Exclusive: Glee Mulling Full-Time Shift to 'NYC'

Glee Moving NYCGlee may soon be taking a bigger bite out of the Big Apple.

Fox’s groundbreaking musical — which for the past year-plus has been splitting its focus between New York and Lima, Ohio — may shift the action entirely to the City That Never Sleeps as early as this season, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

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It’s one of several ideas Fox is discussing with Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, who have been forced to reexamine all aspects of the show in the wake of Cory Monteith’s tragic death in July.

In an interview earlier this month, Murphy acknowledged that navigating the post-Finn era has been “f—ing hard,” adding, “It’s hard every day. It’s hard in the writers room, it’s hard on the set.”

Murphy also hinted that he had “a good idea” that would carry the show through to its sixth and likely final season next year. “I’m going to tell the studio and the network how after Cory’s unfortunate passing we can end the show [in a way] that I think is very satisfactory,” he shared. “And kind of in his honor, which I love.”

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If the Gotham-centric plan gets a green light, Glee is not expected to move its production to the East Coast — although more frequent on-location shoots would be likely. Additionally, producers would be faced with the difficult task of deciding which characters currently tied to Lima (and McKinley High) would join Rachel, Kurt and Santana in NYC.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    If they do switch to a NY setting, I do hope that in the series finale, at least, McKinley is where it ends. The show started there; that’s where it should end.

  2. Jamie04 says:

    Yes!! Finally!! Get Blaine, Artie and Sam to NYC now and leave Lima behind.

    I love Blaine and can’t wait to see more of him and Kurt together! Stop the Blaine hate!!

  3. Trent says:

    Whatever they end up doing I do think they need to make a decision one way or the other. For me at least the split narrative has never worked and ended up short-changing both sides. Of course the endless parade of filler episodes didn’t help either.

  4. Yuri says:

    Fine by me but keep the NYC side as it is, with decent actors and singers. In other words, dump Blaine.

    • pfft says:

      how about you dump your favs.

    • Kevin says:

      you think Darren is not the best actor or singer fine, but guess what Darren and Klaine helped save my life. whenever i’m feeling down or sad i can put on Darren’s EP and helps me so okay hes not your favs but he is somebodys i’m going to guess that Rachel or Santana are your favs well they both still get planely of solos and song and screen time that has nothing do to with Blaine. darren leaving glee isn’t going to make RIB better writters its not going to make them come up with better storyline

      • Meanie says:

        Boo hoo stop being a martyr on the internet.

      • Meg says:

        You’re pathetic as hell if a crappy actor on a deteriorating tv show saved your life, no offense. Darwinism lost out.

        • Kevin says:

          but the people who say naya or chris saved there live is okay. you don’t know my life i was going going through a really bad time and then i started to get into glee and darren and it really helped me

        • Nicole says:

          Meg? As in Griffin? The whole world has just given up on you. You might as well shoot yourself in the head. It will quicken the evolutionary process that much more efficiently. Dogs are more respected than you.

          Kevin, that’s awesome you were able to connect with something to help you through a difficult time. You don’t need to defend yourself against ignorant people who don’t know the meaning of compassion or empathy.

      • Hank says:

        No Blaine leaving won’t make them better writers but the show will be better if less focus is on blee. If the story sucks at least I want to see god acting and singer. Blaine can’t give me that.

    • Jamie04 says:

      Blaine is here to stay – sorry!

  5. wildehart says:

    Is blaine really going to university to be something other than a performer? :S

    • Dani says:

      Rumor has it. But I am sure at some point everyone will gather round and tell Blaine he is to great to not perform and I will barf.

      • Pre-med though says:

        Well it would seem a waste of talent. Would you stand for Rachel becoming an accountant or Kurt becoming a lawyer?

        • bland says:

          They actually have talent for their chose fields though. Blaine has limited range and a thin voice.

          • Carey says:

            Rachel can’t dance. Kurt can’t act or dance very well. I guess they should just not try to improve those skills and give up and become salespeople.
            Blaine has a great voice, and has been established as a good actor and dancer and can play up to four instruments now. He has tons of talent.

          • stop pretending he is a good singer. says:

            But Blaine can’t dance, sing or act well. And what a joke Kurt can’t act. And Rachel is not a solo dance performer but can get the choreography that would be needed for any role she landed. If not she won;t get that part. She probably wouldn’t go out for a dance heavy role. I guess Blaine could not go out for roles that were dance, singing or acting heavy.

