Reality Check: Big Surprises From The Voice Knockouts! Plus: X Factor's Sorry 'Mentoring'

Several early front-runners firmed up their status during The Voice Season 5 Knockout Rounds, but the final hurdle before the Live Playoffs was marked by a number of unexpected twists as well.

On this week’s installment of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I dish a trio of vocalists who used the Knockouts to announce their intentions to inherit Danielle Bradbery’s crown and sash — as well as one promising prospect (whose name rhymes with Golly Zen Gee) who went up in a sad, Havisham-ian blaze.

Press play below to watch our latest chat — where I suffer the same fate as Blake “I specialize in 16-year-olds” Shelton — and to listen to our theories on why The X Factor‘s mentors are making a mockery of their titles. Plus, we’ve got Wizards, Muggles, fairy dust and body rolls!

Once you’re done watching Reality Check, hit the comments and share your own theories and opinions on the week in The Voice and The X Factor!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jeremy.hudson says:

    Yayyyyyyy!!! I’ve been waiting so long!!!

  2. richardgrantmuir says:

    While I shouldn’t be surprised at your choices by now, I was really hoping you’d give Nic Hawk the praise he deserved this week. His cover of genie in a Bottle was extremely well done and gutsy. I think he was paired with Holly as a sacrificial lamb, but she couldn’t deliver after her audition and he’s gotten better with every song.

    Now, from the last thread I know there’s a jillion haters out there who don’t like his voice, but I’ve done theatre for 30 years, so I appreciate his styling. At least Blake is being honest with saying “you just can’t put a price on the value of someone like Nic on this show”.

    Plus, no offense y’all, but He’s the guy on the show that seems to have a personality that comes across in his music. The women still have Stephanie & Shelbie. But Nic takes the character cake. Though I admittedly melt over Will’s voice.

    • Mafs95 says:

      I think Nic is very interesting and he has great personality, but I just don’t like his kinda nasal tone. He did a good job in changing “Genie In The Bottle” and was very entertaining, though.

      • debi says:

        I haven’t liked Nic all season because of his nasal tone. Seriously, I have to mute when he sings.

      • zenmaster says:

        Nic Hawk (to show you just how stupid it was to pick Nic over Holly, Genie in a Bottle could not even chart higher than the montaged Torn and the six week old The Scientist is currently over 200 spots higher than Genie in a Bottle on iTunes)

        • richardgrantmuir says:

          Actually, you are wrong there. It did reach #94 on the day the show aired. Plus, there are a ton of people with no taste ;-)

        • The Guest says:

          I don’t like Nic and fully expect him to be a first round casualty in the live shows, however why do I suspect you’re the first person who complains about the weight of iTunes sales when there’s a singer or singers selling better than the performer you do like?

          • richardgrantmuir says:

            Probably because you’re a pessimist. I don’t complain about iTunes sales. I am fully aware that different people like different styles of music. Many “sheeple” fall head over heels for that ridiculous airy sound that Holly & Caroline have. I know I am in the minority with despising those kinds of voices (I am sure both are sweet girls), so I know that Caroline’s songs will outsell many people that did equally good performances.

            As to being a first round casualty, that is entirely possible. However, there are many people on the show still that should have been eliminated long ago. Juhi was a dozen times better than James (another person who hasn’t been decent since his audition). Preston also lost his last round yet was selected anyway (I hadn’t been a fan of Lina’s until that song–she was incredible).

            Stephanie, for example, CLEARLY won every round, yet she had to be stolen twice (fortunately). Same with Will–he’s gotten better every time, and yet still was better than his competitors. Matthew in particular was shrieking like a banshee during the last song. It was quite painful.

            The live rounds will be entertaining. All of these singers that keep “winning” their battles despite being the worst performers don’t have that safety net anymore of coaches knowing they will win regardless of actual performances.

    • Nic does not deserve any praise, he is the worst singer ever to make the Live Shows not named Erin Martin.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know Nic is not popular, but I will cosign on this one. I thought his interpretation was gutsy as well and in tune (mostly) , which is more than I can say for his competitor. It took guts for Blake to pick him over the uber-popular Holly Henry so “right on” to Blake as well.

    • will says:

      You’re gonna talk about personality in music and not mention Kat? Yes, the personality she embodied was “angry and insane” but you can’t tell me that she didn’t communicate that clearly.

