Exclusive: Glee Mulling Full-Time Shift to 'NYC'

Glee Moving NYCGlee may soon be taking a bigger bite out of the Big Apple.

Fox’s groundbreaking musical — which for the past year-plus has been splitting its focus between New York and Lima, Ohio — may shift the action entirely to the City That Never Sleeps as early as this season, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

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It’s one of several ideas Fox is discussing with Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, who have been forced to reexamine all aspects of the show in the wake of Cory Monteith’s tragic death in July.

In an interview earlier this month, Murphy acknowledged that navigating the post-Finn era has been “f—ing hard,” adding, “It’s hard every day. It’s hard in the writers room, it’s hard on the set.”

Murphy also hinted that he had “a good idea” that would carry the show through to its sixth and likely final season next year. “I’m going to tell the studio and the network how after Cory’s unfortunate passing we can end the show [in a way] that I think is very satisfactory,” he shared. “And kind of in his honor, which I love.”

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If the Gotham-centric plan gets a green light, Glee is not expected to move its production to the East Coast — although more frequent on-location shoots would be likely. Additionally, producers would be faced with the difficult task of deciding which characters currently tied to Lima (and McKinley High) would join Rachel, Kurt and Santana in NYC.

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  1. Kalee says:

    Wasn’t it always the plan to ditch Mckinley High after the 100th episode and move to New York anyway? Could’ve sworn that was planned even before Monteith’s passing.

    After the 100th, they should just flash-forward a bit so some other kids can join (mainly Kitty!) New York. Rachel can be really successful on Broadway, Tina her understudy, Santana… would just continue to be a lesbian and whatever, Kurt could finally use his time at Vogue wisely and be in fashion, Sam could be a struggling songwriter, Mercedes can come back as a semi-successful singer, Artie is still filmmaking, Sue can come on board doing whatever, Will ditches teaching and pursues Broadway (hate the character but Matthew Morrison is BY FAR the best male vocalist/dancer next to Jake), and Kitty can come by doing whatever she pleases. And Blaine… can finally make my dreams come true by finally taking his spotlight and solo-hogging self and move to Florida.

  2. patty says:

    Am I the only one that likes quinn? Everybody seems to forget she is one of the original glee kids! Her and sam sounded so good singing duets together.of course rachel is the best singer on the show but I still want quinn to come back!!!!!

    • no don't miss her says:

      Well the original kids were actually Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina. Finn came in next. Quinn was unnesscary after season 2.

  3. Abe Froman says:

    Do one of those 5-year time jumps and have everyone in NY. Problem solved.

  4. oz says:

    Ok, Rachel once was one of the great gems of this show now its poison. Rachel sucks oxygen out of this show. She might be talented, and she is but Glee is not just Rachel.

    Glee is a teacher who tries to makes the glee club important once again. Glee is a gay high school student’s hope to it can get better. Glee is a girl so underestimated, can finally make true her biggest dreams. Glee is a lesbian teenager who’s in denial can finally understand herself. Glee is about a boy who is more than a kid in a wheelchair. Glee is about the girls are more than they look. Glee is about bunch of teenagers who tries to overcome highschool, try to get over bullies. Glee is about Highschool.

    I was very excited when I saw Unique’s storyline. She was so close to the core of the show I thought they can grip the soul of this show. But they just reduced her a minor character and just named her new mercedes.

    I think Glee had a lot of mistakes. Lots of them. First one was Tina’s stutter. Was a big mistake it was fake. Then goth clothes fade away after a vampire joke episode. The character helped the rise of Mike Chang than become ridiculed and become the joke of town. Coincidentally it was very believeable but the first hurt was Tina.

    Second was Mercedes, all of her storylines got interrupted. Friendship with Kurt? Sorry Rachel got it. Remember Quinn was thrown out and Mercedes took her for a while? Sorry we don’t have time for that here’s more Rachel sheninagans. Boyfriend storyline? We dont have time for that here’s more Rachel love hectangles. Mercedes loves Sam. Sorry after we decide he wont be Kurt’s boyfriend and do the Rocky horror we dont know what to do with the character so we’ll let go of him. Thank God for Santana to shine and form Troubletones. Other wise she would be underused. At least this way we saw she repeated Kurt leaves the club storyline. We didnt even with the parents. The second original member that we didnt see their parents. Of course the first one was Tina. (Wish he really is the King of vampires and cannot get out in the daylight. That would explain a lot) Mercedes was underused.

