The Good Wife Recap: 'Time to Play Hardball'

The Good Wife Recap Will Alicia Desk“We’re coming after you — all your clients — every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We’re taking them. And then you know what you’ll have? A very nice suite of offices.”

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That, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of epic, threatening response you get when you poke the designer suit-ed, meticulously coiffed she-bear known as Alicia Florrick. And if you’re anything like me, that flawlessly written and brilliantly delivered declaration of war left you with your jaw on your coffee table, your hands literally shaking and a little voice in your head saying, “oh, you just try to deny Julianna Margulies a Best Actress in a Drama nomination again next year, Emmy!”

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But how, exactly, did The Good Wife‘s aptly titled “Hitting the Fan” — hands-down the most tension-filled hour of network television in 2013 — wind up with Alicia staring down Lockhart Gardner’s power trio of Will, Diane and David Lee and threatening to cripple their firm? Let’s recap:

Things pick up right where last Sunday’s episode left off — with Diane spilling the beans to Will that Alicia is leaving with Cary to start their own firm, and taking Lockhart-Gardner’s top clients with ’em. Oh, and she’s been planning it for at least three weeks. Will, dazed and confused, gets up and heads to Alicia’s office — his mind flooded with flashbacks of their sexytimes beneath the white sheets (Alicia’s had a similar waking fantasy, if you’ll recall), of Alicia’s private smile lighting up the office. And in that moment, we realize he’s viewing this as a personal betrayal just as much as a professional one.

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“You’re leaving,” he says, as he enters the door. “No, I just got here,” Alicia responds, looking up, then realizing that indeed, the s*** and the fan are shaking hands. As teased in the previews, Will explodes, and sweeps the contents of Alicia’s desk to the floor, while Lockhart-Gardner minions stare incredulously through the glass walls. Yeah, we knew it was coming, but it’s insanely shocking nevertheless. “I took you in. No one wanted you,” Will seethes. “You were poison. This firm got you back on your feet.” And then, as Alicia tries meekly to explain herself, he hisses, “You don’t even know how awful you are.”

Will, however, doesn’t realize how resolute Alicia is. When he confiscates her cellphone and tells her to exit the office, that she’s fired, Alicia stands proudly and tells him “No.” She’s a partner, after all, and Will will need to get the majority vote of the executive board — followed by the vote of the full partnership — to force her out. In doing so, Alicia buys herself some time, while Will foolishly asks Robin — who, unbeknownst to him is on #TeamAlicia — to stand guard and report any of her activities. But Will does make one smart move, asking the IT department to inform him of any associate trying to access client files, which is how he identifies and fires New Carey (Ben Rappaport) and has him escorted from the building. The ensuing volley of moves and countermoves comes fast and furious:

* Alicia gets Zach on the line and asks if he can press pause on getting ready for school to move her files from the company cloud to her personal cloud. (“You don’t have any idea what any of those words mean, do you?” asks Zach, in one of many comical moments that help cut the unbearable tension.)

* Diane awaits Cary Agos in his office, where her speech about how she’d personally mentored him, about her distaste for betrayal, leaves the much-maligned associate practically guffawing with memories of how he’d already been booted from the firm once before. “You brought this on yourself,” he retorts, dismantling Diane’s foundation of self-righteousness. “Cary, you’re fired,” Diane informs him, but not before he accidentally spills the name Chum Hum — the multi-million dollar client Florrick-Agos needs to succeed with their succession plan. (Whoops! Sometimes keeping your trap shut is the best idea, kiddo.) “For a second time?” asks Cary, unable to resist one last dig.

* Having secured the needed votes, Will and a team of security guards forcibly march Alicia to the elevator. “This was never meant personally,” she tells him. And then Will, channeling Rhett Butler, snaps back, “I don’t give a damn.” As the elevator descends, Alicia — perhaps releasing all the stresses of the last hour, perhaps reeling from the humiliation of her exit from the firm, perhaps on some level mourning the end of her illicit love with Will — breaks down in tears.

And that — at the 14-minute mark — is when we cut to the Good Wife title card. Anyone need a moment to inhale into a paper bag? Go right ahead. I’ll give you a sec, then we can get back to the recap.


With Alicia, Cary, Carey and several other castoffs banished to a nearby coffee shop, the war between #TeamLockhartGardner and #TeamFlorrickAgos heats up — and I’m gonna try to break it down as succinctly as possible:

* Will gets Kalinda to pledge her loyalty; gets the partners to call all their major clients and cast doubt on Alicia and Cary’s new firm; and brainstorms the idea that a court injunction could stall Florrick-Agos’ ability to sit down with (and finish poaching) Chum Hum.

