Revenge Recap: Back to the Future

NICK WECHSLER, GABRIEL MANNMy fellow Revenge-ineers are well aware that (too?) often it’s people from Emily’s yesteryears who complicate the scheme queen’s plotting. So perhaps you’ll find it as welcome a change of pace as I do that, in this week’s episode, it isn’t someone from her history who appears poised to muck up her get-even-detta, it’s someone from Daniel’s. At any rate, a blast from her fiancee’s past is but one of the erstwhile Amanda’s problems in “Dissolution.”

TOUGH LOVE | The hour opens with Emily spying Patrick leaving Nolan’s (trashed) home. For a second, it appears that Cap’n Neckerchief is dead in the tub. (He isn’t, though. He’s just enjoying some post-nookie hydrotherapy. Speaking of nookie, did the guys have to break everything in sight during their hook-up? Haven’t seen that kind of demolition since Spike and Buffy got it on. But I digress… ) Emily immediately dims Nolan’s afterglow by telling him that he needs to dump Patrick, like, now. When he reluctantly tries to do exactly that, Patrick reminds him that they decided they weren’t going to get caught up in Emily and Victoria’s drama. “I want to be with you,” he declares. “Why do they get a vote?” So, for the moment, the fellas are still on. But the moment lasts approximately… a moment. In no time, a frustrated Nolan is blabbing to Jack that Emily is Amanda – shocking him not with that news but with the fact that he knew all along. “I thought we were bros,” Jack more or less says. But the pals’ tiff lasts about the length of a commercial break, then Jack is making Nolan see that Patrick – who we know has no qualms about attempting murder – could go after Charlotte to keep his homicidal secret. Finally, Nolan agrees to let Jack remove Patrick from the equation… which he does by informing Conrad of his would-be killer’s true identity. (More on that later… )

HOME SICK | After Emily announces at a Grayson breakfast that she and Daniel have decided on a cruise to Nantucket with the immediate family for their honeymoon – because what’s sexier than going sailing with your in-laws? – Conrad announces that he’s sold Grayson Manor. Victoria seethes for a spell but then, thinking cap on, puts the gallery in Patrick’s name so that, when she leaves her husband, he can’t claim any ownership of the joint. It’s all a moot point, though, because Emily wants them to stay together in that house until she can properly ruin them. (Couldn’t she ruin them pretty much anyplace? What am I missing?) So she has Aiden knock a hole in the wall of her own house and doctors some records in order to convince Conrad’s Realtor that he hasn’t disclosed the shoreline erosion that, once discovered by her buyer, would make her guilty of fraud. In other words, deal off. (Emily also shtups Aiden, which, it becomes more obvious every time he talks about their future, is less about blossoming romance for her than it is about maintaining control.) Finally, Victoria tells Conrad that she’s divorcing him. “With a worthless estate,” she notes, “there’s nothing to fight for.” Of course, that’s exactly when – per Emily’s plan – Aiden reveals a warehouse full of gold that Conrad’s supposedly been hoarding – the Graysons’ “missing” fortune. Natch, now Victoria will stay and fight for what’s rightfully hers. Or will she? Conrad has Patrick in his crosshairs, and everybody knows that he’s her favorite child. To protect him, she spirits him away before Conrad’s goons can get to him. “But I don’t wanna,” he more or less says. “Obey your mother,” she tearfully replies. So off he does.

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY | When Daniel pops into a bakery to pick up Charlotte’s cake for the unveiling of the remodeled Stowaway, he’s shocked to come face to face with Sarah, the girlfriend whose spine was crushed in his college DUI. Time may have mended her back, but it clearly hasn’t healed all her wounds – she hates Daniel with a fiery passion. Turns out, Conrad and Victoria screwed her on the post-accident settlement. So, while Daniel thought Sarah was set for life, she was actually working 60 hours a week to keep up with her doctor bills. Yikes. Somehow, underneath all the yelling, Charlotte senses a lingering spark between the exes. So, employing the kind of logic only a Grayson would (or maybe Emily), she secretly gets Sarah fired, then hires her at the Stowaway. (Funny, I never imagined cupcakes being a big sell next to clam chowder and beer.) What’s more, it appears that Charlotte is right – there ARE still sparks. Even after Daniel ruined her life, Sarah confesses, when she first turned around and saw him, “my heart still skipped a beat.” Elsewhere, Emily interrupts Nolan and Jack’s boys night to tell them goodbye. After the wedding, she says, “I’ll be gone for good.” But first, she wants to loop them in on the game plan for “the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.” Dun-dun-DUN.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? I know you’ll be bummed that Nolan and Patrick have been split up. Any new theories as to who shoots Emily? Given how she’s (apparently) playing Aiden, my money is now squarely on him as the gunman. What do you think of this Sarah chick? Seems like it would make more sense for her to click with Jack, leaving Daniel to Margaux. Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    So tired of Charlotte.

