Nashville Recap: Just Horsin' Around

Nashville Season 2 RecapJuliette puts the “low” in polo during this week’s Nashville, when the fickle little filly attends a match and can’t keep her hooves off another woman’s stallion. Elsewhere, Zoey reaps the rewards of being very direct, Scarlett’s future is sealed with a kiss and Rayna wears a really big hat. Let’s review what happened in “It Must Be You.”

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KEYED UP | Megan rolls out of Deacon’s bedroom to find him, tousled but focused, plunking away at the piano and singing. Guys, Deacon is writing songs again! Yay! She interrupts to invite him a work event: the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match, which her firm sponsors. He makes a joke about preferring to undergo a root canal rather than hobnob with the city’s old-money set, she teases that he’s a “reverse snob,” and then they both act like they wouldn’t be bothered if she went with someone else.

Meanwhile, at Casa Jaymes, Rayna wraps an interview with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts, then alerts Scarlett that she’ll be singing for critics and other influential people that night at The Bluebird. I think Scarlett is, true to character, nervous about all of the attention, but I’m distracted by her pigtails. Did howler monkeys with ADD braid them? I know I comment on the beautiful Clare Bowen’s even more beautiful tresses every. single. week., but I mean, am I just supposed to ignore the way the blonde bounty is coming at me from four different angles? Between Greasy Gunnar from last season and Braids-a-million Scarlett this season, I’m starting to think that everyone in the Nashville hair trailer is messing with me.

THE MANE EVENT | Little does Deacon know, pretty much everyone he’s ever met in his career is also in attendance at the match. Rayna and Tandy go to chat up potential investors in Highway 65, but it turns out that no one wants to associate themselves with the daughters of Lamar Wyatt – and, by proxy, his illegal activities. Tandy has some sharp words for one detractor, then has the temerity to act offended when Rayna very subtly asks for confirmation that Tandy wasn’t involved in anything related to their father’s arrest. (Good lord, when has anyone in that family ever kept a secret that didn’t come out? Get ahead of the curve and come clean, Tandy!)

Deacon, of course, shows up – and he’s pleased to see that Megan is also flying solo. “I figured you figured I’d show,” he says. Luke Wheeler is there, too; he’s got horses in the match. He and Deacon go way back, as is evidenced by some good-natured teasing. Luke’s mustering up the courage to ask Deke about whether he and Rayna are still a thing, but then Megan interrupts and the conversation ends. It’s a trick she repeats later, when the two seconds that Rayna and Deacon are together in this episode come to an awkward halt as she approaches. Geez, lawyer lady, learn to read a moment. Later, Megan announces, “I’m not threatened by her, Deacon,” which is enough of a turn-on that they engage in straddle-y grointimes on his couch.

FASCINATOR, I BARELY KNOW ‘ER! | Juliette arrives at the polo match wearing a yellow fascinator and a confused look: She’s not sure who invited her, seeing as how Nashville’s old guard doesn’t tend to like her kind of rich. Everything becomes clear when Charlie Wentworth, her rich, married hook-up from Maryland, sees her. He invited her – he’s riding in the match, and oh heeeeeeeeey there his pretty young wife Olivia! Liv grabs Juliette and marches her away for some girl talk and, awesome-wise, the look on Ju’s face as she retreats is second only to what she yells at him as she later shuts down his advances. (“According to Wikipedia, that horn means the game’s about to start!” Ha!)

But Charlie’s a relentless bugger. He strongarms Teddy into asking Juliette to be the face of the city’s upcoming music festival. He swears that although he’s rich, he’s not happy – and implies that Olivia is a shrew. And he turns on the charm by having Ju hang out with him and his crew in the stables, where they swig beer and break into an impromptu rendition of her song, “Hypnotizing.”

While the paddock hootenanny is going on, Charlie’s not around to pick up his team’s trophy – and Olivia certainly notices. Juliette inadvertently spies on the Wentworths just in time to see Mrs. slap Mr. and say she’s leaving town with the jet.

