Lifetime Cancels The Client List

HewittClientListThere will be no happy ending for The Client List.

Lifetime has pulled the plug on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s racy drama after two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

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The decision comes five months after our sister site Deadline reported that Lifetime and Sony TV were in a standoff with Hewitt over the creative direction of a potential third season. Hewitt was requesting that her real-life fiance and baby daddy Brian Hallisay play her character Riley’s baby daddy on the show — something producers balked at.

Ratings for The Client List slipped in Season 2, from 2.7 million viewers for the premiere to 2 million for the finale.

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  1. Matt says:

    Why the show was goood!

    • Niejan says:

      Her boobs were nice. And now they are not.

    • Wray says:

      Hewitt basically cancelled her own show. That’ll teach actors to not demand ridiculous favors for their lovers.

      • worthymagic says:

        This has happened before with other shows, and nobody learns a thing. Will Smith wanted $25 mil for each Independence Day sequel, $10 mil each for his wife and his daughter per sequel, and a lots of creative control over the movies. They said NO. Then he did AFTER EARTH. Now maybe he’ll come back to reality.

  2. noooo I love that show!!! Why do they always cancel the good ones?!

    • ajintexas says:

      It was a show about a woman working at a rub n’ tug. Not exactly breaking Emmy territory lol

      • liz says:

        it was actually more than that, if you cared to watch. Its about women’s experiences in sex work and the various reasons they might fall into that and/or choose to enter that business.

    • John Burrows says:

      The actress had been in talks with producers about the creative direction of the series. Hewitt is engaged to co-star Brian Hallisay and wanted their real-life relationship and pregnancy written into the show. Hallisay started as a recurring character and was ultimately promoted to regular in season two. Producers refused.

  3. John says:

    My guess is JLH walked because she couldn’t get her way in writing her pregnancy into the show, so the network pulled the plug.

    • “Don’t FRAKKIN’ curse???” Really????? LEARN HOW TO SPELL, IDIOT. And, by the way, there’s this little thing called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, SO IF I WANT TO FREAKIN’ CURSE, I WILL. I guess sweet little ol’ jlh is used to getting EVERYTHING she wants, & when she doesn’t, she just walks. Every other actress knows how to: first of all, handle themselves PROFESSIONALLY, work after having children, etc. But apparently, not her. Hey, jlh, get over yourself!! What kind of IDIOT starts a new show-that does well, by the way-AND CANCELLS IT AFTER 2 MEASLY SEASONS?? I guess we know the answer now, don’t we?? I’ll NOT be happy if Lifetime does this with the only other series that really kicks, being “Devious Maids”. I LOVE THAT SHOW & I’D HATE TO HAVE TO BOYCOTT LIFETIME, but I will if they do away with that show. & by the way, PLEASE JUST LET “Army Wives” DIE a peaceful death. I know I took it right out of MY dvr as soon as I saw that, yet another great actress, being Kim Delany, had left that show. LET IT DIE.It’s not even worth watching anymore-in my opinion. Thanks for listening!!!! :)

  4. NO!!! That was one of my favorite shows!! And the last episode of Season 2 was such a cliffhanger! Why?? :(

  5. Maureen says:

    On Bones, now that Pelant is dead, I was wondering if Hodges and Angela retrieve their vast fortune?

    • John says:

      What does the cancelation of The Client list have to do with Bones?

      • brycealexander says:

        Everything, John. Everything.

        • Lexiana May says:

          Bones has absolutely nothing to do with the client list.

          It’s a whack show that never should have made it past the first season and is really nothing more than a overrated, crappy CSI ripoff.

          It wouldn’t even be on the air if it wasn’t for a stupid power play.

          The client list was only cancelled because JLH forgot that art can’t always imitate life.

          I never got into it but it sounds like it was a pretty good show up until JLH fell in love with ANOTHER one of her co-stars.

          Don’t mix your personal life and professional life or this could be the result.

          • James R. says:

            Uh… Saying Bones is like CSI is a bit of an over simplification, no? Sure, they both are shows about solving crimes using scientific means, but that doesn’t mean that they are similar. CSI uses typical, albeit unrealistic, means of criminal justice whereas Bones uses much more of a scientific approach. CSI is completely bland. Bones is sometimes obvious but is funnier. Bones has better characters and a few better actors. Bones actually progress throughout a season where CSI just seems to reset every season. Saying Bones is a “ripoff” of CSI is basically saying all procedurals are a “ripoff” from CSI because CSI is the show that basically made that genre popular for our generation.