        • ick says:

          Well since Rachel is the one they set up to follow her dreams since the pilot and Kurt not far behind than yes that would be a problem it would be erasing the whole series. But I don’t care if he is a doctor cause he should be a secondary character anyway.

    • florty says:

      Blaine is a musician :(

    • Carey says:

      He better not. Blaine is a natural born entertainer and it would be a huge waste if the writers do something stupid with that on a show that’s all about performing and arts.

  6. MLO says:

    I’d hate to lose Artie. Kevin McHale doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I think he’s hands-down the most talented guy on the show. And I don’t know why it’s been hard writing without Cory. From this fan’s perspective, the show could go easily go on without him. He was supposed to be in Teacher’s College anyway… I assume he would have popped up for holiday or milestone shows, but really what’s changed in terms of the plot moving forward. And to be honest the character never did it for me, his voice was just OK – no power behind it – and I thought he was kind of bland.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t think losing Artie is going to be an issue, he’s the first one that’s been set up to make the shift to NY. And I agree about Cory, whatever they would have done with Finn likely wouldn’t have altered the show’s structure, just Rachel’s storyline. I feel like they’re using Cory’s death as an excuse more than anything, which is really disrespectful.

      • Tess says:

        except that Finn is/was a main character and without him not even Lea and Chris have been able to maintain any kind of viewers. I know I don’t watch without Cory. he was a major part of the story from day 1 more than even Kurt was, Hell, the NY side including Santana had the lowest ratings already, so I don’t know why people think a NY focus on the most annoying characters along with Blaine will succeed, it’s a dead horse already. Fox needs to just cancel the whole damn thing. does anyone really care anymore? Rachel’s story is boring, she gets handed everything anyway.

        • Jess says:

          What ratings? There hasn’t been an all NY episode yet.

        • Michael says:

          That’s still not altering the actual structure of the show (as in how it was plotted out)? You’re talking about a completely different thing.

        • funny stuff says:

          Come on Cory didn’t being in viewers. No offense to Cory.

        • lies says:

          I love Rachel story. Really her is the only one that truly need a ending. And she has not gotten everything she wanted. She always has to work for it and she always has people there to crap on her.

          • LOL Glee says:

            Rachel stans, my god you are so far from reality. special snowflakes like her have ruined the show

          • just stating facts. says:

            I want to see others have success but the show was set up from the beginning to show Rachel’s story. The writers have even said it so how is that some surprise to people still? And really a special snowflake is not insulted and put down a peg or two every other episode as Rachel always is, she nevers get to be the moral compass or put up as the hero ala Kurt or Finn or Blaine.

    • Camussie says:

      While he didn’t have the strongest voice (Kevin’s voice was my favorite as well) I think out of the original guys he had the strongest stage presence/performing skills. He was the most charismatic male performer they had save maybe for Mark/Puck but the Puck character wouldn’t have put in the work. That is why I felt he fit as the male lead of New Directions. As for what would have happened if the events of this summer hadn’t happened. Finn was a lead just like Rachel and Kurt. He was certainly going to be on more than just popping up on holidays. It is obvious the only reason they are even considering switching to NY exclusively is because he is no longer around to anchor Lima. I doubt it would be under consideration had Cory not passed.

  7. holly says:

    what i love is everyone always say that Darren’s fans are all teen girls well so is Chris’s fan’s i went to Chris book signing this year and last and most of his fans were teen girls. glee is a teen show why are people acting like its the worst thing in the world that they have teen fans.

  8. dude says:

    Last season I would have been sad about this but this season has proven that their dedication to the high school stories is seriously wearing thin so it’s probably for the best. Would love it if they found a way to bring Marley and Kitty to New York.

  9. newyoyk says:

    Only watching for blaine kitty artie tina

  10. John 1138 says:

    NYC would seem to remove the original premise. But maybe since they’ve such changed circumstances with there being nothing for Rachel to return to that music room for at the end….

    • Tom says:

      The oringal premie is Rachel. Following your dreams is the premise. Glee was just a setting a means to the end.

