Exclusive: As Person of Interest Touts Dark Twist, EPs Warn: 'Every Journey Comes to an End'

At the close of this Tuesday’s episode, CBS’ Person of Interest will air a promo for a “three-episode event” that promises to make the rest of November sweeps unmissable, perhaps a bit devastating — and TVLine has a first look at the intense teaser.

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First, I must warn you: The 30-second promo, set to Sun Kil Moon’s haunting “Heron Blue,” strongly suggests a major plot twist to unfold over the next three weeks. So before you lunge for that PLAY button, ready yourself.

After you have previewed the promo, consider this statement issued to TVLine by POI executive producers Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman: “We promised our actors and our audience that these characters wouldn’t be static, stuck in an endless loop — that they would have a journey. And, of course, every journey comes to an end.” Yikes.

Check out the chilling new promo and share your reaction to its gut-punching promise.

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  1. Ms Thing says:

    I don’t think it’s Fusco. Maybe it will be Shaw who dies.

    • Min says:

      We can only hope. Shaw is so redundant and Lionel is played by such a good actor. I’d hate to lose him.

      • You have GOT to be kidding!!! Shaw is the shot in the arm this show needed, whereas I have taken to calling Fusco “JustGo”.

        • Lena120 says:

          I disagree. Shaw IS redundant. She’s just a female version of John. She doesn’t add anything new to the show. They cancel each other out. I would have liked Zoe to become a regular instead of her. At least she has a different style and an actual personality. Plus, Zoe was actually on the show way before Shaw came into the picture.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Agree with all of this! She’s definitely the female John, and while I like having a badass female on tv, I’m just not feeling her. And I love Sarah Shahi. But Zoe’s character was much more unique for the show and I love Fusco.

          • JBC says:

            Agree Shaw is redundant. Zoe was a better fit in this show. I love Fusco, I wish that POI didn’t go in this direction.

          • Bren says:

            Shaw is a trigger happy person who kills people without conscience. When you want to kill someone, you can have feelings for that person because that will make you hesitate. Bloodthirsty, yes. Bad, no. The character I can’t stand is Root. They also set up the series this way; Fusco was a villain in the pilot. and now he’s going to die

          • Emma says:

            I agree with you! Zoe has character and Paige Turco is a great actress! I hope she becomes a regular instead of Shaw.

        • ginger567 says:

          Shaw, carter, and Fusco are fantastic. Still a work in process.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Suck it Shaw hater! Suck it!

        • KenL says:

          There’s an intelligent reply. Shaw is redundant, and should be given a good storyline and booted off. Just my opinion, but its mine.

      • Greg Hudson says:

        Shaw may be redundant at the moment, but her role in “Razgovor” showed that there is more to Shaw than just John in a dress. She’s going to really develop and I think there will even be a romantic connection for her in the future. She’s an important part in the future of the show, and while her character at the moment is slightly redundant, it adds a certain level a realism to the show because a lot of the time, the tasks Reese had to perform were almost Herculean as a solo mission. Shaw enables them to split the burden and develop multiple plots simultaneously.

        Fusco, on the other hand, while pivotal in season 1, was less prominent in season 2 thanks to the secondary and tertiary plot developments involving Root, HR, and Shaw. In season 3 he’s been a cameo at best, thanks largely to the now-presumed-dead rookie Laskey that Carter was trying to bring back to the good side. So considering the lack of character development in Fusco’s character, I say that while it breaks my heart, he’s going to die. Probably thanks to HR.

      • Fusco has been non-existent in the plotline this season so far, which I don’t like. Looks like he will shine in the next 3 eps, I hope he survives!

      • Lionel needs to move on to bigger and better. He’s not even in every episode anymore, and when he is it’s for minimal screen time. He deserves better, so he’s moving on to a show, or film, where he isn’t playing 6th fiddle.

      • Filly says:

        I agree. Shaw needs to go, but Carter would be the perfect death-twist. It would make the most sense and no one would expect it. Honestly, do you really think the story is going to hand you who dies? This is Nolan we are talking about, so no. Lionel is going to get hurt alright, but I’m absolutely sure he is making it to the end of the season.

        • Jean says:

          Agreed – Fusco rocks. Logically, Shaw should be the one who goes. Root is no hero, the other 4 are important characters so I’m thinking poor Bear or Fusco. But maybe HR gets Carter – she has put a definite crimp in their style. I want to be surprised, but the one character whose death is totally unacceptable to me is Bear’s. Fusco hasn’t been seen much in this season and Shaw is so one dimensional that killing her would satisfy a hero dying without totally effin’ up the whole show.

        • Roman Ross says:

          I wish you hadn’t been right. Fusco is alive and Carter died. Pissed me off!!!

