New Veronica Mars Movie Footage: [Spoiler] Is Accused of Murder!

LoVe is in the air in this new promo for the Veronica Mars movie — but maybe not in the way you’d think. [SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t wanna know, don’t read past the jump… But you totally wanna know, right?] 

As revealed in these behind-the-scenes interviews and previously unreleased footage from the film, “Logan’s pull is too much” for our heroine, series star Kristen Bell says. So when her epic ex calls and need help because he’s been accused of murder (!), she leaves current boyfriend Piz (which we’d guessed, but still, !!) in New York and gets sucked into the Neptune vortex once again.

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Elsewhere in the clip: Mac! Wallace! Smoldering gazes between Logan and Veronica! Discussion of whether Dick ever had a chance with the tiny, blonde one! (We think you can guess the answer to that last one.) What are you waiting for, Marshmallows? Press PLAY, then hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steve says:

    I refuse to believe there are Veronica Mars fans out there who want her to end up with Piz. How is that a thing? It HAS to be LoVe.

    • neha says:

      I always felt like Logan was a much more interesting (and wittier and more bad-ass) character when he was apart from Veronica. He kind of became this love-sick dog when he was with her, and it took away everything that made him amazing. I know that they belong together at the end, but I feel like they are more interesting to watch apart. Plus, I kind of love me some Chris Lowell.

    • Guy says:

      Trust. It’s a thing.

    • Joanne says:

      This is what bothers me. Most of the fans who supported the VM kickstarter donations did it specifically because a) they wanted to see a Logan/Veronica happy ending in the way that the show failed to provide, and b) the love triangle with Piz was not popular at all.

      The only way I can think to explain his return is that Rob Thomas is good friends with Chris Lowell and so he wanted him in the movie.

      • Daisy says:

        Please provide evidence that “most” of the fans who supported the campaign did it for a Logan/Veronica reunion. I think most are just happy to have more Veronica Mars.

        • Joanne says:

          I’m not an idiot, it’s not all about pleasing shippers and I know that many people waited years for a Veronica Mars movie, but it’s not extreme to conclude that the majority of fans who were fans of Veronica’s love life, were generally rooting for her to be with Logan in the end. The writers put them through a lot of angst and tragedy, and the Series Finale ended on such a question mark that fans on VM forums everywhere were upset about the unresolved way in which their relationship was left hanging. I’m not saying that every fan was of a fan of LoVe; I’m saying that the couple had many fans, and a lot of them contributed to the Kickstarter. There were many comments on the kickstarter from people saying how much they’d love for Logan and Veronica to be happily reunited.

          • Tookie Clothespin says:

            I always find comments like yours interesting becuase other than on message boards I don’t know anybody in real life that wanted Logan and Veronica to end up together. He was a pretty poor boyfriend and an even worse ex. The people that I know that watched the show, a quick count off of the top of my head is 17 people, fall into mainly two categories. One, they don’t want her with anybody and want her to be out on her own. And two, wanted her with either Duncan or Piz. One nutbar wants her to end up with Wallace but, that’s besides the point. They were both good friends and boyfriends to her. I like the character of Logan a lot but, I never understood the push for them to end up together. I get why they dated and were attracted to each other but, she would seriously have to have the absolute worst taste in men to want to end up with one of the most selfish and toolish characters on the show.

          • SIl says:

            I think that Veronica has always felt totally in tuned with Logan. She loves that part of him which is the bad bay. I think they have that magnetism. I think what she feels for Piz is control and comfort. Which is not what Veronica is about. But, maturity is what they all needed. And, I think that Logan would be the one to benefit the most from this time in passing while the show was off the air. He runs his mouth, acts before thinking, so, the time that will have passed will give his character more character growth. Piz, IMO, was a stall for Logan and RONI. But, Veronica needs to decide what she really wants. Piz, is in love with her no matter what. I’m just elated that we’ll get a movie after all this time. In a way, maybe, we’ll get a periodic movie now and then. I sure hope so. Love VM.

          • whoever says:

            ” I like the character of Logan a lot but, I never understood the push for them to end up together. I get why they dated and were attracted to each other but, she would seriously have to have the absolute worst taste in men to want to end up with one of the most selfish and toolish characters on the show.”
            Happens alllll the time in real life though (and yeah 95% of time it ends up with non-stop crying and whining about how all guys are jerks). (Seriously once overheard a group of girls talking about a guy one went out with, so cute this and that, and then she mentions that is done with him after one date though, why?, too nice, and at the word nice, every last girl wrinkled up their nose in disgust).
            Anyway I’d say she should’ve ended up with Deputy Leo even more than Piz. A bit more humor and all than Piz but also a good guy and more stable and less trouble than Logan. But he didn’t have the total bad boy edge so instant dumpsville.

          • whoever says:

            Not to mention that she kinda becomes worse when she is with him (Logan) too and because paranoid and accusatory and so on.

          • lulu says:

            Whoever you seems like the nerdy ‘nice’ guy who never got his chances with the girls you wanted in highschool or college..because they always found you too ‘nice’ that’s ok..but it is time to get over happens, you don’t play your life here..VM is a fiction and Piz is not you. lol.

          • HTGR says:

            I actually dated the head JV cheerleader at one point (and it was she who chased me). Nerdy? A bit in some ways yeah but also athletic and set some school records too. But I’ve seen plenty of what I wrote above too and heard plenty of tale from other guys friends of all sorts of ages, general consensus is the chasing over bad boys and aversion to niceness has gone noticeably up over the last 15 years. And also don’t forget that as guys we see how other guys talk about girls and the girls they are dating and what they do behind the scenes and believe me it does not remotely match up to what many of the girls claimed/thought and in many cases that had everything totally in reverse. Anyway let’s bring this back to the movie, which I am damn excited about. And I will give you that Kristen and Jason did have really good on screen chemistry. I also think it’s pretty darn clear that if you are die hard LoVe worshipper that you won’t be driven to madness by this film and have nothing much to fear, at the least I’m sure she is going to end up somewhat closer to Logan and somewhat farther from Piz by the end of this, maybe greatly so. If anything too horrifying went down I don’t think they’d have gotten the seemingly near universal screening praise.