    • Alichat says:

      Soooo agree with this. They are morphing her into Victoria, and I find that boring.

      • Jim says:

        Agreed! Charlotte is so annoying and bi-polar! Honestly, she should’ve been in Grayson Global when the bomb went off.

    • Rook says:

      Please Charlotte this season is so much better. She is trying to break up Daniel and Emily, nobody wants them to be together. We should be praising her.

    • Dani says:

      Absolutely agree. I don’t get all this hate for Emily all of the sudden. The previous two seasons, Emily tried to be there for Charlotte the best way possible. And now she saw some shady behavior in Emily that leads her to destroy her relationship with Daniel!?
      Shouldn’t her main focus be Conrad, who still gets to be a father to Daniel, but caused the death of Declan!? It appears that on the other hand doesn’t even matter that much.

      Don’t need the Sarah chick. I rather had hold on to Patrick. I’m already sad that they wrote him out that way.

      I liked that last Nolan/Jack/Emily scene. They work as friends very well.

      • You are so right, I’m also disappointed with Charlotte’s behavor, trying to destroy her brother and Ems relationship just for a few little fights doesnt seems right to me. I don’t mind Sarah, but if she seduces Daniel, and he falls for that after an honest talk with Ems I will be dissappointed on him.
        I’m happy that Jack/Nolan/Ems are together and close in the end as well.

        • Natalie says:

          Agreed. I’m confused about why Charlotte hates Emily so much now. I also think it’s lame that Daniel will just fall for Sarah again.. boring. More cheating and faux couple trouble..

          • SouthernBelle says:

            I am so glad I’m not the only one who has been so confused by Charlotte’s hatred toward Emily that is, as far as I can remember, coming from absolutely nowhere. If someone can shed some light on that I’d be grateful because I don’t get it.

          • Nosey says:

            She was upset b/c she told Emily about Patrick, then Fauxmily mentioned Patrick to Victoria. She confronted Emily and said she doesn’t trust her. Fauxmily added fuel to fire when she made a negative comment to Charlotte about Jack an Margaux together, of which was Charlotte’s idea. I think her losing Declan and the baby is causing her mood swings. I actually like Charlotte’s anger toward her, Charlotte always looked up to her, and now she is beginning to see through her.

      • So sad to see Patrick go!!!! :(

  2. aa says:

    At the beginning of the season, I was sure Emily was faking her death.But now that she’s basically revealed that as her plan, she has to be legitimately getting shot. By Charlotte or Aiden, though?

    • JLB says:

      I totally agree with aa the fact that she revealed that her plan is faking her death means that she WILL actually get shot which gives me hope for this season because all this anticipation of “Who shot Emily Thorne?” just to have it be planned would have been the WORST. I very much doubt that they would kill off the lead, especially half way through the season, so there’s not much suspense there. We knew that all would not go as planned, but what goes wrong will be the interesting part. Hopefully it will be a huge reveal that we couldn’t have seen coming until all the information was given. Also seeing as the plan is to frame Victoria for the Murder means Victoria can be taken off the suspect list. IDK that’s just how I see it, maybe I am just over thinking.

      • Nosey says:

        I have reason to believe her plan will backfire or change by that time. But if her plan doesn’t change, you are correct, what is the point of asking “Who shot Emily Thorne”.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      I’m guessing Aiden, maybe, as perhaps she rethinks her disappearing forever with Aiden (I mean, why leave Jack and Nolan and your sister???) and thus he goes nuts with anger and shoots her. Perhaps? Just a theory.

