The X Factor Recap: Restless Road Syndrome

X-Factor-Restless-RoadOn a purely surface level — which is most likely Simon Cowell’s ideal criteria for critique — The X Factor got plenty of things right with Tuesday night’s Top 16 performance show.

For starters, can I get a “huzzah” for the total absence of hokey backstories (or any backstories whatsoever)? And then, of course, we have to applaud the dramatic cutback in gruesome closeups of weeping child singers. (This time around, evicted contestants were quickly ushered out of the camera’s view, presumably to be met by a hooded figure who took them to a deserted lot and gave a lethal injection to their dreams of instant music stardom.)

Two massive problems, however, plagued the telecast. For starters, the sheer volume of performances (16 acts in the course of two hours!), left me feeling like a weary shopper who’d been cajoled into smelling too many department-store perfume samples. You know how it is: After you’ve inhaled eight or nine, your senses begin to shut down, and it gets to the point where you can barely tell gardenia from eucalyptus, a splash of citrus from a pile of dog excrement.

Adding to the feelings of numbness was the way the show’s mentors used adjectives like “amazing” and “star” to describe even the most mundane, middling performers — despite occasionally forgetting or badly mispronouncing said contestants’ names. (Demi botched Dani’s moniker, Paulina kept referring to Tim Olstad as “Olson,” and despite having allegedly mentored them this week, Simon blithely referred to one member of Roxxy Montana as “the one in the middle.”)

But back to the business at hand! Take Simon’s pre-fab country boy band Restless Road. Is there a market for a bro-beefcake trio confident enough in their collective sexuality to tackle Katy Perry’s “Roar”? Certainly! But unless somebody wants to hand out a trophy for Best Use of a Backing Track to Disguise One’s Vocal Shortcomings, I can’t fathom the way Simon, Demi, Paulina and even Kelly acted like the dudes were the second coming of Rascal Flatts. Is it just me?

Anyhow, because I had to pull double duty on X Factor and The Voice tonight, I’m gonna cut to the chase and rank each of the mentors’ three remaining acts with letter grades from least- to most-promising — while also revealing who got the axe:

3. Rion Paige, “Skyscraper” | Grade: B-
2. Ellona Santiago, “Till the World Ends” | Grade: B
1. Khaya Cohen, “Mercy” | Grade: B+

Danie Geimer, “Wrecking Ball” | Grade: C-

3. Tim Olstad, “Always” | Grade: C-
2. Carlos Guevara, “Don’t You Worry Child” | Grade: C
1. Carlito Olivero, “Maria, Maria” | Grade: C+

Josh Levi, “Only Girl in the World” | Grade: C

3. Jeff Gutt, “Try” | Grade: B-
2. Rachel Potter, “I Hope You Dance” | Grade: B-
1. Lillie McCloud, “When a Man Loves a Woman” | Grade: B+

James Kenney, “Red” | Grade: B

3. Sweet Suspense, “I Love It” | Grade: D
2. Restless Road, “Roar” | Grade: C-
1. Alex & Sierra, “Blurred Lines” | Grade: A-

Roxxy Montana, “Royals” | Grade C-

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s X Factor? Who were your favorites? Did you disagree with any of the judges’ decisions? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lala says:

    I think Roxxy Montana deserves a higher grade!

    • S. says:

      I think the exact opposite. That performance was a hot mess. The worst of the night.

      • Lala says:

        Compared to sweet suspense…wtf!

        • Mary says:

          Neither groups were great, but Sweet Suspense fits into today’s pop drivel more. The middle sister should of tried out buy herself because the other two aren’t great.

        • HTGR says:

          Sweet Suspense were the only ones who pulled it off. Maybe you hate that sort of pop but they totally pulled it off. They seemed to get the best crowd reaction too and had the largest live popularity tracking margin of the entire night! Roxxy had some hot mess vocals, especially near the end, when harmonies went all sorts of wonky (although Restless Road were seemingly even worse in that regard and didn’t have any of the pluses that Roxxy had, but they are country, guys, one has a deep voice and is young so there you go, instant reality tv votes regardless of talent). Restless Road were actually my least favorite. I’d have Roxxy in third.