          • Ann says:

            I donated. I want veronica with Piz if she can’t be with Duncan. Logan is a loser, Judging from the trailer, ten years hasn’t matured him…he’s still a loser who gets into fights and gets accused of murder. Logan is the type of boyfriend you have in high school. Piz is the type women would marry, unless the girl is still immature in her thirties.

        • lulu says:

          well and ALL and i mean very ALL the people i know who know and watched Veronica Mars the tv show want Logan and Veronica together ! And they are far more numerous than 17 people…wake up..MAJORITY if not almost all the fanbase want Logan and Veronica together, Duncan, Piz or even Leo doesn’t even registered in their minds.

          • KCatty says:

            Try again. Love Logan as a character, but Veronica being with him takes such a willing suspense of disbelief that it makes me throw up a little in my mouth thinking about it. This is a strong women with an immense amount of self-respect….which all goes out the window in order to be with Logan.

      • Ashley says:

        Rob has often said he wrote the Keith and Veronica relationship to be like how he hopes his relationship with his daughter will turn out, so it’s no surprise he’d rather she was with Piz.

        I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff for Veronica and Logan shippers, but my grew fear is whatever happens they’ll moan.

      • Mitholas says:

        I truly shudder at the idea that some fans think they are entitled to the ending they want because they contributed to the kickstarter. No. You contributed to the kickstarter to a) see more Veronica Mars and b) because you trust that the team can make a quality VM film. Don’t judge the quality of the production and the merit of the film based on your own expectations. That’s not a fair or reasonable way to judge a piece of fiction.

      • Quinn Mallory says:

        Had the Veronica Mars FBI idea had gotten picked up, I am sure that Rob Thomas would have introduced some other new character as a love interest instead. Since that history is now completely not canon (Veronica becomes a lawyer instead of a FBI agent), it makes most dramatic sense to have both Logan and Piz in the movie. I can’t believe VM fans would actually be disappointed by the presence of Piz. Scared a little that LoVe might not work out at the end, but somehow I doubt this movie will conclude with a satisfactory pairing of Veronica with either guy.

    • Drew says:

      I just rewatched the series and wound up on Team Piz. Veronica and Logan bring out the worst parts of each other. She doesn’t trust him. He feels inferior to her and lashes out. They’re great as friends, but seem to almost resent each other when they’re a couple.
      Piz was stable for her. No suspicion of rape or murder. Just a solid guy who liked her. With everything that she has gone through, it was nice to see her with someone fun and nice. Someone who brought out the better parts of her.

      I respect those who disagree, but I don’t understand the all out Piz hate.

      • Rose says:

        I don’t hate Piz, and I can see why people see him as a breath of fresh air. He’s exactly what Riley was to Buffy in BTVS – a “regular Joe” type of figure, a complete 180 from the drama that Veronica experienced with Logan. But I don’t think Piz was a suitable romantic match for Veronica, because I think she secretly enjoys the passion that Logan brings to her life. I don’t think that makes them wrong for each other, because we’re talking about a 10 year gap between Season 3 and the movie. It’s a long time, and it’s unfair of anyone to stereotype Logan as “the bad boy who needs to be reformed.” He’s been there, done that. Veronica knows Logan better than anyone, and vice versa. So I can certainly understand why there’s such a vocal and loyal fanbase for Logan and Veronica’s relationship. They have so much history that it makes them the central couple of the show in a lot of ways. I personally never understood the hype about Ross and Rachel in FRIENDS and it took a lot of re-viewings for me to actually see what fans saw in them.

        • Sara says:

          Piz is not on the same page as Riley Finn. Riley Finn was the “regular Joe” type of person, but he was a horrible boyfriend – he was possessive, jealous, insecure, and extremely whiny and clingy. Piz is far more laidback than that. Sorry, that comparison drives me nuts because Riley was a dinkus. :p (And I totally agree about Ross & Rachel. The real winning couple of FRIENDS is Chandler & Monica) That said – I’m Team Logan haha

          • lulu says:

            Piz was also insecure, jealous, possesive, whiny and clingy..rewatch season 3..He pinned for months,in a not subtle way at all, for Veronica whereas she was with was pitiful.

          • Quinn Mallory says:

            Re: lulu. Piz fell for Veronica before realizing that she was with Logan. After that, he was just holding out hope for Veronica (turning down Parker) partly because Veronica also strung him along for a bit. I won’t argue with insecure, but I wouldn’t include jealous or possessive.

      • lulu says:

        Nice and stable and safe like someone you like not like someone who stole your heart..Some just want stability and safety in their lives some others want danger, passion and live their life like there is not tomorrow..and in my opinion and from what i saw from Veronica during all the tv show was the latter..

        • abc says:

          Plenty seem to just want a bad boy who will suddenly turn good when with them so they can feel they were special enough for him to change. Of all the girls in the world it took them for him to become stand up and honest and that makes them sooo special and a guy who already was trustworthy with other people doesn’t make them feel that they are soooo special since he didn’t have totally change for them. Only 99.9% of the time it doesn’t work for long and then they just whine to all their friends about how ‘all’ guys suck, half the time to guys who treated them well ironically enough. And you can have passion and excitement and thrills AND stability too BTW.

          • lulu says:

            You can but most of the time it is one way or another BTW, even more in fiction. Of course there is some truth in wanting the guy who make it hard and will only be awesome with you because it makes you special..of course..i am a girl..i But it is also more than also want the guy who complete you, who treat you as an equal..and that guy is what Logan is to Veronica, simple as that.

    • magreeda says:

      Does wanting her to end up with Weevil count? I know it won’t happen in the movie, but it was seriously the thing I was rooting for on the show.