    • IMar says:

      I have the feeling is Charlotte who shots Ems. Someone is going to tell her that fake Amanda died because of Ems…

  3. Bee says:

    LOVED IT! i’m really becoming re-obsessed with this show and it’s so exciting. besides general revenge-iness, i also love that they’re developing characters and dealing with their emotions as well. really felt for nolan and jack this episode. the only one who’s not working for me is charlotte. anyway, the last scene was awesome and i CANNOT WAIT for the big wedding episode. hope it delivers big time.

  4. linda says:

    I think Ashley comes back and somehow stows away on the boat and then shoots her after finding out everything Emily/Amanda has done.

  5. rebecca says:

    I think Aiden will be the shooter as I feel he cares about her and she feels some guilt that she has used him like all the others…not sure Emily is capable of a real relationship as she is so obsessed with revenge and her own agenda

    • Natalie says:

      I totally agree. Aiden would do anything for Emily and she is just using him. I doubt she’ll run off with him. I don’t even think she’s planning on it. She just wants to keep him reeled in so he can be a tool in her revenge schemes. I’m really not liking Emily. She has become extremely cold and doesn’t care about other people’s emotions because she’s blinded by vengeance. I don’t think she’ll ever be done with her revenge, like Nolan and Aiden have said before.

  6. Amanda says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who loves Aiden. If anyone can make Emily happy, it’s him. He gets her and doesn’t judge her for the path she’s chosen.

    I think Jack shoots Emily. Perhaps Margaux dies (thanks to one of Emily’s plots), and he blames her for taking two women that he loved. She only causes him pain, so he seeks his own revenge by shooting her.

    • hannah says:

      that sounds crazy. next idea

    • Bec says:

      Not the only one who loves Aiden, I don’t think anyone else (that we currently know) will ever really understand her like he does

    • Lisa London says:

      I like Aiden too! Not alone here.

    • I love Emily and Aiden!

    • Prissi says:

      No, no, no you are not the only fan of Aiden……I loved Barry Sloane from the first time he appeared. He is perfect for her. I love how he shows his feelings for her with his expressions, they are ever so slight, but they are there. From the first show of this season I thought the “death” of Emily was part of the plan for her and Aiden to disappear. Not sure that is going to work out now.

    • Amy says:

      No, you are not the only one who loves Aiden & Emily! There are thousands!

    • SouthernBelle says:

      I like Aiden a LOT more than I liked him last season. The past two seasons I’ve been all for Daniel and Emily, but Daniel’s been awful this season and I find myself cheering Aiden and Ems on.

    • Nosey says:

      Jack wouldn’t shoot her over Margaux, the only way Jack would shoot her is over Carl. Based on the history of the show, I cannot see it being a major character, my vote goes to Sara, over Daniel. Although I believe she is using Aiden,I can’t see him killing her over it, Aiden is obsessed w/ her but he wouldn’t kill her. I couldn’t even see Margaux killing her over jealousy, Margaux is a very confident woman. Sara on the other hand, based on what I see so far, could pull the trigger. Not a fan of Aiden b/c he is too whiny/obsessed over her, but can’t see him killing her even if she choose Jack. I Jack who challenges her and calls her out on things. Her most recent revealed plan makes absolutely no sense to me.

  7. Sara says:

    Charlotte is so irritating. I find her character useless….she’s like a weak watered down version of Victoria. I hope they get rid of her.

    Otherwise, this season has been incredible, especially given the trainwreck of Season 2.

    • JLB says:

      Why are they making Charlotte like Victoria. I know that her character has been through a lot, but why couldn’t she have overcome her hardships and actually become a better person. I know this is revenge and there’s going to be a lot of back stabbing two-faced characters doing awful things but isn’t this getting a little redundant. I mean they ruined Daniels character by having him take on some of his fathers unfavorable traits now their doing the same with Charlotte and Victoria. Cant anyone be a decent person, even if the rest of your family is horrible that doesn’t make you evil by default. Plus Victoria being that way adds to the story line and she plays it perfectly. She gives the audience someone to love to hate. Charlotte cant pull it off and just comes off bratty. Maybe she shoots Emily because at least then she would have a reason for existing. Also I cant believe
      Charlotte suddenly HATES Emily for a little bit of gossip. So basically Shes super pissed at Emily because she told a lie. I guess because Charlotte once lied to Declan about being at Grayson Global and that led to him getting blown up that she wont tolerate liars. WHAT? We are supposed to believe because Emily leaked what Charlotte told her about Victoria and Patrick that she suddenly hates her. Such bad writing that people cant even remember why Charlotte hates her.