* Kalinda promptly goes to Cary and asks him to hire her — at the salary she rejected toward the end of Season 4. Lockhart-Gardner without Diane is a sinking ship, she tells him, and Will is in a tailspin. He asks her for another show of loyalty. Can she get the Chum Hum files and meet him at the new Florrick-Agos offices? Just as you’re wondering if Kalinda is joining the newbies, she returns to Will and reports back everything she’s learned about the rival firm, along with the fact that Robin is part of the mutiny. And thus, our chipper blonde investigator is led out of the building, too. David Lee, meanwhile, uses Kalinda’s intel about the Florrick-Agos office location and gets the Department of Health to close the building for a lengthy fumigation. Which means the new firm has to set up shop in Alicia’s living room.

* Given all the toxicity in the water, Diane pays a visit to Eli, clearly worried about the future of her nomination for judgeship, but the chief of staff assures her there’s no reason to worry. “We’re not in the business of letting personal concerns affect professional decisions,” says Eli, so sincere-sounding that I almost believe him. Diane’s uncertain expression, though, says might see it a different way.

* Diane goes to court with Will and David in their attempt to seek an injunction against Florrick-Agos for tortious interference, but she refuses to take the stand as a witness. Turns out, though, Will and David don’t need her, as they’ve recruited to their team Beth — a fourth-year who’d planned to jump ship — by offering her a partnership. Her testimony is damning enough that the judge grants the injunction, but Alicia at least scores a victory in the zinger category by commenting on Lockhart-Gardner’s bribery tactics: “Not exactly 30 pieces of silver.” Oh snap. But it’s David Lee’s Biblical reference — “That’s right, walk away, Judas!” — that incites Alicia’s brutal salvo. I think it’s worth repeating, no? “We’re coming after you — all your clients — every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We’re taking them. And then you know what you’ll have? A very nice suite of offices.” Angry Alicia FTW!

* As Alicia exits the courtroom, she decides it’s time for some hardball of her own — and heads directly to the chambers of one of the judges who got caught up in Will’s bribery scandal to seek a counter injunction. When Will and David Lee get served right in the Chum Hum lobby, Will declares that it’s “time to play hardball.” Um, didn’t sweeping Alicia’s desk qualify under that heading already?

* When Peter arrives home to find Alicia in celebratory mode with her new partners, not looking at all shellshocked from her firing — “We were too busy kicking ass,” she giggles — the adrenaline rush and good vibes prove rather, um, stimulating. The giddy duo retires to the bedroom for a quickie — with a definitive deadline: “We’ve got 10 minutes: Otherwise they’re gonna start making some bad decisions,” Alicia declares. “Is this what they mean by leaning in,” asks Peter, naughtily, as their bodies make contact — to the strains of Gin Wigmore’s shoulda-been-a-big-hit “Black Sheep.

* Exiting the bedroom, Alicia finds Diane in her living room — proposing a truce. Both firms will drop their injunctions, then make separate pitches to Chum Hum. The next day, though, Neil Gross comes out of his meeting with Lockhart-Gardner and tells Cary, Carey and Alicia that he’s already made up his mind: With Peter having promised to run the most ethical administration in Illinois history, he doesn’t want the kind of scrutinty that will inevitably spill over onto the first lady’s firm, and so he’s sticking with Lockhart-Gardner. To the contrary, though, Peter ends a subsequent press conference by airing his concerns about the lack of taxation on internet commerce. “I can’t say my position won’t change on this matter, and of course, I’m always open to dialogue,” Peter says, practically wink-winking his threat through the TV screen to Neil. “Peter, you can’t be doing that!” says Eli (who might, for once, be on the same page as ethics-minded Marilyn). And yet that’s exactly what he did — leading Chum Hum back to Florrick-Agos, and saving the fledgling firm from disaster (since they’d already lost more than half their clients thanks to Lockhart-Gardner’s underhanded lobbying).

* Kalinda and Will have a heart-to-heart, too, where she confesses she knew about Cary’s mutiny three months prior, and Alicia’s for a full week. But Will can trust her now, she says. “Are you sure? Becaue I’m gonna destroy the competition. Can you do that?” he asks. “Yeah,” she responds, pretty much dashing any viewer hopes of a Cary-Kalinda romance, or the reboot of Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship.

The episosde ends with yet another “Whoa!” moment, but before we get to it, two conversations we’ve got to discuss:

* As Will holds Alicia’s phone hostage, he fields a call from Grace, who needs a permission slip signed for her campus-faith field trip. Later, when Alicia and Will are squabbling over a client — and telling each other to go to hell — Will suddenly shifts gears to relay Grace’s message to her mom. It’s an utterly daffy moment — one of those cheeky bits of Good Wife humor that I love — but also a tiny bit of foreshadowing that maybe Will and Alicia can at least be civil to one another, even if it’s in the distant future. (Did you think that, too, or am I misguidedly optimistic?)