      • LOL Glee says:

        actually it was Finn getting out of Lima being more than a Lima Loser, Rachel not being a loser, and Mr. Schue teaching while his dream was Broadway. the pilot was clear on that. once it lost it’s focus we get Rachel in NY, an awful character. bad story and already lame. Schue and Finn reduced to background characters and with it, Glee lost viewers, critical acclaim and awards.

        • Tom with the facts. says:

          I was talking in terms of now. Sadly Finn story can’t continue and Mr Shue hasn’t been the focus for years. He found his true calling when he choose taking over his B-way chance. So now they have the chance ot show Rachel reach her dream which no her story was balancing a career and a life not being a loser. Do people not listen to the creators and the writers. Ian clearly said glee was about following your dream and in particular Rachel’s.

  11. newyoyk says:

    I feel like this is becoming SMASH

  12. RachelA says:

    I’d actually go back to watching if they did that! I know they won’t get rid of Blaine (although I wish they would!) but I’d like it if Artie stuck around. I’d also love to see Tina and Mercedes reappear every so often. (I’m a sucker for the originals, what can I say?) The only “new” person I have any real interest is Unique. Would love for her to have some kind of recurring place on the show. All the other newbies I really don’t care about. And Sam I can take or leave.

  13. YEs, New York as long as Blaine joins

  14. Leo says:

    Yes, give us more Rachel\Kurt\Santana, drop almost everyone in the lima cast, but keep Artie (send him to NYU film school). I know we won’t ger rid of Blaine, but please let him go to the west coast and just visit for a few episodes.

    • Vanessa says:

      Yeah, no, Blaine is going to New York. In case you didn’t notice – he and Kurt are engaged. They are now Glee’s main couple and will hopefully get the focus that comes along with that. And I for one am looking forward to actually having them in the same place and seeing them have a real grown-up relationship!

      • couple by default how great. says:

        Only cause Finchel is no more are they the main couple. Stop playing that card like it means something. God I hate that Cory legacy might be Klainers using the main couple card for the next two years.

        • Carey says:

          Uh the Klaine engagement plot and Beatles episodes were written before Cory passed. Klaine haven’t had as much focus as Finchel in the past, but that didn’t stop them from being the most popular pairing and the most relevant couple on the show beyond hardcore fandom.

          • san says:

            Why do you think they are the most popular pairing? The ratings this season don’t really support that. The 2nd part of the Klaine engagement story actually lost viewers. Winning polls does not mean you are the most popular, ask people who voted for Faberry and won a poll how that goes.

        • jm says:

          So what if Klaine was getting engaged that still doesn’t mean they would be the most important of even most popualr ship if Finchel was still around. Ligament story is just a rehash of Finchel anyway. Both boys are engaged for the wrong reasons.

      • Cece says:

        Fox is not known for giving us gay stories. Now that Klaine are back together you probably won’t actually see them together, which is pretty much what happened last time. Do not understand why fans think this sexless relationship is so great. Blaine gets more sexual innuendos from Sam that he ever did from Kurt. In fact, I think Blam is the better couple because Darren and Sam are on a much more similiar acting level

        • san says:

          I agree , Darren and Chord are not at the same acting level as Chris, which became very apparent with all the screentime they have been given lately. Have you ever watched Darren try to do an emotional scene?

          • limited actor says:

            Oh god did you see his awful try at crying when Rachel was singing to Finn? It took me out of the scene it was so bad. The other people were crying real tears and Darren was trying to “act”.

  15. Tiny says:

    I had a feeling they might do this. Sue is set up to become principal for good if ND wins, Will already got his happy ending with Emma. Rachel, Kurt, and Santana have now expressed that Lima is no longer “home” for them which severs the connection between the two sides and so far at least Blaine and Artie are making the move to NY. What more do they have left to do in Lima besides more re-hashing? Personally I wouldn’t even mind a time-jump so one or two of the newbies (ok maybe just Kitty) could join the New Yorkers.

  16. LOL Glee says:

    Rachel (Lea) and Kurt (Chris) can’t maintain the premise of Glee and carry this show. They are two of the most pampered and annoying characters. they have no heart, that is where Finn came in. without that this show is two of the same character in NY. call it Smash and be done with it. or better yet cancel the whole thing and call it a day.

    • Travis says:

      Yeah that’s why those two managed to maintain an entire location basically by themselves for a season and continue to do so. Also it’s clearly the stronger side of the narrative if the show is considering salvaging what they want and moving it in their direction instead of just dropping them. I mean there’s trolling and then there’s just sounding like an idiot.