      • David says:

        Yep total trainwreck

  2. Kaba says:

    Just saw a recap online.
    I can’t deal with Demi this season.
    I dunno what sense it makes to give a girl, who sang “HOTRS” and “Georgia On My Mind”. WRECKING BALL of all songs. Though it makes clear sense to Demi. And then Rion is getting a fat platter of sympathy.
    I actually agree with Paulina’s choice…though I still don’t think those were the right guys…even if the guys suck regardless. Can this infatuation with mushmouth Guevera end?
    Kelly is the only one who made sense to me tonight and even still she had a hard decision. Lillie McCloud had her time and had much success and doesn’t need to be on the show. At the same time her voice is just a giant helping of “YESSS” meanwhile the guy eliminated was just as good…whatever.

    Sweet Suspense….I’ll give them one more week to return to the land of harmonies and proper singer, the one they were 2 weeks ago.
    I just want Alex and Sierra off the show…I can’t even tell what they get votes for anymore. For being such an adorable couple or because they’re actually good.

    I hope Demi get’s a Spears sendoff after this season. She’s terrible.
    I pray Kelly maintains this “XfactorUK” mindset and doesn’t start thinking all corporate like the rest are.
    “who’s going to be a star? Who’s going to be the next 1D?” it’s tiresome. I’m glad Xfactoruk doesn’t focus on that junk.

    • Don Viajero says:

      I agree that Danie really got shafted when it came to song selection. It was almost as if they were looking for a way to get rid of her

      • Mary says:

        I don’t think it would of been bad if they got rid of music track. Way to loud and the beat was off.
        It also hurt her because it was a new song and people were comparing it to the original, Strip down it would of been fine.

      • HuggyBear says:

        Plus coming after the high energy performance of Ellona. Watching lawrence Welk would be better…

      • ThatBob says:

        Whoever gave her that song (I assume it was one of the Producers; I doubt Demi gets to do more than listen and comment and that constitutes “mentoring”) should be fired. She did fine with powerful, deep bluesy songs — that whiny, upper register pop track was clearly a bad choice for her voice.

      • HTGR says:

        I thought the whole and you love test tubes and books don’t you, well the problem is we want someone people will like was a pretty di## thing for Simon to go on about. OK, talk about xfactor and pop energy but to go about it that way, come on man, WTH.

      • MC says:

        That was certainly one of the worst song selections for anyone in the history of talent shows. That leaves Ellona as the clear favorite among the girls imo. I think the producers may have decided that Danie would siphon too many votes from Ellona down the line. Danie definitely played the role of sacrificial lamb this week. The good news is I actually like Ellona and she can could be great as time goes on.

  3. Don Viajero says:

    I thought the judges basically got it right. Those who gave the weakest performances in each category went home. The pity is that I still think both Danie and James were better than pretty much all the Boys (except maybe Carlito). Of course, knowing Simon, one of those two will probably be brought back next week.

    I do agree with you that Alex & Sierra gave the best performance of the night. I strongly disagree that Sweet Suspense gave the worst. That honor goes to either Roxxy Montana or Josh, both of whom pretty much butchered their songs.

  4. lex says:

    Demi and the other judges don’t pick the songs, the producers do

  5. trev says:

    I think James Kenney should’ve stayed. I feel like Jeff stayed because he’s been on the show twice so he’s had a longer chance to build his audience. Alex and Sierra were great and I thought Carlito was really sexy.

  6. Lauren R says:

    I have no clue what anybody sees in ‘Sweet Suspense’..they were given a song that probably anybody could sing, didn’t interact with each other at all (were all kind of just doing their own things), and had no real harmonies at all! Ugh. I don’t think it made sense to put through three girls that barely know each other over a group of sisters who, despite a real rocky performance, at least have some potential!

    And although I absolutely HATE the rape song (‘Blurred Lines’ by creepy mccreep creep), Alex and Sierra were by far the best of the night–they’re an act I actually really look forward to hearing, and have yet to be disappointed by them–I think their arrangements are fantastic, and have both proven their pipes are incredible (their ‘cute’ chemistry is just a bonus)!!

    I think sending Josh home was the right move, although I don’t see Tim going very far at all in the competition (doesn’t matter though, at least he has a descent voice and is weird and interesting enough to watch).