* Crazier still, Will fields a call from PETER…and let’s just say things get as heated as an electric kettle. Let’s also say that were this a prize fight, Peter would definitely be declared the winner. When Will tells Peter not to get involved — that there’ll definitely be blowback if the governor-elect wades into a dispute with a private citizen — Peter becomes incredulous: “Thanks for the advice, jackass.” He also reminds Will he’s not just an elected official, he’s a husband, too. “You sleep with my wife, you fire her…” Peter starts, before Will cuts him off, “Excuse me, nobody said anything about sleeping…” To which Peter responds, “Oh gosh! I’m sorry! Have I offended you?” Will wonders if he should tape the call, if he’s going to get audited or some other kind of payback from the governor’s office, but Peter doesn’t back away. “Try this on for size: You don’t want to make me your enemy. And you certainly don’t want Alicia and me together.” Could this show get any more tense? Well, actually…

In the final scene of the episode, it’s Peter and Eli in the governor-elect’s office. “Put together a list of other Supreme Court justices,” Peter asks. “Instead of Diane? Are you sure?” Eli asks. “Yeah,” says Peter, likely setting in motion Diane’s unhappy return to the firm that just tried to unceremoniously dump her. That’s gonna be an awkward reunion, but then again, with a common enemy to unite them, perhaps Will and Diane’s feud doesn’t seem so serious after all.

OK, now I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Hitting the Fan”? What line or moment made you gasp hardest? Was this the finest hour of television in 2013? (I’d say “Yes!”) And what do you think will happen next? Sound off below, and then go read Vlada Gelman’s post-mortem interview with plenty of inside scoop and upcoming teases!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bryce MIller says:

    Best show on television!!! If this does not get the ratings up nothing will! I want to see more seasons after this one so bad! Phenomenal episode!

    • Dee says:

      Totally agree. The best show on television…anywhere on television!! I cannot remember the last time a tv show literally made my heart pound from the tension. To say it was sensational would be an understatement. If TGW does not sweep the EMMYs this year the TV Academy should be investigated. That’s how great this show is. Thanks to all involved with this show.

    • Sam says:

      Totally with you right there!
      I can’t remember the last time i watched such a fine hour of television! This was soo good and the show delivers week in week out!!
      Absolutely brilliant!

    • Kiran says:

      It was good episode.nevertheless, i tend to compare it to practice last season where james spader character is fired and he tries to take over the firm and its clients. Compared to this, that was a masterpiece.

  2. Salimah says:

    Just finished watching the episode and good lord. I was honestly on the edge of my sofa seat lol.

    (is it me or did anyone think Will says “time to play hard ball” not “horrible”

  3. StylishCityGirl says:

    AWESOME episode.

  4. neha says:

    I think Will said “it’s time to play hardball”. But, yeah, amazing episode!

  5. Samantha says:

    I’m about 99.999% sure the line was “hardball” and not “horrible.”
    But an awesome episode no matter what. Incredible hour of television.

  6. steve says:

    Dont get me wrong i loved the episode. But IMO was way way way overhyped so to answer your recent tweet no it didnt live up to the hype

    • Jared says:

      You’re crazy?! In what way could it have been better?!

      • MJ says:

        Seriously I was having a full blown panic attack for most of the episode!

      • steve says:

        See your misunderstanding what i said. The way the media hyped it up was like the best/greatest tv episode you have or will ever see & IMO it wasnt that

      • steve says:

        Also will add was it a great/amazing episode yes 100% but just because it was a great/amazing episode doesnt mean it has to live up to the hype & IMO it didnt live up to & was impossible to live up to the way the media hyped it just my opinion

  7. Salimah says:

    Josh Charles was absolutely amazing in this episode.

    • Stacy says:

      Ditto this! He always has a great screen presence, but he absolutely KILLED in this episode.

    • iceturkee says:

      i totally disagree. you can always tell when an actor is acting (and not well) from forced lines, bad body language, etc. i thought charles won an emmy sunday night for worst acting.

      • Rebecca says:

        Fir worst acting?!? Really?!? We’re we watching the same actor because Will was amazing!!! He was at his finest. But hey everyone has an opinion.

  8. KarenB says:

    Aah! So good! Did Diane being in the conference room again mean they really did away with her position!? :(. Sad but so good!

  9. Dick Whitman says:

    I have no words. I read somewhere this would be TGW’s “Ozymandias” which sent my expectations very very high and the episode managed to exceed them. Excellent.