      • JLB says:

        Now that I think about it its not that Charlotte isn’t decent it just seems like shes turning into Victoria. I mean she took the blame for attempting to kill Conrad to protect jack so maybe she wont turn evil. As for becoming a better person, that could still happen too right? I just don’t get Charlotte’s purpose any more, this new attitude is just not working for me.

  8. A2 says:

    I like Charlotte for some reason and I don’t want her to die or get shipped off to Paris.

  9. Marika says:

    I’m SO tired of Emily (how she manages to be bland with the whole show revolving around her is beyond me), SO tired of Daniel, SO SO SO tired of Charlotte..and the list goes on. And what’s up with Spineless Nolan?! – You’d think that with an 170 IQ he’d be somewhat nimbler at not being a doormat all the time. Those writers really have absolutely no direction for him, he’s basically just Emily’s prop at this point. Such a great character wasted.
    This show is getting worse than All My Children, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives combined – there’s so much soap it’s itching.
    I’m sad to see Patrick go. Nolan deserves some happiness. Hopefully, he’ll be the last /and the ONLY/ one standing when this travesty ends…..sooner rather than later, I hope.

  10. Para says:

    Revenge is the gayest show ever/

  11. Maria says:

    BAM BIggest plot twist Daniel shoots Emily after he discovers the truth

    • Maki says:

      possible! Charlotte and Victoria are options as well. I presume Emily planned everything but there will be some mistakes and someone will shot her besides her plan.

    • neha says:

      I could actually see that happening.

    • Natalie says:

      I hope you’re right. Awesome theory! But if they did that the show couldn’t really continue because the Graysons would know Emily’s true identity. Is the show continuing after the episode where Emily is shot? Does anyone know when they are planning to end it? I feel like it can only go on for so long.

  12. Adrain says:

    I would love if the shooter of Emily Thorne surprisingly be Nolan Ross. He has endured her bossiness, and demands and now if finally tired of it. He wants to find love and settle down, get away from the travesty of Emily’s plots and plights though he promised her dad to look after her. Killing her is the best way he knows how to protect the good name of The Clark’s. She doesn’t died; of course, but severely injured. This twist would give the show a new twist and direction. The only person she actually trusts betrays her and it hurts more than the years of pain and suffering of the loss of her family. She despises him more than she does The Grayson’s. This break up would be unmendable and create new covalent bonded alliances wouldn’t imagine. I feel everything in Season 3 is predictable so far. I need a change of pace and refreshed ideas. In a way, similar to a drastic change as in THE GOOD WIFE SEASON 5 EPISODE 5.

  13. abz says:

    I think this season just keeps getting better. Loved all the Nolan/Emily and Nolan/Jack scenes. When he told her all he wanted was friendship, kinda got emotional. Can’t wait for this midseason finale!

  14. abz says:

    Also, anyone else really getting annoyed of Charlotte? I mean the actress/character were tolerable the first two seasons, but the character’s annoyance level was increased this season and the actress has one facial expression and all her acting is so wooden, I really wish she stayed in Paris.

  15. N says:

    Where did the gold come from?

  16. Richard says:

    This season is as good as the first season. I want Patrick back. Love Patrick and Nolan.

  17. T says:

    Ugh I actually liked Patrick. Is he gone or will he be back?

  18. iMember says:

    Patrick is totally coming back. I am loving Charlotte’s devious side this season. This episode was ONE OF THE BEST!!!

  19. Jake says:

    Unbelievable how great this show has become again, after I lost hope two or three episodes in, I hope more of you fans tell other people to come back watching.

    I don’t get what is up with Charlotte, I guess really it was Declan keeping her in line all this time. I wonder if this really is the last that he see of Patrick for a while.

    Btw, Cher is judging dancing with the stars tonight…

  20. dee123 says:

    It seems i can tolerate Jack. But only when he’s in scenes with Nolan or Conrad. LOL. Charlotte is just useless. Hope she shoot Emily so she can be gone.