    Quinn is on the other hand was brilliant character that was over analysed. They just couldnt let her be boyfriendless. She was showing a lot of dimension but on the other hand overused in unneccesary storylines Joe storyline, baby kidnapping storyline (could be lot better) I’d rather see her living with Mercedes.

    Then comes Sam. He came three very specific reasons. First Kurt needed a boyfriend, then Ryan Murphy probably said he is interested in Rocky Horror episode so they needed a blonde, lastly to fill the spot of the glee club members after “sorryIdontrememberwhatshisname,theotherdancerboywithMikeChang” left. And oh boy they tried everything with him. Dyslexia, being poor, stripper, impressions, slash. They should have solid plans for him. Now he is female Quinn “cannot be alone”.

    Blaine was starting great but overexposure of unnecessary storylines did hit him, too. İnstead they could use a lot of storylines for exploring the character consistently. There’s still time for him.

    Sue is like the Sylar of Heroes. So inconsistent. She is brilliant she work wonders with the material she handed but season 3-4 was one of the worst plots for her. She’s brilliant for one on one but otherwise if she’s good let a new evil emerge and we see her fight with this evil with her evil way. Do not make her on again, off again villain. It’s tiresome for the viewers.

    Lots of unfinished/rushed storylines. First season the made everyone surprised with the ability to wrap main storylines. It wasnt extended, and that was fantastic. But then they promised lots of storylines either left unfinished or wrapped rusingly. Even worse some of them they never touch the some of the storyline after premise.Instead there were so many unnecessary ones go on. Sunshine was one of them. Sugar. Money issues.

    Newbies, New X, New Y. There’s nothing wrong with new blood. But it is wrong to treat your characters as a carbon copy even they’re not. Marley is new Rachel? How. I liked that she is a innocent poor girl. She’s a workers girl wants to be radio singer. She sings beatifully. She’s fresh. But reduced tonew Rachel. New Quinn, Kitty started so bad but rised a lot she is solid. New Puck is the brother of old Puck. His storyline, he kicked some stuff had some triangle then he is sacrificed to the new york storyline. New Finn. Used Sam’s dyslexia storyline had a sucky catfish storyline which could have a huge chance to become next hit frome glee; Rider x Unique. There’s so many buzz,so much potential it is sad they might just not continue that. Let the new blood some oxygen so they could run. Even New Tina looks İmpressing. For Unique; remember “Boogie Shoes”? It was fantastic. She was interesting ground breaking and had star power. Then of course reduced to new Mercedes, then starts to fade away.

    Glee Project contestant Cameron. How in the world team let him slip away from their hands. He was the one of the most interesting contestants, and they just forced him and he ran away. Glee really needed him. Maybe it still is not too late. Since TGP is no more they can use contestants like Aylin and Nellie.

    Rachel I think is the biggest problem. For four seasons we saw her crying for something then get it. Sometimes magically. She cried and got whatever she wanted. After choke it was the last time we believe that she might not get what she wanted. But then we know she’ll get it. First seasons it was, Finn, her mother, senctionals, regionals, nationals, a wedding (she gave up because there was another opportunity / I know Finn insist about that/). Then comes Nyada, then NYC the love of dance class, respect of danse class, Kurt, Brody and Finn again, then Funny girl comebacks, the role. She cried for them in one episode and get them at the next or other episode. So Glee is “Rachel Berry Show” more than ever. Everything is a sacrifice for her. Even her once upon a time nemesises (Kurt/Santana) has to live in the same flat with her to exist. The major problem with the show is NOW Rachel Berry. Lea Michelle seems a lovely girl and obviously talented one but hurting the show now. Since show lost Finn (R.I.P. Cory Monteith), so the final scene is out. Her story should fade away and let others shine. If Kurt and Santana wasnt so interesting, and hate it or not (I dont mind him) they werent using Blaine as a fan service this show mightve ended last year. Glee should turn back to the Mckinley spirit. The NYC Rachel Berry Show could go on separately. Or much much much better, make it Santana spin off.