          • Jane Bitters says:

            Carter is gone??? Can’t believe you all would do this. Do you really think this will make us viewers eager to continue watching? NOT!!! Hopefully this will ocntinue and by some miracle she isn’t really dead….Not a good move….We do like Shaw, she is strong and not just a pretty face….And of course keep Fusco….

          • Myrna Whitehead says:

            This is so totally unacceptable! Killing Carter is like cutting off your hand! It was a stupid decision! I will watch the next episode or two to make sure Reese avenges Carter’s death but after that, I’m done with this show!! This is so NOT cool!!

    • Ms Thing, I hope you’re right. I’m so sick of the shaw show. And she can take root with her!! They have dumbed down the show to the point where it’s so predictable it’s not even funny. I’ll cheer if they kill off shaw and/or root!!!!

      • Paula P. says:

        I don’t mind Shaw as much as they seem to be fleshing her character out a bit, but I *hate* the Root character to the point that I’ve taken to changing the channel or muting the show while she is in a scene. Same thing over and over and I don’t see anything interesting about the character. She doesn’t fit in with the rest and I feel takes away from the show.

        • GRD says:

          I agree — I WISH there were a chance of Root getting killed off. I’m getting tired of the same-old, same-old psycho act from her. But they said “a hero will fall,” and she’s definitely not that.

        • dave says:

          Thank you! I honestly see no reason for the Roots character. I really dislike the focus on her. She should have died or something. Honestly am hating the direction this season is trading so far. And if they kill off Carter, will never watch POI again

        • Lena120 says:

          I agree. I don’t like Shaw but I hate Root more. What were they thinking making her a regular? I like Enrico Cannelloni’s character way better. If you were going to bring on a villain full time it should have been him. At least he has layers. Root is so… bland. There was no reason for them to bring her back, especially since they have this new secret group running around led by Leslie Odom, Jr. How many villains do they needs: Enrico, HR, new secret group and Root. I mean seriously.

          • cattyfan says:

            That’s how I feel: Root could go and I would be relieved. She’s empty, and in turn makes me feel nothing.

            Keep Shaw. Keeep Fusco. Give us more Carl Elias. And end HR already. (I loathe giant conspiracy stories.)

        • KatieMT says:

          My thoughts exactly, Paula. I fast forward through ANY scene with Root in it. She’s making it hard for me to keep liking this show–a show I used to love so much I watched it when it first aired.

          • Based on that statement you have missed some major plot points. Root is essential to this season’s story arc. I hate her as well, and really don’t care for Amy Aker as an actress, but a story arc is just that, and her importance will be revealed soon enough. Then they can kill her off. Hopefully painfully. She’s supposed to be irritating with her creepy little voice and cryptic statements. It will all play out.

        • Esther O'Reilly says:

          Yay! I found all the people who can’t stand Root either! Fist bump yous guys! Bringing Shaw on will all be worth it if they let Shaw kill Root at the end of this thing.

        • Elaine bynum says:

          I agree, she is so redundant. She is next to boring. I think Zoe would have been a far better fit than Shaw. I really like Fusco, it is a shame if they kill this character off. I believe he is that force for good, the one that saw the dark side!!

        • Jean says:

          I totally agree – Root is a waste case and a waste of time on the show. Her voice is soooooo annoying. I’m not that impressed with Shaw either, but she does take some of the workload off of John. But her character has to be developed a lot more than her being basically just a female killing machine. Zoe should definitely become, if not a regular, than have a lot more screen time. The one I don’t want to see die is the dog Bear. I’m worried about that now cuz John told Finch to get Bear fitted for a bullet proof vest last week and as of last night I didn’t see a vest for Bear. If Bear gets killed, after John told Harold to get a vest for him, there will be some major conflict between John and Harold. But maybe that’s a way the writers are gonna use to create some tension. But I really, really want Bear to remain the retired vet that he is.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Cry me a river Shaw hater!

      • Chris says:

        dude, shaw can suck it but Root is fantabulous and I want her to stay.

      • John 1138 says:

        Root’s the road to exploring The Machine further from what I can tell. As such I’d doubt she’s getting eliminated anytime soon unless they want to drop back to a more strict procedural.

        • Jason says:

          I couldn’t believe that it was Carter. I think it will come to a point where Root may be the only option to save either Shaw or Harold

          • Big "O" says:

            I’m so hurt at the loss of Carter. I still can’t believe they did that. I’m hoping for a twist and they’re just making her disappear because she would never be safe.

      • You’re missing the WAY bigger picture if you see Shaw as “a female Reese”. Shaw is the strong female lead the show really needed. Reese and Finch cannot save the world alone, and they needed help. Would you prefer another Reese type “man’s man”? That won’t work as Reese is all the man POI needs. Shaw’s softer side will shine through as her arc develops. Be prepared to love her by the end of the season. Did you miss the scene where Shaw dropped off Finch’s teenage “ward” that they saved at the private school. Shaw hugged that girl and even shed a tear. Some of the best acting I’ve seen this year on television. Sarah Shahi won’t disappoint! Give her a chance.