  21. Marc says:

    The entire episode felt so off to me, as if the writers put some time jump (on emotions) in the show that the audience is not supposed to be aware of. Nolan and Patrick have met briefly like four times before sleeping together and suddenly, Nolan is acting like a desperate love struck bitter shrew. Not that Emily didn’t need that scolding, but his behavior regarding Patrick is so off to me. Is he supposed to be a victim of the love at first sight phenomena? Also, Charlotte went from being annoyed and a tad hurt by Emily ratting her out to now full on revenge mode, where she is actually plotting to get rid of Emily? So is Charlotte a victim of the much overused gross overreaction? And now we have Sara, so is she actually going to be a legitimate rival for Emily? And I guess Daniel was in love with her but he’s been downplaying his feelings all along? Because when it was mentioned in season one, I was under the impression that it wasn’t that serious between him and Sara.

  22. Yoli lopez says:

    Jack and Emily need to hook up. They belong together, he needs to become her partner . Aiden needs to go he is evil and a killer.

    • Amy says:

      Pleas no Jack and Emily, I can’t buy into this childhood romance.. Enough is enough, they are better off friends.

      • Radha says:

        As if there are no people in the world who actually fell in puppy love as children and it developed into actual lasting love as they got older. There are just no couples like that in the world. Anywhere. *note the sarcasm* I’m tired of Jack haters using this as an excuse. Just admit the reason you don’t like them together is because you have some dislike for the actor or character.

        And just like I don’t understand why anyone likes Daniel, whiny mother’s boy, I really cannot understand the love for Aiden. Aiden is showing signs of being borderline obsessive and creepy. The way he goes off if Emily shows signs of interest in someone else kind of disturbs me. I totally think he’s psycho.

        • Amy says:

          I am too tired of this childhood love crap.. Anything Jemily has now is tarnished by her lies. Come on, he the wrong girl and had a baby, when Emily knew all that and didn’t tell her. Recently, Emily stole his dead wife’s pic, she doesn’t care!

          • Yoli lopez says:

            I can understand a relationship from childhood. It grows if the people concerned will let it happen. The show is not letting this happen. Emily has been changed to be cold and uncaring. But she will always protect Jack and Nolan because they are the only two that rally care for her. Jack will and can be always be her soul mate. Jack needs to stop fighting her .And let his heart help her. The show has not been renewed and it is because of the direction the producer is taking it. They need to take Amanda back to the way she was in season 1. They have gotten off track.

  23. tia says:

    If this show get’s another season, I’ll be really surprised.

  24. Ellenz says:

    I think it’s total a surprise! I even feels its Sarah possible shoot Emily as charotte pulls Sarah in Grayson circle
    For whatever reveage she has on her own

  25. adona says:

    Every time a comment has been asked about an episode shippers shoot : team Aimily, team Jemily, team Demily, as if all episodes are about finding chemistry between Emily and the Hamptonite guys. Pretty dramatic to resuming this season 3 to a love romance show.

    No more long comments about the plots and how realistic they are. I guess the writers obtained what they wanted: turning Revenge into a big soap opera. Reality doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that matters is who hook up with who, who loves who, is that true love, false love…

    I realized in fact every characters in that show want Revenge because they assume Conrad is responsible for their love one lost.
    ->> Victoria is afraid Conrad kills Patrick,
    ->> Nolan afraid Conrad kills Patrick,
    ->> Jack is whining because Conrad killed is brother (not really)
    ->> Jack crying because Conrad killed is wife (not really)
    ->> Emily is mad because Conrad killed his father
    ->> Charlotte with Declan death…
    But no character takes responsability for his own action. Nobody cried Father Paul because he was not a love one, he was just a good guy.

    Conrad is everybody scapegoat, so I learnt the lesson: if you don’t want to take responsability find a scapegoat and claim vengeance.

  26. LaLa says:

    I was so happy to finally have an idea of what the hell Emily is trying to set up. Through out the season, it has been beyond me why she would follow through with marrying Daniel – just to say, Ha ha, he’s married to the daughter of the guy you set up? So, now that we know what the end game is – I can actually enjoy watching her try to get to it.
    Of course, I’m of the same mind of alot of the previous posters – it won’t go to plan, she’ll be shot for real, or the fall guy won’t be Victora, etc.
    As for the relationships – I like Aiden well enough. I thought Jack would eventually be her salvation, but I’m thinking that won’t likely happen, lol. I like Aiden because he knows her whole story and APPEARS genuinely interested in her happiness. I just feel like she needs more people on her side. Which made the last scene with her, Nolan and Jack a very nice touch. Now she doesn’t have to waste her time trying to manipulate the people closest to her. They’re all in on the revengenda.
    But Nolan . . . whining about not being able to be with Patrick? Patrick was THE ONE? Please. I thought the chick from last season was THE ONE. For someone smart, he sure is a doofus for love. OK, rant over.
    I’m just here for the revengenda. All other storylines are fluff piece fillers.

