Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs Get Full-Season Orders, Super Fun Night Extended, Game to End

Trophy Wife The Goldbergs Full Season OrderABC has granted full-season pick-ups to The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife and has ensured that Super Fun Night will go on at least a little longer.

On Friday, the network ordered additional episodes of the Tuesday-night comedies, bringing their freshman-season tallies to 22.

ABC issued a vote of confidence in mid-October when it asked for additional scripts of both sitcoms.

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Trophy Wife The Goldbergs Super Fun Night Pick-UpsThe Rebel Wilson-fronted Super Fun Night, meanwhile, received an order for four more episodes.

The news follows last month’s pick-up of the network’s drama Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Meanwhile, Back in the Game has been cancelled, our sister site Deadline reports — though ABC will air all 13 episodes of the baseball-themed comedy.

TVLine’s 2014 Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. Matt says:

    Now just move The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife to Wednesdays at 8:30 & 9:30, ABC! Save them!

  2. myjok111 says:

    FIRST! I smell desperation.

    • ajintexas says:

      You have to be some kind of serious loser if you are still doing the first thing when commenting on anytihng on the internet. Take it back to TMZ or whatever gossip site you learned it from.

  3. myjok111 says:

    *never mind

  4. Jen says:

    YES!!! Love Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs.

  5. GMan says:

    Back to the Game was getting better every week.

    • Amanda says:

      Agreed, this is ridiculous. How did SFN get four more ps?!?

      • Zach says:

        Because the ABC execs want to be “hip” and “trendy” so they put their money on the truly talentless Rebel Wilson, and cancel a show with Maggie Lawson who can, what’s the word, ACT! Oh, yeah, and James Caan who was nominated for a little thing called an Oscar.

        • taran63 says:

          Silver lining though, is that Maggie Lawson can go back on more Psych episodes.

          • Esaul says:

            Hopefully it’s not too late though. :P

          • S. says:

            For the last season of Psych. Yeah her!

          • Patrick says:

            With this good news, it might not be the last season of Psych. USA hasn’t had great success launching new shows in recent years. Many of its shows are aging, expensive, or gone. Their only recent successful launch was Suits. Graceland is not a monster hit, and is pretty expensive.

            I know Psych is aging, but it has sold into syndication, so the market is there. I could see it being extended for another few years.

        • boops says:

          SFN has got to be the worst sit com on this season. Who is making these decisions?

    • David4 says:

      Back in the Game has decent ratings too. It’s like the show Better With You, the ratings were OK, just needed to be moved and would have turned out to be a great show with Tim Allen on Fridays.

      Yet SFN is garbage.

      ABC has no taste.

  6. Babybop says:

    Yay for Trophy Wife!! Confused about SFN… Does it get good ratings? I don’t pay attention to it…

  7. Matts says:

    Why did ABC cancel their highest-rated new comedy?

    • Meg says:

      I’m confused as well. It was higher rated than Trophy Wife (I watch both shows, so this is not about me being bitter), so I don’t get why it was cancelled.

    • Apples says:

      SFN and The Goldbergs have better ratings than BITG.
      I’m surprised by the Trophy Wife pickup. I checked out a couple of episodes purely on the strength of Akerman and Whitford, and thought it was terrible. And it has poor ratings. Very surprised to see it get picked up. I guess ABC has very little bench strength so some shows had to be picked up.

      • Babar says:

        ABC owns Trophy Wife.

      • Matts says:

        Back in the Game is ABC’s steadiest and most consistent new comedy. Premiered to a 2.2 and it’s low is 1.7. It is very consistent in the 1.9-2.0 and 7 million area. SFN has dropped from a 3.2 to a 1.8 and Goldbergs has fallen from a 3.1 to a 1.6. Therefore, BITG is the only new ABC comedy that has stabilized.