THE INEVITABLE | Rayna happens to witness Charlie and Juliette walking together, and in yet another instance of Rayna-as-Juliette’s-surrogate-mom, she calls her former tour mate out on hanging around with a married man. Her reason behind the concern is valid but preachy: Women make up the bulk of country music fans, and they don’t really like it when women they admire shag other women’s husbands. Juliette spits back that Rayna can forget about having Scarlett join her tour as an opening act. Oops.

That evening, Juliette shows up at Charlie’s hotel and suggests that they work together on the music festival. He counter-suggests a planning meeting in his suite, and slips her a key. So of course she slinks up there, shimmies out of her clothes and tosses her head back in ecstasy as Charlie gives her the ol’ London Eye, if you know what I mean. They’re both so into it that they don’t realize Olivia, who didn’t leave after all, let herself into the room just long enough to realize what’s up, then sneak out. Not good, Ju. Not good at all.

MIXED DOUBLES | Gunnar and Avery listen to their song, mixed in Juliette’s state-of-the-art studio, and they’re happy with how it came out. Aw, Avery and Gunnar are totally my favorite couple on this show at the moment. Elsewhere, Zoey is being weird about having broken the girl code and slept with Gunnar, even though he insists that he really likes her. And Scarlett, yet again freaked by the idea that being a performer means that people are going to watch her/have opinions about her, winds up sleeping with Avery at his place. For comfort? Old times? A rekindling of their relationship? It’s unclear. (I want to hate this development, guys, but Nashville has done such a thorough character rehab on Avery that I just can’t. Nice job, writers.)

Later that night, Scarlett kills it at her Bluebird show. She closes with the delicate, moony ballad “Every Time I Fall in Love,” then accepts accolades from the crowd – which includes Luke Wheeler. Outside, Luke walks Rayna to her car, kisses her and says he’ll take Scarlett on as an opening act… only partly because he wants to see Ray out on the road.

Back inside, Avery and Scarlett agree to take it slowly, while Zoey and Gunnar… do the opposite. Having realized that her bestie might be getting back together with Avery, Zoey flings off the constraints of the girl code and alerts Gunnar to the fact that she wants to get with him. He’s confused by what she means. “It means you should kiss me now, you idiot,” she replies, and he does as he’s told.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. rod says:

    Was Will on this episode? Im only watchihg for him.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Not a very exciting episode but I’m enjoying Avery and Gunner working together. To bad all the bed hopping is probably going to ruin that.

    • Shanag says:

      I feel like Avery and Gunner need friendships in their life at this point and not romantic attachments (at least not with someone who is you ex-we are talking about you Scarlett, and not a boring “best friend” like Zoey). They are both struggling artists, and it’s fun and interesting enough to watch their dynamic as such without adding this bed hopping thing to the mix.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Funny thing about last nights episode was everyone was getting laid :-) And OT do they think anyone cares anything about Teddy and his not so pregnant fiance’

  3. Mark says:

    WHY CAN’T JULIETTE AND RAYNA BE FRIENDS??? Ugh. It’s always one step forward, three steps back with them. I can’t stand it. I hate them as enemies.

    Was pretty surprised that the wife found out already about the affair.

    • They aren’t meant to be friends. I don’t think of them as enemies either. They’re competitors but they each have some grudging respect for the other and I like that. It’s a lot more interesting than having them sit around braiding each other’s hair.

      • Shira G says:

        I agree. Just because they are two women it doesn’t mean they have to be either BFF or enemies? They can be simply colleagues. They are in totally different stages in their lives, they come from different backgrounds, they have different taste in music…they just don’t have that in common to become best friends, but at the same time the fact they went on tour together and showed compassion to each other in times of need. That’s good enough for me, and I also enjoy that relationship this was. It’s always fun and interesting how two completely different people interact.

  4. Fernando says:

    I wish this whole season would have been like the first two episode, I really thought it was improving but once again Nashville has become slow and boring. Come on this show has so much potential but it isn’t being used. Will is the only person I care for right now and his romance story really hasn’t kicked in yet. I hope they start exploring his sexuality already.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m really disappointed that they haven’t explored Will more. Great opportunity lost.