    • oz says:

      English is not my native tongue, sorry for the mistakes.

      • wow you are so far off the mark says:

        Rachel Berry show is a crock of BS people make up to try to push their favorites. Glee is not only Rachel but her story is still the lynch pin . It is about following your dreams and Rachel was the one we first saw was determine do that so it is only right to see it to the end. Lima is what is sucking the life out of this show. it is all been there done that with lessor singers and actors.

  5. AuntSnix says:

    The root of GLEE’s problem is when it started when Everyone’s Greed Overtake (EGO) the show. When fame and fortune comes in, cast begun backstabbing and nabbing storylines and songs to perform, and that all begun during the end of season 1.

    • coco says:

      Wow did you make this up in your head or what? The writers made the mistake of trying to make everyone a lead when some were made for support work and they started to believe their own hype. Greed it isn’t liek they got more money for more songs or more screen time. The writers/producers greed maybe

  6. DarrenMia=ShenziBanzi says:

    The thing they cannot leave the Lima storyline last year coz it was design for Finn’s character, RIB &Co. planned Finn will take over Mr. Schue’s place as Rachel persue his dreams and she comes back to him at the end of GLEE. But last year was the time when the producers are already having problems with Cory Montieth addiction which he just only worked out last March. Unfortunately it was too late and now we all know what happened next.

  7. Baileigh says:

    Why didn’t FOX just give Glee its own spin off to accommodate Rachel Berry’s ego?

    • stop pretending says:

      Please Rachel isn’t evne that bad any more. She wasn’t that bad after episode 4 yet people still pretend she is horrible. She isn’t even the most horrible one on the show . God Quinn did way worse stuff then Rachel and Santana was abitch to everyone.

  8. Scott F says:

    Bring Mercedes back. Good singer and actress which they really don’t have on the show now. Mercedes, Santana and Rachel by far are the strongest singers. I do like Tina as well. Bring back some of the older cast, especially Mercedes, Amber Riley

  9. kavyn says:

    As long as they end the Lima storyline properly and show everyone graduating, I wouldn’t mind the shift. But IMO the problem isn’t the cast of Lima, it’s the horrible (HORRIBLE) writing for the characters. The gimmicks are just beyond unbearable and it’s obvious the writers save their better storylines for Rachel and Kurt.

    If they did this shift then I would only be watching the show for Santana…

    • good acting helps bad writing. says:

      You must not have watched last season if you think Rachel and Kurt had good storylines. This is where the cast part comes in they all had bad writing but Rachel, Kurt and Santana can even sell the bad stuff the Lima cast can’t.

    • Laurel says:

      Really? You think rachel and Kurt got good storylines last year? Rachel had an evil teacher, a pregnancy scare, and a boyfriend who ended up being a prostitute. Those were the big storylines for the girl wtih the big broadway dreams after she finally got to the city of her dreams. Kurt got cheated on, found out his dad has cancer, and barely had any scenes in most episodes (or wasn’t in them at all). Neither one of them got a single good storyline in all of season 4 which is why it’s important that they get more focus and better storylines this season! Chris and Lea are two of the best actors and singers Glee has, and they should be the show’s leads for sure (with Blaine and Santana close behind cause they are great too)!

  10. Tiffany says:

    Send Sam, Blaine, Artie,Tina and Kitty to NYC.

  11. Kerry Wu says:

    I for one hope that they keep Sam and Blaine. They’re hott!

  12. Dillon says:

    Make sure that Blaine doesn’t go to NY and I’ll be set for this idea.

  13. Dordor says:

    Lima and its characters are dead weight. They should axe them all and focus on Kurt, Rachel, and Santana entirely. They’re the best part of the show already anyway.

  14. temper says:

    YES PLEASE. I want the Lima side of the show to die and drag Blaine to h*ll with it.

  15. david says:

    The only way i will keep watching glee is if Blaine continues to be a big part of this show.
    Have him and Sam move in together in NY to create a Chanler/Joey bromance and write some stuff for them!

