Castle Boss Previews 'Big Step' for Feuding Rick/ Alexis, Pi's Fate, 'Caskett' Cohabitation and More

Castle Spoilers Rick Alexis KateTonight on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Rick and Alexis (played by Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn) will lower their respective shields in the name of solving a mystery together — and in doing so, take a first step in mending fences after their blow-up over the Pi situation.

Recounting the source of the father/daughter feud, which boiled over in the wake of a disastrous dinner party (and ultimately surfaced Alexis’ hurt over hearing of her dad’s engagement second-hand), Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe says, “Pi’s a nice guy, but he’s not who Castle imagined for Alexis — and I think that anybody who’s a parent has gone through this at some point. And anybody who is Alexis’ age, wanting to grow up and find their independence, is probably going to feel hurt in that it used to be you and your dad ‘against the world,’ and now he’s with a woman who’s different from the other women he’s been with. So Alexis suddenly is saying, ‘Where do I fit in? I’ve got to find some place to stand.’ And so she comes back [from Costa Rica] with Pi.”

But for Alexis to go so far as to question if Beckett is “the right one” for her father, mid-quarrel…? Marlowe confirms that the heat of the moment she “absolutely” was merely speaking from a place of anger versus actual opinion, “acting out in a way to challenge her father.”

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Alexis, meanwhile, isn’t the only concerned party to be wondering about her role in the new paradigm. As Castle this week assists Alexis with an Innocence Review case, trying to deduce if a death row inmate is in fact guilty, it presents “a nice first and big step towards them starting to repair their relationship — and in a way that also raises some questions for Beckett,” Marlowe shares. “She recognizes that for so long it’s been Alexis and Castle against the world, and she’s the interloper, so how does she reconcile that? How does she fit in?”

Many viewers meanwhile are left to wonder how (and, you know, why) Pi fits in. Obviously, Alexis’ choice in live-in beau was designed to ruffle her father’s feathers. But, I ask, is he agitating the audience on a level Marlowe did not intend?

“It depends on who you’re listening to,” he answers. “Out in the Twitter universe, I think there are a bunch of people who are fine with Pi, and a bunch who are frustrated with him. But he’s a character that Castle is frustrated with. And it’s all part of the unintended consequences of the engagement.

“I know there are a lot of people who, every week, want us to focus on the Castle/Beckett relationship,” he continues, “but that’s not what happens in life. In real life, sometimes you’re frustrated. In life, there are consequences to the decisions you make. We have plenty of time in the spring to really focus on whether we’re heading towards a wedding, whether we’re setting a date, what Beckett might look like in a wedding dress. But in this moment, we felt like we had an opportunity to show that Beckett is in a relationship with more than Castle, that Castle is in a relationship with more than Beckett. Before we get into the whole wedding of it, we wanted to ask these real, human questions.”

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Surveying the Pi backlash at large, Marlowe reminds, “We’ve all had TV shows with the character we love to hate, and here it’s poor Pi who gets the blowback. But knowing where we’re going, we’re not particularly worried.” Might the fruitarian’s days be numbered, if Alexis were to, say, acknowledge that she was acting out? “We will see him again,” Marlowe says. “That, I think, is the best way to answer that question.”

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Among the other topics covered during TVLine’s November sweeps preview Q&A with Marlowe:

WILL KATE MOVE IN WITH RICK? | After all, Alexis (and Pi) have moved out of the loft, and Caskett was poised to live together in D.C. “We have an episode [airing Nov. 11] where that issue certainly rears its head,” Marlowe assures. “We have the murder of a TAMALA JONES relationship therapist, and that allows us to deal with the issue of cohabitation.” As he notes, “Kate’s spending a lot of time over at the loft, which is very much Castle’s place. And when she starts to try to make subtle changes so it’s a bit more welcoming of an environment to her, how does Castle react to it? It’s a really fun, funny [storyline] runner.”

WHERE’S THE LANIE LOVE? | In addition to have resurfaced in recent episodes after a brief Season 6 absence, Tamala Jones’ M.E. will be “put in the spotlight in a darker November episode featuring a serial killer who seemingly has this fixation on her,” says Marlowe. And as that drama unfolds, “It’s a good opportunity for us to touch on where Lanie and Esposito are in their relationship. And whether or not other people out in the universe know they’re in one becomes the subject of much discussion at the 12th precinct.”

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  1. Geez, Marlowe is out of touch with the fanbase, if he thinks that there are fans who actually like Pi. And to say that people love to hate him? No, I’d say fans just hate him. I mean, you actually miss a character you “love to hate” when they’re no longer on the show. I sincerely doubt anyone is going to miss Pi when Marlowe finally admits he was wrong about the character and gets rid of him.

    • taran63 says:

      I don’t know if there are fans out there who like Pi, but I know that I certainly don’t. And the way Marlowe keeps describing him as “poor Pi” shows that he is definitely a fan of the character. Which means we will continue to have Pi crammed down our throats.
      Oh well, that’s what DVR and fast forward was invented for. I think I will be able to tolerate Pi if Alexis ever stops being so bitchy.

      • EL says:

        This so reminds me of the Hannah kerfuffle on Bones but that was way worse. Why can’t Castle and Beckett get their own place together like Booth and Brennan did? Why should Beckett have to adjust to his space?

        • mia says:

          this! I’ve always wanted Castle and Beckett to get a new place for them together. Not her moving into the loft.

          • terri says:

            I agree with you EL & Mia, why Beckett have to move in to his place? why she needs to adjust to his place? they should find a “mutual place” to start their new lives together and make their own history!

    • WayneInNYC says:

      I know several people who like Pi, myself included.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Careful now, the OP apparently polled the entire Internet.

        • Apples says:

          I love how snarky you get in the comments Matt. Even (or especially) when you snark at me.

        • Marie says:

          No, the OP obviously didn’t. But if you look at the other articles/damage control articles that have come out this week, the blog posts etc. I think you can say it’s an easy 90/10% split. And thats a conservative estimate based on what I’ve seen.

          But given that Marlowe has just basically said to the fans that don’t agree with him, tough cookies, I think it’s safe for us to say we as fan-opinion don’t matter within his framework for this storyline. Shrug. I feel like the Hart Hanson Method has been introduced.

          • Just one thing says:

            The Hart Hanson Method. The Shonda Rhimes Method. The Showrunner Method.
            The writers can only appease fans in so many ways. They can’t listen to viewers all the time, and if they tried, the series would be unrecognizable as the thing fans flocked to in the first place, because it would no longer have the showrunner’s distinct voice.
            There’d be no consistency, because the show would be too busy trying to keep all the different fan groups happy. In this case, there’s a pretty even split of those who want focus on Castle/Beckett and those who prefer focus on the COTW. So the show has to find that balance, while also throwing a bone to the Alexis fans, the Ryspo fans, the Lanie fans, etc.
            It isn’t rocket science, but it’s not as easy as people suggest it is to keep vocal folks happy.

          • Marie says:

            @Just one thing.

            But wasn’t the “Marlowe Method” one of the things that set us apart from Hanson/Rimes etc? Isn’t that one of the things, we as fans were so proud of? That we had a show runner who genuinely respected the fanbase? I haven’t felt that for a long time. Which is sad.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sure, I guess. I don’t know much about setting Castle apart from other shows in that way. Rhimes’ shows have their merits, with happy fans and angry fans. Hanson’s show has its merits, with happy fans and angry fans. I don’t really see how Castle is much different in that regard. It ebbs and flows, depending on what’s going on with the respective series.
            Just because Marlowe’s not dedicating 6×12 to Pi’s fiery demise doesn’t mean that he and the other writers don’t respect the fans. I think they still respect the fanbase, even if they don’t always seem to “get” the full gist of the outcries. And yeah, sometimes it feels like they’re just making excuses, or perhaps missing the point entirely.
            But you have to admit that it’s probably difficult for them to get a clear view of fans’ perspective, when so much of the collective argument is mired in hyperbole and histrionics. (And I say that as someone who was pretty hyperbolic and histrionic a few years back. Not my finest hours.)
            Personally, my biggest issue is with how one dimensional the character development has been this season, and how little time has been dedicated to real, “organic” emotion — whether it’s Castle and Beckett’s stoic non-reaction/non-discussion to Castle nearly dying in 6×02, or the complete 180-degree switch from DC back to NYC, with not even a glance backward at what that job represented.
            Esposito was relegated back to second fiddle for Beckett and no one said a word. Beckett got her desk back from Sully the Pigpen, and he disappeared into the ether. Kevin and Jenny are having a baby, and nothing has been said or seen except for a few throwaway lines. Lanie and Esposito are… I don’t even know what they are. Does the show know what they are?
            Alexis has had issues with Castle and Beckett’s relationship for two seasons, but the only way you can gain any insight into that issue is to read an interview online. And Castle and Beckett had some VERY real communication issues at the end of last season that magically resolved themselves — until the show needs Caskett conflict toward the end of Season Six, of course.
            I could go on and on… Obviously, it’s just my long-winded opinion, but there are SO MANY other issues with this show that I wish the writers’ would focus on instead. And these are issues that can actually be fixed and have actual impact on the show, unlike the Castle/Beckett sexual chemistry issue (sorry, that can’t be fixed), or Pi’s two minutes of screen time in a handful of episodes.
            Honestly, when everyone looks back on the show’s 120+ episodes, that kid’s presence and all the Alexis hate is going to amount to barely a blip. Meanwhile, the long-standing characters — the ones people actually WILL remember — could use a bit more work this season. Actually, they could use a LOT more work.

