The Vampire Diaries EP: Tyler to Shake Up The Originals 'Before November Is Over'

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersThe Originals clan might want to take cover, because a Mystic Falls resident is coming for them.

As hinted at on last Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, when Tyler declared his desire to make Klaus’ life hell even at the expense of his romantic future with Caroline, Michael Trevino’s hybrid will make his way to New Orleans — and very soon!

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“I’m fairly certain that we will catch our first glimpse of Tyler [on The Originals] before November is over,” reveals executive producer Julie Plec.

The crossover event “will answer a couple questions, one of which is at least the first piece of the mystery of the protective wolf” that saved Hayley’s life, she adds.

While revenge against his maker may be at the front of his mind, Tyler will also find time to provide his wolf pal with some clues about her background.

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“The whole thing that brought [Hayley] to New Orleans in the first place was trying to get answers about what bloodline she came from, the mystery of what this mark on her shoulder means,” says Plec. “One thing that Tyler does offer as he steps foot into this world is answers and more information. He takes her to a place out in the bayou where she’s going to start to understand a little bit of where she comes from.”

Meanwhile, Klaus and his siblings will get thrown some curveballs of their own during the episode.

“A lot of things are going to come out of that crossover that are going to shake things up within the core dynamic of the Original family,” teases co-EP Michael Narducci. “And there will be a whole storyline that will come out of where that crossover leads them geographically and what they discover when they’re there. There’s a lot of stuff that’s about to be introduced.”

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  1. Melanie says:

    I am not happy with that news. Tyler was already a pain with his lack of interesting storyline and back and forth in TVD. We don’t need that in The Originals.

    • hey says:

      I wish this site had a like button!

    • Jo says:

      The biggest problem with his character is that he wears clothes.

    • elena2.0 says:

      they should kill him and bring back Bonnie tbh !

      • Morgan says:

        Kill him and find a way to send Bonnie to the other side. She is a judgemental witch.

      • Zayne says:

        How about kill him and leave Bonnie dead? I thought I’d hate The Originals because Klaus was annoying as hell in TVD but I watched because I love Elijah and Rebakah and I now love The Originals and am getting very tired of TVD. The less crossover from TVD outside of Caroline coming down to NO to kick some butt, the better.

    • Ari says:

      Yep. The only reason Tyler should be on TO is for Klaus to finally end him. They really don’t need to break the momentum of the show by dragging up storyline failures of days past.

    • Kristen says:

      I 100% agree regarding him coming to The Originals. I wasn’t that blown away with his character in TVD, so I’m not excited about him coming to TO. I love the pace of TO right now, and I really think Tyler will only drag it down. Hopefully, he’ll just be an “in and out” to provide Haley with a few more clues and then he’ll be on his merry way.

  2. Tina says:

    wicked excited for this! Hopefully we get to see a few more of the Mystic Falls gang before the end of the season :)

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      No Tina, this is the Originals. Not TVD.

      • Tina says:

        Its a spin off and the producers have said others will be coming to NOLA. there’s room for all characters. Besides anyone is better than Cami. She is awful.

        • Hallie says:

          I agree and it is nit vecause i an a klaroline fan there is something about her i don’t like she has no chem with anyone. She is obe character who could be killed off and i wouldn’t care.

  3. Bruce_F says:

    I’m on board with all the info and plot movement that will come with Tyler’s presence on The Originals. I just wish they would use a different character to accomplish this.

  4. Francine says:

    How is Haley still a wolf pal to Tyler? She betrayed him and sent in motion the slaughter of the hybrids along with Tyler’s mom…. I’m not following it??

  5. Amanda says:

    On the list of all the TVD characters that could possibly crossover and make me actually watch TO, Tyler would be…um…dead last. I’m trying so hard to like TO and failing so this just won’t help.

  6. this was a good move because there really wasn’t a storyline for him on TVD

    • elena2.0 says:

      I really hope that he’s gonna die soon because i just can’t stand him !!!!!

      • Pérola Cardozo says:

        Funny enough, I was just gonna say, I love he left caroline at last. now Marcel can kill Tyler, Making caroline want to come for NO and ally with Klaus, and we’ll have klaroline!!!

  7. H says:

    Blah blah blah when will caroline come to the originals. That is really the only crossover people are waiting to see.

  8. mari says:

    So after hayley betrayed him, which lead to his mothers and friends death, he is going to help her with her family? thats BS

  9. MzSweetPrincess says:


  10. tara says:


  11. anna says:

    Ummm. I really want to see caroline in TO and not tyler. I miss klaroline so much

  12. Jake says:

    This is the biggest piece of non news in my book. I had a feeling that once he left Caroline he’d end up on The Originals.

  13. alistaircrane says:

    Please don’t bring Tyler back to The Vampire Diaries. That character has run its course. Leave him on The Originals if you must, or, better yet, just write him out for good. Also, cross Caroline over to The Originals permanently (I don’t like her and Klaus together or anything, I just hate her and want her off The Vampire Diaries!).

    • Zayne says:

      Lol, Caroline is the only worthwhile part of TVD left. If it wasn’t for her, I’d have already stopped watching. Bring her over to The Originals and I can have one less show on Thursdays and enjoy The Originals that much more.

  14. kevin says:

    I’m glad tyler now has a storyline! I am liking tvd and to this season, everyone gets a storyline

  15. Liz says:

    I love Tyler and feel he got a raw deal on TVD. I hope that they have an interesting storyline for him on TO. Anxious to see how it unfolds.

