New Spoiler Alert! Dissects Game-Changing Curveballs on Scandal, Walking Dead and Good Wife – Plus: Retta to NBC: Move Parks and Rec!

blog_spoiler_11.1.13Recurring Spoiler Alert! guest star Retta returns to the red sofas this week, and her timing couldn’t be better.

Three of our mutual obsessions — Scandal, The Walking Dead and The Good Wife — are coming off arguably their biggest episodes of the season, so there is much to discuss (Could Liv’s mom be alive? Is “killer” Carol covering for someone? Is Wife building toward the merger of the century?).

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Also in this week’s jam-packed episode: Our bold predictions regarding the fate of The X Factor, a new Big Bad on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the future of NBC’s struggling Thursday-night comedy tradition.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kreshb says:

    Why do they always keep talking about Scandal and Twd? I know they have a lot of views but there are tons of other great tv shows on the air ENTV…

  2. Denise says:

    Personally, being former military, I don’t think Fitz every questioned his orders about shooting down that plane; that’s what he did, follow orders. Regardless of who/whom was on it. If he even knew. We never know in Shondaland what the motivation is behind a story we should just enjoy the ride. (Speculation aside: Maybe her mom was a spy or someone else on the plane, and she was collateral damage. Or maybe it’s just another contrived reason to try to keep Liv/Fitz apart.) Anyone else love the scene between Liv and Mellie in last weeks episode… how much strength it took Mellie to admit that it’s Liv Fitz wants/needs and not her…

  3. Tom Charles says:

    What night COULD they move it to? Monday maybe? Wednesday perhaps, but Tuesday’s kinda not good either.

  4. Court says:

    I LOVE when you have Retta and Yvette Nicole Brown on Spoiler Alert. They always have funny, interesting opinions.

    • Ron says:

      ^ THIS! I have been saying for awhile now, including on TVLine message boards and other message boards, that Retta and Yvette need to have like a 30 minute show together where they talk about TV. Like a half hour chat show solely dedicated to TV, similar to The Soup, but without the sarcastic twinge to what they discuss. I would seriously tune in EVERY. FREAKING. WEEK! for something like that because those two clearly love TV, and have interesting and humorous takes on many different shows.

      • Angela says:

        That’s a great idea. I too would watch that every week, whether I watch the shows they discuss or not. I love Yvette, she always comes off like such a sweetheart and it’s fun to hear from people who are just as obsessed with TV as us regular ol’ viewers are :D.

  5. SHIELD could use a big bad. It’s called Hydra. It should be led by Baron Von Strucker. The problem with some of these comic book concepts is that they are so tired, from the 60’s and 70’s (and even before then). In comics they can get away with continually dragging them into the present without changing them much, except for maybe aesthetically, but when it comes to adapting them to other media, they NEED to evolve (i.e. the Mandarin in Iron Man 3). And even then, the change can be met with rejection, as was the case with the Mandarin.

    Either way, yes, SHIELD does need a big bad, and, yes, it should be Hydra AND Baron Von Strucker. The key is in modernizing him and the organization so it comes off right.

  6. Dr. Enie says:

    Reference: Castle show. Why are people hung up and want a Caskett baby. Not all couples have to have babies! The show does not have to be like Bones and Booth. Kate does not have to have a baby and the show does not need that segment. Give me a break! Imam an extreme fan of the Castle show and am 80 plus and love the romantic angle without the babies. Castle is Beckett’s baby? So Marlowe and team keep it loving and sweet even in a crime drama show! Dr. enie

  7. Tav says:

    Cary and Alicia are SO NOT the new Will and Diane. Maybe the low-rent dollar store version but definitely not the real deal. And does Alicia even like/respect Cary? She would cut him loose the second it benefited her (see last year when they were supposedly sticking together to get the entire fourth year group promoted–and we know how that turned out).
    Diane has always had Will’s back, stood up for him when he was on suspension, wouldn’t remove his name from the firm etc. Recently she was worn down by Eli/the political machine into making regrettable remarks, but she approached Will afterwards and came clean. And then, even when she was ostensibly leaving the firm, she had the integrity and loyalty to tell Will what Alicia and Cary were planning. She didn’t have to do that, but they are a legit partnership and watch out for each other. Alicia and Cary don’t have a fraction of that devotion between them.
    People can regurgitate a slick soundbite about Alicia/Cary being the new Will/Diane, but it rings hollow and is frankly an embarrassing if not offensive comparison.