  8. Yes! SO excited about Trophy Wife!

  9. Amy R. says:

    I really had high hopes for BITG since I enjoyed Maggie Lawson on Psych, but it was just too crass. And I’m not prude by any means, but I was turned off quickly when, within one of the first episodes, the young kid said something smelled like a ‘van of monkey ass’. Then another episode focused on the kids getting the ‘good stuff’ as in a euphamism for sex. Just dissapointing. Had such potential to be a fun family show, but not enough focus on the quirky kids.

    • Zach says:

      I liked that it was a family show with a set of nads. So many shows have “uplifting messages” and everyone gets a long. It was nice to see one that was a little darker.

  10. Back in the game was getting better and its so much better than Super Fun Night. Still don’t understand who the show is marketed toward.

  11. Dani says:

    i really love Trophy Wife so i’m happy about this :)

  12. Lana says:

    YAAAAAYYYYYY for Trophy Wife!!! And The Goldbergs to!

  13. kchamley says:

    No! Not Back in they Game. It’s way better than Super Fun Night!

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Oh ABC. SFN is disgusting crap!!

  15. Meredith says:

    So excited for Trophy Wife! I am LOVING that show. This past week’s episode killed it. Warren dressed as Ellen was amazing. Bummed for BITG, I was really liking that one too.

  16. iana says:

    YAYY for Trophy Wife!!

  17. Zach says:

    I can’t stand Trophy Wife. It seems like a children’s show. Whitford was pretty awesome, but that’s it.

    Super Fun Night was just plain bad.

    I will spend a few days mourning Back in the Game. USA should see about picking it up.

    Good for the Goldbergs. It’s a fun show.

  18. Linda says:

    Enjoyed Back in the Game. Sorry it is being cancelled. I coached a girls softball team back in the day when Bad News Bears was a hit movie. And may I say that the teams from BITG and BNB were very reminiscent of my first team. Perhaps that is why I could relate to them, even today many years later.

  19. Jillian says:

    ABC has an awful track record of canceling promising shows and the cancellation of Back in the Game just got added to the list.

    • Zach says:

      They really do. Miss Guided, anyone?

    • ann says:

      And Better off Ted.

    • Lexiana May says:

      Adding to the list of dumb decisions/cancellations that ABC has made are:

      Ryan’s hope


      Pushing Daisies

      Dirty Sexy Money

      Eastwick(Reboot on lifetime is doing pretty good right?)

      Not doing a lot of promotion for Ugly Betty during it’s final season.

      One Life to Live(YEAH I WENT THERE!)

      Passing up to the chance to pick up Ghost Whisperer.

      I would add BOT and Miss Guided but someone else beat me to the punch.

      Putting Devious Maids on a shelf for a year and expecting it to be a flop on lifetime.

      (Lifetime execs are laughing to the bank with that one.:))

      Reviving Body of proof and actually expecting people to think that it’s the greatest show ever. *rolls eyes*
      I could go on for hours but I think you see my point.

      ABC clearly has someone at the top of it who is smoking some very bad crack or just has no clue about marketing or keeping pretty good shows on the network.
      BITG seemed like a pretty nice show from the promos.

      I wasn’t going to get into it until the 2nd season.

      SFN is nothing more than “HUGE” with bad humor and Trophy wife is just bland.

      The goldbergs seem okay and George Segal is it and the promos of Luke and Laura are kind of nice but proppy and desperate.

      • love all says:

        Sooooo, you are upset about a show being taken off the air that you weren’t going to watch until season 2. You sound like a crazy person. Do you watch movie trailers trailers and then pretend you saw the whole movie too?

      • Rick says:

        You watch entirely too much tv. How about going outside and doing something for a change instead of writing really long rants online that nobody cares to read.

  20. Josh says:

    Aww poor Maggie Lawson. Well, the good news is she isn’t out of a job. I’m sure she’ll be right back on Psych. But this was her own show…She’s talented, so hopefully she’ll get another soon(another season 9 of Psych, which I’m sure will be its last). Also bummed for Lenore Crichlow…Loved her as Annie on Being Human.