    • Andy says:

      Blam is the most boring friendship Glee has ever seen, and frankly I’d rather for Blaine to have a friend who doesn’t need him to tell him how funny and attractive and all-around awesome he is five times a day. So Sam can go to LA or god knows where, just keep him away from New York.
      I agree that Blaine should go to NY but I wouldn’t mind if he got less focus than last season. Let the writers focus more on Kurt and Santana instead this season since unlike Blaine they were mostly neglected in season 4.

  16. Amanda says:

    I really hope they shift the focus to New York. Not everyone has to go to NYADA. Some can work for a living, doing auditions, ect. But New York and not Lima is where it’s at. Only Lima characters I’d salvage are Blaine, Marley, Ryder, Artie and Sam. Everyone else = dump them.

  17. Stacy says:

    Fox should totally drop McKinley and focus on NY only. Kurt, Rachel and Santana are the best and most interesting characters Glee has, and their scenes have been the only saving grace of season 4. I like Blaine (and Klaine) too so I want to see him move to new york and want to see him and Kurt work on their relationship.
    I want teh rest of season 5 and season 6 to focus on Kurt, Rachel, Blaine and Santana following their dreams in new york. sam and Tina and Artie can go there too but only as minor supporting characters. Sam is so boring, I really hope he won’t be a main character.
    All of the newbies are boring so I won’t miss them. I already skip most of their scenes and don’t care what happens to them anyway.

  18. Andrea says:

    I don’t like or care about any of the newbies (the sooner they’re gone, the better it is) so I’m all for getting an NYC-Glee with no more McKinley. This show is about the characters – the setting itself isn’t that important to me, and frankly, the New York parts of Glee are much more interesting and exciting than the McKinley parts anyway. Graduate the seniors, send Blaine and Artie to new York to join Santana and Rachel and Kurt, and then drop the Lima side. Give us some fun storylines in the big apple. There are endless possibilities what they can do with the characters there.

    What I want to see on Glee in the future? Rachel and Kurt finding success in New York, Kurt and Blaine working on their relationship and ultimately getting married (no rush there though), and more super-funny scenes with Kurt, Rachel and Santana together (because those three are the best thing GLee has to offer right now)!

  19. lindy says:

    I think its a great idea that its gonna be NY full time but im kinda sad im not gonna be seing Sue & Kitty anymore. They were the only ones making Lima worth watching.

    I think Quinn should come back. I love her love/hate/sex relationship with Santana. She would be great in NY and I really miss her alto voice.

    • quinn's alto voice, you mean thin alto voice with no emotiont o it? says:

      Please that Q/S stuff in I do was forced. Quinn is a horrible character and Dianna is so uneven as an actor and can;t do comedy.

  20. Laurel says:

    Yes, Glee should move to NYC full-time. I’m surprised they’ve haven’t done that already! I get why they tried to bring in new charaters but fact is most people care about the old characters and are not happy with them barely getting any screentime while at the same time we have to watch endless scenes with the boring new characters we doN’t want. Jake and Marley are two of the most boring characters I’ve ever seen, kitty is okay, don’t care about Ryder or Unique. I would miss Sue, but she’s Sue Sylvester and I’m sure Glee could find a way to bring her to New York. Won’t miss Mr. Schuester, and I hope Sam and Tina will leave too.
    They should just focus on Rachel and Kurt, and Blaine and Santana. I don’t mind Artie, he could be a good support for the others. I like Dani so hopefully she will stay a while.
    Glee could be like a musical version of FRIENDS, just following the lives and dreams of Rachel, Kurt and co. in NYC. Just them going through the highs and lows of being ambitious young people in New york, and at the end we could have the big Klaine wedding and Rachel winning a Tony or something. And with a smaller cast the writers could finally give everyone the amount of focus they deserve and not just a few short scenes here and there.

  21. Desda says:

    Last season I mostly turned the channel during the New York scenes, so a total move to New York would not interest me. My three favorite things about the show were always (in this order) Finn, Noah, and the McKinley group numbers, so my plan for the season was to only watch when a song I liked was being performed. A move to New York would probably mean the end of Glee for me.