          • Kim says:

            JOT – I completely agree with everything you’ve said. Again. Pi doesn’t bother me. I know I’ve said to you that he needs to go on more than one occasion, but that’s mostly because I don’t understand his purpose. Alexis asserting her independence could’ve been done without introducing Pi. If she came back from Costa Rica wanting to be a hippie and join a commune or something, then ok. I think it’s possible that viewers would have hated the storyline less had they left Pi out of it. But the writers needed that correlation between Alexis/Pi and Castle/Beckett. Since I don’t think his character is necessary to make the majority of points the show is trying to make, I just don’t see the need for him to be there at all. But I don’t hate him. I’m simply apathetic about his existence. You and I have discussed some of the issues you listed on other threads. Character development is an issue. There have been times when the writers haven’t given as much insight or detail as I would’ve liked. The episodes you listed are prime examples. And this harkens back to Pi. Without him taking up a minimal amount of screen time (since I don’t think he’s necessary to the storyline), could there have been more insight or detail given? Maybe. It’s easy to see why the fans aren’t happy about his presence if they aren’t getting scenes that show growth amongst the other characters. Alexis has always seemed to have issues with Kate. And once again, I don’t think Pi needs to be around to help move that story line along. The engagement and Alexis’ new interests in environmental causes should be enough for the character to question where she fits in with Castle now that he’s engaged. Same with Beckett. Alexis moving out and Castle disapproving should be enough for Beckett to question where she fits in. I doubt Alexis knows anything about what happened between Castle and Beckett at the end of last season since it was never mentioned during her disagreements with Castle. And I don’t know what the writers are trying to sell with Castle forgetting to tell his daughter that he got engaged, but I’m not buying it. Which makes it harder to stomach this storyline since the inciting incident is so ludicrous. To me, anyway. I think this whole scenario could be organic, I just don’t think it’s necessarily organic for this show and these characters. And the Lanie/Esposito thing? I’m so confused. They went out on a date for Valentine’s Day last season and that’s all we’ve heard about their “relationship”. I’m with you. I have no idea what’s going on with them. Or why something needs to be going on with them. I was hoping the Lanie-centric episode would be about Lanie, not Lanie and Esposito. Maybe that’s because I don’t care all that much about Esposito. Or because I want to know more about Lanie and why she chose this profession, or what her first few cases on the job were like, etc. And maybe we’ll get that. I don’t know. It just doesn’t sound like we will, though I will be glad to be proven wrong. Honestly, the Castle/Beckett chemistry issue isn’t a big deal to me. I like the more relationshippy moments, the looks and comments, the banter and teasing. I’ll happily take more of those. I don’t need feel like they’re going to jump each other in every scene. I think it’s a loving relationship that’s moving forward and making plans. Could there be a bit more spice at times? Sure. But overall, I’ve been happy with that aspect. But that’s just me. And yes, when all is said and done, Pi won’t even register in conversations about the show. For me. I’m ready to move along and get away from this story line, so we can get on to more entertaining episodes and story lines. Because, as someone who thinks this story arc didn’t need to happen, this whole Alexis/Pi vs. Castle thing has gone on for two many episodes.

          • Just one thing says:

            Kim, I can totally understand why people would consider Pi a distraction and a detraction from other characters. Two characters who’ve been hit the hardest this season are Martha and Gates. Maybe they took a fun 30-day European cruise or something. Who knows? Either way, their screen time is next to nil, and it’s kind of a bummer.
            And I agree, I wasn’t expecting the upcoming episode about Lanie to focus on her and Esposito. SPOILERS: Plus, it’s a big stretch to believe that any disciple of the 3XK is gonna care about Lanie and Espo enough to go after them. If memory serves, 3XK had three main focal points: Rick, Kevin, and Kate. So, the idea that his little minion would carry out his dirty work by threatening Lanie and Espo seems odd. I’m sure they’ll explain it, and maybe it’ll make sense. But, just looking at the synopsis, I can’t help but think that there were other ways to develop a Lanie-centric episode.
            As for Castle and Beckett, for a number of reasons, I’m fine with them NOT going to way of Grey’s, Scandal or The Good Wife. I mean, does it play into the fact that the average Castle viewer is, like, 65? Yeah. But at this point, I really don’t expect that to change.
            I do expect more attention and time for character development on a show that focuses on a writer, though…

          • Kim says:

            JOT – The way I see it, ten seconds of Pi is ten less seconds of another character getting screen time. I enjoy the subtext. But if the creator/executive producer has to explain what a character is thinking or feeling as much as Marlowe has, then clearly there is some disconnect between what the writers are trying to convey and what the audience is seeing. Even with limited screen time, Pi is still using up time that would be better used in sharing character insight. So, like you, I can completely understand why fans are less than enamored with Pi. I would love to know more about Gates. You’re right, she’s been MIA recently. I don’t need to see her in every single episode, but I do want to know more about the character. And I would really love it if they gave Martha something else to do other than tell Castle how to handle the Alexis situation. She’s always been the giver of advice when it comes to Castle, which is what I love about Martha. The insight that the audience gets from her talking to Castle has always been something I’ve enjoyed. But recently she’s been relegated to nothing more than that. I’d like to see her slink into the loft doing the walk of shame, or happy in a new relationship, or planning events for her acting school. Nothing more than what we’ve seen her do in the past. But something more than she’s currently doing. And yeah, the Lanie episode. To be honest, I hadn’t taken into account the actual case flaws that you stated. It’s possible that the “disciple” is really nothing more than a copycat with some grudge against Lanie. I don’t see Tyson taking on a woman as a disciple. Or anyone for that matter. I guess we’ll see what happens. Though, after hearing the spoilers about it, I’m a little less excited about this episode than I was. Not that I won’t tune in, because I absolutely will. I was just hoping for a bit more Lanie without Esposito. All we know about Lanie is through the context of her relationships with everyone else (how she supports/calls out Beckett, mentoring Alexis, dating Esposito, etc.). It’s more than possible we’ll get more about her past and what makes her tick. It’s just that that the spoilers (which should be taken with a grain of salt) suggest otherwise. But like I said, who knows? We’ll see. When I said spicing up, I didn’t mean love scenes. Some innuendo or a heated look are more than enough for me. I enjoy watching the relationship and seeing them in love and planning a future. If I want Scandal-esque sex scene, I’ll watch Scandal (which I do watch). This isn’t the same show as Grey’s or Scandal even if all three are on the same network. And that’s more than ok with me. If Castle does give the audience a steamy scene, ok then. It’s not like I won’t watch. But I also don’t think it’s necessary. I think they’ve handled things well so far. But that’s just me.

        • John 1138 says:

          I think we should take a moment and consider the sage words of J. Rabbit: where she states she wasn’t bad, she was just drawn that way.

          Jessica got it right in one, IMHO.

      • Really? That’s good for you. Can I ask why? I personally don’t see anything appealing about the character but I’d love to understand what you like about him.

        • Shawn says:

          Why do you hate Pim

          All the reasons you listed is evidence that you love to hate him. You’re reacting way too intensely for a character we’ve seen less than 10 minutes. Get over it.

          Marlowe reeled you in and you’re bot supposed to be having happy and fuzzy feelings for the guy who has caused such havoc for Castle and Beckett, but I like him. He is harmless and no more annoying than Castle was to Beckett when he’d invade her space in the beginning. It played for laughs back then and to me it has played for laughs with Pi at the loft until Castle laid the law down a little too late and paid for it. Castle isn’t completely blameless in all of this no matter how much some fans think he is.

          Oh well.

          I am loving the season and think Marlowe does an excellent job with HIS show.

          He ain’t forcing anyone to watch.

          • No, I don’t love to hate him. I have had characters I loved to hate before and I’ve missed each of them when they were gone. There are times when I love to hate Gates (especially at the beginning of her time as Captain), but even when she drove me nuts I still would have missed her if she was suddenly removed from the show. In Pi’s case I suspect that I won’t even remember him by this time next year.

      • 21an12 says:

        Pi is an idiot. Of course, I have not seen the most up to date episodes, but Alexis is a smart woman. Pi seems out of place. It seems to me that someone thought “Hey, Alexis should get even with her father and be devious.” Then, someone took it to a stupid level.

    • Raines says:

      I like Pi. So back off.

      • I’m glad you do. The character should have some fans or else he would be a waste of screentime. Can you explain why? I’d like to understand that.

      • prish says:

        I was taken aback when I found he was expert in bee migration, leading me to think he was a scientist of some sort. He became a whole other interesting character, and I regret they had not included more of this from the beginning. Maybe they didn’t want us to like him too much.

        • Jackie H. says:

          Exactly! He’s not *just* a hippie fruitatarian, he’s an environmentalist and possibly a Environmental science major doing (what castle would probably consider) cool research that is important to know! Castle only doesn’t like Pi because of Alexis being his little girl

        • I agree that that was a cool reveal. I too wish that they had revealed that sooner.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you for presenting a single opinion on a single website that you propose to represent the entire fanbase.
      Marlowe was being diplomatic and rightly so, as there is no reason to simply accept this exaggeration. Some people hate him, and may be the loudest, while some people really don’t care enough to voice an opinion. Some people may like him, but rather than accepting the possibility of other opinions, you have immediately washed an entire group of viewers.
      Every producer must balance story with fans. The presence of Pi seems to result in an increase of viewers in such the show has stabilized in spite of your perceived universal hatred of the character. If the character is bring something to the story, then even with the hatred of the character, you are still watching. The character creates tension, and the case of Pi, offers a lot of development for Castle and Alexis in terms of secondary plot lines.