      • Tim says:

        Exactly for getting maybe 10 minutes a show and just exposition Rachel and Kurt did surprising well. Not to mention the crap writing. No other characters could have done that well. The Lima side had 12 actors and it couldn’t hold its own ergo why they are thinking of dropping it.

        • Camussie says:

          While I think the kernels were there to make Rachel and Kurt’s stories interesting their year of constant win and fabulous lives made it really boring most of the time. There was no challenge or struggle for either one of them. They both became the toasts of NY when they got there. If they are going to move to NT permanently they need to re-evaluate how they are approaching their stories, Rachel’s especially. At this point I don’t even know why we bothered with NYADA for her since she didn’t need to improve her dancing (her voice is all she needs according to the showcase episode) and her acting was good enough to get a lead broadway role.

          • melly says:

            Rachel and Kurt are by far my faves, but I do agree with this. If the show does make a permanent move to NY, they need to let these two have their struggles–this especially applies to Rachel. It would be far more interesting to see Rachel actually challenged for something she wants for a change, than to have it magically granted to her over and over again. And let’s see Kurt fight for a leading role and establish himself as a performer while we’re at it.

          • please stop pretending says:

            Yeah Rachel loved that her BF was a hooker. She loved that her teacher acted like she hated her all season. She loved that Finn dumped her. She loved that she lost her first audition and the student filmed. She loved that she lost the diva off. Stop it she basically got one thing in season 4. the show case.

      • Cece says:

        and that’s why Chris won a Golden Globe and got 2 emmy noms, etc. etc.

    • stop it says:

      I voe Finn but stop this tearing down Kurt and Rachel to prop up Finn. It is not glee’s fault he is no longer on the show. Finn would not be able to prop up Lima on his own. Stop pretending he was the one who held this show together

      • Camussie says:

        How were Rachel and Kurt torn down to prop up Finn? If anything it was the opposite. They were living their fabulous lives in New York (she the toast of NYADA, him the toast of Vogue) while Finn failed at every turn as a counterpoint.

        I do agree with you that he wasn’t the one who held the show together but I would argue he was the character who held the McKinley narrative together in that the precious few times it focused on his story is the few times it was interesting.

        • stop it says:

          I was responding to the poster who pretended Rachel and Kurt couldn’t hold up thier part of the show nor were they the heart of the show and only Finn could. I am not saying Finn wasn’t important but the poster made it seem like Kurt and Rachel weren’t important. I think Rachel is jsut as much the heart of the show cause she is the one who has the follow your dreams from the start arc.

          • LOL Glee says:

            watch the pilot again. LOL did you know Rachel had less screen time than Finn and Mr Scuhe, and yes, together Rachel and Kurt haven’t brought in ratings with them in Ny the ratings have still failed. and they are horribly vain drama filled characters, there is no other character to soften their OTT drama. it’s aggravating and annoying.

          • OTT comments says:

            So what is she has a minute less that Finn or Shue she was highlighted and over the years has had more then those two. Please it fail so much that is why 80% of people want glee in NY.

  17. Andrea says:

    I fast forward through the Lima parts…and the size of the cast is a little crazy at this point. Move to NYC!

  18. The NY side is much more exciting and fun it’s just lacking a couple more of regular characters, but since we know Blaine and Artie are planning on moving there too i think the idea of swifting completely to the city is perfect :D

  19. Jayme says:

    i don’t care if Artie, Blaine and Sam move to NYC, as long as they stay away from the loft. Rachel, Santana and Kurt had very little screentime and with them is gonna get worst. I don’t mind Lima and the newbies because I skip that part so better for the viewers that do that as well if they shift the focus entirely. Poor Tina though, she’s an unknown entity at this point

    • Paige says:

      Blaine and Kurt are engaged. There is absolutely no reason why they should not be living together.

      • insanely says:

        watching a married couple is like not interesting. They’re young. They should not be old marrieds living together.

        • Paige says:

          Who said anything about being old-marrieds? There is a tonne of stuff that Glee could do with them, story-wise. The point was not about that, though – it was this ridiculous notion that Blaine should not come anywhere near Kurt and the loft, when they are engaged. Same goes for people saying he should not be in NY – did y’all miss 5.01?? Like, I can get not liking Blaine, but to act as though he doesn’t belong there is ridiculous, given the narrative as it currently stands.