  27. B says:

    So far so good, is my thoughts on this season. Its a vast improvement over the second. Revenge has found its footing and is once again my favorite guilty pleasure that Im not ahamed to love. I miss Patrick already.

  28. Mika02 says:

    Great episode!!! I love that Emily is planning to get shot but will actually get shot by someone probably Charlotte.

  29. Tamara says:

    So Emiliy plans to fake her own death and has to disappear without a trace forever. Fine. Great plan. Except Mason Treadwell has always been on the fringe, waiting for his big payout. Wouldn’t he be super-pissed that he was basically stuck in prison forever as he doesn’t get to tell Emily’s big story and spill the beans on everything he’s privy to?

    • alison says:

      Would think he would still be able to share her story even if she is “dead” that would make Victoria killing her more of a big deal, seeing as how she was a part of what happened to her dad. But then again without her backing it up who would believe him? Dos she leave proof for him?

  30. Ramona says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens next and can’t help speculating. I thought Emily might fake her death from the beginning.But framing Victoria for it is something I didn’t see coming. This has some interesting options. Aiden will probably provide Victoria with the gun, loaded with blanks. But she may exchange it for one with real bullets. Or all goes as planned but in typical Grayson fashion they cover it up. That would leave Emily with the dilemma of continuing her revenge when she’s supposed to be dead. I don’t think Patrick is gone. Do we know if he even got on the plane? I’m not really buying his innocent, just looking for love act. This is Revenge so he probably has his own agenda. Either way, he may blame Emily for coming between him and Nolan. And he may assume she is behind Conrad finding out about the brake tampering. So he is a possible suspect. Jack is in love with the memory of the sweet, innocent little Amanda of his childhood and is disillusioned with the grown Emily, but I don’t see him shooting her. Jack, Nolan and Aiden may become irradiated with her but they’re still in her corner. Of course, these assumptions depend on Revenge being renewed for another season. If it’s canceled all could go as planned and they all live happily ever after. Or, again since this is Revenge, Emily could die with one of her prophetic quotes about Revenge. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  31. Bob F. says:

    Why is Emily doing this to Victoria? Victoria didn’t kill her father, Conrad ordered it. David Clark was Victoria’s lover and Charlotte’s father. She didn’t want him dead. While Victoria did help with the cover up, she would have been happy to turn on Conrad. To make Victoria the target just does not fit into the revenge plan as we have seen it. Perhaps her plan will not go as she wants it, that seems to be the theme of these first few shows. Sometimes I think there is a “Mr. Big” for whom Emily works, the way Aiden works for her.

    • Nosey says:

      Emily definitely is not happy w/ Aiden. Every time he brings up the two of them being together, she never looks as joyful as he. I wonder if he knows about her plan. Does she really want to die, or does she intend to fake her death. Would she rather be dead than be w/ Aiden, or fake being w/ Daniel? Not sure how framing Victoria solves anything. Still don’t understand her plan to make Conrad pay, and still did not understand why she didn’t just let Daniel remain in prison (I think in order to save Jack she had to save Daniel, to keep Jack out of the Graysons cross fires). But I do like the ex girlfriend in the picture, would add major drama. There is a potential for Jack and Nolan to get in her head and talk her out of this. If it is true Nolan is walking her down the aisle, can’t imagine him going along w/ this. Actually I can only image him walking her down the aisle for Jack!!!!

      • Amy says:

        Why can’t Emily genuinely love another man? I think Aimily genuinely loves aiden. Jack is a childhood memory from the past. That relationship is tarnished. They should be just friends!

    • dee123 says:

      Perhaps it’s the fact that Victoria knows what she did was wrong but did it anyway. Conrad is just plain selfish and evil.

  32. xzhu says:

    manipulating personality was designed for Emily’s character in this story, and also manipulating is the way to avenge her father from all beginning of season 1. If she stops manipulating, the story would not move forward.