      • richardgrantmuir says:

        Oh, the women have their share of characters. There’s only a few people like Tessane who don’t seem to have much of a personality when singing. I just meant Stephanie and Shelby seem to have the fun personalities, while Kat has the eyes of a serial killer when she sings :-P

    • Becky says:

      Love nic , shelbie. And Stephanie.
      And you are right he just gets better.

      When shelbie did that roll with her hips she showed she was a intended.
      Stephanie is the most well rounded. Can sing anythjng

  3. Mafs95 says:

    Caroline is amazing!! I think she’s so talented and I loved “The Way I Am” and how her voice is so pure and… just like honey!
    However, my very favourite performance this week was from Jacquie Lee. I opened my mouth the second she started hitting those high notes like craaaaazy! I like her version of “Stompa” more than the original, tbh. She has the looks of a Disney girl but she sings ugly, like a beast!

  4. Denise says:

    These talks are never long enough and don’t waste precious time on XFactor. :)

  5. Petreanna says:

    Where is Tessanne in all of this? She absolutely SLAYED her song, and there is NO mention of her at all? Sigh, ‘Muricans yes…

    • Tyler says:

      And Slezak ranked her #1 for her night.

    • I think her mention came when Michael talked about the singers picking songs you expect and singing them the way you expect.

      • Tyler says:

        Oh. So when someone like James W. picks a song you do NOT expect him to sing like Boston’s More Than A Feeling and fails at doing it–almost everyone said it’s his fault for picking a classic rock song that’s out of his comfort zone. But when Tessanne picks a song that’s in her comfort zone and NAILS it–then someone like you makes snide remarks of her picking and singing a song you expect. As Ingrid Bergman said in Cactus Flower–“You go to your church and I’ll go to my church.”

        • It is one thing to pick a song out of your comfort zone, it is another to pick a song which features notes you cannot hit and still try to reach them. And didn’t God give us the internet for people to make snide remarks?

        • Tom22 says:

          Neither disagreeing with you or agreeing with you (except for the nice “we’ll sincerely believe different things” quote.). I do think that the song choice is important in other ways. Tessane killed a song that might be a bit too “pop” for some peoples taste. I’m pretty sure it isn’t even one of Kelly’s favorites other than it being key to her continued commercial success. I’m not sure that should be held against any contestant but it does make it easier to forget for many people. A song doesn’t need to be a sappy ballad to be touching but it does need to feel personal for an artist to make an impression. The lyrics of stronger are positive.. but I’m not sure they “touch”… but again.. depends on your church absolutely, I agree

  6. jeremy.hudson says:

    This year’s knock-out rounds are much better than last year. There’re a lot of good performances and also a lot of surprises. Maybe because most of the singers chose the songs that we didn’t expect them to (Stompa, Cosmic Love, Genie In The Bottle. Don’t Know Why, The Way I Am,….). They had the guts to take risks and it really paid off.
    I can’t wait for next week’s live show. Michaek, please post your rankings or predictions for the Top 20 :D

    • Wasn’t people taking risks last season the reason why most people went home last season: a dude singing Teenage Dream, weird bluegrass version of Stevie Wonder, Latin singer picking The Police, Lil Wayne, and country singers performing Justin Bieber, obscure RnB, and cheesy 80’s songs.

  7. Terry says:

    “the one in the middle” hahahah, I don’t watch xfactor but that cracked me up!

  8. Davey says:

    Just not buying the love for Shelbie Z. I find her cheesy and someone who belongs on America’s Got Talent. I agree about Will and Caroline. I still like Johnny thought his song was disappointing this week.

  9. Rai says:

    I didn’t know Demi almost messed up her contestant’s name. That was sad, but Simon was just sadder. I watch both singing shows so I hope you guys don’t totally ignore X Factor during your recap shows. It might not be as good as the Voice but it is 10x more hilarious. I’m surprised you guys don’t like Sweet Suspense. I think they are one of the more popular contestants in the show at the moment.

  10. dj says:

    Reality Check was spot-on this week. Agreed with everything, although I’m not positive we’ll end up with the final people you expect. Do we ever? And there are so many good people on the teams this year. I don’t blame you for spending the whole time on the Voice except for about last 30 seconds on X-Factor. X-Factor is practically unwatchable this year, IMO, and the Voice is so far superior in every way. I always end up turning X-Factor off before it’s over because I just get so disgusted/embarrassed by the whole situation from the bad karaoke singing to the unbelievable mentoring. I so agree with you about Simon calling that girl the one in the middle. How many millions does he make off the show? The show is a joke, and nobody I know takes it seriously or watches it for anything more than a laugh.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I agree. At this point, the top 3 could literally be anybody. There is just waaaaaay too much talent to call it so early. I am trying to not to get too attached to my favorite at this point. I just want to enjoy the awesome talent.