        • Carey says:

          Do you know how many tv shows center on a married couple? Married life can be very fun and interesting in fiction.

      • Manda says:

        Engaged couples don’t always live together prior to getting married and what if Blaine goes to a university that requires living in a dorm for the first year? That’s pretty common.

        • Paige says:

          People can make all the excuses they want, but if it were any other couple it would not be a question of whether or not they would live together. Hell, Brody moved into the loft after what? Two months of dating? The fact remains that the loft is one of the few developed locations in NY – it would make zero sense not to have Blaine live there with Kurt, especially since they are not going to develop another location so that he can live in the dorms.

          • Jfc says:

            Brody moved in to cause conflict between the leads and it was the catalyst for how he was written out. If he didn’t live in the loft, Santana wouldn’t have been able to snoop. Stop with this persecution complex.

          • klaine is boring says:

            Try 5 months of dating and he was there less than a month. I can only hope Blaine is given the same treatment as Bordy and is gone soon.

      • X says:

        There are one big reason they should not live togehter. They are boring. Kurt/Rachel and Santana were just starting to get some good stuff to work with.

  20. gleemark says:

    I just want to see Tina and Artie, and maybe be do something to take Mercedes to NY too, then we can have 5 of our 6 originals in NY (Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie) hanging out with Santana. Rachel can help Tina to get into NYADA, just the way Tina helped her in S3. Tina and Mercedes can be good friends and make write performances together, like (Dog days are over) and maybe the Troubletons could be back too. I actually don’t care about the newbies. And I like Blaine and Sam but I don’t care about too much if they go to NY or not. But Tina and Artie need to go there for sure.

  21. gleemark says:

    I just want to see Tina and Artie in NY, and maybe they should do something to take Mercedes there too, then we can have 5 of our 6 originals in NY (Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie) hanging out with Santana. Rachel can help Tina to get into NYADA, just the way Tina helped her in S3. Tina and Mercedes can be good friends again and make great performances together, like (Dog days are over) and maybe the Troubletones can be back too. I actually don’t care about the newbies. And I like Blaine and Sam but I don’t care about too much if they go to NY or not. But Tina and Artie need to go there for sure.

  22. Geo says:

    It doesn’t seem that hard, Glee writers, and it never has been.

    Kurt writes a show (now it can be one that somehow honors Finn) and a producer wants to put it on Broadway. He gets a lot of his friends to help put it together.

    There you go. The next season-and-a-half. Instant way to keep everybody you want to keep together (and say buh’bye to those you don’t). Heck, Sue can even come on as an investor who wants to interfere all the time.

    The writers should have just had this plotline the second the main characters graduated McKinley. But they didn’t because… well, I don’t know why. It seems like an easy way to have kept all the characters everybody already knew together.

  23. rarw says:

    We know about Blaine and Artie,
    But we know nothing about Tina’s plans!

  24. Paige says:

    I’m all for a NY Glee – Blaine, Artie, and hopefully Sam would round things out nicely. I hate to break it to the haters, but Glee is a show marketed and geared towards it’s young female audience. Kurt, Santana, Rachel? All great. But people also love Blaine. Those four are the most popular characters on the show, whether you like it or not. It just baffles me that even when there’s the prospect of a show that focuses on three out of four of your faves, people still have to go on about their dislike of one of them. Whatever; thankfully TPTB don’t pay attention to comments by trolls, especially on a website such as this to inform their decision making. Can’t wait for more of “Blaine and his friends”!! :)

  25. swag says:

    I realize that the passing of Cory Monteith was tragic, but he is gone and Glee has to go on, Finn was NOT the center of the show! Ryan Murphy needs to get his *hit together for the rest of this season and the final season. I have been watching since the first episode and the quality of Glee has diminished considerably, and a lot has to do with the writing and the lack of character development. American Horror Story is on fire, so Ryan Murphy can be creative., I just don’t know what is wrong with Glee, and the problems IMHO started before the passing of Cory.

    • san says:

      Not just the lack of character development and not so great writing, but the quality of the acting has gone down. Finn and Rachel,and then Kurt were the center of the show at one point and when they tried to give too many different characters stories is when everything seemed water downed. Supporting characters are meant to support, not everyone is a lead character.

  26. Sam says:

    I only want all NY Glee if Blaine is there, too.

