanding of the typical March sweeps ratings dip last year.
      I loved this show when it focused on four wounded characters gradually moving back towards the light; as they moved towards missions that were good, and redeeming, and worthwhile. But now? Too much Shaw, too much Root, and not enough of anything else.

  5. DJ says:

    I have to disagree with the assessment that Shaw and John are one and the same. We have always known that John feels things and he has been “growing” as a person since the show started.

    Shaw, I like her and I think she is growing, she will get a look in her eye every once in while that say “what is that fluttering I’m feeling?” Not yet realizing she is learning how to feel or becoming “humanized.”

    Lionel, say it isn’t so! That will leave Bear as the only comic relief on the show!

    Root…. Can just uproot her and put her in the compost pile please?

    Oh, and get Carter out of that uniform and give her the desk back that belongs to her.

  6. Katie says:

    I do not like the character Shaw. She doesn’t add anything to the show as far as I’m concerned,. She always looks so smirky and pouty looking that I have just quit watching the show. Why do writers or producers think we need more sex appeal on the shows. It was great just the way it was last 2 seasons.

  7. sarah says:

    one of the greatest tv shows to happen in the past few years.
    as for characters i agree with many on here and have said it since she was made regular shaw needs to go. i have nothing against the actress but i can’t stand her character , see no reason for her to be around and miss it being just john and finch,
    many fans have complained about shaw being a regular since the start and i wouldn’t be surprised if the writers are listening, if fans are not happy the way the show is going or a character cut them lose before losing ratings and many don’t want shaw on the show.
    just saying what i hear/ read and personally feel guys!
    i like fusco he bring humour to a sometimes dark and overly serious show
    carters okay but hasn’t done much since shaws appearance this season

    • lll says:

      I don’t like Shaw either, but I agree with someone else’s comment about making her a regular just to kill her off. It doesn’t make sense. She’s only likeable when she teamed up with Root, and that’s where she should stay. To me she doesn’t fit anywhere else.

      Root isn’t going to die because she’s a villain. Fusco is what writers and producers expect everyone to think but it won’t be him. I can see Carter going because she fits the ‘hero’ thing, but I don’t want her too. Reese and Finch are a possibility too, but they’re more anti-heroes like Fusco. I hope the producers are fooling us in terms of ‘death,’ but I will definitely check out these episodes. They will be good.

    • Leila says:

      But the thing is, they *can’t* kill off Shaw, can they? I heard at ComicCon that Sarah Shahi signed a four-year contract. I don’t know anything about contracts, though– IS it possible to kill off this character, even if they wanted to?

    • Writers pay no attention to viewership till the station does.

      Look at Criminal Minds, they tried to take the two female leads out, fans threatened a riot…they still took them out and it wasn’t till fans actually boycotted the show right after that they poked them back in.

      When viewership actually drops, is only when writers pay attention, otherwise, they have their story to tell and they’ll do it whether you like it or not.

  8. please get rid of Shaw already! says:

    Get rid of Shaw, she always looks constipated. I’m so sick of looking at her smug expression 24/7 and her desire to shoot everybody.

    First, she lacked emotion, then she became a full blown psychopath now she’s punching bad guys like Reese and using a blowtorch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they declared her a lesbian in upcoming episodes because of her long stares at Root’s eyes and wispering in her ear/or w.e (and I don’t mean that in a bad way/the writers can’t make up their minds about Shaw)

    Her ever changing personality is annoying, and the focus on Shaw above everyone else has got to stop. Enough is enough, I’m not surprised that the show keeps hitting series lows in the ratings. Shaw has ruined the entire series for me.

  9. JBC says:

    Maybe Carter will end her journey as a cop, or maybe Fusco will. Maybe Fusco will end up in jail. Maybe Shaw will turn evil and work against the team and help Root do her crazies.
    I want my core 4 to stay on the show, Please don’t kill them off showrunners. Find better ways to use them.
    Maybe the machine will die, and we will have a new premise. Oh well, 3 episodes shall tell!
    AND Nobody better mess with Bear.

  10. Chris B says:

    Root will stay, because I see this show evolving into a fight by our Heroes against The Machine. I see this as a “Pre-terminator 3” era, where the machine, being neither Good nor Evil, so to speak, begins to “unite” (for lack of a better term) all of the Cloud and humans take a backseat to, and become dependent upon, machines (more so than we already are, lol). So nobody will see the danger we are facing except our Heroes, who will try to fight it.