      • Mafs95 says:

        If I had to say right now who I think could win it all, I’d say Caroline. But it’s almost anybody’s game, tbh. My prediction is based on Itune sales and personal taste.

  11. Timmah says:

    At least this is the last season we have to hear about X Factor because it is surely headed for cancellation. I’m not sure any of its acts could even crack the top 20 on The Voice.

  12. kavyn says:

    Apparently the contestants aren’t in charge of the arrangements of their song. She sang it again and put it up on Sound Cloud for people to download it, and it sounds a lot more like her style (and a LOT better). It’s on her facebook page for those looking to hear it.

    • richardgrantmuir says:

      That’s not what the judges say every time people change an arrangement. “I like the arrangement you did” implies they have control, I know people love Holly, but she just couldn’t deliver live. Blake was right to axe her.

      • kavyn says:

        I’m pretty sure the editors/production want viewers to think contestants have full control when they likely don’t. The strong/high notes aren’t a part Holly’s style and you can tell by listening to any of her songs on Sound Cloud.

        • richardgrantmuir says:

          Regardless, she chose the song (according to someone on here from a group of songs) and sealed her own fate. If the arrangement was the entire reason she botched the song, then she definitely doesn’t deserve to be on the Voice. YouTube sensations that can’t deliver live are sad. It’s not hard to sound great when you can do as many takes as you want before uploading something.

        • richardgrantmuir says:

          Just saw I repeated myself a little bit. Oopsie! But one more point–you said “the strong/high notes aren’t a part of Holly’s style”. That’s essentially saying “the difficult parts of a song she isn’t good at”. Again, if that’s true, why would she choose a song like that?

  13. Louise says:

    ‘Stompa’ is on the radio all the time here in Canada. I didn’t know it had made it down to the US at all. I was impressed that she picked it. Such a cool song.

  14. Annie says:

    I can’t say I feel the same as you guys about Jacquie. I’m just not a huge fan of her tone… She’s adorable though.

    Will, Matthew, and Caroline were all great this week. My top three for sure.

    • Jeremy says:

      I hope the X Factor will be cancelled and then Reality Check can be all about The Voice.

    • debi says:

      I want to like Jacquie, but I agree with you about the tone. She’s one of the contestants I can’t listen to. Shelbie Z, Caroline, Matthew, and Will are my favs, but the guy on Blake’s team topped the charts last week. He is good. I think his name is Cole. Time will tell because he’s only been shown twice. He was montaged on the battles. He may end up being a contender.

  15. MyExBFF says:

    I don’t watch either show, but I never miss these recaps by Michael and Melinda. They absolutely crack me up. Love their dynamic.

  16. Some great performances this week but sad for my early front runners. Juhi!!! Nooo! Stupid Adam, Stupid Cee Lo. My other two (James and Jonny) were just not good. Watched James’ interview and he said Juhi was his best friend and it threw him to compete with her. He’s dedicating next week’s song to her so he best make it a true redemption song.

  17. Olive says:

    Is anyone else noticing the video isn’t working?

  18. greysfan says:

    The X Factor US puts shame to what is a great X Factor brand everywhere else in the world. It makes me want to send Simon and co coal in the mail for how awful he has made his show in the American market and them all not being able to name their contestants is a joke. I really hope this is the last season we see from the US X Factor because it damages the brand. There are a few great singers on the show this season but the fact remains in the US, The Voice wipes The X Factor off the map.

  19. David says:

    Going into the live shows, there are some clear favorites. Team Adam has Will, Preston and James. (Tessanne has some catching up to do.) Team Christina has Matthew and Jacquie. Team Cee Lo has Caroline and Caroline and Caroline — and that may be enough to win. Team Blake has Cole, and a fairly weak supporting cast.

    Most interesting: no current contestant is making a dent on the iTunes Country Singles chart in the way that Danielle Bradbery did at this time last season. Shelbie Z and the others are not connecting with the Country bloc of voters. (Nor is Olivia from T XTina.) Cole is on Team Blake, but Cole is on the Pop chart. I’m wondering whether Blake will nudge Cole into the Country realm (a la Cassadee Pope) in order to reclaim those huge numbers of Country music fan voters. With no contestant making noise on the Country chart, there is a huge vacancy to be filled — a big opportunity for someone.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Great analysis. I love Shelbie and “the other one” but there really is nothing “special” about either one from a country perspective. So maybe that’s why they fail to connect – there are already many iterations saturating their market. I worry about Caroline on team CeeLo. Historically, he picks crap songs attempting to push folks “out of their comfort zone,” forgetting why people liked said singer in the first place. His song choices are old and old-fashioned and often just silly. I hope he doesn’t ruin it for Caroline…

      • will says:

        To refer to Olivia as “the other one” is to not give credit to the superior vocalist of the two.