    • James Butler says:

      It took Diane and Will a period of time before they get to be the firm they built and it will take Alicia and Cary to do the same so comparing them now to L/G is a bit premature but they have the same ability and maybe a lot more help (“The Governor’s Office) to succeed and perhaps surpass what Diane & Will accomplished. Florrick & Argos will be okay if Alicia finds her self respect again and forget her adultery behavior.

    • LL says:

      Stop being so moralistic and uptight, relax, and enjoy the characters being human. Cripes.

      • James Butler says:

        I enjoy the characters and the show but I don’t appreciate the depiction of a wife as “GOOD” when she is committing adultery and neglecting her family and responsibilities as a wife and mother. What’s wrong with having morals and believing there are forgiveness and redemption when recognizing wrong during. If cheating is your thing. more power too you….

        • Kathleen Moehn says:

          James, The Good Wife is a political term they use;when the wife stands behind het cheating political husband! Think Mellie, Alicia, Hilary Clinton, and Anthony Weiner’s wife; it doesn’t always refer to morals !

    • Bad Wolf says:

      Of course, And Diane wouldn’t have betrayed Will in season 2 when she planned to leave, asking Eli to follow her. Apparently, we’re not watching the same show.
      Why should Alicia and Cary become the new Will and Diane ? They are Alicia and Cary, that’s all.
      Frankly, the Kings took great care to write multi-dimensional characters, so what I find really offensive is reducing these characters to one of their dimensions : Peter the cheater, Kalinda the money grabber, Will the corrupt lawyer… The main strength of last week’s masterpiece what that everybody was right and everybody was to blame at the same time. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand the show.
      It all started with episode 4×14 ‘Red Team/Blue Team’ (I rewatched it today). To avoid sharing their benefits with Alicia, Cary and the other 3 fourth years, David Lee and almost all the other associates voted for delaying their partnership : sharing the debts was okay but sharing the benefits ? Are you crazy ? And who created the strategy to divide them to shut them up ? Will ! And who accepted this strategy ? Diane ! On this point, you maybe right : I hope Alicia and Cary won’t be the new Will and Diane.

      • Lucy says:

        Ditto. I think some fans tend to idolize Diane and Will to much. They are good partners but they have also a lot of issues. The same goes with Cary and Alicia and they have still to test their partneship. I hope that It’s just the beginning. And I hope writers won’t just come back to the status quo. I think that they need to stick with the new format and stop to show just how stupid the other 4th ys associates are if we have to invest in that storyline.

      • Tav says:

        “Why should Alicia and Cary become the new Will and Diane ?

        My point exactly (which I address because it was mentioned in the video to begin with, if you watched…); they aren’t and can’t be them, so why bother with the comparison. However, the Kings have made a point of dropping that line/analogy several times in conversation on the show, as if they think repeating it enough will somehow make it true. So indeed, “They are Alicia and Cary, that’s all.”

    • MA says:

      I think the only reason Diane told Will about what was going on was because she was hedging her bet..She is worried that the new job won’t go through and this way she will edge her way back into the firm by saying that if it wasn’t for her nobody would of known what was going on and she demands to be brought back in. Purely a selfish motive on her part.

      • Tav says:

        Funny thing though, “hedging her bet” as you call it, is what actually cost her the judgeship. Up to that point everything was copacetic with Peter and his camp, but in standing with Will/the firm in voting out Alicia she jeopardized her own future. Had she made a clean break and never looked back Peter wouldn’t have had reason to reconsider her appointment. But yes, Diane was being selfish.

  8. asd123 says:

    If what you said happens, with FAA taking over L/G I’m done with the show. No way in hell I can even remotely believe that Alicia and Cary with that bunch of incompetents can permanently win over Will, Diane and David Lee. NO. NO and NO.