      • No need to get tetchy. I was merely stating the opinion that I’ve heard from the vast majority of people I’ve spoken to on the subject. (Which was everyone I had talked to or read the posts or reviews of until I was dumb enough to post my dislike on the internet . I should have remember that everyone online takes everything personally.)
        I completely agree with you that Marlowe can’t appease all of the fans. But it seems a bit out of touch for him to assume that fans actually like the character. I keep watching because 1. I love the show too much for me to quit watching because of one plotline I dislike (which by the way to say if you don’t like the character don’t watch the show is kind of silly. Because disliking one character does not equal disliking the show.) and 2. because I am eternal optimist when it comes to this sort of thing and I know that characters can be turned around. I have had characters I hated in the beginning become some of my favorites later on, I live in hope that the same could happen with Pi.

    • Astrid says:

      I also like Pi.

      • Shawn says:

        I also like Pi.

        This fandom lost its sense of humor a few seasons ago.

        I laughed my arse off when he walked in on Castle and Beckett. Robert Duncan’s music cued me in that it was meant to be played for laughs. Just like the beat of the drum as Castle walked into Alexis/Pi’s place was telling us humor was about to ensue and to warn us Castle was about to step in it big time.

        Yeah. I get it.

        Don’t get the whining, bitching, and complaining going on, but then it has been going on ever since the Demming arc and every episode after. It’s time for some to turn the channel and get over themselves. It is so not their show and things won’t play out the way they want. Hell when they do, it’s still not enough and they’re not satisfied, so Marlowe is smart to not pay too close attention to what “the fans” want. He wouldn’t have a successful tv show if he did. Lol!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think Pi was written to be the love of Alexis’s life. I don’t think anyone thinks that. I’m sure the writers see him for what he is–a momentary love interest to Alexis (and annoyance to Castle).

    • Mary says:

      I don´t love Pi, but I sure don´t hate him! I think he lacks manners, but that´s all! He´s harmless, annoying yes, but sometimes I find him funny. So, yes, there are fans that actually like him:)

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s exactly where I stand. The guy is harmless and annoying, but certainly not worth getting supremely agitated or threatening violence.
        Do I look forward to his scenes? Not really. But his effect on Castle cracks me up, so it’s more than worth it. :P
        I can’t take him seriously as a character though, when he’s so clearly been a means to an end — just like every other major guest star who’s popped up this season.

      • Erin says:

        Alexis said he was “brilliant” and yet he’s only been written as a grade one moron. That doesn’t help.

        Rude, disrespectful, self-centred. Always right. They never ever do anything that apprently justifies parental reaction. Maybe Alexis and Pi are made for each other afterall.

        I just wish they’d both go back to the banana plantation for good.

      • John 1138 says:

        In some ways Pi’s the usual overly-idealistic stereotype, so harmless and rather predictable and in that facet of his character: right there with how Alexis has been written in the past so he’s a good fit for that eco-greenie part of her.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      The only people who like Pi, are the people that are like Pi. Those people didn’t understand what i just said.

    • prish says:

      The husband thinks Pi is too disrespectful, too casual, calling Castle Mr. C. The husband considers him snotty. I see a 60’s flower child who was never given a place in the plotting, so, odd.

      • morgan says:

        pi’s just a waste of time. it’s not his fault he has no boundaries. the problem is that there never should’ve been so many episodes dedicated to an alexis story line and that pi was in the loft for way too long. the entire timeline of the show has been thrown off and castle has just been treated really badly in this entire arc, by alexis. but people have a harder time blaming alexis so they put the blame on pi, because he’s new. the problem this season has been alexis, not pi. and it’s not that they’re giving alexis a storyline, it’s that the way they’re writing this story line has been so hard on castle as a character and that alexis is being written to always be right in a situation where really, she’s made some mistakes.

        • prish says:

          You are right about too many episodes in the Pi arc. I see it as too many episodes with no plotting to include him. I kept waiting for him to be part of a mystery.

    • Rusty says:

      I agree. And what’s this crap about real life Marlowe??? It’s a TV show We want certain things in a show or we will not watch it. Adding what Marlowe wants to make it like real life?? This guy needs a reality check

  2. Marine says:

    Can’t wait for the Lanie storyline and new Esplanie moments. It’s the thing I’m the most looking forward to, this season. But i’m scared to see them separated again :(

    • mia says:

      I am really looking forward to that episode. it’s about time Lanie has an episode focused on her! Specially considering that we now almost know more about Pi than Lanie, which imho is a bit ridiculous.

  3. BCFan says:

    I’ve been enjoying the season so far. Having said that, I believe more fans would embrace – probably enjoy more – these other story lines, and plots, that Andrew Marlowe and staff is trying to explore if they didn’t pretty much put Castle and Beckett’s relationship and interactions on hold while doing so. It’s the little things, the casual intimacy, that I feel gets lost in the shuffle, when they temporarily put the focus elsewhere. The show works best when Castle and Beckett are front and center, and the leads are onscreen in the same shot. Keep this element, at least somewhat, in each episode, and you have a win-win.

    Thanks for the interview.

    • R says:

      A little balance goes a long way.

    • ellie says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head….at least for me……no I am not saying it does for everyone but I like what you said.

    • morgan says:

      there’s never a reason to put castle and beckett on hold while dealing with other things. that’s the real problem with the ensemble thing he’s doing. he seems to be incapable of building it into castle and beckett’s story. instead, he stops writing castle and beckett to go off to do someone else’s journey, which isn’t the point of the show.

    • Crystal says:


  4. Gotta agree, I haven’t hated a character as much as Pi since Turtle in Entourage!

    His scenes are cringeworthy & the way Alexis’ character has been spun on her head & is basically a cow, it just doesn’t float.

    I’m starting to wonder if Marlowe isn’t perhaps at least a little up himself.

  5. Lauren says:

    Alexis should move to LA with her mom..she is doing nothing in the show right now.

  6. Kim R says:

    I thought the addition of Pi and Castle’s annoyance at him just brought more funny moments in the show. I really don’t get what the big deal is. It is okay to have other characters besides the main core. And it is more interesting for Alexis to pick someone so unlike who you would think she’d be with. Life happens that way. A lot. And Rick’s response has made me laugh out loud more than once! :D

  7. Apples says:

    I’m always up for a show taking a few risks, trying new things, and inevitably some will be more successful and some less so.
    I for one enjoyed the Alexis-Pi arc, and my feelings towards Pi are pretty neutral. He has some annoying aspects, and some good ones. But I am looking forward to the arc resolving, temporarily at least, so we can move forward from it. Devoting 2-3 episodes in a row to a side relationship or character is definitely not going to be something the fanbase enjoys.
    I’m also glad the case is something more solidly procedural than the mix of “fantastic” and Federal/CIA we’ve had so far this season. They need to rethink the balance a bit more. Less is more with the former types of cases.
    Overall I think the quality of Castle episodes this season has been very good, and I think Like Father Like Daughter will continue that standard.

    • Astrid says:

      I’ve already seen ‘Like father, like daugter’ and I really enjoyed the episode. I hope everyone gives the episode a chance, even the ones who don’t like Alexis.

      • I’m really looking forward to it. Aleixs is one of my favorite characters and had been since the beginning. I just think she has horrible taste in men. (Of course we all kind of do at her age. I know I did.)

    • Rich Abey says:

      Wish people were more like you. Have a sunny disposition & take everything with a pinch of salt. We have to look at the bigger picture. In the longer turn, this whole Pi episode will make the characters more mature and closer to each other than ever. Especially Kate, who is still searching for her niche within the Castle family, will be able to get a better understanding of her position (other than being a girlfriend/future wife).

  8. Jenna says:

    I can count on one hand people who like Pi. And why exactly is Marlowe focusing on supporting characters during sweeps? They didn’t bother to develop them for 5 years so why should we care about Esplanie? Or anyone else outside Castle and Beckett?

    I’m also sick of Marlowe’s subtext, each week new interview to explain what we should see on screen. Also, for those of you who’ll see new ep tonight, look for more subtext in the last scene of the ep, maybe next week, Marlowe will tell us what Alexis and Beckett talked about.

    • Mary says:

      I don´t see what´s the problem with the subtext. After all, Castle has always been about subtext, and quite honestly that´s one of the things that dragged me into it! I like the possibility of filling the holes for myself, and not just have everything thrown at me:)
      But that is me, others don´t think the same way, and I´m ok with it:)

      • Apples says:

        I agree. I often prefer the subtext too. Some of my favourite moments in the show come simply from Castle or Beckett handing each other a cup of coffee (or indeed, when angry, turning one down or in case of Watershed…Beckett throwing the coffee out was one of the most emotionally wrenching scenes in the back half of that episode).

    • Katherine215 says:

      How many fingers do you have on your hand? There’s more than 5 people on this article alone, including myself, who like him…

  9. leigh says:

    Great info matt! Thanks

  10. Richard Castle says:

    Can they just launch alexis and pi into the sun already? MARLOWE CAN U HEAR ME

    • Mark says:

      An actor can only act on the material he or she is given if the script they are given to portray is rubbish and it only ever has them saying three or four lines an episode then the fans are going to get upset as there isn’t any substance to there character. Look at Rachel Nichols in Criminal Minds she had a great story line but the writers gave her nothing to work with and its the same here. If we had some back story on PI why Alexis loves him not just that they met in Costa Rica, and have PI interact more substance the character may develop he might still not be liked but at least then we could have a valid reason, but to hate an actor who only says a maximum of three to four lines an episode is harsh at best.

  11. morgan says:

    marlowe only hears what he wants to hear from fans. when fans disagree with his choices he just decides it’s because they’re being too demanding about castle and beckett. there’s a reason people want to see castle and beckett every week. 4 solid years of a show being about them- the reason most people watch. he’s starting to just come off as though he hates fans because they want the show they love and not this ensemble thing that he’s pushing on us. it doesn’t even look like “castle” anymore. doesn’t feel like it either.