      • David says:

        Thanks. I’ve been following all of the iTunes charts very carefully for two seasons of The Voice. (I also enjoyed a career in public opinion polling.) Honestly, iTunes downloads provide reliable and consistent insight into how artists on The Voice are performing each week. In Season 4, Danielle Bradbery had built such an enormous fan following going into the live rounds, it was difficult for me to imagine that anybody else could win. As it turned out, the only ‘real’ battle was for second place. Michelle Chamuel made great song choices to nudge The Swon Brothers into third place. Similarly, Cassadee Pope was the clear iTunes winner in S3, by a long shot. This year, it’s a much closer race as we move into the live rounds. Song choices will have a huge impact in the next few weeks.

    • Lee says:

      I think Preston and James have more catching up to do than Tessanne.

      • LB says:

        You may have a point about James, but the problem with Tessanne is that she doesn’t come off as cool or trendy, despite having an incredible voice. IMO, she will have difficulty going far because of how America seems to vote. Preston, on the other hand, may not have a flawless voice, but his performances are more catchy and his tone is certainly more unique.

      • All three of Preston’s songs have made iTunes Overall Charts, Tessanne has not made the chart once. Even James made it on the chartone more time than Tessanne.

        • David says:

          This is spot on. Sadly, although Tessanne has a wonderfully strong voice, she’s currently on a track similar to Judith Hill in Season 4. As you may recall, Judith was proclaimed the early ‘frontrunner’ in S4, but she never caught on with voters, and particularly not with the ‘download voters’ who register their votes by spending money on iTunes. Tessanne isn’t out of contention by any means, but she must make great song choices in order to compete with Caroline, Will, Preston, Matthew, Jacquie, James and others who have already built larger fan bases.

    • Lee says:

      Even in a non-country music season–you country music listeners are trying to make the Voice into a country music season. Give me a break. Expand your horizons. Life is not only country music.

      • David says:

        Thanks, but you may want to hone your reading comprehension skills. There’s no evidence whatsoever that anyone in this comment thread is a country music fan. There’s only honest analysis of what is and what could be. Please read more carefully before your next diatribe. You’ll appear less silly.

  20. Mika02 says:

    I think this is what has been the biggest turnoff for me about the xfactor in last two seasons just lazy mentoring period. Why have the show then? I can’t really even bring myself to watch it regularly this year I just tape it. On the other hand I tuned out of the Voice the first season and never found my way back. But Tessanne has made me more excited this year about I’m just waiting for the live rounds.

  21. Adam says:

    How about putting a note about when coverage of XFactor starts. Not everyone watches both shows

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Or just don’t mention X Factor at all. Although I did love the bit about coaches not knowing their contestants names…. Hysterical, considering how much dough they make.

  22. Dan says:

    I hope you guys notice the irony in talking about how risks paid off and people shouldn’t do exactly what is being expected of them, and then saying we just want Holly Henry to do exactly what she did in the blind auditions. That’s not a criticism, though, I just thought it was funny. In fact, I’m soooo disappointed her performance was so … not good. Are they allowed to come back after they make it to a certain point? I’m thinking only if they don’t get picked in the blind auditions.

    I’ve always loved X-Factor, and the cheesiness of it, but the name thing is really bad. Hasn’t Simon always done that?

  23. RD says:

    You know a talent show is sinking when Michael and Melinda can barely bring themselves to mention it or any of it’s contestants. Time to pull the plug,guys….

  24. Timmah says:

    I think the difference between the shows is chemistry. X Factor tries hard to fake it, but The Voice genuinely has it.

  25. Emma says:

    I don’t get the Will love… at all. Also still bummed about Holly crashing and burning. sigh.

  26. zenmaster says:

    The Voice contestants will be performing these songs next week when the live playoffs begin. I’ve confirmed 3. Any guesses to the others?