            I watched CSI for 8 Season and an episode. Basically Stopped watching after they killed off Warrick.

            I currently watch Bones which is in it’s 9th, and possible last, season, so I feel like I have enough knowledge of both shows to to know that they aren’t really all that similar.

      • dude says:

        The Client List is about a kind of bone.

  6. MJ says:

    It is a shame they could not have worked something out. It was a good show but I guess she wanted her real life beau to be the father of the baby. I never liked the story line of her getting back with her husband but I know why it happened.

    • Marc says:

      I found it weird how they whitewashed the husband’s character to the point where he was considered the perfect husband and then before the seson ended, it was all over the internet that he and JLH were together, then everything made sense. Of course, he jumped from recurring to the “dreamy’ male lead because of his personal attachment to one of the producers. Now, JLH would rather have the show cancelled than allow the writers to do what they want with their show. I’m not suggesting that JLH shouldn’t have a personal life with whoever she wants, but to let it dictate the direction of the show is highly unprofessional.

      • MJ says:

        It really is unprofessional. I completely agree with you. She should respect the writers had a good direction for the show to go with her real life pregnancy.

      • purplegirl says:

        NO KIDDING!! SO UNPROFESSIONAL!! Like I said before, if jlh (I REFUSE to put her initials in caps, as she doesn’t deserve it, in my opinion), doesn’t get her way, she just WALKS. She should have just let the writers do what they wanted, but like so many of us agree, she is unprofessional & SO FULL OF HERSELF. But you know what they say, narcissism is a PERSONALITY DISORDER, so get help, sweetie, ’cause YOU AIN’T ALL THAT. Thanks for everyone who sees how she REALLY is. WHAT A SHAME.

  7. Dianne says:

    Well, they said she was making demands for more on screen time for her loverboy. I had a bad feeling that she thought too much of herself. Although I did enjoy show.

    • Marc says:

      If I was lover boy, I would have said “honey, let the writers do what they want to do, at least I’m still on the show and I’m getting a paycheck”. But I guess it was her way or no way. I only hope that the rest of the cast and crew already have jobs lined up.

  8. I loved that show. This sucks, no wrapping up. I hate it when a show I like just doesn’t come back.

  9. Steven says:

    Not surprised. JLH seemed very set in her opinion. Glad I never got into this show.

  10. Bobbi says:

    That’s really a shame. I wish when a show like this gets cancelled they’d at least offer some sort of resolution for the audience. Two of the five shows I watched on Lifetime are gone now. They’re dwindling fast!

  11. Temperance says:

    I liked the show initially, but the setup left them with not a lot of places to go and they quickly ran through them. It got boring, especially the endless whining about everyday, boring issues. That’s real life, not entertainment.

  12. Brandy says:

    Too bad I liked the show but it sucks it’s ended on a huge cliffhanger

  13. The Kaibosh says:

    JLH played chicken and and lost. This is a good example of why actors should simply say their lines, play their part and cash their cheque and little more. Actors should leave the writing to the writers and the producing to the producers. Only the most A+ celebrity (and strangely Tiger Blood infused Charlie Sheen) can call casting and production shots this way and get away with it.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think the star of the show might have a handle on their character and know when a scene is not working in an individual episode. Often times on TV there is a new director each week and the writers are not on set the entire time. But the big plot details should be left to the actual writers of the show. In this case, there was probably only two people in the world that thought it would be a good idea to make the husband the father of the baby on the show, the far juicer plot would be to make the brother in law or the high profile client the father.

    • Bad Wolf says:

      Jennifer Love Hewitt was also a producer on Ghost Whisperer, and it apparently went smoothly for 5 seasons. I must admit that I’m disappointed in her on this, I don’t care about the show, but I used to like her as a real person (after all, she recorded a beautiful and emotional video for her fans when Ghost Whisperer got cancelled in 2010), and I feel really sorry for the rest of the cast and the crew.
      I remember that Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano both became producers on Charmed from season 5 to season 8 and it also worked perfectly well. Coincidentally, Combs also got pregnant during that time, but of course she wasn’t dating one of her co-stars…

      • Nichole says:

        Usually when stars are given that producer title, it’s just that, a title. That is why Rose McGowen never took is. No extra say, no extra pay.