  11. Tiki says:

    It will probably be the opposite of who they’re showing….. So it may be Carter, but if it’s her I’m out……also Shaw is horrible. Get rid of her.

  12. Nicole says:

    In the last episode my favourite small moment was when Reese and carter fist bumped….their friendship has come so far and I love their new found friendship and chemistry! They have come so far since the first episode. i would be really disappointed if Carter was killed off.

  13. barbara says:

    in an earlier comment steve said it was the dog shame on you steve leave *bear*alone!!!!! . i don’t no why these shows have to kill people off anyway. hope not carter her and john hit it off together luved their fist pump and i luv fusco. so let it be shaw or root both would be ok with me but of the lesser of two evils let it be root

  14. Paula P. says:

    I’m wondering if we are all thinking about this wrong. It says a hero will fall…. the only one none of us have really thought about is the dog. He’s a hero because he’s saved Finch more than once, Reese a few times and has saved a few of the numbers that have come up. He is someone that would be considered a series regular by now and part of the team.

  15. mike says:

    you all are incorrect. the hero that dies is bear.

  16. kai says:

    I think Fusco son had to do with this and at the end fusco and shaw are all safe and sound i think fusco son die that’s why he is crying and I think he will leave POI which I hate because come on now its the Fusco Show.

  17. JB Smooove says:

    I think I remember during the buildup of this season that fusco was going to die.

  18. Eixlati says:

    I’m wondering if it won’t be Carter too. Reese has a friendly relationship with Fusco but I can’t imagine him losing it if Fusco died. His relationship with Carter is much closer. Interviews before the season had Fusco feeling indebted to Carter and trying to protect her so I can see him trying to put himself between her and HR or HR using him to get to her. Plus Taraji has often stated that she prefers movie work. I’ve often wondered why she’s stayed on POI for as long as she has already.

  19. JakeYtes says:

    I’m not a Shaw hater but I do agree with most of the posts that she should be a reoccuring character like Zoe, they better not kill off Carter or Fusco !

  20. barbara says:

    oh please not *bear*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nancy says:

    The interaction and chemistry of the 4 main characters is why I became a fan of this program -huge fan-and to kill off one of them disrupts the chemistry that made it a hit.
    Each one is irreplaceable. Finch is the brainy idealist, Reese is the brawn possessing an almost surreal strength and surprising sensitivity, Carter is the example of all that is best in us, and Fusco represents the hope that we can change, and listen to our better angels. They are all so committed, and so brave. The other characters can come and go and not disrupt the essential flow.

    Although they may face incredible challenges, in the end we want all the good guys to win.
    We want in fiction, what we can not always have in life. Otherwise, what’s the point? To ignore this fact would kill not a character, but a show.

  22. Leila says:

    But this is GOOD for Fusco’s prospects on the show, isn’t it? If it looks like Fusco’s going to die, it’s got to be someone, anyone, else. Right? :'(
    I suppose it’s too much to hope it’s Shaw who dies? The thing is, I don’t’ even think Shaw is a Reese 2.0. She doesn’t have his inherent compassion, and she enjoys killing/wounding/shooting, far more than Reese does.

    I feel like I’m mourning a show I once loved. Shaw has been excessively focused in virtually all of the S3 episodes, and I’m beginning to feel indifferent about something that’s become the Shaw Show.

    The thing is, Razgovor showed what *could* have been done with this character. Keep her as a recurring actor rather than a regular, as the highly competent, focused, capable but *occasional* back-up for tough situations. Her saturation into the show dumbs it down with an excessive amount of brawn.

    Just… please, please, please let Shaw die? (And maybe stick around in flashbacks to flesh out the cause of the Relevant list?) Just. I hate what she’s done to the dynamics of the Core Four; I hate what her character has done to the sharp, crackling wit and intelligence of this show.

  23. Nitro says:

    Why Fusco crying? Either Fusco’s son will die or Fusco will betray Carter. In real life, no one can’t stand the torture.

  24. ron says:

    Please tell me Fusco is not killed off. He is an integral part of this show.

  25. Di Garr says:

    Please don’t let it be Fusco!!!! Both actor and character are great.