    • Shira G says:

      Wasn’t crazy about this episode but thought the last episode was great and so were the first 2 (think that episode 3 and 4 had their moments but were not as good). Think the Will thing is a slow burn story, and it makes sense. This is a character who is so driven, that it will be much more effective (and tragic) if the question of his sexually will come out after he achieve some of his career goals. Already saw in the synopsis for next 2 episodes that it’s going to be explored a little more

  5. Cassie says:

    Loved the recap…I missed that Charlie’s wife saw him & Ju and they didn’t see her. That does not bode well!

  6. Rose says:

    Terrible episode.

  7. JT says:

    I haven’t seen this episode yet. It sounds like a boring one after reading the recap. I got back in the show because of Will and Gunnar, friendship. I liked how they showed the friendship between the guys. They also have nice chemistry. Do you guys think Gunnar, and Will can repair their friendship? Because if and when Will’s sexuality comes out he going to need someone to turn to. I hope it Gunnar, because he going to need a friend. To help him through this. I liked their scenes in episode two. It showed their friendship and the nice chemistry they had together.
    I’m glad to see Avery and Scarlett, are having scenes together because they are my favorite couple. Besides the friendship of Will and Gunnar.

    • Shira G says:

      Think Will and Gunner will be able to repair their friendship, once Will’s sexuality will become a “thing” and once Gunner gain some more confidence

  8. Shanag says:

    Ok, let’s all agree it wasn’t Nashville’s finest hour (to say the least) especially since last week was such a great episode.

    Having said that, it was not as bad as the promo suggested, and it’s not the first and probably not the last time. Something in the ABC promo department is just wrong when it comes to Nashville. I mean, from the beginning of the season we had some really great episodes that got Nashville back on track by focusing on the music business and what it means being an artist. But to judge by ABC’s promo for Nashville what we saw was only family drama and bed hopping. This is not REVENGE or SCANDAL, and if ABC has decided not to support Nashville the least they can do is stop selling it as something it’s not and by doing so moving, in the eyes of the viewer, the side stories to the front. It confuses ALL viewers and doesn’t help boost the rating. The reason for it is that those who like these sort of promo will be disappointed of Nashville since it’s juicy but not THAT juicy, and the other that don’t like will just leave because they’ll believe Nashville is not their kind of thing. The promo for next episode is no better and I know that there are going to be lots of stuff (good stuff) that they don’t even mention in the promo that those of us we love Nashville the way it is are dying to see!!

    So, ABC, back off and LET NASHVILLE BE NASHVILLE!!

    • Love me some Deacon! says:

      I know – they talk about “all the bed-hopping” in the commercials and it makes it sound so nasty when it’s really just a few couples and want-to-be-couples and then, of course, Juliette doing her thing. The ads made it sound like trash.

      • Shanag says:

        They are just killing the show for no good reason!! Even T Bone Burnett admit that ABC are doing their best to turn Nashville into somothing it’s not and that it’s really a bloody war (or at least it was in the first season) between Callie Khouri and ABC

        • Love me some Deacon! says:

          I really hope that if they can’t pull it through to another season that they at least end up with Rayna and Deacon together and Tandy in jail – lol

      • Sally says:

        I have to agree with the whole marketing and interference. Most of the “networks” have a similar feel running through their shows, but in my opinion, ABC is the most egregious. Why they want all of their shows to be the same in tone is beyond me. I realize ratings drives $$, but this course of action seems to be creating an exodus.

        I still love the show, Connie Britton & Callie Khouri, but it feels like the show-runners are being pressured to throw a bunch of gunk (i.e.; story lines and characters) on the wall to see what will stick! I wish they would trust the creativity of the writers/producers/actors, as well as the fans that brought them to a 2nd season. Faithful fans do help to create a buzz, especially when the actors and story lines are compelling and realistic, not to mention the music scenes so good!

        I am growing weary and concerned that this plethora of new story lines and characters is going to obscure the heart of this show. They have such gems in terms of Callie Khouri, Connie Britton and Nashville (the city, the music scene, etc.). I’m not giving up on Nashville, but I am very concerned about the direction and prospect of the future of this series.

        Have to say I am in the minority in that I like the flirtation between Rayna Jaymes and Luke Wheeler, although his name and Rayna Jaymes saying “Thanks for letting me crash your party”, was kind of corny. Hayden’s portrayal of Juliette is always entertaining. I do not like Scarlett or Clare’s voice, but clearly I’m in the minority, as they keep increasing her screen presence.