        • Elissa says:

          Person of Interest already HAD a strong female lead in Carter. And a strong recurring female character in Zoe. Shaw is, indeed, redundant.
          I love Sarah Shahi, but I think her character should have been a recurring one and not shoved down our throats. I also think fewer people would hate her so much if she hadn’t cut into Fusco’s screen time. We watched his personal journey from corrupt cop to bonafide Good Guy, and then he was relegated to one or two brief scenes per episode. If Fusco does die in this upcoming arc, viewers will blame the Shaw character for taking him away from us.

    • Alex says:

      Kill off Root

    • ginger567 says:

      I love Shaw and Fusco. And Carter character is becoming shawlike. Only one I find annoying
      is Root. She is just a crazy lady

    • Lee Chambers says:

      If Fusco dies I WILL NOT watch this show ever again

    • nancy burgess says:

      Who sang the song in the last show

  2. Lauren says:


  3. Patrick says:

    It wouldn’t be a surprise if they killed Fusco off. He has had a limited role this season. He will be missed though.

    • prish says:

      The husband says the actor playing Fusco is good enough to be doing movies. He’d miss him, but he would not be surprised if he left the show for a better career. Also, Fusco and Carter cannot be as close, as in the past, because of how the stories are going. It might be for the best. I’m bummed out because Fusco is one of my favorites.

  4. Katherine215 says:

    Noooooooo!!! I love Fusco. :(

  5. Nabil says:

    If Fusco does die, i will be very sad! He is one of the best Characters on the show!

  6. LL says:

    I’ve just about had it with Person of Interest this season… it’s turned into the Shaw Show, and that’s not why I started watching. I miss the dynamic they had with Finch, Reese, Carter and Fusco. However, it’s clear they’re not interested in this any more and want to shove Shaw down our throats whether we like it or not.

    GOODBYE. Catch you on Netflix in a few years… if I feel like it.

    • ben says:

      Why don’t you see this three episode stint out. It may be Shaw who dies (I hope so).

    • KimF says:

      Couldn’t agree more!! If they kill off one of the original 4, I’m finally done. The show is a former shell of itself!!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. If Fusco goes, so do I.

    • Redmond says:

      I don’t understand people’s problem with Shaw, but if you’ve actually been watching the series, you would know that only a few of the episodes have put a heavy focus on her. This last episode certainly didn’t. And yet it’s the first thing out of some people’s mouths, almost like an involuntary reaction.
      I love Shaw, and really, I love all the characters, so I don’t want to lose any of them. But I’ll understand if they kill off one of them in a way that helps the story.

      • hana says:

        What? This last episode featured her and Root going on a commando mission. EVERY episode this season features her.

        • abz says:

          That’s because she’s a “series regular” along with Amy Acker! And really, aside from her increased role as part of the team, VERY FEW episodes have been Shaw-centric.

        • Sollliiaa says:

          But I agree. Shaw is the first character to get an entire episode to herself (I’m hardly counting the maybe ten minutes that we got of Reese, Finch, Carter, Fusco, and Leon.) And yet she gets another heavily Shaw-centric episode with Razgorov, the first of the season 3 episodes to have flashbacks, and the first one to receive those flashbacks. There have been no character developments for Reese or Finch, while focus on Shaw’s personality disorder and her idea of a “fun-time”, among other humanizing character moments, are what we’re getting in return.
          As always, my opinion only, but a quarter of the way into the season it feels like the Shaw Show, with occasional lovely moments for Carter and even sparser moments for Finch and Reese.

          • I think it’s simply because Shaw was a late addition to the show, whereas we’ve seen a lot of Finch and Reese flashbacks already in S1…we know their story in general terms, how they got into what they’re doing now, whereas Shaw was this mystery that got dumped into the show halfway in, so they’re using some episodes to flesh out her character like they already did with the other leads…Fusco and Carter’s “history” was played out in S1 too, we see Fusco the baddie, Fusco the reluctant goodie, Fusco the more convincing goodie and so on. And with Carter we saw her fall in love, watch him get framed and killed and delve more than ever before into battling against HR (with Fusco) and the whole fighting together with the man in the suit thing.

    • KenL says:

      WELL SAID I love change on a show, but Shaw has never taken off for me.

    • Krob says:

      I agree. I was Very Upset that Shaw had a Second Episode, much less become a regular.
      This is my #1 show- The dynamic of the Original 4 was Great.
      Zoe bores me, Shaw’s debut took 90% of the whole show- awful!!!
      I have been concerned because Fusco has missed a few episodes, and if he is on it is way to brief for me.
      If Fusco does die- I really will have to rethink my position.

  7. Keri says:


  8. tahina says:

    I bet the promo as wrecking it may look for Fusco dying maybe not be him..this is like a HUGE spoiler.