  26. I’m done if Fusco goes. I have followed Jim for years and he is my all time favorite actor. But the role of Fusco added a lot to this show. This is a downright crap year now.

  27. New Fan says:

    A few observations:
    1) There are actually five main characters, the fifth being the machine, and much of that character’s development has been through Root. Through her, I find myself wondering what’s going on. Without Root grabbing Finch and trying to find the machine, would we have known it packed itself up and shipped itself off somewhere else? Would we have known it was saving it’s memories? Finch even now realizes something’s up with his creation. She’s a necessary evil, so to speak, in how that character will continue to develop.
    2) Fusco has faced the possibility of death in prior episodes and not been brought to tears. If the hero who falls is Fusco, it’s likely it’s not by killing him off unless his death must also be seen as him being a dirty cop which he wouldn’t want his son to know.
    3) I suspect we’ll see more of Shaw’s development since it appears she has a contract. It’s being foreshadowed. While I don’t loath her like others appear to do, I enjoy the Reese / Finch duo much more. She feels more like comic relief to me and a way of further humanizing Reese by comparison.
    Finally, I would hate to see any of the main four actors go but suspect if someone is leaving the show it’s because they’re taking their career in another direction (they’re so loved I cannot imagine they would be removed just for the drama). It makes sense that a heart wrenching story would be written around their exit. Hard to see any of the four characters just choosing to “change jobs” and walk away – would have to go out with some type of bang; jail or serious injury if not death (which would leave things open for a return…?). Seems that actors love playing a good death scene so if that’s the case, I hope it’s a good one, and I will give the writers time to adjust. (I mean seriously, how many of us are going to retire in the job we have at this moment? We all move on.)

  28. Someone on LiveJournal said, “PoI always zigs when they advertise a zag.” I agree, and I think it’s actually Carter’s husband in a flashback who is the ‘hero’ who will ‘fall’.

  29. nsmith says:

    As a computer person it’s known that the “creator” the programmer is the, in this case, the machine. Reese correctly pointed that out when he said to Finch: why I don’t think there is a machine. You are the machine”. Finch, being the one who “programmed” the machine (providing all it’s instructions” is the only character in the show who knows the machine and what it may do. Root’s lost all credibility when she acts like she’s in love with the machine yet tried to kill Harold, it’s creators. That shows in incredible amount of lack of computer know how and she’s suppose to be this smart computer person. Acker isn’t going since she’s made a regular. However they need to fix her character. It’s obvious from this blog and others that shes the character least liked and considered most disposable. She’s ignorant and incredibly stupid for a computer person. She has illusions of grandeur not uncommon for a crazy person which she is. Finch does indeed know what the machine plans or is the only character who has more of an idea of what it does plan because he PROGRAMMED the machine. Programming means he gave the instructions of what this machine is capible of doing. He could make some things random but it’s Finch not Root who knows more about the machine.

  30. patsy says:

    NOT FUSCO!!!! Root or Shaw. Love Enrico and the actress who plays Zoe. Never understood why she was not added to the cast on a permanent basis.

  31. Don’t be surprised if its none of the above and it could end up being Carter. Have you ever noticed that when they show a preview and we all think its that person that is going to be killed off, it generally is not??? It would not surprise me in the least if they kill off Carter especially since she has discovered who HR really is. I could be wrong and like those above mentioned, Fusco has only been minimal this season which is a shame because I like his character. I like them all except Root. She is the one who needs to go and soon.

  32. RinMD says:

    Just relax & let it all play out…I love how people tell the writers what to write THEN want a show that has twist & turns O_o !! It will certainly be good either way…I went back to seasons 1 & 2 and watched every episode leading up to this season…there are so many avenues for this to go…remember, Northern Lights is still operational…Desama (sp?) is still out there, etc…btw, if they kill off Fusco, my daughters are going to be sad :(

  33. Any besides me suddenly terrified they’re going to do something awful to the dog?

  34. K.H.L. says:

    After tonights episode, I kinda wonder if Mr. Reece might be leaving and maybe Shaw will take over his type of character. I made this comment based on the fact that all criminals have seen his picture and want him dead. Also the comment made by the executives above. It could be Carter or Fusco, I’m just thinking outside the box a little bit.