        • Love me some Deacon! says:

          I’m not fond of Scarlett or her voice either. It’s definitely a pure, clean sound, but just a little too delicate and too carefully placed word delivery.

        • Shanag says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I also REALLY love this show. Think its more fun and way smarter than most of the shows on TV today. It’s a show that is made for an audience that wants good solid entertainment touches real matters without feeling stupid. Think there are some really great stuff in the show, like you said, and I love this season so far (minus the Peggy thing and the Zoey character), and overall I do believe it’s a really special show and quite unique.

          All I want is for the network to let Callie do her thing and let the show breathe so it can grow…like CBS did with The Good Wife, or NBC with Friday Night Lights. The audience just need consistency. I felt like Nashville was starting to build a momentum again after 5 good episode this season and than came the promo for this episode (And for the next) and a not so great episode that just ruined it. I’m really rooting for this show and will be really (REALLY) sorry if it get cancelled.

  9. meah says:

    Didn’t love this episode.didn’t love the polo match scene.
    Why can’t they bring back Liam for Rayna?not feeling the Luke wheeler dude
    Why do they writers continue to ruin juliette?they keep letting her make dumb decisions.I wanted juliette and Avery to develop a good friendship,then date.
    I don’t even care about Gunnar/zoe,scarlett/avery love square
    Liking deacons new gf,she’s not jealous.
    Didn’t miss will,jeff,and the new juliette prototype in the episode

  10. Tori says:

    Rayna gave some solid advice to Juliette but being as damaged as she is, the advice went out the window. Juliette feels she found a kindred spirit in Charlie after that slap but I have a feeling Juliette is going to find out she is not the first woman he cheated with and will not be the last. Charlie’s wife must have enough connections to do some serious damage to Juliette’s career.

    • Shanag says:

      Yep, I agree with everything you said. My prediction: After Juliette will be trashed by the media and sponsors as a home wrecker; she will try, in a desperate move to turn the fire somewhere else, and if by mere bad luck Rayna will be there when that happens, Juliette my spill the little secret about Deacon being Maddie’s father. Think that these two are gaining mutual respect for each other but it doesn’t change the fact that Juliette is too insecure, too damaged and too ambitious to give up what she has built and take responsibility for her mistakes, and it doesn’t change the fact that she is envy who everyone who looks like he/she got it together and that’s Rayna for her

      • Lyn says:

        I like your analysis … in addition, feel the show is so adoring of Connie that they’re constantly making her much more of a noble heroine than she should be. (Plus: She can’t sing.) At the same time, wary of the way they keep making Juliette so evil. (And she CAN sing, as well as any girl on the country charts!) Don’t care for Scarlet’s old-lady look and ridiculous hair extensions, but thought her song was riveting.

        • Don’t think they are making Juliette evil, but a type of a survivor at all cost who is trying to come into her own. She has her good moments as well, and I find that her bad act usually come out when she feel really insecure or really vulnerable -two things that she hates and can’t handle very well..although she is getting better at it little by little.

          As for Connie, I’m one of her adoring fans :) I have no problem with her singing and though she did an amazing job with “the best songs come from broken hearts”. I also don’t think she is such a noble heroine but a grown up women who already learned how to present herself and guard herself when needed. That’s something that comes with experience and Juliette just doesn’t have it yet. Rayna is far from perfect, and she is paying a high price for her mistakes, just not the same price Juliette pays since they are totally different kind of mistakes.

  11. GS says:

    I can’t stand Luke Wheeler, lawyer lady or Zoey! They are making this show go down hill for me. I know Juliette is supposed to be the bad girl but adultery, really? The first couple of episodes were great but it’s getting back to the Nashville of last season with too many characters and the ones I want to see don’t get enough screen time. I personally wish Rayna would get off her moral high horse. She might not have actually slept with Deacon while married but she emotionally cheated on Teddy the entire marriage. Juliette is the one that keeps me coming back but I’m even starting not to like her with the adultery storyline. Come on Nashville! Get it together!