    Emily manipulates people for her revenge and loses who she really loves and cares, OK, maybe that is why Emily has to push people away from her, that is why Emily’s character have to face her own tragic fate in the end.

    The complicated personality and the conflicted struggling deep inside heart in this dark revenge journey, is the real interesting part of Emily’s character.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree that Emily dying is the only way this can end. It’s classic. The revenger gets too caught up in their agenda and ends up paying for it by dying.

  33. Lorilei says:

    I am loyal to Revenge and feel bad getting negative on it, but I am not liking the characters very much. Maybe it’s because the actors all seem too similar with their acting style.
    I have never seen Emily and Jack together though it seems like a lot of people think they are soul mates. I like Aiden better than Jack for Emily, but something, IMO, just isn’t convincing about their “love.” I don’t think the chemistry that Emily has with either Aiden or Jack can compare to what she had with Daniel in Season 1. Too bad he’s an idiot.

  34. Pati says:

    This season has been really good. I love Emily and Aiden together but there is no way she is being sincere with him right? I feel like she’s going to betray him. I like that Jack and Nolan are now all part of the team. Charlotte needs to go away

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  36. Amy says:

    Loved the fact Aiden & Emily are together. He is the best match for her I don’t get why people think Emily cannot love another man? Why is so hard to believe?

    • Radha says:

      Yes, Amy. We get it. You really love Aiden the psychopath. If I didn’t get it the first time you posted, I surely have gotten it in your third post. Being the best match for someone doesn’t always mean good things. If two people are serial killers and in love, does that make for a healthy relationship? Aiden wants Emily all to himself and wants to spirit her away because the both of them don’t need anyone else. Emily has gotten really close to Nolan and the backstabbing Charlotte and she loves Jack. Yes. Jack. The relationship that you so loathe means something to the main character and she isn’t completely like Aiden.

      Aiden only loved one other person aside from Emily and that was his sister. And she’s dead now. So he doesn’t need anyone else. Emily is not completely closed off from anyone else like Aiden is and that is why their relationship will not work. Jack is Emily’s salvation, her moral compass (besides Nolan) who will keep her from going too far in her revenge quest again and again. You want her to hook up with a man who is highly unstable, and when paired with Emily who is also unstable, will make for one crazy duo.

      While I enjoy rooting for Emily in her revengenda, I also want the character to survive all of this madness intact–and with her soul not completely tarnished beyond repair. Remember the quote: “Before one embarks on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” ? Emily could end up dead herself at the end of all of this. I don’t want that to happen to her. Aiden encourages this life of madness and revenge. Jack, on the other hand, does not want her wrapped up in all of that.

      There is only one true man for Emily. One man, that despite being angry with her and feeling betrayed by her, still loves her. And that man is Jack. You don’t have to like Jack. You don’t even have to respect their story. But they are endgame. For all of you Jack haters…well you either keep watching or don’t. *shrugs*

      If I had my ultimate wish? After all this insanity is over? Jack and Emily, baby Carl and Nolan will go off and be happy together. Nolan can get a nice house next to theirs, find his true love and they’ll all be happy while the Graysons pay for their sins.

    • Elouise says:

      Because this show is so obviously hung up on the epic childhood love fantasy, and all other options will inevitably be destroyed in service of that. I love Aiden and Emily together too. The actors have the hottest screen chemistry on the show, but it’s very obviously doomed. Aiden will either be killed off mid-season or turned into a bonafide antagonist when Emily reveals she’s manipulating him too, and/or rejects him for Jack. His whole purpose for being in the Hamptons this season is for Emily. Where’s the middle ground that’s going to keep him there, when that goes sour? It was nice to see him smile for a change, but there’s just no way it’s going to last, unfortunately.

      • Lyn says:

        Unfortunately, I see that’s where things are headed too. I love Aiden and Emily together as well, but it’s pretty clear that the writers are doing everything they can to make him out to be a bad guy so that people will root for Jack. I’m just hoping to get at least 1 more season of them together and a few happy moments. At least there were a few smiles in this last episode and some hot sex. If Emily and Jack do get together this season, it will either be the last season, or they will break up at some point too. This is revenge and it would be too boring to have Jack and Emily together unless it’s at the end.

    • Nosey says:

      I can believe she could fall in love w/ someone else, I just don’t believe she did. She only goes to Aiden when she realizes she can’t have Jack. Aiden is more into her than she is into him. She and Jack fell in love as adults, it is not difficult to fall in love w/ Jack as an adult, he really charmed her despite the fact she was w/ Daniel. She and Jack have love beyond their childhood friendship. But she and Aiden have no love, Aiden just whines over her. Aiden needs a life. There is absolutely no passion w/ Aiden and her, her eyes do not light up around Aiden. There is so much passion w/ Jack and her, and her eyes light up around Jack. Aiden gives her what she wants, Jack gives her what she needs.

      • Kiwirevengefan says:

        It is incredible how people see what they want to see. I have never seen Emily’s eyes light up around Jack, she is usually too busy trying to “protect” Jack like a baby. I have certainly seen Emily light up around Aiden, but only when they are alone and no one else can see. Most of the time she is pretending to hate Aiden in front of Victoria or Daniel. Maybe you forget she is pretending to hate Aiden and think it is real?

      • Mimi says:

        Jeez, did you not see the scene in the beach house? – Aiden with his vest and Emily slamming him up against the wall – was that not passion?!! All we’ve had of Jack & Emily this season was in Ep 1 – she has big puppy eyes and acted like a scolded child, but all that is gone now as she has a perpetual ‘get off my case look’ when talking to Jack. She clearly feels obligated and protective towards him and now Margaux is there, she’s happy enough not to swing by the Stowaway and just call him on the phone.

        • Prissi says:

          Emily slamming Aiden up against the wall was the hottest scene on this show in all three seasons to me. Love love love Aiden and have from the first time I saw him. He is a great actor.

  37. What did Emily told to get Charlotte to dislike her now.

    • Mikael says:

      I have completely forgotten why Charlotte hates Emily all of a sudden. But I’ve never been able to stand Charlotte. They need to kill her ASAP. Since she’s Emily’s half-sister, it would make some nice drama for Emily, while also getting rid of that horrid character. First Declan, then Ashley, all that’s left of useless horrible characters is Charlotte.

  38. Charlie says:

    I dont get any of you guys…isnt it obvious… Emily gets “faked shot” by aiden obviously and its definately fake blood and they’ll figure out a way to make it look like she died.. I mean that was her plan after all… To fake her death so she can live a bappy life with aiden.. Why are people saying she’ll ACTUALLY GET CLUELESSLY SHOT. ALSO JACK.. WHY THE HELL IS HE MAD AT EMILY…WHAT A DICKHEAD HE SHOULD BE THANKFUL THAT SHES HATCHED OUT A PLAN TO RUIN THE GREYSONS HOW BLOODY UNGRATEFUL AFTER THE DEATH OF HIS WIFE AND BROTHER ID EXPECT HIM TO BE CHEERING EMILY ON.. NONE OF THIS “ITS ALL EMILYS FAULT/what has she done bullcrap”.. I meanr eally what has she done… Its not like shes killed anyonedirectly… She wen tout there to save amanda! All of this is conrads fault so why are they making emily the bad cop too? REDONCS.. SICK OF THIS SHOW WITH UNREALISTIC REACTIONS FROM THE CHARACTERS..

  39. Richard says:

    It’s long past due time to wrap this series up!! It has progressed this year from being boring to being very annoying. The first couple of seasons were fine, but not anymore.

  40. Deion says:

    Excuse me. Um…where did the Grayson’s money come from? I could have sworn that no one knew where it was?

  41. Margo says:

    Yes! I like your idea. Aiden seems to be the only one that Emily actually seems to have some chemistry with, even tho’ she tries to hide it. They are 2 strong people. Also want Nolan to be happy.

  42. Natalie says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like Patrick! I feel like we hardly knew anything about him and he was just boring.
    I also think I’m the only one who loved season 2…

  43. Max says:

    Justin Hartley is the best young male actor on the show; the others are good, but he is a refreshing addition
    His is a very interesting multi faceted character which brought some much needed life into a show that was great in season one and a confusing, dull bad soap opera season two
    Bring Patrick back as a permanent cast member It’s good ABC is showing gay relationships and also good casting having a masculine man as Patrick Gay people are everywhere; many are very masculine and not easily visible Not all gays act like the characters on Will & Grace/Modern Family

  44. joyce says:

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