    Definitely felt bad for James Kenney, I loved the guy, and don’t think he got enough credit!! Kelly did have a tough choice though–tough category to compare to one another..and poor Danie Geimer, I have no idea what it was (oh wait, yes I do, Demi, and the song choice..and probably nerves..) but gosh, her performance was pretty painful to watch..just re-watched her ‘Georgia On My Mind’ performance, though, and boy, is it sad to see that voice go!

    That being said, nothing/no one else was really incredibly exciting or anything, but I am looking forward to seeing how next week plays out, to a good number of performances, and how voting goes once the categories are pitted against each other! :)

    • Maria says:

      Hahahaha…loved the line “And although I absolutely HATE the rape song (‘Blurred Lines’ by creepy mccreep creep)”…I loved Alex and Sierra’s performance but never knew the words till I looked it up just now…agreed, creepy.

  7. Lli says:

    This week is the worst. They should have a top 12 instead.

  8. Kevin C. says:

    Given the massive amounts of autotuning and processing in every single Rascal Flatts song, I think over-reliance on backing tracks is good practice for being their second coming.

  9. RS says:

    This show had devolved into a parody of itself and looking at the ratings… Its a good thing this will be it’s last season.

  10. Annie says:

    I agree with all of your grades, except I thought Alex and Sierra’s was dreadfully sleepy and Khaya’s performance was hard to watch (and listen to for that matter).

  11. Lala says:

    Roxxy Montana >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Restless Road and Sweet Suspense. Whatever to those who disagree

  12. Ray says:

    What was Simon thinking giving two of his groups the top songs from billboard and one of them is a country group. Royals was royally butchered with pitch problems. And a bunch of cowboys singing Roar? And Simon gave that a standing ovation.

  13. Mary says:

    Gee Michael I thought you were generous with the grades on the girls, none of them stood out for me. I know she did not do well, but I would of kept Danie and let Rion go. Groups I am happy with, except the cuties couple are going to get on my nerves I can tell. None of the boys were great but I would of kept Josh and let Carlos or Tim go. Over 25 sorry I would of let Lillie go, and keep James. Lillie can sing but Simon hit the nail on the head, she is dated.

    • Tess says:

      I pretty much agree with Mary on every sentiment – preferred Danie over Rion, like the group choices (but yes A&S need to tone down their lovey-dovey-ness or they will lose voters quickly), I would’ve kept Josh over Carlos even though Josh wasn’t so good this week either, and I would’ve kept James over any of the other Over’s really since the other three feel dated and/or are bland to me.

  14. Eric7740 says:

    I am loving The X-Factor this season!!! So much better than The Voice (which I am not watching this season) IMO, the talent on the X-Factor is so much better than the talent on The Voice this season, all you Voice watchers should be watching X-Factor!!!

    • Beth T says:

      This is sarcasm… right? o_0

      I guess “emotional” is the X-factor synonym for “pitchy”…

    • Kaba says:

      Pardon my language.
      But if that’s actually how you feel you are deaf beyond all damn repair and stupid as hell :/

    • Maddiemac says:

      I watch both, I think you should watch the voice to make such comments like that. Now that both are in the live shows, the talent in the voice is unbelievable! X factor caters to entertaiment while voice caters to the talentsof the singers! Don’t knock something without watching. I started watching X factor first and binge watch the voice in two days because it was that good!!!!

  15. HuggyBear says:

    I really enjoyed the X-Factor last night. It was fast moving, no back stories, etc. Paulina is NOT a good fit for show. All 16 acts like a self service check out line… songs were relevant and today’s hits on the charts. IMO Got it right with Danie. Should of kept Josh and got rid of Tim or Carlos. Should of kept James and got rid of Lillie. Just from the people weighing in Roxxy Montana was right to go… but I perfer their performance to that country boy group. I don’t like it when they gave each contestant a chance to beg to keep them… Jeff sob begging about his son needs me to win this.

  16. Grumpy Ole' Lady says:

    I realize I’m not in the target demographic for this program, but Alex and Sierra, to me, were the best of the night. They are different and I like that. If you take away the cutesie factor, their vocals are still among the strongest of the bunch.

  17. RD says:

    Whoa. That was all really really bad.
    After watching some class acts on The Voice this lot are just a joke. All the judges must be tone deaf.

  18. RandDuren says:

    “ushered out… by a hooded figure who took them to a deserted lot and gave a lethal injection to their dreams of instant music stardom.”