    • Jill says:

      I’m with you. Luke, lady lawyer and Zoey do all suck. Only 5 seconds of Deacon/Rayna time and they STILL haven’t discussed Maddie!!! Come on, how unrealistic is that! Poor Hayden, they keep doing the same ridiculous thing with her character. Let the girl have at least a little growth. It’s almost as if they have no creativity past whatever they came up with last season. This show is quickly going off the rails and off of my DVR.

  12. Rain388 says:

    Wow, apparently I’m in the minority, I really enjoyed the episode last night! I like all the new additions plus I LOVED that Lamar and Teddy were barely in it and the daughters were completely out of it. If they’d just get rid of everyone in Rayna’s family save for Tandy I’d be very happy. I’m enjoying the turn around in Avery – I’m just hoping Scarlett doesn’t end up breaking his heart!

    • RUCookie says:

      I am with you in that minority. I loved last night’s episode. Was relieved that we did not have to deal with Lamar or Teddy and the fake pregancy. I am completely intrigied by Rayna’s mission to leave her label with her own label (and how she will fund it now that daddy is on trial). And we knoew that Decon/Rayna scenes were going to be limited for a while… they almost killed each other and potentially damaged their careers. A little “other” love is fine here. As for poor poor Juliette – that was a predictable mess. Let’s see how it plays out (I hope that she doesn’t out Rayna).

      • Shanag says:

        It wasn’t one of my favorite episodes (especially sine the one before was AWSOME) but I didn’t hate it. There were some fun moments and some smart moments. For example, the fact that when Rayna tried to talk business, she first tried with women and they didn’t want to talk business. Men did talk business but mostly between themselves or when they felt there was a man backing up the women. It was a sad picture about the way business are being made in so many places, and it was interesting to watch, because this show really Celebrate women, and we start to believe that the world is like the show. In this episode thought they combined the “real” conservative world with the world of Nashville…that we, the fans, prefer. So kudos for that to the writers…thank god ABC don’t understand subtext so they kept it in the final draft…

  13. Love me some Deacon! says:

    The new Avery – I like! He’s been awesome lately, but a little insecure in last nights episode. I believe he and Juliette make a better friendship (and possibly a closer relationship later) than any romantic relationiship he and Scarlett will ever have.

    Zoey – why do they need this character? Just to give Gunnar something to do?

    Gunnar – falls in love with every single girl he has met on this show: Scarlett, song-writer girl, Scarlett again, now Zoey. He’s not a good romantic character – he’s just not believeable.

    Lawyer-Lady – eh, she’s ok for a fill in. I don’t buy her not caring about Rayna thing.

    Deacon – I love how they are keeping him clean and with much improved attitude. Would like to see a little more of the pining away for Rayna though…..:)

    Tandy – Ugh. Poor Rayna is doomed with her as a sister. Definitely does NOT have her sister’s best interests at heart! What a little witch! Rayna might still have scored some funding on her own from that old family/business friend, but Tandy ruined that forever with her nasty comments.

    Rayna – let’s hear some more music from the reigning queen of country before the young kids take over!

    Teddy and Peggy – Can’t wait to see Teddy find out she’s not really preggers about five minutes after the wedding ceremony!!

  14. Love me some Deacon! says:

    hahah – forgot to mention my theory on Luke Wheeler. Rayna’s going to end up as his tour companion and he’s going to go all egotistical and start treating her like his minion – until she wises up and see’s what it’s like to be the partner or friend of a superstar and she dumps him and then reconsiders how she treated the people close in her life when she was still in big star mode.

    • Jill says:

      I would love this. I like Rayna, but she definitely needs someone to show her how badly she’s been treating the people who love her.

  15. Boiler says:

    Always enjoyed this show but like many I wish they would quit adding all the new characters. There are plenty of stories they could do around Avery, Gunnar and Scarlett much less Juliette and Rayna. Sadly, based on ratings, may not see a 3rd year. Does ABC mess up all their dramas or just bad producers, etc?

    • Jill says:

      I think Callie Khouri just has no idea how to be a showrunner. Writing a movie is very different than maintaining story lines for characters over years. This show needs Shonda, or maybe the people from The Good Wife to whip it into shape.