      • raeven says:

        No way!! I didn’t know other people who wanted Veronica and Weevil to be together even existed. He was always my first choice for her and if not him, then Leo…even if they are kind of on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    • Sarah says:

      I can’t even believe that Piz and Veronica are still a thing ten years later. And yeah, it’s not a triangle. It’s love for Veronica/Logan with Piz being the annoying obstacle people would like better if he stopped getting in the way.

  2. the girl says:

    Oh my god. Every time I think I can be patient and wait for this movie to come out, nope I can’t.

  3. Jen says:

    After seeing that I for the first time ever saw the other side to the triangle. Maybe Piz is better for Veronica? It didn’t convince me enough that I wouldn’t be upset that LoVe didn’t happen, but it convinced me I won’t be livid.

    By the end of this I was actually thinking “maybe she should be with Piz.” But then quickly realized just because someone is nice and good to you doesn’t mean you settle. You love who you love. And I love LoVe.

    It helps that Piz seems to have grown up to a mature guy.

    • lulu says:

      It is exactly that, she would settle with is easy but is she really happy ? I don’t think so..with Logan there are lot’s of heartbreak but also higher happiness..She can really be in bliss with Logan even with all all the bad times to overcome..with nice, average guys like Piz she will only be in a not bad bad, not great life..i don’t think Veronica, being the passionate character she is,,would accept the end of the would be so pathetic, sad and tragic.

  4. Oh my God. So basically is another round of LoVe and Pizonica again!?! And Veronica is with Piz for a decade? I’m in a rollercoaster of emotion right now.

    • alistaircrane says:

      If they have been together for almost a decade and haven’t gotten married yet, there has to be a reason. Perhaps because she’s more into Logan than Piz…

      • wordsmith says:

        They’ve known each other a decade – we don’t know that they’ve been dating the entire time…

      • lulu says:

        I don’t buy Veronica Mars dating a guy like Piz for a decade, Logan on the picture or not..actually;

      • Alan says:

        people dont have to get married just because theyve been together for a long time you know. my aunt and uncle have been together over 20 years and have two kids but arent married, its not that unreasonable that given who veronica is and the horrible marriages that she has first hand experiences of (her mother and father for one) that she wouldnt want to ever get married.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    If Piz and Veronica have been dating for the past 9 years since the series ended, it’s going to be hard for her to suddenly get together with Logan in this movie. I expect she and Logan will kiss, Piz will find out and their relationship will end, but Veronica and Logan won’t really get together until the sequel.

    • Jen says:

      I’m hoping they Piz and V just recently got back together. The sound byte sounds that way (someone, I think Logan, says “you didn’t tell me you guys were dating.” Logan obviously knew they were dating in college.)

    • Joanne says:

      Plus, it makes the Season 3 finale look like a waste of time. Because Veronica and Logan’s final look towards each other in that scene, whilst Piz looked at them, spoke volumes about the truth of the triangle. Even Rob Thomas (the creator) said on the DVD that it will “always” be Logan and Veronica.

      • neha says:

        But, we don’t know what happened right after. It’s possible that Veronica and Logan did get back together, broke up again, and then Veronica got together with Piz. It’s possible that Veronica continued to have feelings for Logan, but realized that he was too unstable and that she needed to be away from him.

  6. Emily says:

    I know people will hate on me but I’m a Team Piz girl always have been always will be :)

    • lulu says:

      you are entitled to your opinion..although i don’t get it..Sometimes it seems to me that people who root for Piz are folks who would root for any ‘nice’ nerdy guy..because of real life issues…it is kind of creepy to me..

      • Fen says:

        Wow. That was a random burn. Frankly, I would argue that there are more “real life” issues with people who would choose the spoiled d-bag over the “good guy” any day. And before the nasty replies ensue, I’d have to admit that, to be honest, I can’t say for sure what “team” I’m on. One minute I like Logan and Veronica together because they have chemistry and they are exciting to watch. The next I’m pulling for Piz, the ultimate underdog. I think it speaks to good character development and writing….it sure does make for a good argument.

        • lulu says:

          No need for a ‘nasty’ reply..i would just say that there are as much if not more real life issues with people who want the ‘nice’ kind of nerdy guy to get the girl..because it would so nice for him to ‘win’ for it is a contest..And the nice guy should not finish last..It is just an make the people so passionate about the nice guy to ‘win’ kind of creepy..almost like they project..they did not ‘win’ in real life so for once they would like their fantasy to happen in is as much weird, if not more as the bad-boy fantasy imho.

          • Daisy says:

            Speaking of fiction, you do know that Veronica Mars isn’t real and that she isn’t really meant to be with anyone. Trust the writers who introduced you to characters so exciting that you’re willing fight for them. But try not to disparage other’s opinions. It is, after all, just entertainment.

          • courtb says:

            Lulu, I’ve been reading your numerous comments both here and at EW and we get it – you love Logan and you think LoVe (ugh, did I really just type that) are the end all, be all of the Veronica Mars universe. You frequently (and repeatedly) argue your opinion as if it’s the only opinion. We get it. However, I finally have been goaded to comment directly to you. I worry about you, I honestly do. You call girls who prefer nice guys to psychotic “bad boys” to be creepy? In a society that views the Christian Greys of the world as the “ideal” man, your perspective towards “bad boys” is certainly not unique, but your fervent generalizations and attacks against people who might prefer a “nicer” option are a bit concerning.

            First of all, where did you get the idea that it’s all about making sure the nice guy doesn’t finish last? And even if it is, why is that any more creepy than the girls who want to “save” the bad boy? If we’re speaking in generalizations, of course. From my personal opinion, I like nice guys because I like to be treated nicely. I have seen numerous girlfriends go after the “bad boy,” just to get burned. And those girls all settled down with the “nice” boy over the “bad” boy. Are all of us creepy for choosing stable relationships?

            I am not a shipper, I’m “Team Veronica” over anything else. But when someone un-ironically says “it make[s] the people so passionate about the nice guy to ‘win’ kind of creepy..almost like they project” while commenting on multiple boards, over and over again, about how her choice is the correct on – I just have to say something.