  27. Rita says:

    I hope this is true! Kurt, Santana, Rachel, and Blaine all living and working in NY would be fab. Sign me up!

  28. Larry says:

    Ausiello, I don’t think you realize how distressing this news is for some fans who DO like the Glee club aspect and NY aspect to the show. I hope you have some legitimate sources because this story has been rehashed so often over the past two years it’s disheartening to see fans pick sides again. I hope Ryan finds a way to please ALL the fans instead of just those have been wanting this all along.

    • hs boredom says:

      No pleasing every fan. So since they is only one season left make it about who more people care about, the NY crew. The high schoolers only have graduation and competition to dream of so what, been there done that.

  29. Vanessa says:

    YES YES YES!!! Glee should absolutely and definitely move to New York full-time! The NYC scenes – especially those with Kurt, Rachel and Santana all together – were the best things about season 4, and those NYC scenes that we’ve gotten in the first few episodes of season 5 were even better! Fresh, fun, energetic and exciting – the McKinley/Lima scenes just look drab and boring in comparison.

    For me the high school setting has run its course – it was great for the first three years, but now it just feels repetitive. It doesn’t help that all of the new characters (with the sole exception of Becca Tobin’s Kitty) are so bland and boring that watching paint dry is more interesting than watching their scenes. I don’t care about them at all and tend to fast-forward through most of their scenes these days.

    I say move Blaine and Artie to New York after graduation (with Sam and Tina possibly as minor supporting characters, but not more than that of them please) and scrap the McKinley part completely. The show can then graduate (literally) to bigger and better things since the NY setting gives the writers a lot more possibilities and creative freedom!

    Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Blaine – those are Glee’s biggest stars (and most interesting characters), and with the newbies gone the writers could finally give them the focus and screentime they deserve!

    Keep Demi Lovato around as a recurring character if possible (cause her character Dani seems really great, and she has great chemistry with Naya). I have a feeling Adam Lambert is going to be a great addition too, so maybe he too can be kept around as a recurring character. The main focus should be on the graduates though – these are the characters that made me fall in love with Glee years ago, and they are also the ones whose journey I want to keep following …. :o)

  30. Jillian says:

    Obviously Kevin is included in these plans due to the fact that they mentioned Artie going to a film school in Brooklyn. Out of the newbies, the only one they should keep is Kitty because she is actually funny and yet likable. Plus shes probably the best singer out of the new kids next to Unique.Season 6 is the perfect opportunity to keep the cast at 6-7 regulars and get rid of the unnecessaries (Blaine, Sam, Ryder, Unique, Marley, Mr. Shue, Sue). It will make for a better season and cut down on cost A LOT which will make Fox happy.

    • Vanessa says:

      If you think for even one second that they are going to get rid of Blaine then you are deluding yourself. He is one of the four lead characters of the show, and one half of its main couple. There are four characters that will be staying for sure: Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Santana. Everyone else is less certain, but those four are pretty much set in stone simply because they have the largest number of fans and are popular with both viewers and media.

      Personally, I hope they switch to NY-only and make those four the leads. Artie can come too as a minor supporting character, and Tina would be okay too. No Sam. Everyone else is negotiable.

      • true leads says:

        No need of 4 leads. Kurt should be you male lead and Rachel you female lead. The rest are supporting characters with a focus episode here and there.

      • Delusional says:

        Lol Blaine is never going to be a lead in New York, keep dreaming. He’ll go back to being Kurt’s supporting character and the fact that he’s going into a non-performing career is the proof of this.

        • Lynn says:

          We can hope. But sadly no non performing career won’t last. Being Blaine he will have multiple offers for a show and Kurt who actually has talent will be an understudy or swing.

  31. David says:

    They should get rid of all the Lima story lines. The new cast members have been a huge fail that were never well developed and are of no interest to the audience

  32. Leslie says:

    Shuester and Sue won’t be missed much, since they’ve been overplayed and bizarrely characterized in ways that make them both too unlikable. Sam and Tina are the other two longtime characters that are bland, have no connection to the current NY crowd, and should be dropped as well.

    Blaine can go to NY to be with Kurt, but he needs his role scaled back to be more of a supporting character. The audience is burned out on watching him sing way too many mediocre solos over the past two years while getting no interesting character development, Darren is just not nearly a strong enough singer or actor to be the male lead.