  35. I really like Person of Interest- and I am distressed. The first promos make it look like Fusco will die. The story line now looks like Reese is going to die. Carter- oh boy is she putting herself in the cross hairs. Is Fusco going? He has not been used much. Is Reese going? Jim Caviezel is more of a movie star- maybe Shaw is his replacement. Is Carter leaving? Maybe Shaw is her replacement. Harold? Let’s face it without Harold there is probably no show. If they (the writers) kill off Harold, Reese, Carter or Fusco, I might not be able to watch any longer. On the other hand it may be unreasonable and unrealistic to believe that all could survive in their like of work- especially where they take their line of work. I am so confused.

    Whatever one feels about Shaw, since she and Root have become regulars the show has become awfully crowded. I have a feeling at the moment Reese is going- if Jim Caviezel is leaving the show that may be the only rational explaination for what looks like Shaw replacing someone- like the show HAD to replace someone. Otherwise the overcrowded show and this “hero will fall stuff” looks a little crazy.

    Then again, Fusco crying into the phone. That looks like Carter dies. Is Shaw the woman government assasin replacing Reese the government assasin or Carter, the show’s original woman hero? Shaw looks like a Reese replacement. Carter is too essential to the show in a different way than Reese or Shaw- unless after all the present carnage Carter was suppose to go underground like Reese?

    I think the only person who would know is Root- because she is apparently the only one who can talk to the machine….

    I know I am mixing the fiction with reality. Maybe that is the point.

    • nsmith says:

      Even tho the new people become regulars the writers said ALL the actors know that anytime the plug could be pulled on them. I doubt it will be Reese. Making people think that is good for ratimgs next week so people will tune in to see. Only sure thing from what I gather is that Finch is the least likely to die.

  36. Jennifer says:

    So… that was a pretty grainy image of Reese. If he puts on a jacket or a hoodie no one is going to be able to make him out as the man in the suit… Right? Just me?

    I’m worreid since Reese’s number is up. I’m also worried that Bear needs to be fitted for a vest. I hope Zoe, Leon, Elias (maybe that dude Tim Sloan) all show up next week to help save Reese! I think I will keep myself calm by thinking that Reese’s number came up because he will have to kill people in the next episode, not just blow out their kneecaps.

    Now that Carter’s gig is up Fusco is in danger… if HR finds out he has the key to the safe deposit box… that could be the reason for him being tied to the chair in the promo. I don’t think the promos are depicting the right things tho.. so I’m kind of confused.

  37. Mary says:

    I hope they don’t kill off Fusco. I like Shaw and think her character will develop. We didn’t see much of Carter when the show started either and look at how much we love her now :) I enjoy every episode Zoe is in and hope she replaces Root. I honestly believe Root served her purpose but think she has overstayed her welcome. Just my thoughts.

  38. Fabunmi says:

    I think Root should stay long enough to explain her attachment to the machine.

    TV has a way of throwing the viewer off. If they show Fusco being bloody and “falling”, it’s almost a sure bet that he’s not the one that’s going to “fall” for real. Fusco is a wonderful character, and I agree that he should have more screen time. I think he makes a great foil, and he frequently surprises us; like who knew Fusco could do this or that. Who knew he was that smart, and who knew he was that cool, and who knew he was that sweet or that funny or that whatever. Nope, not Fusco.

    I’d hate to see Elias go down. He’s the complex monster-sorta-good-guy character. He’s one my favorite and most interesting characters. He keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering if he’s got something up his sleeve, if he’s going to do a good deed and then pull the rug out from under his victim.

    This all makes me wonder if it’s going to be Bear. He’s certainly been a hero, and it would break our hearts to lose him. Maybe Root kills Bear, and somehow escapes.

  39. barbara says:

    in the preview shaw tells finch sorry for your loss john not going anywhere so that leaves bear. leave it to a show to kill off a poor dog. keep showing fusco in preview but alot of times just the opposite to to cause suspense they hype up these previews

    • nsmith says:

      “Root” tells Finch sorry for you loss. Course notice we dont’ no loss of what? Communication with the machine?

      • Jennifer says:

        I thought the same thing! Harold lost his creation to her!