        • Josh says:

          Rose McGowen never became a producer? I wonder why? Maybe a five season rule in the contract(though season 8 was her fifth…)

          • Nichole says:

            Yet, Alyssa and Holly got named producers for the fourth season. It was later offered to Rose also, who turned it down for the reason I already stated.

  14. Kim says:

    Well that just sux!! I really liked that show.

  15. Leslie says:

    I AM BEYOND PISSED AND SAD! I loved this show!!!! It was one of the very few I watched on tv during the week. So Dissappointed!! Please Bring it Back!!! It was Soo Good!!

    • ajintexas says:

      I would think you would be even madder that a network dedicated to women would trivialize them in such a way. A good looking woman’s husband leaves her, so her only job options are the stripper pole or jerking off rich guys in a massage parlor? And they say Republicans are waging a war on women lol. Look what Hollywood says you are good for if you have a nice rack and no means of an income. You get to be a sex worker. Yay women rights!!!

      • liz says:

        while I agree Lifetime has some serious problems when it comes to “women’s television”, I do think The Client List was much more nuanced that you give it credit for. Oh sure it was soapy and ridiculous, but MANY women work in the sex industry and I think this show did a decent job at portraying some of the reasons why. Those stories should be told as well. And its an argument FOR women’s rights that we support sex workers – give them legal protections, rights over their own bodies and businesses, etc. We might not support the industry, but its important we support the women who work within it.

        • Privacy is the Policy. says:

          Are you kidding support women who choose to strip or have sex for money? You cant be serious.
          Army wives was really not not what life is like being an Army wife..
          I am an Army Officers wife, and both my husband and I tried to watch the show, but it was so unrealistic, we just couldn’t watch it.

      • purplegirl says:

        Nice rack, my ass. THEY’RE FAKE, DEAR, & SO IS SHE. As someone else earlier stated, she obviously doesn’t know how entertainment even works. CHARMED WAS SOOOOO STUPID & i HATE STUPID SHOWS. Reality TV stays on my nerves, too. Will someone PLEASE get rid of the kar-douch-ians????? Talk about NARCISSIM!! Add GREED to that & it definitely = the kar-douch-ians!! AUGH!! how could ANYONE be so greedy & think SO MUCH of themselves??

  16. Holly says:

    Aww. This makes me sad. I liked the show, personally.

  17. Jacqi says:

    Bummer, not that I am surprised. I enjoyed the show while it lasted though.

  18. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    Bummer is right. Loved this show it was racy but had a heart. Too bad :(

  19. SHARON says:


    • ajintexas says:

      Why do so many women want to watch a show about a woman forced to become a prostitute just becuase her husband left her? I’m sure someone will come along and say something about liberation, but that’s no liberating. Personally I think it sucks that a network dedicated to women sends out a message that when the man leaves the woman is left to give out hand jobs to support her kids.

      • Men wiould be doing the same thing if women actually craved sex so bad they’d be willing to pay for it. Oh men, they’re so silly.

        • Michael says:

          Hahaha, plenty of women would pay men for sex. You’re probably an overweight feminist using the power of anonymity to let out your disgruntlement over your miserable life.

      • liz says:

        maybe its not liberation….it is however a reality. Millions of women work in the sex industry. Just because we have the privilege of being able to choose whether to work in that industry or not doesn’t mean we have the right to say the stories of the women who don’t have that choice aren’t worthy of being told or given nuanced perspectives.

      • purplegirl says:


  20. Jared says:

    So disappointed..especially after that S2 finale which was EPIC! What was the big deal about Hallisay playing her babies daddy???..i mean he was the father of her other 2 kids and im sure fans wouldn’t really care if it meant a S3 was a go.

  21. Fernando says:

    I guess this means Devious Maids will have many seasons to come now it’s lifetimes top rated drama and prob could only be the only show to help another show get ratings.

  22. BrianR says:

    Damn I will miss her breasts. The show lost a lot of the good stories when the hubby showed up again and making it a love triangle and then the hubby alone. It was better when she was struggling to make it and had to make decisions that many wouldn’t but she did to take care of her family. The brother in law also made it hard to believe because he gave her to many options to fall back on to take care of them.