    Move Artie over to NY to go to film school and let him sing more. Kitty can test out of school early and go with him. Unique needs to run away to NY as well and take the drag scene there by storm. Get rid of the rest of the new Lima cast, because they aren’t clicking and they have nothing interesting going for them.

  33. Camussie says:

    As a Finn fan it irks me that this may be only coming up because he is no longer a factor. It irks me because I have always felt his character’s options were severely limited the second they decided to split the narrative. They needed someone at McKinley to anchor that side of the canvas so that is where he was probably going to be until the end of the series because there is no way that someone was going to be Rachel, Kurt, or even Santana. They would have given lip service to him going to college but that would have been mostly off screen as there was no way they were going build and fill out third narrative based at Lima U. We saw it in “Sweet Dreams” to establish he was there but I doubt we would have seen a lot of beyond that. If indeed Penny was a character originally meant for him that bears my theory out. He wasn’t going to be dating a girl he met at college. He would have been dating a girl he met at McKinley and most of their interactions would have taken place at McKinley. That means while every single one of his Glee club contemporaries got to move on and have new experiences he would have been doing much of what he did in high school only this time with a “co-coach” title.

    Also let me say that the character moving over to NY the most while Finn was glued in Lima would have been Sam. If Finn wasn’t suited for the big city no way Sam was but I could see that the original plan was to move him and Blaine a BFFs to NY to maybe share an apartment with Artie while Kurt, Rachel, and Santana the other

    Finally I think the e biggest factor keeping them from ditching McKinley is what I think the biggest factor has always been – Sue. Unless they can find a way to move her to the NY narrative I think they would be loathe to leave McKinley as Jane Lynch/Sue is really the best know character on the show.

    • Hank says:

      Sue is hardly in the show any more and when she isn’t no one really missed her. They enjoy her when she is there but it isn’t like people are turning out cause she is missing. She may be the best known but is not the most important. She really has nothing to with the over all arc of glee which is following your dreams.

      • Mo says:

        I agree, I do like Sue but she hasn’t been the same since seasons 1 and 2. It’s kind of repetitive with her destroy the glee club act and even though she has good lines now and then, it would be a loss, but not the end of the world. Hopefully if they give her some good closure if they do write her out.

      • Camussie says:

        The key is she is the best known. That is why I think TPTB and Fox would be loathe to write any show that didn’t include her. She may not be that important to the stories but she is important to promoting the show.

        • Sarah says:

          The others are known now too. It isn’t a start up show any more. Lea and Chris are used to promote the show as much as Jane now.

  34. Brock says:

    I LOVE Jake, Marley and Ryder and, naturally, I foresee Blaine moving to NYC. I’d hate to lose those newbies!

  35. jazzcolfer says:

    I don’t watch Glee anymore and most of my friends have stopped way before me, but I’ll check (tumblr and tvline ) to see if they actually focus on New York. It would be nice to see Kurt, Rachel and Santana have enough screentime together and individual storylines to actually develop there. Once blaine will be there, I think i’ll just forget about the show and move on to other things. No need to say I won’t be missed, I already know it. Glee was a good show and the original cast put so much heart to it. I doubt 20% New York and then 80% New York with blaine there will make up for it. Also, please don’t hesitate to call me a hater because I don’t like your cuttie pie.

  36. Ed Meiller says:

    The 3 in New York can fall off the face of the earth and I wouldn’t care.

  37. Cat says:

    Sam’s going to be a model

  38. analeigh says:

    Hear Hear! Bring Glee to NY. But please, please, please: BRING JESSE ST JAMES BACK!

  39. Ed Meiller says:

    I wouldn’t care if I ever saw the New York three again. Kurt and Rachel. (to me) are so self centered I fast forward through their scenes. I don’t mind Santana all that much. Of the three she is the least cloying.

    • LOL Glee says:

      Preach IT! there is no one in NY right now that isn’t all about ME ME ME!! mentality. they are horrible characters on their own.

  40. Maria says:

    YES this is just what the show needs. last season’s new york storyline was the only thing worth watching. Is it too much to ask to leave Blaine in Lima? i cannot stand him anymore singing approximately 1003949 songs per season 97% of them solos! enough already

  41. David4 says:

    Should have done this years ago. The cast is too bloated. Everyone loves NYC so they can have some of the students show up there, maybe for finals. The teacher can be in a broadway play there.