  10. tanya says:

    That episode was better than anything I could have asked for or imagined.

  11. Traci says:

    It was good. not as awesome as Scandal, but definitely 10 times better than it has been this year.

    SCRIPTED WELL WRITTEN TV is back!!! Death to “REALITY TV”.
    Watch out Cable TV…

  12. Pretty sure Will said that it was time to “play hardball.” Not “horrible.” How does one play horrible? and with his affinity for sports, I’m pretty sure hardball makes more sense.

  13. Really fantastic episode. Loved the level of performance by all the actors.
    I get the distinct impression that if the writers want to they could probably make all the viewers (except the diehard shippers) hate Will by the end of the season… Which says something about both the quality of writing and Josh Charles skill as an actor considering that he was always a pretty likable character.
    I have to wonder, though, why Diane didn’t realize that the second she went against Alicia she lost all chance at the judgeship, because you know that their is no way that she’s getting it now. As Peter said you don’t want to face Peter & Alicia united. (Which I loved by the way, but then I’ve always found the Alicia/Peter dynamic more interesting than the Alicia/Will dynamic. Not because I ship one over the other, because well I don’t ship either I like independent Alicia best, but because I just fell like Peter’s been the more interesting character up until this point. Though that could definitely change.)
    The one thing that I don’t get is why the writers are so set on keeping Kalinda and Alicia apart. Do they not realize that their friendship was one of the best parts of the early seasons (and something that the show would greatly benefit from the return of).

  14. Kat says:

    If Josh Charles doesn’t get an Emmy nomination… Or Julianna for that matter, I will lose it.

    Also, does it make me a bad fan if I’m leaning toward Team Lockhart/Gardner? I just care about Will, Diane and Kalinda so much that I can’t root against them at a time like this. Maybe if I liked Cary and these other bratty fourth years, I’d feel differently. Of course, I love Alicia, but she did just betray half the cast I’ve grown to love over the years.

    • Jonathan says:

      Same here! I’m totally #teamlockhartgardner and definitely #teamwill.
      She really did betray Will on soooo many levels. I absolutely hated Alicia in this episode. It’s the first time I’ve ever rooted against her.

    • tess says:

      Its a great statement about the writing and acting when viewers are actually taking sides. That’s what makes interesting TV. No heroes, no villains, just “real” people acting in real ways. And, for the record, based on the previous seasons, Will and Diane have never been saints and have been underhanded time and time again. Its going to be fun to see the outcome of this….the series is just starting and the previous seasons have just been a nice prelude.

    • Carrie chan says:

      I am team will/Diane – if you had spent all your time building up a firm, you will fight with your life just to protect it. And how Alicia can work or trust a bunch of strange incompetent fourth years is so out of character with Alicia .

    • Rick says:

      Totally Agree, and thus, why I have decided not to watch the show anymore. Why would I want to continue to watch a show where I no longer like or respect the main character. This is a mistake the writers have made here. And to see Alicia “winning” this fight makes me sick.

    • Renee says:

      I am also rooting for #TeamLockhartGardner. Alicia betrayed the firm that took her in when Peter’s betrayal was all in the papers and on TV. She seems to have forgotten all about that. This is the first time I wasn’t rooting for her. Eli is right. What Peter did about Chum Hum will come back to haunt both him and Alicia. Also she doesn’t find it strange that after Peter’s press conference hinting about possibly taxing internet social websites, Chum Hum ditches #TeamLockhartGardner and goes with her new firm. It will be interesting to see how much Alicia changes at her new law firm.

    • ankiris says:

      Ok, Maybe I wiil be hanged for this but I’m #teamFlorricAgos, I don’t care for the others in this firm but Cary and Alicia have a looooot to show, They are both great actors, and with two fighting companies there is new dynamics in the show. And they both said the truth. They are Will and Diane 2.0 Also the minute Kalinda tricked them I will be always against her team her. Also I pity Diane but she had it coming. the second she rised her hand. And I knew she would not be the judge after all but I hoped it would be her decision not her stupidity.

      • Dee says:

        I totally with you! How can people overlook and disregard all of the many ethical lapses by Will and Diane? Not to mention David Lee. L-G had it coming and I am all for Cary & Alicia. Go Team Florrick-Agos…all the way!

        • Rebecca says:

          Are people forgetting that Diane and Will once did this to someone to start their own firm? Doesn’t make them bad people just means they want more!

  15. scott says:

    Best show on tv!!!!! Amazing hour!!!!!

  16. BubbaTim says:

    I was out of breath and my heart was pounding from about 2 minutes in til the last shot. THE BEST EPISODE OF TELEVISION IN 2013. EVEN BETTER THAN BREAKING BAD PENULTIMATE EPISODE. JUST AMAZEBALLS!