      • Jean says:

        I agree – they always kill off the poor dog. If they kill off Bear I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the show anymore. John, Harold and Carter are core characters and I don’t see any of them being killed. Root is not a hero, so that leaves Shaw, Fusco and Bear. I really like Fusco a lot and hope it’s not him. I’m really hoping it’s Shaw. As I said, when they kill off the dog or horse, it really sux for me cuz even tho it’s not reality I’m such an incredible animal lover that I can’t stand it to see one of them killed. God please don’t let it be Bear cuz I’ll have to spend some time firing off angry emails to the writers.
        The way the story has progressed from the start, I’m thinking it’s Fusco. And remember in the last episode Carter tells Fusco that he’s the best partner she’s ever had? Kinda sorta a final statement.

  40. Craig McRae says:


  41. Craig McRae says:

    I like shaw, but i could see her being easily killed off

  42. Emily says:

    I have a weird feeling it might actually be Reese. I feel like they did a lot of John’s story from S1-2.5 and he hasn’t been doing much else since. Then again, neither has Fusco, and there’s something poignant about him or Carter dying in order to take down HR…

    • nsmith60 says:

      Not Reese. Preview says :To Save Mr. Reese, a hero will make the ultimate sacrifice.

      • Jean says:

        I don’t think that they will ever kill off Reese, Carter or Finch. The rest are all at risk, is as it should be to me. The above 3 are the core characters of the show – it’s based totally around them. Who would do the complicated computer stuff without Harold, who would do the “military-commando” stuff without John and who would give those 2 the vital help, like running plate numbers, checking backgrounds, and most importantly being the “good” one? Root needs to go – I cannot stand that woman and Shaw is just John in a dress. I like
        Shaw and hope they keep her – if they develop her character beyond just being a killer.

  43. betsy sweeney says:


  44. nsmith60 says:

    The writers said somethling like Fusco will have a major story for Season 3. They said we will find out why Bear has a strong relationship with Shaw. They said the relationship between Finch and Root will be explored more and there will be stories revolving around the Machine. They said the 3 part episode that it will take major effort from the team to bring down HR. They said someone from their circle will not be trusted. I wonder if Carter is going to deliver John to the FBI in exchange for them taking Quinn? Carter seems so much more human perhaps that FBI thing won’t happen. For some reason I would hate it if Elias dies. I am waitng for the episode where Elias cleans up New York. I also see John and Reese going out together when the show ends altogether. Reese has been strongly jeopardized 3x: once by the CIA (that episode I thought he was a goner Season 1 Episode 10), almost put away by the FB (S2 E12)I, and last by Stanton, an ex-CIA operative (S2 E13). The Stanton one would have us see that both Finch and Reese will die. I can’t see HR being the ones to take Reese down. The trailers thus far want us to believe it’s Fusco. So obvious though? The 2nd trailer wants us the belive it’s Reese. Though the sorry for your Loss from Root could mean sorry you’ve lost something from the machine not necessarily a person.

    • nsmith says:

      i finally had chance to look at o\preview for next episode #9 the crossing. It says upfromt “To Save Mr/ Reese, a hero will make the ultimate sacrifice. It;s not John.

  45. Joseph says:

    I believe that now we’ll finally see the HR arc close, with either Fusco or Carter dying. The one that survives will then be pushed into an even more secondary role.
    After that, the story could shift to the government/decima/collier/machine arc which basically IS the main story. And then Shaw will begin to develop, as well as Root, and the focus will pull back to Reese and Finch. Just a guess.

  46. rflairfan1 says:

    The previews said to “Save Mr. Reese someone makes the ultimate sacrifice.” The only person that calls him Mr. Reese is Finch. Carter usually calls him John and Fusco calls him wonder boy. Now maybe I am thinking to much into this but it seems odd that the preview says Mr. Reese.

  47. barbara says:

    i no one thing they kill off john i won’t watch anymore. i think they are showing fusco but will be just the opposite granted he bloody and crying but maybe being tortured and he telling someone sorry as they threatened his son. plus a hero can be anyone. on csi awile back they said someone will fall they showed all the characters and it ended up being brass’s wife these shows do this to the viewer to freak us out

  48. Treena Metallic says:

    Love Fusco!! Would the POI producers be so obvious as to who is getting killed off?? I hope not…

  49. katie says:

    i love them alllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Sayre says:

    Wow, I like watching Root. It gets interesting when she’s on. Without it, the show would be redundant. So, no, I like Root. I’ve already watched this though so I know how it ends. Looks like nobody thought it would happen.