  16. Hanly Munna says:

    Always enjoyed this show but like many I wish they would quit adding all the new characters. There are plenty of stories they could do around Avery, Gunnar and Scarlett much less Juliette and Rayna. Sadly, based on ratings, may not see a 3rd year. Does ABC mess up all their dramas or just bad producers, etc?

  17. sheila kay barowich says:

    must juliette sleep with every guy she meets –

  18. Watcher says:

    I liked the episode too. Gunnar’s going to do the jealous thing when he finds out about Scarlett and Avery. The Gunnar-Avery relationship will be gone and I predict things will get very ugly. Not convinced that Avery is 100% a changed man. Tandy acted paranoid when Rayna questioned her, and I wonder if Tandy ends up in jail. And, I think Charlie’s wife looks a bit unstable – watch out Ju! Love this show!

  19. Pia says:

    Deacon is a jerk. Why do all these women keep falling for him?

  20. peb says:

    Episodic TV shows always have their ups & downs. Overall, Nashville is solid light entertainment. The most enjoyable thing about this episode was that we had three very good songs. Deacon’s piano composition, Juliette’s excellent acoustic version of “Hypnotizing” (which is even better on iTunes), and the beautiful song by Scarlett. The most impressive aspect of the whole series is the acting by Hayden. She continues to show excellent range as an actress, plus can perform songs, including choreography, as good as most professional vocalists.

  21. Bonnie Everett says:

    WHEN is Rayna gonna find out that Deacon messed up his arm SAVING her? I thought lawyer lady Megan would bring some moral compass to ol Smores, but all she wants to do is couch. To win Rayna, Deacon has to grow himself past his addiction; he is working on his new vocation, but what’s going on in his head? Juliette- when will they develop what they started on her background in Ala.? And where is Rayna going with any of them? Does she know how alone she is out in the business world? Why have they not gotten Daddy out of jail? How can he be a flight risk when he lives and works in N’ville for the past 70 yrs.? I love Teddy’s story as he tries to help the next preg. girl in his life. But this is not major to the plot, as many have noted. And how is Deacon’s daughter going to reconcile a HUGE identity issue? Love them all and want them to go forward…BEE

  22. I am REALLY not feeling the music this season – the songs are just not doing it for me and I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is because of the music. The writers on this show have a great ability to make their characters either very good or very bad and you can sway anyway with them. I thought Avery was the devil, now I like him — BUT, will he become the devil again? Hmmmmm some food for thought. Also, has anyone notice that the characters hair change as they become “bad”? LOL

  23. Tina Moore says:

    I like most all of the characters on this show except Zoey. Can’t figure out why that character is really there. I like the addition of Charlie and wife, and thought the polo match scenes with Juliette were hilarious! Hayden Pantierre is a great actress and singer. Didn’t like the cheating part, but Charlie is handsome and I hope he stays. Maybe he and Juliette can mature together. I don’t get the big deal about Scarlet or the boring songs she sings. Would like to see a little less of her.

  24. Amy says:

    Thanks again for your recaps Kimberly~always look forward to them.
    I didn’t hate this episode. Unfortunately I agree with what many have said…for a show with such great character, acting and musical potential, (which they do show in glimpses), they develop very little. Instead, it’s disjointed all over the place, in snippets of stories, while adding more superfluous characters, more shallow beginnings of story lines…without developing any of them!! They have such rich material and availability of really good actors in Hayden, Connie, Chip, Jonathan Jackson, Scarlett (forgot her name.) They already have enough going on with all of them, and the Will thing…but this show is scattered in too many directions. I wish they’d stick to the core characters and a great balance between their lives and their musical journeys. The inside workings of the business, and the yin/yang of commercial/Jeff vs. Rayna/Highway 65, would be fertile ground for interesting story and drama.
    That said, about this week, in no particular order, as I think of them…
    I’m not fan of the lawyer, it’s just like “the vet 2.0” to me. And I don’t feel Deke story line needs this right now…his journey to a new place, his relationship living with Scarlett, the direction his writing may take him etc. interesting enough without this relationship…just don’t see where it’s taking him. The “music guy” fish out of water in the corp. lady’s world, was already done last year; yawn.
    I continue to say, I love Jonathan Jackson’s Avery and loved his scenes with Scarlett. While I expect he’ll remain layered, I hope they write him intelligently and not cheaply just flip flop between good boy/bad boy. He’s a talented actor, I hope the writers are as talented, and can continue his growth, musical path, Scarlett relationship-whatever that turns out to be. I hope it’s interesting, maybe involves music and doesn’t just resort to the cheese factor again, (like they did with Gunnar…they are ruining him.) Gunnar–again, they are all over the place with development, and then, he just sleeps with another woman. Writers–that’s all you got?
    Zoe…in a word “why?”(is she here?) So far..Meh.
    Luke Wheeler…we’ll see how much they develop here. So far he just seems like a Deacon replacement for Rayna; they pick someone who has the same vibe/look.
    I agree with others here…Hayden is terrific in this role. I came into this show knowing nothing about her, assuming she was some adolescent “pretty face” celeb, never expecting acting chops. Juliette is great. But again, they don’t need to just keep playing the “take him to bed” schtick. Not sure about “poor little rich guy” yet.
    Bottom line….I still love this show. But there really seems to be a shortage of talented serial writers out there. They have such potential but the fragmented story lines are frustrating, and dragging down what could be a good and unusual show (no other show about the music industry.) But I’m sticking with it.