  7. mac says:

    less excited now, I can’t stand Piz/Veronice and I certainly won’t watch a movie that is fanfic for that

  8. Joanne says:

    I don’t understand Rob Thomas’ decision to bring back Piz as Veronica’s boyfriend. It completely contradicts what he said in the DVD special features about Piz knowing that he’s not “the one” for her and that it will ALWAYS be Logan and Veronica.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Perhaps he just likes Piz. Piz is a good character when he’s away from Veronica. Being her bf is the only way to have him in the film since he’d have no reason to attend the Neptune High reunion.

      • Joanne says:

        He was okay as Wallace’s roommate. But when Rob Thomas elevated Piz’s status to Veronica’s boyfriend shortly after her break-up with Logan, it ruined any appeal that Piz had. Also, Veronica changed with Piz for the worst. She started being cruel towards Logan and she rubbed her relationship with Piz in his face. I honestly thought that the way that LoVe was handled in the latter half of Season 3 was really disrespectful to their relationship, and it didn’t help that Piz was thrown into the mix out of nowhere. It made no sense because Veronica clearly only viewed him as a friend. They totally forced her feelings for him and I felt uncomfortable watching it.

        • lulu says:

          yep this Piz/Veronica thing was kind of awkward like he hooked up with his crush and she used him in order to make Logan suffer…yikes..

      • lulu says:

        The major reason he is here is because of Rob Thomas’s friendship with Chris Lowell..the actor playing Piz..therefore the contrived triangle with Piz..Actually the Logan/Veronica/Duncan triangle was more popular to the general audience…

  9. Sara says:

    There are no words to describe how effing excited I am for this movie. And to go to the screening in Hollywood. My word. I can’t even. That being said…I’m team Logan. I mean, look, obviously, in real life….Piz would absolutely be the guy to choose! And I think even if she doesn’t end up with Logan I’ll be able because at least it isn’t Duncan and Piz is an honourable second choice lol, but for a movie when you wanna see the passion and the drama and as Kristen says, the sexual gotta be Team Logan.

  10. Esaul says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  11. Melanie says:

    I’m excited for the movie, totally disappointed that it’s going to be filled with love triangle lameness. Why?! Just why.

  12. AJ says:

    The fact that Veronica is with Piz disturbs me, yes, it disturbs me. I understand she deserves a nice guy, but he’s not nice, just annoying, he’s not “better” for her, if anything, Leo would be a better match. It would’ve been better to see her with someone new.

    • gdv says:

      Team Deputy Leo!!

      • Mark says:

        Really put the cat with the pigeons it would have been good to have Duncan make an appearance, now that would have really screwed with her mind….

    • lulu says:

      Someone new would have been better and more realistic..i just don’t buy Veronica staying with Piz for ten years…no..don’t buy all. But Chris Lowell is Rob Thomas’s you have Piz in the movie…and so lame insta angst with him as the stable, nice boyfriend..lame. And i saw Chris on interview and he seems pretty fun..but storyline is lame..

  13. Playhouse says:

    Veronica moves all the way to New York and in a decade doesn’t find and/or date people other than those she met in Neptune? I know this happens in reality all the time, but that just doesn’t ring true for this character.

    • neha says:

      Why not? Veronica only had four boyfriends until college, and she only had slept with two of them when the series ended. It’s totally possible that she and Piz made the move to NY together, and they continued to date through college, law school, and work. Many, many people do.

      • neha says:

        ETA: I know that she technically also dated Leo (along with Troy, Duncan, Logan, and Piz), but I don’t think he was ever her boyfriend.

      • lulu says:

        Nope..Veronica is not a prude, reserved a big city like New York for a long period like ten is not realistic.. i am a young woman living in a big city..and at this time in your life you don’t stay with the same people like that, with a strong, outgoing way..You experimente, you meet new want challenge..again i say no way..this Piz/Veronica relationship for the movie, after ten years with the type of relationship they is contrived.

        • whoever says:

          She’s also 28 in the movie! And said to have only been dating Piz again for like a year or two. So it’s a creepy let down that by her late 20s she might dare to want something stable? Not to mention I don’t really care who the heck she ends up with in this movie to be honest so long as the movie is awesome and it works. I loved the TV show before she ever dated Logan and I loved it when she was dating Logan and again when she no longer was and so forth. I could be perfectly amazed by the movie if she ends up with Logan. Or Piz. Or whoever else. You seem like there is one answer and no matter how amazing the movie, it could be the best acted, written, etc. movie ever made and yet if she isn’t with Logan at the end you’d flip out and rate it an F-.
          Other than in the bedroom how many thrilling things did she even go out and about with Logan and ever do anyway? You could also say someone as attractive, intelligent, witty and outsider, what is she doing just settling for the first rich bad boy she wrangles with? The actors had good on screen chemistry though so if she dumps Piz and goes to Logan fine, but I don’t see that it would be some hideous sin if that didn’t happen either.
          And doesn’t the word experiment, meet new people, mean trying out all sorts, like say exciting guys who are also nice instead of 100% genuine bad boys every single time? Sure, I’m not saying you should swoon over any guy just because he treats you well, of course there is a lot more to it than that, but what is up with actively treating the “nice” as a bad word and deciding that unless the guy struts around and acts like a general di## to everyone that he must be boring? And even if you are the magical girl he does end up treating well forever and stays true to, if he still treats everyone else like dirt, is that really the sort of magic person that a super girl deserves that you go on about in about 300 different messages so far? And don’t think that the ‘nice guy’ will just be waiting for and rush to you with open arms no matter what when suddenly you decide you want to ‘just settle’ for some stable guy for a house and a kid after you’ve blown them off for years, they can smell that a mile away.

  14. Victoria says:

    That was great! I can’t wait until it comes out! Love all the way!

  15. Daisy says:

    I don’t care what you guys say. I shall forever be Team Duncan.