  17. Lori says:

    I thought they over hyped it, but now I think it was undersold. Wow.

  18. nikki says:

    I loved Peter in this episode. Real life politicians are not allowed to act this way but when Peter does it, it is hot. Go Peter and Alica! Destroy Will and Diane!

  19. pmill says:

    Seeing the ratings week after week, I kind of accepted the fact that this is the last season and still considered CBS gracious that they allowed this brilliant show to live on for five years…but after this F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C episode I suddenly turned into a greedy SOB…sorry CBS, I don’t care about the ratings anymore, convince yourself that you need to keep it because this is your prestige show OR because the syndication deal is lucrative enough, frankly, I don’t really care how, but convince yourself that you want MORE of this gem because at least another season would be much appreciated !

    P.S. How ridiculously intense/fun the angry Alicia/Will phone call was that ended with the side note about Grace’s permission slip ?

    • Jake says:

      Keep in mind that the amount of viewers is high, it’s just not reaching the targeting 18-49 as other shows do.

      • Doug H says:

        I believe however that it reaches a very wealthy older demo… I still find it amazing that focus on the younger demo that has no money… I wonder when the advertising people will analyze this… I wonder how many of the younger demo have their TV’s on recording and actually watch later fast forwarding through ads.. The older Good Wife viewers turn it on and watch live including commercials..

        • Dee says:

          I think you totally correct. Do you notice all of the luxury car ads on TGW? That shows that the audience is comparatively wealthy and educated in the ratings demographics world.

  20. Annie says:

    Amazing. But anything that puts Alicia with Peter and not Will is still disappointing.

  21. pmill says:

    Needless to say that after this, I cannot wait for the 100th episode in a few weeks !

  22. Mentor says:

    Obviously Will make a huge ethical case against Peter and Alicia – probably get Peter’s fired ethical lady on his side. Ultimately Alicia will go back – Cary will be gone and Diana will lose the judgeship.

    • Jimmy says:

      I hope Alicia doesn’t go back and I’m not sure that would be very realistic (even for a TV series). I would much rather she turn into the next Diane and make her new firm a huge success.

    • Dee says:

      No way. Cary and Alicia will eventually prosper. Will making an “ethical case” against anyone is truly laughable. Will is a “scoundrel” just like the Chief Justice said. Anyone aligned with David Lee and Howard Lyman is not to be trusted. Diane will go back to L-G but her losing the Court nomination will end up helping, not hurting L-G.

  23. Viv says:

    Emmys should be thrown at them for this episode! And here is why The Good Wife is the best Drama series on network television!! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire hour. Josh Charles was briliant as well as Juilanne Marguiles. I had so much fun! And I had to laughed when the phone call shifted towards Grace (pretty sure I woke my flatmate and it´s 4 am overhere). Loved it, loved it, loved it! Looking forward to a BREATH TAKING season. And now I have to drink a tea… to calm down. :D

  24. TaMara says:

    Intense, but that Will/Alicia moment about Grace’s field trip was perfect. Anyone who has been through a divorce has had a moment like that.

  25. TaMara says:

    Oh and how soon before Alicia-Peter threaten to make a case of Will having sex with an associate, then making her partner and then firing her?

    • Stacy says:

      Basically every case, every interaction could be possibly be a new storyline. They’ve all seen so much dirt go down. That’s what makes it such a real shake up. Will slept with an underling, Alicia cheated on her husband. Diane betrayed Will in an interview, regretted it, and then outed Alicia’s betrayal. Now she may lose the judgeship because of that. I love the layers!

  26. MarkS says:

    This was the BEST hour of prime time television in a VERY VERY long time!

    Sidenote: As for the Scandal comparison made by one of the commentors – Comparing these two shows is like comparing a really excellent drama with an almost excellent soap opera (Don’t get me wrong, love Scandal, it’s a guilty pleasure – but way too soapy to be in the same league as TGW!)

  27. mspenn1013 says:

    What a great episode. I think Peter is wrong to pull back Diane’s nomination though, he is making Lockhart/Gardner stronger

  28. lee-ann says:

    Floric & Agos need to go down. I no longer like Alicia or her crooked politician hubby! Go Will.

    • Teachermom says:

      I agree. She was the unethical, sneaky one here. I no longer want to be team Alicia – I am now totally #TeamWill!

      • abz says:

        She was definitely deceitful, but if you think about the course of the show and how Alicia constantly disagrees with L&G’s methods and their sneaky ways it’s understandable why she wants to leave. After David Lee called her Judas, she clearly stated why she was going after them because of all the hard work and effort they do and the lack of credit they receive for it.