    A.K.A. Steve Jones

  19. Lana says:

    Michael was your audio messed up when restless sang Roar, I thought they gave it a good country flavor and did a good job. They do have some work but I heard Fifth Harmony on one of the talk shows just recently and they are leaps and bounds better than when they were on X Factor, but on X Factor they showed great promise and so does Restless. I love Lillie’s voice but I too, think her time has come and gone and Kelly should have gone with James. On the girls, Demi is still not a good mentor so I don’t see anything great there. I love Alex and Sierra, their voices are fantastic, especially Sierra’s and I love their personalities and their chemistry. I enjoy seeing that kind of Love and wish more people had that kind of love. I know it can come across as cheesy but that may be actually how they are every day. As for the boys Carlos is just okay for me, but I like him way better than Carlito! Tim has my favorite voice and I love hearing him sing, however his personality is a little to small for the stage. He needs to come out of his shell more, its hard for the shy ones as we found out with vocal powerhouse Dani whose voice I love but was cut by Demi.

  20. GumboTevin says:

    This show would be greatly improved if it were winnowed down to 3 minutes. All the acts could perform at once and then all the judges could critique them all at once. Theiy could air the whole thing during a jumbo commercial break on a rerun of Cheers. It would probably get better ratings that way. And they could keep their same terrible sound mix engineer. Everybody wins!

  21. Maris says:

    I would complain about Danie getting eliminated but I’m tired from most of my favorites getting kicked out this week (from the voice too) but I had to come here to say
    Rachel Potter’s voice is like a country version of Lea Michele and now I can’t unhear it

  22. Grumpy Ole' Lady says:

    I had a lot of hope for The X Factor, having watched it from England via YouTube, but I’ve been really disappointed with Simons choices. This season reeks of desperation; it’s a program without a real direction coming from its creator.
    This isn’t a singing/talent contest as much as a reality show, so why don’t we have more chances to see what the contestants are like “behind the scenes”? Like what AI did with Kellie Pickler and Wolfgang Puck? I ended up liking Kelly a lot through that scene; I felt I got to know her a bit, and as seldom as I watched AI that scene stands out in my memory years later. XF could do the same thing, without the gruesome back stories.
    Anyone who’s ever tried out for XF knows there was a lot more talent than was ever televised but they didn’t make it through the first few producers audition rounds. There were at least two young people I met in NOLA that had the looks, the singing talent, and the personality to make it to the end, but they didn’t make it to the judges auditions. But the joke acts did. What I’m left with thinking is that they simply didn’t want anyone from NOLA to win. This year they seemed to have quite an agenda, but danged if I know what it was.
    I watched most of the program muted (I was multitasking), and switched to The Voice afterward. Don’t get me wrong–I wanted XF to be successful, but that’s not going to happen if the way things were last night is any indication.

  23. Dan says:

    Wait, so 16 performances on this show was too much, and yet there’s been 16 performances on “The Voice” for the past two nights!

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah so they finally cut all the backstory BS and the non-stop preview/review on The Voice and now suddenly it all performances is bad? I mean come on, you can hate the show, and there may be reasons to, but this sure wasn’t one and it speaks of someone who is just trashing to trash and not even trying to keep it real.
      I could see being down on the overall talent after having just watched The Voice, but to trash this? That honestly seems even faker to me than anything on xfactor.

  24. JON says:

    Danie was my favorite girl. Darn.

  25. gio88 says:

    i think royals for roxy montana was a terrible song choice , the same for restless road!i was impressed by elona santiago!

  26. Jake says:

    I haven’t watched much this season, but based on last night, the only acts I would give a hoot about hearing again are Khaya Cohen, Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt, and Alex & Sierra. The rest were middling or terrible. Demi’s critique to Carlos was a spot-on summary of this show’s dependence on spectacle rather than vocals: that she couldn’t hear his vocal, but that she thought it was amazing. I hadn’t really watched before, and now I don’t plan to continue with this show.