  25. Zarahlynn says:

    Yes, too many new characters and none of them are compelling.
    Layla, the concept, newcomer, fresh new face, a different route up the music industry ropes, could be interesting, but, whether the actress or writing or both, just isn’t. She’s too cliched, all sweet and innocent and bubbly, and then you just know there’s going to be a darker side and there is.

    Zoey, meww! There’s no real feel of a long friendship with Scarlett and this instaromance with Gunnar lacks chemistry and frankly makes both characters unlikeable. Who arrives on the scene and right away, beds your best friends ex, and really is any guy over 16 dumb enough to dig themself into that kind of mess?

    Megan, again, Christina Chang and Chip Esten so do not have the chemistry to sell a romance and I find Megan’s character to be uninteresting, but, at the same time, there’s a What’s up, vibe. She’s supposed to be smart, sophisticated, successful, and she jumps into an intimate relationship, absolutely no build up, with a guy who she knows was a total mess. Where are they headed with this? Is it filler just to give Chip, screen time, when he can’t be with Rayna? Is it just a rebound fling? If so, will we see Megan be the woman scorned who knows the Maddie secret; maybe out that? Is there a possiblility that Deacon will actually explore another serious relationship, this one longer than the Vet, and have to decide who he really wants in his life? That could be interesting and dramatic, but, I don’t see it with Christina. No offense, but the chem just isn’t there.

    The Wentworth’s, Charlie Bewley can be charasmatic, but his character started out as such a Dog, the actress who plays his wife, is wooden and while it’s easy to empathize with the cheated upon wife, it’s not nearly as easy to feel any smypathy for the character, Olivia.

    How about a LOT more of the struggles of the core characters. Rayna and Deacon have such a rich, deep, fascinating history and enduring love,and a Daughter, watching them struggle to find out whether they can ever have a healthy relationship; great TV, especially with the talents of Chip and Connie and their wonderful on screen connection.

    Scarlett, Gunnar, Avery, Juliette, they’re all trying to find their paths career wise and personally. Getting to see the inside workings of the music business and watching them succeed and fail, far more entertaining than watching them fall in and out of bed, at the drop of a guitar pick, with the latest new face.

    • Amy says:

      Zarahlynn~Well said on all…agree with all you said, especially everything in your last paragraph~I feel exactly the same!
      Like I said many times in my post, I think it all comes down to having writers capable of developing these characters, with their rich history and interrelationships, struggling with their lives, careers, and the inner workings of the industry. I agree, so much material that is MUCH more interesting than “falling in and out of bed”….I mean even THAT should be more interesting once it does happen. Instead, as you say…we have unbelievable circumstances that rush into it, no chemistry…you just don’t feel it, it’s not well written or authentic. I mean, much as I was loving Avery with Scarlett last night…once I thought about his line about her new confidence or celebrity, whatever it was, “being sexy”…they went for the shallow response. He seemed like he’s been going deep, soul-seaching, growing, re-evaluating him & Scarlett, then they resort to him just being turned on by her new star-status? I’m thinking, that means one of two things…again…just bad, shallow story development…or else, he is the same sleazy guy. Either way, it’s the shallow route out. It was the cheesiest line of the night, (and she fell for it too)…from a guy who seems to be evolving beyond that. He might have been turned on by Scarlett’s new star-status, but better if it was never said and just was part of him just responding in new ways to her. Rather than saying “it’s sexy.”
      But, maybe I’m nitpicking. He still seems to be respecting her wanting to “take it slow”, and seems to have changed.
      ABC seems to go for the cheese & sleeze factor, rather than exceptional story/tv….I guess that’s what they feel “sells” most for their key demo, or for America’s cultural sensibility in general.