      • Ever says:

        I agree. Last season she was so snarku and rude, but this season she betrayed her own firm. Will was right, he hired her when no one else would touch her. He believed in her and she betrayed him. She seemed very arrogant this episode and just loves abusing her power as Peter’s wife. Yuck.

        • abz says:

          “….just loves abusing her power as Peter’s wife.” –> LOL. I’m sorry but that last sentence just shows that you really haven’t been paying attention to Alicia or maybe even the show. Alicia constantly tries to avoid being seen as the Governor’s wife. She made a name for herself after the scandal. Will helped get her career started but she has more than proved her capabilities without Peter’s help. In fact, being associated with Peter more often than not hurts her career. If it weren’t for her relationship with Peter, they might have had a chance to get Chumhum the first time around. She never asked Peter to make that statement, but it happened and they’re all fired so it worked to their advantage.
          Also. “snarky and rude”. Alicia is only really snarky and rude to those who deserve it or when pushed. Half the time she bites her tongue and remains silent. e.g., in this episode being called “Judas”. David Lee is in no position to be calling anyone names because he is the biggest snake of them all.
          Sure, it was definitely wrong all the scheming and client stealing and hurting Will, but that doesn’t make Alicia a bad person. She wanted to start her own firm. One where she’s not being told to go along with things she doesn’t believe in and the twisted methods of L&G. And let’s face it, if the roles were reversed, Diane and Will would’ve done the same thing. In fact, they constantly do.

  29. kemper says:

    I loved that snarky comment that Alicia makes in that next bundled preview of the season. “You’ve changed”, Diane states when Alicia replies, “I had the best teachers”. I love Alicia’s response to Diane, sort of that final word that nobody gets to say in an argument. Absolutely hilarious.

  30. Jared says:

    Absolute perfection!

  31. Diana says:

    Wanted to love it. Didn’t. No matter what, I can’t believe that Alicia and Will are over.

  32. Tina B. says:

    I hated this, Alicia is not Alicia, she is losing everything about herself involving her kids. She can’t see that this is personal, how could it not be? She was worried how it would look to sleep with Will but not sleep with Will and turn around and screw him professionally, unethically and in some ways illegally to leave for what? Cary who is totally personalizing this, that idiot that wants people to share their bonuses and Carey? don’t even get me started on that tool. It’s just sad and Willicia aside maybe there is hope, maybe not but at this point I don’t care, Alicia doesn’t deserve Will, she deserves Peter to keep making stupid decisions. I feel like Alicia is lost to me forever, no integrity, no loyalty.

    • Teachermom says:

      I agree. Alicia has totally lost her integrity for me now. She is no longer The Good Wife – now she is the sneaky, underhanded, political wife. Alicia has lost herself if she can betray Will like this.

      • Ever says:

        Totally agree.

      • Bad Wolf says:

        An inferior show would have made one side all good and the other side all bad, but The Good Wife, thankfully, is far more clever than that. Yes, Alicia and Cary betrayed Lockhart/Gardner, but do you remember why they hired her in the first place ? Not because she was good but because she was Peter Florrick’s wife. And look again at the events of season 4 : Will, Diane and David betrayed the fourth years when they offered then denied them partnerships, when some employees went on strike, what did they do ? Listen to what they had to say ? Well, maybe for 5 minutes, and then they manipulated and divided them to kill the strike : classy ! And David Lee is the worst of them all, don’t forget he was ready to leave the firm at the darkest time, when it was on bakruptcy, and only blackmail kept him aboard. And don’t start me on Kalinda, who placed money over her loyalty to Cary when he asked her to join him. Alicia has just learnt to play by the rules of the world she works in. Will and Diane are not be blamed at 100 %, but in a way they provoked what’s happening right now.
        Nobody’s completely guilty, nobody’s completely innocent, and that’s why The Good Wife is so good, it doesn’t make things easy for us, it doesn’t simply tell us what to think, like pretty much every other CBS drama.

        • Dick Whitman says:

          That last paragraph was on point, but people don’t seem to understand it. Also, I get the feeling that all these comments are from people are what one would call “shippers” and they’re just mad that their favorite couple (Alicia/Will) is not happening any time soon.

    • WillFan says:

      I disagree. She never divorced Peter and he’s no prize yet her sense of ethics and morality ‘made’ her stay with him. In addition, she’s concerned about the attention Cary2 paid to her daughter in the kitchen. I believe that she really loves Will and made a choice to separate largely due to continued employment at Lockhart/Gardner becoming an untenable situation. She would have been around Will constantly, closely,and alone. When they make up eventually-and I firmly believe they will-it will be fantastic. Think about it. The way he was able to stop and pass along the message from Grace is only the beginning.