    • new ND is boring says:

      Except the only killer songs performed at in NY cause those singer are at a much higher level.

      We have seen a few Marley, Jake and Ryder numbers and they are the definition of lackluster.

      • Desda says:

        I guess I have always been a “I like what I like” person when it comes to singing voices. I judge a singer by how they make me feel, not what other people consider “a higher level” and while I liked Rachel, Santana, and Kurt in group numbers, I just don’t like them that much by themselves. I like to listen to Jake, Marley, and Ryder….not “lackluster” to me at all.

        • emotion says:

          But this is a show that uses song to show their emotion. I want some emotion in the song some acting to go with the plot. Rachel, Kurt and Santana do that the others not so much. Mercedes could she actually acted better in song than in a scene.

          • Desda says:

            I guess it is just a matter of personal preference. I guess I liked Rachel, Kurt, and Santana so much better in the context of people like Finn and Noah, that I can’t get into their songs with people like the male prostitute who shall not be named. I just really like Jake’s voice, and to a lesser extent Ryder and Marley’s. I am not a fan of Mercedes’ voice outside of the group numbers.

          • meh voices says:

            Jake, Ryder etc are so uninteresting so none of their songs means a thing to me. Jake is ok but truthfully sometimes it sound like he has a snot bubble in his throat. Most of the time I can’t tell one male vocie from the other except Kurt.

  22. Typh says:

    Since Brittany left, Sue is the only character that makes me laugh. I quite like Kitty too.
    I think NYC is boring (less since Santana arrived, but still…)
    Not really sure full NYC is the solution to resolve Glee’s problem. Awful writing is the problem.

  23. Fancypants says:

    I hope this is actually true. Keep it in NYC. Have Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Mike, Tina & Artie visit regularly & that’s my show. The rest can be dropped.

  24. Finally! I’d hoped it would happen sooner. The show really drags when it’s back at McKinnley. The NYC stuff is why I keep watching but it has become such a chore sitting through the other stuff.

  25. david says:

    I think Sam needs to join the cast in NY because as last season has proven in a Klaine fight everyone in NY now will always side with Kurt.
    BLAM is one of the best friendships glee has done ever and it would be hilarious if they would move in together, Blaine’s is a little uptight and always so clean while Sam is totally unaware of fashion. I can see them getting into a fight because Sam leaves his tirty laundry everywhere and brings a different girl every other week while Blaine cleans the entire appartment every day.

    • no blam says:

      What a joke they sided with Blaine in the dumb engagement. The only one who get is treated more saintly then Kurt is Blaine. Even is insult s are compliment how horrible to be called the gay Burt Reynolds while Kurt is called Lady Hummel.

      Blam is boring and immature.

    • Andy says:

      This was not just “a Klaine fight” but a very serious thing. They sided with Kurt because that was the right side to be on. Blaine cheated, and he did it for no real reason at all. Yes, he was sorry, and he’s been forgiven, but that doesn’t change what he did. It’s actually sad that Sam forgot that Kurt was the one who helped him when he needed help, and that Kurt’s parents gave him a roof over his head, or that he (Sam) had been cheated on himself. All of that should have made him take Kurt’s side, just like everyone should have.
      And no, I’M not a Blaine hater, I actually like him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admit that what he did was horrible and uncalled-for, and that he didn’t deserve any sympathy for it.

      • no way says:

        It was the stupid thing to do. Kurt and Blaine have been broken up for months cause Blaine cheated ( and blamed Kurt) and they are back togehter and get engaged. I wish Rachel, Santana or Mercedes would have shook some sense in to Kurt. Klaine getting back together ok not my fav think but getting engaged was dumb.

  26. san says:

    I just think it is too late. Last season felt like filler, even in Ny. Did anyone enjoy the Brody storyline., and they sidelined Finn most of the season. Kurt and Adam, blink and you missed it. The split narrative also showcased the lack of acting abilities of some of the of the cast, and ignored their stronger actors. The ratings indicate what people think of Glee these days and I don’t see those ratings rising. The Cory tribute will be the highest rated episode this season. The powers that be probably thought that the Klaine engagement would be something that would increase the ratings, the ratings went down instead. They say they aren’t concerned, but I bet they are wondering what they need to do to change things.