  27. darcy the slutty twin says:

    They delivered a dreadful performance, but the last guy who sang from Restless Road was scorching hot! I could tolerate their horrible singing if he would be shirtless every week! The “Boys” category is pure garbage. That Carlito dude does nothing for me and is a total mush mouth, that chubby kid just loves to sing off-pitch and Tim is delusional about his range. Why does he always sing high notes that veer off pitch? Jeff Gutt disgusted me by mentioning his son; this is not a charity show! James was better and hotter, although I could do without the hairstyle. Rion is the weakest of the girls. Blech.

  28. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Forgot to add: Alex and Sierra GET A ROOM! Their contrived cutesy act is horrible and it just comes off as them wanting to have sex onstage.

  29. I’ve enjoyed this season on “X-Factor”. I stopped watching “American Idol” after the invasion of the sows from this past season – and the changes in the judging are not enough to bring me back. As I hadn’t seen “The Voice” prior to this season, I watched a couple episodes – it is one of the worst shows ever conceded – whether it is Blake or that bloated chocolate kiss with sunglasses, the show is wretched. The concept is mangled and muddled and the talent is entirely secondary on that show.

    With that said, I find “Restless Road” to be refreshing – yes there are vocal parts that need work, but having only been together for a month or two, these guys bring an intensity to performances that none can match on this show.

    With regard to that “duo” in the group area, they are wretched. I can’t stand watching them – can’t stand their voices – they are so sugary and sweet – I want to hurl when they are on.

    The chick “trio” whatever they are called are very weak – you have three true soloists that don’t mesh well together.

    If “Restless Road’ can stay true to their kind of music and can improve, they will take this year just like last year was another strong country performer. There really is not anything like RR in the country segment and they will bring in a younger demographic which is not a bad thing. Simon Cowell for all his flaws knows what he is doing – X-Factor is not a bad show and should be drawing higher ratings. It is less gimmick than the four toilet seat show and the show of past their prime barnyard animals on American Idol.

  30. David says:

    Awful show. Boring judges with the same old comments and faux drama we’ve heard for years. Every time I heard amazing, I just had a vision of people playing BritBrit music to drive off Somali pirates. The talent is mediocre at best. I too couldn’t stand when they kept telling people they were going to be huge stars. The worst thing is these nobodies believe it – even after seeing the history of the XFUS and other recent shows. It was obvious who should’ve gone in each foursome…but can’t help but thinking many of the people who left The Voice were better than the XF. The overs and Simon’s beloved manufacturered groups were the strongest. And can we please stop calling adults in their 20s ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ – Whats up with that . Under 5 million proves this show should be on the verge of cancellation. Mario can’t compare to the hosts in the UK and Aus either. This is going to be a LOOONG season…AGGGGGAAAAIIIINNN. Why can’t they recruit better singers? Better judges???? #Disaster

    • David says:

      YOUR GRADES JUST PROVED WHAT I SAID…Not a single A and one A-. This is the final 12!!! Are you telling me these were the top 3 male and female singers in the country. I thought I was imagining things or my TV needed tuning

    • HTGR says:

      ” And can we please stop calling adults in their 20s ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ – Whats up with that ”
      You sound like you are 50 plus. It’s not that 60’s/70s era were it was a sin and demeaning to call anyone over 18 a girl. It’s the era where someone 20 may or may not give you a dirty look if you call them a woman, since that implies, OLD, not youthful and energetic, 35 or 40 or more, etc. Almost everyone for the last 20 years in college (and quite a few, if certainly not all, even deep into 20s these days, sometimes even into 30s) uses “guys and girls” and not “men and woman” like in the 70s,60s and when using girl had a potentially bad and often very different sort of connotation.

  31. HuggyBear says:

    I knew Paulina would be bad in the live show. She calls Tim Olstad, Tim Olson and other can’t pronounce words. She brings NOTHING! Get any person off the street and they would be better than that.

  32. Jim Welker says:

    Rion is ok…but enough is enough! Danie leaves? Also, before Ashley Williams was eliminated and Rion stayed! Are they gonna pity her forever????? I picked AKNU ( eliminated..A JOKE ) and Santiago to be the two finalists with AKNU winning! The best finalist doesn’t win! Santiago can sing and has very good showmanship! Simon has a lot of influence (AMORO (not sure of spelling) remember? He will probably win with his country group and that’s a shame as they are not THAT GOOD! So, Santiago could make the final! Lillie pretty god as well! At least rhey eliminate on the same day as they perform….I like that!