    Monday, Nov. 4: Team Adam & Team Blake

    1. “Nothin’ On You” – B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars
    2. “Still Into You” – Paramore – Grey (confirmed)
    3. “Many Rivers to Cross” – Jimmy Cliff – Tessanne Chin (confirmed)
    4. “Secrets” – OneRepublic – Will Champlin (confirmed)
    5. “A Case of You” – Joni Mitchell
    6. “Home” – Marc Broussard
    7. “Fancy” – Reba McEntire
    8. “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke
    9. “She Talks to Angels” – The Black Crowes
    10. “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart

    Tuesday, Nov. 5: Team CeeLo & Team Xtina

    1. “Wasting All These Tears” – Cassadee Pope
    2. “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor
    3. “Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve
    4. “She Keeps Me Warm” – Mary Lambert
    5. “We’re Going to Be Friends” – The White Stripes
    6. “Wrecking Ball” – Miley Cyrus
    7. “I Put a Spell On You” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    8. “Crazy” – Gnarls Barkley
    9. “Georgia on My Mind” – Ray Charles
    10. “Roar” – Katy Perry

    • Mafs95 says:

      “Fancy” will definitely be performed by Shelbie Z. The others are not that obvious, but it’s not very difficult to predict who’s going to perform what, with a few exceptions (Wrecking Ball and Roar?)

      • zenmaster says:

        You’re right! “Fancy” – Reba McEntire – Shelbie Z (Confirmed)

        “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke – Nic Hawk (Confirmed)

        “Nothin’ On You” – B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars – Preston Pohl (confirmed)

        “A Case of You” – Joni Mitchell – James Wolpert (confirmed)

    • JM says:

      I so hope you’re wrong! ‘I will Survive’ — seriously??? Ugh. So sick of ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Roar’ too.

    • Terry says:

      Puke to Blurred Lines and Wrecking Ball. ugh. just ugh.

    • zenmaster says:

      Tonight’s performances:
      1. “Nothin’ On You” – B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars – Preston Pohl (confirmed)
      2. “Still Into You” – Paramore – Grey (confirmed)
      3. “Many Rivers to Cross” – Jimmy Cliff – Tessanne Chin (confirmed)
      4. “Secrets” – OneRepublic – Will Champlin (confirmed)
      5. “A Case of You” – Joni Mitchell – James Wolpert (confirmed)
      6. “Home” – Marc Broussard – Ray Boudreaux (confirmed)
      7. “Fancy” – Reba McEntire – Shelbie Z (Confirmed)
      8. “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke – Nic Hawk (Confirmed)
      9. “She Talks to Angels” – The Black Crowes – Austin Jenckes (confirmed)
      10. “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart – Cole Vosbury (confirmed)

  27. JM says:

    LOVE ‘Reality Check’! Look forward to it every week. SO glad I stopped watching ‘X Factor’ a long time ago. What a joke!

    So many good singers! Can’t wait for the Live rounds! On a side note, it will be interesting to see if the mentors react differently towards the singers who have charted high on itunes, i.e. Cole, Jacquie, Preston and Caroline.

    • David says:

      I would hope so. Blake has to know that nobody on his team has done very well on the iTunes Country chart, and it’s time to regroup. Cee Lo has to know that Caroline is kicking butt and taking names across the board. Adam, with a wealth of talent on his team, has to find someone (who?) to be his favorite. And Xtina has to find a way to guide Matthew and Jacquie into the Top 10.

  28. Linderella says:

    I’ve given up on this column until there is a transcript. 12 minutes to watch a video that only covers one series I enjoy and one I’ve never watched is 6 minutes too long. There are those of us who would really prefer a transcript to a video but I guess that message hasn’t gotten through. :(

    • LB says:

      Linderella – you’re crazy. The best part of these videos is the dynamic between Michael and Melinda, which you would lose if you just read a transcript. Also, since only about 60 seconds was spent on X Factor this week, I’m assuming from your comment that you don’t watch The Voice. I would recommend that you switch shows since The Voice is far superior.

  29. Rai says:

    Wow a lot of X Factors haters here. Ironically, Mike and Melinda started doing the show because of American Idol. Did everyone forget Idology and Idolatry existed? I like the fact that they cover both reality singing shows. I don’t mind if they don’t give as much attention to X Factor, but their insights towards any reality singing show is good to hear.

    • LB says:

      Rai – I don’t think people have forgotten about Idology et al. Also, how is it ironic that Michael and Melinda started doing this show because of AI?

      • Rai says:

        Some people here just love The Voice so much that make it seem like other singing shows seem worthless and insignificant. Its ironic because the show used to be exclusively about Idol. Now that Mike and Melinda talks about The Voice, some people here don’t want them to talk about other singing shows.