    • Cece says:

      So true!!! Even the Cory Tribute brought in less viewers than the first two episodes of last season, which means a lot of the old viewers were not even tuning in for that. Demi Lovato, with her huge fan base, didn’t even up the ratings. I don’t know that a revamp will do any good. And Chris Colfer has so much going on in his life that I think he is mentally done with Glee.

  27. Lisa says:

    The new kids just never clicked with me. I always felt that they and the plotlines for Lima were nothing more than poor imitations of the original ND kids. I only watch for the NYC scenes so I would prefer to see the show move to NYC. I am not a Blaine fan but RM loves him so I’m sure we’ll see Blaine in NYC with Kurt. I wish they would bring Puck back and have him in NYC. I suspect they’ll move Artie and maybe Kitty since they are a couple. I don’t see anyone else making the move unless it’s Sam. Emma/Jemma is leaving so they could move Schue to NYADA and have him teach there. It’s time for Sue to go…there is no place for her in NYC and the writers haven’t known what to do with her. More Rachel works for me though I still miss Finn…

  28. Mel says:

    Not sure why you are touting this as an idea coming out of Cory’s death. Those of us who follow spoiler source’s from the show are aware that they first pitched this idea back in January. At that time it was generally said that the first part of season five would be still split (to cover those graduating) and that when the show came back after a long hiatus (in March/april 2014) it would move to being set in New York. Hence Fox talking, back in Feb, about the new ‘creative direction’ for the second half of season five. So, for a lot of us, this is old news.

  29. i don’t care of location but i would like to keep all original cast together and have new ones in there . i believe however that for the last season everybody would end up back to the school and then say what they want to do and go back so in the last run i believe they will all return

  30. Joey says:

    Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Rachel, Artie, Mercedes in New York. Get rid of everything else.

  31. Penny says:

    The people insisting that Blaine be one of the major players in NY are hilarious. He’s going to go back to being supporting to Kurt like he belongs when in an ensemble filled with stronger actors and singers. That’s why Blaine is going into a non-performing career. We won’t see him at NYADA and he’ll be a jukebox with occasional Klaine stories.

    • bored says:

      Hope you are right but Ryan has such a hard on for Blaine for some unknown reason. People keep saying there are tired of him yet his still get way too muhc.

  32. Annelies says:

    Blaine better have some stories or there will be outrage again and THAT glee can do without.
    I need Blaine to be one of the main players in NY

    • so limited says:

      Why he sucks, he was horrible as a main player in Lima. He will look even worse in comparison to the actual actors.

  33. Annelies says:

    You speak as your opinion is fact, but not all of us are wearing hate goggles.
    Darren is a incredible talent, he wouldn’t be on the show if he wasn’t.
    Darren sold out a concert tour in minutes this summer he has a large amount of fans and FOX nor Ryan is going to risk agitating that fanbase.
    If they are going to reduse the size of the cast to 6-8 (perfect for this show) then they will have enough time to write stories for all of them, even for Blaine ( if they are willing) and i hope some of those stories for Blaine are not Klaine involved but also Blam.

  34. Annelies says:

    It is also pretty obvious some social reject is posting hate about Darren under 20 different names :)

    • nope just tired of him says:

      I think it is pretty obvious many people are tired of Blaine. Believe me there are many, many people who are tired of Blaine and Klaine and Blam and Blee.

  35. I’ve only watched the last 3 episodes in anticipation of Adam and Demi’s appearances. I do like the NYC part much, much, better.

  36. support character says:

    Ny or nothing. If Blaine must go to NY please for the love of god push him back as a secondary character. Gives us all a break. No way his should have more time/song then Rachel, Kurt or Santana. He shouldn’t even have more time than Artie.

  37. Even though it was really hard for me to decide on the vote… I picked NY. It turns out that a lot of people have. Blaine, of course, is going to be going to NY. I’m not sure about Artie, Tina, Sam and the others lie exactly. I love a lot of the newer characters though. Marley and Jake and such but Marley doesn’t see herself on Broadway.