      • Amy says:

        I was thinking again after I posted…I’m always blaming “bad writing” on the writers…but they are probably being led by whoever is running the show, with all kinds of constrictions and direction, new characters, limited time-frame for each scene, scattered stories etc. With all that in mind, if that is the case, even a talented writer would be at a loss to make it good.
        For the life of me, I don’t know what TPTB these days are thinking, but I don’t get the complete dumbing down of tv. Good stories, great story-telling, captivating characters and acting, never goes out of fashion and always works to grab viewership, imho. OT–ABC did that to GH too…I see online on YouTube, where I’ve watched some of the old episodes, people still clamoring for the “old days of great stories”, with the same complaints of today’s GH, as the complaints people have here of the treatment of Nashville.

        • I read what you wrote and must say I’m ambivalent. Yes, ABC are doing all they can to sabotage Nashville and that affect the show and yes, the stories can go deeper in every aspect, but at the same time I’m wondering, why are we so judgment toward a story that just begun? we don’t know how deep it will go and frankly, I think that lots of the stories show lots of promise.

          That makes me think that part of the problem is that we, as viewers don’t have the patience to go along with a story. I see some of the comments about the lack of development when its episode 6 out of 22 and I read the same comments in episode 1.

          We got used to either watching a whole series in a row on Netflix (where we get to see at once the how the journey of the characters end) or watching series that promise us “a game changing event” every episode that we just can’t trust what’s going on, and I think Nashville suffer from it. Yes, it’s been treated horribly by ABC that is trying constantly to turn it into Revenge or Scandal and yes, this show is not perfect, but it’s much better than some people give it credit! It’s not just the great cast and the music and the premise of the show. It’s also the slow development of the characters, because good character don’t develop fast (even if the events are fast).

          For example, Deacon and Rayna-A lesser show would have either get them back together too soon (like now) or make them throw furniture at each other just so we will get more interaction and have a “character development”, but it’s pathetic and unrealistic. Here, we as viewers are frustrated but so are the characters and we can feel them better. We also get to see now other aspects of this rich relationship and also think about each character not just in relation to the other. Rayna is not just a character who is in or out of love with Deacon. She has so many different sides. I remember for example watching The Good Wife where the story between Alicia and Will was silent for a season and a half after they broke up. Yes, it was frustrating but also very real..and when it did boil-it made sense.

          Or the Avery thing-I don’t think it’s the shallow reaction to tell Scarlett that coming to her own is sexy. It’s the “reward” we, the viewers get from watching him struggle the entire first season. He was so self centered that he couldn’t give credit for Scarlett. Now, he watches her as a successful women and instead of being jealous he thinks it’s sexy.

  26. Reissa says:

    You know, I’m finding myself very curious about Megan, not because I find her particularly interesting or likeable, I don’t, but, rather, what’s motivating her?

    Last week, seeing her with Deacon, at the Polo match, with her colleagues, I’m beginning to think that she may see him as her current rescue/reclamation project. Remember how she talked about what led her to doing pro bono court work?

    I’m wondering if she doesn’t see him as someone that she can help “save and heal” and at the same time, lead him to the kind of life she thinks he could and should have, someone who would more fit into her world.

    If that’s the case, this is not going to end well. Deacon is Deacon, he’s a guy going on 50 years old. That’s not to say that he can’t work on being the best version of Deke that he can, and I think in his own way, he really does. But, he’s not going to change into someone else’s idea of who he is or should be.

    really hope they don’t drag this storyline out, because I think they’re an awful fit.

  27. Ann says:

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