    • lulu says:

      To ach its own..Duncan was DULL dull dull ..a character like Veronica could not be with a guy like that..maybe before she became the Veronica we all loved on the tv show, when she was naive; kind of mousy sidekick to wild, carefree Lily..but not after that.. NO WAY.

  16. Erin says:

    So. Excited. For. This.

  17. Matt C. says:

    This footage was such a nice surprise! But I’m bothered by the fact that Piz and Veronica are STILL dating. I hope to God there’s some kind of explanation that they just recently got back together, because I can’t imagine them dating for 9 years. But on the bright side, the smoldering glances between Veronica and Logan are NEXT LEVEL AWESOME. This movie is going to be gold.

  18. Joanne says:

    I love that Ryan Hansen and Tina Majorino are both fans of Logan. Mostly because I felt as if this clip was trying too hard to depict Logan as nothing better than “Veronica’s bad boyfriend.” That really pisses me off because there is SO much more depth to him than that, and Rob Thomas should tell that to audiences rather than suck up to Piz all the time.

    • lulu says:

      I agree, but i think they praise Piz in order to tease..however i love Tina and Ryan for being such Love

  19. Alice says:

    I’m team Logan all the way. Piz is nice but boooooring.
    As far as I’m concerned, I’d like a love story between Mac and Dick. A girl can dream, right ?

  20. Jacob says:

    I hate to believe that Veronica Mars’ entire legacy has been reduced to who she would end up dating. I guess I’ll just never understand ‘shippers.

    • Rose says:

      Well, you can’t really blame it solely on the fans. This entire clip is focused on Veronica’s love life. It remains to be seen how much of it will be in the movie, but most of the promo has so far been tailored to this storyline. As long as Logan gets a more respectful character treatment than one-dimensional bad boy (we all know he’s more than that), I’ll be happy. Piz on the other hand, unlike Logan, Piz’s whole reason for being in the movie is to be Veronica’s boyfriend. That’s why I have such a problem with him.

      • Ashley says:

        I guess they don’t want to give away too much of the mystery so the relationships will take focus. In this case that’s romance, but hopefully we’ll see more with Mac and Wallace, and of course Keith.

    • lulu says:

      Don’t is above all a promo PR…Warner Bros is the major force behing this last ‘love triangle’ teaser..the movie will be much more than that..i am sure.

    • Mags says:

      Right on. Veronica isn’t defined by who she’s dating. Team Veronica.

  21. Lecholls says:

    I’m really excited about this movie, but I’m sad that the video ended saying Spring 2014. They used to always say Winter 2014. It better be early spring!

    As far as the triangle, I just hope any Piz scenes are minimal. He is not integral to Neptune, and he’ll never understand Veronica. His main function in the movie will probably be to show us that Veronica isn’t truly into the boring nice guys. Especially when compared to Logan.

  22. TVWatcher says:

    Really Piz? He was what I liked the least about season 3. He’s a sweet guy for sure but he’s not for Veronica.

  23. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I paid $200 for this. She better pick Logan!

  24. Sammi says:

    Love the new footage! I will always be a Logan/Veronica fan no matter how nicely Piz treats Veronica. I actually really like Piz, but I think Logan and Veronica belong together. It looks like we will get a lot of LoVe in the movie, which I’m definitely happy about. The whole movie just looks great, can’t wait!!

  25. Josh Emerson says:

    Honestly, I have never understood the appeal of ‘bad boys’ and probably never will. Logan was such a douchebag, doesn’t Veronica deserve bettter than that? They have a ton of chemistry, sure, but is that enough? I’m not saying Piz is a great option either, but I certainly didn’t contribute to the Kickstarter for the purpose of seeing Logan and Veronica back together. I’m so excited for the movie but I’m dreading the bitching that will come from the shippers if they don’t get their way. Ugh.

    • Rose says:

      But Logan ISN’T just the bad boy. That’s what annoys me about this clip – they’re trying too hard to push Logan as the dangerous option for Veronica. He did a lot of growing up during the show, and we all saw how hard he worked to be worthy of Veronica’s love. The only reason why they broke up was because of Madison Sinclair’s meddling. The writers used Veronica’s insecurities about her against Logan, and I thought that was really unfair. Season 3 didn’t do them justice. I think that’s why a lot of fans are so curious about her love life in the movie. But this is Veronica Mars we ‘re talking about – it wasn’t a soap opera, so I don’t think you have to worry too much.

      • lulu says:

        And in season 3 Veronica was more a ‘douchebag’ than Logan in the relationship..and actually in the tv show..not her best least Logan always had the charm and witty banter to balance…

    • gefefegegevbjtjtwwfefef says:

      I think you need to be XX to understand?? Guys (as girls too at times) sometimes chase looks too much I totally admit, but at least we don’t count jerky personalities as an additional, or even bigger, plus. When it comes to personality most guys, including myself, seem to get drawn most to super nice, gentle, trustworthy, smart, funny/wacky sense of humor/don’t take self too seriously sort of personalities, and yeah a little spice and spunk doesn’t hurt at all (but not in the going around picking on others, starting fights, being a douche, having reps of being a serial cheater, etc. etc. sort of way and if some girls is super nice to us we are like awesome, sweet and don’t start getting all bored or making up stuff about how they are just fake and just want to get in our pants while the bad girl over there is real and treats us like crap or ignore us half the time and thus is ‘clearly’ not out to just get in our pants (nevermind it’s the bad boy who has that down to a science and probably ONLY wants that while the good guy maybe wants that too, and if he is not to be just a friend you should hope so no?, plus may well actually care and if you care for someone it’s not a horrible thing to be very nice to them, shocker). I’ve never seen a guy drawn to a girl with a rep as a cheater or who is mean to others in some desperate need to prove that they can be the one guy the girl will change her ways over.
      Anyway, Locan+Veronica was a bit more complicated than that in ways to be fair and sometimes she was the one who seemed more at fault, but again if someone brings out the worst in you so often….
      Anyway, I have a feeling that she will be at least heading away from Piz and towards Logan by the end of this, even if, perhaps, not fully there so I suspect the shippers won’t go too insane (the test screening raves alone seems to be proof enough).

