New Veronica Mars Movie Footage: [Spoiler] Is Accused of Murder!

LoVe is in the air in this new promo for the Veronica Mars movie — but maybe not in the way you’d think. [SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t wanna know, don’t read past the jump… But you totally wanna know, right?] 

As revealed in these behind-the-scenes interviews and previously unreleased footage from the film, “Logan’s pull is too much” for our heroine, series star Kristen Bell says. So when her epic ex calls and need help because he’s been accused of murder (!), she leaves current boyfriend Piz (which we’d guessed, but still, !!) in New York and gets sucked into the Neptune vortex once again.

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Elsewhere in the clip: Mac! Wallace! Smoldering gazes between Logan and Veronica! Discussion of whether Dick ever had a chance with the tiny, blonde one! (We think you can guess the answer to that last one.) What are you waiting for, Marshmallows? Press PLAY, then hit the comments!

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  1. magreeda says:

    I can honestly say that this is one of those times when I have zero investment in who Veronica ends up with because I don’t like Piz OR Logan. Piz was a nice guy but he obviously wasn’t suited to Veronica (IMO) and Logan is just horrible for her (and she for him). When the show was running, I would’ve paid any amount of money for her to start something with Weevil who I thought had was really the best guy she knew, after Wallace. I know the movie’s not going to give me a ship that never happened in the show, so I’m just along for the ride and I’ll enjoy getting to see V and Weevil again.

    • lulu says:

      Weevil was not always great with her either..Early on the tv show he mocked her then he helped her and her him..the same with Logan..Anyway i love Weevil but not as a romantic partner for Veronica. He will be married in the movie and obviously not with Veronica.

      • magreeda says:

        Weevil was mean to Veronica in the pilot but he pretty quickly became one of her trusted allies.(It was episode 2? 3? when she got him out of jail?) Sure, they fought but she always knew she could turn to him in a pinch and she depended on him a ton. (Especially during times when she didn’t trust Logan.) She and Logan, OTOH, were still being toxic to each other up until the show was cancelled. And yes I know that Weevil will be married in the movie, hence my statement that I don’t have a stake in the Veronica love triangle in the movie. (Though it’s a good thing I wasn’t trying not to be spoiled since you just dropped that in there.)

  2. Pizboresme says:

    Team Logan…ALWAYS

  3. sasha says:

    I love Chris Lowell and I love Piz, If Veronica doesn’t want him I’ll take him :)

    I think I’ve said this before but I’ve never loved Logan, didn’t really like Duncan that much.

    Loved Leo! I remember being pissed when Logan and Veronica kissed at that motel when she was still kinda seeing Leo.

    Piz is adorkable. I’m one of the few who prefers that over bad boys but then bad boys for me is a close number 2.


  4. M says:

    Am I the only one here who’s on Team Weevil? I always thought they should have given Veronica and Weevil a go, that would have been a much more interesting dynamic than Logan/Piz/Veronica triangle. After all that was not very different from the whole Logan/Duncan/Veronica triangle. Bad boy, bad boy, “good” girl thing would have been a nice twist. And the two of them were always flirting together. Too bad they made him married in the movie, there goes that hope

  5. Alice Mary H says:

    Just cause someone is nice and secure doesn’t mean it is worth it. To me Veronica and Logan were the best until they added the cheating and crude and broke them up. I am team Logan. Piz is not exciting. If she had to end up without Logan send in Duncan. Either way more exciting then Piz!

  6. Brit says:

    I’d personally rather Veronica and Logan. They bring out the worst in each other but also the best. And he was always there to save her.

  7. janaidy says:

    Team LoVe. Plain and simple

  8. Maria says:

    I will reserve any judgment until I actually see the movie. A lot depends on what kind of people Veronica and Logan are 10 years later.

  9. Lauren says:

    It has always been Veronica and Logan. Logan’s last girl friend in the series, Parker, even said “it’s always been Veronica”. It’s not that Logan treats her bad, their personality’s are just so strong it just seems as though he is the bad guy. But their personalities together is what makes them so undeniably made for one another. Their chemistry is electric. Logan and Veronica’s love is truly epic and they’re is no doubt that after 10 years they still have feelings for one another, a love like that just doesn’t go away. You are not a true veronica mars fan if you truly beeline that piz is the one for veronica. Yes he’s the perfect gentlemen but who wants perfect? Veronica needs a LoVe that’s challenging and exciting. Piz is safe and sweet. Not the one for our beloved veronica. Team Logan all the way. #LoVe