  9. Babybop says:

    I’m with Retta on this one. Move them to another night!!

  10. Tran 2.0 says:

    I watched Good Wife On Demand after it aired last night and it was the best…episode…ever. Josh Charles’ character is all business when he’s becoming more arrogant than he used to be. NBC’s Thursday night comedy block may very well be the end after all the struggles they been through year after year and getting crushed by ABC and CBS. Really want X Factor to end and Fox better make it happen after the season is over and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD better rebound after it got beat by NCIS in the 8 p.m. Tuesday night time slot in like two or three weeks prior and they better bring in some help from The Avengers.

  11. Rosie says:


  12. cjeffery7 says:

    touché Retta, touché.

  13. What is going on with CSI? working up to Ted Danson leaving?

  14. Please someone help me am I the only one who does not “get” Hostages. It is the most illogical, unbelievable show since the one on ABC a while back about singing and dancing cops and crooks.Is it just me?

    • jola says:

      hostages……I must agree……it is totally unbelievable….but, do we want reality or escapism or a touch of both? i have hung in there because my daughter has urged me to ‘give it a go’ seems to be improving, but i have a feeling it won’t go beyond a first season.. The characters seem weak..a surgeon, a secret service guy…supposedly above average intelligence, yet I don’t feel any empathy towards any of the characters. The cheating husband..(who cares,,,well in this series it’s no big deal) the pregnant daughter (oh well, just take your vitamins) the drug pedalling son( that’s ok, another day, another issue)…….NO chemistry between husband and wife..will give it one more chance with the next episode then ‘ hasta la vista’..

      • James Butler says:

        Hostages storyline is truly not believable. All the hostages go abut business as usual and Duncan has deceived all his fellow agents to he extent that the show can’t really have any semblance to reality. Tis seems to be a one season show.

      • Apples says:

        Ratings are awful, Hostages will definitely not be renewed.

  15. JoyAnne says:

    Coming to this site I saw that list of the HOT SHOWS. Why isn’t The Mentalist on It. One of the best shows on TV. I went through that list and there are 24 shows I never watch.. Different viewers have different tastes. :-)

  16. Mark says:

    TGW is the bomb. You know you are watching a good show when the writers don’t pander to the fans (Will&Alicia). I hate Peter, but he is such an interesting character. I hope the triangle won’t ruin the show. Also, more Kalinda Please!

  17. Tess says:

    Aus, you referenced “X Factor”‘s clip show ratings as a reason it isn’t doing well but that show wasn’t even a planned episode – it merely was aired to fill time that was already blocked out for a possible game 7 of the World Series. Most people would not have even known about it unless they happened upon it while flipping through channels or because they already had their dvr programmed to record new episodes of the show. It hardly seems fair to judge it on a clip show that was meant to be schedule filler anyway. Not saying the show is doing well, but still, this past week it was jockeyed on the schedule and that was after 2 weeks of being off air, what show would do well under those circumstances?

    You obviously also don’t read the rumor mill since there are rumblings that the show will come back, but Simon won’t (due to budget cuts to the US version) since he’s costing them too much, which will free him up to return to the UK version next year since he’ll have seats to fill over there with anywhere from 2 to all 4 current judges leaving the show. They claim the show still does well enough for FOX for the Fall season to warrant keeping it, so long as they can lose Simon’s hefty salary and replace him with someone who would command a lesser paycheck (I’d venture a guess that if the show does return they will also look to at least replace Paulina as well, since she clearly isn’t gelling with viewers).

  18. Tran 2.0 says:

    I predict that NBC should move its comedy line-up to Wednesdays next TV season and hopefully have stiff competition with ABC’s comedy line-up.

  19. Ryan says:

    Is TGW going to compare the Peter/Alicia betrayal to the Alicia/Will betrayal? Alicia seems to be closer to an antagonist in recent episodes…

  20. Karen says:

    Now I’m paranoid-nervous that Daryl is gonna get killed off. Better not, Walking Dead!!!