  12. LGC says:

    Matt, appreciate your Castle scoops and the way you try to raise critical audience concerns with the writers in a constructive manner and get some real answers. I hope you can address some of the points below in future interviews! Thanks.

    1) From your earlier piece: ‘When it comes to Caskett’s first coupling, Marlowe believes viewers “got the best of it, and we’ve actually had better moments in the season-and-a-half after it.” Whilst it may be debatable whether viewers got the best of that Always scene (hard to judge in the absence of the availability of the extended version as a deleted scene!), what is less debatable to me as a viewer is that contrary to what AWM believes, we haven’t actually had better moments of heat and passion between Caskett in the season and a half after that scene! Not even anything close. This isn’t just about sex scenes and showing skin and having enough of every kiss being the same kind of short, chaste, darkly lit kiss, it’s about tapping into that sexual tension and chemistry which should still be sizzling now that they are a couple if the writers are doing it right. There have been more moments of togetherness and easy affection lately, but still, where’s the heat and the passion and physical intimacy befitting an engaged couple? Why is AWM so reluctant to show genuine love scenes between consenting adults? Caskett has been very disappointing in this aspect since they got together. Not expecting any HBO scenes, but when you contrast Castle with other network 10 p.m. shows like The Good Wife, the lack of heat and passion is glaring. Now that’s a show which knows how to craft hot and sexy scenes and do adult intimacy right!

    2) Frustration with the Alexis arc stems from a) her generally disrespectful, superior attitude towards her Dad which isn’t the way to be behave no matter your differences, b) the idea that Castle would not let Alexis know first hand about his engagement just seems ludicrous and coming out of nowhere, and it being utilized as a legitimate reason for Alexis’ anger, c) that Alexis is entitled to feel wronged by Castle’s behavior, but not Castle by hers. I don’t see any growing self-awareness and self-reflection in Alexis about her own hurtful behavior and that is disappointing as I considered her to be a refreshingly level-headed, considerate teenager. She decided to graduate college early and follow her then boyfriend across the country all without consulting her Dad, so the idea that she’s angry at Castle for supposedly not informing her about his engagement just doesn’t make sense and smacks of a case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ to me.

    Just to be clear: frustration with the Alexis arc has nothing to do with the focus or lack of, in some episodes, on Caskett, though I do think they need to be a touchstone in every episode. AWM seems to confuse one with the other.

    I hope when this arc is eventually resolved, you can ask AWM why it is that Castle always seem to be the one characterized as being at fault (especially in this parent-child relationship, but also often with Beckett), the one having to ‘grow up’/’let go’? Why is he generally the one getting kicked in the nuts and making the apologies? Are there lessons for Alexis to learn in this arc as well as for Castle? Does he believe he’s got the balance right? I’m not interested in pitching characters I like against each other; what I want to see is a fairness for the characters and genuine growth for all.

    • Marie says:

      This is the best and most well thought out comment I’ve seen.

      It perfectly addresses everything I have a problem with and I thank you sincerely for managing it in a way that not even Marlowe can patronize at.


    • Teri says:

      I do agree with the lack of passion. AM said it was unrealistic to keep Castle and Beckett apart any longer, but it is also unrealistic not to show them being passionate. It has been ridiculous how many times it could have happened and did not. Ask Marlowe to at least show a good kiss. Hasn’t been one since ALWAYS.

      • Marie says:

        Agreed. There was more passion with his ex-wife and the Elle Monroe! Caskett look wooden tbh and I’m not sure if that’s the writing, direction or actors choices. Either way, I don’t wanna see GoT type sex scenes, but I would like to think, ah, yes, they are newly engaged not a 30 year married couple.

        • Mary says:

          There wasn´t any passion with any of those! That was just sex, no feelings attached! Between Castle/Beckett there´s passion, intimacy, love, caring, everything that belongs in a true relationship! For them it was never just sex, hence the difference!

          • Marie says:

            You didn’t see passion in the Meredith scene? Seriously? That’s the hottest scene the show has ever done. (Although maybe it ties for the door scene in Always). To call that “just sex”? Ha.

        • lily says:

          right? I’ve witness a more interesting, passionate and FUN relationship between an serious older couple than c/b.

          “I can’t even toast a piece of bread with the heat they’re putting out.”

        • Mary says:

          To answer your post below: NO, I didn´t see any passion in that scene with Meredith! YES, it was just sex! Otherwise he wouldn´t be so eager to get rid of her!

        • Lin says:

          I can´t believe you compared the scene with Meredith with the scene from Always!:(
          Meredith´s scene was hot, wild? Yes, but that´s all! The scene from Always was hot, but above all it was passionate, loving, touching, tender! Do you really think there´s any compairison betwenn the 2?! Enough said!

    • Loves this comment LGC. Just perfect.

    • morgan says:

      totally agree with this.

    • Erin says:

      Excellent post!

      All the points that are genuinely upsetting the fan right now. Most especially Why is Castle always wrong!? He’s a parent, and yet he’s constantly shown as the little puppy who will do anything to get love. It’s pathetic and honestly, the worst kind of parenting. Yes, honey, you treat me like a piece of you-know-what, show zero respect for me as a human being, let alone your father, but as soon as you want me for anything, I’ll come begging and jump through as many hoops as you like.


      Before anyone gets on my back. I have two children, both in their twenties and despite our arguments and head butts, they never treated either me or their dad the way this little princess brat treats Rick. And if they did, you can bet your bottom dollar neither me or their dad would’e rolled over so pathetically each time.

    • I agree with you on all points. The season it kind of feels like the show is floundering. It’s getting to the point where it’s almost enough to make me believe in the moonlighting curse.

  13. Marie says:

    I can only speak for myself and for the comments I have seen in various places.

    I don’t like to hate pi, I just hate him. He’s badly written and for me, he’s dragging the other characters down. I would say out of every 100 comments I’ve read, at least 90 of those dislike Pi and are having issues with liking Alexis at the moment.

    That said, Marlowe seems to be on full damage control this week, I don’t remember another time when he’s come out so many times in so many places to explain the arc. sadly for him, he merely, again, I speak only for myself, looks like he’s out of touch with the audience, because he likes his characters, he can’t see that his audience from what I have seen, does not share his opinion.

    Also, I can live with the patronization. But again, that’s just me.

    I’ve seen some spoilers for the episode tonight and from what I have seen, I won’t be watching. I have absolutely zero interest. But Marlowe et al don’t care and aren’t going to listen unless the ratings drop and I think we’re all agreed that we don’t want that to happen.

    So buckle up kids, he’s just told us pi is staying and alexis will continue to be a brat.

    • Apples says:

      It is a shame you’ve decided not to watch it based on a few spoilers. Even if you didn’t like the last ep or two, hasn’t the show built up enough “credit” to give it another chance?

      • Marie says:

        To be honest, the spoilers I’ve seen are more akin to ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’. I have been struggling with the Alexis plot all season. Especially how they consistently write her as a petulant brat with no respect for her father and yet everyone acts like she’s correct. The “credit” the show had with me, is what kept me watching after Alexis moved Pi in to the loft without even asking, and then everyone told Castle he was wrong to have an issue about it.

        I want the show to continue to be successful, but between this plot, the spoilers I’ve seen and the attitude of Marlowe and co to fans this year, I think my time is done. At least for a while. I may come back after Christmas and see if I can rekindle my love.

        • Apples says:

          *shrugs* totally up to you of course. I speak as one who enjoyed the Alexis storyline and think she is mostly in the right so I can’t really offer up any counter-arguments. I do note that this episode has Castle and Alexis reconnecting to an extenet, and is better written than what was served up last week, for what that is worth.

          • Marie says:

            I can quite truthfully say that I am glad that there are fans like yourself enjoying and connecting with this arc. If there is enough reconnection in this episodes to get the majority of fans over the hump, so to speak that will be a good thing, especially going into November sweeps. I have always treated TV the same way, it’s just TV and when I fall out of love with it, I move on. Sadly, I feel like I’ve reached that point with the show as a whole right now. However, my love of Stana and Nathan will probably peak my curiosity again at some point. It just won’t be soon.
            Be well and continue to enjoy.

    • lily says:

      The last full episode I’ve seen was 6×04. I just can’t even – I am bored 5 minutes in and don’t really care about what they’ve put out there!

      DC was fun, focusing on the case (not too heavy) BUT also focusing a lot about castle/beckett (because that’s the premise of the show in case anyone has forgotten) but then as soon as we got back to the precinct the cases have gotten soooo heavy, c/b relationship barely existent and this whole alexis/pi/castle thing just made me frustrated because I’m 19 and was raised by a single dad too and her attitudes are just insane. anyway, it’s sad because I was one of those who kept castle alive when it was in danger and seeing my interest dropping is killing me :(

      • Apples says:

        6×05 was a case heavy episode, but it was also VERY Caskett heavy. They basically discussed having a family for the first time, seriously…
        Heh, I understand if your family situation does not jibe with Alexis’s, but many of those experiences are not universal. I certainly had a similar experience to her personally, so it reads more realistically to me. If my single mother had not bothered to announce her engagement to me personally at that age, I would’ve reacted a lot worse than Alexis did…
        That said, this ep has them reconnecting and building bridges so you might want to give it a chance.

  14. Teri says:

    What has PI done that is so bad? Everything he is doing is because he has been allowed to do because of Castle and Alexis. He is not mean spirited and seems fun loving. I have nothing against him and kind of like the Alexis opposite.

    • Erin says:

      Question: Would you go into another person’s home, walk around half naked, enter a couple’s bedroom half naked, without knocking? Take over said home and then force your own eating beliefs upon everyone else?