  21. Virgil says:

    Nobody cancels Jimmy Caan!!’ Jimmy Caan cancels you! Sleep with one eye open, ABC – that’s all I’m sayin’…

  22. Babygate says:

    Not surprised about the cancellation. I watched the pilot and that was it for me. James Caan is just not funny. I’m happy for The Goldbergs. This is my second favorite new comedy after Sean Saves the World. But I am surprised about Trophy Wife. I watched the pilot and it wasn’t great but it had potential but they lost me with the second episode. I tried again with the Halloween episode and I have to admit that the cookie ex-wife had me in stitches with her routine about ‘iron man’. But once that was over it went down hill real fast. With the exception of that ex-wife, no one in that cast is funny. Especially Bradley and the trophy wife. I switched the channel half way through the episode. I thought for sure it would be cancelled. Super Fun Night is still not great. I quit after the pilot and went back for the Halloween-themed episode and have been watching since. It’s turned down the over the top to a degree so its easier to watch. It was some good moments but nothing great. This could go either way. I really watch because its in between two shows I do love.

  23. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Suburgatory yet. This pretty much guarantees it will be back at midseason since they have no other upcoming sitcoms to fill in that void with.

  24. aplwrites says:

    Does this mean Maggie Lawson will be in more Psych episodes to close our the series or is that schedule already messed up?

    • rflairfan1 says:

      Psych finished shooting season 8 quite a while ago, she is in most of the episodes. It has not been announced if there will be a 9th season yet.

      • aplwrites says:

        I figured. The only good thing about not having her as much in Psych was that she was going to have her own show. Now that it’s cancelled I’m just flat upset. Fingers crossed that Psych continues because Maggie Lawson wants a job.

  25. lillyg says:

    Noooooooo! C’mon, for once I liked a comedy. And James Caan is awesome. And you don’t cancel Sonny Corleone. You just don’t.

  26. TV God says:

    Good news for Psych fans!

  27. Jay Smith says:

    Move Trophy Wife to Wednesday at 9:30 and but Suburgatory on after The Goldbergs.

  28. Et al says:

    Hooray for Goldbergs and Trophy Wife!

  29. Mrs. V says:

    Different shows of course, but for some reason, the quirkiness of the show reminded me of Go On, which also got cancelled and actually had heart. I will miss Terry shooting down Dick’s offers and the constant bantering between Terry and the Cannon. :/

  30. Tenney says:

    I am super happy about The Goldbergs. I absolutely love that show. Although they need to move The Goldbergs to Wedesdays after The Middle; that’s where it would fit best. I don’t really love Trophy Wife but based on comments on here alot of people do, so I am happy for that pick-up too for all those who love it.

  31. CarrieB says:

    I must be the only one who watches Super Fun Night (and The Neighbors) so I’m glad it’s been extended.

  32. cjinsd says:

    So disappointed about Back in the Game. The Halloween episode was fantastic.

  33. liz says:

    yay more Super Fun Night!!

  34. murley says:

    Thrilled about the Goldbergs, happy about Trophy Wife. Haven’t seen Back in the Game but I am sorry for its fans. The head scratcher here is Super Fun Night. The little i saw of it was pretty bad but my opinion aside I am waiting to read one positive comment about it. Is anyone watching and enjoying that show?

  35. Ram510 says:

    Now ABC move Goldbergs to Wednesdays because at the moment it’s the you only new comedy that looks like it could make it to see a (pity) renewal.

  36. cjeffery7 says:

    happy about trophy wife. i’m actually happy about super fun night too which i think is probably going to follow in similar footsteps to Whitney, at best. the comedic talent is there, but the vehicle may be not quite enough for the long haul considering the critical punches its been taking.

  37. cjeffery7 says:

    i’m not surprised about back in the game, but i’m glad ABC at least has to decency to air all 13 episodes, as opposed to their brutal cutting off of Best Friends Forever (yes, i’m still bitter about it. and i’m not even sorry.)