  9. enri says:

    Get rid of Shaw please. Her scenes are just painful to watch.

    • Josh says:

      Painful to watch? Your life must be stressful already if she affects you that much. When I heard Sarah Shahi was becoming Sam Shaw, I liked the idea. I didn’t find her other gig interesting, but wasn’t surprised she would be made to be a badass. If you don’t like a hardcore female covert op, why are you watching?

      • enri says:

        Josh- it’s called an opinion and I’m allowed to have one. Stahl was good in the show Life. Just not a fan of hers on POI. Also thank you for worrying about my “stress”

        • prish says:

          Oh, the pain of it all…I am still waiting for a Life tv movie, tying things up. It was one of my most favorite series. It was such a bummer ending, alá Glades.

      • People who don’t like one-note Shaw WERE watching because up until the third season her boring character wasn’t a regular. They’re still watching in the hope that she will soon be gone.

  10. I LOL at the comments about how, “I’m done with this show if such and such dies”. I call BS. You’ll still watch!

    • LL says:

      Um, no I won’t, actually. I’ve already got the show on DVR because of the time slot change, and every week it’s harder for me to find time to watch it, mainly because I hate what the show has turned into this season.

    • CH Perkins says:

      Actually no I am thinking this might be a red herring and Carter is the one to go. It is not BS she is the only regular who looks like me. If they don’t think enough of me to have me represented , I will stop watching! Regardless if its not Shaw being killed off its the wrong one!

      • PB says:

        It would very surprising for Henson to leave the show. I do feel they’re playing it straight and that would be disappointing. Chapman’s very underrated on the show. The show runner’s have made some very curious decisions in making two very big personalities, but characters the audience had very little invested in full time members of the show. Very odd. Also by interjecting Carter into the HR saga, it doesn’t leave Fusco with a lot to do.

        Personally, I think the show is a bit cluttered right now and Fusco is the most fungible but I probably would have left Acker as a part time or recurring character. Her character is the least compelling and frankly, I find Root’s story lines fairly boring now. Perhaps they’ll kill her off at the end of the year, b/c the show is a bit bloated right now and needs to get back down to it’s fighting weight…..

  11. sheindie says:

    lose shaw keep fusco

  12. sladewilson says:

    Actually I thought they were going to punch Fusco’s ticket last year. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t happen so this is not a shock to me given his lack of screen time. I’m loving Carter’s storyline and I’m praying this isn’t a red herring and they kill her off. I want her to destroy HR and catch Clarke Peters character and get her detective badge back.

    • TVPeong says:

      I’m worried about Carter and Fusco too. When they named 2 new female stars I thought her number was up, but then she got her own story, so I thought maybe she would survive… Now it looks like Fusco’s the one who’s going to get it.

      • mary copley says:

        I agree with you. Probably the only two characters who are “safe” are John and Harold. I love Fusco, Carter and Shaw. Root drives me crazy (if I wasn’t already) and, of course, Bear is adorable. One character I wish they would bring back occasionally is Leon – he was a riot. I think the show is so well written that no matter what changes are made it will continue to be a success – I just hope it continues successfully with all the current characters intact.

  13. Edith says:

    The people on the board behind Reese are from HR. Carter and Fusco are both knee-deep in it so… flip a coin. I would miss either one of them and, like the others, am not happy with this season’s, “journey.”

  14. Okay I must be the only one who doesn’t mind Shaw. I will be the first to admit that I was very leery with them adding 2 new series regulars to the mix already. But I have been pleasantly surprised on how well I have enjoyed them all. Fusco was barely in it at the end of last season and hardly at all now. I don’t know if he die or not, but looking forward to how it all plays out.

    • wjrxyz says:

      I like shaw and root in the show. Fusco is great but they aren’t using him and would be a great regular to kill off.

      • ninamags says:

        Exactly, and why aren’t they using him more?? Because they have to find storylines and dialogue for two people we are not really invested in, like someone up thread mentioned.

        • wjrxyz says:

          We are invested in the new characters I don’t know what YOU are talking about. NEXT TIME, say you not we because we can both play that game.

          KC might want to leave for other reasons. He was asked to be out of the season finale to work on another project. This could be something like that. Also, the clip could be misleading. Carter could be killed or nobody could be killed.

          You never know. Maybe Hersh gets tricked into taking out HR. Who can say. You can’t say as you don’t know.

          We have heard people say none of these characters are safe. He heard that going back at each comiccon.

          • Dee says:

            Well, I did say “we,” meaning me and other people in earlier posts, that makes it more than just me, it means me AND other people, collective “we”.

            By the way, my entire post was meant to be sarcastic, You mentioned they weren’t using Fusco, and I was just commenting and wondering, why in fact, were they not using him more.

            Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

    • Ian says:

      I not only don’t mind Shaw, I think she’s terrific. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s effortlessly capable, and she provides a look at what Reece might be like without the stick up his ass. I gather she’s perceived as a possible threat to some ‘shipping or another though, and woe befall anyone in that position who tries to be an interesting character.

    • EmilyD says:

      Nope, you are not the only one. I love Shaw and she’s progressing the way Reese did in the first year. Will admit, I don’t care for Root at all and if she went bye-bye wouldn’t care. I love POI, because it is different and following the story lines as they twist and turn is fascinating to watch. If people can’t take the time to see how it plays out and want to leave–go. I wouldn’t miss one minute of it–Shaw rocks.

      • hana says:

        Shaw is boring. Root is at least interesting as she has special insights into the Machine. Shaw just runs around sneering with her six-guns.

    • Alex says:

      I like Shaw as well but they could tone her down a bit. Maybe only bring her in occassionaly. I do hate Root.

  15. Callie says:

    I wonder if maybe it will be Root? I feel like the promo was giving too much away, and that isn’t like the plot. I don’t think it will be Fusco, and I don’t see it being Carter.

    • ben says:

      Killing Root wouldn’t be a bad outcome. Either of these seasons two new characters would be better than one of the original 4. They are the 4 that really made the show what it is (and, in my opinion, still do).

    • Kim R says:

      I think I may be the only one who doesn’t like the Root storyline. She is excellent at playing the part but I can’t stand the character. And I don’t like the confusing twist they have put on “the machine”. Please let it be Root.

    • Chris says:

      Well, it WAS Carter. DAMMIT.

  16. JB says:

    Don’t hurt Fusco! He’s been the only flawed character that has been believable in his fumbling crawl to redemption. I’m actually going to be very sad if it’s him.

  17. Steve says:

    the dog is a goner

    • wjrxyz says:

      That is not even funny.

      • John 1138 says:

        Well I did read a comment where she’s had some puppies.

        The old but reliable, “leaving to spend more time with her family”?

        I’d hate it, the interaction between Finch, Shaw and Bear are priceless, without some comedic snips the show tends a bit too dark.

  18. eridapo says:

    Nooooooooooo. Say it ain’t so. Not Fusco.

  19. Ryan says:

    I don’t watch too many previews, but I didn’t think they would give away who dies.

  20. Cynthia says:

    I hope it isn’t Fusco either, I still don’t understand why they think they need Shaw. They were good without her, they could use her like they use Root.

    • wjrxyz says:

      Shaw might be around for the rumored root+shaw spinoff show.

    • Seesee says:

      This. Sparingly, I think there would be far less push-back against Shaw. My main problem with her was the overwhelming Shaw-ness of Relevance; I thought, from there, things would go up. That she would be used in smaller doses– but I still barely see that happening. I must admit I’ve become a bit of a Shaw-hater now, not so much because of her character, although I’m not particularly fond of it, but because of my resentment at how she’s been used. In small, fiercely competent doses, I think she could be an addition to this show instead of– and just my opinion only– the anchor that is dragging it down.

  21. theschnauzers says:

    They do have to bring the HR storyline to an end. There isn’t much more they can do with it since it is becoming repetitive. As to which character might die we can be sure it won’t be Finch or John. They apparently want to bring the recently new storyline about the Machine to the forefront, and Root seems to be part of that. That leaves one of three possibilities, Shaw, Carter and Fusco, and I suspect it’ll be Shaw. It could be Fusco, because with the end of the HR storyline, I would expect Carter to get her detective shield back. And has the show really needed two detectives after the HR storyline is over? That was the reason they had to have both Fusco and Carter on the team, and Fusco has a stronger connection to HR.

  22. Ellie says:

    I haven’t seen any behind the scenes photos of T. P. Hensen show up lately – Sarah Shahi, yes. I wish it would be Shaw – the character destroys the show. Photos of “Reese” show him almost hobo like again in the episodes they are filming now. I doubt he’d be in mourning over Shaw.

    • Nicole says:

      It better not be Carter. She is a huge part of the show and it would drastically change the show if she was not in it. I would be sad to see Fusco die but Carter is an integral part of the story!!!

    • Carduelis Machina says:

      Those behind the scenes photos of the eps to come, can you tell me where you found them? I searched the net and came up empty handed.
      I, too, wish that Shaw was a goner but I think the odds seem slim :/ I don’t enjoy Season 3 as much as the first two and it’s mostly because of her character – always hogging screen time, getting all the flashbacks and the witty remarks… I do miss our Dynamic Duo and their intimate relationship, you don’t get to see their friendship at all anymore…

    • If Reese is all hobo-like, I say Zoe dies.

  23. if Fusco dies, Im out. Shaw was great as guest-star last season, but I really hate what I’ve learned about her I doubt they would ever have labeled her as a series regular and kill her not even halfway in. this sucks.

  24. dan says:

    Fusco is a red herring. Finch is going to die fulfilling the blind item and Root will become the new brains of the operation.