      It’s about respect and Pi has about as much as Alexis right now.

      • Carla Krae says:

        My boyfriend’s aunt and uncle (with 4 undisciplined kids) do this when they visit his father and his father lets them because he hates conflict. They’ve stayed for weeks on end and trashed the place and he doesn’t say a word. So some real people are WAY worse than Pi and to their own family.

    • John 1138 says:

      To the extent he almost has as much lack of self awareness as Rick. Beckett’s eye roll at “career man-child” while he was grousing about Pi was a wink to us that the writers are doing that deliberately.

      • Marie says:

        Yes. Let’s slap fans in the face with a comparison between a wasting freeloader who’s biggest issue is force feeding everyone fruit. Who has no respect or boundaries in another man’s home and is essentially a waste of space, versus a man who wrote his first best seller in college, has continued to be uber successful. has raised a daughter single-handedly, looked after his mother. Faced death more than once to protect the women he loves. Yes. Let’s compare that, shall we.

        It’s as obscene a comparison as comparing Alexis and Pi with Caskett. Which has also been slapped in the face of the viewer.

        • John 1138 says:

          In the lack of self awareness department the comparison is apt and a longstanding gag about Rick.

          Also rather amusing.

          I don’t see any overall comparison between the relationship Pi and Alexis have with Rick and Kate’s relationship so that’s not something that I umbrage over at all. Though somebody in the Alexis-Pi pairing had some decent decorating skillz. Even for NYC with a ton of used furniture and secondhand nicknack shops doing that on a budget is a challenge. So how the Rick-Kate pair handle their upcoming decorating challenge may be something to compare… rather minor though.

  15. Apples says:

    1) While some fans may always ask for more, some of us are pretty happy with the level of intimacy shown. I can easily extrapolate the bedroom scenes, but what I love are the little, small touches that show the relationship between the two main characters. For example, in ‘Number One Fan’, the morning scene when Castle and Beckett woke up together could have easily led to a hot-and-heavy bout of morning sex. I vastly, vastly preferred insecure and uncertain Beckett confiding in Castle about her worries about her future and her job. The latter was way more interesting in terms of developing the relationship and showing how they function as emotional support for each other. I find them perfectly believable as an adult couple with the appropriate level of physical chemistry. We also got several make-out sessions in the first part of the season btw (Valkyrie, Need To Know, heck Number One Fan had a kiss in the middle of the precinct bullpen…something fans (and Castle) have been clamouring about for years).
    The Alexis thing has been argued ad nauseum at this point. I’m loathe to touch it again before people view Like Father Like Daughter anyway.
    Beckett apologized to Castle in Watershed, Always, Secret Santa and many other episodes. Castle can be a helicopter parent to Alexis as times, but she is shown as being in the wrong often enough too. The Fast and the Furriest springs immediately to mind. Castle is definitely not always the butt monkey, though is the jokester who often pokes fun at himself in a defensive mechanism as a cover for some of his own deep-seated insecurities.

  16. While I adore this season, I am missing the way it was in season 5, in terms of the handling of Caskett and the show in general.

    Can we just go back to it being about Caskett, Alexis going to school, just still dating/living with Pi and dropping in on the loft for a visit, once in a while. You know, how it was last season, just with Pi in the mix. How difficult is that to do Mr. Marlowe?

    I’m neutral when it comes to Pi. I don’t hate him, I just don’t understand his whole persona and that’s what most fans can’t either.

    And I’m so looking forward to that Lanie and Espo episode. Finally getting an episode with lots of Lanie, whom we haven’t had much of this season.

    Hopefully we’ll be done with this all consuming Alexis story arc, by the end of this episode tonight, because it is about time that they got back to the heart of show: Namely Caskett and their relationship. You know, the premises the show is build on, in case you’ve forgotten that Mr. Marlowe.

    • morgan says:

      agree. the show is getting more and more about the ensemble and as that happens my interest just decreases. i miss it being about castle and beckett in a tangible way. i miss earlier seasons now more than ever.

  17. mia says:

    When I read new AWM’s interviews it feels like I’m reading them over and over again. he always says the same things. “it’s fun. we’re having fun with this and that.” “it’s organic to their relationship” “it happens in real life so it’s not out of character” ugh, always the same blah blah. Also him having to clarify scenes/reactions in interviews should be an indication that the writing is not good if that doesn’t come across during the episode.

    • This comment reminds me of a screenwriting professor I had in college who used to tell us that “if either you or your characters have to explain what’s happening then you aren’t doing a good enough job showing it.”

  18. Erin says:

    FWIW Mr Marlowe, damage control articles would go over a lot better if you didn’t condescend to your fans while doing it.

  19. Just my opinion says:

    I wouldn’t say I particularly like Pi, but I like what he does for the show and for Alexis’ relationship with her dad. She stood up to Rick and showed him she wasn’t a kid anymore. That was a really important/good moment for her, and it happened because of Pi.

    • Erin says:

      You say potayto, I say potahto.

      To me she’s been a brat who stamped her feet and threw a fit because she didn’t get her own way. Marlowe and Quinn have both said that Pi is a reaction to the engagement and Alexis not being the be all and end all of daddy’s world any more. So she’s got a new little pet to control. The girl has issues! Serious ones, if she needs to go find a stranger, move in with him, just so she has someone to ‘look after’ now that she’s not daddy’s number one any more. That’s not growing up, that’s pathetic. Doing it the way she did is just petulant and bratty. I can’t STAND what they’ve done to Alexis. I wish they’d write her and her pet as going back to the banana plantation for the next however many years the show runs. I don’t want to see her any more.

      According to Marlowe and Quinn, because I don’t like it, I don’t get it or the complexity of the storytelling. The irony there is to call this arc complex is the biggest insult to complexity I’ve ever seen.

  20. K says:

    I don’t understand why Marlowe thinks it’s a good idea to start November sweeps with an Alexis centric episode. People want to see less of Alexis not more. I don’t really have a problem with PI since my main issue is how Alexis has been written this season so far. The writers are struggling with writing Alexis this season.

  21. Jenni says:

    I’m Canadian so I’ve seen the episode already.

    Without spoiling I will say there is probably enough in it to redeem Alexis just enough for the middle-ground fans. But the fans who have bigger issues with her and Pi, will probably still have issues.

    Personally, I had an issue with two things in particular, which again with as little contextual spoiling as possible, I will just say my three year old would’ve got a timeout and to go “there” with what has always been caskett territory (sexualised) just grossed me out.

    Did I like the episode? It was ok.
    Did I like Alexis by the end? I dunno. I think it’s because I just don’t care enough about her any more, if I’m honest. I want her storyline over asap so we can get back to Rick, Kate, Ryan, Espo and Lanie.
    Do I think Rick is a doormat? Hell yes.
    Do Caskett need more passion? Always. It’s like watching my Nan and Pops.

    • Just one thing says:

      I saw the episode, too. Agree with pretty much everything you said.
      SPOILERS FOR 6×07:
      The car scene was toeing a very, VERY fine line of weird. Even acknowledging it didn’t make matters any better. Just… no. Never again.
      I thought the episode was pretty meh and boring. But I did like how the teaser was different than other teasers over the past few years, with the super eerie music and the transition from past to present. I also liked that we got a major change of scenery in the PA locale. Also nice. I’m sure it helped redeem Alexis for many, as you said. But I’m with you. Not really interested in the character anymore. I don’t think she needs to disappear or die, but I’m ready to move on to other stories.
      I don’t have anything to contribute to the Castle/Beckett Passion discussion. Suffice to say that, unless it’s explicitly scripted, it’s just not there. Which is fine, I guess. It doesn’t completely ruin their chemistry, as long as they stay at a reasonable arm’s length. Oh, well. For those whose enjoyment is based purely on the (superficial) sexual chem, at least they’re still good-looking, right?
      Finally, thank god for that 10-second scene at the very end of the episode, where no dialogue is heard. Now everyone can use their imaginations to guess what was said, and we can rest assured that things are A-OK from here on out. Yay…

      • Jenni says:

        I have to say, I kind of felt cheated by that end scene. It was a cheap and easy way out if I’m being completely honest. But as long is it’s enough to finally move us off this boring and over done Alexis storyline, whatever works. We (I?)need at least a few episodes where we don’t have to see or hear about Alexis.

        That car scene made me truly feel gross. It went past a line for me, as opposed to toeing it. I actually said ‘Ewwwww’ at the TV.

        • Just one thing says:

          Very cheap. Very disappointing. Kate and Alexis have not said ONE WORD directly to each other’s faces onscreen this season, and that lameness at the end of the episode doesn’t count. It just doesn’t.
          But I’m sure someone will tell viewers what they said, if asked in an interview. So that’s nice…
          Alexis and Castle have a bond and think on the same level, so I’m sure that’s how it was justified in the writers room, but yeah… Knowing the history of that little conceit, and how much it was utilized in selling Castle/Beckett’s connection, it just doesn’t fly between father and daughter in any capacity.

      • Apples says:

        I laughed at the car gag which was a very meta joke about how the show writes Castle/Beckett personally. Alexis’s squicked out face got an actual chuckle from me.

        • Jenni says:

          Really? So what has always been a sexualised banter with the two romantic leads being used between a dad and his daughter was a meta joke to you? I guess that’s your entitled opinion. To me is just totally grossed me out. You just don’t go there with an established sexualised pattern with a daughter! EW.