    • Annemijk says:

      Veronica Mars was about soooo much more than just her boyfriends. I agee that Veronica deserves better than Logan, I mean the guy organised bum-fights, drugged his friend with GHB, has given a fake alibi to a serial rapist and just doesnt really seem like a stable dude. But I know that at the end of the movie they will be together so whatever I guess Im gonna watch it for all the other Awesome VM stuff

  26. Brigid says:

    Well this was officially the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Am I dreaming?

  27. Loved all the new footage. Don’t love that Veronica is with Piz, but I can deal. I do think it’s weird that they’re trying to play it like Piz was really a contender with most fans – not from what I remember, although I was pretty biased at the time. Not that he didn’t – and doesn’t still – have some supporters, but not enough that there won’t be some backlash if Veronica picks him instead of Logan, or instead of just striking out on her own. And honestly, like a lot of people, if we’re going for nice guys, I would’ve picked Leo. Although better Piz than Duncan. So.

    But what I’m really hoping is that outside of love triangles, even outside of LoVe, we really just get to see Veronica doing her thing again and maybe starting out on a more interesting, PI-related road then she’s apparently on now; and that we get to see all the characters we love again, and we get some closure on where they are now. As much as I love LoVe, and hope they end up together, I do hope that the triangle stuff isn’t consuming the whole movie, because there’s so much more from Veronica Mars that I love.

    But still … Team Logan. Always. Can’t help it.

    • seuss says:

      I know. it’s so unrealistic that she is still with Piz and now why does she have to have a ten year history with Piss, I mean Piz? Dumb. whatever, bring on LoVe.

    • lulu says:

      Nope Piz was not worthy.but Rob Thomas soft spot for the character and above all the actor makes Piznarski a more important part than he ever was..

  28. Eli says:

    I’ve never liked Piz and Veronica together but I don’t get why people are so mad he’s in the movie. I think it’s obvious she was going to start the movie with a boyfriend (who I will assume she leaves for Logan) and it’s more interesting for Piz to be that boyfriend- a character we already know and that she has history with- rather than some random new guy. That being said I would have preferred any of Veronica’s other exes to be that guy. But I have complete faith in Rob Thomas. I think they just like teasing the audience by acting like this could be a legit triangle. Obviously it’s not.

  29. Dominique says:

    I was always on Team Leo! but yeah if it comes down to either Piz or Logan, it’ll be team Logan for sure. Piz might be the better guy, but the heart wants what it wants.
    Also; I’m REALLY team Mac/Dick. Like seriously is there any chance they might go there?

    • lulu says:

      yep the heart wants what it wants and Veronica’s heart wants and aches for Logan..maybe not her mind but her heart absolutely !

  30. ABBY says:

    Logan was never particularly a bad boyfriend to Veronica, this whole clip seems to be based on the idea he was some kind of horrible douche to her but that isn’t what I remember watching, he brought his own baggage and drama to the table sure, but so did Veronica and he dealt with hers…

    • lulu says:

      They are a perfect match because he was certainly flawed but she was too ! On this promo they show him beating up people..but Logan did not spend his time beating up He could outsmart people with his words and it is what he did majority of the show..this promo is not really fair..i agree..

  31. jour4790 says:

    But Logan was already accused of murder.

  32. seuss says:

    Veronica and Logan all the way — C’mon! Logan is the only one who’s ever been able to challenge her at her level. Piz is nice but BOOOring. Plus, Logan has probably matured in the important ways in ten years. And Logan is a man, not a coward in the least, which I love and I’m pretty sure Veronica does too. After he stood up to that jerk for her in the last episode, she gave him that look that said, crap, I’m always going to be imagining you when I’m with wimpy Piz. This is fiction, not real life and in my fictional Veronica Mars universe, she had better end up with LOGAN!!

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      That wasn’t what that look said. That look was her realising why she couldn’t be with Logan unless he did a lot of growing up. She didn’t want or need him fighting that Russian guy for her. She wanted him to leave it alone but becuase he couldn’t get over his own ego he went and fought the dude and put not only himself in danger but her as well. She had fear and worry and regret in her eyes. None of that look was “I’m going to think of you while having sex with my boyfriend.”.

      • Becca says:

        Rob Thomas (the creator) confirmed that ~ the look ~ between Veronica, Logan and Piz in that cafeteria scene was specifically designed to show the audience two things: 1) Piz knows he is not the one for Veronica, and 2) it’s always going to be Logan and Veronica. Rob’s words: “You can’t compete with what’s going on between these two.”

        • Tookie Clothespin says:

          Just becuase it was designed that way does not mean that was what was pulled off. It’s all about interpretation. The poster above and yourself obviously wanted her and Logan together so that’s what you saw. A silent, reaffirmation of their undying love. I was always much cooler on their relationship, mainly because they wrote him as a giant douche most of the time even when they were dating(Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great character. But he is what he is), so I saw what I saw. I saw her realising the same thing that she realised at the beginning of season 2. That Logan was exciting and dangerous but ultimately juvenile and selfish. He would continue to put his wants before hers no matter how much she wanted him to grow up. That was why she broke up with him in between seasons one and two and that’s what I saw her realising when he kept on acting the exact same way over two years later.

          • Becca says:

            But you’re trying to contradict the exact intention that the creator of the show was putting across in that moment. Just because you dislike Logan and Veronica together, it doesn’t change what that that scene was supposed to represent. Whether people like it or not, Logan and Veronica have unfinished business. It came across in that scene and it comes across in this clip. Logan didn’t beat up that guy in the cafeteria because he’s self-destructive. He beat him up because he was threatening Veronica. Was he supposed to just stand idly by as that jerk degraded her? Even if that was the ~smart~ thing to do, Logan did what he felt was right in the moment. Even Veronica couldn’t resist smiling when he said “yeah, someday.” I think she realised in that moment that Logan shouldn’t have to apologise for doing something extreme, because he did it for the right reason.