  25. Dee says:

    I agree with so many about being sick if it does end up being Fusco that dies. I hated that they brought these 2 unnecessary characters into the show!! What was wrong with the original 4??? They were fantastic and worked so, so well together.

    I call bullsh** on the whole thing. I hate this season so far. It’s turning into a convoluted mess. There’s about ten different things going on at once and it’s very confusing. Does Reece do anything anymore? Or is he just Shaw’s backup?

    I do agree that it looks like the HR storyline is coming to a head. It can’t get more tense than what it is now.

    Save Fusco!!!

  26. Steve says:

    Shaw needs to go, not Fusco!

  27. Stelli says:

    I do hope it’s Shaw. I don’t dislike her because she’s female, and I really, really like this actor in other shows (Life, Chicago Fire). My problem is that she seems like overkill (pun intended, heh) with Reese. I find her character flat, and she disrupts the sharp, crackling dynamics between the Core Four. Although given Shahi’s four year contract, I really can’t see it being her that they kill off.

  28. Bear's Licked Donut says:

    Guy (and gals), lets look at that promo – awesome as it is – with some perspective… if it’s Fusco getting offed, they wouldn’t be so blatant in showing him seemingly get shot or beat to shreds and breaking down! I’m predicting it will be either Carter or Shaw… and y’all can hold me to that…

  29. JBC says:

    As far as Fusco goes, Kevin Chapman said his bosses gave him time off the show last season so he could film a movie. I really hope they are just teasing us and none of the original regulars leave the show. I don’t care if Root or Shaw go, since it seems so unnecessary to have them as full time regulars. Recurring would have been fine. I don’t think we see enough of JC anymore either. He doesn’t need Shaw with him every minute either.

  30. Amanda says:

    I love the Fusco character and would be sad to see him killed off the show. I love all his flaws, it makes him such an interesting character. Carter’s story this year is blowing me away. She is so in command and one step ahead and doesn’t want/need John or Finch’s help, so I REALLY hope it’s not her either. As for Shaw, I enjoy her character and think she was a great addition to the show. My only complaint is that the show has focused too much on her at the expense of other characters. Wish they could find a better balance and time for all the wonderful actors. As for Root – love Amy Aker but honestly less is more. We need her only once in a while in my opinion. Excited for the three shows but worried about losing anyone but Root.

  31. wjrxyz says:

    Everyone should go look at imdb for the main 6 cast members this season. That might help you decide who might have a lot on their plate vs who doesn’t.

  32. nsmith says:

    I have watched the first season’s dvds like twice. The second season wasn’t as good. However this thing about the dynamics between the original four (the bond, the chemistry) is REALLY what makes the show in my opinion. When they bring in Root and Shaw to pretty much run the show it’s really disrupting to those of us who are use to the orginal show and really enjoyed the chemistry of the orignal four. If they really want to develop the Shaw and Root characters as much as they have done they should make it a spin off only because the rest of us still want to see the original show. Fusco is one of my favorite character who’s development was very strong the last 2 season but this 3rd season he’s been pushed aside. In fact Reese, Finch, and Fusco have pretty much been pushed aside to make room for Shaw and Root. It’s not the same show. Because of that I no longer bother to hurry and see it esp. when I hear it’s the Root and Shaw show. People not familiar with the original are watching this spinoff as a new show and enjoy that but those of us who were original POI fans find it very disruptive.

    • ButtonIt says:

      I’ve watched the show since day one–do me a favor and stop speaking for anyone but yourself–you are not a spokesperson for “original POI fans” so just zip it. I’m enjoying the show as it plays out. You don’t like how they are handling the show–that’s your choice, but you speak for no one but yourself……

    • JBC says:

      Agree with you nsmith. I prefer the original premise with the core 4. I also am someone who watched from day 1.

    • Macy says:

      Agree completely I haven’t watched the last three episodes I am stuck there. They shouldn’t have messed with the original cast and now the ratings are down because they bought new faces that no none cares about. Sad to see a great show ruined by the creators.

  33. ashley says:

    Taraji and Sarah both are still taping. I bet no one dies.

    • exfrromtheleft says:

      During one of the comic con, Nolan said that Tara J could not make it because she was filming flashbacks, are those flashbacks from other caracters remembering her or her remembering certain events? ahhhh…

      Plus they said this season we explore the relationship between Reese and Carter, so far it hasn’t happened so she kind of have to live so we can explore that

  34. davoor says:

    Michael, is whoever dies on POI th blind item? :)
    Also I like that the show has become a more serialized procedural, rather than just a procedural… I like all the characters and I think that after a slow start this season has been the best to date!!! You people want the boring procedurals, but the best shows on TV are usually serialized and POI has become like a mixture of both types which is why it’s so awesome…

  35. Phoenix says:

    John and Harold: both will absolutly NOT DIE!
    Carter either! It Would Ruin the Show!
    Fusco: Please NOT!!! He is such a Good Charakter!
    Shaw: she has my permission to die! I hate her since she became a regular Character!
    What is with Root? ;-)

    Root is Going to die!!!