  33. Becky says:

    @ Michael Sleazak
    XFactor seems so contrived. It is missing an element. Sort of like the soap operas whose children start off at 7 or 8 and 2 years later they are 25. We are missing growth from this show. And Demi is just not mentor material, Danni should of not been given the opportunity to look that bad. I like when they build up to a stage with dancers or a choir. That they come out much later. if ever. And they are finally becoming fashion forward. Just like a career you build up to it.
    It just seems so empty.
    On the other hand because of the battle grounds a d the knockouts and thd different choices the voice seems like a better fitting show for America.

  34. dj says:

    I only watched the first half of this show, but it seemed like a hot mess. Along with the goofs Michael mentioned, they also showed the same guy twice and another guy not at all when they introduced them prior to the elimination decision. It just seems like a bad show, an amateurish show. The singing was not good, they have sound problems, the judges/mentors can’t even remember their own contestants’ names. Its only value to me at this point is as something to gawk at, like a trainwreck.

  35. HTGR says:

    Wow, man you really do grade the contestants on shows you dislike on a much harsher scale than on AI. Other than the girls apparently, who you seemed to grade on an AI scale if not higher for some reason.
    Sure the girls were generally weak compared to what we are seeing on The Voice this season, fair enough, although Ellona at least had some decent pop star xfactor sort of appeal so she wasn’t bad, really the only worth watching after The Voice. I was a bit let down by Khaya, I don’t see a B+ there.
    And OK now yeah the and the boys were weaker so Cs or what not is fine.
    But what the heck with the grades for the over 25s? The show finally came totally alive when they performed! Rachel Potter was amazing and totally came back. Jeff Gutt was cool too. How does James who was the blandest and most ordinally of the four, although not bad at all really, get higher than Jeff and Rachel??? What on earth???
    Jeff and Rachel and Lillie wouldn’t be out of place on The Voice this season. Pretty much everyone else would. So how the heck did you mark them lower than the girls? What happened to your initial talk that Rachel had a shot to win it all? The first half of the show was dull and then when it comes to life you mark them lower?
    And how the heck did you give Sweet Suspense the lowest grade when they were the only group that really pulled it off?
    Roxxy had some cool stuff but a lot of horrible misses when the other two tried to harmonize in, they were clearly in the bottom two running.
    Restless Road had a LOT of vocal misses. I don’t know what the heck Simon was going on about. Well actually I do. They saw how an average Tate ate up the country viewer votes so he figured well why not three Tates, only this time half his age and then why not one with the deep Scotty notes so all the tweens faint and vote like mad when they wake up and even the female judges lose their minds (I mean even Kelly, who had mostly been as honest as should could, suddenly lost all sense of reality).
    So looks like bad things coming, the over pimping of Scotty now arrives at xfactor and combine it with the voters, maybe the show is a lost cause…. then again despite the insane pimping of them their live viewer ratings actually fell after they performed while Sweet Suspense rose even higher at the end. Did he not see that after the massive pimping on Idol S10 that it all started to fade away ever since? And now he want to do this to XFactor?
    What do you think a modern pop girl group is? What Sweet Suspense delivered. The crowd ate it up. The viewership put them on top by a mile. They didn’t mess up the vocals as much as Roxxy did in the end or Restless did throughout much of the whole thing.
    I don’t know what the heck Simon was doing, when he said he two easy decisions, how that ended up being Restless and A&S, did he not hear what the judges had just said about Sweet Suspense, what he said himself after they performed, see the viewer tallies? I get why Restless would’ve been one of the automatics, not on talent by any means, but by voting patterns of viewers of the show, but what the heck was he thinking almost dumping a group that was voted live a larger relative winner than any other contestant the entire night?
    Alex and Sierra weren’t bad, but it wasn’t all that special and eventually they may seem seem too much like the one note cutesy semi-hipster thing and wear out their welcome. Yeah not to bad but how do they get the highest grade of the night??

  36. SS says:

    You always devote so much time to recapping the voice and talking about it on your show with Melinda, but you hardly write anything on X factor of talk about it much at all :(

  37. Jim Welker says:

    To make this show enjoyable to watch….PLEASE, PLEASE BRING BACK AKNU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Corinna says:

    I thought Sweet Suspense had a great performance!! I thought their performance was better than ask the others who “performed” the energy in that place was awesome when those girls took the stage. The song they sang “I love It” didn’t show then off vocally because it was the song, not them! Did you hear them sing Wishing On A Star?? Omg, their harmonies were fantastic for only being together for a few weeks!! Sorry but I think Sweet Suspense will make Simon Cowell a lot of money then any of the other contestants/groups.