          • Seuss says:

            Agree with Becca … obviously. I also think that part of what draws Veronica to Logan is that she can’t control him and vice versa. She is so used to being the smartest one in the room but then there’s Logan who manages to keep pace with her and even surprises her and keeps on her toes. He sometimes goes rogue which may frustrate her at times but she likes it too whether she wants to or not. Can’t wait to see that chemistry again!

        • lulu says:

          What is powerful between Logan and Veronica is they are equal in every ways…Veronica can’t control him and him can’t with her..of course it can be frustrating and frightening sometimes but it is, at the end of the day so fulfilling.

  33. I’ve got to hope this stuff with Piz is just a starting point for the drama of reuniting Veronica and Logan, and the PR push is just to make it believable. Because even though I’m 9 years older and I know things like in real life nice boys are better choices, I simply cannot get behind Veronica and Piz. I guarantee if she doesn’t end up with Logan there are gonna be a lot of kickstarter supporters asking for their money back. It’s not like we just bought a ticket, we’re part owners of the project.

  34. Deion says:

    I can’t believe that I am still this invested in these characters after all these years. Team Logan. When Veronica and Logan broke up in the third season, I understood. Logan needed a kick in the ass. But Piz was never the endgame. You “nice guy” lovers, you knew this. Veronica and Logan were both difficult people. He was everything she hated in the first season, even her chief tormentor. But after we got to know Logan outside of his hatred for Veronica, got to know the character’s depth, we knew what was up. We knew he could deal with her. Logan’s great issue was that his better nature had to fight the spoiled jackass he was raised to be. I hope that the movie shows that he’s grown up and gotten some direction. And that Piz finds a nice girl to settle down with who isn’t named Veronica Mars.

  35. kay says:

    OMFG i’m so excited. But… i didn’t realise there WERE piz-veronica fans lol. LoVe all the way

  36. Kay says:

    Team Piz!

  37. Hurding Katz says:

    Life doesn’t stop with high-school graduation or college experience (despite the popular-culture meme). The last I remember seeing this crowd, Piz was going in one direction (having sacrificed what he wanted to do that summer to be with Veronica). Veronica was facing the opportunity to go in another direction — and place — to pursue her own dream. And Logan was going crazy. Such was the lead-in to the never-produced fourth season, a story left untold.

    This trailer/teaser only tells us were the story picks up (10 years later), not where it’s leading. Let the story (and back story) unfold.

    I can understand a lingering attraction to Piz. He’s safe and dependable. I don’t say that’s the right choice, but an understandable one. Although bold on the surface, the teenage/young-adult Veronica was never big on the unknown. It made her feel insecure, vulnerable, which probably explains her penchant for solving mysteries, a decent complement to her hatred of injustice. I’m excited to find out who she’s become as a maturing adult. If done justice, surprises should abound.

  38. Tina B. says:

    Is this supposed to be here? I could’ve sworn Rob said this footage was for backers only…. tsk,tsk but yeah LoVe all the way! Piz, I don’t hate him but Veronica belongs with Logan always.

  39. David4 says:

    I have never met a VM fan that liked Piz or hoped he would be in the movie. I would have liked it if he was forgotten.

    • Jules says:

      Nice to meet you, David4. I really like Piz and I genuinely hoped he would be in the movie. Does that mean I have to hate LoVe? No, in fact, I would be probably be pissed if they didn’t end up together, but rooting for LoVe also doesn’t mean I have to hate Piz.

    • courtb says:

      Why do people always speak for the rest of us? I’ve never commented on any of these message boards until today (and considering that there are not thousands of comments on these things, let alone the nearly 92,000 backers, there’s a pretty silent majority of fans out there) but I’m so sick of the whole “VM fans feel this way” or “No VM fans like Piz,”

      I’m a VM fan. I’m a fan who made everyone she knew watch Veronica Mars and recently got her mom hooked on the show. And I couldn’t tell you how all these people feel about Logan, Piz, Duncan, or whoever (outside of which actor we think is hot) because for us, it was about Veronica and her journey and less about the boys she was dating.

      Personally, I love Piz. I love Chris Lowell and I loved the character of Piz. I think their first kiss is fantastic. I also really enjoy Logan and love the chemistry between the two. If I were friends with Veronica, I’d be nervous about her dating someone like Logan. As a fan, I don’t particularly care who she ends up with because it’s never been about that for me. I’m happy I get a movie and am along for the ride, where ever it takes me.

      To all the shippers out there, please stop with the whole “all fans feel the way I do” because you do not know that. You are a vocal lot but there is no proof that you are, in fact, the majority. Honestly, I find that shippers ruin things for people like me – those who watch for the story lines and who might have a favorite love interest, but don’t feel that is the main purpose of the show.

  40. Gina Olson says:

    I would watch this movie if it was shot in a cornfield with the all the main characters sitting in a circle chit chatting. I’m just grateful to have my favorite show back. Of course, I love Veronica and Logan, but at this point just having them back is so amazing, I really could care less who she ends up with as long as we have Logan on that big screen.

  41. MoshiMoshi says:

    LoVe all the way!!!!!

  42. Ani says:

    I just choked on my own spit from laughing at Dick. I’m so glad he’s in the move.

    That said, I’m pro-LoVe. I just feel like, yes, maybe Piz is the “better” choice, but Veronica is not a normal sort of girl, and the “right” choices don’t always work out for her. I think she and Logan just….get each other better

    That said, I really wish the continuity they had set up didn’t include her staying with Piz for so long. That makes me feel bad about breaking them up. I wish it had just fizzled out shortly after the series finale.