  16. Alex says:

    PEE-YEW! Horrid Tyler nearly ruined many episodes of Vampire Diaries, and now he’s going to pollute The Originals as well? The only way I’ll like this is if he dies for good. Terrible character, awful actor, get rid of him!

  17. Alrisha says:

    Right now TO have a great story so I don’t get why the bring a fail character from TVD to the mix. Also, Why is Tyler helping Haley since she is in part responsible of his mother’s dead? Sorry, Tyler is so no interesting as a character to made this a good new.

  18. Jose says:

    Why are they bringing him in? Not interested in seeig him mess with Klaus and he cant kill him since that means everyone would die……

    • bate says:

      he cant even stand klaus,klaus is 10 times maybe 50 times stronger than tyler,its impossible for a 20 old year vampire/hybrid to stand a chance against an orginal vampire hybridm,so too bad for tyler(team klaus

  19. tina says:

    Seriously I hoped the first crossover to be caroline and we get tyler instead who wants to help the girl that betrayed him? yeah that makes sense ……NOT!

  20. mara says:

    Bring caroline for God’s sake.

  21. adam says:

    The only reason I am still watching TVD is to see caroline going to nola. but of course JP won’t make this happen. I don’t care about tyler, hayley and her backstory at all, guess I will skip this episode.

  22. Kristina says:

    Ugh. Wish they would just leave the whole TVD show/characters separate from this one. I have no use for most of the characters over there and Tyler is one of the worst.

  23. Naazneen says:

    “And there will be a whole storyline that will come out of where that crossover leads them geographically ” This is a Hayley/Elijah camping trip right?

  24. light says:

    SERIOUSLY BUT WHO CARE ABOUT TYLER??.why is on the originals now? i dont like him even before klaroline started. is dumb! give to trevino another role in CW SHOW..and give us CAROLINE IN THE ORIGINALS!!

  25. kavyn says:

    Hopefully Klaus snaps his neck, and we get another wolf-boy to fill in his role. Boring actor.

  26. Remy says:

    I cant help but think that Tyler’s the first to go over to be a catalyst for Caroline to go over.

  27. GS says:

    It’s no where near time for Caroline to go to NO. Seriously, do you people watch the show or just sit in your shipper land and wish for your couples to hook up?? Klaus does not need a girlfriend right now. He’s busy being the bad ass that made me like him on TVD to begin with and not the wuss that goes all soft when Caroline is around. He’s got to be on his toes around Marcel. I’m hoping that Tyler going over will help bring more meat to Hayley’s story other than “we have to keep her alive for the baby she’s carrying” which is getting old fast. It makes sense because I’m sure Klaus is going to use his being part werewolf in the fight against Marcel which along with the witches will give him a lot more power against Marcel.

  28. mary says:

    LOL @ the Klaroliners acting as crazy as ever here. Caroline can stay in MF! That said Tyler really shouldn’t be helping Hayley in any form after what she did to him, his friends and his mom. I like her on TO but if they decide to whitewash her actions against him or worst not adress them at all, i’m going straight back to hating Moon Moon despite my love Haylijah.

  29. M says:

    Just have Tyler kill off Hayley who is by far the worst character ever and her horrible magical womb.

  30. jess says:

    I thought this episode was about trying to bring Bonnie back????? Once again her character gets the shaft because of the priviliged ones. The only people who care about tyler and caroline are TFIWLLT!!!!!

  31. sarah says:

    why tyler? bad actor and crap character who should have died years back, the writers have nothing for him to do, he wasn’t even in season 3. just kill him off, and take hayley with you( the only down side to the originals is her god awful acting). bring stefan into the originals for an episode or even caroline, i’m not a klaroline fan but they have great chemistry and i would love to see her reaction to the baby news.

  32. sarah says:

    I really wish they would have kept Tyler on the Vampire Diaries. I liked him and Caroline.
    They could have cast any male actor on the Originals and had him be the one to answer all Hayley’s questions.

  33. Allison P says:

    I’m really excited to see characters cross over here and there. I think it makes sense for Tyler to be the first, but I can’t wait to see if anyone else does too.

  34. Vampers says:

    Him going to seek revenge on Klaus is so stupid. He can’t kill him, and even if he could, Tyler, and all his friends, would die in the process seeing as how they are of Klaus’s bloodline.

  35. Mikael says:

    I’m glad Tyler is leaving because the cast of TVD is too bloated. Plus, that leaves the door open for Caroline and Stefan to get together, which I’ve been shipping since Caroline became a vampire and Stefan helped her. The Originals is good the way it is, though, so I hope Tyler doesn’t ruin it too much.

  36. Aku says:

    It would be a shame if they kill Tyler during the crossover. I am seriously, how can he stand up to a big bad (albeit reformed) like Klaus without getting his head ripped off?

    I would much rather see him die on TVD where he is sort of relevant.

  37. A fan says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who wishes Tyler would just cease to exist and Caroline would be the crossover character.

  38. nishen says:

    Tyler is so unbelievably ANNOYING, his character is such a little bitch! Yeah his story lines are awful, plus he has no family to interact with… And the actor is also just not that good plus annoying. Oh and he left Caroline!!! What gives man???

  39. Lizzy says:

    I love this show so much, so glad they’re making more episodes!

  40. Hallie says:

    I am not so sure that this is a crossover or he is switching shows and although he was boring he might make a better adversairy for klaus if they actually do it right. I don’t think we will see him on tvd again i think the character has run its course as well as forwood. The whole reason for his visit was to end them and from what we know we will see is that for klaus klaroline is still a factor.

  41. Rosesrflowers says:

    Hahahahahaha… Klaroliners r everywhere!