      • Wilaclia fan says:

        I soooo agree and hope you are right. There is more to Alicia leaving the firm than just it being about business and getting the recognition she and the fourth years deserve. It was clear from last season in the epsiode where she wore the red satin gown and gloves and reminisced about happier times with Willi that she does love him. And Will no matter what will always love Alicia – she is the love of his life, and that’s why it hurt him so much to digest in those first few seconds of this epic episode that she betrayed him like this. But that scene where he manages to pass Grace’s message reminded me of two parents working together in divided household. Yet this episode was explosive but the sexual tension between Will and Alicia was dripping in each scene! And now that they won’t be working together anymore, it is time for the writers to make them get together officially as all the past seasons have been leading to this epic union.

        • Dmac says:

          Come on… This show isn’t a romance novel and some of you are acting like it is Twilight for adults. Will and Alicia are not star crossed lovers and Peter is the big bad keeping them apart. The producers of this show have said that the triangle is over and this is the other side of a love triangle. The never wanted to write for shippers and it seemed like their storylines have spun out of control and they created a monster that they are reeling back in. Get over the will they or won’t they…we now know they won’t. Time for you shippers to latch into another show.

  33. barbara says:

    wow and wow!!!!!! what a great episode this season has been so fast paced and and the actors performances outstanding. i also agree with annie wish alicia had not gone back with peter. and kalinda being a traitor shame on her

  34. Jake says:

    I love josh charles but I have to wonder the direction that this show is taking– seems like they are setting up josh charles departure and why is all of this is happening? There is nothing that will has done to Alicia to deserve this.

  35. Morisot says:

    I wanted to hate it…but it was so good.

    • abz says:

      Why would you want to hate it?

      • Morisot says:

        The whole move, on Alicia’s part, doesn’t make sense. Diane was going to move to her judgeship. Alicia would have been top female at L/G. And she wouldn’t have looked as sleazy and back-stabbing as she does now. All’s fair in love and war? I don’t think so!…but the acting was sooooo good. And the pace was awesome.

        • abz says:

          I see. Well for me the move made a lot Of sense. Aside from the lame wanting to get away from Will part, it made sense because throughout watching the show Alicia has been on/off happy at L&G. She’s disagreed countless times with L&Gs decision and/or has been disappointed with them. I can’t recall any examples off the top of my head but I’m sure of I rewatch it, I would find a lot. And like Alicia told David Lee, they work their butts off and at the last minute they swoop in to take the credit. Also Cary was definitely right in telling her that she won’t really be a managing partner at L&G. At first, the most she would is just a big name to the letterhead. She has very differing views sometimes with how things should have been handled and if the choice were given to her half the time she would make an opposite decision to that of Will’s I think. Will wouldn’t be happy when if she becomes a managing partner she would constantly be disagreeing with him.

  36. popova petia says:

    I was surprised to see Alicia so vested in the new firm, my impression from last season was that she went to Cary because she was getting too close to Will again and it was making her nervous. Florick/Agos team is definitely not winning the higher ground. I am a little lost with the abundanc eof shows with no positive characters – Scandal – the other show mentionned here – is full with horrible people, inlcuding a president that murdered someone with his own hands. Peter is definitely not attractive in any way and using your public office for personal gain is not sexy.

  37. Samantha says:

    I can honesty say, I detest Alicia. Loved her all these years, but she definitely is not a Good Wife, need to change the title to Bitch.

  38. Lucy says:

    “Can you do that?” he asks. “Yeah,” she responds, pretty much dashing any viewer hopes of a Cary-Kalinda romance, or the reboot of Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship.”
    Wait. Do you really think that after 5 YEARS of mockery about Cary and Kalinda there are still people who have “hopes”? LOL. I don’t give a damn about it anymore. Give Cary someone new since they’re going to do the same for Kalinda anyway (and that’s the REAL reason why she screwed Cary over). He’s worth someone else loyalty.

  39. Totowolf says:

    Best show of the season so far….maybe the best of the series!

  40. Dani says:

    AMAZING episode. It was a great hour of television and showed once more that “The Good Wife” is the best drama on network television. Congrats to the Kings for creating this scenario that felt very organic.

  41. chris says:

    Best drama on the small screen! Character driven, and so darn smart!

  42. Matt says:

    What’s with all the hate on Alicia? She’s a smart, talented lawyer who wins lots of cases and deserves success. Every lawyer takes clients away from other people. That’s just life. If anything, I think Will has a lot of nerve for assuming Alicia is somehow indebted to him professionally for helping her get back on her feet. She’s more than proven herself and her worth since the pilot. I am consistently rooting for Alicia and I don’t see the changing.