  23. alistaircrane says:

    Bring back Ghost Whisperer!!!!!! I loved that show and it was cancelled well before its time.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      ABC which co-produced with CBS was in talks to move it over there after CBS cancelled, but the “cast” wouldn’t agree with cuts. I think we know the common denominator here.

      • badwolf05 says:

        So, if I’m following you, Hewitt basically killed Ghost Whisperer for money, and after this she went back to the sets to record a special video to thank her fans, at the end of which she broke up in tears ? She’s either an Academy Award worthy actress or schizophrenic !

        • Wray says:

          Considering she was literally trying to make the show take a 180 by mirroring her real life, I’m leaning on the schizo end.

  24. Et al says:

    This behavior should ensure that Jennifer Love Hewitt never works again (not that she would have anyway).

  25. I am extremely disappointed. I really looked forward to the 3rd season!

  26. Tanya says:

    I loved the first season and the first half of the second season but when they brought her husband back and turned him into romeo, it went downhill. That must have been when she started controlling the storyline. Sad that she ruined a good show.

  27. Yoki says:

    Give Arny Wives another shot!

  28. babyboyyy says:

    oh noooooooo they didn’t!!!! huhu

  29. Ellenz says:

    I agree with everyone comments
    It’s total sucks!!!!
    Been asking for spoilers couples times!!!
    Creatively difference ruined it all!!!

  30. Martina says:

    Although I watched both, I’m actually sadder that Army Wife’s was cancelled

  31. SHARON says:


  32. Robert says:

    The Client List was without a doubt one of my TOP 3 favorite shows ever! I am upset to see it cancelled…. However, atleast we did get somewhat of a conclusion when the list got burned in the fire during the finale. Wish it didn’t get cancelled…. but all good things eventually come to an end…

    • ajintexas says:

      Top 3? You have POOR taste in TV or just like staring at boobs. I am guessing the latter.

      • Robert says:

        No…. And FYI, I’m gay… I like the fact that the show told the story of a mother who did what she had to do to support her family no matter what. It was a great drama. That is why it was my top 3!

  33. liz says:

    I really enjoyed the show, but I’m proud of the creators for deciding not to continue instead of caving to the demands of JLH (and I ADORE JLH). When it comes to creative decisions, let the writers do what they do. Having the brother be the father was a smarter move for the show, created more drama. While I’m sad to see it go, I’d rather not have it at all instead of some pale imitation of what it was supposed to be.

  34. Marie says:

    Any news on Body of Proof revival? Hope its soon with the same cast. Thank you

  35. James R. says:

    I watched this show like twice, and I’m not going to lie… I only watched it for the boobs.

  36. Jesslyn says:

    Here we go again!! Another good show gets cancelled! I enjoyed The Client List and Army Wives….I should have known they would be canceled! :(

  37. Mel says:

    Boo on you JLH. Thoughtless and selfish.

  38. mscougar2u says:

    I thought he already played her husband on the show

  39. gio88 says:

    that’s not professional…..beasically she cancelled her show because she wanted to give her boyfriend more space on the show……

  40. Charlotte says:

    Man, that’s crazy if it’s true that she made such demands which basically led to the cancellation. Talk about not playing your cards right!

  41. fun says:

    Just replace JLH… I really liked the show.

  42. tara17 says:

    It’s probably due to the baby and scheduling more than anything. Very disappointing, I enjoyed the show.

  43. iamkessuki23tw says:

    Selfish of JLH. The cast must be very happy with her right now.

    So glad I can still see the sexy Colin egglesfield over on Rizzoli & Isles.

    I hope the actress who plays lacey finds another job on tv soon.

  44. jude Gerjauser says:

    I want to know when Downton Abbey is coming back on TV

  45. Sarah says:

    It’s called acting…transporting the audience to a different place.
    So, your pretend baby doesn’t need the same Daddy as your ACTUAL baby.
    Get it?

    Honestly, her temper tantrum over a non-issue isn’t what bothers me most. What about all the technicians and crew members with families and lives who now have to find new jobs…all because of JLH.

  46. rose says:

    That really sucks! Lifetime; Please please bring it back.

  47. michael says:

    i love watching lifetime.

  48. michael says:

    am happy with watching #the client list.

  49. jose armando pino esquivel says: