Parenthood Recap: Marital Mess, Election Upswing, Agonizing Apologies and Puppy Love

ParenthoodRecapThis week’s Parenthood finds Sarah and Amber battling it out over the ball-and-chain of it all, while Joel and Julia drift further apart and Kristina’s campaign takes a turn for the better.

Here, we break down the seven key takeaways from the NBC weepfest’s latest installment:

Bob Little knows how to Blur Lines, as is demonstrated his dated choice of campaign music. He also knows how to steamroll over a timid Kristina during a mayoral debate. Thankfully, a nice lady has a question about her special needs child — something Kristina understands all too well. As such, she gives the concerned citizen loads of support (and her personal phone number!) — and yes, tears are most definitely shed.

You, too, can go “vagina” shopping. Because in Crosby’s world, a “vagina” is actually a minivan aka a car that he — a new dad in need of roomier wheels — wants nothing to do with. (Spoiler Alert: He gets a minivan.)

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Drew is wise beyond his years. After Amber reveals to her baby bro/best friend that she and Ryan are going to elope — sans Sarah — he attempts to pull the plug on the whole shebang. She, of course, doesn’t take his unsolicited advice very well. But hey, props to him for attempting to derail a quickie wedding.

Zeke, meanwhile, is dense beyond his years. It’s one step forward, two steps back for Zeke and Camille when he finally agrees to go condo shopping with his eager-to-venture-out wife. Unfortunately, it was all just a meager attempt to appease her desire to explore. The result? Camille announces that her art class is taking a month-long trip to Italy, and she’s tagging along. Alone.

Joel and Julia are out of sync in a major way. Last week, the former was the wrongdoer, siding with Pete over his wife. This week, Julia is the stray kitten, opting to hang with her new crush Ed instead of helping with Kristina’s campaign — and then neglecting to tell Joel about it.

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Ain’t no apology like a Braverman apology. Sarah once again alienates Amber when the topic of her impending nuptials comes up. Thankfully, Sarah comes to her senses after her own mother delivers a healthy dose of advice, which results in an “I’m sorry” of epic proportions. “I’m so sorry,” she cries to Amber. “I trust you. And I believe in you.”

Adam and Kristina have a sweet little pup, remember? This is really just a friendly reminder. The tailwagger somehow manages to steal the spotlight in a jam-packed scene featuring Kristina, Max and Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s Heather all shouting over each other about the election.

What were your favorite moments from Thursday’s Parenthood?

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  1. shuayb says:

    Amber is so friggin annoying! I seriously wish the writers would change her character around or get rid of her and bring the less annoying Hattie. Amber has her head stuck so far up her a$$ that she doesn’t realise that Ryan has major issues and he needs help. Also she barely has a job and he is a crappy contractor how can they make a life? The writers need to work on her majorly. Also Sarah needs to grow a pair and not give in so easily to a daughter who is SO ungrateful. I’m so happy that Drew said no. I mean he was so right. And you could see what a child Amber was being with her reaction.

    • ABBY says:

      Plenty of people who work low paying jobs get married and build lives together.

    • Jen says:

      Hattie is way more annoying, sorry.

    • webly3 says:

      I actually know a lot of people very similar and relateable to Amber. I think that she executes her character beautifully in Parenthood. A lot of relationships make terrible decisions – but it’s not like this isn’t actually happening in the world. I’m very satisfied with how they dealt with Amber’s storyline this season. It’s very real.

    • Melissa says:

      Haddie is probably one of the most annoying characters on the show, you are SO FAR off base. Amber is the most honest and genuine character of the series and is depicted so beautifully and true to her age. Even more, Amber is a grown adult and can make her own decision REGARDLESS of Sarah’s opinions. Amber does not need Sarah’s permission to get married, and definitely can not be considered “ungrateful” for wanting to live her own life the way she chooses.

      • Saabgirlatx says:

        My issue with Haddie was that she went from being 15 to graduating high school in like one year. It was hard for me to process!

      • tp says:

        I’m very curious, do you have kids that age? You are correct that Amber doesn’t need her mom’s permission however Sarah is not in the wrong either. As a parent, you don’t have to agree with your kid’s decision to be supportive. That’s what a good parent does. You let them make their own decisions and be there for them if they don’t work out. Amber is being unreasonable to think that her mother has to agree with everything she does and cut her off when she doesn’t. Amber will soon find, as she did with Drew, that cutting people off because they don’t agree with you will have you alone. Some things you can only understand when you experience it.

    • Abby says:

      While I respect that you have an opinion on the matter, please also respect that I could NOT disagree with you more. Hopefully the writers don’t get rid of Amber, she’s a highlight every week. :)

  2. Sarah says:

    Are Amber and Ryan married already? Was that a glimpse of wedding ring we were seeing during the hug at the end?

    • amber says:

      That’s my guess since her expression in the hug was so distressed looking

    • Ram510 says:

      I was wondering the same thing.
      Also, are they trying to write Camille off like how they wrote off Haddie? I hope not.

    • Kim R says:

      I wondered that too. It was my first thought when they were hugging, that she had already gone ahead and eloped.

    • Abby says:

      They’re making sure her story so closely mirrors Sarah’s, that I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Great catch, I TOTALLY missed the ring!