  36. Rusty says:

    God what a bunch of Sarah Shahi haters! Her character has brought in a breath of fresh air. Of course there will be back stories to tell her story, just like they had for all the other characters. I am afraid it will be Fusco. Wish it would be Root though. They writers are working to tie up the HR story line and whatever the plot of the machine will be. So everybody just relax. The dynamics of the interaction of all the characters hasn’t changed, From reading some of the anti Sarah comments, sounds more like a bunch people who don’t like her because of her real life heritage rather than what the writers have done with her character.

    • Jenn says:

      I’m not sure which comments you read, but I just read all of them and can’t think of one that mentions anything about the actress (other than that she’s good in Life), let alone her heritage. People ARE complaining about what the writers have done with her character. I’m sure there is some depth (deep, deep down) to her character, but frankly I don’t care enough about her to begin with to care to see what that is.

      Overall, I wouldn’t mind if she stuck around if she was a supporting character, but they have made her *the* character. It almost feels like she’s only there to stretch out John and Finch’s backgrounds, since they are rarely in it anymore.

      • Falls9075 says:

        You hit the nail on the head. The show is now almost all about Shaw. I don’t mind having her as a support role once in awhile or having more screen time once in a while but please don’t make the show only really about her for the next consecutive set of episodes. My earlier point was If they want a show about her they should have it as a spin off. We still miss the characters from the previous season. Why bother developing them, making us love them, only to dismiss them and push them aside? Then you ask why I don’t think it’s the same show? I don’t mind having new characters either. For example I still want to see Elias and still enjoy his scenes. Zoe is a prize. She is a fan favorite. Sara was very good as support with Reese when Root had us worried in episode God Mode. No one complained about Sara and Root back then. But givng them too much screen time and doing this regularly without a break to give us some real show time with any of the originals is, at least for me, hard to watch. I feel like the series is disappearing.

        • 9075Falls says:

          I missed an episode after being disappointed with the series. I just saw episode 7 The Perfect Mark hearing it would be different. I liked it. It was well written. One of the original cast, Carter, had decent screen time, Reese and Shaw were working together, and more time given to Finch. . Thumbs up.

    • CH Perkins says:

      Please do not call me a hater,and I have nothing against Sarah Shahi. I liked her in “Life” and she is easily one of the most beautiful women on television. Shaw on the other hand (IMO) brings nothing to POI. In addition they are trying so hard to incorporate and have us accept her, they have lost focus on what made them special to begin with.

    • hana says:

      No, I hate her character because she’s a walking cartoon.

    • Lena120 says:

      Are you trolling? No one has brought up anything about Sarah’s heritage, so why are you? No one has attacked her personally so why are you saying they have? You’re reaching and it’s ridiculous. People can hate a character that’s poorly developed, with no layers, because that’s what Shaw is. She’s a female version of John, we don’t need a John 2.0. We don’t need a Carter 2.0. The character was an unnecessary addition.

  37. JUSTINTIME says:

    Try this. Nobody dies. “Fall” doesn’t necesarily mean die. Maybe a character will take a dive into darkness. Or maybe it just means one of the protagonists will experience a defeat of some sort. The writers stated at comicon that Reese would lose it at some point this season. Based on the promo we know that if anyone dies it won’t be Fusco, because the promo implied that Fusco will die. They would never in a million years spoil the biggest plot twist/event of the series in a promo. As for this whole debate over which characters are the best, prepare yourselves for change because the show isn’t going to stay the same forever. Characters may come and go. Nolan is trying to tell a story (and his storytelling qualifications far exeed yours), so naturally, things change. In my humble opinion, I think that either Finch or Reese (or both) need to die somewhere at the end of the show. This isn’t a crime show. It’s a cyberpunk flavored tech thriller. 90 percent of the show goes right over the heads of it’s audience. If this show is too much for you, try NCIS or CSI. They may be more your speed.

  38. Bruce says:

    Love this show, and the cast is one of the best assembled. Between Root, Shaw and Fusco…there isn’t enough remaining story to go around. One will depart the pattern…

  39. Barb says:

    Dislike Shaw (not the actress so don’t go there) since she appears to be the female version of Reece with almost no personality / emotion. As for Root (again, nothing against the actress – loved her in Angel), she was fine for a few episodes but as a series regular, no thanks. I’ve FF all her scenes this season (and most of last weeks version since she was paired with Shaw). The show has always been about Finch and Reece with the help of Fusco and Carter and they should have stayed that way (along with Bear). With both these new characters, Fusco has become more of a cameo appearance character which is pathetic. I doubt they’ll dump the new characters so please find some bloody balance and give Fusco a better footing in the show. Reece gave him a second chance which he’s used to turn himself around now it’s the writer’s turn to do the same (and hopefully not kill him off). Season one was one where I even watched repeats, season two they lost that towards the end of that run, now, in season three, it’s on my DVR and I’ll watch it when I have time. I still watch it but I miss the dynamics of the first season.

    • davoor says:

      Like I said… people like you seem to like procedural shows more than serialized… and the show is getting more and more serialized so the dyamics of the characters can’t stay the same cause of that fact alone… but bringing in new characters changes them even more and I don’t get why people can’t adjust… if a show stayed the same all the time it would be a bland procedural and people would start complaining how the show doesn’t go anywhere and is stuck in a rut… people will always find something to complain about cause we just have to do that otherwise we wouldn’t be human…

      • jj michaels says:

        Hello, L&O SVU.

      • Lena120 says:

        You completely missed their point. Barb obviously is a fan of the characters and their dynamic as am I. The main problem isn’t really the addition of people (that happens), it’s the characteristics, or in the case of Shaw, lack thereof that they bring. She’s boring to watch and Root is like an annoying child. They’re both terrible. I don’t have a problem with newbies. I said in an earlier thread I would have preferred they make Zoe a regular. She’s already recurring and she’s completely different from everyone else on the canvas. Plus, her and John have an interesting relationship. That’s a real shot in the arm.

  40. Nina says:

    Maybe it’s Fusco’s son who dies? Would explain the breakdown…

  41. Aaront says:

    If Fusco die we riot

  42. jj michaels says:

    It’s Henson that’s leaving. She’s got the lead in a new movie about tammi Terrell. Chapman has already finished a couple of bit roles in movies but that’s it. Henson is the one with a big gig waiting. Don’t know why Mitovich didn’t do his due diligence and look at their schedules, it’s a dead giveaway. But he’s not really a reporter, just a fan boy with connections..

    • hana says:

      If Carter OR Fusco die, that’s it, I’m outta here. Dance with the ones what brung you, POI writers.

    • Lena120 says:

      Um, maybe he didn’t want to spoil such a big reveal? And if he’s a mere fanboy why are you reading his work? You do realize they get screeners ahead of time? You do realize they know a lot more than they let on at the request of the networks? How about you do your due diligence on that?

    • Lauren says:

      You must be new here if you think TVline would give away the dead person if they knew.

  43. teamshaw says:

    Root, Root, Root, Root!!!! Kill the bitcj!!!!

  44. KenL says:

    I so doubt they would show Fusco near death if it was him. My hope would be for the Root character to leave the show….absolutely detest that entire plot and while I’m sure the actress is a good one, this character is like fingernails on a blackboard.

    As for the “hero” aspect….I’d hope Sara Shahi leaves. Another completely redundant character for the show.

    I could deal with Fusco leaving, but I don’t classify him as a “hero”….more “antihero”.

    So, either the main lead of Mr. Reese leaves OR it’s Carter.

  45. kidv says:

    Please don’t kill the main 4. It did say “fall” though. I’m really scared that either Carter or LIonel will die or…… that one of the good guys goes to the bad side. I really hope that isn’t Fusco OR Carter either. Cause Fusco had so much development to becoming a good guy. Carter’s always been a good guy seeing her become bad would just break me!!
    thanks :)

  46. KenL says:

    I’m guessing its Carter, the more I think about it, and that is REALLY too bad. I’m hoping the “fall” aspect is just related to her “HR” storyline, and that she doesn’t die or leave the show permanently.

  47. sarah says:

    I read online a few weeks back that they are killing off Fusco. I was hoping it was a false rumor but I am pretty sure now that it is not. I really like Fusco but this season he has only been on the show for a handful of minutes.
    Sarah Shahi was promoted to a series regular this season and she left Chicago Fire because of that, so I am sure she would not have left one show to fully commit to another just to be killed off early in the season.
    Personally I would rather see Fusco live and Root or Shaw gone but we all know they are not going anywhere.

  48. Maryann says:

    I love the original four characters, and I have really enjoyed their journey since the beginning. The character development they have all gone through has made the show for me. That said, I also love Shaw. We have already seen her character begin to develop and change. And Root? Well, I love the actress, but I can’t stand Root. I kind of gritted my teeth when she was a guest last season, just waiting for her to leave. Now she just doesn’t fit in with the others. Where she is concerned, less is definitely more. She needs to be just recurring, then gone.

  49. CAM says:

    Perhaps rather than death, they are referring to Fusco’s involvement with HR. Some of the things he was involved with could certainly lead to jail time. Someone mentioned that perhaps HR kills his son. That would certainly drive him over the edge. I really like his character, but can’t see the show without Carter.

  50. darn says:

    33 seconds of a black screen, and me without audio. Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait. All I know is nothing better happen to Bear.