    • Unless you are talking about a different show Best Friends Forever was on NBC, aired early in the summer, and was never given more than 6 episodes but showed all of them if I remember correctly.

      • cjeffery7 says:

        oh haha whoops! you’re right, it was NBC. still not sure about the episodes airing though… for some reason i remember they aired the material they had finished maybe, but there was footage from more eps they never got to properly turn into eps… i could very well be wrong! either way, still so sad about BFFs. those two lovely ladies have got a new show coming up soon i think though! huzzah!

        • Zach says:

          They did air, but they were delayed until June. I actually thought that was a pretty terrible show. I liked Bent a lot, and it got a similar treatment by NBC that same year.

  38. Mike R. says:

    Yay! Trophy wife is excellent and my favorite new comedy of the season, and happy it may have a chance for growth. Looking forward to a whole season.

  39. Brett Heitkam says:

    I have watched every episode of SFN and I don’t find it funny, but I think I keep watching it to see if it gets better. I’m not surprised it didn’t get a back 9 pickup. I could see The Goldbergs becoming a sleeper hit like The Middle if ABC sticks with it, and pairs it with the Middle. It is still mind boggling to me that they didn’t do that in the first place. Maybe they were trying to avoid people comparing the two at first, since, to be perfectly honest, TG is basically TM set in the 80s. But it’s still a very good show, and Wendi McClendon-Covey is always a delight to watch.

  40. Tran 2.0 says:

    Still no word on when the new season of Suburgatory is going to debut?

  41. Doug says:

    has back in the game finished filming all it’s episodes? or will it now be able to have a nice conclusive ending?

  42. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    I’m disappointed with the cancellation of BITG, but I guess we knew ABC couldn’t (wouldn’t) give all four new comedies a full season pickup. Someone had to go. SFN got an extension, but unless it sets the world on fire in the next few episode, it won’t make it to May – the show has a short leash at this point – Suburgatory and Mixology wait in the wings.
    I really wanted BITG to succeed – I’m a fan of both ML and JC, and had high hopes. But I felt the show was going downhill with each new episode – it wasn’t coming together correctly. Bad News Bears concept can only take you so far – the main characters had to click, and they never really could. Perhaps ABC execs had seen some of the upcoming BITG episodes ‘in the can’, saw the continued downward trend in the scripts, and they had to thrown in the towel. A shame. However, we will see Maggie Lawson again – have faith. After Psych wraps up, ML will be back in the mix. She has great TV-appeal and charisma. A natural, just awaiting the right format/script to come her way.
    Great news for Goldbergs and Trophy Wife – one of those two, maybe both?, are headed to Wednesday nights. Good for them – I do like Trophy Wife and see that as a great 9:30 Wednesday show following Modern Family. We’ll see how long it takes ABC to make that move. Suburgatory may return at 9pm Tuesday, with SFN night at 9:30 Tuesday until Mixology get’s that slot, perhaps in new year.

  43. marco says:

    They should’ve cancelled SFN and ordered more of BITG!

  44. Dizzle says:

    Definitely a case of good news-bad news as the only two of these 4 shows I watch are Trophy Wife and Back In The Game! Looking forward to more TW at least, personally I think it would be a great fit with Modern Family but I guess ABC are committed to making Super Fun Night happen!

  45. Stan Gary says:

    Loved Back in the Game. ABC was expecting too much between Middle and Modern Family. But SFN is awful. Also bring The Neighbors back Purgatory Friday. It’s just gets better and better but no one knows it

  46. Magically Suspicious says:

    Love The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife!

  47. Columbus says:

    Just binge watched Trophy Wife and it is hysterical.

  48. love all says:

    I love The Goldbergs.

  49. Lyss says:

    The only reason Trophy Wife was picked up was because it is owned by ABC! Back In The Game had better ratings/viewers and was NEVER promoted by ABC until like two days before, they abandoned it right after the pilot! Ridiculous!

  50. WingsStef says:

    Aww! I liked Back in the Game! But at least they are airing the 13 episodes!