  38. LL624 says:

    Oh geez, even more of the Rachel show. I hope they bring at least Jake and Marley to NY. Otherwise Santana will be the only one keeping me tuned in and I’ll have to fast forward through the rest.

  39. HPFroggie says:

    Let’s be real here. Season 4 was a disaster. Everyone can agree. The new characters were all pretty much washed out versions of the originals. They had NONE of the voice, NONE of the charisma, NONE of the originality, and NONE of the confidence. I mean, all the arks were centered around a lack of confidence. Even the bulimia story line, which I thought would be powerful, just ended up annoying because no one likes Marley, and no one will sympathize with her. And don’t get me started on the catfishing arc; talk about drunk writers…
    I really don’t like the new cast and strongly support a move to NY. Maybe Ryan Murphy could salvage this show before it becomes a laughingstock. Case in point, the Klaine storyline. I will be the first and loudest to admit my love of Klaine. I find both Kurt and Blaine fabulously adorable. However, me posting this here would probably get lots of complaining about Blaine’s character and I agree. It is getting awfully inconsistent and a pit pathetic, how he can’t do much without Kurt.
    What happened to the dapper boy we fell in love with singing Teenage Dream? The writers killed him. However, he is still more of his own character than any of the new characters introduced into season 4, and I want them gone ASAP.
    ps: just saying, when both Ryder and Kitty admitted to being molested in the same episode within 10 minutes of each other, it was one of the most offensive and unrealistic moments of the show, and there have been a lot. I would say that it even beat out the Klaine get together then proposal at the end of the show incident in 5-1. And the incident when Kurt said yes.

  40. Stephanie says:

    Dear heavens, YES. Please make it NYC only! Have Kurt, Rachel, Santana, joined by Artie and Blaine (but NO Blee), then bring Mercedes in to promote her now-promoterless CD and do open mic nights w Santana or whoever while looking for a gig. Have Mike decide that he enjoys singing and acting, too, and head for NYC for stage. I don’t like Blam and Tina’s gone bitch (too bad; I liked her and was glad she did get more songs).

  41. Ray says:

    I agree with some people here, I guess they should keep it with Rachel, Kurt and Santana in New York and then the others can come visit. They’re (everybody from Lima, including Blaine and especially Sam) gonna ruin the NY part for me. UGH I love NY storyline so much it hurts.

  42. Kat says:

    This is how I see things playing out. Don’t have any sources. Just my opinion.

    1. Blaine and Kurt are engaged. He’ll follow Kurt to NY. Deal with it. I personally think he makes a better supporting character for Kurt.

    2. Artie got into the Brooklyn Film Academy. He’s headed for NY.

    3. Tina got into Veterinary School. Not going to NY.

    4. Mercedes goes to NY and follows up her music/recording dream. Not sure how .

    5. Sam goes to Hollywood and gets into comedy. I’m not a big comedy fan in general, so I’m not a good judge of whether he’s any good or not.

    6. Rachel, Santana, and Kurt characters continue to develop.

  43. Kat says:

    Another point i forgot, Emma is leaving at the end of S4, that frees up Will to follow his Broadway dream? Maybe.
    Sue could start making guest appearances in NY. Leading to her transferring to one of the NY schools. Don’t they have a professional sports team (I don’t really know). She could go for a professional job there.

  44. Hearts says:

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I think all the characters should stay! I hated how they just cut out Quinn, Mercedes and Joe. It’s not so much that I thought Joe was a great character as much as I thought they should give a reason for him leaving. Anyway, right now the show is just about 2/3 Lima and 1/3 NY. I say they just flip those proportions around so that NY is 2/3 of the show and Lima is more of the subplot with 1/3 of the shows attention. BTW Glee producers STop making Tina a freakin b****! And let her sing MORE!

  45. Jakibros says:

    NYC may be interesting for awhile, but Glee was over for me emotionally by the end of Season 3 especially after Finn and Rachel break up. The only interesting piece was Finn punching Brody in the face. I am a true romantic and the show lost it’s appeal without them. Now that Cory is really gone, there is no reason to watch at all even though I love Lea Michele, Cory Colfer and Darren Criss voices.

  46. Louise Frederick says:

    The New York shift was the beginning of the end for me…