  43. ABBY says:

    Whether you’re a fan or not there is no doubt Logan and Veronica are the fan favorite couple of VM (i.e they were the most popular couple to come out of the show) so I don’t actually doubt for a second that they will be this movies endgame. No way will they not chose the ending that pleases the fans who paid for the movie. (And yes I know there will have been many non L/V fans who donated however I think most can acknowledge that a large percentage of the auidence want L/V).
    That being said are we supposed to take from her being with Piz they have been together for a decade or will they have been recently reunited rekindling the college romance? The idea she’s spent a decade with Piz will certainly live a sour taste on her ditching him for Logan, for me at least…

    • Seuss says:

      Good point … maybe she and Piz will just have recently reunited and not have been together ten years. Man, I hope so. I hate the idea of them together for a decade. Geez, it’d be like they had a common law marriage or something. I think Thomas is smarter than that and the more I think about it the more I think you’re probably right about that.

  44. anonymous says:

    The funny thing is that the real life Logan is pretty much the least douchey, nicest, stable, down to earth, humble, good guy you’ll ever meet. Those few moments, sometimes just for a second or two, when you see the vulnerable, nice, caring guy on the show are the few moments that acting isn’t going on, that’s the real actor with the veil dropped for a moment as it were. So girls, I guess you can have your looks and edge and nice guy all at once here.

  45. Amanda says:

    Loved, loved Veronica Mars and excited about the movie. But I have to say I’d be a little bummed if she ends up with Piz. He makes me want to take a nap. I’m for her ending up with bad boy Logan. Don’t care if it’s not the safe move. Veronica can take care of herself.

    • claire says:

      Exactly, she can give as much as she gets..She doesn’t need nice, safe, stable, average guy..she needs someone her..and that is Logan.

      • hmmm says:

        But what is actually so special about Logan and so far above average? A great humanitarian? artist? musician? athlete? scholar? comedian? intellectual? world traveler? super considerate and kind to everyone? someone who brings out the best in everyone around him? in who he is with? did they even go around and actually really do anything much exciting together (beyond the bed)? (OK, Piz wasn’t many of those either granted) Logan looks fine but mostly he is just a big challenge and gives off that bad ass vibe. Is simply being a challenge and giving off that special vibe such an amazing thing. Is that what makes him different and the one that Veronica deserves so much? Don’t forget when she is with him she starts acting all crazy and messed up half the time herself so well maybe she does deserves him in a way at times. Granted he does have a bit of heart underneath it all, and yeah he did have a bit of a twisted upbringing so maybe he is not hopeless, but still why is he magically perfect for her and everyone else is an average joe to so many viewers? Why are the words nice, respectful, stable when paired with a guy+relationship like bad words? If you have respect for yourself and even a little self-esteem and confidence do you really need to beg and hope some guy transforms into Mr. Honesty just because he is with you and even if he treats you well for now, look around and see how he treats others, if not well, it ain’t a good sign for the long, long term for you, that is actually the sort of niceness you need to look out for, not the nice guy being nice. If that is how you get your self-esteem, by thinking you can be the magical girl who changes the bad boy, you are not definitely but certainly likely in for many years of hurt, maybe endlessly so, unless you really luck out. There have got to be better ways to make yourself feel special no and for other to be able to make you feel special no? Yeah just being nice and stable isn’t enough, but those are not bad things either. And just being a challenge or putting off that bad boy air isn’t exactly much of package at all if you really think about it. Of course the actors do really click together on screen so for the show itself it’s maybe not so bad, but the way so many viewers start talking about it all….

        • lulu says:

          But the Logan-Veronica dynamic is so much more than the bad boy who can change with the right girl appeal.. This bad boy thing is a bit thin and let’s be honest pretty cliche. So while it exists a bit with Logan, it is above all about a complex, strong and full of layers relationship. Veronica and Logan are two strong personalities, two very flawed individuals who can be equal, who can complete each others, who can communicate without even expressing any words..It is so much more fulfilling than a simple good girl/bad boy shallow dynamic. Veronica is not perfect, Logan is not perfect, they are both smart, witty, volatile and emotional which make them perfect for each others. Two imperfect individuals who together makes the perfect combination.

          • hmmm says:

            True, in this case it is more complex than that, definitely a fair point, but how can you say you get two imperfect individuals who combine to make the perfect combination when Logan had his good side brought out even more with that other girl, that one from the carnival, even more than when he is with Veronica, and when she turns into a paranoid, control freak much of the time when she is with Logan? Sure there is some mad chemistry and in some ways it’s exciting but the more I think about it the more they, especially Veronica, turn into something rather less than their best (although her slightly ugly string the guy along for her own devices thing like with Leo is gone at least, but that is about the only side of her that is better when she is with Logan). It seems like two less than perfect individuals become more taken over by their demons in many ways when they are together.

  46. Nia says:

    I have nothing against Piz. He is sweet and caring and a mature guy and any girl can be happy with someone like Piz. Then again, having watched this show from the very beginning, I can’t deny that Logan and Veronica in their messed up ways, had something special. I’ve waited too long for this film and for Logan and Veronica. So, Team Logan.

  47. ljd213 says:

    Piz is so vanilla, Veronica deserves spice and heat. I say Logan all the way because we always have a thing in our hearts for the bad boys!

  48. Alex says:

    I hope a lot of VM fans go watch this in theatres so that VM gets the support it needs and deserves.

  49. MacAttack says:

    See, I think that Rob Thomas is just psyching fans out talking up Piz like he would actually end the movie with them together. It looks like great news to LoVe fans, cause 10 years later veronica will still fly in to help Logan when he needs her and enough time is passed she may be willing to trust him again.The thing is Piz is a nice guy, but he also doesn’t get veronica the way Logan does. He isn’t as smart or witty as veronica, he’s more of a follower than a leader, and is mostly tragedy free. Sadly part of what binds LoVe is tragedy. The reason why LoVe is a better ship is because the best parts of LoVe scenes are the parts where they don’t need to speak to understand one another.Veronica and piz don’t have the chemistry or magnetism in their relationship. LoVe’s problems can be fixed with time and personal growth (Logan’s, V is perfect as is). Piz can’t fix that Veronica is out of his league. Even without trying she commands the relationship; it’s too imbalanced to last. My final reason is simple. LoVe is epic.

    PS Is Weevil gonna be in the movie. I frakkin love Weevil