    Have a few fan favorites like Artie move there, or to Boston so they can hop on a train and visit.

  42. Darren.stan says:

    I can’t wait until Blaine joins the NY cast, if he and Sam move in together in NY we can dumb Lima and have the show play out entirely in NY.
    BLAM FOREVER (as friends) the show should end with KLAINE marriage

  43. Dan says:

    Skip five years to the future, Sue has won and there is no Glee Club and McKinley. Some spunky Rachel wannabe tries to get them to start a new one, and we follow a new group of kids who inspire Schue to try again. Or maybe Schue has given up, and Artie or Rachel are new teachers at the school. We can get flashbacks to see what happened to the others.

    I think the show is about a Glee Club at a high school and should have stayed that way. I would definitely watch a NY only show.

    • Zee says:

      Why would you want to take away everything that was Rachel story? Now no Finn and no B-way? It could have been any group it was the people not the group they could have all come togehter at a community play house.

  44. The show is/was always about a high school Glee club. How does moving the focus to NYC even make sense?! If there’s only going to be one more season, I’d just rather see it finish the way it is.

    • Connie says:

      No the club was jsut a device to show the lives of these charters. The club hasn’t been a focus since the first season really. Why would you rather see non nondescript kids in a choir room over characters we have seen develop over 5 years?

  45. joncuriel says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: They should focus on 7 basic characters (Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Tina, Artie, Sam and Blaine). It is gonna be sad to let Schue and Sue go, but that’s how it should be, this thing where they have too many regulars is getting old, and it’s not working at all. None of the newbies have really a hard fanbase, altough appeareances by Kitty and Ryder would be apreciated, I think is going to be a very bold move, if they pull it off correctly, which they can.
    I am rooting for it as long as they keep Jenna Ushkowitz, she deserves to have her moments, if they ditch her next season or during this one, then I am done with the show.

    • Dent says:

      Thye should focus on Rachel, Kurt and Santana. Keep the others are supporting characters and give them a highlight episode once a while.

  46. Lynn says:

    Blaine in NYC. That is all.

    Maybe a dash of Kitty.

  47. hannelore says:

    I really like Blaine and can not understand why some hate him so much, most of what those people are saying is not true at all, he doesn’t sing THAT much but he is probably the most talented male singer (apart from Matthew but he is an adult character) so he does sing more then some.
    Considering Darren pulled in nearly 25,000 people to his concert tour, the amount of songs he sings is totally justified.

    • You tried says:

      Darren is one of the worst singers in the cast. Guy doesn’t even have a vibrato. Matt Morrison, Kevin, Jake Artist, Alex Newell, all are better than him.

    • laughable says:

      His song distribution isn’t justified becasue he had 2,000 people at his 12 concerts date or whatever. That is ridiculous why did he get so much before his little sweaty tour? He also has had about the same amount of solos as lea and appeared in over 30 less episode than her so yeah trying saying he doesn’t sing that much. Darren is probably the 4 or 5th best male singers and all the girls are better than him that are left.

      • Laurel says:

        Actually, Darren is a really good singer. Not the best singer on the show, but definitely a good one. I saw him live on his tour this summer and he sounded great. I don’t understand the hate he gets to be honest. If you hate Blaine, that’s one thing, go right ahead. But don’t take that hate out on Darren who is actually a really nice and humble guy (and yes, I say that as someone who has met him).

        • limited actor and singer tbh says:

          He sounded bad on the video I saw of him. He is an ok singer but very limited and nothing to pay money for.

  48. Tim says:

    No Blaine No glee!!

  49. Fernanda says:

    After the graduation, Blaine, Artie and Tina will be the only ones who move to NY. Sam will get the storylines that were written for Finn, the loser who doesn’t know about his future. The New Directions 3.0: Unique, Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, Santana 2.0, The Funny Asian Girl, the drug addict.
    Ryan Murphy should cast the old contestants of the Glee Project who doesn’t win like Hannah, Matheus, Melissa, Aylin, Michael and Shana

    • dumb ideas says:

      Why would they have a funny Asian girl, they have never had one before and what the hell with the drug addict what bs are you saying there? And if the glee project people weren’t even good enough to win a 3rd rate reality show why would they be good enough to be in the choir room? Glee needs to get rid of the dead wight not add more.