    • Meg says:

      The ring plus the combination of Amber telling Sarah that her and Ryan “had a late night” the night before (celebrating their marriage?) makes me think they got married.

  3. shuayb says:

    Yeah with low paying jobs can make a life. I am one of them but in the show the Character Amber has a lot more potential so does Ryan but its so frustrating that they write them that way.

  4. Mark says:

    Tonight’s “mini-van” tension is a perfect example of when shows badly use product placement as part of their storytelling. Car company ads pop-up on Bones, tonight’s Parenthood, The Glades, and the funniest of all was during an episode of Royal Pains last summer — watching a two-time Tony winner exclaim “I hate wires” had nothing to do with the plot. It’s laughable!

    • Amanda says:

      I’m am getting really tired of Jasmine. Why on earth should she get to make the decision about what second car they keep? She’s getting the car she needs to tool around with the kids, let Crosby keep his ride for when he’s traveling sans kids. I do not like the dynamic between them anymore.

      • Abby says:

        I think the writers explained that she makes the decision about the car, which is potentially ball-busting, but then does NOT kill her husband when he gets day-drunk before dinner with her judgmental mother and brother, when she’s also relying on him to pick up diapers and other baby supplies, but he’s too drunk! Their dynamic is just fine, especially because he grew to actually LIKE the minivan. Way more room to have nookie in a minivan than in his old car or on his former Ducati!

  5. Eli says:

    Couple of comments. I really hope the lady with the deaf kid at the debate will turn out to be a plant by Kristina’s campaign manager, cause that whole scene was entirely too convenient/deus ex machina-y to be believable otherwise.
    Also regarding Amber and Sarah, am I the only one who feels it’s not just ok, but even natural, for parents to not have to necessarily agree with their childrens decisions, as long as they will still support the children no matter what? I thought Amber’s reaction was way out of line.
    Also, they keep bringing up that Ryan is like her dad, but nobody seems to consider that maybe Amber is the one who is like her dad? That maybe she’s the one who is most likely to spiral out?

    • tp says:

      You are not the only one. As I just said up thread, that’s good parenting. Amber is being totally unreasonable. The character is being written completely true to that age though. Some things can only be learned through experience as Camille pointed out. After all that stuff Ryan did just within the last year any parent would be skeptical. I was so glad that Drew called her out.

  6. Leslie says:

    Really getting tired of the Sarah flip flop with Amber getting married. Every week she starts off not on board, then it’s resolved by the end of the episode. Very annoying. Hopefully this was the last week of this happening, but I’m not putting $$ on that.

  7. Evan says:

    Too busy getting annoyed by Julia (Cause let’s face it everyone on this cast annoys us by our comments but that’s why we love the show too) as she still can’t fathom the possibility that right now Joel’s the one who’s in charge and she JUST CAN’T HANDLE IT!

    You are now the current stay at home parent. Suck it up and move on! And stop thinking your husband can’t possibly relate to go talk to this new guy when oh I don’t know, he’s been IN THAT ROLE SINCE THE SHOW STARTED!

    The sequence last week with her and Zeke drove me insane because while I knew she was fighting for her mom, she was really talking about herself and it was even more ridiculous over the idea that you hadn’t acted the opposite way toward your husband all this time and now you want sympathy for it.

    And Zeke’s still being a crabby old man over this whole condo thing.

    • Abby says:

      What do you mean “in charge”? I feel like Julia is generally always some level of annoying, but I think that right now it’s not that she think’s Joel’s in charge in their marriage, but that she doesn’t feel like she’s reaching her personal potential. Some women are just more comfortable working – Julia obviously wants to be a great mother and wife, but she’s also wants to be a career woman. I don’t think she’s reached suspicion levels of Pete yet – not from a “she’s stealing my husband from me” perspective – but they’re definitely setting up a really horrible time for Joel and Julia this year, as well as for their two bratty kids, who will hopefully be forced to grow up a little and get a clue (Sydney, specifically, who this season has been more annoying to me than Max ever was!)

      • Evan says:

        What I mean by “in charge” is she was always the breadwinner, and the one who because of it was making most decisions with Joel just really going along with what she had to say never truly putting his foot down. Now he’s the breadwinner, has the ability to speak up more, and its something she does not know how to deal with and I don’t even know if she realizes that’s how she thinks.

  8. tp says:

    I feel so sorry for Zeke and Camille. They just want different things. On one hand she wants to get out and travel the world and live like the childless couple they are. Going to museums, dining out and such. On the other hand Zeke wants a place he can putter around, fix things and enjoy his grandchildren at. Both will be miserable if they choose what the other wants. That has to suck. This is how people end up divorced after being married for 30+ years. :(

    • Abby says:

      I would be mortified if Zeke and Camille got divorced. I hope they sort of have a bad year, but settle into a pattern where she does go off and travels with friends or whatever when she wants to, and he stays behind and works on the car, etc. I know it would be realistic for them to grow apart and divorce, but I also know couples who lead different lives in a lot of ways but still love each other.

  9. missvci says:

    I hope that Hank and Sara do not get back together. The writers promised this season Sarah would focus on herself, and not any romantic relationships. I hope that stays true for at least the first half of the season.