        • LB says:

          I hear you. Unfortunately, I have to somewhat agree with the people who don’t think X Factor should be included. There are several contestants who are talented this season on X Factor, but generally the show’s singers cannot compare even remotely to those on The Voice or American Idol. I attribute the quality problems to the X Factor judges and producers focusing more on the visual aspects of a singer’s performance and less on the vocal aspects. They apparently believe that vocal issues can be fixed electronically so it’s more important to focus on how a performer looks and acts. Based on what’s on the radio these days, I suppose there is some validity to that theory. However, that doesn’t mean we should expect Michael and Melinda to allocate time to a show that doesn’t consider a singer’s voice its main priority.

          • LB says:

            With that said, however, I wouldn’t mind Reality Check spending a few minutes on the best X Factor contestants (ie, those who can stay in tune on a consistent basis).

          • David says:

            I watch both shows, along with AI and AGT. Sadly, I get the feeling that the X-Factor has transformed into a show that could be called ‘Let’s Find a One Direction Clone.’ Simon badly wants to re-create the One Direction success with US talent, and that has become the real focus of this show.

          • LB says:

            I agree. I can only guess at how much Simon’s patting himself on the back now that another of his pieced together bands, Fifth Harmony (from last season), has been getting lots of playing time on the radio all of a sudden. And with this new season of X Factor, he’s already trying to push that country boy band he formed down our throats.

        • dj says:

          It’s not that people want to hate the X-Factor. it’s just that it’s gotten laughably bad. I mean, seriously, it’s a joke this year. The talent is just not there, and the mentors pretending like they’ve got stars there doesn’t make it any more real. The Voice, on the other hand, is having its best year yet, in my opinion, as far as the quality of the vocals and some of the mentoring. I wish X-Factor was better. I wanted to like it, but now when I watch it, I just end up either disgusted or laughing.

    • Blinged Up says:

      Welp, I guess it’s just me, but I only clicked on this because I saw that it included coverage of X-Factor. I enjoy X-Factor……odd man out, I guess.

  30. Scamp says:

    I just listened to the arrangement Bruno Mars does in concerts without B.O.B. and I’m loving Nothin’ On You for Preston. Preston was the complete package for his amazingly excellent audition and his great battle round. He’s lucky he didn’t get knocked out doing Marly. I hope Preston wears his eyeglasses again and his leather jacket. I didn’t think he was as manly or as sexy wearing the long sweater and contact lenses. Yep, I love Love LOVE Preston and I really like Will, Jonny, and Caroline, too. The video is corrupt – it won’t play.

  31. Andrew says:

    Team Adam is really gonna be a challenge because Adam likes Tessanne and Preston If the two aren’t voted by the public i don’t know who he will save but if the publics saves one both will go through.. mark my words

  32. zenmaster says:

    Tonight’s performance spoilers:
    1. “Nothin’ On You” – B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars – Preston Pohl (confirmed)
    2. “Still Into You” – Paramore – Grey (confirmed)
    3. “Many Rivers to Cross” – Jimmy Cliff – Tessanne Chin (confirmed)
    4. “Secrets” – OneRepublic – Will Champlin (confirmed)
    5. “A Case of You” – Joni Mitchell – James Wolpert (confirmed)
    6. “Home” – Marc Broussard – Ray Boudreaux (confirmed)
    7. “Fancy” – Reba McEntire – Shelbie Z (Confirmed)
    8. “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke – Nic Hawk (Confirmed)
    9. “She Talks to Angels” – The Black Crowes – Austin Jenckes (confirmed)
    10. “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart – Cole Vosbury (confirmed)

  33. Chris says:

    I’ve listened to Holly’s battle round song again since the show aired. Upon second listen I don’t think it is as much bad as it is unexpected. I certainly expected something more stripped down than that, and I think most people did to. Holly has stated that she wanted to do something more acoustic (and has since posted a stellar acoustic version of Creep to Soundcloud), but that the idea was vetoed.

    I still think she should have won the knockout because Nic’s performance wasn’t exactly amazing either, and I think that Holly has so much more to offer.

  34. HTGR says:

    Well I think you have to admit now that you were horrendously wrong in somehow actually having supported Blake’s Nic over Holly last week and once again in this video. She just had to be brought back to herself and she could’ve at least had a chance to have been golden. EVen xtina made it sound let she wasn’t be let to herself properly ever since the blinds where she ruled. What a loss.
    Another dig at Sweet Suspense? The only group to both bring xfactor type energy and not crash and burn in one way or another.
    Generally in reasonable agreement otherwise.