          • Apples says:

            Case-building in general is not sexualised – Ryan and Espo do it with Beckett and Castle too, for example. It is only sexualised in context with Castle and Beckett with their eyesex and heavy breathing and body language and so forth. Out of that context it is simply a funny joke about two people thinking alike, yes.
            Not that you’re not entitled to feeling grossed out (Alexis was too), but yes I did find it funny as a meta joke.

          • Jenni says:

            Andrew, Rob Bowman etc have called case building ‘foreplay’ for Castle and Beckett. Bowman then said that the joint conclusion is like a ‘big wet kiss at the end of it’. [paraphrased from the 3×01 commentary].

            How in the world is that not sexualised?
            When do we see Ryan and Epso do the same thing with Castle and/or Beckett? It was always a Caskett Connection moment. And yes, it was always heavily sexualised.
            For them to even think going there with his daughter was okay is just gross to me, like I said. Really truly gross. Even with Alexis’s squick face, because that made it worse because that acknowledges that it was a mimick of a sexual moment. Just no.
            I’m glad you liked the meta, but for me it was, as a have said, truly gross.

          • Apples says:

            The operative words there are “for Castle and Beckett”. In that scene you mention, they are standing right in each other’s personal space, they lock eyes, they’re breathing heavily…there’s a lot of context TO the case-building that make those moments romantic or sexual that simply didn’t exist in the Castle and Alexis scene. To me just arriving at the same conclusion at the same time isn’t enough by itself.
            Like I said though, it is fine. It was a joke that incited two separate reactions in two separate people. Humour is often subjective like that.

  22. J says:

    I don’t HATE any of the characters, but I definitely don’t need 40 mins of Alexis/other supporting characters on my screen. That doesn’t interest me at all. B/C is the show, when you go away from that, I am just not on board.

  23. John 1138 says:

    “she starts to try to make subtle changes”

    “subtle”: As if there were such a thing for someone as settled into his (finely crafted) home as Rick. Been there, done that, still have the scars. LOL

    • Just one thing says:

      So, what? She should just sell all of her stuff or stick it in storage? :) Not a great start to a relationship if they can’t compromise for cohabitation.

      • John 1138 says:

        “So, what?”

        So just laughing at the naive notion since making such compromises DOES take effort because there is no “subtle” aka “simple” “just one small thing” about blending households especially when one is as thought out as Rick’s appears to be. [LOVE that stairwell photo btw.]

        And I do agree: if they trip over themselves once again in communication (the always “new” ‘why didn’t you talk to me about it FIRST, before doing that?’) the road’s going to stay bumpy. Which may be the point for the writers.

        • Just one thing says:

          “And I do agree: if they trip over themselves once again in communication (the always “new” ‘why didn’t you talk to me about it FIRST, before doing that?’) the road’s going to stay bumpy. Which may be the point for the writers.”
          You may be on to something — even if it is played for humor.

  24. Jeff says:

    It shouldn’t be characterized as liking/hating a character, it should be called what it is – a very weak plot device where one of the main characters acts totally out of character in a lame attempt to show “growth”, or some such nonsense. THAT’S what I’d say the majority of viewers are unhappy about.
    As for Pi itself, Marlowe was clearly channeling Jack Black in “Nacho Libre” when describing what the character looked like, so why not cast him? I think if that was done, there’d be not nearly the amount of fan pushback – :)

  25. Mary says:

    I know this may come very unpopular, but frankly I´m tired of those posts saying they want more “passion”, or whatever, from Castle and Beckett!
    As far as I know, the essence of the show is a writter and a female detective, who becames his muse, solving murders! And that was the reason that made me watch week after week! Yes, I love that they got involved and are together (actually the whole dance until getting there)! But the premise of the show didn´t change, they are still the same writter and detective solving murders, only now they are also engaged! So, I wouldn´t like to see the show I love turning into a soap opera, thanks! For that, there are better options! I´m very happy with what is showed, particulary this season!

    • lily says:

      comparing passion to soap operas?? You do realise that we’ve always seen passion between Castle and Beckett when they weren’t even together, don’t you? Their looks, banter and flirting was PASSION! and when someone says it lacks passion it lacks the banter, the sexy flirting, the teasing and playfulness… i don’t know what you’re thinking about when passion is mentioned…

      • Mary says:

        If by passiion you mean the banter, the sexy flirting and all I agree, but I don´t thik it is lacking at all! But there are people thinking that “passion” means those scenes ages ago of Castle/Merdith and Castle/Ellie Monroe, for Christ sake! And my post is directed to that kind of posts!

  26. Lucas says:

    Matt, I hope you excuse this post as this is something I’ve wanted to get Mr. Marlowe’s view on desperately.

    Molly Quinn: “Having to say those things while looking at Nathan — and knowing how close we are — it really hurts. It hasn’t been fun. As great as it is to grow as an actor and have a different story line, it’s tough to look Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the eye and tell him he hasn’t been a good dad.”

    I just want to ask. How in the holy hell of all living things can any one possibly call Rick a bad father. REALLY? Do they have any idea how many girls (or boys) would kill for a parent like Rick? How utterly insulting that quote is?

    If Mr Marlowe is reading I would LOVE his opinion on that. And for any future reference that one comment is the moment I switched off both Alexis and Molly. (I’m sorry to say it, but it’s the truth.)

    • Apples says:

      he didn’t bother to inform his daughter about his engagement, or talk to her about how that would impact on their relationship or the family overall. That doesn’t seem like great parenting to me. I don’t think the quote is generally about Castle’s parenting, but his particularly egregious fail in this instance.

      • Lucas says:

        I was in foster care from until age 6 until I was 18. Let me tell you, I’d have done anything for a dad like Rick. I still would. And you can bet your butt I would’ve have appreciated him a helluva lot more than Alexis/Molly seems to think he’s entitled to. So, yeah, that little comment from Molly, and by extension the way the writers write him rights and abilities as a parent, is the biggest insult I’ve ever read. She suddenly thinks she has the right to call him a bad father? No, I’m sorry. Just no. Alexis has never considered informing him about anything in her life, but that’s fine? But when Martha (who really is the one we should all be mad at) oversteps and tells Alexis, the admittedly badly written, OOC decision from Rick makes him a bad father? I can’t even with that. I really can’t.

        • Apples says:

          Why does everyone read this particular family situation and compare it directly to their own? I’m sorry you had it rough, but don’t do it. View it in the light of its own history, where Castle and Alexis have always been very close, in fact each others only real family for 20 years. Suddenly he’s making room for someone new his life and at the same time has ceased to communicate, or is communicating very poorly with Alexis. Obviously and rightly she feels a bit miffed and confused about her place in his life (at the same time trying to figure out her own independence).
          He is not a bad father, but this is situationally bad parenting.
          If you don’t like it, then that’s fine. But it isn’t particularly unbelievable. Even the closest of parents and children have rows when the kids achieve adulthood.

          • Lucas says:

            I’m sorry, I thought the whole point was to be able to, love, invest in and identify with characters? I must have missed the memo that we’re not supposed to do that.

            If that’s situationally bad parenting, what about situationally bad “daughtering”, because I see way more of that, way more often. But thats ok, because it’s Alexis? Um. Ok.

            I think the issue I have, and that I’m seeing over and over isn’t that a conflict between dad and daughter isn’t unbelievable, its how it’s been written and how many attempts have been made to make us accept it as Alexis’s right to be a [curse word] and then blame her father for everything.

            For Molly to come out in interviews and use words like “abused” to describe the door scene and then this week to say rick is a “bad father” is insulting on many levels and I think closer watch needs to be kept on Molly in interviews. If I’m being frank.

          • Apples says:

            @Lucas: All I said was to let go of the “in my family…”/”in my case…” standard. Because from all sides, all it leads to is “I wouldn’t do this” or “I wouldn’t get away with this”- which is fine, on a personal level, and if that means disliking her, OK. But to say that a family cannot function that way or is unbelievable just because it doesn’t conform to one particular standard is strange. Because families work in many mysterious ways. I said much harsher things than Alexis did to her dad at the same age, and my relationship with my parents improved afterwards. So to me it is quite believable.
            As for what MQ said…I characterise Castle’s behaviour at the dinner party as bullying and verbally abusive to an extent. All he did was make of fun of them in a mean-spirited manner.
            And no, no one is saying that Alexis is a perfect child or flawless. Certainly not me.

          • tp says:

            ” Even the closest of parents and children have rows when the kids achieve adulthood.” Exactly. If she is an adult and wishes to be treated as such then she needs to understand that as adult, her father doesn’t have to run anything by her first. She expects to be treated like an adult but when she is, she doesn’t like it. Just like a typical 18-23 yr old. She made the decision to follow Ashly to Stanford without consulting her dad. Hell, she moved a man into her father’s home without asking. She’s moving on with her life why shouldn’t he be allowed to? Cause she’s selfish. It’s not bad parenting, she’s done being parented it’s now time to live by what she’s been taught and to give out parental advice. In all honesty, it’s Castle should be mad at his mother. It wasn’t her place to tell Alexis.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Exactly. In no Universe is Richard Castle a bad dad. His womanizing days aside, Rick has always tried his utmost best to keep Alexis sheltered from fame, publicity & women. In fact despite being a single dad, he raised Alexis a lot better than 90% of non-single dads out there. As Martha put it: “I have raised a good man”. Rick certainly has passed on these good virtues to Alexis cause children just don’t grow upto be mature & sensible automatically. They need to be nurtured, and Rick certainly played a huge part in making Alexis the mature wise girl she was until recently. While he adored & cushioned his daughter from the more harsher realities of life, he also made sure that her upbringing was balanced..meaning that she didn’t have everything placed at her feet, which is a factor for her desire to prove herself.
          Even Kate paid dividends to this when she said “It’s actually refreshing to see you as a father” or on a number of other occasions when she admitted how good a father Rick is (which is also an important attribute of Rick that attracted Kate).