    • abz says:

      I agree, but I also think its more than just about the success for Alicia. If it were just about success, she could’ve just taken Diane’s spot. You can tell throughout the series she has held her tongue and been deeply disturbed and disappointed by L&G’s methods.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      they’re willicia shippers omg!!11!!1!1!!

    • Dee says:

      Finally some sense about this situation! I agree completely with you. How can viewers, no matter how much they like Will & Diane overlook how unethical and dishonest they have been? They have absolutely no conscience. They have shown ethical lapses one after the other and have mistreated the employees that have brought success to their firm. It is totally logical that these employees would want to leave. Cary said it best to Diane when he cut off her sanctimonious lecture about betrayal….she brought this upon herself. All the characters are realistic here and great to watch. But all this complaining about how “wronged” Lockhart-Gardner was is off the mark. Any firm with David Lee is automatically suspect, as he proved last night with more of his dishonest behavior. GO Florrick-Agos……..with them all them all the way!

      • Liz says:

        I think the point that is hard to watch is that Will is genuinely upset and hurt that Alicia is leaving. Yes, he has behaved unethically, and no one is perfect but he has always tried to be on her side and he trusted her professionally. At the same time, that is why Alicia ran away – to focus on her marriage – but Will’s hurt seems real and genuine which makes it hard to watch – however much there were justifications for the lawyers that left.

  43. abz says:

    This is seriously THE best show on television!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
    Maybe it was cause was trying to catch my breath and stop from shouting “Oh s*/#” every other minute, but I actually for a second thought Kalinda might leave with them. Even though I really like Robyn, I was so hoping for it. I had a feeling she’d betray Cary, but I was still shocked to see it nonetheless. I think everything between Cary and Kalinda was cemented moving forward when she found out from Robyn last week that Alicia was going with Cary. The look on her face definitely showed that she was kinda hurt about finding out from RObyn.

    My favorite part was Alicia telling David Lee off after he called her Judas. That was classic Angry Alicia and I loved every second of it. Also, Cary finally stood up to Diane!! I loved the second season 5 previews. I wish more shows would do them.

    • cp1945 says:

      It will be interesting to see if Cary owns up to all the slips he made in the episode which hurt the new firm: Mentioning Chumhum to Diane, telling Kalinda they needed that company’s files, and giving out the address of their new offices (!). As for any sense that Kalinda was betrayed, she was their first choice as investigator; only when she said no over money did they hire Robyn. No points to Kalinda or Cary this episode.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Diane deserves to lose the judgeship. She started the whole thing!! First: she told the interviewer that Will’s gambling issue nearly ruined the firm, because she wanted to be a judge. Then after she realized that was a bad move…tried to apologize…too late!! Will decided to kick her ti the curb. So…then she tried to get back into Will’s good graces by telling him @ Cary & Alicia. Selfish old bitty deserves to be out on her butt!!!!

  45. Michael says:

    Can we say Emmy people!!! Its been long overdue time for the Emmys to acknowledge what a brilliant show and its cast really is

  46. Pamela says:

    Alicia and Peter are the power couple of Chicago!! I been waiting for this for four years!!!

  47. SHAKING! I’m still shaking!

  48. Yeah, it was great.

    I will mourn Kalinda-Alicia, as one of the more interesting relationships between two smart, independent businesswomen on TV in years … but I do NOT mind seeing a bunch of Emmy-worthy actors lined up as bitter enemies, with brilliant dialogue to deliver and awesome acting delivery.

    The preview of what’s coming … looks GOOD.

  49. Mandy says:

    So intense and awesomely real, but somehow I am not happy about it. I feel like they are just stringing the Alicia/Peter angle along. I want to see him say that he thinks this new firm was her choosing him over Will and her shut him down. I don’t get what is up with them. Are they together, are they not? I don’t like the loose end. I feel like she is leading him on. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but it makes her look bad. And after all of this, I don’t feel like she needs more bad press.

  50. Deion says:

    Listen here! This episode was amazing! We all knew it had to come to this. Peter seems to forget that Will has the proof that his guy stuffed that ballot box on election day. He’d do well to stay out of this one. And as far as Will and Alicia being over, I assumed that one of her motivations for leaving was removing the obstacle that was Will being her superior. They had that great talk in the car then she made the call to Cary. The problem we have here is that the fourth years are terrible. They don’t even have Cary’s likability. You don’t want them standing behind Alicia and you don’t want them to succeed. I like Alicia fighting for herself and not Diane and Will’s reputations. Kalinda needed to prove herself to Will. I won’t fault her, but Cary is going to be deeply hurt by her actions. I’m ready to see what these excellent actors can do from this point on. I eagerly wait for next week.