  39. Megyn says:

    This season, I’ve been watching both the U.S. and U.K. versions of The X Factor, and the U.K. version is far superior. It has better singers, better judges, and better production values.

  40. Sandy says:

    The groups are soooo bad, I was literally cringing! Restless Road was sooooo bad!! What the heck is wrong with Simon Cowel! Why in the world are they all saying these people are “super stars!” And, I’m sorry, I know this wont be popular, but that one young girl is getting BIG pity votes…’s uncomfortable to watch her. Can’t stand that Lilly woman. The on,y one on that whole show who is worth listening to is the one young brunette girl with they unique voice. She’s great. All the rest, ugh.

  41. Twiggy says:

    I am wanting them to bring back Victoria Grigger who was eliminated from the Over 25’s. You know who I am talking about Kelly!! She has an awsome voice! She needed this show to help move forward in her singing! She has 8 kids to support…this was her chance! Lilly Mcloud will get picked up by a record lable regardless if she wins or not! Really X Factor bring back the “Wildcard” and give Victoria a chance!!

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah she was better than any of the boys or girls (although Ellona has some pop star factor to her at least) and groups (although Sweet also have some pop energy and stage presence).
      I have to disagree about Lilly getting a contract whether she wins or not though, it’s a very ageist business and she would be lucky to get someone even thinking of giving her a call. Yeah Susan Boyle did it, but she also did broadway stuff a lot where she was able to get away with it and became a worldwide youtube phenomenon.

  42. Lilia says:

    I love both shows, the voice and x factor.
    I don’t get the hate on Restless road, they are making me want to turn into a country fan. I also like Lillie Mc cloud, Rachel Potter and Eleona Santiago. None of the boys contestants is good and their mentor is even worse. I really hope the show isn’t cancelled.

    And as for the voice I’m so team Christina this season.

  43. Jane says:

    I don’t think those grades are accurate at all in my opinion, but that’s just it, it’s my opinion. I get that’s how you view their performances but not everyone likes what you like so it’s not really fair to post such poor “grades” and influence people who didn’t get a chance to watch it because I personally loved Restless Road (and btw Sweet Suspense does not deserve a D).

  44. HTGR says:

    Wow Xfactor has totally jumped the shark! Out of all the groups, guess which group the wild card comes from?? THE far and away weakest of all of the groups! the boys group! WTH? Why not Ashley or at least James?? Or I mean anyone from any but the super weak boys group.

  45. HTGR says:

    Ugh Simon has become the new Randy. King of fake. I,, country hater, of all people, actually loves a country singer for once, which has to say something good about the singer in question, and then he trashes them to bits (probably as Kelly said just because he sees her as a threat to his new country boy band). Boring as heck Tate or Restless Road he is like the next Whitney and MJ combined over them, of course or his boy band last season where he was agreeing with LA Reid that they were basically bigger than the Beatles. Yeaahhhh.

  46. HTGR says:

    Restless Road actually had a decent start and harmonies this time I admit, but the lead, guy in the middle, at the end, was a disaster, pitchy all over the place warbling, a wreck and of course Simon doesn’t even note that despite have trashed Rachel Potter over nothing (I guess because she is the only other country act around and his only country threat). At least Paulino had the honesty and guts to stand up to it and majorly call him out on the pitchiness and Kelly at least semi-mentioned that the lead needs to be better so they kept it a bit real.

  47. HTGR says:

    Wow so not only does Simon bash Rachel Potter to bits he then gives Alex and Sierra’s phone number for Rachel Potter! They listed the wrong number for Rachel and gave her A+S’s number instead. (and then at the very end of the show they have Mario add in a quick, please verify all voting numbers online, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky).

    • HTGR says:

      Man sloppy tonight, maybe the budget it too low, or it is tricks, but they also gave the wrong number for Khaya too and also gave her Simon’s team’s number.

  48. HTGR says:

    Overall much better than last week, many settled back into form tonight.

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