          • Lucas says:

            Thank you. That’s where I was coming from with this.
            All of a sudden he’s a bad dad? I want an 8th of whatever they’re smoking in the writers room.

            Clear case of forcing your story on your characters, which is incorrect. The fact that Marlowe and Quinn have done more interviews in a week than in the last six months to explain it shows just how badly this was written.

      • lily says:

        “he didn’t bother to inform his daughter about his engagement” this is something I’m refusing to believe it happened and I’m sorry but I’m seeing that as a ‘we have to come up with something to justify alexis’ actions’ because if this was the catalyst they should’ve showed it, not have the character just say that. besides, castle called martha to tell her and didn’t call alexis? I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. and let me tell you that if that scene had been shown, I wouldn’t be so upset with alexis actions.

    • LL624 says:

      I have seen a lot of fans get upset and take offense to this comment from Molly. My question is where do you see the word “bad” in that quote? Because I’m looking and I don’t see it. She never said he was a bad father. He’s not a bad father, but he hasn’t been a particularly good one lately either. And don’t tell me you’ve never seen or heard something/someone be described as not bad, but not good either. He’s been okay. He’s made some mistakes. He’s hurt his kid. He’s not perfect. Not saying Alexis is without fault or completely right either. They’ve both made some bad choices here. And there are points that both are right about too. That’s what I take from this quote.

      But I will say, in general, Molly gives THE worst interviews. I have to take everything she says with agrain of salt. She should work on that.

      • Lucas says:

        This is a reply to @Apples too.
        I know perfect families don’t exist and I know all families work and function differently. Different people inspire different dynamics. No issues there at all.
        However, dynamics work both ways. He’s been bad? What about her behavior? Or is that different? Alexis is totally right about her attitude and reactions, but Castle who has given her everything is somehow wrong for having an opinion contrary to hers and acting on it? Only Alexis is allowed to have an opinion and act on it? Only she is allowed to hurt people without any form of comeback?

        I think the ‘not a good father’ bit implies heavily “bad” ?
        As for the word abuse being in any way acceptable a descriptor? If you class what he did as verbally abusive, then I’m actually happy for you. Because it means you’ve never dealt with actual real verbal abuse. Or more thankfully actual real abuse. Putting my own experiences as a context maker I feel is valid, when someone is bandying powerful words like that around.
        I know from ‘not good fathers’ and I know from ‘abuse’ to say either one of those is acceptable when describing Rick Castle is an absolutely unforgivable error. Miss Quinn needs a lot more coaching for interviews at the very least.

  27. cindy says:

    watched this episode last night – was almost ready to skip Castle altogether, but I have to say – BEST episode in a very long time! I liked the focus being off Rick & Kate – I’m really sick of the show being more about her, and less about the title character. I hope there are more like this :-)

  28. RUCookie says:

    The Pi character annoys me and makes me chuckly from his social ineptitude… and I recognize that is the way it is supposed to be. This is a boyfriend that Alexis picked up on her quest for freedom and proof that she can handle being away from home… she came home with someone exactly the oposite of who anyone would expect her too… she is acting out. She thinks that this is what she wants, but she is just “finding herself”. Sure, its annoying, but is kinda funny too.

    The part that makes me angry is not Pi… it is the destruction of dad/daughter relationship. They might not always agree, but they have always talked. These sharp conversations really get to me.

  29. Jon says:

    Hey Mr Marlowe. Considering you wrote it for Alexis, I’m sure you have no problem with me ignoring your show for several weeks while I am mad at you/it?


    Yours, A once Loyal Viewer Who Won’t BE Watching For A While.

  30. liz says:

    Maybe if Marlow and Co had given Alexis a less ridiculous boyfriend for Rick to hate, this would have been an effective plotline. If the audience can like the boyfriend, we can see how its just Rick pushing against his daughter growing up. But Pi is a joke.

  31. Rich Abey says:

    Thanks Matt for the awesome article! You have been so great to us Castle fans..plenty of scoops, interviews, previews & reviews. Certainly, you do more promotion & publicity for
    ‘Castle’ than ABC themselves! Thanks again.

  32. Amanda says:

    I’m OK with Pi, I don’t hate the guy. He is annoying, but harmless. I just want to see him without that mustache and in a better haircut, he’s a handsome guy.

  33. Samiam says:

    Ugh, what is going on with my favorite show these days?!

    For me personally, this season has been my least favorite so far. There have been few and far between strong Castle/Beckett scenes. A glaring lack of coffee exchanges. Not to mention, would it be a big issues for their scenes to be better lit? Squinting at the tv isn’t sexy.
    And I don’t really want to rehash the whole Alexis/Pi debate because many others have made my point for me. I am just disappointed by how the writers are making Alexis act so out of character.
    And for the record, Castle is an awesome dad! Sure he’s goofy, and obivously clumsy, hey that’s his charm. But constantly having him be in the wrong with his family, the precinct and at times, his own fiancé’ (shame on you Beckett) is not cool.

    Okay, rant over. I am extreamly excited that Tamala gets her own episode! About damn time! And we’ll hopefully get an explanation about Esplaine.
    Hope there will be more Ryan/Esposito bromance.
    And on a completely random note . . . . Am I the only one missing Gates?

    I keep hoping that this season gets better, though its getting harder to enjoy it. Sigh.

  34. Tom says:

    Earth to Marlowe: Pi is not a character anyone loves to hate. It’s just hate. Get rid of him. Personally, I’m just going to fast forward through any parts that involve Pi because I just don’t give a rat’s posterior about Pi or his place in the show. That whole story line is just a waste of time.

  35. Francine says:

    I don’t really have much else to say anymore. I learned a long time ago that the Castle fandom is one that will never be satisfied. I don’t think it honestly matters what Marlowe says, he’ll get it flamed for it by some people no matter what. Not to mention that if you agree with him, you are just “drinking the Marlowe kool-aid”. Its all so embarassing to read. I still enjoy the show. Yes there are some issues and they routinely blow off things that I think shouldn’t be blown off, but my enjoyment of the show still trumps my issues with it. I have no problem with Alexis. I find Alexis to be written pretty accurately for a girl her age. Is is pretty or fun to watch? Not really but such is life. Caskett has never been overly sexual or bursting with chemistry and that’s not going to change. The little things between the two are what I’ve always loved about them so I’m actually happy with it. I do want to see more Lanie so I’m looking forward to that episode. I don’t know, it is what it is.

  36. Wesley says:

    I’d like to see Beckett and Alexis have a conversation; it seems like they need to sit down and figure some things out. Also, have Alexis and Beckett ever actually had an on screen conversation, just the two of them?

  37. Gerard Jones says:

    I have very little interest in any episode that features characters other than Castle/Beckett. I don’t dislike the other characters(except Alexis, can’t stand her), but I believe a show about Castle/Beckett should feature them, with secondary characters existing around them. When secondary characters become the focus, pushing primary characters to the sidelines, I have no further interest in watching.

    I am going to vote with my remote. Not watching tonight, and certainly won’t be investing myself in MilMar’s new show. I feel sad to think how far “Castle” has fallen, and how much MilMar have squandered the potential of what this show could have been.

  38. Samiam says:

    I think these new road blocks for Castle and Beckett; the job, Pi and whatever else should develope during this season could have been good ideas, I just think that possibly they could have better execution.
    I don’t mind the real life situations but the show can bring back the fun banter, and chemistry from the first three seasons that made me like it in the first place.

  39. ljd213 says:

    No offense to the actor but Pi has run his course. Sounds like he’s back tonight so I’ll be skipping the live broadcast of the episode. That way when the character shows up, I just FF through, not as good for ratings but those are the choices the Exec. Producer seems to want to make.

  40. act_on_love says:

    I like Pi just fine. Teens/early 20s go through a phase where this kind of main squeeze is exactly what they’re looking for. You find these boys at Burning Man, playing hacky sack in the park, at renaissance faire, and in Costa Rica. Of course he’s wrong for Alexis. But why would she choose him? Hormones and novelty.

    He’s gentle and nonthreatening, handsome under facial hair that may not be fashionable in some circles but fits his lifesyle. He’s generous with his expertise (such as it is). He’s probably sensitive, at least to Alexis, and in that case he’s likely decent in bed. Alexis has a strong social conscience, and Pi shares that ethic: he cares about the environment.

    I am actually SHOCKED that Castle would be upset about the bees, because Castle is the kind of person who’d know about colony collapse and its devastating consequences on the world’s food security, and there’s a whole plot line right there – evil chemical companies covering up pesticide-related bee deaths. Oops, sorry, that’s real life :-D

    What I don’t like about him:
    I have no doubt that Pi smokes dope (Hello, he’s from Amsterdam?). Since Alexis’ clock has always been wound up a little tightly, and she had a real trauma being kidnapped, wouldn’t she feel really comfortable with someone so, uh, laid-back? In that case he could be a real detriment to her life, if she lets drugs derail her ambitions (if I understand Alexis… not for long!) I have serious questions about his ‘lost passport’ and suspect he deals pot. A lot of time people who act like “free spirits” carry a lot of baggage, and sometimes that baggage sets the dogs off at the airport.

    I’m guessing that the reason Castle dislikes him so much is that Castle himself has issues with authority figures, and people tend to dislike their mirrors. He’s either oblivious or slightly passive-aggressive toward Castle, which fits if he’s got issues with authority figures. We’ll likely find that he has an interesting past, or one so dull he felt impelled to escape it.

    I remember when Gates came on board and people acted like she was the Antichrist. She’s gained quite a bit of love & respect. I don’t think Pi is a permanent part of the cast, in which case, the fun question becomes: does he make it out alive, and if not…
    let the fan fiction wars begin. ;-)

  41. lame says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, fans are bitching about a character they see and expect change? Come on, the shooting schedule for episodes is three to four weeks in advance of what you watch on the tube. You’re reacting to something that was written and shot weeks ago and the story has long since moved on. AWM & Co will make subtile adjustments to the arch, but that story has been written.

    • LL624 says:

      Yeah, we all know that. The hope is to prevent future, still unwritten, episodes from featuring this aspect that we dislike.

  42. LL624 says:

    “I know there are a lot of people who, every week, want us to focus on the Castle/Beckett relationship”
    No, you don’t have to “focus” on their relationship every week (though it would be nice), but at least let them act like they are in a relationship every week. They don’t have to bring up the wedding in every episode. They don’t have to kiss (though, again, it would be nice) and say I love you in every episode. But can there be some hand contact at least? Can they leave together from the precinct? Where’s their freakin’ coffee?! The little things are great! If the focus of the episode is not on them at least give us those small moments. And yes, we want them every week! They (not the ensemble) are the premise of the show! I will watch an entire episode that I’m not even remotely interested in, meaning all the ones that are focused on secondary characters (except I am actually looking forward to this Lanie one), just to find a few of those small, cute moments.

    “Out in the Twitter universe, I think there are a bunch of people who are fine with Pi, and a bunch who are frustrated with him.” “We’ve all had TV shows with the character we love to hate, and here it’s poor Pi who gets the blowback.”
    Ok, 1) “Poor Pi”? Please.
    2) This bunch of people who like Pi and the bunch of people who don’t are not equal bunches as this statement would suggest. There are a BUNCH of people, meaning the majority of the audience, who hate Pi. NOT love to hate him, just hate him. Then there’s a small group of people who like/tolerate/are fine with him. This isn’t really a “you have to please both sides” thing when the other side is barely there. Sorry to the Pi fans, but really, you know there aren’t a whole lot of you.

    And on this whole deleted Always scene, why is it that we have to watch Esplanie naked in bed, Castle and Ellie Monroe in bed, and Castle and the deep fried twinkie rolling around together, but we’re not allowed to see the main couple of the show like that? How does that make any sense? That should be a given as payoff for waiting 4 seasons for them to finally get together. The ending scene of Murder He Wrote was great lead up, but can we get a little post glow? Maybe a cuddle where Castle’s arms are actually around Kate’s waist, not just his hand holding her arm? That’s all I’m saying.
    :end rant:

  43. Pi is fun (better than Ashley, for sure!) and the storyline this season has probably been the best Rick/Alexis story they’ve done.

    CASTLE doesn’t have a “Pi problem,” it has an obnoxious and entitled fanbase problem,

    • Shawn says:

      To those unhappy and feeling entitled and wrong and speaking for 10 to 15 million viewers of the show: SHUT THE HELL UP AND TURN THE CHANNEL!

      Marlowe can do no right with some of you. It’s a great thing he is the show runner and not some of you. He wouldn’t have millions of viewers based on what some of you want or think works best for the show.

      There are more than shippers that watch and guess what? Not all of the viewers are online.

      I hate this fandom’s attitude so much that I admit I have no respect for those that bitch, whine, and complain and speak for the entire fandom.

      I love the Pi character. He is no worse than the other characters that are dragged through the mud for even breathing on the show that is not Castle or Beckett.

      If Marlowe listened to you, the show would’ve been canceled back in S2 when Demming came along. Then there’s the complaining and bitching in every single season from the same people who can’t get a clue that this show will never be Scandal or Grey’s or True Blood and that it just may not be their cup of tea.

      If you’re sooooo unhappy and the show is soooooo terrible and you waste your life bitching everyday about a tv show….. then just turn the damn channel and watch something else that is perfect and the showrunner writes it the way YOU want.

      Do you not hear how rude and entitled and presumptuous you sound? Get over yourselves and jump off that pedastal you put yourself on and stop talking for me and others.

      I wish Marlowe would say to some of you what Hart Hanson told a fan… “blow him!”

      I think Marlowe is way too nice for his fandom. The Castle fandom is one of the worse i’ve ever been a part of and honestly some of the fans don’t know how tv works.

      Marlowe didn’t get 6 seasons from listening to what shippers wants. And every season total viewers increase, so for all of you stating what the majority don’t like. You don’t know sh!t!

      Ugh. This fandom.

      Loving S6 and Pi/Alexis and DC arc and Caskett and their lack of passion. Now what, beeches?

      • Rick says:

        Did Marlow just assign his show writers to responding to fans? Because some of these attacks on people who don’t like PI and Alexis wasting screen time sound like it.

  44. Morgan says:

    Everybody shush and think positively, what do you love about the show?? If you can’t think positively then think neutrally, try to separate yourself for a moment, see the bigger picture. When you look back in 20 years you’ll want to remember your favourite show fondly, not with hate.

    This is Marlowe’s interpretation of life through the TV Show medium. Each of our interpretations are different and we all want varying things but we have to accept that this show is simply not ours, we are on the outside looking in on a life we wish we could be a part of. Isn’t this why we escape to stories like this in the first place?

    This is a story, a story that is supremely written with characters we adore and character we wish weren’t around. But ultimately this is life, whether we like it or not. In life there are people we surround ourselves with and we love them, but there are people in our lives that we wish we could be separate from, or could understand and come to peace with. Isn’t this what our characters are going through right now? Do we want to see Castle create a hole in his life by hurting his daughter and not understanding Pi? Or do we want to see Castle sort out his issues and find peace with the choices Alexis has made and ultimately find a place in his life for Pi?

  45. John 1138 says:

    A big part of the problem may be the show lost control of Pi by NOT providing his backstory to any extent at all: so the viewers are left with this blank slate on which to scrawl whatever rants they feel like.

    And that’s not the smartest choice from all evidence…..

    Oh sure THEY know inside the writer’s room where he came from and where he’s going, but those voices inside their head’s don’t carry that far. Time’s moving people, fill in the blanks a bit.

  46. Emily says:

    I started this season pretty much not really caring about Pi. He was useless, but whatever, I could ignore him and fast forward if needed. But as the episodes went on, I started to see that I was loathing him. When I asked myself why, I figured it was because of what that one character was doing to the others. The ones I very much care about. His introduction changed Alexis from smart girl with a beautiful soul, who loved her father. Into this monster brat who didn’t really seem to care about anyone as long as she got her own way. Martha changed from giving good advice to an overstrung father, into an idiot who basically told her son he was wrong and never ever disagree or challenge Alexis because she’s the one with all the power and he had to respect that. It changed Castle himself from a, well, no, he’s always been a “doormat” (I like that newly discovered word, thanks thread!) where the women in his life are concerned, but now it’s just pathetic. He has no self respect. While he was rude at dinner, I think he had call to be, considering how rude Alexis had been to him. Why should he respect her home and boyfriend when Alexis didn’t respect his home and his fiancee? It has also made Kate seem so unsupportive of her fiance that its painful to watch. Even Kate Beckett is on the Alexis Can Do No Wrong and Never Disagree With Her Train.

    So to me, Pi, while originally harmless, has turned into a domino for some truly awful character “development” which has damaged the rest of the characters that we love. That’s not so much on Pi, or even Alexis, but it’s totally on the writing staff. I just hope that this is nipped in the bud as soon as possible and the rest of the season doesn’t suffer, or make us suffer through more of this insanely bad story-telling.

    I’ve watched tonight’s episode. While I agree with a poster up-thread, it will help some people with Alexis. It’s also a question of whether the broader audience will put up with more of Bratty Alexis for the first half hour, until some of the character we used to love comes back through. I worry and given how much damage control AWM, MQ and ABC are doing, I think they are doing some worrying too.

    • Rick says:

      Good comment. The show did nothing to convince me that Alexis is not a spoiled brat. She thinks so little of Castle that after asking everyone for help it takes Ryan to point her towards Castle. She then assumed that he will drop every thing to run and help her while still refusing to change her actions toward Castle. With her attitude I pity PI or any other lover in her life. The B word does come to mind and it is doubtful that any one else will every treat her the way she thinks she deserves.

  47. jj says:

    Pi is NOT a nice guy. He is a selfish a**. There is not an ounce of redeeming good quality in Pi to speak of. Send him back to where he comes from, the jungle.

  48. Shawn says:

    Pi has been onscreen less than 10 minutes and the overreaction from some of you is HILARIOUS!

    What is wrong with you people? It’s a tv show. Turn the channel. It is not mine or your show. We aren’t being forced to watch.

    What an embarrassment. I really think this fandom is full of people who think they’re perfect and NOTHING that looks like conflict is allowed. Go watch Disney or Nickolodeon. Lol! Even those shows have conflict on some sort. Maybe Sesame Street will be a better show to watch, but even Big Bird has bad days. Lol!

    You people are a trip.

    I love Marlowe and his writing style. If you’re still bitching about subtext in S6, then how stupid are you to still be watching? We have had subtext since The Pilot. Lol! And we will have it until the show ends. It’s part of Marlowe’s narrative and isn’t going to change anytime soon.

    Turn the channel. I beg of some of you.

    It is so unfair that I can NEVER discuss Castle without fighting. It gets old. I’d love to have a mature discussion about the show, but sadly the tone of most forum if that of a 5 year old having a temper tantrum because their fav toy got taken away.

    What a waste of a great show to have this fandom behind it. You’d think this show was something off of Cartoon Network.

  49. ChuckMeForever says:

    I hate Pi unless it ends with an “e” so until 3.1416 is rounded off the small screen I shall FF as needed….

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